Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 1, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1896
Page 3
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What Zoa Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale bj B. F. Keesllng and Bel rilber. THE Monsoii lypewriter Is a Good Machine. stundarit ot oxceiiorw. ilitni o( the "ilunsoii" coi^Uer It THE .BEST. Vou wllkllnil it a vnlunblo assistant In jour of lice. AUUreVs (or pitrtlcalura THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO SIA>'UFACTUKEBS. 240-214 Went Luke St., ChlciiRo, 111. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOliT. IND. • $2OO.OOO J P. Johnson, President. 8 W. Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heltbtfnk. Cashier. DIRECTORS. I. T. Johnson. 3. W, Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. .W. H. Snider. Buy and »<•'! Government bonds. Loan Money »n personal lecurlty and collater- alf. IMUO special cei-tltlcates of depoalt* bearing I Jior cent. Intoreit when left one f«ar; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited ilx months. Boxen In Safety Deposit vaults of tnll tank for the deposit of deed*, Insurance Mllcles, mortgages and ether vailuables, noted at from K to US r" year. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers feEmbalmers, 5 610 BROADWAY. SIX - SIX: Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- MaxiuMee Lake VIA THE VANf)ALlA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August znd, 9th, i6th, 23fd. Faro for tlic rouGd trip $1.00. 'Train leaycs Vandalla station nt 0:50 u m,. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER . •« ' NV. -437 Market Btreot. Calls attended to promptly, day or Central Unlpn and Mutual telephones, Offlce, No. 10; Residence, No. 12L L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fli« and Accident Insurance otnco at 410 Broadway, up stalra, and •oilcits a share of tha public patronage. None but First CIas» CompanKsB Represented. TfT' W -.iW .Acents (or Bnis^ll's antho- rt*d "LIVES Of McKlSLKI and H'JBAKT" 5*0 pages, eWKiintly Illustrated. Price only SI 00 Ttie beat nnS cheapest, and oatsell»aUMher« ta per cent to Agents mid ttelgttt paid.**" Books now ready. Save time by sendluu w cents In stamps for «n cntrtt at once. Address. A.D. WOBTHLNUTON it CO., Hatttord, Conn •Men'* shop shoes, 05c, value ?1.30, «t Aaron Grcensfelder's, Third a-nd Mnrkot gtreet, ' Natural gas bills for tlic month o£ August are now due and paya-blo at the company's office on Pearl street. ' • Supt. of tlie Public Instructions Greeting, lias issued. a township Instl- . tute otttlln'e. Tho .Increased Interest In the JnsUtvtnte work m'akes It possible to • study lines, of professional work which have n-tt Immediate effect on the schpols. As ft result of this condition the Institute outlines have been made more pro- each year. THE RAILROADS Business and Depression Agitation Cause Work to Stop. FORTUNESQUANDERED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Kf-caiisc lit the general di'presslnn In luisinivs, the Feniwylvanhi ltii.ilt'uiitl cnuipiiiiy luis dfL-ided to slop all work mi its liui's, whenever possibh 1 , In order in riHlut-c itxpe-nsi's. say.? tlio riiiladi-;- jiliiii Times. A; tho siuiK- time It l::is imh'i-eil thai" nil coiitL-nipla-ti'd iin;irovo- nu'iits should bi> laid ns-:de To: 1 Tin- pix-v 1'iit, Foi 1 suinc time pa.-t the company ias bi-i-ii rLMrencliiii}:, anil only a fi-w i-fi'ks ngi"' onlor.s were i^siit-d iv.^r,-ii.-l- iug nil new work, liivt tin 1 now m-ili-i- !* more drastic. Its i-ftVct liol'iig H> slop nil work except at Mount. Joy. Pa., het«TC:i I.aiurai^or iiud Hai'i'islnn'.u'. vhei'e cm oft Is lu-iiig coiustrucii-il. Tho \voi-U of cliangilutt tlie line al i:lii:iiii.s. bi-uvi'on Kiir/.oi- ntul l.i-aiiiiin- it'O. cast <if Hiirdsbtiiv nnd ('mm Lilly's lo I'dttiW. west of .Minima, will IIP dlsrourimiod. Tlio tunnel'n'. Il.-nlr- i:iugli. noar Gi'iTiishur£. which is par- hilly piimpl'Mi'il. wiM In- li-ft ns ir is. mill iiotli.iti- tiidiv \vill lie dour for some •iinc. \Vork 0:1 ill-.- ni.-w li.ue ar Xii;i-voh will alsn he disi-Diiriniu-il. All "I' ihcso :inprovi.'iiu'-:its aiv (i-.i tin- main lill;'. Pile qm->-lii'ii of cnastriicihig ii ni.-w inm biilkhratl slu-d at Dcshrost-'-' strcf:, XPW Yuri;, and a. now pior at wlinrf No. 20 Xorlh river. New York, has hepu laid aside for tho presc-ut. One of she vice prcsiilpiifx uf (lie C«MI- pany says that HIP reason for .-stnp.pUif: •rhfl work is due to NIP !':ict lii.K liii.-in- clal trouble and business depression px'ist all over the country, lie said fhc pxpi'rioncP v of other corporations leads to Che belief that 'If tho company Oi i - ciilcd to llont bonds In order in 1:0111111111; tlie iinproviMiipiil.s it would lip dlfflciilt 10 do so. except at a saorlfioi-. plfiours In'lho passenger service note. a : marked Increase In 'the 'number n'f' preachers' pernvlu boiiiK tincra up. They say rhat the mnnheroi: tile beinnlclarjes ol! the rule .tha.t: grant.-! half-fare rates to inltiWorjs of the gwpm who arc- guilty of, abusing that prlvih-go Is con- siantly on the lac-reuse. This slate of affairs, however, lliey are incllnoil 10 aitr.lhu.le to the supposed fact that ihosi> issiiinsr them have not lioi:ii i .>-iiiliclt i ntlj careful to see that only those entitles to .sue!) pel-mils have received them. The fact, thai such a I fuses exist, however, lias led in a more rtfcM scrutiny on tin; part of conduetor.s and a man traveling on .a p;us.s of any character or nn a half-Care llekei is now likely !n be regarded \vltli no little.suspicion. DEAFNESS CANNOT BE by local applications, as they cup reach the diseased portion ot the • There Is only one way to cure deaCuess ami that !s by constitutional remedies. Deafness i.s caused by jiu inflamed condition of tlio'uiucous llulnjg of the EH- stachiiui Tube. When this tubs gets Inflamed yen have a rumbling pound nr imperfect hearing, and when It is entirely closed deafness Is the result, and miles* the Intlammatlou can be faken ni-.i anil this tube restored to its r.or- mal enndltloi). hearing will tie rt-s- irnyi'd by rata.Th. which Is nnthliig but an lutlameil coiulltlou of rhe ruuncms surt'iice- 1 ., \Vi- will give One Hundred Dollars for any ease of deafness (caused bv catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall'," Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free !•-. ,1. n-IBXEY & CO., Toledo. 0. Sold l-.y Druggists. T"" 1 '.Ot'l?iCtA.'L ilVFORlIATION. ' Seeri'tary Carlisle' hius furnished 1 the fojluwlug answers (o some Inierrcgator- i ies pi'oiKjii'aded to him which no ilouhi will iiU'erest,'itid iii.sinicl njany: ]. That standard silver dollars of the United Stales atv full legal leader In the payment, of 'a.ll ilelits. pmblic and private, without regard to aimnm!, iin]>'ss otherwise ispedllcd In tlie eonlrac twceii Hie pai'fliw. -. Silver cerillirate.s are 1101 legal der for any amount. '.',. C'ipper cents and nickel pieces are legal feiiiliT In I.V extent nf. i"i cenls. •I, Xo silver f()!ii.< or cupper or nickel euiiis are redeennilile by law In gold. fi. ?nle.-Idlary silver coin.--, tluit i.< half diill.'irs, i|iiarter,s and dimes, lire legal tender In Ihe extent of $Ki nnd are re' deeiDiilil,' by law ill "lawful money" u! 1 tin 1 Knlied Slaves .when presented in sums of ,*20 and 'upwards. The mhio: 1 CD;as of eupjier :wid n.icke! are also re- ileiMiiabie ill "la-wl'nl money" of the I'nlted Sta.re.s, bill Ihe slandan! silver dollar i< imt by law rcdeemab'e at'all. alilinngli the holders of suc'.i dollars may deposit them in t'.ie livasnry and' receive eoriifieates for tliem. .1. G. CAF.USI'.K. KOI'.TUNE SQ On tbc last pay day of ihe Hi;: I'onr railway at Wabash a in.icliiiil.st in the employ of that road was paJd a national ban'* bill of the denomination if •>>, which bore, on lr.» face the following legend, written In Indelible red >uk; "Tlilri bill represents the ls?t of a large fortuno. a.U squandered on women, wine and cards." No sljinaturu was attached The penmanship was llrst-elass, showing Ihe writer to be a man handy wit!) the pen. \Vhlle the wa-irLnK may have Iwen the work of a practical joker, the confession, whether veal or affected, points a moral, and should serve as an object lesson to all Into whose hands the bill may foil. XIXETY-FOUR MILES AX HOUR. A test oC the IJolnum speeding trucks was made on the South Jersey railroad between Cape May and Winslow .imie- nlon, Wednesday afternoon. .The train to which the locomotive wns-atlnchecl developed' a ,?peed of ninety-four nnd eleveu-twell'ths mile;; an hour. The timu consumed in making the distance was eight and one-qnaTter minute.?, This wn.s accomplished on a flfty-elglit- pound rail with sand ballasted trade. The best previous time made by' the Holman engine was at (lie rate of elgii- ly-t\vo aad uino-toutns. miles an hour over a course thirty-five ami slx-wiitlis miles long on the Camden & Atlantic •iiilroail. Wcilnosdiiy's traiu carried nearly tw/htmilrofl people, incliullug iroiniiienr oflifials. lute-rested in ihe experiment. 1 KA1LKOAD NOTES, Himllnglon Herald: Jlany K. M'eese was willed to Chlcagu .this morning lo :ike a run in the raihvay posla! .service in the 1 'Panhandle betweeivLogansport. mi! Unulforcl. The Southern railway system hns idopled a device by wiiioh'rhe bells of is locomotives'will be rung.by steam er wlicuevor the engino is In mo- lion. 'i'hns the bell will ri'.ig Crom the mt'iit the tfaln l(.'.ire.< m ,«i..itron intil it arrives at the next. This Is bo- tiuse of comjilalat's that bolls have not been rung at crossings nnd otlKVr danger points. The Pciviisylviinhrs shops nl, Allooua, {'a., are said to )x> seceuid in si/.e o.nly to the great Ivrnpp gun works at Essen. Improvements niiil exlcaslous were con- •tomplated, to be undertaken nt once, which would li.ive raatic this Ihe largest: Industrial establishment in ihe woi'kl; l>nt tlie recent order curtailing expenses wiU, of course, put a stop Id •flitwe Improvements this yc,ir. , ,' At first J glance 1t seems somewhat strange flint Ihe'earnings or oast-and west roads do not compare more favorably TV!tli those of years pnst, when It Js remomlwred that rates are-being nmln- tnlned In n manner thai wouldiliave been deemed Impossible three years ago. But'the fact must be taken into nc- count that the falling.-off in wislncss-ls' ve.ry largely In the high-class westbound business;. 'If''the'falling'off in; freights were confined to'ttie'low-class matter, or even If. the' usual average, were maintained the rontls. would no.w be ranking.a* much money "as In ordinary years. • • • . , .'•• CIKMS OF OJ1AT011V. Tin- I'ollowinj: nrp a fe\v T'opulLstic fx- prpssions iicaril at llip Si', l.oilis cniivi-il- rinii last week: Yon mn.<r nor ask us to accept rettepm-. abh; money.—Cyclone Paw. Uathi'i- Ihan vote for such a man (Si-wall) WP would sec him ."00 miles below fllu lowest pit. of lipll.—Ifriifitms Donnelly. "* WP have nothing to sny save that WP are -fornlnlst the- man from Jfaine. Missouri delogatp. Wa.rsoa will renvaiii on Hie ticket until hell I'l-uiizi-s ovor.—'l.'ii.vns deli-Wii'i. 1 . ThL-i coiivput-ion is going to -h?ll.— Itandall of >\'w .Tpr-spy. AVi: can defy the legions of hell and of Wall street right now.—Kansas delegate. If the Democratic party swallvvvs Tom Watson it will have more brains and honest}--In its sronmcli liiau ir evi.-r had before. (Yells of dollghi.V-A, A. Giuiby. For God Alni'lghty's sake don't give us Arthur Sowall.—Fat. rcd-l'iiired Car- oliulan. Oil. we must endorse this noble man. —Helen Gougar. He Is just too'spleudW. Wo have-got to endorse him.—Ella Hnskell. In tho name of God forget your prejudice a.nd unite in supporting lh!s_God's now messhih {Hrynii..')—Mrs Lease. Before tliis marriage of the Democratic and Populist p.irUes takes place. I forbid tlic liau.?.—H. W. Call. Oil, my follow patriots, every time I think of the great and certain victory sciiAitions of unutterable jny caper over me'like goats-on a stable roof.—Man from Cu-lppppor C. H. IXSl'RAXC'K TiKl'OUTS. The lire ,-imi life insurance (.•oiiip;in.!i, i s an: tiling tlieir annual reports with Ihe State Auditor, logeiher wirli (liL'ii'.'em!- aiinnal tax sinreineni.s. snowing tun gross amount of premium revived ;» Ihe Slate and actual hissi-s ]iaid foi- s!x imnilhs ending .Tnly 1. On the gross i.-e- eeipt.s U-'s actual losses paid, tTiey jmy " per' cent. t;ixe.s. Agea.l.s an 1 rei|iiircd in have certilientes renewed ^m'Kinniial- ly. .Smile (••om pan ies hr.vr :'s high as -100 agenis in the Slate. The renewal fees "and taxes, amounting '» alxmr .f^OO.Oi'ii'i. go into :l'.e State ;n'asury. The taxes arc payable twice a year—il January and Inly. In the Stale then a."i> twelve accredlled woman lusuranci agents. Mistress and Maid both have their -parr in the great savings that come from Pearlinc-. Suppose you're the mistress. There's the economy of it—the saving- of time, etc., and the actual money that's saved by doing away with that steady * ==: ^ wear and tear on everything- the maid. There's the saving of the hardest partof the house- washed. Suppose you're labor; the absence of rubbing, i, work made easier and pleasanter. 1 But suppose you are mistress and maid, both in one, cloinsj your own work. Then there is ccrtr.inly nvicr: as i^uch reason why you should do every lit i f Y;UT v::sh::v^ r.r.d c'.canir.o; with Pearline. Drawings of All Kinds Made by CHEAP EXCURSION'S TO THE WEST AND NORTHWEST. On August -1. IS. September 1.. lj- 20, October 0 ;ui(l 20, 1SOO. The North- Western Line (Chicago & North-Western B'yl will sell Home seeders' excursion tickets at very low rates to a lar;u number ot poims In the west nnd north west. For full information apply t ticket agents ol 1 connecting Hues or ad dress W. B. Knlskcrn, G. r. & T. A. Cliicago, 111. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and sootlilns effect of Syrup of Figs, when In need of a lax'atlve. and If the father or mother be costive or bilious, the most gratifying results follow Its-use; so that It Is the best family remedy known. ar.<3 every family should have n bottle. The First CUir.'cn of Chri-s: (Scientist) will ho!d sen-lees In the 'lecture roon: iu'llie liasembnt'of the Firs!- Universal- it.-1 clinreh at 30;30 Siunlay morning. 'T.lio church will also be opc-n Monday, Wr::iie.?(liiy ami Friila-y iifrcnioon,? CL-OIH IroO 10 n o'clock. Also Monday .v.id Tuesday evenings t'rnm 7 n'cloelc to 0. The meetings for fiClcrnooiis and ovon- \uisf arc for coni:nlt.Ttion r.ad. flic liuvestl- gaiion oC ' Ihe merits of Christ-Ian Science, and the explanation of the iTiti-liji of Hie Scriptures. The regular Friday evening meetings are for the purpose of explanlng from science and faith, wl'tli a key to the Scriptures. St. Joseph Is a most delightful resort during this.extremely torrid weather. Fare .for the round trip, $2,00, Train leaves Vaadalia station at 7:00 a, m. every Sunday. Subscribe for The Journal. Spring eliicJcen.—Rotliennel. Peaches ISc a basket.—Trout. Flue Hd.? for fruit C-.VHS.—L-'uley. Win. See is recovering from a severe illuew. Geo. Harrison hns the finest line or hammocks In the city. '30 cents buys choice of To and So cent wnlsts today.—The Ree HI'I'K. Don't miss our muslin underwear counter today.—Trade Palace. .Men's dress shoes, O.'c, value $1.r>0, nt Aaron Greensfeldcf'- 51 . Tliinl ;iud Market street*. Natural gas bills for tlie month of August are now due and payable'at the company's office on Pearl street. Otto Krans says he never 'offered, clothing MO cheap and never sohl so few. Notice price,? quoted elsewhere. G. W. Lecdyof Grennyil-le, 'who was called here by the death of Mr. I. N. Lee'fly, has decided to again locate In Logans-ion. Ladies, you will lie Imprestefl in Ot- t.o',1 Intost olTi;r-'2."c for ren! T>0 and Toe boys' straw hals. -Thev (ire perishable nnd must go. . Think of it, .fl.DS waists. Toe; OSc wnlsts. -ISc; T">c waists. 25e; choice oC all llghc wrappers, OSc: i?2.2." Hresden pav- nsoU.'. 1 ?!.—Trade Palace.• r.;if:iy<>r.re Call: The W;).b:isli came to a stands! ill about " o'clock yeslenl.-n afternoon, and ihen. couiineneed falling slowly, From rliat-tlnvc unl.i.1 S o'clock fills tnorning fl'P'V wis a decli-ne of nbrait .scvon ineh'es. Tliose .tvlio enjoy a Oay's oirting ^hcmld 1101 fa.il l-o take lulvnntnge of the exceedingly low rate to St. Joseph via the YaiTrtalia. Line. Ti-aiu leaves the WaUon eveiy Snurtay a-r. T a. in. Fare for t'.ie round trip. -V-.OO. W. Bent Wilson, of the Lafayctt? ,Toui"i:il, v:is in the cily yesterday, and called on The Journal to confess that he lia'il not boiled the Chicago, platform, nscept In the see.ce of swallowing if Poptilism and all, including Altgeldism, Mir, Wilson is BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport aid Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills pay able at the office of theSCompany, 317.Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months v of May, June, July, August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchbcrg Optical Co. Tlio wall-known Specialists ot Ken- York have appoint** D. A. a.vuit us afitil (ot tli?!r cJlo'ontid Sunctiolss and If Glosses, evew palrsnunnteeil, i>. A. HACK has complete nssoranent andlnvltos all to satisfy ihemsolras ot-the great superlorlry or tbese goods OTfr iiny nnniitiictiired, at the store or D. A. HACK, Sole agent for Liwinsport Ind. No Peddlers Supplied. G. A. K AT ST. PAUL. ipecia.l Eatcy vki rcniisy'.vnnhi Lino* for Natioual Ec The body of tlio late i^ainiicl P v Graft- Jin. was bronslit liere Thursclayi aud now reposes in the private vault ot tbe deceased nt Mount Hope cemetery. DISEASES OF THE SKlJif. The intense itching, nnd smarting incl dent tu eczema; tetter, salt-rheum, ana othet diseases if the skin is instantly allayed by applying Cfiamberlnin's Eye and Skin Ointment - :JIany very bad cases have been permanently, cured by it. It is equally efficient for itcliincr piles nnd a favorite remedy for -sore nipples; ehniipod I'unds, chilblains,- /rost ..bites, and. !chronio sore eysa. For sale:by drupgists'at.25 cents per box. Try Div CaflT'g Condi tl on Poff flcra, the^ are just what nh.'irsc needs when in bncl condiuon: • Tonic.- blood purilicr.nnJ vermifuge hereiiy righted in Wie v-'.ww oC tlie Populist State cotnmiticc. Tlils'nrtewioou at Hie ' Kinpr. Drill voi'ks there will bo a public test of a n'atctit appliance Tor the use of firemen outcrins •"» bni-uing buliil'iiK. The af- ra.Ii:"-Is caJlpd a smoke protector, aud the ttel; 'will be given uu'rter Hie direction 'oC Fire Cliilef Selloi^ ot tlie city depnrtmeut. The test will be interest- Ins to iirenicn. HALF RATES TO OMAHA. Via tlie Nortli-Western Line (Chicago' &. Nortb-Western R'y) August 13, 1C aud 17, 1SOG, one-fare for the. round trip. OB Aupust 24 excursion tickets at. very low rates' will nlso be sold from O(uol'.a to Denver and the famous.Hot Springs of Squtli Dakota. For full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines oraadnss W. B. Kntskern G, P. & T. A.', Cnicago, 111.' August CO Hi- Mill 31st aud Scptoaiber Jj>t are tlio da-lxis upon whic'j .lovr rate round trip tickets to St. Tiuil will bo sold via,-Foansylrauia Lines, tiic short rou-le thronffh Chicago. Tickets will bP j good returniu? uut'J September 13th, I tuclislve, ami if deposited- wiLli ihe j .ioi'ul agent n.t Sf. P.iul ou or be. r o:'o Sop-1 tember 13, the return limit will be es- ] tended lo Include September 30th. The j rates for this occasion will be exceptionally low v'Ja Pcnusylv.inia IJnc.«, the only system' of railways over which trains rmi from AVosteru'Pcnusylvanla, West Virginia, Ohio aud Indla.ua to Chicago Union Station, the natural gateway from those Slates to tlie Northwest. Dciy trains from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make "convenient conncctlou.it Chicago with St. Paul .trains. Arrangements mar be made by G. A. H. Posts or partita of friends -to travel'together .on special trains or special ears that will go through from starting point to the Eneampment without change, If the number' Justifies -It: Information .on Hie subject will be cheerfully furnished by representatives of.the Pennsylvania Lines. Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE Lake Erie & Western R. R,. "Natural Gas Route." On Tliijrsdny, Aufrust Cth, ISM, Uie Lako Eric & Woslcrn R. R. will run tbler r.=P"- lar excursion to. Cleveland, BufCS-'to and Js'logara Falls at llio followlnc very low Blooming-ton 8-23 Lafoyctte 7.S5 Jllclilpn.ii City 7.25 Indianapolis 6.25 Tlpton 6.25 Kate from all stations to Put-in-Bay and return, 54.00, . With corresponding reductions from In- termGdlato points. In addition to tnc above, the purchasers of Uid&o tickets will bo given privilege of special excursion side trips to Lowlston- on-thc Lake, including a steam lioat rids on Lake Ontario, for US cents. To Toronto and return by Lake from Lcwlston, J1.00. Tickets o£ admission to places ot special Interest at or near Niagara Falls, but outside tho reservation, Including toll over the International Bridge to the Canadian side, elevators to tho water's edgo at Whirlpool Rapids on tho Canadian elde. will ba olTered on train at a reduction from prices charged after reaching th» Falls. DO MOT MISS This opportunity of spending Sunday at the greatest historical spot in tlie United States. Excursion will arrive at Niagara Falls R:00 a. m.. Friday, August 7, 1896. Returnlr.fr, passengers can leave the Falls any day within tho limit o£ their tickets, connecting with Bteamer at Buffalo. which leaves there every day ntS:30 p. m, Paasenprcrs can have stop-over privilege* trip at Cleveland, <>—-•—«— .- We are offering great inducements for l-p^.^-.j,.,^ ct - c . your trade. Call and'we will please you j j? or pamphlet'giving in shoes and'prices. Aaron Greensfelder. \fhlrd and Market streets. , , fcm.iB l.^.. -.-wv...—- .-.— _ mation; call on any agent lake Erie Western R. R., or address C. X F. DALY, General Passenger Ajrt. Indianapolis, tnOL

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