The Daily News from Passaic, New Jersey on February 1, 1929 · 21
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The Daily News from Passaic, New Jersey · 21

Passaic, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1929
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THE DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1929 FACE TWENTY ONE Y AND GARDEN SPOT TEAMS ; : Y Five . . . Defeats i ! Montclair t Bill Robert Men Trim District Champions By . 34-30 Sccre Pete Babbles Stars Wins, With Fac Jump Into An Early Lead, Never Headed Wanted! One Basketball Team, Is Coach Eddie Tryon'i Lament Jltg.'t IV houl li Uftout 4 vofU'J ba-krtfr.! Irani IUy m U l o( foduatmti and eiamUsalSniv Jhirr of Ur tirat !rni flw Job 1 in v prrj, fin-rr Farr and Hamid Lufcv tiavf brrn frsdoatd and aimouHcrovrnt lu Uxtav that Uf tao tjmtum oirmhri ftUtthrw Lov and John tsi'arskv arr inr'igibla briu o! flunk, tvf m eimlnUotvi. Ituthrrfoii) Llaa Btclgrft d Pa l tomofrov II Lme and H tMkv arr pfrnJt'rd Us ay It a ill tx thnr lort (aitx ol the wa -on lu f rr Gets Big Chance 1 : ' p I- . Tr7 Sti ' wv J Rar Barhuli v Tb undrfeatrd M-ntair Y. C A basketball team, champkma 1 . of the Fourth Dtiinrl and favored j tn the btU Y title, Ut a firtou! game to the Pav-al'? oo-t lUan five U Usght on Uwj River rhe coat by yie k of 34 A'i 30 ' Led bv Pet Babbles the lota 4 f v jumped off to a ten-point ad and managed to fke (Kit the I ime despite the aeaUonal piar- . ig of lao MonlcUir brother, C ; a id R hhrfier, at forward The Is ter two men a plaving wuh the etcepuon of Babblea comuteni work, was the bet en on the Y court this year Kal.vr and Babblej amazed the r'oad at the game opened with to $. m a preliminary a aeries o long onehand ahots Th tummanes .d it looked u if the game " n ght be a rout, but the two Janloi arwiiv j other began their work of rut- ' q ng past Passaic guarda and aror- Yaoona r f I . under the basket. Both were ODea, If ' . ........I quick as a flawh and arcus- Homestead c 7 , t med to working nth each other Milier rg 2 The game was tied onre In the Hudak, lg ...!!!!!" . 4 1 t quarter, but auroeantve basket , b heMier and Babble put Paa-1 1 nr out ahead as the whittle I ft Red Triangles Kesiler outpaed the center on G. Montclair Big Bo) Lennon. and Blltrer rf 0 d dn t allow Mm a baaket. He Prtenberg. if 1 a ao contributed two neat goals Tavior, c . 0 u vder the basket and two much-1 Bachs, c 0 t vded foul shots. ioida., Ig 1 Babbles wa the star of the con- Madison, rg 1 "t as uual. no only with hiS 1 tooting but with his guarding 3 hat broFe up many a Montclair ---- itrmaiion Phil Lltchenberg -red the game well, although CllltOn I lIH!CrS ve Montclair team howled at his crriMons once or twice Rangers Defeat Nurmi is Victor Americans, 2-1; In Newark Games Boston Repeats By Forty Yards Without Stars, PatricLmea Wia Sprttd-E(lrs Field And Is Drtpita Woadrrful Work Of Ahead By Wide Marjio At I Wortars lo Nt Bruins Finish Barbuti Dors Krrp Up Mad Pace Well In Come-Back E. R. Girls Defeat Cliffside :Turn In - Forty -1 k i r I Straight Victory After Trailing At Half Time Scora la 30 To 5 et e IVwiwfek and Kiik' pld a murtf il bcii gnrur nr rftter it mtkrr IVhack aided br h lUithmg mate uaivk C!cheitt ftotr gwnae Jsblouskt alw paved a wotidrilu! fame, this youiut Ua h a kvmg futuiw on Uve tibtrd wur! J s'sU ai.d CUuv pwuU well for the kxwrs Hie fllrtm-i would I kr M hrrt the Hcmkwka a.'N ih J u ir me 7epprluu and trwims of 1 kc trwvgth gwiifr ioumtumu with A1 Kuraaki r )li Pii ,h aiy 1 4eUa tr Wedneds erenlng 1 The score foluli grtnie - -nitiKSBq iwisa M M J Taniwy and T mwrrw Jack Holt in COURT MARTIAL - ..a Jokaar Hioes in THE WRIGHT IDFA" Unlimited Parking Facilities f.iHMI VI tf jitr Am A . Is (o4 A Mihu r.rtfa tllMiiis jiiwiUI lionet Ml 1 nt St e t . l4 S JU I triuhis, , Im St lob III lir.Mfe Ithlie -c judxK Ih Ihralte (WII4 M h twik ufn o sii um h slire MUM O MllflON tr( 'lot. ri A ! , V Ml ft 4 Mwk trh 4ii, Ulniiip. (he I rN - , Max Sclnncllins Captain Schmalz Star Of Contest ftlion fAnt quartet, third time was aecotids Kicdertrk Bturdv of Yale, lea red thlitern ferl srNen tlKhew to Will the imitathHi pole vault The After being nosed out tn the first half br a IM c'ry. the Rsnt Rutherford High ficlknot girl bavkrtbal) team cam out in the weoond half and prew eeded lo fire their opponenu a drubbing which netted them 4 30-10 victory, The vKUm waa Cliffside Park and arter playing 4 good gamt in Use first half they RnaUv its cumbrd when Captain fVhmala ran wild and rolled up many points In the first period Coach Perry started her second strong forwards but anon changed In the sorond perKd the Oar NEW YORK, Today - One Of NEW YORK. Ioda - lt It b Uk oonipuiU In the N- uo( for uoUUn, UkI Ukj, .i JiKlmv 0,, fonnrr tUu, ,, lionU IfockcV Uafue U th.t therr Nurmi Hie 'PhanUuii ruin Miiiidlln. clmmiuon on prim.-I. not enough orlnc Thr ont He. ilrrad, made three .t.rta In nrnl f.uuKwion of tlie XViiiron remedy li to set s ne wt of ol hi preoenl Americ.n running ln- trophy m Ihe fe.mre waTy.rd termer, .ho .n- not M ,nod M Mion .nd no rlv.l ,et hu me ''eVp.mJdLT I lie preent su.rdi.n. of th neu clox enouh to trt him ftnuti. ,,, A C and Albert Brlsst fn three game, lust night DO lev Jt th old atoey ml the Crom to. n .Im .ere .econd third th.n live giwllM put on perform- S' Jowph. Catholic Club g.mev and l.-l re pronely n-ev lint .ere oufUndUi fr-,ln Ne..rk Ut night Running Nc' frep .on tlied,n Ap,iU,r. mere ouUoored br hia flrt handicap rare of his ,,p n,,k' tntirw hnlattu relay race! far putnia lo Uir and the first ture. of the rontevti )et none of ore.t P.o Pnd hu l,Jl f'1 fnirdKi . .L-o of Nr -, ,.j ended IUi C'llff.ide Park on tliem .ere performin aboie thetr'unnny ,t . nrd 0) ark won.l .head if Kearny High the kmg e-id of a 10 t arore runtiut umuI .tandard tmehe optionenL hi a .pertai t.o- School, hleh fell bark to Uitid After tlie real period Ihe O.r , -siirinin Wortrri of the Nc. wllo tun to .in by forty yardii1" l,'c ll 'ge.. .Per gnttig den Npotter, .hoard their form 11 . Hu time of nine minutes, 19 3-S ue .timer a ilow b.ttle The ,lld ijrj Up eight point, to their York Amen. an. lmo kept one broke no ITfords but Ne.ark Prep qu.rtrt ronutlng of opponent, three rook from .polling the broth lor ... f.,t for all of that Cimiulrr- O'-rhelrkr, Deulwh Pl'-r anlj n hr fln.l period tlie Cllffrlde K T hi. team .hen the Ranger had to mg tin tiial It ... turned In ' 0 1 pi.y ph on'y half of their famous 0ier a flat, unbanked trick at I 1 J mother art but he eould not. .top 113th Regiment Armory. ... .11 of the barrage of Rangrr ahota pour year may hate du.lrd '"1 hn " College Biooklvn Hutherford Korrd thirteen point. 4 With their right Mar .n.ger mia- nme of Nurmi, dialing pred ilniihed In that order In a one- ouutandtn featura of the 0 8 liu because of a nupenMon. The and .lamina but the fan nc rollrgc rrl.y .tilth ... .on mM lbf girtaeiilar .hooting - Ranger .ent out to make up tor that American duunre runner. i - IS IS - (of Captain Kdna K hmale hu 2 34 hi absence by worlng their first have their ork cut out for thenu janired i.enty-otie polnl. of Hie Victory tit four IntraKl'y clash . if they are to remain .itlun hall- ajf , thirty her team aoored Eva Rolff titt eeaum and they did It by a tug dn lance of the JmiiUh iron- lYlnnnn . T h fl n I placed eU at her id center and TMt.MOUSt OR A tNTIOTAINMtMT DEJI-YlHlEATiniE AT iKUItilAfURO ' NIW JIRSIY TONIGHT BUSTER KEATON THE CAMERAMAN WITH MARCEUNE DAY . ALSO Two-Reel Feature Comedy AND NEWS EVENTS CHINA NIGHT AmitemttU I 3 to I count Taffy Abel and Leo nian. Munson Shoots Six Fine Games PALACE PASSAIC was Instrumental In much of the EaM Rutherford aronng I Mlw Feta was the star of CHIN Mde Park, playing a good game and scoring eight of her tesuis RUie. gave .a exhibition that the tl on the Mle-nth Jap t nd pa(erlon McNkir Stir Cel 299, '"l he Kre a iHhp&ct only bv that of Worters mon a PJ . c of the New York A C. given . 298 Gktnei Avertirg 254 E. Rulheiford llosten win. Again 74 yard le t, .as aecond and trv lug Totten, former Union Col. re r Boston , buttling Bruin, also had t.r, third Totten also received a the services of an expert In the 75-yard handicap TODAY Marion Davie and William Hainei in SHOW PEOPLE Harry Carey in 1 THE BORDER PATROL At COOK COM! I) IMCHT SILVER NITE TOMORROW Tim Met v In 'RUHR Or THR HARK-Virginia A. IN In -HTRtnti or 11 1 1 mov 1-6 For Evening Work McNair s Vollack. f TTie summanesB Montclair C bhfifler, f H Sheifier. f, Lnnon. c , Kavrnv c ... arevn g .. Y LThUrcn, g , G . 3 . ft . 0 . 3 . 3 . 0 Beat Sonny Five WU ,n th" hun! up ,hr! Thr ,or,v vrds ,h4t county Lrgu leant did mm tall f;ar. I . , clctrnth victory m thirtern games Nurmi at UK flmh from his pear-j pinning in thr . t.o-mrn tram ivomer c Friday mght t the O.trririi Pnl- to slay on the hrels ot Uie Ran- eat rust marked hu doerd- vie- t0un ament l.'t night .hen he av- pm,, 'K ace the nessure Club defeated RPr, tbe Ameru.11 group stand- tore of the eeavm. He .on . r - t 1 R r six gamer foie a 8 Im? ln! Bo'!rn sroml tl,rM' times 3 iKfl-jard race tn the Brooklyn Munson narroaly missed mm (Cxik'alb i IX w'w'u1 , J M,M'TO1 hr "d ay., lint Toronto .mle the Leaf. Collar games several .eeka ago bv t , , He hid a 398 1 McMahon Jr wrre hich worrv nlv one counter pat -half 4 lap snd 4 two-mile event y for the 1nnera hie Girbartiio Tjny Thompson Tlie Bruin gtwhfjn the Prout Meniortsi games 4 and Mickev bowled best loi me - , ... i.. c -,.ee. hi.M and Mickfy bowled best foz 7 lowers The scores has played 4 large part tn their Boston lat Satnrdat night b. RIALTO ftseSIl Vl .Ilf) 13 6 30 Pawukic G F. 5 3 b aiser f 4 0 Madison, t 0 0 b estier. c 3 2 ewenson g 0 1 rec!and. g ....3 g 0 tAazeski. g 0 ( liftoo rieavure ( lub J McMahon. Er.. 107 am i BID Ie Grout J79 19 T McMahon, Jr .... 190 14 11 Mundio IW lfiO 8 W, De Groot 0 6 Totals 1 bonny Big Five 31 v 247 402 HA 178 13 The Pa.valc junior t 5 Kane Frank . . . 1 1 Gnrbarlno Ml key 34 Porro. Jr varsliv j ufcd the Red Triangle Five, 36 Totals winning streak, letting only fhe three-quarters of a lap He makes xrf! .hots pass him In their last seven hlf next Mart tomorrow night m Munson games Clint Benedict turned tn A tjeeial two-mile grind at the MtFadrirn IM Ins second successive shutout for Boston A A game the Montreal Maroons, giving them - rhti Rlln, 1 2 to 0 vlrtory over the lowh' Harej.berg PI Ch-ago Black Hawks. Without Wearing the same torn trunks wmtford . 14j Du k Irvin and Vic Ripley thetail-jfn whlh he won the Olvmptr coders of the league were not able 400-mcier champlonsliip Rav Bar-1 908 891 843 to do much offensively but their butt former Fjracnv track and net guvdjan, Chuck pardlner, did football capUln. reeled off 4 con- Munson 223 fR9 a great Job In holding the score 1 pie of lap in in exhibition NotMrradden IM Dave Trotner, former Olvmptc sfr 1 now in actual competition Bar-18) scored his first goal suve he be-buti wa not timed 1 171 came a professional and Nels 6lew-j The Millroee A C won thr Ciperson 1S8 art notched his sixteenth of the girls 440-vard reiav handicap Wright saon to give the Maroora the vie- with the Prudential A A. also of 905 874 8C7 torv I New York aecopd and the Polhlu 26 195 4M 198 213 J98 220 . 618 Fftr 181 A M 343 4H 209 k204 813 107 160 347 340 D Miller. Weber, g 203 Total Bcure 15y pe'-trads' Fast Rutherford 171(c:iffiMJe Park 191 Referee, McCarty - ftcorer, Kurbler 362 Timer, BronneT TODAY AD TOMORROW Tm Tyler & Frankie Darro in "THE TRAIL f Lya Dc Putti in "THE SCARLET LADY" Walter Miller in "THE MYSTERIOUS AIR. MAN" Mack Sennett Comedy and Aempi Fables 7HT HOUSE Or- TALKIES J A STANLCY rABI AM THTATRC KIDAY AND lOMoKROW VICTOR HUGOS GREAT CLASSIC THE mil WHO LAUGHS A MOI M PIITIRE fRUASMINO CONRAD VEIDT & MARY PHILBIN lmi Shnlni ak 9 T. M. "BUMPING ALONG" COMEDY MOVIETONE NEWS LYNN COWAN ON THE V1TAPH0NE " 81 MIA k IHH ION MLL8 IN 1 HE HARKS K f 3 8 4 3 13-30 2-lft Co-operating factories send us the seasons finest clothing to be liquidated at once at such great sacrifices that FELDMAN can now offer to thousands of men bigger and better clothing bargains than any other clothing store ever attempted. MEN! FACTORY NEEDS CASH FORA LIMITED TIME ONLY -ca Co-operating factories overstocked, need money to pay bills, must sell now regardJecs of loss, thousands of high grade Mens and Young Mens SUITS and OVERCOATS must Le turned into cash at once. CT SUITS and OVERCOATS fZ u 95 V- Former Values to $25.00 TROUSERS FROM $1.00 UP FELDMAN Plenty of Overcoats to pick from. AH patterns and colors blues, greys, browns. Latest cuts and patterns e tube and box models. I - UNION CLOTHES SHOP, INC. 745 MAIN AVL, PASSAIC M-w Madton sM Me j Suits, single and double - breasted f models in the season's newest patterns and models. AH sizes from 33 to 48. Stouts and regulars. Grammar Five Beats Paterson Passaic Delta Alpka Pki Quintet Wins Basketball Game, 38 To IS The Puulc Chapter of the Delta Alpha Phi fraternity won It. first Inter-chapter basketball (.me swamping the Beta Chapter, ol Paterson, Ji-18, at the Peterson court. Star, tn the game were numerous Oarber, Kniicwltx, end Tried-man upheld tlie Parnate Five while tar the Peteraon Five Cohen, Muaeweui and Devine pleyed good, bed. Thi victory make, the Gamma chapter eligible to piev the champion of the fraternity, Aipha, of Brooklyn, which will be played In the near future Wednewley eve nine, the Alpha B!gma rPhl fra temity will be the gueri of the Delta Alpha Pht fraternity at No 12 School The wore Beta iPalervent OFT tonne f 2 1 S Cohen iCap'amt t ... J 0 8 C Gold, f 0 t M B rawer, e. ........ 9 0 0 Al Weiner, C ......... 0 0 0 Buseaem, g 112 fl Kahn, g S 0 0 A. Kahn, g 0 0 Total. 8 2 tS Gamma tPaaaaiel Br Friedman, f ... 2 I 5 H Garber ' Captain i t 7 1 15 Irv. Btlverstlen. t ... 2 8 t Amo Bavin, c ...... 2 1 S Don Krulealte, g 3 J 7 Phil Rubin, f 1 1 Nat Mii.'vrn. g . ..8 1 1 Total. . . ..18 8 78 RefereoLou Turner, tA B pi Paterson Villardt Defeated By lit Falcons In Well Played Game The Poiuh Peirutm Net No 111 defeated the fal-eppmf Willard", from Garfte.d ui the hret gam ol Rex T heatre East Rutherford, N. J. COMING Next Mor. and Tues. Feb. 4th and 5th An UTTtRiv Different MUSICAL FARCE COMEDY i or.".! a baud on rut iomtrf 7? y OAIATCST CAATOOff y Ttllr CSu . ilB'eMIaia a -- BUkaninTiiirl imtilMMWWiT aiflir i dXj iifaii r - i aiiniini"vii UTXs T A N L E Y - TAP IAN I HEAT RJI VJ DbrehimJRaAliJlfomnanHttacnuUA T0DAT TOMORROW tXTBA-ORDINARY ADRFD ATTRACTION AT ' I.SORMOIB EXPENhF. AN ri-i A LAU6U IN fcVtRV LINC-A WJITIVfr NEW CREATION with A Chorus of Twenty Beautiful Young Women Popular Price - - Special Eniagemeut of ANNETTE RELLERMAN The Famous Eiponent of Physical Education, ia Her Latest Program of Exercise oa THE PERFECT FIGURE AND HOW TO RETAIN IT At 90 . FIVE OTHER BIG ACTS GEORGE BROADHURST & CO. LITTLE PJPIFAX. THE CLOWN ART. HENRY & CO., LIL ESTHER SILVER NITE TONIGHT riioTori ay nip in "KiKr' 91 NDAY, ANMt FRSARY WEK-fl BIG ACT C OWING tioClN MAE Ml RRAI, In Penvon AUTO 'JU. PATEIU0N ARMORY ALL THIS WEEK SEE THE NEW CARS BEAUTY-COLOR-POWER . PROMENADE AND CONCERT MUSIC BIG DISPLAY OF ACCESSORIES 50' ADMISSION Show Open , y,-rnn08 Aad Erening. 50,

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