The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1945
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAltCII 17, New Boys Club Members Added 'Sonny' Stires Will Serve As Resident Of Organization Blythevllle'.s newlv organized Soys Club hns interesting plans for '"'•.ire nclli'lties, following a mecl- .. Thursday night at Ihe Armor) 'jhcn 15 new members were Initiated. These officers will serve: "Son- iy" Stires, president; Dick Held. Irst vice president; Hill Wunder- ieh, second vice president and nanagcr of paper; Graham Swl- bury, <ccretary and editor ot club >aper; Thomas Carlyle, sergeant ot ""•ms; j. c. Uroke. ns-sislant cdihr of paper; 1'at Burks, treasurer; nonald nice. Carlton>l rtarvin Ross. Franklin Wnrlli, ])il- y Wayne Miller. Johnny Biicliim- in, reporter; Murray Smart, prlni- Other members are: Tommy Phillips, cliarlc.s Shcpard. Riissel'l Enlon. Dun Wallace, Albert Dodd Charles liay wise, John WIlk.i Charles Phillips, Jninie Fox, Hilly Dunn, Billy Phillips, Tommy Mosey, J. B. Phillips, c . L 'Prince 'erry Holhrock, cavy Mason Darwin Tlinmjison. lioucrt Fires Charles Hoover, Edward Ellis, Jcr- •y Strickland. Thursday night's meeting; started off wilh serving of Ice cream cake and cold drinks with the initiation following. A committee was appointed lo hunk Earl Slone, Planters Hardware Company and Percy Wright for use of initiation equipment; Jimmy Sanders and Elza Wheeler .or refreshments, and cnpt, O W Coppcdse and Floyd While for use of tlie Armory. With parents invited !o altcmi all meetings of.the Boys' Club mere were present these guest: J. L. Terrell, Rosco Craflon, O. O. Slires, Don Edwards ,'ind Smart. Next meeting will be held iu the Hut in about 10 days when Ihe club will L'nterlnhi with a dimwi (lance and n large number of nniv members will be initialed. Marriacje Licenses Thursday was n "dull" a.iv in the local county court clerk's" office with not. a single marriage license sold up (o 4 o'clock thai afternoon Issued during Ihc past two weeks have been licenses to the following couples: Dehncr W. Bush of bichl- stadt. Mo., and Miss Peggy P.-udine Bailey of Sikeston. Mo.: ,Iohn E Clarke and Miss Nell Hermenc Baur both of Cairo, III.; Henry c Ford and Mrs. Martha Carties both ol South Bend, Ind.; daston Allinnr and Miss Viola Yarbrough Ijolh ol Blylhevillc; B, T. Anderson and Mrs. Rosic Payne, both of Kikes- .on. Mo. '.'Joseph,Richard Coiner of Ncelv'< •-"•idtiig, Mo., and Miss Palricis lh Bond of Cii|ie GirnrdcDu, Mo • C. Grcer of Glenn Allen, Mo' I Mrs. Mildred Hnbel of Illmo Mo.; Charley L. Langley and Mrs Elhel Shepherd Glenn, bolli of Blv- -Iieville; Lieut. Devant Jan Purvis >f Folkslon, Ga., and Miss Oletta French of Blytheville; Harvey M JIiss of Boston, Mass., and "Miss rmii Joe Morgan of Dvorsbnr« lenn.; w. C. Long and Miss Mar = ta-mcc Fondrcn, both of Dlytlic .James W Moore Jr., and Miss Margaret .Elizabeth Cutliph, both o nhnrlestoii. Mo.;. Virgil j.', K jev -t Muni, S. D., and Miss Sara Mildred Baldwin of Pncolnt, 3. o'.; Lyle H Uarbry and Mis., llu , )V Buckmaster Kill! of Robinson, m . J,,™,], ,' -"our of Cleveland. Ohio, and Miss' >y Edringlon of Blytheville- Os- L. Camp and Miss Juaniia Jromley, both of Blylhcvillc; Frank '. Clark of Pascola, Mo and Mrs >larlha A. Murray of Flint, Mich'-' esse Hayfield and Miss Helen Lou- so Mooring, both of New Madrid An.; Woodrow Wilson Holt of I,nw- on, Mich., and Miss Julia Gertrude iS-ors of Hartford, Mich Ocoree Jcwcy Turnbow !11U ] Mr ^ i mi ^ n aslher Scxlnn. both of Blyliicvillc" ..craM ttibanks and Miss Mozelle -Conlsomery. Iwlh u [ Roscland Art- • >„,*• 9 i '°«' c11 --"ici »frs. Ida IjMir, both of Portagcvillc, Mo „ ,,\ I 5 li>Ckmoro nml Mrs- Kllicl Vatts. both of Danville III • GCor Villiatn McPeakc and Mis.s' ciem Vngh boll, O f Dycrsburii, Temi.: ohn H. Veal of cobden, III., and Iiss Dorothy Ellen Adams of st ouls; Johnnie McDaniel and Mis- ; aVerne York. Ix.U, of-ULvihevillr- raiicis I,. Riltcr of Galcsbur B , III nd Miss Edna G. Tomlin of Liu e Rock; Jlershel Johnson and Miss [axme Perry. l, 0 !l, of Manlh; onio . Cole and Mrs. olive Grimes, both . Sifccslon. Mo.; Avion licnrv Huc- elKrry and Miss I law! Long, l»tl f Hornersvillc, Mo. Don Paul Headlcc and Miss Pa •icin FlOT-crs. boll, of Morehouse K c eva " Expert Auto Body Repair * * FLOOR MATS Vc'vc just received a shipment >f floor mats—front anil rear nals for all makes of cars. * * Lee Motor Sales 105 E. Main Ph. 519 Wei I, Here's The Pf-W' BIA'TIIEVILLB COUKIKR NEWS i His friends in UK- Klwanls Club wouldn't give Jimmy Terrell n chance lo lalk about his biggest fi 5 ),i 11( . cxjjc-driice ivhrn he returned recently from Florida. Instead, they monopolized the club mi-cUiiR with Iiill yarns of lljeir own, while (he Blythevillc planter was forced lo sll and listen, his story untold. Hart it not been for the fact that Mr. and Mrs 'ivircll brow!home snapshots of the 200-po.nd leopard ray which Jumped into the 0-foot beat in which (hey were fishing Mr. Terrell might not be able lo prove (he .story the Kiwanlans wouldn't let him tell in .ho above picture, Mr. Terrell, lefi, and Mrs, Terrell are shewn «illi Ihe big fidi after their exciting struggle with the creature wbirh lanucct , f| na,ely in Mrs. Terrell's ,ap an<l which lu, hus,,,,, c h o ;;",. i;'T „ T , iucmsci ™ s rra »'«" "^o-. -n,c ,„«, He "Shi ,s a Florida fnend who helped retrieve a 575 rod llm | reel .vhicli Terrell lost overboard in Ihc slrngflc. Mo.; James E. Morris and Mrs Jlei- thu O, Morris, both of Lulcsville Mo.; Truman Jesse Hill and Miss Margaret M. Rublcmcinn, both of St. Louis; Den/el Boylcs und Mrs Jo,sic May Sprayberry," both of Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Thomas B. utter- back and Mrs. Mary Drozd, botli of St. Louis; Harvey Leo Pencil of Carbondale, 111., and Miss Marie Lewis of West Fraiikforl, 111.; Clyde Bunt and Mrs. Viola Burd, both" of Cairo, 111. George W. Welch of CriclHon Ala., and Miss Violet Kirk of Bty- Iheville; Melvin Mcnler of Trumann and Miss Nccia Bloimt of Paragould; Williams Fletcher Young of Helena, Ark., and Miss Mary Elizabeth Welsh of Charleston ill"Marcus L. Hill and Mrs. Annie Oliver, both of Steele, Mo.; Archie Lester Ingrum and Mrs. Lula Francis Blaylock, both of Cnnithcrsvillc Mo.; James E. Rogers of Peoria, III. and Miss Paye Jenkins of Bloomington, 111. Cleo Ciitsingcr and Mrs. Alia HufT, both of Dccalur, 111.; Tom Irby and Miss Lcoler Matins, bolh of East Prafric, Mo.; James A. Lun- drum and Mrs. Lola May Landrum both of Blytheville; Lester T Pluni of Friendly, w. Va., and Miss Marine Tucker of Osceola; Carl Pierce and Mrs. Mamie Choale, both of Cape Girardeau; Harmon Bailey and Miss Vandy Gray, uoih of Blytheville.-- Lou Ncu-ton aiid ifrs. Serena M^il- ler, both of Manila; Vcrnon Elwood Moore and Miss Carma Cnssey, both of Manila; Russell A. Jackson of West Union. 111., and Mrs. Clara M. Dunham of Hutsonvillc, 111 • William Rimer Townsley and Mrs Stella Esther Youns, boll, of West Union, 111.; Jiminie R. Nash Jr of Chattanooga, Tern,., and Miss June Swift of Blytheville; James Cooper Crccix and Miss Anatey Clivers both of Carutliersviile, Mo . One ncu'er Church in London is used.for...religious,services,.oh Sun-, days flnrt ns a motion picture theater the reu of the week. Tuberculosis Leaders Meet- Here Last Night A combined mcetln (: of the County Hoard and Executive Hoard of tli« Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association was held last night at the home of Mrs. Roland Green president, Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary, was co-hoslcss, A two course dinner was served to the l(i guests, and later business of the association was discussed and reports of work (lone in the countv were given. . The success of the Christinas Seal Sale Ihis year has mnde possible more extensive work throughout. Uic county in the control of tuberculosis. Temperatures Atlanta Augusta Birmingham . Charleston Charlotte . ...'.'.'.'. Chattanooga . Chicago Cincinnati Denver . . Detroit '_ .Jacksonville Tallahassee Kansas City '.'.'.'. Macon Memphis Montgomery New Orleans New York " San Antonio Savannah Tampa Washington Dallas .'.' Houston ;.. Jackson Litlle-Rock ..•.'.'.'. Shreveiiort .•'•.-. High . B4 . 80 . 85 . fll . «2 . 83 . 78 . 51 . 74 . no . 84 .79 . 78 . H2 . 85 .- 82 . 71 . GO . 87 . .01 . 8G . 78 . 82 Do .....;:.:85 ' Low G4 fiS (J9 07 (il C5 fi4 Gl 2ft 59 07 GO 04 B5 73 Gl 70 •15 G8 C5 CG Read Courier News Want Ads. J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Ark. .GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING? 24 Hour Uervice MM,— Vulcanizing mtj Tir* WADE COAL N. Hwy. 61 CEILINfi PRICES I'hun; 22 Privett Child Gets War Bond Soldier Sends Gift To Baby; Donations Now Total $6138 Oifis (o Ihp Prlvelt Memorial Kund, to puicliase a home and furiilliirc for (he wife and clt'it young children of Pie. J. C. J't'lv- ett, killed In Luxembourg, now to- lul $1)13820 lit cash anil Bids of imilcrlals and labor HRgregntins several uiore Imndred dollars. In addition lo these. n'$25 Wai- Bond wii.s sent this week lo Llndii, Ihe baby burn (he day her fill her went to war n year ago. Glfis sent direct are being turned over by 'Mrs. Prlvctl to (ho com- mlllec which will make nil cxpcn- dllure.s. N'CKollutlons nre underway for mircluise of a Ini-ge. comfortiiblo House at u price which will leave i-nouuh money to furnish it comfortably. It Is believed. The committee is ciircfully nHotlng (he money in nil effort (o make Ihe family as comfortable ns possible wlln the money given, Capt. K. c. Colfn\an, commnnd- in« officer of Ihe German Prisoner of War camp, and Mrs. Coff- innii, sent $5 in a ¥ympatl]cllc lel- ler. Mrs. Corhiian wrole In part: "I feel our brave soldier, Private Privelt, gave his life for all of us. • It WHS we, Americans he was 2295 Crawford Service Station S. Division & City Limits — Phone 921 We Call For and Deliver Cars! Specialists In— Greasing - Tire Repairs - Washing W R "H-ll" r.t H.R. "Bill 'Crawford fCW 5ClS Of 5Cat jS9 vcrs !cft •.- j. L . .. Joc » Cosncr SEE... CALL... or WRITE me for your STONEVILLE COTTON SEED Swift's,Red Steer and Nitrate Fertilizers . . . Also Seed Sacks J. L. TERRELL,,, 111*8. KAwj. Ark. - lor, and his America lie B nve his life fur. Mrs. I'rlvi-ll Is n way niiil Imiipiness for her dear Illtle fiitlierless children." From iHcnv, South Dnkotn, cnme $i und ni idler from Mr. and Mrs. MIKC I'aiks. Mrs. i>,, r ks was formerly jllte Belly chiifln, in Ihc k-l- tcr she wrote "The pmpose o[ (bo Prlvctt fund mi(1 ,j 10 mfl i mci . )n wlilcn (he people arc cooperating intiKcs us uroitd lo remember you folks buck home In Blythevillo It Us fin honor and privilege lo have H part In tlie memorial." Mr. and Mi-s. Klclmrd Brown I sent $5 for their son In li-niiicc. K. | H. Heath ol OccniiJiidc. Cullf,. scut $1. He | S w |t|, t | le Marine Corps. Clmrlc.s- Tliunuon Downer scut $1. Mrs. 0. Kiinuch of Cleveliind. Ohio, sent $1. Wllh n fro,,, A . H. seelye of I coria. in,, came a card saving "Only wish i cmM , mL lw ;, ()l : Ihrec Imiulrod on (his check." In wndliifr the War Bond, Mr. and Mrs. wed Sliibnuui wrote from Slcellon, |'a. "May we cxunw uiir syni]iai|iy in vu ii r rd^ni, 10.^ j lim a sailor and hnvc been In n lot of action, My wife and 1 do not hnvc any children so we would like for you to accept the war bond enclosed for the youngest child. H Isn't very much In your loss but I do waul, you to know that tunny prnyers are with you. May Cod ble.w you and your children and winch over you," Mrs. j. is. Wo'itmorcliind mid Iwn sons sent $2. Jhc Mcli-Qiiolllnn Museum ol An, hi NCIV York Clly. dlspl.iys trhiiwulnr lonvps of lircn'd. totkr-il 1" nncicnl Thebes a500 yciirs «i;o PAGE THREE Checked and Cross-Cultivate^ Cotton ny DAM; MvCiiKCiou lixlmslon Collon Hpi'i'Iallsl With the limited furm liibor supply, checklni! iitul cross-cnlllvalliiB cotton nro nllrnclfiiK IncreasliiK In- loresl us means of rcclutliiB Ihu iimomil of I'lmpplng and hocltif; required. Collon cliopiilni; and hoc- are done nl n time when fnrmt'is need lo pliinl coin and hay crops, and Iwrvi'Kt ulfulfii or oals, Cross- ciiltlvnttoii can be usnl lo reduce (he lalwr nccilctl (o keep Iho col- Ion Held eleiin. Homvor, this prnc- llco should not Im used to Increase (he acreage of I'ollun, us picking Is Ihu farmers' major problem, KlKht Arkunsus (nrmers using Ihcse piacticos worn Interviewed last full, Umphusls.o! Ihe Interviews wus placed on wluit I In- funum consld- oivd errors most likely U) Iw en- connloml by riiriiu<r.<i' Jtist bc'Kln- ntiiK Ihe prnclli'M. Ualod In onlev of Imporliimx 1 , these errors arc us follows: leaving loo much collon In each hill, planting on loo much of H l»d, (akinn loo litlln din; lo in- .suro proper nlltinmcnt of cross rows when iislni; clii'ck pliinlns, mid wiillliiK too lule lo inukc llrst cultivation across the rows. Ucnnnmi'iKlntUms resulting from ll>« Intcrvluws Included lliu folluw- li«;: lliiw Wlillh: Tlicsc fnniH'i's were using Ihe normal width of rows Oil" lo .12"). ( Splicing In Koiv: Tim row width was considered desirable for spuc- IIIK In lh« row. Ili'slml I'laiiis |urr Illll: Thrcu nr four pliinLs per Illll were consid- ered dcslrnblu. H'ltlth of Illll or Sit-In to bo Utt (Cross-CultlviiU'd): Proper width of strip WHS •! lo 0 inches, depending on (ho stand, on Implements, end on soil lypc and condition. Those who tiled leaving u hill 10 U) 15 Inches long slated Unit a wlclo hill raisos hoeing costs; that chop- iwrs will Invariably chop oil one side of Ihe ntrlp und leave an un- ovcn cross-row lo cultivate; and Ihiil » IOIIK hill of coltoii reduces eltcc- (Ivcness of cross-cuUlvalion. elKhl of llcil: Planlliiu (lul, low to lint, lied, or on tow beds WHS rc'p- ommendcd. lm|il«incnls Used In ItlocliIiiK Oul; In ;iill ; cases re«ulur •culUvnlliiK Mmlpmenl was sallsfuctorlly used. Tlioso vtslni! disk nltachmenU (or culllvnlors thoiiRhl llicin suiierlor lo |)linvo, Till* clioio- WHS bused on their desire lo leave only 3 or 4 undisturbed pliinls per hill. 'Hie plows either disturbed rcmalnlm? plants, (u i tiui fiumcr using Ihu jilow would leave loo much collon In a hill In an olVorL lo keep from dls- Imbliilf liit'in. 1'iilllv.illon: Tlu'so (miners rcc- oinini'iulcd cilUlviillon (Irsl, wllh Die row; sccoml, ncross; third, wllh Iho row; fourth, ncross; and Iho bul- inii'c 1 , with Hie row. 'I'olal Labor Hi'iiiilrc'incnls Vor CiiKlvatlnir niiil ('lioiiiihiii; Three farmers were tilile to furnish Iho following riM|iilivii)i>iils: Man liourii per iii'i-u for hoclnn CISvo limes) 5.5 .(.o 7.0 Mini hours per acre for uulllvallon ii.'i 2.B 1.1 Tolal man hours,. 142 65 8.7 The labor rcqulrcmehls for cultivation varied laigcly, as a result of (lie equipment used; 1.7 hours per aero was required for 4-row Iraotor equipment, 2.6 for 2-row ' trader equipment, and 8.7 for a combination of onc-row'horBO cultt- valor ,and 2-row tractor (Ihe use of horse equipment was made necessary !jy Irregular planting wllh ft check planter). I'roilucllon.per Acre; Those with several years experience wer'o of HID opinion llmt there wns not much difference between'.the yield of cotton checked or cross-culllvated and that culllratcd In tiio usual manner. Hule of I'latiiliif: For crOss-culli- viillnn, the rnto wns aljont normal— 1 lo 111 bushels per ncre. Check pliuilei's, liowcver, greatly reduce .seed requirements. Seed must b« Oresun (rciiled. i Farmers should discuss (his practice wllh llielr county Agent before trying It. Gross Fire Extinguished Firemen extinguished n grass fire yesterday allcruoon, 6:30 o'clock, In the yurrt of Mrs. Marsaret Griper Smothcrmon's residence, 1310 Holly, which s,he recently purchased from' O. 1). Dunn. More Hum 350 clllcs In the UnlU cil Blah's now hnvc direct nlr'ex- press jrcrvlco as comparc<l wllh a lolnl of S5 a decade auo, This jfflffith thousands of Americans ill receive millions of Extra dollars In March, 1935, thousands of Americans invested in the new U. S. "Baby Bonds." These Bonds later became the United States Wai- Bonds you buy today. In March, 1945, this month, these thousand:; of Americans will receive a total of over $36,000,000 the full maturity value of those Bonds, People of foresight, these thousands of Americans. People who can recognize the best bargain in the world, too... one which pays back $4 for every $3 they invested in these Bonds. But above all, people with great common sense, who realized that in order to reap the fullest harvest from their investment, they must wait until their Bonds matured before cashing them in. . They realized that to cash' them in before their time was like throwing money away-money that was coining to them if they held on to their investment. That's something for you to think about whenever .you are sorely tempted to cash in one of your Bonds before maturity date. You reduce the size of that fat nest egg which will play a big part in your future. So, when you buy your Bonds, stick 'em away in a safe place... and forget about 'em until their time has come. It pays off in the long run I KEEP FftTH WITH OUR FIGHTERi£..BUY %KK BONDS fffR KEEPS! This space Arkansas Grocer Co, L. K. Aihcraft Co, Joe Atkint Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Bnrdetle A. S. Barboro k Co. T Barkidalc Mff. Ce. Blytheville WttcrC*. The Crafton Co. T Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet C*. is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Gay & Billint$. Inc. JieJpl'i D^K.V. n /* Guard', Jjwj, & Optic,! Stor C Lan gs to,Wrote, C, ftliX '., Halter', Quality Shoe Shop Charlc, S. L««.^ ' HC> ;1 Happy Hour Grocery ft Mkt. Planter, Hardware Co,, luc, Hardaway Appbuce C«. ~" " " Herrick, Jewelry f r Hubbard Furnitor* Ct. Hubbard Huddletton & C*. The New York St.r e Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C, Penaey C*. Cs, •ffil^TTtt^. »>i MfHM tUff ^ tltftil igji TomW.Jackso« • ^ <o • '•—' j-i Rustic Ins ' A. G, SbWey Wboleule Grocen C. G. Smitk i FloydA.WWt e '•'.' '. | Zeflnen Slipper Skop '" ' T,

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