Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 27, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 27, 1942
Page 2
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NAUOATUOK DAILY, NEWS, MONDAY, JULY 27, 1942 ivities AHERN, EDITOR t Paul's Church Was ' - ' : . , ',':'•'':• Scene Of Pretty Wedding , , i C^aught in Enemy Alien Roundup \ " / ,. ^ / '«':...., L ,, £ Ml*' ,yilla l Mithornn mu or u pretty morning>a daughter or Success Frock ,d \jiuVliiu 1 0hull-all Is ; ( ; ri)( . Walrrlmry. till, .<»<>1'. svas nuU'rled lo HOII of. of 87'DIko- iUw.'H. 0. ofi'lolatiul at t-hu of u I'tilohititfky, a ooimin , \v»x 'maid of i Hi-drain*, hrothei mi, was .bent man. v;is ullraollvnly attlrod •osr-polnt laoo ssm-llitvirt neckline, luntf, l)0lfiled 8l.lKi.VUH HIM' fliiKf'i'-tlp veil foil • (. of while ro.seH and >y. She oarrleti a hoti- f'dHcs miri Mt<i|y}ianot).s. vlth I a no top and , and a yHluw tiara, by tiho malcl-oMionor, :i spniy of ui'Uhld glad- voi'pll'm, at whluh 100 ffuost.q JHV.Mi'llt, WJIH linlil III Wflf.W- Mi 1 - ""d • N| ' <H - illiulniltlH will > u :t:> Mm 1 * Hill, Union city, t'"'i' rohirn from thcslr wod- Tll'. 1 I' 1 ' 1 ' 1 '' pa'wlill" ,lyl«l w |l!l ...((''I iiul a i (win & of I tof IIO.UK iiiirraii, who IH employee! K.' I'raiJ-Wlilliify company in fi)nl. s|'«-nl Mm wuoU'-nnd at Ilium- cf his parniilM, Mr, mul James Uiirrun oC Ihiubu Htroat, MI I?I . ;»vt- i HK IIKAOII Hol.MM'1 Kuril of Dwm lurnt'd from WlUlo- hi'i-e Ihoy Hpont tho f''\V 1IKI.ATIVKS ;iml Mtirllyn 't ui-n YlsltlllK Bloom L'UlullVUH of In VISIIKD l.N DK joint HunynlMk!, who haH boon vHilliiK ivlutlvcs 111 DutrolL, Mich., ' iviurm-d Lu his homti on Koni ItfJT. '/O.N.N HOMM S.'pKi'iinl Lincoln Xonn, HOII of Dr. uul ilrs. Si-ymour Xonn of Meadow itiTi-t vlslli'il at hl.s homo during Hi,, week-end, II" IH stationed In i ANMVKHSARY Frank O'Morinull will olmfU'vo thnlr iinnlvorsary tomor- Mrs. JSTII WK Mr. anil U'.lnui sU'cc 3j»i wnidliiK row, B FOMIKII HKSIIW.NTS HKIIK Mr. and Mr*. Vincent Townsley of N. ,1., formtu- looul resl- rr visitor* yoHlwlny at. .... , of Mr, and Mr». NVUHain (Minion tif UlKhlund CTTcTo, PUN VACATION Mr. and Mrs. Kunnolh Ooodyoar of HlKiilunil (Urdu, who have bci«n In MuMHuchUHOttH, havo and plan to KO to, Now York t-lty and New Jei'Hisy «KTl!H\ KKO.M THI.P 5'liUl|> Ymilon JUKI lloiiH-Htfuil avuniio, and Thomas Norton and mm, 'Marry, of Now lla- w\ roml IIUVH naurutMl from a trip In MiiHsarhusctlH anil Mal'no, (WITH ANN(Hf.\r,KI> Miw Mary L»- Clnlr of Cliff Htrcnl w,na w.'ck-i-iul vlHltoi 1 at Mny Vlow. Mllford. AT HAY VIMW .Mr. and MI-H, John Mnrllnnon of Wiilurhury linvn annotificud tliu blrlli nf n rlMUKlitor, boi'-n Binulay nwrnln.K 'it St. Mnry'H hoHpltal, Mt'« MirtiiiHon IH llio forinnt' MlHH Knlli- *t\i\". Ciii'lln of NntiKtttUok, TO KNTl-W THAININO .W.IIOOI, Aaron WoLmiiun, who IH Htatlonod \( Fort IU'vi-n.M, (H wjinndlnK today »IHi ids i-anmlH, Mr. and Mi'H, Hon- Ht 'Wflnnifin, of 'Utu-hn Hlreftl, 1 Ho «I»'HU in t-nlor thn orflooi'H'-ti'aln- iiw school In thn South .soon, Soason nflor season women, delight In making this superb button i'l-ont shirtwaist 'dress— ft 'mode! wliloh Is always I'un to wcnr, a modal wliloh Is always smart no. matter whether, tho I'abrld j,s cotton, silk, rayon or wool. Right now as thn working girl's .favorite It, Is reaching new heights of popularity. Because Jt Is neat and trim you too will want this stylo in your warcfrobe for fall. Barbara Moll Pattern No. .1G48-B Is designed for sixes M.-iGMS, 20; /if) and 42, Corresponding bust' moasuroinenlfl S2, M, JW, '18, 40 iiml W, SI'/u 10 (,Ti) requires, -with short sleeves, /> j-'i yards . HS-lnch nuiterlal. A now Fashion book for fall Is now ready! Send 15 oonts 1'or your copy torlay, Get Inspiration from Jt for yo.ur new siwson's sewing I A oopy 'of thn Fashion Hook may be ordered with a IGo pattern for 25o plus ic for postage. l-'or this ftUi'ftollvn pattern send •JOu, plus lc v for postage, in coins with your name, address, pattern nunibnr and slsw wanted to Barbara Hell, iS'aiigatuek Daily News, Post omen nox 75, Station 0, New York, N. Y. . • 4 Conlon Is Party Guest HKTUII.NS Mr. and MI-M. (illUtltn Noble s °n of Ilkhlaml avftnue 'havo from u sv(Hik'H vacation and TO- la T, Donald, Conlon of High street, who will enter tho U. S. army .soon, \V~I\H ruled by. I'M ends at tha Wargo home on An'dresv avenue 'yesterday afternoon. A dinner wan served and Mr. t!onion was presented with a HurgoHH J, Francis Giillen mndo th'o pro Mentation in behalf of the group. TO VISIT OAUGIITKH MrH ( William.0, Uol.OH Of avenue loft today for Meredith, I!.,where Hho will visit her daughter, Miss Susan Boles, 'who Is., at present at Garnp . * N. TASKH doing war Mild do- Wfirk nr*cfl a ri.Mindailon l " c.'u'«! I'm 1 ihoflo Iniictivi' ICORSETj I SHOW SOUTH; MAIN FIVE NAVAL MEN HAD uu-o DORIS VM> f n *s* A i Somesvhere In Australia, J.uly 27— (UP)— I'M'vo American naval oMoers have reaohofl Australia aCter a ,two months voyage from the Philippines In an, outrigger eanoo. Tho men loft Cebu during May and sailed 'rtuo 1 southword through ,/apnnoHb Infested \yaters until they woro j)lol<0fl up by allies Nhlps north of Adslralla, Their nanies were given as Meu- tenant Commander Alexander summons and Lieutenants Carl .flairffs, Kills Skofloki; .William L'lpseU 1 and. Doray. EMPIOYE DIES Antonio, Oiiorreru, 50, of Water- hury, who \vnH employed by ,th° w J, 'Mogln company of Naugatuck, I died Saturday In U»o Wntorbury Simplicity Motif tAXOFfTCETO Pictured on hi 8 way >to .EHHsMalaTiclin New York is Theodore : Woznirik (tight) after being picked up in'a roundup of enemy aliens by FB I ngonts. It was rayealca.that h,e had been employed!at the Kingsland' JN. J., munitions plapt in 1917 where tt fire broke out at^is work bench which resulted in the destruction of njiore than $16,QOii).OOQ worth of war BUpplies, He was eusipected; of having set it. Although he ifiled to Mexico.he denied,later that he had started the firt; > ..'•,:' ' .'•.;. '. '•'.. .q> \" (CentralPretgJ Dorothy Hubbell Mterrieck To Irving ? BienveHiie TONIGHT FRIDAY Tax Collector J. P. Fitzgerald announced today that the deadline for the payment of taxes without interest will be Saturday of this 1 week at 8 o'clock. ; . Mr, FUzgenUd sf.ate.d that for the. canyon ience^pf ;:; local property ;own- ersV/ tlVe tax^Qltice will be open to- •hlghjt and; Friday Jiight until >. 9 o'clock, and will also be -open every noon hour this \veek, including Saturday noon, • , • Regular office hours at the tax office are ' 9 '"to 5 '"daily, and this slate will also be in effect on Sat- day of this' week. . This -tax ''5s one of 19 mills and was placed on the Grand IJst of 1041, and due in July, 1942.' >: ,. On Monday August 3; interest will- be ' added on overdue taxes, at the rate "of 1 per cent., and two months interest will be' ••immediately added to, tall overdui taxes. i'tjl»)e .(Mi.. M^ttoMs, get/ ^uppli.^ iji western henlJspheric waters. Bui Gibbs' story Is ; the first cye-wi'lncss account. He "says the vessel must have been Mar land because he couM feel-it rise and .fall easily with the ground swell. v He says, two Ipombs, were dropped. Both rocked thje sub and one tore loose the deck; grating. The Germans} he relates, worked madly to get tl}ie submarine loaded and llnally they diyed deep In tho Caribbean. • IN AUSTRALIA OBITUARY Miss Dorothy Jnno.; Hubbell, duughtop of Mr. and MI-H. nrlelv \V. lluliboli of' ;;iQ «trcbl,' and' Trying .jtnymond Bi.ou- venuo, son ol 1 MI-H. Anno Blon- vonufl, ol' IM8 Scott strcoL, wore nmr- rlod Saturday afternoon in tho 3rn- manuol Lutlioran churclv by the pastor, Rov. linrold Luca.s. MisB/Lois HubbeM-, a sister of tho. bride, and Cicorgo Gould, a brother- in-law ol 1 the bridegroom, wore, tho aUcriclanls. Tho bride' was given in marriage by her father. She wns -attired In an Alice blue jersoy dress,, a whlto hat (imJ-whlto accessories and wore a mixed corsage. . . Tho mairt-oi'-honor wore a dusty ros(3 cropo gown with white aoccs- sorl'cs auci a cor.sngo 'pf assorted swoot peas. ., • Out-ol'-tQwn guests from New York, Boston, West;. Haven, Now Un/Von, and Watorbury. wot-o pros- cat at, a rocpptlon fojlpwing' tho oorcmpny and held at the'home of Iho bride's ,parents. . ',.-"' Tbp young couple are' 1 now;:on a wadding trip .to,,.Capo Cofl,. Mass., and will reside at M Sweeney- street on return. For traveling/ tho bruin wore a .whlto linen, suit with wliilo s and a mixed corsage. RELATIVES •* Jack Oormley, son oC phicC/and Mi^s. .I'otni 'Oorrnley of'BnrVbo street, Is visiting rpliillvcs in Providence, R.'I. • vismcn PARENTS ••••" i lOnsign ;iohn Connolc 'spent Ilio woek-ond with- -his^parGnts/ Mr. and Mrs. John Cpnnole of N6rl,h-'.Main stt'ool.. ' •' , J — ...-'• AT CLINTON IKEy\^.II.V . .- ., Miss .OencviQve' 'PnJcsUI' 'oC Eaglo' stroqt and Mlss M,ary" Slnkdw.lcli of. Cioldon Hill -strepI,. are : jtp.ondhlg o. vacation at Clinton' IlICtlJIlNS TO OHIO Miss Coolie• Grant l;o Warren, 'Ohio, after ,4{>eTic}Ing Wie pasi •month' with IVer ; -i)arGnts, Mr., a-nd Mrs. Cecil W.v 0rant-' of MiH- ; vil-ie avonue. , \-: ^'';;•:-•;v' " UEl\E FOI| WEEK-END ! Irwln H, Gra,n,t o'i' .New York city spon.t I/lie woelx-cnd with -his parents, Mr. and ]yirs. P. j, Grant oi 1 OJive street. » RETURNS HOME Miss -M-lldred Roilly of Millville avenue 'has re turned • from a short vacation spent at Bay View, Milford. . . V AT. .'SILVER. ._..„ Po'stoy o'f OboOJ'oaiva-vpMi|C''are-"siionclJlife--a two- i \vook's. l ".vaeaU6n- a!/ Si]ver ; '""Beacl,i, Mil ford./' '' , •••;•-- v ; '•• ••';>-• •••' •';' •ON VACATION -.?-:;• : '- ^' •' ' •; Miss "Margaret McCarthy of,'-Highland avenue ls ; nt-;Ca : pe Cod, Mass., whore • she- is spending .a .vacation •with Xricnds. • . • : ^•;.' ' ; -'. •RETURNS'liOME-'-'-'-' 1 * - : ^-. Miss Betty Smith .of Noi;i;h Main street- has returned from Bay View, 1 where slic spent'•'several^vv'eelvs a's l.h e guest ol' ; Mr.' n rid 'Mrs.; Harold Wolf at their summer cottage. VACATIONS Mr. ( and Mrs.'; James of BoblVe 'street arc tlofi In Providence, Pettlt and ; vaca- Mr. and Mrs. Harry ;l;^Xarter o.f CliJT 'street; arc at Quonochbritaugi Bradford, R. I;, '..^vlicrd' ^(Ihcy . spcFid'a'..two .\yecks 1 - A -vdcati'6n;, pist ; cxpenl'eiiHe].VSve l?now, that yo.ivlike motifs-'blia-t \%i'e simple (!o ;: make and--that"'can be used In yarioiis' \vays. •'This : 5-inch 'lacy jiiotif works up in a jiffy, so don't; liesitate' t,o' JXegin' that Jaedspread or- table, cloth you'.'ve always wanted but feared you would neyep fl'pisli.; Garry dut-tUe mo.tii: in other smaller , pieces—s.o.aj:lX! diojjj.e.s,. cUai.v , isets,'. etc., aroun.d, tlie .liouse. , Pattern envelope contains complete casy-toVread ami' casy-to-fol- Jow direct/ions for the ab.ove. Send iJ.c (coin) for ; above pattern number to Naugatuck Daily N 7 ews, Needle Arts Dep't, P. 0. Box 172, Station D, New York; N; Y. Evelyn Honan Entertains Friends , Miss Evelyn Honan. of Park ave- ijue entertajned; at a roast at her liomc, Saturday night. Among those a-fctend'ing: wer-e: Mary Lalor, "Wll- Jjam Burke, Mary Margaret Donovan, Warren- Andersen, /Betty Ma-. roney, Felix ' Poulin, Lois Booth. • Robert' Boyd,, Irene O'DonneH',; John Leary,' .Berineifc^B. Booth and'' Miss Honan. . ' ' ', ; AT.. QUONQCItOJS^VUG . Di". ami Mrs; A..- E; Anderson and "family of Walnut terrace are enjoying a vacation at Ouonochpn- kug, R. I. . •' : '•,/':'. . . ,•-',, AT SUMMER CAMP ,.•>': ' Miss Ann Austin, daughter of Mr and Mrs. C. S." Austin of Hillside avenue, is spending; the.summer at Gamp Pubney, Putneyi Vt;, ' : Funeral of Jolwi DelPino The funeral of John DelPino, S'i, of -W High street, who'died Friday at,.SI. Mary.'s ^liospital, Waterbury,, to ok p] OQe. t-li lis. m o.r n.i p g a I. 8:30 -from .the,' Buek-rii tiler • funeral home, 22 P'ark f3lace, lo St. JPran- cKs 1 church, where a requiem -high Mass was^celebrated toy -Rev-, George Dunn. . Miss Prances Higglns, organist, rendered "Lead Kindly Liglit," at the processional, "Pahis Angelicus'V at 'the. offertory and "A'blde With Me," at the recessional. Bearers, were: Pet-cr 'Rotatari, Peter Barlomucci, Louis Pinateri and John Galandrlnp.. Burial"' was in St, James' cemetery wi't-h the comiinittal services being conducted by Father Dunn. Funeral of Joiiqnin Gnheceiras The funeral of Joaquin Cabecelras, 09, of 75South Main street, who died Saturday' a t.-!h|6 : . librae, will be held Tuesday at 8:30 a. in. from the BU'Ckmillep funeral .-home, 22 Par-k place, to St. Francis clxurcji,, where a -requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9 a. m. ' > Burial will be In St. James 1 cemetery. - • Camberra, Australia, July 27—(UP) —The government Aya.rns thai. Aus--. Ira.lja, may Jiavc vT. counterpart t;6 the'«elght : Nazi ^obd'teurs who* lanrl^ ed In the Unllod. States. Officials believe .enemy spins, possibly landed^from Japanese, submarines, may be in the country. •The guard, pyeri"public utilities and war plants lims- been strengt-hened, and a •counter-espionage caimpaUgn has been .launched. It's been suspected that enemy shorl-wave ! radlios 'have been op-.; crating for moni|hs, but they're difficult to locate ibec/ause of .the vast expanses of uninhabited country. WILLRECEIVE izations distributed- to ; alj organ- l.hWuiffhnnl.« 'w*n*»ld. • BRITISH PRESS B COOLING OFF ABOUT 2D FRONT The Btart Washington, J^ly 27— (TJP) adjutant gQneralj's office will taking applications for soldiers' dependents paymeijts shortly after August first. Payments," bowcyer, won't-' st'art until November first, but they can be made retroactive as far back as London, July, 27-~(lJP)— a definite cooling off : in 'the'.. British, press/ on demands for. a gectifiti ' front in Europe, '. ' . : : v Informed observerli belleveV: the government is tvy.bjg \o. soft-pedal; WIG iclajmpr foij an i'mmediate allied invasion. Some newspapers were cYilfcal' of the second-front mass meeting of GO.OOO ] n ...••Trafaj^a'r- Square 'yesterday.' As the Evening put it: '•< " .'• • ,is not tiro time .for; Impassioned . s'peechos and- ardent reso- lu lions, but fo.r cool planning and cool Action." ^ L,abor Minister Ernest B'cvii) also made a Sunday speech trying to calm down tbo Jnva^S on chatter. el I declared the secoijd front., .is -a" big factor, but not the only 'one, nor the only 'way- to win ths war. And tl?.cre 'have been other ro^n*; specclics, piirtjcularly by For>,lMVv, Secretary Eden and Production Mlrt- , is.ter Lyitteton-. Both lia/ve indicated that Bvilain :icaimo,t go farther until American forces In 'England are Increased- by large numbers. "" SPEAKER IIJBTIJIEf • Clevclandv July • 27>^tUP)"- Vbu can't, Jfepp a good .m/iiiv down. Trig Speaker, one of b)isebalJ^ l™ion- t a 1-Si is -l)ack -b bme aga!^^ convak»«c,- ing from a major >u,era|lon, ' ;at ;.'a Cleveland hospital. A few weeks ; ago, after comp]ica.tion» 'had ; «et in v t-hero ' little )iop,c: • TrJ» \v,ouia suiv '' ' - . ... Throw Your Scuap into the DAILY CROSSWORD Glacial ridge 28. Like hiilofstrat- 30. Sh«ltei» returned today Jackie:. Stlnson, . son .of-Mr. an Mrs. Harold Stlnson :of; Trowb'ridg place, is spcnd,ing thovsummGr wlU The name O^arks has b^cii'itraced to a .term': -used;by-early. Canadian' trappers—''Auxy. meaning "with bo^ys 1 '; ancKu'scd to designate an OUR DEMOCRACY UNGtE SAM TYPICAL ARMY CAMP MfeNU; FRM'T> AN0 MILK.CEREAL, BUTTCREP 1 TOAST - sup;;MEA7;pOTvvroes; z VEGETABLES, sAtAo; PIE OR. CAK?. VEGETABLE ' Op ICED, BEVERAGE. M.EALS ARB SC^CN•IilFlCA^Ly BALANC?D,^XPERTLY PREPARED, GOOD TO EAT— AT A COST Of $5* P^R, DAY. , GO/AtG Mrs. C, A. Anderson Mrs. Anna S.,,(Lindquist) Anderson, wife of Carl A. .Anderson, died Sunday at her -home, 7 Highland circle, after a brief illness. She was a member of. the BeWuiny Congrega- ll-bnal church. •Mrs. Anderson was born July 7, 1375,, in Swed.en «,nd canae to., "l-hls country in 1890 and to Naugatu-ck in 1895. Besides 'her husband she Is survived by four broMierSj John Llnquist of -Orange j- Mass., Fred Johnson o'l: Hartford, Rev. August .]. •Li.iHJquist'of Thomaston., and Dr. 'Gustavo H. Llndqulst/of Worcester, Mass. • The funeral will, be beld-fnom the Alderson funeral home, 201 Meadow s t, at -2 :30 p, m. Tuesday, with burial in' Grove -cemetery. R.ev. Arthur Johnson of the Bethany Congregational church will officiate. Friends may call this evening from 7 to 9 o'clock at the funei.-al SAYS ItBOAT tfl'ed drift" " 10. Snow vehicle 18. Permit 19 Show mercy to 20 Anxious 21Journey* 22 Greek letter 23 Oil of r.ose petal* Cut .Portable shelter* 24 25 31; Type meaaure 34, Greek letter 38/Playi 30 Introduce into the ministry Aphoebe Exchange ,.' Piece of *" ' baked clay Jewish month 44. Decay* 46 Handle 40 43 ••\yolfcbprof,-N. H., July 27—(UP)- 'Of IAVO missing -Maine youths splight in; a N.e.w England-wide hunt 1ms boert-fqutvclv,-; -s : :,.\v^ • ::HQ Is •l<enr?e{;h • F.>now, a 20-year- old' 'Massakyliusotts: Institute of Technology stiKlent-. Ilq disappeared Friday n'ig'ht from his dormitory room but wag found safo -by state troopers af; a roadside camp. He explained he was- merely on a vacation and cUd. not. know of the search for him-. ., „ fc 'The other missing- v youWi Is Robert Minor, 17-year-old son of ft Saco, Maine, physician. He dis- {{ppeared l^ist week after leaving a 1 »ote saying he was going to join t-he navy under an assumed name. NINESTATE5 SEARCH FOR An East CoasXPort, July 27—(UP) ..—We've. beard' ; 'a lot,.about the life •of the-'Atlantic-coast seamen, imperiled by the. Nazi U-boat operators. Here's how tho other half lives Archie Gibbs tells the story. He was rescued by a U-boat after bis *hip wa's, torpedoed, and he lived with the Nazis for'four long days The submarine- crew, believed to have been at seavfor three months', \yas discontented; They grumbled, about their food, Gibbs relates, and didn't thInk much of Hitter. Th.e submacino,. he sa.ys, was fllr thy. The food came from cans and the towels ;and-blankets were slick with gcease. When the U-boat sighted a fishing boat Gibbs was told-to swim for The Ameritean. seaman- aJtso reports that Uie submersible, whliq faking-on a fresh supply of torpedoes £ in the Caribbean, was damaged by an Allied plane. It's been : Susp/ecledi; for a:. lp.ngf 'ACROSS 1. Walk* through I* water 6. Proofed, Implement* 11. Old- womanish 12. Ordinary 13. Confine 14. Mud 15. Chooae 16. Blended in color 17. Badly 19. Sofa 22. The Orient 261 Golf term 2T. To tell tale* 29. Nimble 32. Gloscy fabric S3. Feel regret 35. Perform 36.8cotti*h- Gaelic 37.Wor*Wp* 40. Sound made by a cat 41* Gaxe fixedly 45. Conform 49. Relict . 50. Mansion 51. Winged 52. Passageway 53. Blue 54. Reptile DOWN 1. Rib ih fabric 2. Source of * indigo 3. A coin 4. To, draw out 5. To coioniae 6. Old-fashioned 7. Capital of Nonvay $. Destruction CRYPTOQUOTE—A cryptogram quotation 47 U 8; Pteftir dent 4S Woody plant 7-27 LBJ P N N L L A T X J H X R H R EJRP X J HL T L J N A PJ J BL BLH HXPBD — W P W J F L. Saturday's Cryptoquote: TO A BRAVE MAN EVERY COUNTRY IS A NATIVE LAND—OVID Distributed by Kin* Foatur<>« Syndicate. Inc. .ff do- New'; York, July 27— (UP)— Ninq sto<tes f "are' searching for tlie three ina'$te£ s1 Nazi saboteurs whose scriptions, were' broadcast- by FBI.' Federal .agents say that many, qf the tips tftcy ai^o getting prove to he" false. / But they aren't over- ooking nay of .them. A Long -Island motorist reported three'mch answering to the descrlp- tj'on a 1 slf.ed tym for N a hi toll to tho allroad station. He refused an^ went to the police. But they found ,hat another motorist had taken the men- to th ( e s}a,Uou. And he said they didn,'t resemble the suspects at all. BLDG.ANDLOAN PAYABLE Dues to the Naugatuck Building Loan assocl'aiion are payable, .hs week, E.' G.' Ungenhekl, sec-, etary, wfjl be at his office aH day omorrpvy and Wednesday and from' 7 to 9,ea'cli eyening to receive pay- nents. *i GET BACK OP THE BOYS IN THE FRONT Buy Your Defense Stamps Here. ' Buy Bonds ANOTHER GOOiP DEED NOW! WRITE LETTERS WEJTINO PAPER or 60 Double Sheets 50 Envelopes VICTORY SPECIAL Single Sheets Envelopes Writci a Letter Life-saving Suits are torpedoed sailors another chance. < PBTBE PAUL, NAlfGATUCK. GONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest S1LEX COFFEE MAKER 1.95 6, to 8 cup. capacity I KITCHEN CLOCKS SCARCE! We Still Have Some. 1 SAVE A LIFE -^ CONSERVE CCHNEER C ^•^ CREDIT JEWt^r «^ 16? Souffc Main 5» _ 4-2206 United; States Rubte Naugatuck Footwear- Division

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