The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 12, 1932
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' ' '..... THE DOMIKANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST AllKANRAS *nn a?tWii..« Tr^^T "*~ ' •»-• T ¥ K-/ Served by the United Press NEWSPAPER .0!».NORTHEAST AHKAflBAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI •Blylhcvllle Day New, BlytheYllle Herald, Ml5Sjssjppl Valley Leader, lythevllle Courier Oliver Wendell Hoi .<cs Mrs. Nancy Sawyer,- Mother pf Dvviaat Black- \yood, Succumbs. OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 12.—Mrs. Nancy Sawyer died of pn^umonl-; nc the horns of her daughter, Mr: W. L. Moore,''at 11:50 o'clock lav. nlghl. She was S2 years old. Funeral services will be conduct- Ed Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the First Baptist churcn. Mrs. Sawyer's- death follo-.v:-3 s protracted Illness of more than a year, which became worse Friday when she developed influenza anJ members of the family, includin-j her son, State Highway Commissioner Dwig'r.t Blackweod, wore •summoned, to her bedside. Pne:i- . monia develojied in both lungs Sun. day morning' and from thai tim? her death was momentarily expected. Came to County in !855 Mrs. Sawyer was one of the oldest citizens of Osceola and the last surviving member of the original family of Hales, which included II children who came in the sarly days with their widowed mother from Maury county, T?nn;, to Mississippi county to mak? their home, and who figured prominently in tils' later development of this section of the county. The family incluf i d the late W. P. and P. B. Hah, prominent" plantation • and * gin owners. Mrs. Sawyer was born at- Columbia, Tenn.. March 11. 18-',9, the daughter of Bird S. and Martha Ann Dyer Hale. Following the death of her father in 1855 she traveled in an ox-drawn covered wagon to this-county with her-mother "-ani broWwr*-<»nd-?slster5. She was si:! ypars'-'-dM'-'tnen, and sh° -tvi's r'spenf Irte remaiUS? of her Hie"in Chi.? county, living both at Osceola and Elytneville. Mother cf 12 Children She was married May 13, 1SS1. to John Oscar Blaekwoad of Jackson county, Ark., who returned-to this coimty after the.Civil moke his home. He-was a prominent member of the Mississippi county bar and first owner and editor of thc county's oldest newspaper, the O=ceola Times. Mr. Bla'ckwocd died in 1889 and Mrs. Sawyer was'married to E. L Sawyer in 1898. Mr. Sawyer passed, away in IBOfi. Born to the first union were 12 children, of whom seven survive They are Dwight H. Black wood, state highway commissioner, Mrs., Belva Martin, state commissioner of! lands, and John O. Blackwood. all' of Little Rock, Mrs. M. T. Olds of Paris, Tenn., Mrs.- Lula Bnvl=s 01 BlytheviHe. Mrs. J. L. Williams and Mrs. W. L. Mcore of Osc-=ola Mrs. Nauoy Sawyer WIGHT stimjE T!' Mussolini r* • • ' for Wiping Xjut Debts • " • ~ and Lack o{ Interest Promise Small Turnout at .tKe Polls. \ LITTLE'.ROCK, Ja'.:. 12 IUP)— i Rain av$r* most sections of Ai- I knnsas today 'threatened to keep llicusands, of .voters from the' polls EIS balloting began to name a successor to' fill the unexpin-ri term :f the late'.U..'S. Senator Thaddeus H. Carav.ay... . : • Unfavorable weather" coupled with -!hht Interest in the contest gave rise to predictions the vote would be th° smallest ever recorded in an Arkansas senatorial elecficn. Mrs., HatHc. Caraway, now . r erv- !n» under temporary appointment Blackwood I by thc e°' vcrflor - " ns Me!n co »WJ| ceded the victory. The Republicans STIGE CLEW DilNE —^*"-' vi miigni -Blnckwooa ' tv..^*^.., ..«» wi-n <.»(>- _.. • - -ha'rman of ihc 5latc hig i m . ay , ceded the victory. The Republicans FT nmnnTPnil lommtoioH, mid icrWen: of Mls-' havc no . candldn 'e and her only Ml [• HI-HUH IS IIM • Uslppl county since 1855. who died i comr £ titlon ' ls from two lllde K nJ - I ILL IILi Ull I U Ull at Osceola last niBht :cut Democrats who did not have [ ' -..• B • tho ^imnf,ri nf the ^nlrnl mm. I HT Til HOT Hllllf HOME, Ilnly, Jan;. 12 <JUPJ-<- | Premier Denito Mussolini went ou j record today for cancellation 'of | wai debts, and iclnmllcms;. 1 iTIlirWti Ari-/v:tc .'Hie United Press teamed Mnr- I ml Iee " /»rCSli> sollnl "was (he author .of. in if- j tlcle lii'thc Milan ncwspa|ier Pur- olo a Haiti wiilcli' ."Aid." iinrc- was "nn alternative between rcpurll- ition of debts or chaos!". -' ""Hint represent.': tho cldiir n'Ki Scries of Dry Raids This Morning. J'AYTI. Mo., Jui>. 12. (Special)'' ^ The" entire Italian press pub- lishcil the' article under streamer hc:idl ricB such ai. Tin.1! to Cicse War "Uitisnnne Must Finish With" .. Clfnu Slate," and "Repudiation or C ,'iars." SEESCONT1ED Wage Cut Will Not Exceed 15 Per Cent Creekmore Predicts. IIATTIESBURG, Miss., Jail. 12. (UP) —Cotton acreage reduction will be no more than 15 pier cent this year .unless additional -legislation -looking toward drastic curtailment" is passed. E. F."Crcek- Diore, general manager, of the Am-, erican Cotton Cooperative association, told cotton' growers, bankers and business men In a'n.'a'idrsss here. • - Mr. Creekmore said that because of decreased use of" fertilizer >nci the support of the central conv mittee. . Fail.' to File Expenses '. P.erorts here were the independent candidates, Rex Floyd and Sam D. Carson, had not filed their campaign expense accounts- with the secretary of the senate as required by fede'rn! law. Opinion of party leaders varied as to .the effect failure lo file expense accounts would have -in the event either Floyd or Carson were elected. Polls in mast sections were mari- u.i United HUHcs supremo court.'" The ":':iKiia!loi'i has been accepted,'"-' '' I L -II I »«' -1 I • Leachville and rVlanila Liq- * * ' . -,-- .— -| - - uidatmg Agents ' Make n v p 6 ' . ,5 . i G " i ear bnd otaterrients. AII arc charged, witn vluhdon of |the federal prohibition in\v, j Howard Muinfonl mil W. C. D.u- j ;nrtl of llayll, Davrj Collini nnd Mrs. : Luln llannnnnU of ".Carulhersvllle. | mud W. r,. Webb.of Kennctt wci-p p.'leased alter making bond of SI - jOflO each. j Oihers, i;ualile tu'nmke bond 1m- i mediately, were committed to Jull. j'lhcy nre Clarence Jordan nnd Jnmes O. Stanley, Jinytl. Willis Ce-, . _. , irLr,'' ^!\ m a £ vonSl Brn «B Cll >'. Fl """ K hcnlUl ' n( ll10 "S" ° r »°. forced, his'retirement today iioin Hubert utlcy. Holland, nnd Paul the United Stales supreme court I Hlshou, Isaac Hunt nix! Bill Short ' "num. conn. | Caiutlicrsvlllc. : - General claims' against {he de- I I' r "l>m: fuhct Bank -of Leachville have bcen reduced approximately 50 per cent while only .one dividend o. t of the 13 - , mmissbncr early this aJftrnoon tlic left tor the south, ami it, was rumored that- other rnlils wcro In • ned by volunteer judges and clerks . in keeping with a plea bv'the i ten . P" " nl nas betn ' • •' positors since the bank _,. :Nov. 17, 1930, according to a Veceht 'lie t *^ *."•• . __ .. _.._ — go-,-erncr"tbal" the election" be"' con- .'P^!'°™ , 5 |™° the banX closetl 0 » ducted with as little expense! as ; ' jov - 17 ' 1930 ' according to a t'eceht pos.slble. ' Depleted county-: treasur- , stn «ment filed In .chancery court; ies In a few sections Jeent rolls ' Al1 P"' 0 "" 1 c'»"ns against both - City Council Meets in Monthly Session Tonight Bandits Raid Bank Netr Memphii, Seize $2,000 MEMPHIS, Jnn. 13. (UPI—T ii C Hank of Cordovn. 20 mitca cast ol here, wns robli«l of $2.g«o 'Ijcforj noon lodny «'hfn l(ir«i men e;ili"---1 ll 'c -lobby, brushed nsldn customers .. - . ies In a few sections Jeent rolls ' Al1 P"' 0 "" 1 c'»"ns against both " w r monthly session closed while in -some others one the Leachwllle- Institution and (rje hall tonight al 7:30 o' votirig placed sen-ed an "entire Bank ot Manila. -which closed tfh '""s of unusual Impo county. • . , ' . ,No»- l». 1M1 have bcen paid, ' Ho <"l to come before.,th Lamnr-WUliamson,. chairman ofi, d1viden ^' ^ ns " jet iieen^ dcclaird - '•- ' by. .(he.-Manila -hank, .which Ids been closed less than two.months. the state Democratic central miltee, said "lie. believed results would be known 'four hours after 1 the polls closed. .' ' • ."" , ":• I Will N(it-Rah Asaiii'. Mrs. -Caraway, how In Washing- Statements filed as of December 31, 1831, by Roy Nelson. ]lo,nidal- that o fthe He warnec ,- -.- --r-- shortly after the death of ^crnt smaller than j her husband.- here . last', rail.-' If season. ".. | £ i )c |j victorious 'today it-will be of thc |the. first time iri'the nation's. his- state .has* elected : a' vvoirian upper house of congress.' _ . _ for the Bank of . vllle and Eddie B. • David, llqiil- ^The city council will met In rcg- monthly session nt the city 'clack. No bu-i- ....,-JrtariK; Is slnt- :omc before,the meeting, according to Mayor Ncill Reed.-.. '.'' -. Representative.'!-of--lh;-Arkansif-' MLwoiiri Power company arc expected to present, for approval n new current rate lor the city whits caped In nn nuto. way system which will enable the _. ., ...... city to continue use of all lights of dating agent for . the'- -Bank .of |the 'system until 10 "pni nlgriily Manila, .showed the following -sum-. (After thai time only one'glob- on maries:. . .... .'.._..-.,•, ' : each potc will remain lighted-The Bank nf Leachvlll?, .lqt»r en-, new rate calls for a reduction' of cral : -claims filed,--.liqi-,129.35, .totaU25 to"30 |>cr cent, according to re- - nti - tllc cit l ; ha -- — general claims paid, 151,918.32; to- ports. " . .' .."'.••• . jopcn liere.'ih lhe'spccl.i) tal preferred claims filed, $1,752.71,1.' . ".'•• - ' • •" " ' • (election.' C,H JM.MO ; OOLpSBOUO, :N. O., '.Jan.! 12. (UP)— A sum estimated to Bo t50,- 000 was stolen this attcrndpn, Irorn tho' Bank.; of Mnxnolln In eoiinty. " '' •'•"' ' ' •''' • ' 160 Votes Cwt Here at 2:45 This Afternoon --..^-- -., ICO votes liad been cast at 2:45 o'clock this .fitteriioon -' "- -••-'- ' •'• box, the'only-one total, preferred claims, paid", '51,- Inclement weather coii])leii The supreme court reaffirmed its ARKADELPHIA,. Jan. 12 total preferred claims filed r~—-i judges! &ra V .allowed. '52,096.22, total pro- found In a dazed, condition today nominee, would receive nil but n Osceqla Farm Bureau Has Finance Program GSOEOLA, Ark £ott!h Mississippi Scout Leader Talks at Lions Club Meeting Co-operation of the Lions clubs with other civic and patriotic organizations in building a strong Boy Scout movement In Blytha- ville wns a;kcd by O. J. Williams, regional field worker, In a brief talk at the Lions weekly luncheon at the Hotel Noble today. A committee consisunz of Dr. H. C. Sims. Chester Caldwell and J. C. McHaney was appointed to work with Mr. Williams and to make a' recommendation to the club as to the advisability of the organization undertaking the spon- .•crship of a scout troop. Support of the scout movement is n profitable investment In citizenship,. Mr. Williams said, pointing tut that of over 5,000,000 boys who have been reached by the organ- iratlon only some half dozen have later developed criminal records. Bureau is promoting organisation of a local agricultural credit cor- ;orat;on for the exclusive accomo- dn.tion of Farm Bureau members n financing the. 1932 crop. A meeting of members to dis- is called for o- The meeting bo held in the court house ic.-e at 7:30 o'clock. W. R. Dyess s president of the bureau. Stage Career Awaits "Paddling Scrubwoman" NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 12 (UP) — A theatrical offer awaits Miss J?andl T.rrohl, the floating scrubwoman, (\hen she arrives here on her trip down the Mississippi, it was Irarncd tcday. The offer came from a Memphis agency in a letter to be delivered to her when she arrives on thc towboat Mississippi. The letter was addressed to "The Paddling Scrubwoman." Miss Lerohl started down the rlv " in a rowboat ,averal weeks ago cm gav c , lp ncr enterprise at Cairo when she was offered a iree ride on a towboal. The boat was delayed at Baton Rouge lart night and M iss Ur ohl. slept In comfortable quarters provided by tlie crew, wias, gu t shg b Jan. 12—The County Farm :uss initial plans 'rfdav evening. *»ii ^nkI* i. 01 tin uj . ftumcn jyu^cs • **••**. •• - -• i • — -—• and clerks manned Arkadelphla's I ferred claims paid, .$2,098.22; loiai lone : polling place Joday in-the! 111 " 5 payable outstanding when special election to fill the unex- j bfnk closed, $12,513.93; total p-ikl pired term of the late Senator °" bills since bank closed, S«,63495. Thaddeus H. Caraway. It was believed the first time any Arkansas precinct was staffed entirely by Police Battle Gandhi Followers at Bombay ELKO, (UP)—During November i BOMBAY, India, Jan. 12 (UP) — - - •- '[Police and independence volunteers .fought a guerilla .like engagement for an hour today when a meeting of thousands on the 22 hunters worked 595 days, taking } P| 213 predatory animals—34 bobcats te and -179 coyotes—according to E. R. Sans, leader of predatory animal control in Nevada. In add!-i waterfront reassembled after hav- tion, there were eUo five badgers ' ' ' killed. Ing been broken up. Thc leaders were arrested. High. Court Affirms Order Consolidating Perry anc Dell Districts: UTTI,E ROCK, Ark.—Tho Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday held .tliat judgment, of Mississippi circuit raurl, afllrnjlng an order 61 th e ' county rtboarij- ; of -education ' "''' *.'t: ^.UUJIVJ '•.WVAi^ Ui ^UUL<llllUll fonsolldiiting ' school "dJstrlc'l's' 33 D.'ll, and 44, Perry, should be af- llrincil. The. petition for coiisoirdiilloii upon which tho order of the county board was made, contained n majority uf the n.uulincd electors of bo!h districts, although ti majority in District 44 did not sign, nnd 84 of |hc U8 electors of the district -BlRiied a rcmonstance wandering through the wooded slope of Mount Bonnell where he te In thc habit of seeking relaxation from his laboratory work. AUSTIN,. Tex., Jim. 12. (UP)— An extensive search was being conducted today for Dr. : H.' O Midler, 41, University of Texas profciMr, who disappeared here 'when he went for a walk.--. University faculty colleagues' did not, become alarmed until yesterday when he did not appear for classes. Mrs. Muller said she had no report to make but that he was not at home yesterday." few of the- volts here. Polling places were nlso ojwn nt Manila, I-cnchvillc, Dell ami Armorel in this district of the county. 88-Year-OW Solon Will Ask Reelection FAYF.TTEVIU.F:, Ark., Jan. 12. (UP)—State Senator Uobcrt t.. Wilson, oldest Arkansas legislator both In paint- of service and in years, today announced he plans to enter the race this summer for re-' election from this district. He Is 88 ! years old. other district had only n frame building, and as outlined by the county'board.'the consolidation was for tlia purpose of furnishing high school facilities, as neither district could hnve these by itself, . Tlw decision wns rendered -In the case of Perry vs. Olll. W. Lccn Smith of Harrison, Smith nnd Taylor represented thc Dell school district In the litigation, and Claude F. Cooper of Alexander and Cooper was attorney for the.Perry district.' ROCHESTER, N. Y. <UP>— Miss - Julia Cassldy has celebrated -her i 100th birthday. Senator's Job No Different From Man's, Says Mrs. Caraway BY ROBERT TALLEY NEA Service Writer 'Copyright, 1932, NEA Service Inc ) WASHINGTON.-A woman's job in thc Senate isn't to represent the women and children of the United Stales or to attempt apy special missions, for there are hone nn a man canr.ot perform just as well. Her first few weeks as n senator from Arkansas has convinced Mrs Hattie Caraway, only active woman senator in the nation's history, of this. She has had only one p-'*<>- cessor, the aged Mrs. Rebecca Lattimer Felton, of Georgia, to whom a chivalrous southern governor gave a special one-day compllm;ntary appointment back In 1922 People often ask me," says Mrs Caraway, "if I'm not planning to b=- eome especially active for measures and appropriations in beialf ot women and children. Well, r m not- there's no need to. "The men in the Senate are just as much interested in such welfar^ matlerE as n woman would be. And why not? They are fathers thev are Interested In children just lik- mothers are. I know In my own caw! my husband worried just as much ,•., « boi ' B as T rtld likely, of course," that ). vo may be better Informed on hav-a the interests of women and children just as much at heart." Mrs. Caraway, seated at her desk in her private office under a hu;a framed picture of Woodrow Wilson, expounded scm? more ot her unusual philosophy: Q, Why is it you have never mace a Speech in thc Senate? A. Because there is a lot of talking don: there nov.-. ar.n ! -'l^n't think we need anv more . . - but I'm not saying I'll never make a speech. Q. Have you ever made a speech before women's club;, at political rallies or the like A. I never made a speech in my life ... but I've done an awful lot of listening. Q. What do you think Is the duly of s woman In the Senate? A. To do just as a man would do; to represent the vihole people of her state and not any pirtici.'hr group. Q. How dots It feel to b? a member of the Senate? A. Not very much dlftcront t^an I have felt for the past 20 years: you see, I was here with Mr. Caraway throughout hU 20 years In t'r.r Seriate «nd, the House. • Q. Do you plan to wjrk for any of your husband's pet measures- such as hUiantl-lobby bill, etc.? • A. No, I.will/leave those mfctlsrs to men .who are better Informed about them than I am.- Modest arid unassuming. Mrs. Caraway has sought to efface her- husband last fall. Apparently the tragic circumstances linger which sho Inherited thc office — Senator !c MRS. C AK,i»-.4Y ' cvtr >lnoe she came here for! Ion-ing her appointment by Oovrr- first sessions In'December, fol- ["of Pamell upon the death of her araway's death wns sudden— have caused her ground. to prefer the back- ly gets to sec her other son, Por- rest. 22. also a West Point graduate, us he Is stationed at For Washington, Md., which Is close by. Her day beglas at 8 o'clock, whs. she leaves home with Paul and Bob Day after day file has sat at her i bic and drops them off at schcc little fht-lopixxl dcsf: In thc Ssn- °n her way to tlie capltol. Sh ate chamber—neighbors to such ppends an hour or so in her offict prominent figures en the Democrat- i attends Senate committee meeting Ic side as J.-Hnm Lewis of mine's — si 'e Is n member of three com and Joe Robinson of Arkansas—and has as yet never uttered a word except for votes. Usually she Is seen writing on a note pad. Mrs. Caraway's first vote was cant In the election tor president pro tern, of the Senate, in which she voted for Senator Key Pittman of Nevada, as ngalnst Senator George H. Moses. Republican choice. The only major measure on which' she has had a chance to vote thus far was the Hoover moratorium. She voted against It. Mrs. Caraway lives in her Maryland home on the outskirts of Washington with two ot her thrw sons. They sre: Paul, 28, who was graduated from West Point In 1920 and is now stallofied in Was'^lnj- ton study(ng law at Georgetown University; nnd Bobble. 16, a senior In a local high school. She frequent-- mlttees—and then, whsn ttc ss:. ate convenes at noon, goss to th floor. She remains Iher: nil) a- Journment, usually about 5 p.m. * • a There are a lot of strange letters that a senator gets, tea. In «•'• ditlon to their own constituents people from' x all over writ; in u urge this, that or the other legislation, ask. a favor, request support for a cause, etc. But one letter quits diffsrent from the rest came to (ha woman senator from a young. girl in Pennsylvania, the wife of a man who had lost h!« job. A baby was coming, she said ... thing} were desperate . . . • her husband was out of work . . . she didn't have any clothes for thc baby . . -. . could Mrj. Cjrawav o!c»se get som; baby clothe* and things somewhere and send them to her? The package loft on t* next mail. ^Vclenw of the Civil Waiv^l Years"qir the. Bench.- / :; i| WASHINGTON, Jan. |2 (Ui'l— . It"" 1 °" Av fl'; "Wcndi-ll Holirieo'rjO;.:,^ iKimc court:with deepest rejrMvS nit that tho'condition ol hl» heaiih'-'fJ nnilo Ills rejignnilon necessary '•'^p In H Ictisf of accoplancc Mr/-? Ir.over {-xprcsscd appreciation ''tor'"'' Holmes' loi'ij and honorable sei--' > 'let;. on thrf bench. . .. '?:', "l know cf no American who '^ "is Injured such respect ftnd'de-'•", "ilion," he sold. - '..-.•,. •"•.-; R«d t.itt iifinian MorvUy .': Justice .Holmes' read.' h|s-last Y: " ; opinion In th fl siiprenie court Mon-- >; d«y. It appeored " that • he ;; wi» • Inborlnjj under difficulty -as '"'h'e - •" lead. TJi» Cl )urt was delayed three-- '•••• minutes at the opening while > he : was mslsted to tlie'bench. ', '-'• '•• "•'.•;•:: Tlio 9fl-y«r-61d Jtiitlce' was 'In •'•! I liealth.laat .lummei' >hl) B the" ; "i court *,.-in rece«. et.iee his re-• ^ turn to WtshlngCon for :ho 'n-Jnter^": wuf" d •*" u ••« vw ' !nt •!>"«''health '"•: , •/.-'.-.- % Holmes .was , appointed •••; to tlia ..suprefna "court Tri" 1803- by ^--' Thecdnre- Knm*v*ii nfter;" twbhty -. : : 'lll<^* fcllivrAma''' «v about to 'graduate from H.irvarU university when' For't. Sumfir '.was llred upon in Huer spring bt IM\. Ho nt. oiKo enlisted In the Union army, and wan" wounded three .'time's '•-' while ..Hi '.actfon,' He entered . the service . ns . a- lieutenant and''waa dlnchar' a colonel., .. .. ..-y . In his twenty .years of service.. ' on', (lie- •nadoii'.-i. highest '• e.<mrt ;; Holmes vo:i 'recognition for.- the.' "' literary , quality," chiritv, and- logic '.-.. of his opinions. ".. - ; ...'-, ' : Souj-lil. Will of People.^ :.;• AlllioiiEh coming from consent-'-.".: live New England, Justice Holrilej -'- : wns regarded as.onp of.Hie .most . pronounced liberal or- progressive members of the court; He was a champion of whnt he -conslde'rea- .-.' he welfare pf the people,--and-an '" ndvccalc of tlie rights of the'lni. dividual as contrasted with' those '• r of corporations. Recognized •-by ;* bnr and bench ns- possessing .a- -. clearer and more exact corYcep^ •'.:';• .Ion ot common law Jurisprudence ;: than any of his conferees, his po- ': s'.tlon in the decision of cascVVas '•'; commonly attributed lo his special- "" Tatlon in that branch of the-law. - : Mt.ny of th e large number »ho ' made a special study of hi? 'de- - clslons, while admiringly referring :o the profundity of his mind, saw in its operation a well-tralried determination in the application ol the law to ascertain what "the icopl e . sought to accomplish ra- , ncr than a strict construction of Ihe language of » given statute.- " .'. The justice mode It • plain, that . J :iom his viewpoint laws were not .'"' tc be construed solely by the lany- • IWIBO used, noir was the language .'•'•; to be given vrcight over motive -• and intention. - •' . ., : - Report Improvement • in Hooyer Grandson PASADE^fA, Cal., Jan. 12 IUP) —Peter Hoover, grandson of Prcs- ,. Ident Herbert Hoover, was con- i- sJderably Improved today after an i- operation for a sinus infection. i: Hospital attendants sfcld he was I- recovering rapidly. Peter is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, Jr. He was operated on Saturday. • WEAJHER ARKANSAS-Raln-and thuhdtri storms tonight and probably Wednesday. Warmer in: east tonljht and colder In northwest Wednesday. . . . " It rained .88 inch last night and up to 7 wn. this morning, accord- .ng to the offlctal weathar observer, Charles Phillips Jr. The minimum temperature here yesterday was' 45 degrees and the maximum-SS degrees, cloudy. Today a year ago the minimum temperatuer was 35 degrees and the maximum 51 degrees, cloudy -with S» Inch of ruin. '-„',;

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