Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on July 18, 1926 · 13
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 13

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1926
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY TIMES JULY 18. 1926 13 OCEAN SIDE FETE TO WELCOME PROPERTY OWNERS T( NEW HOMES FOR R1DGEW00D IL HOME AT BILTMORE SHORES T ALL THE BIG DEALS New Profession Being Created in Field of Real Estate. RISK, EXPERT SAYS i Jt f 4 i ' Piemier Mortgage QFicial Tells 1 of Financial Service for Small-Priced Homes. SUNDAY KENNELLYTOSELL B LTMORE SHORES SPECIALISTS RUN HOME OWNERS BES MO0D1EI0IS w LL CELEBRATE Merrick Road Development and Bayville Also on Schedule. By order of Charles Wannlngm nd Horatio Neleon, executors, nnil Wftrlc c. prison, exnruttix of the estate of Wljllum Nelson, deceuspd, William Kerinolly, auctioneer, will Boll at absolute salo next Saturday, July 24, at 2 P.m!, at Laurel Hill blvd. and BfftU ave., 55 Queens blvd. lata occupying the block ant a hall front from 60th to 58th ata., itrS aVe. and adjoining streets, Woodslde. Thpse tots are right In the heart o( the greatest real entate activity In Queens County. This activity Is due to the widening of Queens blvd. to 200 feet, making it take it propor place as the main artery of traffic from Long Island City to Jamaica. Values along this boulevard have been increasing -with great rapidity. Also included in this sale are 678 Nelson Heights lots, business and residential, pn Laurel Hill blvd., Batts ave. and adjoining streets, Woodslde. These lots are only about 1,900 feet from Queens blvd. On Saturday, July 31, one of the neweRt of the Merrick rd. developments will bo sold by Mr. Kennelly. This property, known as Preeport Park Terrace, adjoins the village of Freeport, and consists of 650 business and residential lots with large frontages on the Merrick rd. and ou Conduit blvd., the new State highway which leads directly from Bfooklyn to Amltyville. It is reported that this highway .will be completed In 1927.. This properly also adjoins the new Meadowbrook Stato Park, the proposed new causeway to tho ocean and is only 12 minutes walk from the Freeport station, being the nearest of the new Merrick rd. developments tethe city. It is Improved with cement sidewalks, concrete curbs, water, electricity, parkways and shrubbery. The sale will be held at 2 P.M. on the premises. On Saturday, August 7. the Kennelly organization will conduct an absolute trustees auction snle for the Estate of Mary E. Jones. This property, known ns Pine Island, is situated on Bayville ave.. Ludlatn ave. and adjoininr streets In the heart of Bayville, L. I. This community is probably the most popular North Shore resort within commuting distance of Now York City. The property consists of 671 business and residential lots and has m f g i - wm ' m lm tiU Type of detached home being built at Liberty Park, Cooper ave. and Wilton ave., by the Alden Terrace Corp. The builders are beautifying- the section with carefully paved streets, laying sidewalks and curbs and parking the lawns and planting a shade tree in front of each house. The dwellings are of six and seven rooms and modern in every respect. GRAYBAR GOING UP Biggest Office Building to Be Ready by May 1927. The Graybar Building, the nearest office building to Brooklyn in the Grand Central zone, because the subway runs directly Into it, is sllRhtly ahead of schedule in its construction work, and will be ready for occupancy on May 1 of next year. Approximately 25,000 tons pf steel are to be ised In this building:, which will be tho largest office building In the world above ground, and Todd, Robertson, Todd, the builders, say that 15,000 tons of this steel work is already in place. This carries It up to and including the second floor only, because of the heavy steel work which has to be used in the substructure. been held by the Jones esta.'e for more than half a century. It offers splendid bungalow sites and the finest of business sites In Tiayvllle, every lot being within a few hundred feet of tho water. The sale will be held at 2 P.M. on the premises. HEIGHTS REALTORS MEET lames B. Fisher Talks on Multiple Listing at Luncheon. Members of the Multiple Listing Hureau of the Brooklyn Real Kstale Board. In the Heights diHtrict, gathered Wednesday noon at the Crescent Athletic Club for luncheon and an informal meeting at w hich discussion centred upon achieving closer co-operation in the operation of the bureau. Mora than 20 members of the Heights section were present at the meeting, which was the third of a series being held throughout the borough. James B. Fisher, of the James B. Fisher Co., presided, and In an Impromptu speech, discussed tho growing Importance of the Multiple Listing System in the Brooklyn real estate market. Short talks also were made by other m tubers present. -t A fourth luncheon for members of the bureau situated in the Bedford section, will be held at noon on the coming Wednesday, at the Iiot is.-serie Kranoaise, on Fulton St., nar Nos-trand ave. Administration Building to Be Dedicated on Sunday August 8. A gala Cflohntlon, commrtr.ors' -ing tho completion of the grand canal and logoon of Hiltmore Shores. MMOti, 0 0 0 Fox-l' "rankel waterfront development at Massapequa, will be held Sunday, August 5. The Bill, more Shores administration building, designed by Charles Q. Ramsey, with Interior decorations by John Wenger. which is to be turned over to the residents of Blltmore .Shores for use as a community clubhouse, will be dedicated with appropriate ceremonies at the same time. Tho prnnd canal arid lagoon of Biltmoro Shores connect tho South Shore's chief thoroughfare, the Merrick rd.. with tho Atlantic: Ocean, and as one of tho principal events In connection with the celebration, a flotilla of motor boats will transport guests from New York to tho administration building, which stands on tho Merrick rd., facing the grand lagoon. Speakers will Include prominent State and Long Island officials, while swimming stars will participate in an aijuatic ( arnivnl in the Lagoon, which is the largest lagoon on Long Island. An army of workmen has been kept busy day anil night completing the dredging and other improvements on Blltmore Shores, in line wilii the announced Fox-Frankel policy of completing all Improvements an rapidly as possible, practically two miles of canals, of an average of over fifteen feet In depth have been dredged In the most rapid dredging operation ever held on the Hi. nth Shore. Nearly 40, (mil feet of sidewalks snil curbings have been laid thus far, whllo over 1 8.000 feet of roads and boulevards have been constructed. In addition to the natural beauty of the development, landscape architects have been busy completing a special Spanish garden design around the administration lutilding which h;is a patio leading down to the lagoon. On Saturday, July 24, the Harry Wolkof Association, one of Brooklyn's best kiiown social and charitable organizations, will hold an out-Ing at Hiltmore Shores, honoring its founder, Harry Wolkof, who was re. nntly appointed manager of the Brooklyn Division of Blltmore Shores. Over ftiui members of the association will he present to inspect the development and enjoy the outing. The successful improvement of real esta'e hits become such a many sided business that It Is practically impossible for one agency to visual -Ir.e accurately a proposition from Inception to fruition. Such was tho declaration made yesterday by F. T. H. Bacon, a building engineer who has sat In the councils out of which many of New York's big building enterprises have grown. "Time was when the owner of a building plot could figure without outside, aid and do It prrtty well, too." said Mr. Bacon, "but that time is forever gotie. So many factors are Involved nowadays that any big improvement takes a specialist In every branch, and another specialist to co-ordinate their findings. "This state of affairs Is rapidly-creating a new profession in the field of real estate development. This profession will attract men who have high construetive critical ability, backed by wide experience In all tho bram lies that have made Improvements In real estate such a highly specialized proceeding. Thy will do what the owner himself used to be able to do: pee clear through the proposition from every side. They will s"e a proposal through the owner's eyes and will supply In addition a fund of knowledge and diversified experience which, in tho very nature of things, It is impossible to otherwise obtain." ARCHITECTS TO MOVE Samuel L. Malklnd and Martyn N. Welnstcln. architects, of 115 Court St., have Just completed arrangements for leasing for a period of ten years the tour-story building at Court st. After extensive alterations that will include an entire new front which they will make an architectural creation of unique and distinctive beauty, they will occupy for their own use the upper two floors containing approxituately 4,'joO square ft et. SALL IN BAY KIDGE The Colonial Realty Company of 37" Bay Kidge ave. sold for Thomas Bennett one-family limestone house located at !tu Tlst st., to a client for occupancy. feff 'Bir ttfmfflwthm ft! One of a scrips of residences, dpsijrnod in KdkH H a tural style", now in course of construction i Hilt'imp Fox-1'Vankcl di-vt'lopmoitt at iljssap.'tiia, !v li," I in; Ktruclion Co. llciusc will bo completed in carlv i.ili. ttn.l builders c. p';; ii ii t ncr to d' xt 'W.-dt" la iel !: ai.d See of t , real ' I'll' ir annual ouili, .'nr.y.'s 1'avilie REALTORS TO QUIT JOB Just for a Dj's Tun st Greenwood Landing,. P,e-U e t..e .,, QlKens "?';,' V r i Hert their Jite, win tl I he J ....k LI. ond Wix rd i ' i, :, li'e . hoard will Lcl ! : I: and di r. ii r K i ni and Lark at n oo 1 Landing has been select ed fur the i vent. . The realtors will mat e t-lrt t ri p In atitomohiL H. starling from avu e?r.-tres. Th" Long Island t'ity hii I Astoria men v in gather e t Liee,i"..i and Sffdnw:t' a'.'e , Astoi ta, ef Tl A. M. . v. bile those .trete the WuM-Blile, llm hurst ;uid I'm ena .-etie:i will asseiiible at the Alleutis aeim-' station. Corona, a hell' Lour l.i'e r. Tile fealim- eeit ef th,, a.iy will be a f ive-inning haseLall gane between both chapters, t h" winning team to receive a handsome ioUny cup- Tickets may he obtained from P. H. I'rinoci, chairman of tin S' con 1 Ward Chapter committee, at National av. .. Corena, or Harold A. Hawkins, chairman of tie1 Lot. it Island City fbapti r committee, m ; llridge I'laza, Long Island ' City. KOLO TO I LATBCSIl BANK Joseph N. Neef has sold and S.li'A Flatbush av., two three. story brii k buildings, to the organizing committee of the l-'lati)listl National Hank. The buildings are locate I directly opposite Linden ave. The committee, intends Immediately to make extensive alterations in one of the buildings and have :t ready within ft. few months. ! GYPSUM AS INSULATION i i Novel Construction in Blombeiy Building on Morfj.in Ave. 'onsti iietieti or a V-' ' l'i:et"t ' varehouse and ol:'ee 1 .;,;.: 'i,r 1 Max Hlmnberc, IihhImt d'-ah r. now j :.-i liiah'i way on ln'i.iii ;i .1 l;:v .-en ;ei'V The lojiidine' url e,;ii-' ;de!ed about the end of July I H'-eaii" of the ipcujiar manner i of eonst-notion of this; building ' the warehouse) on tile first floor is ' eja-n and tie offices on the eeeond , fee, I' !i..'.e i.l'le protection f T 0 1 1 1 , old winds along the floors- Tobias (odd -tore- architect, who designed I the strui'nre, has .specified an insulating material to be placed be-itwren the ceiling of the warehouse ami the floors of the offices, j This material consists of a dry I filler of gypsum rook mixed with ! other materials, and Is poured! dry between the ceiling of one floor and th rough flooring of the nexL A two-Inch blanket of the material was poured ! etweon the cpning of the warehouse and the floor of the offices. Besides being an insulator, it will act as a fire-trap, as gypsum is lnrotnbust il l. Ceiling construction of the) warehouse is unusual in that it is made up of gypsum v.allboard, suspended from the celling joints. The building Itself is of brick construction. The warehouse will cover approximately 43To"i square feet, and the offices 4.000 Piiuare feet. 'lie long recognized need for d rately priced suburban homes ' 1 lei.,g s.rrd more thoroughly I r v,-r iiefote, ns a result of now 1 1 1 'I'uiils ed' overcoming the ob.sta.cles "i Knanclng. It. was declared y?.B-l idav liv William (J. Avery, of the I'rotni.-r Cuaranteed Mortgage 23ond "si pa ration, "47 Madison ave., Man-haitan. Although the Individual home hai Innk 1 n recognized as one of the safest investments, most of the rent rinaniial companies have de-v.ie.i their chief attention to larger units of construction, in this city. In a time of transactions running into the millions, there has been tt ncy to neglect the wants of the home owner, In need of a few thousand d, , liars This neglect has been' esii-,. .1 by the decentralized nature of th home loan field, and by the laet that many of the financial com-a::n a an; not equipped to handle .owever. the great stability e; ho: no values, and the correspond-: i: s t!' ty of loans with such secur-lr. is drawing the attention of ln- j ostni s t "i in- company, for Instance, lg .inni'lin;-- liuudreds of home owners :'n (einplete their purchases," Bald ..Mr. A'.ary, secretary ond treasurer. : '! id"' ceil, no d developments in the ! s., lei in. an an a are offering a full I (if 1 t for one energies. At the name time, wo ate finding the Investing public with a line realization of these needs and opportunities. - Local management and appraiaal in the communities in which the lonn are made, plus the guarantee of a responsible bond house, are enabling the private investor to enter this sphere with safety and freedom from details not enjoyed before. ' "It is generally understood that there? are few if any safer forms of loans than those on homes. There is no problem of rental, for the house is automatically rented, for the period of possession by the owner. The buyer of a home, after making an Initial investment of at least one-fourth its appraised value, and after having further amortized his loan at reguiar intervals, would be the most reluctant of all borrowers to default In his obligations. The possession of that home means mor to him than a speculation; more even, than an lnvesiment. He Is the best financial and moral risk in the world." I i RKAI. KHTATE AT AUCTION. HKAI. F.STATK AT Al t TION. REAL. KNTATK AT AVCTION ESTABLISHED 1347 KKAL KSTATB AT AVCTIOX. REAL ESTATE, AT AVCTION. I r-ir T v r ir WIJLLIAM ilENNELLY I iki-iDDnri ATcn 1 1 ' " ----- i i gas HIM. FMATF AT ACCTirret. RFAl, FSTVTB AT ATTCTTOTT. ii A Real Million Dollar Merrick Rokd Development to Go Under the Hammer!" You Homeseekers and Builders who are looking for bargains in choice improved Long Island real estate! Here is an unprecedented opportunity to buy at your own price at our PUBLIC AUCTION i Freeport Park Terrace 650 BusinessResidfential LOTS at the Village of FREEPORT, L. I. Oil Merrick Road the main thoroughfare of the south shore and Cn rVN4ti Rrkii1o7it the new state highway leading directly from Brooklyn to UII OnaUll DOUievarU Amityville should be completed in 1927 and Adjoining the New Meadowbrook State Park and the proposed New Causeway to the Ocean Only 12 min'. walk from the Freeport E. R. Station, and the nearest of the new Merrick Road developments to New York City, now being Improved with Cement Sidewalks, Concrete Curbs, Water, Electricity, Gas, Parkways, Shrubbery To be sold Saturday, July 31st At 2 P. H., rain or shine, on the premises, under large tent. Free Title Policies Representatives on Property. To-Day 75 on Instalment Contract Send for Bookmap Directions to reach property By Motor: Merrick Road? through the Village of Freeport to property. By Train: L. I. R. R., Montauk Division to Freeport; ' Our free bus will meet all trains at Freeport Station on Saturdays and Sundays before the sale and on day of(Ia!e. Pr ""e.VT"' PARK yJ FrtFl PROPERTY jfcSj" " CONCV JooMwr ItLAMO ' CM x ionc Buck bathing'' ITAfl C AUWAV BLVO TO THI (Kt RKAI. FXTATF, AT A! ( THIS REAL ESTATE AUCTfOMH 1 Absolute Trustees' Auction TO CLOSE THE ESTATE OF MARY E. JONES, DEC'D BY ORDER OF CHARLES H. JONES, LOUISE E. JONES, ROSALIE G. JONES, 'Hon. EDWARD R. FINCH, TRUSTEES BAYVILLE, Island BUSINESS BUNGALOW 792 LCjITS Situated on Bayville Avenue, Ludlam Avenue and adjoining streets THE CREAM OF BAYVILLE REAL ESTATE This property has been in the Jones Estate for more than 50 years and comprises the best bungalow sites on the .North Shore, and the finest business sites in Bayville. Every lot is within 600 feet of the water, and most of the lots are covered with magnificent shade trees. At 2 P. M., rain or shine, on the premises, under large tent The most popular seashore community on the entire North Shore of Long Island, within commuting distance of New York Citv ia Bayville. With a Summer population of probably 10,000 people and a favorite resort for thousands of automobilists, the demand for its real estate is growing by leaps and bounds. Lots anywhere within its borders are bringing fancy prices. You will make your own price at this auction sale. Representative on property Write for FREE Bookmap Saturday, August 7th, on Mortgage 80 f- - - - -1 WlfENNMIlM SI, ,. IHKAl TO LOJVO JSL4XD SOUMD S - C Ciwiktmian f-- NEW YORK imhki A, J. rtL - J- COVl S kLl "Xh I ESTATE y WH u gMs- a PROPERTY TO tfTsfKV 5 BE $OUJ t l4v-s iktAjv- Att nai R.-t -atrflm mi PIKKCTION8 TO BRACH KKOriCBTi By Aot Northern Bou1enrd, H.mppt"nl Tt rijtk to Kant Nrwlrh. north to Four Centers In Oystwr Bar- Turn left mt Kour Ornr, tjin drive north bIotir West Short Irlv iludlm Avp.) in. ih-' h,i'!l' Hiidirc. (-rorfrty trt on Wmt Hhor Drlv (Ludlam Ave.) luat txvtmd th Brtdw Then right on Bayytlle Avphii alonp which the iiroportj- conMrus a'i;ist ;h entrRnt to Cftitr Island. By Trnln Prom New York or Brooklyn; Long Ulartd B. R. Hunter Bay Brunch) from lonn Terminal or tTatbush Av.-nue S:Hiion to (ster tlay Station. Our Xr bus. will meet nil traina on BaturdAyi, Bun-days and day of ale. WILLIAM KENNELLY, RfalEstate 1 Broadway, New York slNCOBFORATKO Auctioneer Telephone, Hanover 1020

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