The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1939
Page 3
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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1939 BTATIIEVILLE (ATtK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREH i m, m U. S. Sea Squadron in War ganger Zone Feature Also Found On Many New Models By CHAHI.KS CARSON NKA Service fitsff Corrflsiioilicnt NEW YORK, Oct. 21.—Milady's lastes, safety wllh a big "S", com- forl, chromium, grace and economy are the watchwords of Ihe Huby Anniversary National Automobile fihow in Grand Central palace. With streamlining and wlnd- •, streaming , commonplaces In the American automotive, the auto industry faced the problem of "gilding the lily" in this year's glittering exhibition of 1940 models But despite that hazard, it has scored with new achievements in Beauty and design. ' Eye-pleasing as Ihe neiv models are, however, high points of customer interest In the 1940 cars are expected lo be two safely developments-Sealed Benin, Headlights EurolJ( , 811 , and a new. crystal-clear laminated A ; , ' ncct Blass-anU the revolutionary dim- Ameiican Inatlcn of Ihe clutch by one car manufacturer. FAREWELf; TO THE CLUTCH. Tills sensational engineering development is confidently expectec lo be •' Incorporated generally h automobile design within a lev. years. Long a nightmare of the Indus try's engineers, the clutch has cos manufacturers millions... of dollai In the past 25 years in experiment ing aimed at perfecting it. Now the clutch and clulcli, pedal ar scrapped in favor of a complete) a'ufcmatic hydraulic Iransm'tssio complemented by a fluid drive o coupling between crank shaft an drive shaft. By thus streamlining Ihe clutch out of the picture, gears can be automatically shifted back and forth through four speeds under all conditions of traffic, speed or grade by merely using the brake and accelerator. COOPERATED TO LICK LIGHT PROBLEM The -whole auto Industry got together on.the-Sealed Beam Headlights and after three years of cooperative research feels certain it has taken a big step toward elimination of.the evil of poor lights in night, driving. The equipment Sudbuiy School Will , I Have "Spooks Jamboree", A "Spooks Jamborees" la belnff plnnnrcl nl Ihc Armory for Halloween islnht by the Sudbuiy Parent Teachers association It, was announced today. Seven lioolhs Including a for- tiiht! leHini; booth, a spooks house, fish 'pool, floor show and a, grand march will provide entertainment for (he public. 1'rlvcs fcr Ihe best boy's and girl' costume will be offered, Sandwiches, candy, popcorn iMxll.s and drinks are among Ihe Hems which may be bought, at Ihe show. I'romxls from the affair will go Into Ihc general Parent Teacher association fund to be used as (ho nivSQClallan sees III. The entertainment will continue or two hours, friitn 1:M lo 9:30 o'clock. Judsoii College's Misses Tompkiiis United Stales destroyer Jacob .lones: Its 5 NE A Sen-ifc WASHINGTON, Sept. 20.—Saline along the perilous fringes of ic European sea-war zones is nil It Is Ihe Squadron 40-T, con- isling of the 7050-ton cruiser Trenton, and the destroyers Jacob Jones and Badger, under command ot Rear Admiral Charles E. Court- Thc squadron, assigned to the Mediterranean area,' was last re ported at Lisbon, Portugal. Til destroyers Dickerson and Herber were also reported al nearby I'onla Dclgado, chief city of the Azore Islands. The Trenton, Admiral Courtney flagship, reported that the squad ron ran hejid on into a war situa lion just before Lisbon. It picke up an SOS call from the British cssel Constant, eight days out of Gibraltar, after the ship had been mi-sued by a German submarine. Admiral Courtney sent the Jacob Jones to answer. It was in he net ot providing water and o:d for the exhaused British 1 crew of Ihe Constant, when the sub- presence frightened German sub from lirillsh vessel. larlne appeared again, it vanished stlndard on "virtually every 1940 car. These ; 'ne.5V,-Deadlights, are a conl plet'e" unlt.VitV lens, 'bulb and re flectorjsealed"In' one' piece, thus insnrin^"s"tahdardlze r d lieadlighting It Is impossible to change the basic To Hold Services For Deaf Tonight "rattlifiil Dlsclplcshln" Is Ihe subject lo be discussed lonlrjht by the He*'. N. P. Uhllg, of St. Louis who Is conducting services for the deaf nl Ihc I'llisrim Lullscrai church at 1:30 o'clock. The Hcv, Mr. UhllK, who cam lilts moriilnir, was accompanied b Scl A Woman To Catch A Voinan Bcvlhn cxluvnvt?,' •"hilosopliy in' HUTU AH1.1.1.rr Vlion Ihe law i;cis afler n won swindler In New Vurk-iliurn's . one woman In Ihu uuw—lml o. t'ho second woman !;•, Hoitlnv iwartK, assistant nttorucy uen- I. She Is (lie only woni'in In So - v rk's Bureau o( Smiiltlt's-ttuci in men In the di'piirttnunt am nl whenever n onsn cwnrs up !n- Ivinji n woman, Mis* tSiluunlv ets It. Tlie men my Id Is I'nsloi 'or a woman to be lough wllh nn- , uickly on slBhtlng llic Jacob Jones ulmlral Courtney reported. The United States maintained ho his son, mval patrol In the Mediterranean who also does mill outbreak of the Spanish \Va among the denf. n IMC. A squadron was Ihen sen o holp evacuate American nation nls to neutral ports. On August 30, 1930, an unidentified airplane dropped six bombs In a series cf Ihrcc raids on the U. S. S. Kniie, destroyer of the squadron standing some 40 miles off Bilbao, Spain. There were no casualties or damages, although the Kane fired nine ineffectual rounds from its anti-aircraft guns Though called tlie Mediterranean Squadron, the vessels do not confine operations to that area. Afle several hundred Americans wcr helped ID leave Spain, Ihc squad ron was not recalled, but continue to cruise in European waters, call ing at Rotterdam, Netherlands, an Le Havre and St. Naralre, FrancL Thc activities of the squadro are usually described as "good will" duties. Its present duties liav 1'lcv. Walter Uhllg does missionary wor All (be deaf and friends of 11 deaf are Invited to attend 'Hies, rvlcos, as spoken works nccoi >ann the sign language, the R . J .Klelndlensl, pastor of II ilircli. said, Rear Admiral Courtney not yd been precisely donned. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Project No. Ark. 1249-F Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of Commissioners at the office of Sub-District No. 3 of Grassy Lake and Tyronza Drainage District No. 9, of Osceola, Arkansas until 2 o'clock P. M., (Central Standard Time), of October . 10 1039, for:/:. .•-:.• ENLARGEMENT OF DRAINAGE SYSTEM Estimated total yardage involved. relationships between "bulb,, lens 1 is 456,000 cubic yards. At whlcl and reflector as established at the f time and place the proposals wn factory because no internal adjust- 1 be publicly opened and read aloud t merits are possible. . , Any bid received after closing tun If a bulb -bums out or any parti will be returned unopened. of. L . the lighting unit fails,, a com- Copies of the plans, specification pletc'- new unit is plugged in, just and other proposed Contract Docu like a bulb. Because the headlight I menls are oh file in the office o is sealed,: no. dust" or moisture can 1 sub-District No. 3 of Grassy Lak enter- to: cut lighting efficiency. A U n[ j Tyronza Drainage District No. dual filament lamp provides a \g r a t Osceola,- Arkansas, and are • "country beam" for powerful lons-Jcpen for public inspection. A set disUmce" lighting, and a "traffic 0 [ sucn documents may be obtain- bejin" 'that ; avoids glare for ap- e d from Sub-District No. 3 of proachiiig aiites. • '" ' . 1 Grassy Lake and Tyronza Drainage A, corollary of this invention is District No. 0, at psceola, Arkan- Ihe'sivfety feature of new laminated L os upon deposit of Five Dollars glass 'that eliminates the high de-l (5500). Tins deposit will be refund- gree or vision'distqiiicn'commoriin ed (<, cn ch actual" bidder upon re- dies I glass. -It is predicted, also, tunl O f SU ch documents in gocd that' back-seat driving— often caused con( uUon within 10 days, after the by. distorted vision— will suffer a rece jpt of bids. Other deposits will I setback: '.. ' ' be refunded, with reductions not THEY HAVE | exceeding the actual cost of re- WOMAN APPEAL . < \ production of trie drawings, upon Well aware of woman's influence I the re t urn O f all documents in 1 en Ihe sale of cars, manufacturers g 00 ^ condition within thirty (30) have not neglected feature.? appeal- I jays after date of opening of bids. ing to the feminine taste. And so Tne c i lf , rn cter and amount of se- \ practical are these features, as well cur jiy to be furnished by each bid- as decorative, the male will find it ,i cr are staled in the above nien- nncc and Bennle .Johnson. \nnual Report, 1 Hoss Stevens, Guardian for Earnest, Lee Tucker. Annual Report, Chester Nal»rs, Guardian for Cesco Tedder. Annual Report,' T. P. Martin, Guardian for Luslon Swinney. Annual Report,' Carey Wocdbiim, Guardiaii 'for Virginia Louise King. Annual Report, W. M. Williams, Admliilslrntor of J. M. Anderson, 'Estate. Annual Report, Vera Brand, Ad- ministratrix of Tom Lincoln Estate 1st Annual'Account, Ruby Blankenship, Administratrix of, Oscar Medloek, Estate. Final Repoit, Lillian Boney, Ad ininislratrix of W. \V.-Boncy Estate " Final Report, Louis Apptebaum Administrator of Jack Ap 'ou»ty Agent Attends Arkansas Livestock Slio » p. S. Lanlrlp, county agrlcult al agenl, Is In North Lllllc no his weekend for the Arkansas IJ\ stock Show ueing held there. lie was accompanied Lnnliip. by M ner woman Ihnn for a man. The young looking asslslant- at rney general's latest front pno sc> Is Ihe one Involving !>!>-)itu A Mrs, Lydln li. Kocli—»ln>. I alleged, sold mure than a mil on dollars worth rf slocks on timid mid nilsrcprt- Mlss Schwnvlvt examined nil tlie 'Ilisesses, prepared (ha papers crved on Mrx. ICoeh ( look hick enough to huve bwn the lanuscrlpl I'ov "Clone With Ihe Vlsstl") and will Uy Ihe case when t comes up. In. eight years of trying lo keep le busts of eiHatlon. MARION, Ala. (BpeclnD—IntroiliiclnB—Miss Marian Tompklns from Arkansas, and Miss Nfarlpn Tompklus from Arkansas, who ale botn sludcnls at JuilKoti College. The two students aic cousins, living ISO miles iipurl In the slate of Arkansas, but never thought foi a moment they would have (rouble with Identical names until Ihey bolh se!epied_ the Biimo college. Now they hold conferences ncai the bulletin Wards at the end of each school day to decide to whom announcements >cior. Miss Tompklns on Ihc left In tlie picture above, \\lio Is from nur- dctle Ark, Is a sophomore ut Jmlson, and was named foi hcl mothers sister while Miss Tompklns on the right, from Laka Village, Ark , 11 a freshman, and also bears' llic name of her mothers "hlci The sophomore Tompklns Is majoring In music,-but (he fieshman. who 1ms taken piano since grammar school days. Is now planning lo major In homo economics liolh studenlt are brunettes with blow.eyes, any. cvci '0 often, they nect lo discuss theh childhood day,, fin to lop a nil. the hophomoic Tompklns was bom In Lake Village, and me ic'shman Tompklns was Ijoin neai liuidctlel Swli^HiglC Sweet Chariot . D P , ,.,..,. „.. .. ,, -,—,-— n Return From Synod Of State Presbyte The Rev. James A. Ovcrholser, pastoi 1 of Ihe First Presbyterian church, and Dr, K. plebaum, Estate. st and Una! settlement — Nora Webb, Administratrix of J. 'I'. Alford, EsUUc. All parties Interested In .Ihc above nailers will hereby lake notice hat settlements;'arc ()n r ' lc in tnc bounty and Probate Clerk's oltlce md are subject lo Inspection by any interested parties. Dated this the Iplh day of Octr cber, 1930. T. W. POTTER, County and probate Clerk. By BRYANT STEWART, Deputy Clerk. Mahan elder of the , church,' returned Thursday night from Tcxarkana where 'Ihcy attended the Synod of Arkansas as representatives of Iho local church.' I The Hcv. David Shepperson. pastor of Ihe Flsrt Church of El Dorado, was chosen new moderator of the Synod. The Rev. Warner Dullose. pastor of the First Church of-Mobile, Ala., made the principal address: ST LOUIS (UP)—Collection of junk by charitable organisations has cut heavily into the revenue of junk men So Alderman Harry Israel has introduced a bill to cut the" license"-fee of junk' collectors from .$25'to $10 for those who op- crate 'wagons and trucks, and ,$5 for those'who use pushcarts. Traveling Dressmaker ReV.'Galloway Will ' Be Banquet Speaker The Rev. Paul Qalloway, pastor of Ihc Osceola Methodist church, will act as muster'of ceremonies for the benefit bnhn.uet.lo be given Thursday night al the American Legion Hut under Ihe auspices of the Woman's Missionary society of tlie iJikc Street Mctli- odKt church. ' The banquet Is an annual alTair gnen by this group. In charge of arranging Ihe. program are Mrs. W. I.: Green, president of Ihe society, Mrs. 0. J. Rodgers and Mrs. George Shamlin. , difficuH to sneer. . The manufacturers have aimed at NQ tioned documents. ' withdrawn, after feminine approval with such lliings I HJC "scheduled closing time for re- as concealed hinges to eliminate ceiDt of bids, for at least thirty hazards to stcckings and dresses. (30 , days There are recessed handles to pro- Tllc Board O f Commissioners re- tect- clothing and safety catches L erves ^, e r jgi,t to reject any or all on back doors to prevent Junior |' b . ds an() to wa j vc Informalities. frcm opening doors and tumbling out. Ventilation/ and 'air' conditioning, the upholstery and:other appointments, all have a pleasingly feminine touch. To Give Boat Dance Friday Night, Nov. 3 A boat dance on the Mississippi River will . be sponsored Friday night, Nov. 3, by the local chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Board of Commissioners .of Sub-District fro. 3 Grassy' Lake and Tyronza Drainage District No. 9, By G. B: SEBEAVES, Chairman. 28- NOTIOE OF SETTLEMENT OF AUMIN1STKATOKS, EXEOUTOKS GUARDIANS AND CURATORS Notice is hereby given that settlements have been filed and wll be subject to confirmation al tin Ncv. 24 Term of the Chanccr: Court for the Chlckasawba- Dis trict of Mississippi County, Ark Daughters ot the Confederacy. , muir wi 1.1,^0.i.,,,^* ^ u ....^. Jt n.,* The affair was originally planned i ansas In the following matters, to by the local Boy scouts and the, wit: D. A. R. but the U. D. C. will take Annual Account, Ncill Reed Guard over the sponsorship Jointly with ian for Ethyl and Jess 1 the D. A. B. Waller. Tlie "Capital", which is the boat Animal Account, Florence Mood secured, will land at Barfield, and i Guardian for -Louise 1 arrangements have been made for Reecc. tlie boat not to leave the landing Annual Account, Nelll Reed, Guard until after the Blythevllle-Hopo fcotball game to be played at Haley Field that night. Extra time for dancing has been promised because of the delay In the boat's departure. Mrs. M. O. Usrey is regent of the D. A. R., and Mrs. W. T. Ian.for Charles Russell Pov. ers. Olh Annual Account, Oscar Ale\ ander. Guardian for R. Patton, Jr. Annual Report, Bessie Crawford Hulchins. Guardian for Raymond Willard Slone. ' tne U. "• "•! H11U 1V1I&. Y>. I. ( 11IU11U ,»,llo,u kjlvlll.. Oberst Is president of tlie U. D. C. j Annual Report, Luna Haynes Slsk, | Guardian for Eugene S. Slsk. SPOKANE, Wash.. (UP) — The Annual Report, Ivy W. Crawford, Persian cat ot Arthur L. Jordan, police identification officer, disappeared from Ihe Jordans' ranch near Medical lake, 10 .miles from Spckanc. Two weeks later it ap- Guardian for McDanlels. Joe Everett Scout Leader Learns Soap Is Poor Cooking Aid SWEETWATER, Tex. (UP) — Charles Paxton, Boy Sccul leader, volunteered to fry' some fish for a camp- supper. He dressed them and rolled them In meal, but something was wrong. A '-'lenderkot" friend discovered lhat Paxlon had "mealed" the fish In soap chips. • • Scliwarl/. .. ,'.her business is suckers and swindlers New Yorkers from buying 'fold irlcks Miss Schwail/ has como to number • of conclusions nlioiit wludlcr!> -and suckers. «EN EASIKST- I'KI V FOR-WO MEN ' ' ' c ' 'She says: "Women swlndlcis llic cw and far bclttccn, but whin hey do BO In for swlmlllns, It's In- way.•' ' This, brctlncn and sHlein, h Ihc Tiling Chariot," with Moses Wai ers Inventor, dcslnnei, bulldci and pilot, seated In the cockpit The age: Atlanta Ga NCRIO said he built It because Ihc "Lawd' commanded him n' a (luam to 111 so that folks would listen to Ills pieochlne. At The Hospitals •Blythcrillc Hospital Mrs. E. A. Browning, cily, admitted. , Walls Hospital Mrs. Jewel Hatley, cily, dismissed Memphis Kapllst Hospital R. II. Hoguc, Bragg City, admit ted. Mrs. Addle Harris, Roscland, ad milled. ' i W. L. Smith, city, admitted.' John Broacr,. Wynne, admllled. I.. P. Bowdcts, Joiner, admitted. Miss Juno Sherrick, Osceola, admitted. Memphis St. Joseph's Hospital YV. M. Johnson, Haiti, admitted. Move Short bill Significant WEST COLLEGE CORNER, Ind. (UP)—Indiana had a new newspaper today, the' College Corner News. But the News moved only Ihree doors frcm ils former office In Ohio. For years it was published at College Corner, O. 'Women.': buy inoie, ,,..---, , stock than men—the most trusting vcinon being widows, school teachers, and servant girls. "Men arc an, easy prey for wo- nen swindlers, because a man isually ngiires lhat lie couldn't be outstnarteil by a woman <aud i Isn't on his guard. "If everyone would follow these few rules the swindlers would have i tough time of it— "One: Never trust the person who comes to you asking you to Invest money. Reputable houses don't send strangers.,to. your home. "Two':'' Beware' of 14iJJ1p(ie who says you must buy stock" lo.'gc.ti'.nx Job. ' ..,.'. Fails To Make Grade On Diamond, Grid Or Riii£, Hits Peak On Sluilcs NEW By NI'.A Henlco YORK. Sept. 2.—lltuldy ''>• • ' , if..M,-. 'I-./.-''''.! 'Three: Remember, 1 Ihiit -there ' Just aren't such thln.63 cus dividends. ' "Four: Don't consider, stock you don't 1 know! s anylhlng about It Is easy enough to with your bank, with 'your lawyer, or with n reputable . broker." . Dcrllia Schwarl-/. .'•>.' 'il'hc'iibMs'-* Incss Is sucticrs ' aiid • swlhjllcra,: • Tlicmas Jefferson, In writing 1'is own epitaph; mnclc.'no'''m(i/illpjii jjjf being President and'^,left directions lhat "not a wpr \K add«l to his 'copy. Read Courier News Want A<Js. Lewis, 21-year-old all-round athlete from St. Louis, who apjiears In n World Pair Ice show, finally has found his true specially. Ho received a brief trial with the St. Louis Cardinals during his high sohocl days, but was told he was-too small. Tie- was all-clly quarlciback al Soldan high school, but was told he was too light (or Ihe cillcgc varsity. He boxed, thinking he might some day be featherweight champion, but he wasn't cut out for Ihc ring. When he was 15 he had won the boys' speed skating championship of St, Louis. .Last year he decided to make his name on the Ice. Not c os a spced-skalcr—there was no money In thntr-but as a daredevil, trick artkf. Today Buddy Lewis Is regarded as n second Bobby McLean when It comes lo Ihe risky business. Only 5 feet 3 Inches and 135 pounds, he performs some of the most amazing feats seen on blades. The star jumps over 10 barrels. placed lengllitthe 01 with fmu ' placed atop sK. Read Coin If i News want adi DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION AUK-MO STATE LINE FOR Gas and Oil NOW MAN AGED; BY Walter Cox, Jr.- and E. M. Murray H APPY UURi GRO.& » FREE DELIVERY- . IOP W. aialu St. I'hoiie. K^\ Annual Report, E. R. Jackson, Guardian for Charlie L. O'Dell. SpCKanc. -i-wo w«iu> liiicr 11 ap- "=... peared on the back porch of the 3rd Annual Report, Llllle S. John- Jordans' home-here. • son, Guardian for Irlne, Clar- Smart for fall travel and an Ideal goiue-au-ay outfit lor a bride Hits softly tailored, dressmaker suit ot a.ubcr-rose duv^tyn It. In- cludes'a dress with flaring skirt of duvelyn and an arched borU« of ivory satin. The'short jacket, fastened at he front wt ha »»a of self-material, has a huge collar of platinum dyed fox. Stove and Furnace Diesel & Tractor 'T^TT^^TVTT^ DAY PHONE 355 BarnsdallReW|ii^gCorp. America's Oldest 0 C. B. WOOD, Jr., Agent W ANT E D TURNIP GREENS AND MUSTARD GREENS SEE US FOH PRICES TO DELlV AND WHKN ER BLYTHEVILLE CANNING CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. f-

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