Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 17, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 6
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?9f- KWaw'^ra-aESi YOUR SAME IJTlfRIXT. ; Which in your mind carries the most, the button or the suspenders. We can furnish you very responsible suspenders at a very moderate cost. DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. Save This Coupon No extra charge for it, but it is valuable. It bares our names, and that will remind you of the necessity of a New Spring Suit. Present this coupon with a nominal sum of money at our store and we will make to your order the handsomest suit of clothes that ever adorned j'our body. TUCKER &YOUNG, THB PEflRL STRBET TrtlLORS, Items of * personal Character Con cernliiK Lo«;»nHporter» and Their Friends. In the city yesterday: W. S. Davis of Peru. Harry Gala of Kokomo. A.E. Steele of Marlon. M. Garrison of Converse . A. C. Capron of Plymouth. Judge Bey nolds of Montlcello. J. E. Underwood of Frankfort. Clem Ferguson of Danville, 111. Jeremiah F. Fittman of LaPorte. C. H. Moon and B. F. Urbin Kewanoa. L. C. Brough, Patrick Berry, Tom Follen, Col. Joslah Farrer, Rer. Ot- Colvln, all of Peru. of !AL ESTATE 'INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. jLOANS NEGOTIATED. GEO. "W. RODEFER, UO Broadwiiy. Over Hauk's Jewelry Store. DR. F. M. BOZBR'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. CHAS. W- SeLEGUB, Watchmaker and Engraver. Comer window Johnston's DroK Storo. Brond- w»y and yonrr.Ii streets. Formerly with J. D. Sujlor. .All work wiimmted, lilvshim « call. THE DIETERICH SYNDICATE. A Few of It« Itecent Alleged Operation* to Gain Control of the Gas Production. The Wabasb. pips lino is the lateat plant reported to have been purchased by the Dleterich syndicate of New York capitalists. The Wabaeh Plato Dealer also BayB: "The Dieterioh syndicate IB also negotiating- for tho purchase of tbe plants at Peru and Loganaport and will doubtless obtain possession of them within a week or two. It already has the systems at Lafayette, Crawfordsville, Frankfort, Lebanon, Indianapolis, Anderson, Blufflon and Fort DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 17 Ithea In "The New A good house greeted tbe famou French actress Rhea last night on her appearance at the opera bouse In Wllkie Collins'play. "The New Ma* dalen." Rhea has lost none of her art,of pleasing in emotional roles ant the character of Mercy Merrlck, {fives Ample opportunity for tbe display Of her wonderful ability. The play while strong Is not * pleasing one aoc . U rather more "Frenchy" than most « ll»h plays. While dealing 1 with social results of immorality tbe jet Is moral In Its teaching. The part of tke erring- woman who ia reclaimed and under tempting clrcum- ftaioea assumes the name of another was well portrayed by Rhea. W. S. Hart as Julian Gray made an excellent impreislon and most of the other characters were well taken. The Kiolitlom Of medicinal agents Is gradually rele- ailnjf the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the .rear and bringing into general uee the I pleasant and effective liquid laxative, I :Syrup ot Figs. To get the true reme» I dy see that ia manufactured by the California Fip Syrup Co. only. For •ale by all leading: druggists. Awarded .Hlfhest Honors—World'* Fair. DR, CREAM BAKING mm MOST PERFECT MADE, pur* Grape Crei me' Tartar Powder. Free |mn Ammonia, Alum o. tny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Wayne. An offar was made for the Fort Wayne plant, but Mr. BIppus refused It, though he may accept it later. All the plants are bonded for |2.000,000 by tho syndicate and. the bonds are sold abroad, the syndicate holding to the stock." Jim* Mued the Wabeeli, Hunting ton Herald: John I. Fry of Andrews, has Qlod suit against the Wabash railroad for $8.000 damages. He alleges that he was a resident of Pennsylvania until 1892 when at the solicitation of the company he moved to Andrews, where he worked until the 4th of April, 1895. During that time he paid a sum out of his monthly salary toward the support of a hospital for the road. About July 4, 1S93, he went to said hospital at Danville, 111., where he received treatment. The treatment was cot euch as his case demanded and the result is that he Is left with a disease of a chronic nature. The lots of time and money he haa expended through either neglU pence or lack of knowledge on the part of the attending physician, has cost him In the neighborhood of $800. The disease is detrimental to hit work, wherefore he asks judgment in the sum of 18,000. Branyan &Branyan are attorneys for the plaintiff. Vandalla Cine Excursion*. Logansport to Indianapolis and re- mrn on sale April 23d and 94th, good returning April 26th. Rate fS 15. Loyaosport to Indianapolis and re^ urn April 29ih to May let inclusive, ;ood returning May 2d. Rate $2-35. Trains leave Logansptrt 7:34 a. m , arrive at Indianapolis 10:45 a. m. ..eave Lopansport 2:50 p. m., arrive at ndianapolls 6:15 p. m. J. C. EDGEWORTH, Ag't. Home SoeJ^em'.Excursion. The Wabash will soil round trip tickets for one faro plus $2, on Tues. day, April 23. 1S95. to points In the West and Southwest. For limit of tickets and stop-overs and other information apply to A. C. NAYLOK, Ag't. A Plentiful I*«riy. At the home of Mra. S. H. Dairy m. pie, No. 717 H.gh street last ovenlng, Miss Lillle Dairy m pie and Mr. Scott Crawford entertained the young people of the Unirersalist church. Amusements of various kinds were Indulged in and an elegant collation was served. Mra. Will Craig will entertain a number of ladles al tea tomorrow •ven- Ing. Ike Baer was in Peru yesterday. Mlsi Grace Barker was at Chicago yeiterday. George Graf was at Peru yesterday on business. R. Q. Geary waa in Marion on business Tuesday. Mr». William Gregg is visiting- rela tives In Lafayette. Gus Day has returned to the city from St. Joeeph, Mo. Will Swigart waB at Kokomo Sunday to visit friends. Clem Ferguson of Danville, 111. , Is in Logansport on business. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wlrlok have returned from Peoria, 111. MUs Ada Dllery ia at Peru this week, the guest of friends. Mrs. Moses Puterbaugh le here from Peru for a visit with friends. 'Squire H. J. Culver. was here from Walton yesterday on business. Q A. Myers was at Indianapolis yesterday morning on business. Miss Rose Taber and mother went to Chicago for a visit last night. James Witters of Marion is visiting his sister, Mrs. D. 8. Fogleeong. Miss Jessie Cox is here from Peru for a visit with Mias Lucy Krauea. Jam es Gorman was at Tipton Monday night to attend an Easter ball. Attorney Wlllard Fitzer was at Fowler yesterday on legal business. Miss Kate Rademacber is here from Peru for a few days' visit with friends. Mrs. S. L. Tanguy leaves today for Philadelphia for a visit with relatives. Boys sweaters , IFc Mets " the $1 kind colors cwdinal, blue, ecru -tSc Mens outing shirts, cot large 22c Meiis and Boys percale shirts, laandried, with collar attached, We Boys shirt waists, finest French percale, laundiled, newest designs 75c Mothers Friend, unlaundried, all strictly new patterns 38c Calico waists at half price 15o Childs tan aBd.black Oxford ties.. .50o Old ladles serge congress gaiters...Wo Meus Balbriggan underwear sold last summer at Slo 19c 0= C3 CS9 trim- He can't pull then off, no matter how he tries. THE IMPROVED BEE WAIST. The best Waist on earth, with Stocking Supporters to mulch. Mothers, jour boys can't pull hii but ton i offwith a Bee Waibton. Mans 45c suspenders., Mens Ms " tued _-3Sc Best blue overalls and waist ?5o the suit for Tte Misses kid button shoes $1 kind~-50« Ladies Oxford ties, patent tip- 4Dc Tan shoes, Prince Alberts, all solid Meus base ball shoes.. L. A. W. bicycle shoes, mens boys and youths Unlanndried shirts, long and short bosom, pure linen bosom and linen lined, all leagttu ofjsleevas worth $1 for He 3 to 10 Yurs. Whit* or Gray. Price, 50 Cents. The above prices are to change dull times into brisk. Dull timat are not a necessity and they should not exist. It costs us no more to sell $25,000 per month than $5,000 per month. But the more we sell the cheaper we can sell; the less we have to figure on the dollar for cost. That's the secret of success of large Deparment Stores in the cities and that's why we can afford to sell so cheap. "Of Course" OTTO KRAUS does not enumerate one thousandth part of his bargains--you may judge all bv the above. See the Show Window for novelties in Ladies' and Men's Fine Shoes. OTTO KRAUS. everything Chatauqua erday. He reports good Jsbape for the Jasfl Lake this juar. J, Nelson, special canvasser for the 'rudentlal Life Insurance company, 'eturned yesterday evening to Lafayette after a few days' stay here in the ntereeU of hie company. W. J. I Coffin, who Is traveling in he Interests of the firm of Daggett & "a,, candy and cigar wholesalers of ndlanapolis, was in the city yesleiv ay. Mr. Coffin was formerly with ). C. Beatty, the commission mer- hant. Thomas Arnold, the well known shoo salesman who is known wherever he goes as the beat amateur magician in the country, waa in Logansport yesterday. Mr. Arnold frequently gives exhibitions of his wonderful skill for charitable purposes only. Miss Aramlnta Hinkle of Delphi for a few days a guest of Mils Mary Ray. John M. Spangler an attorney a Wlcamac. was here on legal business yesterday afternoon. George E Albright, a railroad man of Arkansas, is this week the guest o friends in the Bust End. Lawyer J. H. Neff was here yesterday from Bunker Hill lor a visit with his aunt, Mrs. Kate Neff. Ernest Meek formerly of the Mur- dook, now proprietor of a Frankfort hotel was in the city yesterday. Mrs. B. F. Koesling and Mrs. J. C. Nelson returned Monday from Marmont where they visited Sunday. J. P. Lehnen, the Prudential Life Insurance man, went to his home at Lafayette yesterday for a short stay. Frank Miller and wife returned yesterday to their home at Peru after a short visit with Loganeport friends. John Barney has gone to Peru to enter the employ of John James, agent for the Metropolitan Insurance com. pany. Mrs, George Crowell and Miss Puterbaugh *ere here Monday from Peru, the guests of Mrs. George B. Forgy. George and Ed Cilley have been summoned to Plttsburg, by the an. nouncemenfof the eerlous illness of their father. Wabash Plalndealer: Miss Katie Kraut of Logansport, is in the city the guest of the family of her sister, Mrs. August Hlpekind. James McGourty is here from Huntington arranging for the erection of a fine $4 500 residence on his property on lower High street. HomerKessler and George Edwards were at Marion yesterday to attend the State mealing of the agents of the Union Central LUe Insurance com. pany. Mr. and Mrs. P. Winslow, Mrs. Ben Keilum and Mrs. Slwood Winslow returned from Marion where they attended the annual services of tta Eastern Siars. Peru Journal: J. M. Vernon, a bridge contractor from Logansport, was in the city today.. ..Landon Young went to Loganeport yesterday afternoon. George S. Albright of FayetUville, Arkansas, is in the city visiting hU sister, Mrs. John Truman, whom he had not teen for 86 years. He is a soldier having been all through the war. The.Bev. S. C. Dickey of Indianap. oils waa In the city a few hour* yes- Real £nlate Transfer*. BjF. H. Wlpperman, abstiacter. Prepared lor the Journal. Kent & Kennedy to If rs Ellz Mrers lot 1 wetfena add -. $ •K.O 00 Fimnk Douglass tn Wm Dougliiss uml % lots mbd sw 14 nee 24 Noble tp 1010 00 Snrab'A Klcha dt-on to lohn E Bnrnes lots e, 7. 8 Allen Richardson's subd lot 21 OPclly 2500 OC J H Holbruner to Chas Holbruner ami wife's Vj lot.12 anil S Dykeman's 1st add 2250 0 J H Holbnmer to El-»ore01il aait wile n H*j loia 2 and 3 Djkeman lit add ..... 2200 »C Jenule C Dawen to J H Holbruuer lots 2 and 8 Dykemim'f 1st acid 4500 01 J G Mnrter to Frank Ljtle e Jft lot 67 S M Upton's add liiTO M Dom Laird and husb to Sylvester Ser- boldlot74 Dykerann 4th cor Wheatland and Clcoit st 172300 Joun Hlnor et al to.Tos K HIner mid Int In 175 a In Godfrej Reserve, Mlamltp 0500 01 Joiiab-Turtllniier to Elizabeth Turlllng- erel.alu* Vi sec 28 Jackson tp an* other land 1 00 HrrrtettBliioin to Frank 8 Neff et a! 40 In DW I*. sec32 Clinton tp 1700 00 Harriett Bloom ct al to John Badebaugh 20 a In nw 1,4 »ec 32 Cllmontp 80000 Connor" Reiurnw Home. Patrick Connors, the oldest son of the late John Connors, has returned home, He la a brass moulder and has been located at St. Louie. He was the only missing heir to the estate of John Connor, and he has been adver. Used for extensively. He knew nothing of bis father's death until he reaobbd the city. Attention. Ladle*! The Merchants and Planters Oil Company will hold «• cooking exbibi tlon at my store Wednesday, April 17th, for the purpose of showing lo our customers the superior merits of Diamond M, & P. Butter Oil for cooking. This la a pure vegetable oil, con- iaining no aniaaal fat and is far more lealthful than lard or butter. A ecu renirwil) be given each lady attecd- ng. Very Respectfully. J. H. FOLEX". 228 Market St. A Co mine Marriage. The wedding of Hugh Smith, .the popular clerk at Powlee's grocery, and Hisa Laura Bunker of the West Sice, las boen announced to occur nexi weeir. ADDITIOXAL ITEMS. McKeen's steam laundry—good work Plenty of waists and skirts. See our $5 serge skirt—Trade Palace. Auction commences Thursday, April 18th, at 9 o'clock at the Golden Rule Our boys' suits to 19 years $3-50: men's suits in Scotch acd black clays $5, are guaranteed 25 per cent, be ow others—Harry Frank. That scrofuloua taint which has been in your blood for years, will be expelled by taking Hood's Siraapatllla, the great blood purifier. JIooMler n»j H Amioliuod. The following Indiana appoint ments as cadeib 1 to the Naval Academy have been made: P. J. Coyle, Peru Ind ; F. T. Field, EvansvUle, Ind Oscar Schmidt, Indianapolis, Ind. ; J, J. Walker (alternate), Bryan, Ohio, J. E. Stogsdale, Clinton, Iod. ; M. H Nelson, (alternate) Covlngton, Ind. rml]*clOA »• to Weight. A physician points out that several fallacies are common with regard to the weight of the human body. The man who congratulates himself on his gain of several pounds in weight over a given period may have no cause for rejoicing', for he may bo under a tie- lusion. Very few persons, says this in' vestigator, have any correct idea of their own weight,- As a matter of fact the weight of the body is continually changing 1 , owing to innumerable influences. On a warm day after breakfast a man will lose more than a third of a pound per hour. Seventy per cent, of the body consists of water, and its •weight varies constantly. The inference to be drawu from the loss or gain of a pound or two may be mistrusted. Fluctuations of a few ounces are a sign that the body is in a healthy state, PHOklnc Butter Tor Horn* Dae. Our way of packing butter for our own use, says a wz'iter in the Dairy World, is to have a perfectly clean jar, if possible a now one. Then we use salt and granulated sug-ar, half and half, to put between the layers, which we make about three inches thick, to make nice pieces when cutting for use. In'mak- inp- butter we use a barrel churn and make granulated butter. Wash it in the churn until the water runs off clear; salt it to taste (which with us is not very salt); drain it and take it up into the butter bowl and let it stand over night. Then work it just enough to make the' granules stick together, and then pack. Do not fill the jar quite fujl. Put a white cloth on top of that Cover well and keep in a cool clean place. If every stage of procedure from the cow to the jar has been clean and sweet, the butter ought to keep a reasonable time. Protectlnr Pure Butter. Every farmer ought to be interested in protecting butter, for every pound of oleomargarine that is sold helps to depreciate the price of his own products and to injure the dairy business. If the dairy business is destroyed by fraud butter the dairymen will be driven to general farming and competition with those who do not now produce dairy products. The interest of all is the concern of all in this case. ADVICE ABOUT SLEEP. Thnt Should C<- Always Ke]>t lu Sllnd tnr I'utiirc Ca*. Never awaken a person who. is 111 even to give hiia medicine unless .by definite instruction from the physician. It is bad to sleep in such a way tlo* the light will strike the eyes t>efor<vit is time to wake iu the morning-. It is. unwise to go to bed hungry and often, equally unwise to retire immediately after a heavy meal. Avoid sleeping in an undergarment that has been worn during the day.. -IS' the change from woolen underwear'to a cotton uig-ht dress produces a- chilly sensation, then provide one of soft, light flannel. Such u garment has the. additional advantage of requiring 1 .• lo» bed clothing. Mr. Edison claims that people do not need several hours of continuous sleep and that a few minutes or an hour -of! unconscious rest now and then is alt that is required. He says .that, the habit of sleep was formed buforo the. era of artificial light, when people hati no other way of spending the hours Jot darkness. At one time he worked for seventy-two hours without sleep. Bnfc we doubt if ho ever wins tho world Jto his theory even with his wizard'n power of turning night into day. A medical journal gives this receipt for sleep: "Dismiss fi'om the mind the cares and worries of tho day, forgive all enemies, relax the brain and commit one's self to the great Power that rules the universe In confidence arid hope." l r ew public men have followed, this rule more absolutely than Gladstone, who sleeps like a child from the moment his head touches the pillow. After the defeat of his home rule-in parliament in I8SO he went homo in the early morning and slept as usual His full complement of eight hours.—Con- rcjrationalist. WOMAN'S QUEER PETS. Japaoci* Bridci. It appears that in Japan one factor entering into the problem of the choice of a daughter-in-law is her skill in raising silkworms. The thread spun by the silkworm is said to be regular and even in proportion as the worm has been regularly and carefully fed. The prospective mother-in-law carefully aad miniate]}- examines the evenness of the siilc thread in the material of the garments worn hy the young lady before giving her assent to the betrothal. <jra<l« of Gold. Tvrenty-fonr-karat gold is all gold; twenty-two-karat gold has tweaty-iwo parts of gold, one of silver and one of copper; eighteen-karat gold lias eighteen parts of pure gold and three parts each of silver and copper in its composition; twelve-karat gold is half gold, the remainder being made up of three and one-half parts of silver and eight and one-half parts of copper. Canion, Atlrmiun! All chevaliers of Canton Loerans- port No. 15, I O. 0. F . are requested iO be present at the ball toni^h; io 'atlgue uniform for drill and instructions relative to an inspection, a re cord of which ban to go to department leadquartere. It ii to tbe interest of every chevalier that a good record b: •hown. J. D ALLISON Cap'. Pair of Wupi That U«v» HMD Perform Wonderful Trlcki. A young woman residing near this place in the river country has a. pair tit pet wasps, which are as interesting a» Lhey are unique in their way, writes B. Monroe (La.) correspondent o'f the Philadelphia Times. She has trained.th.cin. to perform a great many wonderful tricks, and it is indeed marvelous to what degree of intelligence and agility her kindly care and patient perseverance has brought them. As the young- ;ady is an invalid, she manages to get* jreat deal of profitable-diversion front icr queer pets. Among other tilings she has taught them to drink water from a thimble and to perform the ''skirt dance," as she calls it, by fluttering their wings as thev rest in the palm of her hand. They will sing at her bidding, making- » faint, almost insiudiblfi cheep, and seem to be passionately fond of music, Tbe young lady is quite a fine musiciao. and when she plays on the piano the wasps take up thuir position on the music-rack and never budge until tbe performance is over. The wasps would seem to have quite. a good deal of vanity, and nothing delights them more than to be allowed to walk about and inspect themselves on t. little hand mirror, which is kept for their exclusive use. Strange to rdatc, the wasps have never been known to attempt to sting anybody, alr.hongb they have free acci^s to all parts of tii* house, and are selclonl conSm:ii. ev.;a »• night. A TricH on tbff Professor. The story .is told of the late Prol Blackie that when be once puta. car£ on the door of his lecture room, rezuJ- ing-: "Prof. Blackic vri.ll meet his classes at one p. m." tiome waggisfc. student obliterated the "e^in "classes. 1 " Happening to pass that way the olE professor saw the change. Stepping* up to the door he obliterated the letter "1" and went grimly on his way wM»- oct a word. Expediting tbe Hull*. Mail bags can DOW be taken on a*. delivered from trains running siztf miles an hour

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