The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 28, 1934
Page 6
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ID B[ ON AH Together Boys Eight Regulars Hitting .300; Pitching Set But Jurges Loss Felt By CHARLES GRIMM Miniger Chicago Cub? NEW YORK, July 28.—As I «•>' li, (he Giants, Cardinals and Pirates all sre going to bo cough until the last shot is fired, bin obviously the New York club is one the Cuts have to beat I believe tiio Chicago team's- chances of winning the National League pennant are ns erad at thcee of the current wotlil eham- pioris. The tchediili' favors the Giants for they finish at home—an advantage always In a dose rare. But, on the 1 otliH- haml. the Cubs have a long stay nt Wriglej Field during the hot dog days ot August. That Is when well havi to rip our real diivlnc- The (limitr sre apt to find th; gahig particularly rough on the road at that time, and if we can keep within hailing distnnce during the present road trip, ! feol that we will lake the lead before Labor Day. Once we get out In front, the Giants will find It exceedinsly difficult to head us olf. I anticipate si hind battle right up to the wire. Finn- clubs must be considered, 'but the dope points to the Cubs and Giants lighting it out, with the one gelling the bfr,l breaks most likely to cop. * « • Until the other day, the Cubs' problem was getting Injured players tack Inlo the regular lineup. Now that Charley Klein and myself again are available, we foon should be milking I In 1 Glanls panl. Chicago still Is handlcapi>ed ' at that, without Shortstop Bill Jurgess, who may te out for sometime as the result of an operation for appendicitis. While the Cubs are fortunate In liavluv a substitute of lire caliber of Woody English, Jiirges' absence hurts a lot. Our pitching. I believe, li set for the remainder of the campaign. Ouy Bush, Wetneke, Bill Lee, and big Jim Weaver constitute our first line staff. All save Bush arc In good cpndltlon, strong and ready to go. Bush hasn't been feeling well, following an car infection, but it Is nothing serious, and the Mississippi Mudcat will be his same old fast nnil screw ball self within a few days. Pat Malone, Root and Tinning make up our first line pitching reserves, and they, too. tire in tiptop shape. ; • • • Our position at this stage of the scramble is n favorable eone. Chicago puts a fine defensive machine on the field daily, with eight regulars hitting more than .300. including drivers like Klein. Uabby Hartnelt, Ilazen Cuyler. and Babe Herman. Cuyler, who failed to smack the tphere with men on bases, during the prc-fent invasion of the east should shake his slump any day. Although his mark for tht; Juinil fell to .158, his seasonal average still hit .,328. I'm not. warrled nbout Kiki. He's too natural a hitter to remali in a rut. The' Cubs are pulling together and none of our boys concede the Giants, or any other" club, anything. .oral Golfing Ace Will Attempt lo Qualify for Na- Ihe Trl-Scate rolf tournament here "1 iffo wetfc »fo,- *ur itMmpt iol qualify for the nationtl »m»t«ur 1 tournament sponwred by the United States Golf Association. Dowell said he. had forwarded his entry fee as a merhbtf of the Blylhevlllc Country Ctab. bill i>6 informed that he could not oiler inileFs the loc»l club filed application for membership In the as&o- clatlon. He then secured pcrmls- lon of officials of the Little Rock Cf.imny Club, which is affiliated with the U. S. G. A., to enter as a member of that., club. The local sharpshooter has the choice of shooting his 3$ hole qualifying round either at Dallas, or St. Louis, but will play al the latter city. : . Not more than ihrec players expected to be accepted from the St. Louis district. The number de- mis upon the size of the qualifying field, and the small percentage of players accepted from each district makes It extremely difficult If. qualify, but Dowell has consistently proved himself the best golfer In tills sectinn and if he is on his t'a:ne when he shoots the qualifying round, August 21. he Is conceded 11 good chance to be iiinnng the contender's . for one of the places from the St. Louis district. ./ark Robinson, In Finals, Meets on or TV'iTv! '.*¥,, JfllY 28, 193-i;' Oh Gee, Oh Gosh, O'Doul HNEUKTKE PELS IN Leader Charley Grimm suys Hint, In addition to being an excellent muscle stretcher, this exercise illustrales the spirit of ihe hustling Chicago Cubs. They're pulling together. By Harry Gray son Bitsy Slays Another Giant Struss Avenges Earlier Defeat by Bryant; Chicks Defeat Barons Clarence struss. icokie right- hander of the Litlle Rock Travelers, secured his revenge over Clay Bryant, Pelican rookie, i in a large way last night, allowing the Pels but four hits and batting in three runs with iwo doubles, elers won, 7 to I. • The last lime Struss and Bryant tied up Bryant was the victor, 1 to 0, In 11 innings, when he hit & home run over the fence to win his own game. The Nashville Volunteers defeated the Knoxville Smokies 3 to 2 at Nashville. Moon was the losing pitcher and Gabler the winner. The Smokies «rere held to four hits. The Chattanooga Lookouts went on a hitting spree In the second inning to score six runs and put the Crackers under, 7 to 4. Tho Crackers put on a three-run rally to win. Porter was tire wfnnini pitcher. Th< Memphis Chicks won a 4 I 3 victory over the Birmingham Barons In a game that was mark ed by » sensational ninth Inning Art Weis, Baron outfielder, tiei the score at 3-3 in the ninth wil » home run. Grlflin was the lea lac pitcher and Aubc the wlnne •When the Detroit ball club oses a tough one, or Mickey Cochrane has a bad afternoon, which is seldom, the lop Tiger in- mriubly remarks, "I'm leaving for Topeka, Kan., tonigiil" . . . Cocli- mne is saving a lot of irain fare hese days. ( British professional yacht liands believe that T. O. M. Snp- vvlth's ucllon In filling the En-' deavo'r with qnialeurs foreshadows :he time when all yachts competing for the America's cup will be sailed mainly by simon-pures. Cleveland probably saw Ihe j demise of major league spltball pitching the oilier day, when Bur- lelgh Grimes was woefully, ineffective in totting an inning' for the Yankees -. ; . Grimes' release is expected dally. . . . The spider nu longer breaks for ihe veteran. . . Grimes made his first >ip- u-eurance In Alva Bradley's park since Elmer Smith's home run with the bases loaded In the first Inning bent Brooklyn on Oct. 10, 1920. . . . The last of big time moist ball exponents having spent all the Intervening time in the Naj lloiml League. . . . Smith's sock Ihe only one of Its kind In the history of Hie world series . . . i was in iliat same set of games that Bill Wambsganss made he lone unassisted triple play ever completed in the autumn show. They're saying that Jack Medlca couldn't keep pace with Johnny Welssmullcr In abbreviated numbers, but that the University of Washington sophomore Jack Robinson- defending city :lngles champion, has advanced to lie linal rountf of the city tennis tournament, und 'will meet the winner of n match to be played Monday between James. Terry and Charles Br.ogdon. Robinson rates as a favorite to •einin his city championship. Koblnsmi. paired with Freeman Ruuiiiswi, hos- advanced to the Leinl-finals in the doubles division of play. James Barksdale and Butler Uarlcsdaie. the .brother combination, has also moved into the mi-final round of the doubles competition. . other semi-finalists I nave yet to reach the bracket. I Hill Crowe, slcady - playing per- i lornier, gave. Robinson a -fairly I stiff workout before he was el- ' BCT :' REASONS *HW GIANTS ARE ANOTHER Schumacher Wins With Early Lead; Chicago Cubs Are Idle Only tsvo major league games v:ere played yesterday and in one of them the New York Giants, National leaders, won. increasing their lead over the idle Cubs to three full' games and over the third place Cardinals to five Schumacher was given a good working margin when the Giants .scored fom 1 runs in the second and two in the third innings. He held the I'hlls to seven hits. Hansen was the losing pitcher. The St. Louis Cardinals were on the losing end of s 4 to 0 game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Swift held the Cards to seven hits and blanked them, apparently without niich trouble, noi a runner reselling third. Jess Hulnes was on the losing end of the • duel. The Eiu vi collected 11 blows. ! Pedigo Takes on Burn?; Marr and Miller Clash the tatter's initial appearance here. Pnnis mill reuigo will clash over ihe 90 minuie or less, two out of three falls time limit. In a preliminary match two UGhies who have been seen here but once, will clash. They arc Jim Miller, who disposed of Rough House Sullivan, and John Marr, who gave Hoy Welch such a going over last week. Miller and Marr .seem lo like their wrestling served out rough and the fans ! here appear to like it somewhat along the same line, even though they are free, with their jeers. Blacksmith Pedigo, claimant to en erunt and groan fans there, junior middleweight wrestling It is understood ih;t. Pedigo fiti- imlnatrd In the seml-fliiaf round I file, who m two appearances here i ally took the decision after a fi-i. but only after some hardlhas established himself as aboul .teuglhy match. of singles play. Robinson won, 6-4, ' a work. Pipe Workers Got Pay Boost niRMlNGHAM, Ala. (UP)^-Eiglii hundred cast Iron pipe workers here received pay Increases ranging frcm 10 to 18 per cent following mediation over their threatened • strike the -best ma train 10 perform years, takes on in ihe feature here in recent Cyclone Bums match on Monday night's card at Haley Field. Burns . h»s . performed here several times ' and is regarded as a fast. . 'and. adept matt three,-plants'by-federal labor)man. How he-will Stack up against. officials. '. • .Pedigo is'8'matter of conjecture. — '• —F •- .'•/ . : However'.Pedigo and. Bums met ,. u ,..^. Plants are most active during thelsom'e tim« ago In.Cape Girardeau. ot wrestlers here, his latest victim period between noon ami three>'in iMp.. in vhtt Wis'described as the :rjeing the same Chief Arquette wHo the afternoon. '• .' ' jbest .wrestling .exlpbillon ever giv-;fell an easy victim to Pedigo in The Blacksmith in two matches here has disposed of Chief Ar- qnette, the Indian, and lolled to a draw with Ray Myers; Ihe veteran. The Pedigo-Mycrs lilt was one of the best .shows ever witnessed in the local arena but even at that Pedigo seemed to give the Impression that lie was the sup- efior performer. Burns-has won..over » number would paddle rings around Tarzm» in distance events. This practice of Bryan "Bitty" Grant, of Atlanta, of slaying lenni: giants is becoming a. habit. After Hiking the measures oi the u>i I Frank. Shields and Les Stocfcn earlier In the yrar. the lililr (i>ll?r A western club hasn't copped I stopped Hie sensational climb of Henry Prusoff, hnise Soaitle. Wash.. an American League pennant since ! player, in the semi-final round of. the Scabrlght, N. J., hmlaiioiud Tris Speaker's Cleveland Indians Hm , ls tl|f , mi( i gcl Gn>nt shaking hands with his vanquished opponent Chicago White Sox.! The Tray- ftcr the 1919 world series broke,! T llli only a half dozen games to j too many giggles In the party on him busy mill slicking close Om» AMfci €«Kd Traced? AKHON, o. (UPj—Rylem Bahry IS, was drowned when, against h moUJer's wlsh«s aqd on a storhact ful of tntn applet, he went-swim mint. f ) the following fall. The number 13 Is omitted on ] | the current turbulent trip. -Hobby Jones is going to have irnnd Circuit programs, drivers'!another Masters' Tournament over feves and horses. |hls own Augusta course during Babe Ruth welcomed the rest! 1 ' 10 ftr ^ ft ' ci '' t °' next.April.- peeling the arrival of any time now. mid-winter, but is to New Yo;k. ex- lielr orced UIMII him when that liner [ Walte Hoyl has won five fl Lou Gehrlg's shillalah caromed games for Pittsburgh already this """"' Read Courier News Want Ads. ff his leg. fashioned his] of Macdonald j season, equaling his total for the [entire 1933 campaign. Olin Dutra game after that of Macdonald j - A stock picture In Boslon mlt "- I now is that of a visiting fistic - Al Caponc was made mana- [celebrity quaffing ale with Jack ;er of Ihe Commodore Feds at At-|Sharkey at the latter'* bar ... anta, after members of ihe base- The bt ball team at the Federal citadel there declared him too tat to out as n player. was Max Baer. -Hob Smith again was pho- t ry \ tographed as Mr. Dodge Sloane, following Cavalcade's victory in 1 Thone 777 I Nighl—Sunday— Aintime nr (Jiiick ami Drpfmlablt Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. ...__ _ ......... - Sail< "' Tom Sharkey still Is I the Arlington Classic He's just Cavalcade's ln«« much war hanging around California race I isn't • Iracks. jliainer. immy Dykes and Red Ruff- ' --- Frank Wvkoff uirdirK Mill ° S We ", " S ! Gror6 " Anderson unhcrslfy o^ '^, lmlf l Cnll(ortll;1 Ashman, will be the r r alley '- " ea " st 10 °->' ard »v" y«t pro- efferson Davis Dixon, the duced Misslsslpplan who met with so - Only five amateur* have success as a promoter In; bagged T tne u S. O^n Joi^s Ti, 1 ? EU , rQ| * * Uer U1C Jerry Travm ' Franks Ouh i n S S n cameraman. | Chick Evans and Johnny Oood- - Johnny _Broaca's laugh is man. part, or th« Yankee sideshow on i - jack Dempsey has encuah Ihe road, although Ux>re aren't [referring work S ," , ' k «' p 1HONE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEFT. SAVE TO BUY TO SAVE .READ this headline forwards or read it backwards it gives you the same, sound advice. You have certain fixed living expenses—rent, food, clothing, light, apd other necessities. You save money every week so that these bills can be paid at the first of every month. Whatever else you buy must come.from surplus savings, over and above those set apart to cover living costs. To make those savings buy .the utmost value for the mofiey is the essence of true economy. ' \ • . Save to buy— to save. Know what you need to buy before going to the store. Know what you can afford to pay before you start out to make a purchase. That is the one sure way to get the most for your money. Make it a habit to read the advertisements in your newspaper every day. By doing so you will learn where to buy the things you need and where your dollar will buy the greatest value. The advertisements .will show you where to purchase better food, better clothes, and yet save you money. They will help'you live better and enjoy the good things of life, They help you to buy in order to save. Saturday Only MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c ALINE MacMAHON, GUY KIBREE, HUGH HERBERT, ALLEN JENKINS, FRANKIE DARROW and HELEN I^VELL in r; - - ••••-• THE MERRY ' FRINKS' SERIAL - - CARTOON Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-35c JOIN THE FUN! The merriest, maddest. 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