The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27.. 1941 Chow Foi Uncle Sam's Soldiers Rates-Right Up With What They Got At Home-Maybe Better Used In Experiments With "Wonder Drug" Originally A Gout Remedy } PITTSBURGH (UP) — Among tenants on the 37th floor of the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning, is a colony of Leghorn chickens, subjects of a scientific experiment with ft "wonder drug:" used previously only as a remedy for the gout, Actually the hens and the roost- res were martyrs to science before they were hatched in their skyscraper quarters. Dr. Edna Higbee, lecturer in biology at the University, while they were still eggs, needled them with the '•wonder- drug"—colchicine, a vegetable alkaloid. The results already have attracted attention in scientific circles. When previous attempts to inject, animals with colchicine were j made, the subjects of the tests died. The drug's effectiveness was demonstrated recently, however, by plant, injections which speeded up evolutionary changes in the plants and produced giant, specimens. Following unsuccessful experiments with salamanders, Dr. Higbee tried the needling process with chicken eggs, about two years ago. She injected small amounts of the drug in highly diluted form into eggs at various stages of incubation—from 72 hours to 13 days. Some. of the eggs hatched, and produced fowls with unusually well proportioned features. Dr. Higbee reported. As she cf scientists in cently: "The combs and wattles of males and females of the group reached twice normal size at the age of seven months. to visit his parents while their home Is being rebuilt. Homer Waters, Mrs. P. E. Waters, Mrs. John Tucker, Miss Rubye Tucker and George Paly have returned from a visit in Ola, Al'lV with relatives. v Tito Schipa Likes Jazz, If Kepi In Right Place SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP)— | i Tito Schipa, tenor of the Metropol- f; Kan opera company, says lie likes * jazz—but with qualifications. ?. itere on a concert tour, the noted * Italian singer remarked: , , ' "I like jazz ^- but it is a little ' child thai must be kept in. its* place." * The opera, said Sehipa., will al- f 1 ways be popular- There's wore to Army dww than beans and canned "willie" these days Balanced menus of lop quality foods arc prepared tor Uncle s™* soldier*. Above, Alkm Lind»ey. of Caiskill. N. Y.. «ho cooks for Co. P., 174th Infantry at Fort I)Ix, N T - J., checks baked spud*. „ af . i - t >i.,. tn Rut one thing hasn't changed. Like all troops Prime beef is none too good for There's no need to call ' Come and g«t it! to £ today's soldiers have to clean up 1941 Army selectees. This side of hungry buck privates.. Strenuous exercise builds brtort ™ m ^ ^ Herc t , are lilie(1 up afe meal means steaks and chops for up Lie appetites. Above, they line "P as cook* d ^^ ^tice-toily chore, the lads at Fort Dix. dish out evening: meal. ^^ ^_ The Editor's Letter Box For Our business men of Blvthe- viHe and elsewhere. Please read. What Is the Townsend Plan? I am this eve writing a few lines to the adoption of the !--> 000 000 of our population who | chased by beneficiaries. The plan nr'p 60 years of nge and older, \vhoiis a negation, of scarcity, .and Is have been cast off by Industry and designed to bring about full de- find themselves stranded without mand production, is devoted to the , income and without hope, I feel (defense of the United States and i that something must be done about j the preservation of the business oi it For our elder people helped.' to the United States. build our cities, clear our lands i and were the trailblazers. the plon Won't you, our business men of our city and elsewhere, help us Steele-Cooter Society—Personal ailU WCIC LilC tlUHUiu/iCio, " lv - v~" < uui vn> emu »_io>->i"-» v,, «.^..|v n" i eeri of davs gone bv. And now we ; pr0 ve to the world thai every Am-j ror Mrs. Johnson cannot pass them bv. Ninety perl C rican citizen is entitled to life. Friends ot Cooter gave Mrs. Pom cent of our elder people have led liberty and the pursuit of happi- i Johnson a miscellaneous shower at decent honest and thrifty lives and ness?" It insures employment, is i the home of her mother, Mrs V. L. .should' be retired with a pension j patriotic and stands for the pre-! Funderburk of near Cooler, Satin ~ ith unusually weiu U1 regard to the adoption 01 uiu- thnt W0 ulrt enable them to live in j servation of solving, our problems, day night, Mrs. Johnsons nome tures. Dr. Higbee Townsen d Plan as being America's j com fort their remaining few years., its enactment depends upon the near Hayti and all ruimsmn.b told a convention <, rea test need to the aged. . what ls the Townsend i organized cooperation of citizen of j were completely destroyed oy i it Philadelphia re-! Ba , k in lhe early history of the pl ^\ ° Is a plan for national re- all ages who join together, and Is 5 Thursday of last week Sicuab 1 Townsend uioveuient, Dr. Francis I ., , . , - - --- i«~i, n, 0 i ih*. rimsMnn wav of solvhie our ' also given a kitchen showei uy TT. Tnu-nsf-nd was health commis- \ .,,'....,;' , and Mrs. Ben W. Bums at their have been visiting relatives at home near Steele Tuesday but the j cooter since their home neai name has not yet been announced, i H Ll Burned, have returned there This is their first child. Mrs. Burns is the former Evelyn Biggarc. Sou Born ' Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Irby are announcing the arrival of a six- pound son at their home near Steele on Feb. 17th. The baby has been nained William Forrest Jr. | Mrs- Irby Ls the former Madge j Gibson. ACTFAST WHEN A E. Townsend was health commissioner of Long Beach, Calif., and he was required to visit the poorest sections of the city, people who plan or * (Q ftCCOnipUsh the Uie Christian way of solving our; also given things of problems. - friends at Haytl luesdaj mght. B „ VA O^.< '-'•*-*- •.••—•»• v--—. i j^U^J LlVJilO VJ* VUV- \J* u_» i j^ — ^^.- — tiie second group, the comb t were desperately in need of medi- and wattles of the male are also considerably larger ... roosters oi the first group started to crow at the age of 7 months, while that of, the second group crowed at four months." j Each of her experimental roosters also produced exceptionally' long tail feathers. Dr. Higbee is making further tests with both chickens and sala- _.. care. And he found many of the ills of the fiesh. directly traceable to His of the spirit. Poverty, pool- housing, bad nourishment, the fear of old age and the attending evils seemed to be the things that were the most distressing with hi.s patients. He resolved to do something about it,. And out of this resolution, came the Townsend Plan. - — . manders in an effort, to discover. Townsend Plan otters age as whether colchicine produces its ei- c Lstnuutlon oi tne guou uim^a ^ »— , ™,.<:' inhn^nn wi«? before her mar- life to all Americans. A means for [ T repeat with urgency and con- JJ ">• J ° J"f" ^ n p~ nede rburk of avoiding tlVc destructiveness of i fidencc. please don't ridicule the ^ ia g. e _ Mlss Llllian * imaeioulh - 01 war. The plan proposes substantial Townsend Plan, but study it, and retirement pay to all citizens who help us to enact it in to a law of reach the age of 60 years. Funds} our United States of America, for this purpose to be derived from I a to per cent gross income tax. ] The proceeds of this tax are to be distributed prorata to those quali- fects directly or indirectly through secondary the glands controlling- sex characteristics. Uie logical and human way of restoring life to our American people in an American way. And Am- |erican habits. This plan once in ~ . j operation will afford the oppor- Toxvii Organizes Blood Bank j tunity of seeing our aged citizens, SNOW HILL, Md. (UP) — A ! who are tired and unable to work, "Blood Donor Club" has been or- [to have option of making appHca-1 ganized by 40 Pocomoke City resi- i tion for retirement with an ade- 'dents. It "is one of the first, clubs 1 quate annuity. And then their jobs of its kind in the state. Blood is 1 would be given to younp able- voluntarily given by club members ! bodied,, men', who are anxious, \vlll- 'ing and able to work. As we have somewhere around fied. Pensions so received must be spent within 30 days. This provision is made to prevent, hoarding and to force circulation. Beneficiaries may spends their money in. this country for goods, services, or property, but -they are not permitted to support an able bodied adult, except a companion. in idleness. City homes or small farm homes may be owned or pur- I thank you, one and all, Mrs. W. D. Keith 4L1 North Sixth Street Blytheville. Cooter. Various' games were played at the party Saturday night and later refreshments were served. Joe Russell and Arthur Hinson left yesterday afternoon for several days visit with relatives near Jackson, Term. Jack McClure, Frank Brooks, Odis Fowler and Wyatt Wallace LUX THEATRE LUXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sat.-Sun. 2 and 4 P. M Every Nipht t P. M. j Always lOc - 20c LAST TIMES TONIGHT "Tugboat Annie Sails Again" Comedy and News FR1DAY-SATITRTUY Daughter Born A baby girl was born to Mr. left the first of this week to seek employment at Rolla. Mo- Mrs" Abie Rushing is recovering at, the Methodist hospital In Memphis where she underwent a major operation. ;iVj^js_tti.Ljiw±i. • •*» v»»* — -*- — - -^ —^ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson, who I relit* it brings. Use This 3-PURPOSE Medicine i At the very first sniffle, sneeze, or sign of a cold put just a rev; drops of Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril. If used in time, Va-tro'-nol's stimulating action actually helps prevent many colds from developing. . . . And remember tltis, when a head cold makes you miserable, or transient congestion "fills up" nose at night, spoils sleep-3-purpose Va-tro-nol gives valuable help as it (1) shrinks swollen membranes. (2) relieves irritation. (3) helps3ush out nasal passages, clearing clogging mucus. Enjoy the Cowboys sing**., .hot lead zingm'... swingw' from Cowtom to Cwoiaa! Chapter 5 "Drums of Fu Manchu" SALE whenever it is possible to save a 'human life by blood transfusions MENTHOLATUM Quicklyffe/itifft STUFFINESS SNIFFLING SNEEZING GROCERY & H OUR MARKET The Happy Hour Grocery iind Market wishes to express thanks and sincere appreciation "to" Us many friends and patrons for the keen interest, manifested al the Food Show held there last Saturday. Tc further prove our appreciation to the buying public of Blytheville and surrounding trade territory'for your interest and aid in promoting our Food Event, we invite you to take advantage of the drastic reduction in prices of quality merchandise during our GREAT STOCK REDUUINi; SALE which we are launching today. Our purpose in conducting- this sale event is to reduce our stock to facilitate the work of remodeling the interior of our store. Beginning today and continuing through Monday the following prices will be in effect. _^____^___ 24 Lb. Snoiite. S. R 59c 48 Lb. Snoiite S. R $1.17 96 Lbs. Snoiite S. R. $2.25 BbL $4.45 Every Sack Guaranteed A fortunate purchase enables us to offer 20 new Philco Refrigerators at prices never before quoted in Blytheville, all prices include 5 year quarantee. We challenge anyone interested in an electric Refrigerator to come in and see for themselves Philco the greatest name in Radio now presents the greatest Refrigerator VALVES ever offered m Blytheville. REMEMBER, ONLY 20 ON SALE If Yoiu-present RefAerator is Over Two Years Old It Will Pay You To Investigate Tins Offer CHERRIES Sour Pitted Can lOc PEACHES Hvy Syrup No. 2?> Can 12c COFFEE Jack Sprat Lb. 25c GREEN BEANS Bly. Cut .... 3 for 25c TOMATO JUICE 47 Oz. Can 18c PINEAPPLE Sliced No. 2i Can 19c ONIONS 3 Pounds lOc SWEET POTATOES Lb. 3c LETTUCE Large Heads Ea. 8c TAMALES Jack Sprat Can lOc Whole or H:iU, Ib. 25c See Thenvon Display in Our Windows— The Philco Company will Not Allow Us to Advertise These Prices. This Is No ."Catch Ad" Come See for Yourself. Philco Features: Large freezing unit, meat storage compartment, two over-size vegetable compartments, wide- edge chrome shelves, temperature control, acid-resisting p« r - celain interior, sturdy one-piece steel cabinet construction, fu» insulated, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel base. Hermetically sealed super power system, cjuiet, powerful, economical. Five-Year protection IMan. LEG 0 LAMB Krey's Fancy Lb. 28c BACON Sliced Rind On Lb. 25c SAUSAGE 100'- Pure Pork .. Lb. 15c WEINERS All Meat Skinless Lb. 22c SEED POTATOES—ALL KINDS HAM HOCKS For Seasoning Lb. 15c SMOKED BACON In Piece Lb. 18c ROAST BEEF U. S. Prime Rib Lb. 25c GROUND BEEF 100'- Pure Lb. 20c ONION SETS & PLANTS 50 Lbs. $3.65 8 Lb. Carton 64c 4 Lb. Carton 32c Sold On Easy Terms With Small Down Payment PEACHES Evaporated Lb. l(k APPLES Evaporated Lb. lOc PRUNES Sun Sweet 2 Lb. Box 20c MEAL Jack Sprat 12 Lbs. S9c COFFEE Folgers 1 Lb. 25c MACARONI or SPAGHETTI 2 for 5c P. & G. or 0. K. SOAP 4BarsUc NOLA or FINE ART TOILET SOAP 5c FLOUR Jack Sprat 24 Lbs. 99c j CORN FLAKES Millers Box 6c H AR DW ARE COMPANY

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