The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1939
Page 2
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i;?AGE.TWu JSLOTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET ' 'This Tlckrt Will *rlm» Eraesi Cage & Companion — lo STTZ THEATER '. -to' ,'K-IO" Social Calendar i TUESDAY'S Mrs , B F. Potter entertaining Tuesaay Contract club. Tuesday club meeting with Mis havin lloyd . Mrs Elton W, Rliby Tuesday Bridge clu>.' Mrs Robert E. Lee King entertaining Maple Groic Cemetery ns- sociatlrn at hnnie of Mrs. Samuel F J\OIT]S. Mrp B. M. Matthews entertain ing her bridge, club. Mrs G. W DUlahunt) entertaining Beta Chi Sunday school clasa bl- First Presbyterian church lor supper it Seven o'clock. Mrs. 0. E Beasiey entalaSmnjj Tuesday Aiteinoon dub Order of Eastern star having dutch supper at, 6 30 o'clock fol- J-wed by EUted meeting at 1.3D at Hall. ; WEDNESDAY'S INVENTS Ladiei' Aid, Temple Israel, meeting sith fto Louis Applebaum, eight o'clock. Mrs Ben W Harpoie Jr. cnta- taimng ADG Bridge club. To» n, and Country club meeting •ftitb Mrs O W, Mcculchen Cotilli'n club having dance, nine o'dodt, at American Legion Hul Mrs T. , K Mahsn entertaining BI-AI-.ntlil} Luncheon club Cnapter D, P K. O sisterhood, meeting 2.30 o'clock at licmc oi Mrs if O ,Usrey. . , THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mn>. J,'3. Cootaton entertaining Thursday Bridge club at Rustic Inn Doable Four Budge club meeting with Mrs Ed -Cpok ' Mrs R. i\ Kirshrer havii.g Thursday, Luncheon club, Mrs Tom A Breeder entertaining Thureday Dessert club with a luncheon at one o'clock The Delta Contract club meeting with Mrs H A Taylor. Mrs. B. A. Lynch' entertaining Mid-Week Bridge club CluTi Informal hiuing dance «t "Woman's club at nine o'clock. Altar society, Churcli of the Immaculate Concepll.n, sponsoring bingo parry eight o'clock at Catholic Hall. Little Theatci meeting 7^30 o'clock at city hail. PHIDAY'S . Woman's club hmllig luncheon one o'clock, at club louse Wojnan's Missionarj' s lake street Metliodht clftuch, oieeUng 1 30 o'clock at (lunch, Jlre Hugh WJiitsItt entertaining rriday Bridge club - - To Have Tirst Meet Ins Members of llio Si-Montlil> Luncheon clrtb will be cnterUilnea at a party Wednesday afternoon by Mrs T K. Manan. This is tht first meeting of the group since thcj adjourned kr the svimmcr. 1 » « • Study i South America The study of South America bj mcmlexB of Chapter N 01 the P E 0 sisterhood was begun Saturdaj nrtemo.n «hen'ther veie snter taiued by Mrs Farmer £nglano and Mr* Hairy Kliby at lite Kubj home. / M r s England, program chairman, introduced the «!bject, ' Gcographj 01 south America," aftei whicl. each member discussed a counlr} Lunch V.RB surfed at the drain; table Rhlcfc had « bouquet .f mlxe- £lo?ers Other autumnal floueu and greenery were 'used about Hit living room Bits of Newi Mostly Perwnai* and Mrs, gallic Ncal of Dccrtnp, Hawkins Lalomtoij in Memiiliis Mr. nm, M,,. B^o,, Bartholo- n» llr*S Vr's^A .new nml cl.llclren, of , Memphis, , Clmr e 8 Jo^h, ot UU1? si>em the weekend liere with Mi£. spent the wekcnd here 4i " -• - • —• ——-•••vu u«i> iciurncd r>ma, 01 jittst/ truiiic Mo from '.Memphis Where,Ehe-.visited ed home.' Saturdaj ' after Miss Anita Fay 75eck went to Ox- 'Pi' slb } er ' M «- Lockic Ross. She spent two weks heic with Mr -.nrt ford, Miss., yesterday to spend a 1 i lct S rc<1 Mr - llud - Ml ' s - Monls Cord] Mrs. John Waldon few days with. Miss Jean Stacy, \iho Corrtnr;. cf New York Citj', wl)o ' Mrs. M. c Hollls of Pine HI is a student at the University of J B 1 i)cen hr - v nouseguests Jor a arrived this inoinlng roi a v Mississippi. Miss Stacy will 'accom- 1 rcw days,-to Memphis Jroru where with Mr, and Mn, A o Hail „..-,... thf.vvv, for home Saturday night.. .Mrs. Charles Alfo,d tpent tlio n «ttr.wni ¥i.-»i. niui 1111 jjiiiciuft, .•--—- ~Wi MIS. Barnes Rttcua- weekend in Mount Veinon Mr. and'Mrs. E, A. Slacy. Connie ™ the iwital- and reception nr-- with her brothei Kobpj-i Modlnger and .Barnes Crook motor- """ '" "—'--- '- " uoe " 1 .d MlBs- Beck down yesterday. Mr, End Mrs. Vcrnqn Peters of ilclcv. Tenn., spent-yesterday here r. and Mrs. A. c. Hatey and ft"° ' *™' _!!(«-. AlLss Carcllne, and Miss YolK '' Alina ; Peters. Mjr. : Peters is ' » Dl •I here as the guest of Miss jrd'ther of Mrs. -Haley and Miss , J cters. Mrs, Peters Is president of ' '""'> '"='" I1! > "ie guesv oi AIISS he Tennessee Federation of Music Kulliryn Greav "anil her parents,' ''lubs. - Mr. and Mrs. G. H. G roar,-He was Mrs. Stephen H. Brooks, accom- meL !1) Memphis by Mr, nnd Mis. , . ... htirmM- TTiirrlii vifl x*.. ..... j «».._ janicd by Mlis LtUlnn B. Ayre-s, >! Osoc-:la, "has returned Jroro -Hot iprings »here they spent a few ..ays. En route home they also Jopped at Little lioci nnd ronoit ! i are ^itv, - i don. Mis. John F. Lcnll &nd son, . . /ack Leiiiru, returned FrWay torn Sal ?» ! ', Knns., arrired,Saturday to rtilsa, OJtla, where they visited spm!tl '" week Jisi'c.wJtK'.Uieiir son. Jrs. Lentl's brother, R. J. Lemm, John Hancock, und family. They Hrl fit^Di. tf\t, «. ... n ^t. • - Cnittft hP>'/> f IVlm • Ti-rtrVfrtr. "' urn. I family for a week. Mrs. Harman Taylor spoilt Frl- ay. in Memphis. . iirs.'Eai'l Koonlz of Fulton, Mo., visiting her mother, Airs. B. M. " and family.. Miss Icie Sliepard nnd Mrs. Oilier Jampitt spent jTsslcrciay in Mem- ihls with Mrs. Clampitt's iiarenls, \1r. and Mrs, E. H, P:rd, who are Ji the Baptist hospital there. Mr. .»nd Mrs, rord jvere injiued in an unomoblle accident near Forrest Jity Mttsy night while returning ionic from North Little Rook where hey had attended the BlytheVille- Icrth Little Rock football'game, Mrs. Ed£ar Boriun, Mrs. £lizabeth Circcnc, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Dan >toitt speiit yesterday in Memphis Uth.Mr..niid Mre. c. Louis Wils'on. Mr. Wilson is recovering from /an iperalion iH'rt-n inert last week. Charles S. Lemons . I* lmprc.... D ram a'slims hifcclidn whfoh his onfincd ")ilm id hl.s bed-for ten day. 1 ;. • • Mrs, Sam Orfel mid ton, David, -T ' Canithersvlllc, - returned home „ of Tennessee and the Unl-' vei-sity of Alnbama. ' j Jnck Jenkins and Gene- Ilood : spent yesterday in Memphis with George Prultt, nnd Henry Muery tcihobtle accident Friday nigiil as they were reUirnlriB' from Noith LitUe Rock where they had BP«c. Group in Be Guests of Club nuitati:ns June been extended ; to.25 couples and slags to attend the Cotillion club dftncc to be Given Wednesday night ,it the American Legion Hut at nine Deccratio.ns for this f Irit oT. the fluVs (nit 'season will l)fi in ."the Halloween motif. Programs may be obtained b} members at tee home oi Mr. and "Mrs Bernard Allen McubXv and _, , T ^ , , instead cl at the home of Dr and Mrs Don Smith as was previously announced * 'Pioaeer Women' To Be Glut's Guests . , Pioneer -a-omen ot'Blytlievillev,in be guests tit Uie Bustn?ss and Pro- icssional '•Women's thmier at tire Hotel Nciblc tonight at 7.30 o'clock Each' membra- of the club -will brmg BE her- gwrst, a iromaa v,l)o lias resided hero for -a mmibfr 01 -years. Mre G-E trigger Sr, ana Trii&s Olara Ruble will be Hie- prin- iclpal speakers • .-,- - . -having bcne here since Jaturday nlglit when David cn- .ored . ilia isij'iheyllle hosplUil. for iciitment ,of tm 'car infection. fir. aiitt.Mrt). pan M. Dnnkui id Ihc^ctMjghW, MIS. ; -H.'•• A. Joy'Ie, inofored to' Meri\phls • yes- erdny lo.visil Mrs. Duntiin's i>ro- Jier, J. il.."uobblns, .who Is ve- -o\ci-lng in thp ;: Baptist hbsiitwl roni an opcraticn. Mrs. Robblns -nd son Clifford ndbhiiu;, o[ Plg- O oll, stopped hero yesterday ns ney were en route to jvleniphis to ult'Mr. Robblns. ite, Annie Smith nnd daughter, /Ilss Florine Smith, and Mrs. V. i Cnrmda, all of Buniey, Mo., prait yesterdKy here with Mre. smith's daughter, Mrs. Henry Uec, and Mr. Rylee. Mre, James B, ClarK. liresldcnt ( the Arkansas Division'a the nited Daughters bt the Conted- .acy, Mrs. L. b. Hubener, state orresponding •secretary', 'and Mrs. ,oy Welch left this morning (or J Doiaild where they .will attenn ne annual stato convention. They ore polticS \n \Vest Memphis bj it's. L. M. Hudson, of Tyronza, nd Mrs. O. L. R;-binspiV, of .Btirle, ho accompanied iheni, Mrs. Carles b. WVlie -feent as 'Jar as it tie Rock 'with •thein. ' Mrs. P. 'A, Wnyman, oi Mlssis- ippt. is the guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. J M. Holt. Eke plans to be here ntil Sunflay. Mr. and Mrs. W. !M. Frnser, and Jr. and Mrs. Tommy O. Fraser nd son, Tomniy Jr., spent ycstcr- Jn.v in Mnyfleld, Ky., with Mrs. "r,wer'i mother, Mrs. Of. W. jack- sot), who is 111 in (lie Mayfleld hospital. Mrs. J. L. Van Hoiser and Mrs. ack Smith have returned to Jmitlivttlc, Tcnn., lifter having (sited Mrs. Van Hooser's parents. Ir, and Mrs. J. E. NeaV. Duving .heir visit, they motored to Cape irardeau to be the guests of Mr. nd Mre. George French ot that 'ily. Other : relatives .\viio came :iere »;hlle ihc visitors were In -his tily were. Mrs. Herbert Bchool- nncl daughter of New Ynrk City - er r rf ) n ECd by Uie teachers of Tcclj . ind family, ' They Go • Separate .Vfays who had taught Mr. Corzinc Meil Brooks Jr c! Little lie was a stvdent there, Mr.] - D ent the weekend licie le Is- a solo bassist with the parents, Mr. and Mrs- J orchestra Hi Brooks Sr. j. H. Oxinai], cf Union, N, , ., ; Mrs.-Margaret Hamilton i Succumbs At Cooler Fnrmcr England, Mr. and Mrs, Olinrlcs Morehead and Miss drear. Miss "Marie Wnldon, of Memphis, spent the weekend here with her parents,'Mr. and Mrs. John Wal- and Mre. Waldo Hancock of- cnme here from Irbnton, Mo", where they .had visited Mr. and Mrs. John Painter.' • .'" . Ciarcncc' H. Wilson ana' son, Billy, and Eddie B. David, were in- Mrs. Margaret Hamilton who had lived in cooler " there Sunday 21 morning died _MOiNDAY/OCTOBER'23;"l9S'J. At The Hospitals Josef Holmann Urges Piano for Beginners spa "• Y. Smith, city, ndmllled. •; - -. wjlllnnu. city, admitted. BOSTON <Up)_ja 5 ef Hofmaun, L " lle Mae Penny ' ""y"- otl - ?, oncm Pianist things the plsuo Is "'."' '' ')"? '""si logical ^ instrument for the y 'Oi-jfal, Cii/.'iithcrsvill!!, o'pglmier In music. ' dlsmtssed • ..rr r ,. Mrs"' » 8Wto '-«oe te , admitted. |i. LV'^ect hf'So '"' '"' 0 Kn " Z ' C " 5 '' a<1 - "* °»t «'«« of study Mcconne,,, city, admit- Cha,,c S Sanders, dty, di, caruthersviiie, dismissed. • Memphis Mclhodisl Hospital Mrs. Louis Farner Jr., Caruthcrs- ville, admitted. Mrriiplils Kaptlst Hospital The Rev. ICardy Gray, Dycss, admitted. Walls Hospital Franklin Carter, Leachville, miltal. CAR!) OF THANKS We wish to thank ow friends especially Mri. S. S. s'lemberg , Harold Sternlrers, (lie Btythcvillc M^LV-U. Senior high school and ,tlie Full Bobble Lee Gray, Sleele admit- Gos P el church for the kindnesses :d. shown us durinjair recent bereave- ted. Albert Draley Pyland; city, admitted. larry Isaacs, Manila, admitted. Herbert Bryun, Manila, dismissed. Mary Giteon, city, dismissed. L. E. Jackson, Manila, dismissed. William Ballew, Cooler, dismiso- Boi-n to Mr. and Mrs. S. B. . _ a0 M , aild M1 , 6 B N3 . Home of a .daughter Mrs Alon<to ™ s is hOT ' l «os befoie th» Walter P. Chryder, Jr's decided io' il011 of Hnyti. a son Sunday af- W ta " bCCn "' l csl1 St <l11 " W ' ^vvcihin .. 'i'nc 60-year-bld h orn in Lexington, woman Tenh, , six call it quits Wed In April 1938 the son of the auto manufacturer I ind Hie formei Pegg\ gjkc<; have announced their .separation. wns . Funeral services veic held this morning at Lexington She is also siiulved by two er daughters, Mis B L. Robinson and Mrs. W.- R-, Turner of Steelc and six sons, D. J. L. of Oblfl and. G. oth- Two Traffic Accidents n . c " . UCCUr At Same Point j drivers -between the ages cf <um i'o cause almost Uice 16 . - ^^..vvcighing seven pounds and lour '• ounces. and Z. T. Hamilton of Ulbourji' O thci in |n of the tiuck olf ind bH»htlv mjur ' b ' • " f v . lllif scmnl ncgioes in the fiist . r Of rest City lOUth accident which occurred on a High- Is F, F. A. Official' CAHD OF THANKS• Tlvc women of the Lone Oak Methodist church wish .'to thank everyone, who helped In our Harv"' Supper, Oct. 19, which,was a OOtoodr 103,000 dnveis. _ . .„ Read C:uner News 'want ads. k Bussell Barham, Gus Eberdt ! !lntl ll 'c Blyftieville Oin . Company for Iheir' liberal donation. All-Vegetable Laxative Has Important Points Most'people want a laxative to do i t:ok place when n car side swiped ri.".,"~™","— """•' """ BV "" KANSAS CITY Oct 23 ojp)_ molh"i machine while piv>u with the BIjlhMillc High School Bllh Bi-j'an or Toirest Cil\ Was I tlio same bildt,c fS-°.. n ?'" f< Ji,--" lc Efm1 ° tC I cle{;Ucl firet vice president f of. the! MI !\ CS ' I south'cm region by : .'the-Pnturii A fill! M/ed uinJou scieen Miss Mary Jo Hull, vho attends Farmers ot Amcncv today as the tiinsnbout one mile of \uic .. ~ *!"«« uinigh. ,.u; act punctuauy, ciacn^ (2) ncl 'Uioroughly, (3) act gently. >wipccl Ig OJ1 con Hercs one that usually fills all three requirements when the easy directions are follcwed. It's an all- \egetaole pioduct \\hose principal ingredient: has medical recognition c hs an "intestinal Ionic-laxative'.' DRAUGHT bowel muse reason foi relief from often folio you lake E millions of merit. 25 t Tills ingredient enables BLACK- DRAUGHT to Impart tone to 'lazy les. And it is', the main the punctual thoiimgh constipa'tUn that most : 25c. For, new (tncncbs uf • ", . flavor . - , our chtm wra ot . and .raothcry uosfriis flu This contlo 6!n\mcut m.d prolwts Irritated -m.mbranc, tlms opens brestWns wtow.-it soon , u MentlMlatiidi oil Mcnlholnlurii helps Insomdny uld always s— •Ueiiihtrlittiin.Unk Item "Have you ever noticed that Camels burn longer more smokin ASK FAMOUS GAMK At\'I> FISHING AUTIH1HITY uiai/iiij iii the diid' tllnils / mentis!, mumallmiii, eni!:ar of the aathoriialirc, nca "A Kaat'vn Dact S/attiiil,' lleilacr turn's the u-aitrfevi fyicayi fnn California In Maine, Afiata lo Mcxln, an • •- those tf Europe M. '"VAN"has tccn a Camel uimirr for Wlia<cver price you pay per pack, it's important (o remember this CuU: B> burning 25% slower than the average of (he 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested—slower than any of them—CAMELS give a stuok- ing Jiliis equal to - EXTRA SMOKES PER BVGK! well!" , Read Courier Jtow rant ads. ment. Mrs. Beitlc Woorslcy Bc-ri P. Darby and family. Everything for your enter tainment and comfort. Watcb Societ> Oi Courier New* F»i Pree SKow Last Times Today . Pjoducsd ty AtlhiiT Also Pararnoimt News & Donald Duck Cartoon. . Continuous short Sundav TUESDAY' CAL MATINEE '& NIGHT I'wo Admitted tor the Pricp of 1 Also "Going Tlaccs'VMuxiraJ Shoii & Comefly. ..i ... Admission "Matinee lOc & 26c NiSht !6c & : 36c • 'by wlictlicr it luiiii^ fai-Lor slowly. Canicl cig.ircttcs .ire noted..for their long burning. \n fnci, they' slowcr than ,i;,-y Cil\er brand If Mil, in'recent scientific studies. Van Cini'pen Hcilncr, ill nuiliority on wild K . 1mr , iIC) | u ' ts ^, lt .,„ iiittrcMiug .ingle to ilm. "Cnmcis give- munlmakiKg Ucaiiw ihi.ic.cliokc 10'S lurn jo >low]y," lie says. "Ami I tliiulc die way ilscy tutir'u' a very MORK rUvASUHK TEll 1'Ufr .,. MOKK-1'Ui'TS JS scars. Rood way lo juilgc the quality of cigi- ictics too. .1 notice,'lliis nbout Cniucls. -I can smoke"them iicadily anJ'ilicy still tasty, s'niooth-'anil cool, anil'my mouth /eels ffcsli-ind tlifrc's no tlirc-ut irritation. Camels -arc mild, flavory. They j\m mort plcasiirc per ))uH r anJ iiion; puffs per (]afck."'lurii to C.-iincls. (rtt extra' si«pl;ing^ jier pact-topped off -»itli the dclic.-itc titstc of choice quality tobaccos. For toutcnuncnt- Mnokc ' Cigarcttcs.'wcre compared recently... sixteen of t!ic Irrrgcsl-sclliug brands ..'.under..!the'searching tests Of impartial laboratory scientists. Viiidiii^s \vcrc r annoiinccil as follows: 1 GAMELS were fanid : to contain .*' wore tobacco fcy :cc:ght i\an the nvbfa'gc for the JS oilier of the largest- selling brands. ' •' • O Camels burned slower tliau any ~ ptjicr. br.tnd tcs'tcd-25% slower tlian.tlic.nvcragc time ot the IS.ijtln-r oftliclargcst-sellingbrands! Bybu'rn- iiifJi^ slower, on tl)c:ivcraeo,C.1iii.cis pvtsnipkcrstlic equivalent of 5.tvtr«i s'mbkcJ'per •fiack! O-tfvllic- some test;, Camtk licltl *•' ihcirasti ^nrlpngt.r than the avcj- njC tinic for all the other brands. Don't deny yourself the plcasinc of sWoVinj; C,nncls, the riualily cigarette 'every smoker can' afford, . 1'cmiy.Ior penny your bfsl cigarclic buy! Maflnew .Fri.-S«t.-Son. Las) Times today fks Tewrasat.Oocisi Tells All! AMANDA DUFF JUNE CAUE EDWARD KORRIS HENRY ARMETTA y News &. Comedy -i . . - ' k '."-"' ,£dng-Burniiig Costlier Tobaccos . ^3 , , Cj .-.-..,,.....• ...,,, lue. - Wed. - Thuf, PAt NIGHTS 2 admitted for the • price of 1 Call a Messenger with iiiavy Ctirlisic, !,un;y i-Ccaubc, "Dead End Kids" & "Little Tpugk . Gjiys." ' , Also telcclcd biiorti

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