The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1939
Page 2
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?AGB,TWO BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS_ ^SATURDAY," OCTOBER" 21, '1939' COtlRlEU NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET * This Tifiel ,'WiH Adroit E»ri" Stone * * Companion , 1 WylheUlk ' . >'—to 'Uie— KiTZ THEATEE FLAPPER FANNY Social. Calendar MONDAY'S EVBNT$ Circle One, Woman'* Missionary Union, Fjrst^Baptist church meet- in? 2,30 o'clock at church; Circle TW.'MK. Josephine Wert; Clrclo Tliree, |»Irs Guy .Maxwell, Circle Pour, Mrs. Roy Head; Circle J-l\e Mrs C E. Edds; Circle Six, Mis Robert Grimes. woman's Missionary society, First iielhodlst ch t'Ch, Meeting 2 30 o'clock a^ church. Executive b, ard, Woman's Council, First Christian church mccl- 1 Ing t*o o'clock *Uh ! 13 Russell Barham followed by general meeting at 2-30 o'clock. I Woman's Auxiliary, First Presbyterian church, meeting 3'30 o'cl ct with Mrs' Mattie Allen TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, B F Pptter entertaining Tuesday Contract 'club, Tuesday club meeting with Mrs Lloyd Stickmon Mrs Elton W. Kirby having Tuesday Bridge club Mrs Rooert E UP King entertaining Maple Grove Cemetery ns- soclalj'.n at home ot Mrs Samuel F. Norris > , Mrs B'M'Matthews cnlcrUIn- ing her Bridge club WEDNEBDAY'S EVKNTS Ladies' A'4, Temple Israel, meeting with. Mrs Louis' Applebaum, eight o'cloci. V „ ^ 1 Mrs Ben W." Jforpolc Jr taining ADC,Bridge club. Town and Courttry club meeting With Mn, O W. McCulchen ' dotllli, n club having dance, nine o'clock, at Ameilcan Legion Hyt THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs J J Cootetcn entcrjalnln Thursday Bridge club - '; Double Four Bridge club rrteellii COfR-t'fJS OVSCAtlKVICfllKC, T.M, RtO. U.«.fAT. erf Bits of Newi Mostly Per«on«U CHURCH NEWS ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH Matthew A. Curry, prlert-ln-cha'rte Cliurch school, 10:00 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon, 11:- SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Citi/ens of the Kingdom revival here Sunday. There - will be congregational singing jarid; special numbers each night. 1 Services arc at 7:30 o'clock. .- • •',-.- TOO LATE TO muntii'B i»»>v p*,u ov*,,*w*, »*.- 11119 ivo^vu jo v««v>i 00 a .in. Sermon text: "See that ye early' part of what" we ,...iib /*hvnm<aippllv." Fcrinon nil Ihe Mount. walk clrcymspeclly. Text: Matthew- 5:1-16 . | BY M'ULIAM K. G1LKOV, ». »• Editor of Advance This lesson is taken from l»o varly part of 'what'we call the eermoii on the Mount, which is iijK cncynuji>eciiy. - cerinun yu inv ua^um-, -T,»«V.. - Tlio United-Thank-offering box- generally rccognled ainonj Chris e.s should be given to Mrs. J. Louis tl^ns as the greatest of all.scr Kingdom of Heaven. 'lliero has been a great dcnl of controversy about what tills means. Surely Jesus did not mean "poverty in spirit" in the literal meaning o! those words, for Jesus Himself was anything 'but poor In spirit- and His disciples —"' '" as tlicii 1 Lord. For Rent. Large bedrooni, twin ' beds, • two closets, steam heat. Men -pre-.• : 23-ck-tf as possible, so that. mons. L Iccal report'before -Tills was; a sermon to £i ivcntlon I small, ficle'cted audience. A J£Jn°^"& MV^^K'wfa ifSHW^S ST^it 1 ;; the aggrSe ±.^.«'£^ Taylor, •. • P- TO. , ' • ,- , „,, , , ! «,.i|. ^ in the world we lend lo,Heaven the strength of a citizen Miss Eva Cookc, of Ltixoni, Is Tlie Uniled-Thank-Offcring box- »eu. as in me « D '" J . *;-. ',!"'.,(,,„ ^ lm t. M K non,-PMivpnpss and self- Miss civil UOOKC, OJ JjUJSWK, la IJIV uniwiu'AiJttii^-wiivi'*'6 "«•» spending several days here with es should be turned In before tlie her Bister, Mi's. W. J, Wunclerllch, annual convention) Mrs. T. P. nnd family, Mrs, Sheldon Hall, is "'"?* by size . . . „ FcrKlnp will make the local report, i Jcs " h ™ '-^ • „ ishness. It Is his capacity for love down while delivering a"d unseMflshnoss. nnd for sacrl- was a session office where truth and duty de. ..uitimr " •"-.'•'.• ' ' - -the ser non. it, was n 6CM1U " "*, "7,.,, ,, _., - . 6 visiting . •,.. —r-r* .. .... I leachinz rather than tlie subjeo- mand it. • .. . her parents, Mr. and'Mrs. Arnold, rjlfitlSl'IAN SCIENCE SERVICES ,, O f H ls-audience to'formal One might remark upon .the In Memphis, • ''' 11» S. Broadway • '! 01 nlory j strange contrast that Is contained Mrs. Byron Morse, Mrs. Hoss D.. PROBATION -AFTER, DEATH T hcre were no tricks of elocn- ..„„..-. and daughter, Nancy,- Mrs. .j s James H. Bell and Mrs. T, J. Mn- mon jun i AV/JI I»A x^jiv , *j*j.»*»* IJlClv WCie 110 I : subject of the Lcsson-Ser- Uon lo e)1 f orce (he which will be read .in all ,, „ h.,,u 1; . The £ of James u, HBII ami Mrs. j, g. MU- mon wnicn wm w icaa .111 "" j] 1B i r hnn went to Helena today lo spend churches of Christ, Scientist, on j,i oun £ Lhc weekend wllh Mrs. Mnhan's Sunday, October 22, 1039. | rpirltu j he i n ,u 1; . The 'sermon on a sheer statement o( ralrltual truth, dependent for Us " daughter, Mrs. W. D. Tanner,, and jvira. yv. u. »-^»ia*w <i,iu i»,,jj »»Mk,< ^^ JUVHI iiam jjiwiiitctiu w vj»v,,* . |ng. Butt spent yesterday In-.Memphis, that love him." James 1;12. i positive, Dr. and Mrs. H..A. .Taylor, will Among the citations, which com- j There were .times _ when, Dr. and Mrs. H. A. .Taylor, will Among the citations, which com-« There were .nines wneu. go to .Memphis this• nftcrnoon ;to p,| 5c the. Lcbsoii-Sermbn is tho scornful'and terrible language, spent! the weekend with friends.' following from the Bible: "He that lashed -the sins .of His day, T»J.. - „«,! sire li^HHIn rinmnilnK i..,ti. .,« *i»i- Tnl. him hpar what, il^nlnrlv the slllS Of thO&e He SUJllimi COmrtlfcV LIIUL t.-> k.wi,v«.**v.. with worldly standards in othtr of these beatitudes. The citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven are tha salt'of the earth, but if salt has lost its tavor or ils strength it Is of no value. .Citizenship Is not a matter of formal privilege, but ot worth and I right. The .'citizens of ihe kingdom are compared to a dly that is set on n hill. Thev are tho light of the world. „ for your entertainment and comfort. - Wttcb Society P tit Of Courier News F*t Free Sh»w Guests SATURDAY with Mrs Ed,Ci'Ok ,Mrs R ,F Kirshnei Thursday Luncheon club •ha.vln a glrl ou,i« the mpi. boys she haatocariy'emr Mr.: and Mrs.' liddlo. cu'mmliu imih an ear. let him hear wliat, Uc'iilarly: the sins of JJ 1056 and children \\ent lo Memphis to- the Spirit eailh unto the chiirch-> oppressed IhR poor, loox pride day for the weekend.'Mrs;-Cuni- ef jj c that, overcometh shall net their wealth and position, inlns nnd s:n,. Eddie, will remain ce hurt.of the second death." Rev-, made, religion : a. cloak lor i foi u visit' with . Mrs. cummins' elution 2:11. . : I hypocrisy. BIIit.»'« Sern ion on molhe. while Mrs. E, J. Cummihs . rhe Lesson-Sermon also includes Mount, Is not a seimon ol del i Sr will accompany-her ,-^n'and t , lc following pussies from the cl ^°"' JV^h^l ^ bcWre the his daughter,' Betty, home for.: a . Gl)| ., s i.|- an Science 'textbook, "Sci r and appeal : tha L «« "^ [ ° r k" v . visit. ' 'V;V ;•.*• ,ti 1C e-arid-'Health wilh Key .lo the citizens of the Kingdom of Heav Mr mid-Mrs. C. G. nedm'an nt>(l scriptures"^ by Maiy Baker Eddy: en a B«at. raeai. x daughter, LaVpnne,'spent.yesterday .-Death will' occur ..on tlic: next. afternoon when 20 members .it- cndcd Tlio subject was n division of the year's progiam tlitiue, ' A me i lean Music" Mis Renkcrt Wetenknmp, lead In Memphis.-' - •• '.'-V- '•.''• plane of existence as tn this, un- Bob Tcl=r : is sr;endlng>lhe, : week- ,n Ulc spiritiial understanding: of If the' light Ls -not shining, It nrlde in ren'onsibilities. and they may so 'andMet their light- tililne- before men riinrio ' velielon ' a cloak for thflr: tha v :'their good works may bo Ih^rtoCl'thB'armw. on the «en, .ind <*** Father in Heaven I iiyjjwv.w.,. ^ _ _^ «r-Hfvinm- glorified. : i Here, too, we may note very real distinction, There an ostentatious • show of .good works that glorifies 'the Individ ual. That Is: not ..what Jesus means He. means the' d'ouig of goon-works The- first blessing: that Jesus ,,,,,„, Bob Eiiendlng ,lUe,-wceK- ,n Ulc spiritual understanding, ol £'""""'"•. Memphis cn n business Ulp irltiav end )n Moun i vcrnon, ill:,' as the , lfc |s , e aeiied. Then, mid not un- ",- to *i Sevcial people In Dell me SILK &msl of V ycWon Willis-Jr., and , u j hcllf w ill It he demonstrated ~ -. with colds this week famlli .' ; ' .'- '• .' ','''••..' ' n, a i, "the-second death hath no sermons Mrs rrnuk Hnssell entertained Mr - J1( j M,- B . -Bill' Crpyvs Imve „ .•.paj.x'i'i •: ' I 9:00-11 It. - Tl_l^,.«, ril.,K tl (ITl II 11(11 t V f\l, . . *-'•_.».' _.!_' ¥T '..«,N ' 11,. IJWHV •• . fc «QW I . S1U? ' Itlav jtoiuj ^it jnvnji-j nj^ uvi,i>^ *•• Q — • the poor in spir-i in' humility and to the glory of belongs the. God,- Mrs Tom A Bradbhcr entcilain- ing Thursday Dessert club wltrua luncheon at orre o'clock , ITie Delia Conlratt l club meeting with Mrs H A Taylor Mrs B A Ullch 1 cnteilalmns Mid-Week'Bridge club • Club Informarha.ving ', dance nt W*man's club it nine o'clock • FRIDAYS EVENTS Woman's club ,haUO£^t one o'clock, at club house Business and Profession M Wo nun' 5 c ^ ub having dinner nt Ho tc! Nobler 1 30 o cjoclc Woman & ^ Mi^lo^ 3 ^ society JLaKe Street MetliodM chWeh, meeting 2 S 30 o'cloclt at chinch. Girls AnsiHaty Mtcii Members of the Girls Auxiliary ol the Flrrt Bap list church met Thursday aftc noon to rehearse tlie play, ' Nea cr My God to The«", -Khlch. 7,1)1 b pi«s«Wl Sunday night during ^ne preacliing hour On the decorating Lorrmiiltee for the play Rre'Mrs J T Westbrool., LtUlse' Hice, Blo^oni Graham, Lillian Reeves, Carllynn Hood Members of the costume- co|ii- mittee are ,Wmona Stircf, Ions Muery, Margiref Ciean Ushers wJH be La Nelle Smart, Nerc How ell Josephine t Shlbley, Juanlta Dun- Oii Uic, flower committee ver cr of the program, ptive the blo;- rapliles pf Phyllis I-'ergiu>, Anna Prlscllla nisher, Mn. H H. A .each nnd btly StilcUand, nnd Mrs, Kendall Berrv told the life >toiy of Dertinde Ko^s Musical numbeis Included a pl- ino solo of Ro^ 'Serenade' by Miss Katliryu Grenr; inuslcnl rend- Ings, 'Cnnoc' nnd "Candlelight" h>- viilcli Miss reigns wiolc .he mslc by Mrs Chailcs Morehent' ccompnnieri b> Miss Grcnr, n MI- al solo ot Idi Belle Fiiestonci In My Cjarden' by Mi.s H J Klelndlcnst, accompanied by Mis ">rcnr, nnd n piano solo of Stnck- Impioinutu 1 by Mrs VVel- thc BrldBO Club \\illi n paHy , her home Wednesday night of llni> Olcm Whistle ami family moto,- d l«'! Paragonld Sunday to \ibit ils brother, W!ID is seilonsls ill „...„... new nil-plane which-Mr. Cicws had bought there. '•- , Miss Mary Knthryn ,Dillnliunty. ^l-o attends Drauglion's Business . oollegc at Memphis, is : sponding '•"""••;° -..••,--"-•':,.„„„ Oll .,. (lm ,» llv . v . Mrs S. T Fiecmans mother Is f,, e ^ cc at; home: with', her Theme,.'^Ufc's SupiemcQiiebtloiV l '^ m(I Ending Hie «cek with hei this mVlher/Mrs. Joe 'S. Dillahuiily, young People's .tncclliiE, 6.30. p. ^imuaj WC he D C1 , Home Demonstration' ^ n " t Crews, of Ke,»er, '"'Evening h --hip, Tj» i^.'^- des » tUnc ^ Club 8 .«e a plav The Com Ted has ,eluracd home, after' having Theme, "Chdlst, the Fulfillment of sermon's cn the Apostles' Creed. 9:00-11:30 each morning the pastor will be in his study to sec anyone who wishes lo counsel witli : • given bj InleimeilMle Glils An: lary. Wednetdaj -All-Cinirch-Nlsht 7:00 p.m. Departmental- meetings 7:30 p.m. Mid-week service. 8:30 .p.m. choir rehearsal. •• CHUKCH OF -CIIK1ST Denlcn M.-.Neal, Evangelist Also cartoon and serial Trail." Continuous show. Orcgo" miMlim till 5 00 After 5:00 p.m. m 10c ICu & ."' Sunday-Monday nkamp. Mrs 0 B Crlggci Sr, and Mis (J1UU ytl\C il \>li\\ i HU v^wiii J. i-" naS li:nil IIKU numv- . ti»«.^* - ••• j ; Bnb>', nt the school house nlda> been the guest • of --her'son :-Bill M-.UI'S Needs.', M01U | I1V night Aflci the pins a bingo parts dews and Mrs. Crews nnd .family, Sunday school_ council Mondaj, wns alven for the past week. . ••.- n p. .in. . • Di E W Pollu has announced Mtis Molly Guard, a student nt Midacck service Wednesday, T.M thnt he will hold the fomth <iuai- Ltndemvood college in Bt:-Charley ,, m . • • - 'eih conference for the tibll Meth- Mo., Is spending the weekend here Oho1r pl - ilc U<.e Wednctdij 815 dist Chinch Tuesday night Oct *lth her ...parents, Mr,: and Mrs. p . ,„ ,, j -jj Quiird. . •.,-••:•;; Visitors are welcome at all of tnc Mrs. J. E. Wlmberly and son, Joe ^ er yjcea ot -this ', Church. ( _ _ v,fie hottesses for ihe ( social hour wlilcll followed 'Jlwy 'cr\cd a dctseit course of pie nnd coffee Boiiqnels of marigolds dn,hlits and ycllov, babj oicnth decorated the i-'ub house » < » AH-'Club'. Members \llcnd midst IVrh . All nieinbcis of Ihe I-rlday' Bridge club attended tho parly liven veslcrdny afternoon, by Mrs. R A Nelson nt licr home. The hostess lised n Halloween mo!lf In hei pnily decorations, em- ohasUing it especially In the tales s>nd table nrrnngc-ments. RcfreshmenLs \u-re. served nt the ciicluslon of Ihe games In whk-ji Irs H F h-clscy''was high scor. Ml a nd Mi^, John Moms ha\e "'• »"« ™ J M,cnllon . . . ^, und Mre. •,. James Barksdalo . M }1W CJiri U1H1 JVllh. :..unjj,^.i *j,.*,v^^....^ ; . In the DljlhcJ..and daushlcr.-Shlrlcy, arc ; siiehdlng.' jpjLGitlM Ycun. 'meet'in .their respective Lor(1 - fi : Da y Services Bible Studv Preaching Communion ? . ' = ! Dr. and. Mis. K D. villc liigli schcol last year and has been pnstoi of the-Dcll circuit this •• "•• »—.-—-r- -- -- . - ycm He will teach In the Manila- leave t™°<T™ fo l,,™fr' , the lilgli school this wlnler. Mrs. Mor- where Dr. Smith w 1 .attend the Us is the Rev. M. N. annual meeting of Hie .1'ilsio cl.c n <iT Moiicti LOIS. - aiimet Bryant of Ulnlry. .'.Mr. Ind.Mrs. Ross Stmus. Miss .,,,1 this week nnd Mih igh. Thorpe, Delcia Smitn and! Bculah Chism In charge of. the programs are Billl Carawaj, Earah Wflrrlngton, Blcs som rtrsham, Louise Rice on Carllynn Hood Clnb PUns Tormal Dance,Fer. Ihursdaj The first formal dance of Club 'Informal will he U J W. Adams, second i? A Owni wrnl lo Half Sam'niy. of Arlington.:' Tcrin., will B^wSfJsSff-S^SJrHS Methodist Missionary Society, Mrs. ^^fl'^^bnut: «.d C Owen ' Is President of the Missionary Society. 'Golden Boy' To Be Prcsenled At and (ninily. Mrs. Nebliut. and another daughter, Miss-\Villjo will return with thcin lo spend thi nlglil nnd Mr. nnd. Mrs. Jamc, Nebh'ut and Miss Mary Revelle wii nrlor over lor Ihcm •tomorrow. Mr. aiul Mrs. J. H.-Smart- Ji returned Wednesday night ; fron r\ . Oi Roclicater, Minn, wluire Mr. Sinai IS UCl. Z'i, imderecnl. exiiniinali'iis niul treat ilient. They -were away ten days Dell News The Womnns Missionary Gocluty _ •-. jiiraiv. x,,v, -•-, ;.-—-„of the Methodlit Clnir:h met r-.t- : MEM PHIS. Term., Oct. 21.-In Nti-., Smart was resting very v,c Mis Eirl Mngers Tuesday alter- i-oddcn Boy", Clin'orrt Odds'most '"'""" noon Mrs D W. Crawford v.ns rcce ,,t 'jilny,' v.'hich Martha \V, An- eadei and o program.on 'Lifting gif|- i inc., will presc at the Mrs J. M. Kuril, Miss Jack Merslilmc'r, Miss'Jackie Kr'apky'b and Miss Mollle-auar Our Horns''™: venrtercd. The ^^:^*H» s^or^lp ol 8t- ^'^S^rXT. ,,™r.,n «™« r.uened \vlth.slnglng •„» w«r«n a ni.r Oiilld of Memphis, who attends Undennooft w ie^e i morning to spend _the: n'eelsert Wis F E Ovsen the Woman s club Thursdaj nigh when Mr and Mrs Bernard Jag- gcrs nnd Mr and Mrs Joe Hughes will enlcrtsln Charles Gregg <)|id his orchestra •will pla> Joij the affair -»,blch will begin at nine o'clock A Halloween motif will be carried out hi the decorations t Besides the members, Uivrtaticrs have been extended to 25 coup'es to attend the dancing parlv The cjub sponsors an Infonna E!fa!r,the last Thurri.ay In ead month, but this is the'first forma dance of the club which organ ized tht first cf the yea- Has Club »rly At Hotel'. r*obit. The parly of tlie _.. tract club for this weCK was at Ihe Hotel' Noble, Thursday Mrs,*- Carroll Blakemore v as hos 6tlier guesti al Ihe bridge Um- rheon, besides the.'membere, uus ?,tT5 i Clarence H Wilson, Mrs Ml<; H B Crawford. HCurj' Utunplirc\fi and Nirs O'o Mre j^anl; Kussell, publicity M 1 Poftfcll of Washington, U ^C llllclK j cll i,. : , liousegiic^t of Jfldge and Mrs G j Thc p Vj, A will jpo^jof .. E.'Kecfc ; '.'low ecu parly '• at the tchool For dtcor&Uoiis, marigoldL \jna .-. —..,-.. i»,.i ^>-. jiogram was opened with .singing . hB N eW 5p a p cr o v illd of Memphis, of the Hymn, 'The-Morning Light C p t ; 24 nnd 25, the thetna re- is Breaking' Mrs. ;J.- R.-Olll read yclves tiboiit working-cla« people, i Scripture" lesson frani Phil. 3; 7- it is the story of an Italian youtSi, IS, The following talks -were nitule. a ' gilt'd violinist, 'vim Is linunled 'Seek and' Fhid,' by Mrs: Noble by piigilistic ambilcns, nnd who Jill 'Beginning In Indin by Mrs. finally forstikes his music for ihe Hen'n nnster, 'In' War. Torn prize fight rinij. His father ple.ids China bj Mrs Gilland. The pro- willi him to give up fighting am gram was, closed with prayer by return to his music hut hi- •"•'- tnuucn! Walnut StitLlS MI ._ _. tc j-hir"at 7 10 o clock Morning services 10:15 oolocb. ermoh topic: 'Ye Ai'e the Light f.,i'hc World Sumlpy school and Bible chiss 0:-15:. a.m. 'Advanced Jnatrnclion class '3:15 'Evcntiig.-noifclilp 7 10o dock fau ion topic: 'Why Ani'l a Lulher- n?"..' : . . ' ' . .Teachers' meeting 0:30 p.m. BAPTIST CHAPEL .Lilly Street 9:30 a.iil. Sunday scliool. LAKE STKEET METHODIST CH1WCH I'. M.- Sweet, pastor 0:45 a.m. church Bclio:!. 10 4 r am Picachmt senicc b JO pm \oung People's mcetlngb 7 30 pm Pieiclinw by the Rc\ Dan Thomas of Manila SCO pm ruesdny Boaid ol Stewards meeting nt church. 7 30 pm Wednesday 1'iajcr .cr vice. pm p D J'lLGKIM -.110 Cherry Street 0 W Bo*!', pastor 0 15 i m Sunday LlKO) M""> ° W DOM, superlnlcnclcnt Sunday ).• a rally day Reijone Is Inviteil to come, - r , u 11:00 a.m. Worship service, &ub 9 50 .»in .1 CO n m ^u,,,,..u....... -1 to aln Youni Peoples meeting 6:30 p.m- Prendiing .....:.,.... .1:30 p.m. iV5|d-Week' Services:^ -.-'•' Wednesday ....'..-... 7:45 p.m- Bitle study: and song praotipe Thursday 230 pm Ladies Bible clasi j Sen lies 12 15 12 3p ,-,,,ua\ 3 30 3 13! You aie coi(lnll> hnitetl to these 'services; ,You .will li" arty, welcome ' with u; FULL GOSPEL CHlinCII Lilli and Mm Streets 45 jm Sundi\ ^chcol Roy supeiint e ndenl 11:03, a.m. Morning service. 6:30 p.m. P- Y- 1'- A. 7 45 pm Evenins, sen ice ScrMies oil Tile das and Friday ighls. L^cTiirfc"oii'-n^ : a%r"lit-nary'J ec V D "";;;" people's Bcrvice Prange' of VadaUnueulam Wediws-- 7,00 p.m, ioii»» i. v__ ivii-a. Veda'Trotter, leader. 7.45 pm. Evangelistic: service Subject, "Hell." aiBxlSTrasT ciumcu 'i™ w»- wdnes<tesr ' " raycr scr lay 1:30 p.m. A cordial welcome lo air visitors. „' ,.. J K. JJ,- I,. ; Ecanlcn Jr., rf ;'Church'scliool at 10 c'ciock. J. H. Watts, sufcrliit'endenl. I .Morning services at 11 o'clock. The:pastor-will use.for his subject, VOn'; Being Possessed". -I ': Evening services 7:00 q'cUcfc. . •;• | •-. Thct-e are the last services of tht conference year. make them the' best of His year also.. mor _ with Miss Guard's' parcels, S 1 ami Mrs. J. U Guard. ..They cam In a private car ol toe Frisco ra rosd used by J. M. Kuril, a trustee of Ihc railway company, which will remain here for the return trip tomcrrow. night, Mr. and Mrt. Kurn have long been close friends LULUlil IV 11^ 1J,UJJV. ,,MU ,,jt, ^-- ^viiii, i.*.-v .-.-_- ... hciUvUons fall upon drnf cnrs. I")of Ihc.Ouard family. LIS ¥ *J viSUlJ. ' 111;* *\>t*uiii» in 11 «|*^»* vi...-- >- •The s-clety \oted to begin Mis- his heart, however,. thr. boy hopes ion btudy Coursr. on 'Tlie Church to become ilic champion without Takis lioot in Indin,' Wednesday hurting Ills hiinrts which are so NMit Ilie hostess .»cvved coffee Important lo, n musical rarccr u A cale «s .efreshmenu. l.ever ^"f^^l-W .,T™Sr ^"S- 5 « S« t ^bo,»nag fe«f Sto^-SSS«£S ISUA'EJj ..:'; Herman rolijck, Rabbi l',30.p.m. Hcllgious schopl .classes will meet. DEL!, BAPTIST CHUBCH J. Thomas Renfrt, pastor Bible school, 10. a.m. • Sei-riion by the pastor at 11 a.n B. T. U., 0:30 p.m. Sermon by the pastor at 1:30 i'..n flKST BAP'liST. orilECH . \Valtiut a nd Eighth iVifrcrt Carpenter, pa»U>r gunduy: ,' '' .. 9-30 a.m. Sunday school. • 10:40 a.m. Morning worship, MU- sio—anthem, "Jerusalem the Gold- CHUBfJH OF .TUB ' LU Flfiftd. \!so raramoimt News &.- Donald Duck Carlpou. 1 Couttnuous - show undiy. Vdm. gun. Mat. & Night l«e" & 3Ba .itms. Monday Matinee 10c & 2<ic Idniis. -Monday Night 16c. & 36c J. L, Woojnian, paslvr U:-15 a. in, Bmiday-EChool, 11-00 a. m. Morning worship. 6:45 p. m. Young People's service. '. ' • - . 7:30 p. in. Evangelistic service. The Rev. g.-li; Toncy, of Dallas I'ex., beEins- a revival -two weeks >'»•••"--- giQ—dlHHCtlli I"-' u.-u.n,in t,..~ — 3 :.p.m. Services. Serrmn' llicmc, . sp< , cia i mus i c . Scnnon-The "Tlie-Trealmenl oi Crime", will be _ • p A wiittelcy, Asst>:iali:nul based on Ihe account of Cain nnd "«-•.-• Abel. This will be the second of u Miss Marion Gi'omer To Wed H. A. •Segraves O-SCEOXiA, Al'K-, • Oct. «!.—AH msmtoi; if "tr- vuxtvt imi*v* announcement of IntErest. to a large j ^' s avenged by reporting .to circle of friends in Osceola au;l punishment. South Mississippi County is the en - ----- 6:30 iM'i- Training Union.- - - - ; - . 7-30 p.m. Evening service— ilxapters of Ihe Book ol Genesis, .^j.^ -neaier My Odd^to-Tlice iisnlficant lor their expression of lu / — • _—; : --'''• •••••- fnet. that j ——^ scries of sermons on tlie opening chapters of Ihe Book of Genesis, significant for Iheir K '- "' ethical idcnllsm. The DONALD 'D. ranmus' American • Banlpiio ivill appear in concert at ELLIS AUDltORIUM Memphis, 'Tenn., Thursday, 'Ocl. 26, -1930, 8:15 P.M. : Auspices of BEETHOVEN CLUB, JJEMI'IIIS Sinele '.ickets Arena, : 52.50 ml. $'l.W &• 51.50 Jlail 'Orders. Mow. ^17 N. WalUran, Memphis OXY Uatlneei Fri.-Sit.-Sun. : . AdmlMlon »lw»ia LQt * 'Z*f • Last Times Today •^ Cain was ls:lated from sociely.afler coirinllttlng murder Indicates Hint relision lint- resardcd crime us » to be. cured rather -than to 'f--- 1-1 - - ... oOUi.Il A»lia&lCioiiVI'i \/W"|'>-.T •" »-.- OBoTie'd witlTa''song • and"Mrs. il. a price" that Iw. ruins his life. gagemenl and nppr,:acliing mar- l6 opened wim a «ons wiu.___ ___ whaiM-n- social mesfagc is to ""l^p ' 0[ Mnrlon Valdeli Cromrr. , Con- nnea wiin a sons ujiu «u^. --^ - • . W Lewis led U*,^ 1 ^- ""• derh'S from""''0oldcn Day- to! Oz*e gave n lesson Iran. Hit Royal rf M lh t Mr- odeU i3 Servltc program on tithes and «t-|^ 5 .|;^' ta show wnat ls happening fcrlng!, I to American youth today-even to The union decided lo meet al Ihr ^ t tlllcntc( |_i m nblc lo sc- Iioinfe ol Ihe members during tnc _ jo^ not able, ns-the vro- wiiilcr months. 'The next' program , n ^ n j 3 ^ j^ 41,15 pUy, to find • a will te No\' 6 at the home of Mrs. .iL"^^,)^ Ui his miisir, youths ai-c Alien Hardlll ' ' .... ...t.^.,. At a recent meeting of the Dell P. T. A. the'folUwing officers were cleUEd Mr. Harbin \ GtU, president;'Mrs. M. L. Moody vice prrs- • Jlvclinoou in ins mi's*., yv*'"'" ^^ driven into other lieldf, where money, speed and destruction nwnil them. Ar, they give up the r idenls, they Hirrendrr Ihflr and flnolly llicir — . . Idrul; Mrs. Jane Ross,, secretory. a Hal- 11I1(,L V.k *•*-". .w.. .--daughter of Mr. and- Mrs. Joseph Tyson Cramer of Carson.Lake, n Henry Allen Scgraves, son of Mr. anil Mrs. G. 13. Begvavcs oi Uiis :lly. -'.-'•'" '' ' The wending, uniting two prominent families <f,this section, will lake, place- at Ihe Osceola Pretb.v- terlan church 'on Decembcv as and will be one -of tlie important nuptials of tlic mid-winter. w11 •' isjjiiicjii. . • .cordial Invitation is extended everycne.' V1RGT ' METHODIST. CHURCH Jlain and. Seventh Streets F.. 15. Willinms, pastor : Clinrch -«ciiool 0:45 D.m'. S. K. Garfetl. superintendent." ,-;- : . Morning worship 10:55 am. Sen'- Ices broadcast c-ver KLCN. 'Ant!l. c '«j ••The Lost Chord." Sullivan.•Thrcc- irtin'ulo-speaker, J. b.'-QUard. Message: "Getting What WC .Want Hals 01 me ]niu-x,iiiwi. . ,^u 0 v.. . s '•-•-. ^ .. .. Th» bride-elect'.' a'member of this When We Wish We Hadn I. ^ city's"younger sSclaVtet, i.s'a'giad- "L-Bvenlnj -Aorshlp 1:30 p.m.- av » ^^v-. , —:=" ,7, • ,,,„ lonum Fridav . night, Oct. 27. At mixed flgwers were used with tlic ^ t|m(j ft Haii^-cc,, QUCCII will ten motif bcijig empiiasttM d ^ {cvnoT;ll i g classr5 bbutjuets nnq the lunchcoii f ^ " ns , llug . gu -| S m the Queens """' ' contest Eighth grailc, Nora Sluip- Slnmcy; upon ni!arc""niiti in hitllc P'sccs. Odcts prraents lii:> play strong racin! cliarnclrrislics, ho ui-oiccis hi-s elinriiclers In i»".- "^ •••-.!—•;•• •--,--•„ __ "nil: pDlntcd dialogue.- He under- nas n member Ot Chi Omega So'orSacHorK'-a IV Scsram, youngest ,on „, !ir. C fl« B y. has n fine moral. 1 Mr. -'• JVIr, ( G B.Segnivc,. I, city s voungcr social-tei, is-a gian- -.^>n.."£. ..^.^••j, .-«- r--•••-;- „ nate if Osccoln liigh school and fagc: "The Porgiveness. of Slus. alttmlcd the Unlvcrelty of Tcnncs- This-is the cighlli of n scries of KO.C the iwst tlircc years where she folloxcd bridge games wr. Emma 1 Lee Bargcr; and IE wiiticn in slylc. _ 1 ftll>, (.!• JO. i> a "convincing j «lso « gradimtc of, Oscctla liigh • school-and laicr attended tlie Uni- ''rc''''»'i BDV will be- one i<i ajrcftlly "£ Arkansas where lie nui- <cricr o 'f four dramatic attractions joicd | M ogricullurc and business m-cscnted bv MiUtlm'W. Angler,' artuiliilslration. Ho Is a niembrr of and sponsored by the Newspaper'Kappa Alpha frafeinily.' i "iSr^^^'^'.al^.r^ ^.| t r^^^7"? ss5. Harriet Pnnc^ ^ ^ i ^ ,. Tlie Mwtel . liu nttcr"; "Whai nt the Scgraves plantation on llic .. „„., | McGehcy went to u Life"; and "On Borrowed Time." Ashpovt Fcn^-Doublc BnUgcs Hwd &7sg^^&~-2&a**3?# m ZS=^- \\ oDicn Laundry-Gleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Lgnndyy and Cleaning "I'm liiiril on IBJT suiLs • - iut j I can depend on BI>V» TTTEVILLE STEAM LAUtf- DRV to 'keep Uicm cleaned and -pressed HIGHT!" •Vlsu cirloon & serial Devil Dogs." Continuous show urday. : - • " , . For Belter Laundry aud Dry Cleaning STEAM LAUNDAY Sunday - Monday _'' [-n __ J _ 1 ; ----.._ __ _-•* tfii Tenement Doctor Tells All I KANE RICHMOND AMANDA DUFF JUNE GALE EDWARD MORRIS HENRY ARMETTA FRANK REICHER ,}

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