The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IS 1 EMRIS When Nortli Carolina Defeated Tennessee elvriin- a Hurricane Rivalry'- With Chickasaws •By J. V. FKIKNlVV' The Golden Hiirricjine of, Jones v ..,. u . „., ,,.*,,*o- j ^nu£iii-,i(t Luii'ity uu>j> ii.tvL' ucaicn boio hi"h i-chou! Is.coining 1 to Hnby! the Tribe six times, have besn (rlp- *icid niclny night to rcnaw Kriil- psd four times, ami two tattles resulted in c-G tics. •. '•'••, .•'. • In total iwluls scored they also excel, pushing oror 219 points to hon ilviilry with Coach Carney Uislle's Hlytheville Chicknsaws holding n slight advantage over the Trllie during (ho last twelve years of football warfare. Thanks to a sensational run ol ', Believes Freshman Finest •, Right-Handed Hitler <"' Since Heilmami, Honisby NEW YORK, Oct. 1.— Joe DI- Magglo 1$ thu finest straight' away right-handed hitler since Harry Hcllmann nnd Rogers Hornsby. ( You have to so back to the la- •rncnlcd Happy Fclscli nnd Trls Speaker to put your finger on ILS good n ll» cuing nun its Hie one that hangs fioin the shoulder or .this 21-year-old Italian. ' DlMaggio broke cveiy innjor •league msik for n freshman save (hat for hitting homo runs. Wnlly Bcrgci, of the Bo.sU>n Nationals, established that In 1930 nnd sllll holds it. DIMngelo made 200 hits nnd diove In more than 100 runs. Joe's iceoid as a pea Eicon was, made all the more remnikablo by | his being retained in Ualnine nng i kepi out of the lineup for more than a month by n fried ankle. [ Attempting to smoke out a slight lv,Iil, Doc Painter, the trainer, 'o\eibaked Ihc lad's foot. , With DIMagglo obtaining a Vciy Into stait, the Yankees won tho Amcilcan League iwniinnt by 10>i : Barnes. Thnt wasn't exactly n 1 camera, finish,' nnd It was Just n.s well for the other clubs Hint the San Francisco kid wasn't hi thine from the outset. Made : Experts Look Good Baseball wiiteis lo\c DiMnijglo. He Is a picture hall player who stood up foi them Befoie DiMagjjlo was able lo bionk Into an Anicilcan League box scoie. New Yoik imup.ipeis vcie i mining scilcs Icllint' how he became n major league luminary. An established tar flopped on Joe McCarthy, nnd y another fty- ehnser nearly \\as killed bsfoic Joe realized that he had the most accomplished cento fielder In base!),]I] In DiMagglo. ? Once the young man's foot (hawed out, Mccmlhy alternated ; DIMagglo In left and light fields. McCarthy obviously couldn't ico him as a center fiejder, even fitter' the Yankee manager gave up on Ben Chapman,, nnd traded that temperamental athlete lo Wash- Ington foi Jake Powell. It wasn't until after DlMnaglo crashed Into Myrll Hong ns both Irled to catch the same fly ball in Detroit on July 29 that it filially dawned on McCarthy that he had Jhe solution lo^hts most Important outflowing pioblcm In DI- Magglo. The collision put Hong In tno, . -,. — ••— —• .,, hospital vutli a clot on the bmln . "'"cccl that.' Jackson, hesitated and finished his i baseball for thc|' lbmlt fielding It, When he dirt, it -•- • • was too lute to throw out Joe. CICE;CS Up Giants 3t was the way DlMngijIo concealed his intention on the src- ond that tickled schooled .otam- ers In the .third inning. Joe stood theie waving his long i)n f ,, as though lie Intended lo hit the bnl! across the Harlem river. The ball left Schumacher's hand before DlMagglo shortened his Blip He again bunted perfectly to Jackson. Stony was caught so tint-footed that lie fumbled. The Yankees will continue to score antl continue to he hard u> score on as long ns they liave a ; the breaks,, University of North Carolina'.'; eleven scored two touchdowns to one by the University Volunteers to win by M-0. 'loinmy IJiinicllc, Tar Ilecl halfback, Is pictured tackier-tp get, away for one of his spectacular gains in the game at Chapel Hill, N. c. Paced with the loss of M lettermen, 10 of whom could be calted regulars on last year's co-cham- pionslilp eleven, Coach Francis A. Schmidt of Ohio State University is working overtime wllji a squad j of some CO men trying lo Jind suil- : able replacements. j Wllh tho New York University! battle over, the Buckeyes are prepping for the University of Pittsburgh nnd «c crack Northwestern University eleven. Tlif Buck)' most, severe losses arc nick Ifcckin, plunging half- buck; ("joiner Jones, one of ihc best centers in the country last year; filan plncurti, nee forward pissev nnd quarterback; 'JVevor Ttccs, .stellar end who was"on the receiving cud of many of Plncura's passes; Jim Karcher, guard; Prank Boucher,, another, fleet halfback; Johnny Knbealo, one of the bsst praters In the Bi» Ten; Gilbert Hiirrc, the big tackle; nnd Sam Buslch, a .steady, deueiKlnhlc end. Other losses Include Dick Belt/ and Frank Pisch froin the back- llrld; Tom C.corgODOiilos, an end; Krnle lioush, a tackle; and George I score In each quarter last "week Brmigard. another Biianl. Positions ' "' •'' ' ' nshilt',of those replacement men also will be hard to fill. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1936 l| Harry Grayson Lucky Twenty Will S«e Grid Game Free automobile owners will be guests of local merchants nt tlic Blythevllle- Joncsboro football game n(, Haley Field Friday night. License plate numlwrs were- picked on tlic streets here Mils week and ap- irear in small type in each advertisement on page 6 of today's Us«e of the Courier News. If your license number appears in any of the ads llic ticket maybe c-iiimec! from Hint merchant anytime before 5:30 pra Friday. fom- consecutive victories, tin? Cralglwad comity boys have beaten lc's 128, Tlic worst beat- iliirrlcanc ever admlnls- Blythcv Ing the IcrcU lo the Maroon nnd White came In 19J11 wh;n Hoachle Smith Qlauts In the ninth. He martr: a le(1 " 'Hin^et of hard runntn« backs ncnt lunnhig catch on .Moore, 1""'' " powerful line to a 46-G trl- aml then took n' liner from Bill I 1 "! 11 " 1 ' T " 192 '' lt!c >' won. • 38-fT.; Terry. Then followed tile payoff. | Hcrshel Mosley, Dlythcvlllc's brll- Hank l.clber .lilt, n hall to.'(he 1!(1 »t triplc>-lhrcal artist, enabled clubhouse enlranco^iGO feet or " lc locals to score live touchdowns more., DlMncgld lurncd lovyard Hie for Ihe tlrst lime on Jonesboro last clubhouse steps with the crack of your In Hie Hurricane's -own back the bat, nnd put up his' hands ami yard. The score was 32-9. I'cle looked over his left shoulder Just Cl ' n| 8 & Co., In 1020 shut out in time to receive Hie ball. Vet- Jonssboro for the only time dur- cian obseivers cnll this (he great-' ln fc' the twelve years, i They scored est catch they pvef saw In a scr- j '^ '• points. '-..- ':• '" s - '• ' • Tilc longest winning spurt bc- Thcy said : Ihe ...Yankees couHln't' twcen Ihe two teams came In 1930- »nt Well It was two bunls -by 31-32-33, with the Hurricane on the that did more lo upset j winning side. DlyUievlllc slopp-d ilc-.vp, nn ii;iplreil Pl-jL'ott lenm. , • ' . Hut regardless of what direction Ihe "dope" bucket points, this one fact has teeii d?mons'traled yearly UOTII TEAMS IIISE TO UNPrtE- CEDENTBD HlifOHTS AGAINST a battle from the'opiinlng wliisllc to the fiunl gnu, nnd the team winning usually Is the belter ten in : ; This year promises to be no ••exception. The Hurricane Is all gcnv- cel^iip, keyed to n high pitch, aii:l confidant ot pulling n few (ail feathers from the Chicks: They hav3 been pronounced in flue coiKlllioii, and with one possible. exception] will put their strongest eleven on the field. They have! n" powerful, experienced line, and a set of capable, versatile ball carriers.. It Is a foregone conclusion Hint Caplaln Byron "Ripper" ,' Walker, 19B-ponnd center, and Oncll Craig, guard and alternate captain, will BC In there when the referee signals for play. Both were liijnr<T:t •' 11 >° - ••»•••—• - skirmish nnd have s. yevc sopp- he Glonls In the second game them hi '34 and repealed last year than Tony Lazzeri's home run' 1-Ylday night -the visitors arc out ulih the bases filled. . •: i'for Rvenge. year. There was 'nothing else for McCnithy to do but use DIMagglo whcie he belonged Thus do > great ball players find their proper positions In'the'second game of the world series, DIMagglo made two talehcs the like of which seldom aie seen. He came, in on those long legs of his in ihe sixth inning lo snag n liner from Joe Moore's bat at ills shoestrings. The average outfielder would have taken the ball on the first hop. DIMaggio made the job look naiculously simple. Grrakit Catch of Scries Elylhcvlllc opened the season with a 53-0 triumph over Coming, despite only one Jouciidown in the first quarter, and scored :i lone f. ......i.^... • , __. not participated in .practice :;tuls, week, llimigh they ha'v'e been "out. Tile- others 'are in. gooil condition nnd the Chicks can be counted on lo : cxlohcl every ounce of energy to continue their winning streak.- Tile complete 12 year record: 1D24—Blytlicrlllc 13, Joncsboro 7 ' 1825—Blythcvllle 0, Jonesboro 25 192G—Ulyllicvilte 0, Joii2sborb' [i (tie). 1927—Hlytheville 6. Jonesboro 38 1Q2S—niylhcville IS, Joncsboro ! (j (tic). •• •• j: 1929—Illylhevllle 25, Jonesboro 6. 1930—niythevllb 7, Jonesboro M 1931—nlyliicvillc (i, Jonesboro -15 1932— niytheville 0, Jonesboro 32 1H33—niytlicvllle 7, Jnncsborn 27. fall have Coach As n nucleus for trie 1030 squad. Sclnnldt has IG lelfermen from the IMS team.••which won seven gam n s and bowed; diily lo Notrs Dame In tlic final iu'oineiit of plnv. Several other no>i-teller men from last year's squad are on hand lo battle for (he vacant posts on the Buckeye team. Approximately 35 sophomores who earned freshmen numerals last joined the team and Schmidt Is caiinllnt; on several of the« cx-plehes lo make stroii» bids for regular assignments bifore the season is half over. * • • Vets TYrscnl Slroriff Fronf Veteran Icll'-riuRii back this vear are Capt. Merle Wcn:lt, end. Irani Middlelown; Frank Cumiskey. nu- othcr end. from Youni;stowii: Au- mist Oebiyc of Ilaylon, Charles Hamrlck of Gallipolis. Charles lieam , of Nnviirre. and Cliarl<;j Oales, Nilos, all tackles;-Sol Mag- clod rif Columbus, Inwood Snilt'i of Mansfield, aii'd • Yoiihustown, all „ _„ .„_„ sn'lcr of CleTOlhivd. c'inlcr; Joe Williams of Barbcrlon. Frank An- lenuccl of Niles and John Bolt ridge of Toledo, halfbacks: Tlpoy Dye of 1'omeroy and Nick Wasylik of Astoria, I, i., qunrtrtlvicks: and Jim McDonald O f ;-;pr:ngne;d. who riu- lehiM th2 1935 E-jaEon as regular fullbnck. • Non-lettenncn from HID varsitv S(|i!acl of a year ago who will be seeking further recognition this fall are Edward West of Springfield, nn md; Roxic Uelli. n guard from Martin's Ferry; Ralph .Wolf, n center from Yoiingsloivn; • Vlctqi' Dorrls of Bcllalre and nichari Cms -jZarifas of guards'; '"' Robert ...j..,,.,,i ik . ,, u,,m-ouun, t.i. mn iu> 01 m'naire and litcliard 1!>:M—Blvllicvlllu 20, Jonesboro 7. Nardi of Cleveland, halfbacks- Wil- 1935—B'.ytlievllle 32, Jonesboro 9.1 son Stuiu'p, a quarterback froin Al- Casey Stengel Oul; Tlireatchs Expose llnnce; nnd Warren Chrisingcr, a guard from Springfield. '.. Prospects (from the yearling i'quad of last fall ami from the spring drills include Emerson Wcmll, a brother of Captain Merle; Alex Schoenbaiim, George Novolny, Clarence Hohcnbergcr, Edward Hofmaycr, Edwarti LcGant, James Robinson and Richard Wncllncr. all linemen; Paul Birkholln, William Booth, Mike Kabealo, Tom Phillips, Tony Kluel, Keith Bliss, Johnny Habb and Prcd Siiringer, backftold men. The Ohio Stale eleven this year faces the hardest schedule a Buckeye team has been called upon to play for many years. Tlic second week of the schedule, Oct. 10, will call for the cks lo be at their peak following the N. Y. U. skirmish, when ll'.s University of Pittsburgh plays ' nt Columbus. Last season Jock Sutherland, pltl mentor, had one of ll:c best teams in the country and most of his-players were fcphoriiores and juniors. This season, with another year of experience, these same plnytrs are already belli" looked upon as potential national champions. Wildcats Are Wild It's out of the frying pan into th-2 fire for the Bucks Inasmuch as the week after they meet Pittsburgh: they travel to Evnnston to meet Northwestern, the same eleven that stunned the nation late last fall by upsetting the great Notre Dame team. Last year Lynn Waldorf war new at Northwestern, but tin: season he should have his system installed to perfection, After. Northwestern, coines.In- diana'at the stadium on Oct. 24. This .should prove another tough game. Last year the Hoosicrs led the Ohioans, 7 U) 0. at half lime. and this year, with a large, crop of replacements lo shoot into the battle, Bp McMillin and his eleven ra.iy prove dangerous. On Nov. 7 the University of Chicago is faced and this should be tfc<; first, last, and only "breather" on the Buckeye schedule. However, this game will be badly needed by th.; Bucks to prepare for the dash down the home stretch with Illinois-at Champaign the follow- in? Saturday afternoon and llien Ihc . finale with Michigan at the Clicks' .stadium on Nov. 21. Mechanical Arm Halts Speeding Bandit Cars LONDON (UP—A "mechanl«L> ' arm," which enables pollcs carsu3» stop automobiles - driven by baii^ ' dlts, has been Invented by Sir Malcolm Campbell. The device, which has b°en demonstrated to Scotland Yard consists of a telescopic steel arm with strong claws a foot wide, on making contact with the rear bumpers of a car the clnws bccom« firmly locked and the pursued car is brought to a standstill. The earliest known clocks to be set up in England wer; tii e one in a former clock lowr Westminster in 1288, another m Canterbury Cathedral In 1293 and a third in Dover Castle In 1348, 'Hits year marked tile centennial of the patent system of the United States. The first patent was Issued to John Hiiggles. of Maine. July 13, 183B. Current pateiit numbers ire over 2,040.000. .Read Courier News Want Ads. - - ....«.., u*i !vj Jung iia iiii:y u. DiMaggio retired all thicc, CIMiiBglo on two E ood legs. Out in front and in the spotlight! 4 SEE AND DRlVI THE EXCITING-NEW 1937 -r. . . . ,.-. u You start at the Bottom, and go to the Top! *-*w^*~fc- ^•SjaS^SS-" WorW'j fint con with dual economy of Flam oil cleaner ond ovfoflioHc oveidrive • New undccslung rear onto ghr» big loomy interiors—chair hcighl seal! • WotW't lorgw) luggage capacity • World'i easiest doing doort with exclusive non-tarlle roloiy door lock* • World') Brri can with built-in warm air <4e- fcoiUu • Only eon with Automatic Hill Holderl • WorU'i iliongeit, lafoit and qillllnl oil i»««lbodi««Shid«bQl«ir'iC.I.T. Budget Plan often lowlimopaymenli BROADWAY SALES CO. JJlylhoille, Ark. IT TAKES "next to no time" to open [nose 2 jackets ot I moislure-proot Cellophane on Double-Mellow Old Golds You zip off the oirlcr jacket from the bolfom; you zip open the mner jacket nl the lo/j.' And what a PREMIUM this extra jacket of Cellophane gives you! Prize Crop Tofcaccos ... in the very pink oi smoking condition! Cigarettes as fresh as though you picked them right off the machines at the factory! a Thrill you get! It's certainly worth while . . . il, at qu!ck flick o{ , he fingers from the bottom of the package lo the top For when you ve reached the top you've reached the wry lop ... m double-mellow cigarette qualify and enjoyment (Established 1760) P.S.: V«, indcedl D«.M. Y^'Mo** B"c t if , 011 ,, 0 not , C Offer still open... for 30 days (torn today. CROP TOBACCOS make them 2 JACKETS, DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," POUBLE-MELLOW| tee| ' tlie "' FACTORY4RESH Casey Stengel, likable wise- eraeker, has been deposed as m;inoger of the Brooklyn Dodders, but he may make it un- Filensiint for some of the club olliciais if they don't pay oil soon on his contract, which runs through 1P37. Stengel, above threatens to.reveal "plenty about mishandling and bonchcading by co-lain Brooklyn oflicials." •if he isn't fairly treated. Bur- •leifih Grimes, Charley Dresden Dutch Rculher, and Oscar Vitt are mentioned as possible suc- \ . cessors to Stengel. rtogs .Hop bit Waner . PITTSBURGH. — Paul Waner's favorite-food is frogs' legs. That's what hops up the Pittsburgh" outfielder at the plate. licfore You Uuy Any Outboard - See lh« NEPTUNE 2 n. P. <a>,ir Single Cyl. W ij (Other Sizes to 1C H. P.) HUSBARD TIRE & HATTER Y CO. Plant Winter Legumes Increase yield 250 Ibs. of seed cotlon per acre by planting Hairy Vetch. We have the only planter equipped to plant Veich in cotton and corn middles. We can furnish Duplex Hoppers and Legume attachments lo convert your Shawnee Cotton and Com planter to Legume planter at r.ominnl cost. Paul Byrum Blfthevillt, fix If you have lips of the true connoisseur and the thoughtful; brow of a businessman, you'll be delighted with the taste—and low price—vi this "double-rich" straight Bourbon of Kentucky 1 f A &!h(RTtr W!ln'«y LrffA th Af tffifmt. ^^»^e in KcntiKkT by o lime Kentucky divriWr*.., t>ir c\ 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY

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