Lancaster Intelligencer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1812 · 4
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Lancaster Intelligencer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 4

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1812
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Continual from rt Page.' N'vascntia, or Newbrunswick, the wagon, cart, sleigh, boat, or the thing by which the said naval or military stores, arms, or munitions of War or articles of provision are transported or attempted to be transported, together with such naval or military stores, arms, or munitions of War or provisions, shall be forfeited to the use of the U. S. ; and the person or persons aiding or privy to the same shall severally forfeit and pay to the use of the U S. a sum equal in value to the wagon, cart, sleigh, boat, or thing by which the said naval or military stores, amis, or munitions of War, or articles of provision, are transported, or are attempted to be transported ; and shall moreover be considered as guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to be fined in a sum not exceeding 500 dollars, and imprisoned for a term not exceeding 6 months, in the discretion of the Court. Provided, That nothing herein contained shall extend to any transportation for the use or on account of the U. S. or the supply of its Troops or ai med force. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That the Collectors of the several ports of the U. S. be, and the same are hereby, authorised to seize and stop naval and military stores, arms, or the munitions of War, or any articles of provision, and ship or vessel, wagon, cart, sleigh, boat, or thing by which any aticle prohibited as aforesaid isshiped or transported, or attempted to be shiped or transported, contrary to the provi-sions of this act. Sec. 4. And be it farther enacted, That no ship or vessel belonging to any Citizen or Citizens, Subject or Subjects, of any state or kingdom in amity with the U. S. except such as at the passage of this act shall belong to the Citizen or Citizens, Subject or Subjects ef such state or kingdom, or which shall hereafter be built in the limits of a state or kingdom in amity with the U. S. or purchased by a Citizen or Citizens, Subject or Subjects of a state or kingdom in amity with the U. S. aforesaid, from a Citizen or Citizens of the U. S. shall be adinited into any port or place of the U. S. unless forced by a stress of weather, or for necessary repairs ; . and any ship or vessel, belonging to a Citizen or Citizens, Subject or Subjects, of any state or kingdom in amity with the U. S. as aforesaid, except such ships and vessels as are above ex cepted, which shall, from and after the 1st day of November next, enter, or attempt to enter, any port or place aforesaid, the same, with her gargo, shall be forfeited to the use of the U S. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, I hat any British packet or vessel with dispatches, destined for the U. S. and which shall have departed from any port or place in the United Kingdom of Greatbritain and Ireland or its dependencies, on or before the 1st day of September next, shall not be liable to be captured or condemned, but the same shall be permited to enter and depart from any port or place in the U. S. Provided, That nothing herein; contained shall be construed to affect any Cartel, or vessel with Flag of Truce. Sec. 6. A'id be it further enacted, That the President of the U. S. be, and he u hereby, authorised to give, at any time within 6 months after the passage of this act, passports for the safe transportation of any ship or other property belonging to British Subjects, and which is now within the limits of the U. S. Sect. 7. And be it further enacted, That every person, being a Citizen of the U S. or residing therein, who shall receive, accept, or obtain a license from the Government of Greatbritain, or any Officer thereof, for leave to carry any merchandize, or send any vessel into any port or place within the dominions of Greatbritain, or to trade with any such port or place; shall, on conviction, for every such tfi'ence, forfeit a sum equal to twice the value of any such ship, merchandize, or articles of trade; and shall moreover be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be liable to be imprisoned, not exceeding 12 months, and to be fined, not exceeding 1000 dollars H. CLAY, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Wm II. CRAWFORD, President of the Seriate pro tempore. July 6, 1812. Approved. JAMES MADISON. Dissolution of Partnership. THE Partnership of WUmer & Lightner is this day dissolved, by mutual consent. All persons) indebted to said Firm are requested to make payment to Isaac T. Lightner, who is duly authorised to settle the accounts of the Firm, on or before the 1st vf December next; otherwise their accounts will be put into the proper hands, for collection. And those having demands against said Firm, will please present them, on or before said day. Nov. 5 3 N. B. The Store will be caatinued by David Witmcr, jr. DESERVED, FROM the Rendezvous Rhe 2d U. S Ar-tilln v, on the 14th inst. Immts Ferguson, an enlisted Soldier; was born HF Frederick county, Maryland, aged 29 years, 6 feel high, dark complexion, gray eyes, dark hair; a Laborer. He has a bald place on the back part of his head He is much given to intoxication ; and, tfl walking, appears a little lame. Whoever apprehends said Ferguson, and delivers him to any Recruiting or other Military Officer in the U. S shall receive 10 dollars, and every reasonable charge, il brought to me. JONATHAN KF.ARSLEY, Jf Lieut 2d U. S. Anil' j Com. Bendez Lr. Nov. 21. 3 Lancaster and Susquehanna INSURANCE COMPANY. A MEETING of the Stockholders will be held at their Office, agreeably to law, on the second Tuesday of December next, at 11 o'clock in the morning. (S JAC03 KRUG, President. Nov 14. Jj 3 cvciy it 9, A Drummer and Fifer wanted, FOR Recruiting in Lancaster; to whom 15 dollars, each, per month, and their Rations, will be given. Apply to Capt. Barnard, at Mr. S'aymaier's tavern. 0 N,.v 21. 4 Farmers' Bank. AT an Election, by the Stockholders jrthe Farme-rs' Bank, of Lancaster, held rth Tues day, thef3rd November instant, the following Gentlemen "were elected Directpw of said Bank, for the ensuing year, ua-Conrad Schwartz, John F. Steinmaii, Casnef Shaftner, jr. John Swar, Benjamin Schaum, John Gundncker, Samuel White, GeWgfevGraeff, Peter Dilter, Robert Patton, Bf nry CasVd, Samuel Carpenter, and JacobrEshelman, jrN. At a Mepttng of the Board, ohsthe 10?h inst. Conrad Senwartz, Esq. was unanimobqh' chosen President, for the ensuing year. v 7 SAMl. CLENDENIN, CaMez. 4 AN ACT, Supplementary to the act, entitled, An act respecting Alien Enemies.' Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Re presentatives of the U. S. of America, in Congress assembled. That nothing in the proviso con-tainf .1 in the act, entitled, ' An act respecting" Alien Enemies,' approved on the5' 6th day of July, 1798, shall be extended or construed to extend to any treaty, or to any article of any treaty, which shall have expired, or which shall not be in force, at the time when the Proclamation of the President shall issue. H. CLAY, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Wm. H CRAWFORD, President of the Senate pro tempore. Julv6, 1812. Approved. JAMES MADISON. Lancaster, Elizabethtown, and Middletown Turnpike Road company. 6 A MEETING of the Stockholders will be held at the house of George Harris, Crossroads, on Monday, the 7th of December next, to take into consideration the expediency of building a bridge across Swatara creek, on the route of the said Company's Road. At the same time, proposals will be received for contracting for the said work. By order of the Board of Managers. JOHN HOFF, Treasurer. Nov. 21. -3 Turnpike Election. NOTICE is hereby given, to the Stock-holders of the Downingtown, Ephrata, and Harrisbnrg Turnpike Road, that their annual Election will be held on Monday, the 4th of January next, at the house of Hunt Downing, in Downingtown, in the county of Chester, for to elect 1 President, 12 Managers, and 1 Treasurer, for the ensuing year, agreeably to Law. Of By order of the Board. NEW STORE. Thomas Crawford RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he has opened (in the village of Strasburg, in the House formerly occupied bv Mr. Jacob Barr) a neat and general assortment of DRY GOODS, suitable for the present and approarhing seasons; together with Groceries, Saddlery, Cutlery, China, and Queens-ware; which he is determined to sell upon the most reasonable terms, for cash, a short credit, or Country Produce. Also, a quantity of Juniper Berries, and jjops, of the first quality. Oct. 31. 3 Dancingschool. Mr. CEZERON respectfully informs the in-habitants of Lancaster and its vicinity, that he has commenced his School, at Mr. Whiteside's Ballroom. The days and hours of tuition are, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday,- the Children, from 5 until 7 o'clock ; and grown Persons, from 7 till 9. t Terms, as usual. Nov. 7. Ten Dollars Rewards STOLEN from Thomas Clfxderiin's tavern, in Bart township, a chesinu-jrirrel MARE, with a ball face, 4 4iite fee; and a spot cf red in the ball, above theNpgfit eye. Whoever secHtesSyMare and Thief, so that the Owner mjrf get lirsJVlare, and the Thief be brought lo justice, shalPhave the above reward, from N. f WILLIAM UARCKLEY. ,Nov.7. ' 2 JL A valuable Farm, for Sale, KNOWN by the name of Miller's Seat; situated in Lancaster county, Mountjoy township, about 5 miles northeast of Elizabethtown, 8 miles northwest of Manheim, 3 miles from Colebroolc furnace, and about 17 miles from Lancaster; containing 340 acres; about 130 of which are in wood. The cleared land is under good fence, and consists of excellent meadow and tillable land. Springs of excellent water are distributed over the place, so that not a single field need be w ithout this invaluable advantage. The improvements on the place consist of a good dwellinghouse, and stone barn, about 30 by 80 feet. Two Springs are within a few rods of the house; and an orchard of fine bearing trees, and a young one, planted 2 years since, are adjoining. The place is well known to those living in the neighborhood, and is not surpassed by any in the vicinity. The land lies extremely handsome, and is well calculated for a profitable stock-farm. It will be sold either whole, or divided into 2 or 3 smaller places. As those who are disposed to purchase will doubtless visit the place, it will be supei fluous to be minute in describing its advantages. The terms will be reasonable; and may be known I y applying to Wm. Dicison, Lancaster, or the Subscribers, in Philadelphia. JOHNSON & WARNER. Nov. 21. PETER MARTIN, Treasurer. Blanks for sale, as usual. WHO HAVE ALSO FOR SALE, A Farm of 178 Acres, IN Upperdublin township, Montgomery county, 14 miles from Philadelphia. The improvements on this place are, a large stone dwellinghouse, barn, and stables, a frame carriaehouse, granaries, &c. all finished in the most substantial manner. There is an ex-cellant orchard on the place a good proportion of meadow ; and about 20 acres of wood. It is well known by the name of Warder's Farm. One-third of the purchase-money will be required when the title is delivered ; the balance, secured on mortgage, to suit the Purchaser. Ap. ply as above. IQ-mo. 17. X7 The Drawing, of the " Strasburg Lutheran Church Lottery, COMMENCED on Saturday last; and it is expected will progress with as little delay as possible. Oct. 31. 4 (J Tickets for sale, at Dickson's Bookstore. 7 John Risdel $T TAKES this way of tendering his most sincere thanks to his friends, and the Public in general, for their generous past favors; nnd solicits a continuance of their patronage, in Iris fine of business, which he will endeavor to merit, by a strict attention to a selection of the best qualities of Groceries, China, Queens and Glassware; Lisbon Salt, by the barrel; and a quantity of his renowned N. Cheese, at 20 cents a pound, by the whole cheese, and 25 cents, cut. Mrs. Risdel offers the Ladies a good assortment of Ostrich Feathers and Artificial Flowers. August 1812. .') m Washington Pottery, Marketjiear Schuylkill 6th'Strcet, Philadelphia. The Probetor of the Washington Pottery invites Gentlemen from the country, who are friends of Domestic Manufactures, to inspect the articles manufactured at His Pottery, in Philadelphia. The aortment is useful, and the articles firm, strong, durable. Orders, with the Cash, addresd Jhn Mulloxvr.y, H'ghstreet, Philadelphia, will be punctually attended to. Worms, Coughs 1st Colds, Asthma, Consumption, Gout, Rheumatism, Sprains, Palsy, Headache, Toothache Corns, lick. Printers of fri to our in- r, by giving fant Manufactures, will confer a f i he above a few insertions. A Sept. Yf. T 1U wm N. B Plates, and Fire bricks, are now redy for del tyery. Oct. 17 r The Subscriber offers for Sale, TO discharge a judgment, supposed to amount to ten thousand dollars, by a declaration filed in the Supreme Court, obtained by Michael Gr atz, against Joseph Simon, deceased ; the following property, belonging to the said Subscriber, in Centre Square, in the borough of Lancaster, in the said county, viz. The corner house and lot, in the tenure of Wm. Barton, Esq. and others ; the house and lot adjoining, last occupied by Mrs. Ktppele ; the house and lot in the tenure of Patton AW, Esq. Also, the store and lot in the tenure of Messrs. Ober & Kline. As it is ihe sole inclination of the Subscriber to discharge the said demand; he therefore offers his said property for sale; subject to a yearly groundrent, and free from all other incumbrance. For terms, apply to the Subscriber, LEVY PHILLIPS, 20, North bthstreet, Philadelphia. 22, North 4 ALSO, All persons having any demands of the said Subscriber, in notes, bonds, or any transaction whatsoever, will present them for payment ; and ihose indebted to him will make payment; within 4 weeks from this date, to John Ross, E'q. else will be put in his band for collection. Oct. 3. tf Wanted, TWO Apprentices to the Coppersmith business. Apply to the Subscriber, next door to the Office of the Intelligencer. X) JOHN UPPERMAN. Aug. 29. Q bLANK DEEDS, J? On Paper and Parchment, for sale. HOLL AND-COM PANY'S LAN D. 49 The Holland Land-company now offer for sale, the following described lands, in the State of Pennsylvania, viz, 87 TRACTS, each containing about 990 acres and allowance; situate in Richland and Frenchcreek townships, in the county of Venango, on the waters of Tobyscreek and Deer-creek, &c. The State Road from Elrie to Northumberland, which will shortly be tmnpiked, passes through these land. To accommodate Settlers, these tracts are subdivide! into 6 lots, containing 165 acres and allowance, each. They will be sold, either by whole tracts, or by lots, as the Purchasers may select. 40 TRACTS of land, each containing 990 acres and allowance ; situate in Warren county, in a regular square form, on the waters of To-wanista creek. Thi3 body of land will be sold, either all together, or in 4 or 5 separate shares, of 8 or 10 tracts each. 6 TRACTS, each containing 990 acres and allowance; situate in M'Kean county, in a tegular square form, also on the waters of Towa-nista creek. This body of land will be sold together, or else in 2 shares only. 8 TRACTS of land, in Jefferson county, containing about 990 acres and allowance each tract; situate on the waters of Tobyacrcek, Springcreek, Beaverdam, Towanista and Trout creeks. These lands will be sold, either by wholesale or single tracts, to Buit the Purchasers. The above lands are generally good, well watered, and well timbered, having been judiciously selected. A good indisputable title will be given to the Pure ha sets. Application to be made to the Subscriber, in Lancaster. D. LE FEVRE. Agent for tlie Holland Land eompuny. March 7, A fresh Supply of LEE's Patent and Family Medicines, Celebrated for the Cure of most D teases, to Viliich the Human Body is liable i PARTICULARLY, Diseases of the Eyes, Ringworms, Tetters, tjV. Inward Weaknesses, Nervous Disorders, Female Crmplaintt, Hoopingcough. . -10 HANN's ANT1-BILIOUS PILLS, For the prevention and cure of Bilious and Malignant Fevers The Proprietor has every possible reason, that can result from extensive experience, for believing, that a dose of these Pills, tafeen once in every 2 weeks, doling the prevalance of our bilious fevers, will prove an infallible' preventive; and further, that, in the earlier stages of those diseases, their use will very generally suco-fi in restoring health, and frequently in cat-s esteemed desperate, and beyond the power of common remedies. 7'hey are excellently adapted to carry off" superfluous bile, and prevent its morbid secretions; to restore and amend the appetite; to produce a free perspiration, and thereby prevent cchis, which are often of fatal consequences. A dose never fails to remove a coid, if taken on its first appearance. They are celebrated for removing habitual costiwness, sickness at the stomach, and severe headache, and ought to be taken by all persons, on a change of climate. In sickly times or places, a dose should bp takt n every fortnight ; and if there is reason tt apprehend personal danger, it may be Uikaa once a week. Hamilton's Worm-destroytng Lozenges. This medicine bears no analogy whatever U others of similar title, so commonly complaint d of as operating with violence. On the contrary, a particular excellence of this remedy is, its being suited to every age and constitution. It contains nothing but what is perfectly innocent, and is so mild in its operation that it cannot injure the tenderest infant cfa week old, should no worms exist in the body; but will, without pain or griping, cleanse the stomach and bowels, of whatever is foul or offensive, and thereby prevent the production of worms, and many fatal disorders. A dose of this medicine given occasionally, during the warm season, will efTectnaUy prevent the vomiting and purging of Children;' a dreadful disorder which annually destroys thousands of the infant part of our Citizens. It i likewise the mildest aid most certain remedy known, and has restored to health and strength a great number, when in an advanced st?e of this fatal complaint. Particular and plain instructions are given for every part of the necessary treatment in such cases. Children generally take this medicine with eagerness, having a pleasing appearance and an agreeable taste. Hamilton's Grand Restorative, Is recommended as an invaluable medicine, for the speedy relief and permanent cure of Nervous disorders, Violent Cramps in the Consumptions, stomach and back, Lowness of spirits, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Melancholy, Impurity of the Blood, Gout in the Stomach, Hysterical Affections, Pains in the limbs, Inward Weaknesses, Relaxations, he &c. The principal operation of this remedy is ill the stomach, restoring the digestive power?. ana sending lorth Jrom that organ new health and vigor into eery part of the system. It enriches and purifies the blood, without inflaming it; braces, without Stimulating too violently, the nervous .system ; stfengthei.s the secretory vessels, and the general habit ; brings batk the muscular fibred to their natural and healthy tone; and restmes that nutrition which immoderate evacuations had destroyed, and whose loss had thrown the whole frame into languor and debility. Hamilton's Essence and Extract of Mustard, A safe and effectual remedy for ACUTE AND CHRONIC RHEUMATISM, Gout, Rheumatic Gout, Palsy, Lumbago, Numbness, White Swellings, Chilblains, Bruises, Sprains, Pain in the Face and Neck, See. This valuable remedy is prepared both in a fluid slate and in pills, and thus excellently adapted for external and internal use. The sovereign Ointment for the Itch, Which is warranted an infallible remedy at one application, and may be used with the most perfect safety by pregnant Women, or on Infants a week old not containing a particle of mercury or any dangerous ingredients whatever; and is not accompanied with that tormenting smart, which attends the exhibition of other re-remedies. HAMILTON'S ELIXIR, A sovereign remedy for Colds, obstinate Cough, Asthmas, Sore Throats, approaching Consumptions, and most disorders of the breast and lungs. To Parents, who have Children afflicted with the Hocpingcough, This discovery is of the first magnitude, as it affords immediate relief, checks the progress, and in a short time entirely removes, the most cruel disorder to which Children are liable. The Elixir is so perfectly agreeable, and the dose so small, that no difficulty arises in taking it. Harm's genuine German Cv; np'aister, Hahu's genuine Eyewater, Toothache Drops. The genuine Persian Lotion. The Restorative Powder for the Teeth and Gums. Infallible Ague and Fever Drops, For the cure of Agues, remittent and intermittent Fevers, &c. &c. Sold, wholesale and retail, at Lee'i Patent and Family Medicine Store, No. 56, Maiden-tane, Newyork; and, by particular appointment sold by Williavi Dicison, l.ancasier. German Almanacs, fox 1813.

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