The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1945
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 17, ifc CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION m,. la Mltilffluii Cbarga 60 1 time jjer Hue.. V \ limes i>cr lli.e por 5»JI™I1I"" 1 a 3 1 IMS per lino 1)or daj . 5 r» limes yer lluo yer day 7 12 limes uer liua ptr dasll!"""" t, I Month per line... __ _ Coaul fivo avmea worrfj tr("hVliu«. Ads ordered for tlirce or ilx times an, • lopped neforo cxyitatiou vtlll bo cha for lla uumbcr of tduos tha ad supe «nd tdluBtiuciit ol bill Miao «»pi *'J Classified Advcrtlsi,,,; cov , ID ted br persODS resirtlnx outsiai of Uir city must ba accouiiiauica bj cash, nates Sbte " «n>t'ut«d from tlig atov AdveitlBlDS ordered tot Irregular Inset tlons takes. t>n> ona tlmo rjto Ka responsibility will be taken'fa, mar, slflV"d ocorr<:a '""""on ol any For Sale , Wiil''«msi,l"r h roojii liouso. I I'wliin. Dfit'AH ^__ l I'njiti:,,. .|.,|,,»r fe:l:,n ~li or. full 5B3, S p. ni. to On ___ 1-t" Inti-rniilioml lw o flnt Ult.mi ini- lor plw. I'linnrj fi7II.2, Mnniln. i>r "'" J - "• WMmlft _ Uni» fully ruuiiipr-d doiilil offiro .\! 'I 1 Minion, mlinmislr.ilor nt Or ' A ' I,' "We estate. Drxlcr. Mo. :i-|[|.ck." I RAHH1TS, N. Z. JicJj anil Wliil... !;„.. istered »nd ii«lj K rpr,l. Allen ilnxlii,,.' Illytlipvill.'. Ark.. Tlio.i. 1) \Vilki,,7 l.ittorn. Art-. S!0.( BABY CHICKS CiiKtoii, nolclilmr. lll.iylnck JlalcJjcrv. lIJKl»rny 01 Xorlll. lilylhrtillo. ' Ik-ftvy duly tractor tiro clmns 1,, nil si/«'s. now nvjiilalilo nt rp'-^f»n^)>l,- vrices. Slorilsmnori- Ward. :i|o.i'v-ll Rlccfric mnlnrs—all sizes up to ir/ 2 H. p. H:inl;iw;iy Appliiincc Co. 3-8-ck-8 (i room house, h;ith, 2 room house in hack. Garage. 1'os- Kcssiim anvfinic. liy owner -111 T,illy. 3-15-pk-23 Kecu'ivcd cnrlon,] jihunbiiiK s»]iiilies- cort- Inins coinplcto tuilels. kilclion sinks nml <v;,st, l,» s ins. .S] H >cial |>riccs '.' T- ' . .] H >c Wolf Arian. 1'lioii . Balh tubs nmv avniialile if priority form. Come Montgomery Ward office , for information. Ask for , Mr. Clemmous. 3-1-ck-l M,o|, s . ],„}-. (lain. .;„,[ ,,,;,,|,,> ',"""»' ' I •."Imll.a.. llly,!,,v " '• Klcvaliir Co. 1117^-k-ll for Safe Kuril.. IHjllK'Villf. Artsntai. l'l,,"« 77,, ' For Rent iK-iln'oitl* nml tcilclifn- rlpnn iml f'lrlnM,-. Kll CliYknsawl,,,. \i, tin. •• ,,........m; n[[ tiioilfrii rfln- iiiences; reasoiinljlu rent. Ouod lo> .,.„ Llllli-c-1-l! ,i|. |OI Ho Out. a nn,l 5 ronm furnMir.l , l]ia ,| r ,, -Mrs. >.,ltna Krt(,msnu, i'lionc -Jlo I-'.lrms .or rent. McPnv l,»,i,| Co . iiv.'inn t l Oil W. Mliiu. rt Tu-o •10'flrro fflrms y unit's from I.HMI ii-ar Flit I,:,k<-. :,,„! 100 awo fnrin tl.rlll.Till.. (fin (',,, H-ct-i I->n ai-rw IrjKlor l:in.l nil cravcl OttiruiK. Alii. Two IIOIIKI-S. l li:in>, crip ri'nt, cuttm, :unl luan G. Thiiiii|».s<m, IVlo |1| C I'lniul^r Uii-vlll,.. :ltl C,imrnrlal,!o hc.lrnonis n.ljoirm,,; !,„(!,. 1017 iriilnnl, ,,),,,,TU 25111. SlU-ck-lf Itiinni for rent to cotnilo or Wdrkiii" firl--. I'lmne JI77. M-pk-'O loom in jirivalQ liome '- J ol I. lirnt. oinni.* Daily. wo,:kly or inontlily, IVii- l)i»,l)- Jlnlcl. plioiie .'IMS. alS-pk-l'S Harry Atkins. SKWIMIi MACMIIXKS IIKN'I'KD—Singer Sewing Marliiiio Co. I'ljonu 27S2 111 Ku. llrosilusy. 211 ck-t( JMIIM LANDS )ni- 200 lo 300 ncro Iracl. Tills [s ono of UIP > f:irn,s u-o hive for rcnl Also, linvft one KO nrrp tr;irt >: ." fleo C'ntt'iii Co., Btythuvillo or S'«11ej- " ' 2112-lV.L WAN-ran—«y linl. Kr-liirn inv hal I '•,i,>r,,i,l K,.---.„„,. offirn nml i-c! yon,. 1'. A. l'o»-,.ll, :)|IT.,,(i.2 I'un -liillfold will, vnluaMt- |n ( ier« - i'liTilifmtinn. I..KI a iniira nortli llivny IH. nnnr ln-lilni.. llcwitnl K l£<ilii.-<in, I'liiino f.Ul. t:sl. :llt. Wanted To Rent iiTifurnislu'd vnii -irn nliirililn t^ r-i response to a qmslionairc from tin jou .ire eligible to flic a secretary of His Hnrviml class o TiriflT*rr v 1 ft r-m f*n»vi n *« i nn,i n,. n ~:.i,,..(. T-, 11 ... I'rcsiilcnl Makes It Terse CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)^ •(•spouse to a qui'slionairc from th (o 19G 1 !. President Unoscvclt wrote hat hi.s hobbies are "the same, inly more," that he has written 'altogether too much." nml that lie las traveler! "about a million miles." is la.public services performed, he Kiled simply: "President of the United States." * * $ f DON'T SELL YOUR CAR - Until YOM Get * PHILLIPS' PRICE : BLYTHEVILLE'S HIGHEST USED CAR BUYERS - ,- r -, you the TOP CASH without any risk of OPA violation- without any repair or advertising expense on your part; witr1 out any notes — ALL CASH; and without any "Come-Back" on ** you or Defay. "" PHILLIPS NEEDS 50 USED CARS All Idle Cars Are Now Needed In The War Effort! *» P H I L L I PS! MOTOR COMPANY" w trV Walnnt At S(h Fhone 453 ¥$$$$$'$$ II in.iviiiB <ir liiilMIni; rrpair -.ill kltlclK of rnrpi-iilrr 1 r,mrreta wnrk src. H. A. Klli, ,„ (.„„„!,,,! ;,.„„,; limit,- 2. llnx li. or ]ill'>"u '1:12. Let us shiirpcn and repair your lawn mower now arid avoid the rush. Blylhcyille iHachine Shop. iW4-ck-4-M .-. A - '.lyJnr. vclurlnariiin. Koo rl ltnu Slutor Co. i!iiriii K ilny. n, um , NiKlits. nl Kt>],,,, Hiiti'l.-:l]l-2.,,k..nia Imvc cily |iroi>r>i r or /arms (or . IJSl jyilli mo „„( ! wi || ,1,, , ]>y lo «t-ll Uicm tnr ynu H.n. It M k. lo-n.l, JJI,| K ., il^l,,' ^ ,! r( ,., 5 ,,: • SEWING MACHINE Ml'AIRS Kincor ]i;,rts, k'.mrontoc.l work. • C.i. Phono To)) quality baby chicks. T,. K. Ashcraft Co., J/ 2 block soufh of Frisco Depot. C'ali J !) 3. 2-14-ck-ld Electric and Baitery RadToa! Hardaway Appliance Co. 10-16-ch-16 i'inno. crmdilion. I'luini! 3JI5-|,k-22 . Mare Mnl,, . ,t 7 yrs. oM. almni I: 10 0 |l, s f ,, ch . ltov . 1(1. x c ,. ;i lilythuvillc. Homngpiious nrnior iilatc tliffei-o from fntrc-hnrrtcncd plnte in thnt It lins uniform hardness Ihrmigh- out ils thickness. Europe's tallest Elriiclurc is tiic Eiffel Toivci- in Paris. Wanted 7"o Buy iron , Snjrli, "il jilimi). Phono 22:ii). :i[l S-ph-IU liny anil corn. Jtlythcvlllr Klovnlor Uo. l| Help Wanted Wonted ^J=4 fc. J^j.^aa-T-w—-^— OSCAR ALEXANDER Kent rslale—Vurra I.nmh Cily t'rujinty & Kcntiil Ki'rvScea. 107 West Main St. WK FIIJ, ALL DQCTORH' PRESCRIPTJONS AND BAVK vou roNKr STEWART'S Store 212! The Right Start Your child', firji | osion ,„ tlulfl-a Mulual tlfe Pol- Icy ol lower cojf than do can ever ogah buy If, H. I-. SIIERUICK ' »ox !)Sii, HlyOioville > »«pro.cni; no IDE MUIUAl UFf INSURANCE COMPANY ofNEWYOKK 34 IVlltli/ LI ml U^vj v_.i, rn . I'OH 6AM! ' CONCHBTB STORM SRWRU ALL SIXCS Cheaper Than Jlrldjfe Lumber Osccolo Tilo & Culvert Co. I'liono G3t Oscco1», Ark. PRESCRIPTIONS NtiMt Stock teed B««t IM»M Brag Stores Dr. J. L. Guarcl Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main PAGE! I'-jW] DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic G14 Main lilythevllle, Ark. Phone 2021 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS lV.-mii(c.s niiiy be niinin B your property, dill mo to cncck up without cost or obllfralton. HAT9, MICE AN1> ROACH CONTROL GUAUANTKEI) WOUK H.C. BLANKENSHIP 309 K. Ktniucky Fhone 235* and SEAT (OVERS For Almost Any Make and Modef Car. Several Price Ranges. Our Stocks Of TIRES For Trucks and Passenger Cars Is Unusually Complete Mow. Bring Us Your Certificate. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Ci'ul CinjiiK, Ili'i't'uk's 'S'<S)O^<?K •*) TH£f£ POf>£$ wiv r\ui_/ 1^ r . BERRIES fC ' A WHILE BUT, Hold Everything olerlric refrige K. IM,r.n,> On,; Ann Arlior pirknp liny Imlrr. l;,r-p Sim. In C no,l rnnililinn. U«l<! Micl- Plumbinjr fixtures; chronic plalcrl liadi supplies. We sell, install 'and.•guarantee complete' plumbing jobs Karl Walker, !'hone",i;iil. 3-1.G-pk-4-l.G s Hark ti.lskin [nr cnal. nl/o 10 • „ , , TRAVELERS f TniTifca. toctrrs anil lr^v.-!i,iL' 1 ' Flili.mont j,, 5l receiv,,!. ra-ck-ns ^ r o, no—scrubbing the deck ould be punishment enough!" Quick, Expert F. B. 2 Hour Service! TIRF. UEl'AIufxO UOAI) SKIIVICE Corner Scconi! & Ash Sts. SERVICE STATION 1'Iione ZG11 AUTO and ELECTRIC RADiOS REPAIRED CITY RADIO REPAIR 321 EAST MAIM ACROSS FROM LILLY STUEET clean iling cars . tete repair shop and : of Studebaker parts. Drive in tor a Spring check-up. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lcj Clinmblin R. A Ah Sis. > Bill Cliamhlin Phone 2105 ! For ALL MAKES of Automobiles and Trucks Phillips provides the best service futilities for SAVING YOUR CAP, Brakes Adjuster] And Repaired Efficiently Mufflers, Hose-conneclions, Fan-belts Replaced Cars Washed, Polished And Properly Lubricated 'Save ^our'Car; Yo.i May Ji<j dn'ly a>no( liSli'liiEfjiJ'' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. .153 PROBLE^f- ^^T^ 00 M N EAN| . ^«OBLEM! / VDINOSAURS'! V 1 ^ ^msy•" '• A ,1 v /•'- ^ o'v--^-- / MffKif ^ iyfe,_/t,JiM FHECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS By V. T. HAMLIPI ,. ,— *•*. risr t; j r ~'- r ^ ' p * i.t ^nu/»V /I//V7 60/VAIA I SOU How T' HAMDLE F&VCEME "'"" UP BEHINP /VO EIGHT. BALI' SO OUR KING OOP'S GONNA 8EA ^-~, i^w ll^vv I rVMVULt I \lf \.(TVf5A»IT- / THIS PINOSAUR. I ) S\ 12 R ANr, S HAVV , BUSIWESS.'HAVE ^ \ Vf HE? / WE SURE YOUR. HUNTER'S / <L F~ V HAWPEP HERE JN TIP /K n«i(r^S > V HIM A H °T MOBNIN6 '/ «".•& iJwL 1 ;?" \ I POTATO.' >v«.. Y I Ill ""-r ^--^V, Ffa&m tf'fXi-S' '• '-"-^ ' -'- ' - -- • R U. S. Army Unit -.,>,. 50 Cooking- ; vessel- 51 Silkworm ff WW.iHAstiai^S^yMS^gj >! l^T T" 1 ." A.1-- , i.w . . ^ -- V i^K" -- '; --- II - --? Blythcvillc .Arkansns 1 LL p€ AT Trt 1 SALOON •' ) i fere 11'JON'r'p— $ HA\E.' ,-<-—.^ WASH TUBES PICK VOL) FELLAVS 50 Place fab "> / 52 Part of "be"" BOOTS AND HER mrODIES Thai's Different BY EDGAR MARTIN I HORIZONTAL 53 Out of (prenx) | 3 Depicted is 54 Ifrmn ; insigne of the'5 Boundary .' , V. S. Army mark . 80th VERTICAL • 7 Mako into lav; J Sleeping 11 Railroad (ab.) 0 Jl ISIOn . 12 Disnnfrh 2 Pertaining to ,„ 13 Sea eagle , iro "y 1C Baseball v 35 Closer . liSloth V 3It an in- ^""i 1 36Pound *---"; 15 Division or ''- s'Sncofthc leUcutcnant 38 Long, loose ' " Scolopicsl - Army \no.) ./, tfat-rMn -f : time ' l° cerin J a Solar disk V 40 Even tconlr 1 "'Coral W«d, 5 To the inside 21 Leaner. ;, 41 RcStem" ' 19 Consumed «Smell 23 Inertness nuree (ab) 20 West Indian ' Bitter vetch 25 Precipitous « Genus of shrub 8 Names (ab.) 26 Musteline , shruba ,22 Morsels »Supplies with mammal * «Merit -23.Roman road lft L ood 3'Man's name 46 Male sheen :^ b neTr eOUS ''" 0 " T ' "' 5aVC 47C ° Ver 26 Heavy blows 27 Coin 28 Five and five (Pi.) 29J'rom "' 30 Transpose (ab.) 31 Woody plant 33 Short jacket 3S Keen 37 Is carried 39 Units o£ weight 40 Great Lake 44 First man 45 Amount (ab.) 46 Rent roll 48 Theatrical sign (ab.)

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