The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1936
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YTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS'AND "SOUTHEAST MISSOUIU NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. 174 Blyllicvllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Blythcvlllc Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader K, ARKANSAS, \VKDN USD A V, OCTOBKU 71 1930 SINGLE COPIES RIVR ROOSEVELT WILL INVADE LANDON'S STATE W. D. Jones Succumbs ! at Memphis Hospital j \V. D. Jones, IUIH' time resident of Blyllicvllle, dlcil uT Uic Mcm- plils Baptist hospital ,at 2:40 o'clock this 'afternoon aflcr having been seriously 111 since, mi emergency operation was 'perfbun- <l Sunday, I'_ ' His son, Tom Jones, Ills, diuigh-' .,™,,!,, T' I T 1 ' cr > Mrs. Uwlghl H. Blackwood, /-\ i n ,«, , , ... iiomic licle hmiecl of osccoia, Mr. uiaekwood ami Only Purpose Would Be /"i'l • I" 1 1 1 f i rMiivnun.. tun-,^., ...„. "in. i>i.__ 1 X .-, . . With Federal Loans and I'arm Benefit Payments LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-In three years' lime, nine government agencies which have served as shock troops to turn the tide of depression have completely altered the ."ecial and economic picture In Mississippi county and lu.'c brought recovery out of ruin according (o James J. Harrison State Director for , Ihe National Emergency Council, coordinator of the activities of all federal agencies. Summarizing the work of the-e agencies in the last three years during which a total of $11,292 CDI) has been loaned, allotted or spent in Mississippi county alone, Director Harrison recalled concIUi ms in the bleak days of 1933 when President Roosevelt took office end contrasted them with the brightening situation today. Half in Secured Loans This change, Mr. Harrison pointed out, was brought about pri- decisi'.'c of the expeudi- marlly by the prompt, : and constructive action federal agencies. Their lures in dollars do not their far-reaching accomplishments, but they do give some idea of the scope of their activities The manner of spending as well as the amount spent is a matter of interest and Importance to the public. A summary of agency spending in this county follows- .First, in secured loans on farms homes, non-federal public improvements and other sound collateral. A conservative estimate, which includes the major financing operations ol Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Farm Credit' , AdmIriIstratlph,-.;--H6me' Owners' Loan Corporation, Public -Works Administration, Resettlement Ad: ministration, and Federal Housing Administration, and smaller onerations by many other u»en- cies, shows provident loans !n Mississippi county of approximately $6,104.221, or fifty-four per cent of tbe total estimated federal advances made in the county in the nttack on Ihe depression. Relief Hem Smallest Second, in what business calls Plant Improvement and Maintenance. This includes such additions to our capital assets .is highways, waterways, flood r-on- trol works, 8 ains from soil and forest conservation, preservation of wild life, development of recreational areas, land utilization, etc . These constitute a great national \ „,. c investment and arc the c-iinmon property of all Ihc people. Including the allocations approved under the Works Program but not expended and taking credit , v . relief expenditures for useful nub- lic works for the county and its sub-divisions, a reasonably accurate estimate of federal investment . for Plant Improvement and Maintenance in Mississippi county is $1.380.973, or twelve per cent of the total estimated federal advances made In Ihe county. Third, in crop benefits tolalling approximately $3.515.863 and rep' resenting Ihlrty-one per cent of (lie tolal estimated advances These payments are a domestic tariff which farm'ers themselves] participate In paying. Thev represent the fii^t and^irobably most Important step taken by this administration to restore balance bc- Iween agricullure and Industry Foinih, In direct relief to the, destitute and unemployable. For direct relief of human suffering,! without any compensating useful work, the cstimalc. including administration, is $291,033, which is only three per cent, of all federal advances In llils county. PLM..DEJILB1 "S »>.,.>, auj jj.uTatM iikviiy. 1*11;]. Wll- ; ion, another daughter. Is 111 al her! home here. ~ • i.; The mnafiis will be, brought here late today. Funeral [arrangements ni- ' ' ' WPA Administrative Expense In Landon's Slate Above Average WASHINGTON. Oct. 7 (Ul 1 ) — Administrative costs of the Kansas branch of the Works Progress Administration represent six cents of every government work relief dollar, 11 was revealed by administration Eupjwrtcrs today following the charge of Gov. Air M. -Landoii that Ihe Democralic administration "news al Its source.' censoring Expenses of directing the program In the home slate of the Republican' presidential nominee 'took $562.420 Of the $15.620,350'• total expenditures between July r 1935 and June. .1936. They amount to six ner cent compared to a national average of 4.87 per 'cent. Landing of JVlan from Sky Smear President, Says Senator Nye "WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 ajp>— Chairman Gerald p. Nyc of the senate munitions committee today vigorously defended his action In deciding agalh^e hearings on charges that Elliott Roosevelt sought a $500,000 commission for selling airplanes to Russia. ... After studying documents suU- mltlcd lo It. Nyc said, the com'-' mittee decided that If there ever was a contract between the president's son and Anthony Fokker "it never was fulfilled and ncth-'i Ing was done under It and going inlo it would luivc resulted only! In one thing — smearing of the! president—a thing which no member of the committee wanted to do." t Nyc also held thai "In Hie interest of fairness" he had considered If necessary to release yesterday the affidavit of Fokker, filed a year ago. alleging that n't one time he held 'a contract with Elliott Roosevelt for the proposed sale of 50 military airplanes to Soviet Russia. 1'lices Too Hl-li The Fokker affidavit said that through dc- the proposed den] fell because the president's au , „<:- nmnded such higi, m - ices fol . In5 planes that the Russian ofllcials would have nothing to do wit'i him. • Committee officials said the af- are not available here but were opened for Inspection at State urn,, i Director Evan Griffith's office at holrtij Tnni'L-n ,Th« rFni.-..i;_.. = • .. ••wi«"i 0 Topeka. ,The statistics w able, however" Formal im t * " Ihat cinjFicijiis Communist Asks $50,000 Damages for Imprisonment at Terre Haute TEBRE'' HAUTET Hid., Oct ,'"7 ~nr 7 TV '° S "" S dcm >»"<1i"g $50.- i» ' i n?!" Mavor Sam Beecher ?"1 P .?'- c . c Cllicf • James .0..vales - nlci1 "> court today. cliarain» . . V 'S" county super. n» unlawful imprisonment amf malicious icer m .,_. , -• -"•• "luMiicr. ;uoin- ye . rmmist candidate for president. 'Of ,i, i° V i Was sdzci1 ™ his '»f- il|b _ »al here September 30 and .Held In jail M houre to prevent his delivering a campaign speech The suits were Hied after Mayor needier challenged the right of the Communist party to claim protection under the constitution of he United States and reiterated he will prevent Browder from speaking here October 19. " result'of published charges the ccinmiUee , was : with_ information. ''• Fokker said that he made tbe tier,-discovering :he'. could not procure' en exclusive sales' agency for Douglas airplanes to Russia "because it had been given' to .Mr.. Elliott-Roosevelt arid ''certain partners in business with 'him." Fokker said he had been iti- icrmed by his agent, through n third party, that- President, Roosevelt had approved the contract made by his son, but objected to Elliott traveling abroad lo sell airplanes. Farragut's Kin Is Daring, Too Asks (J. S. and Japan to Continue Non-Forlifica-'. lion Agreement ! LONDON. Oct. 7 (UP)-Grral Britain proposed lo the Unllcd Stales and Japan today thai Ar- ilclo 19 of the Washington trc-'i'v r,' 1951. ba'Tiir. • fortifications In certain pails of Ihclr I'aclllc possessions. b« roni'wc-;!. The agreement will expire, at the end cf this year. Greul Britain al Ihe .same time j prcpcscd that (he signatories agree not to, establish air bas?s I In the unfortified zones. Itcndv for Arms Itucc WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 <U1>> — Secretary of the Navy Cliiudc A Swunscn today Indicated the Unllcd Slates Is prepared to en-! ler Into any International iirmii-, men! race occurring at the ex-' plrutlon of the Washington naval treaty December 31. | "Forlincullon must be met with fcitincutlcii," Swanson said. "One. menace int:st bo met, with another' menace." Swanson's remarks were made hi connection with the nc,v lirit-' Ish proposal to continue the ban' on fortifications In Ihe Pacific as established under the Curbed" like a ; creature conic, to earth from out of space p. 13. D. Swain is assisted from his plane after breaking the world's altitude record at Farnsborough, Eng. E,va1n, n Royal Air Force olTl- ccr, reached 40,000 lect, topping (he old record by 1200. He wears the oxygen helmet anil suit designed to protect him from the rigors . . - . of the high nlllUido. Fokker's agent quoted as saying he desired Elliott Roosevelt ! ;lo trove 1 In an effort abroad him to sell airplanes to various governments countln en the willingness of high foreign otlicials to receive Mr. rioosal veil as the son of Die American president. This • arrangement fell through, the Fokker agent reported, after Elliott had discussed the plan by V. G. Holland Rejected Chairman, S c g r a v c s Named Secretary of Co . V. G. Holland, Blythevllle attorney, was reflected chairman of the Mississippi county election board and Basil Segraves, Osceola attorney, was elected secretary at a meeting of (he board at Osceola yesterday. Mr. Segraves, who was recenlly i named to the board, succeeding W. F. M. Ferguson of Marie, succeeds E. R. Smith of Osceola as secretary. Mr. Smith, as well as Notorious Confidence -;•'•' 7 Man Is 1 Livestock - ,— Mr. Holland, was re-nanicd a "had been told by Ihe president member of the board but prefcr- that he had objection lo Mr. red to be relieved of the duties Elliott RooseveltS.s travelm?. abroad; of secretary. Hc Is the Republican in this connection, but had ap- member of the board proved the eonlract with MrJ An sl]ccossfl|1 a ^* In the Fckker." Denies Russian DALLAS, Tex., Angle 7 Vnni '" Elliott Roosevelt, son of the president, lold the United Press by telephone today that a statement by Anthony Fokker, German airplane manufacturer, lo trie sen- ale munitions committee, was released "obviously to • *lll out.!;! 1 . I Democratic primary have been | certified to Ihc election board by unity Democratic central Before their names are on the ballot for Ihc gen- [JACKSONVILLE, Fln.,'--Oct 7 (UP)4;Wllllani S. Mead, Vklng of American confidence • nien,",' today was found guilty by a federal S th7 ^i/t^efld^lld ccliomc. After having successfully eluded the government for 13 years, Mead was found guilty by the jury after It had been out less than 30'min- utes. '•'--' Under the. federal law he can be sentenced to serve as much as 22 years. flPPLES FfllJ Two-Ycar-Old Dies of Acute Indigestion 3t Hospital Here imiccci on the ballot for Ihc gen- I „ ' cral election in November hiw- ccn "''I' 1 "' munched by two ever, they must pay fees 'as re- • vcnr ' oltl Bclt l' Holawny while he: quired by law. mother and other relatives wen All nn.*,l:,l.. .__ f.. . JjUSV rn.lVlH(T nnii /"l.lnivlm nn.ll.... by . All candidates for countv offices were ing apple.?. of Hie Illtle WILL TIKE Fill treaty. I Asserts Loyalist Lines Around Spanish Capital, Are Molding ,-•-'. j MADRID, Oct. 0 (UP)— Loynl- •Ists arc fighting" off savage insurgent offensives on two Iron's, government leaders asserted today as they called thoiistincis mure 16 the coins to aid in the defense of Madrid. •• • ; . 1 Despite insurgent claims lo Important victories In the Nnval- pera] sector, northwest of Madrid, and the Santa. Crux sector i the • southwest, iques asserted official that were rcpiilscd with losses. • , Determined lo deal firmlv with I rebel sympathizers in Madrid, wh a '' conslilulc almost ns much da..-| gcr to Ihe government as tin rebel ^armies outside, the. cabinet created now special courts lo Insure quick (rials. Included was a court with special power lo "try all persons unfriendly to the regime or who have shown enmity lo Ihc regime in a Ihou- As fearless' as her . grandfather, •Admiral David mragul who defied the torpedoes In Mobile Bay In the Civil War, Billy Farragut dc- fle/t custom when she appeared in „. „. ' thf i garb at,El Paso's:old-fashioti- comnuui- c<l . sl y'° show. 'Scorning Ihe fash- Uie ^rebels ' ons '°t '1850, the shapely Billy icp- • resented .a cowgirl of 1050, gun 'n' all. 'Resident Plans to Leave Washington Tomouow on 10-Day Tom \VAS11INCVTON, Oct. 7 ' (UP)_ Piesidenl (ioasevclt will Imade Kamns, home slate of Ills oprifjh- ent for Iho presidency, on a 10- div cnnipalgn swing Ihrough the uest, beginning tomouow ncun the While House announced iDdny 'Ihe loin will begin a day caihti Ihan oiiglnally ptni.netl and will laXc the pieslduit into nearly a dozen, slates. M' Roosnelt planned to go flist to uubiiquc. Iowa, Friday, Ihcn to 31 I'nul, Minn At St Paul hc is expected to (Kllm a major lampilgn spiech although It was pointed out ll.cre wcic some dctil's jet lo be worked out j Norrjs Will Join Him Ica\lng St Paul i' it nl«ht the president, will proceed to Llneoliv Neb in living about 1 p m (c s t.) Saturday. Scnaloi Gcoigu Nonls seterim Nebraska, legislator, who is "mm- [lalgnlng foi reelection as a New Uuil Indeiicndcnl will join l|i e I aits when it passes thioiigh Dei Molncs Iowa The incident's next step nill be Omaha, Neb, wheic a major ad- diess will bo delivered over a 111- tlonal hook-up. Dcpartlnu at midnight,. Mr. Rocseselt will mo\c wesU.ud to Chejeimc- W>o whcic he v.111 attend church seivices Sundiy and lunch with the commanding olll- ecr of the aiiny cmps aiea at Fort riancls C \V"ircn ' Mi Rooseiclt will Ica^e Monday for t)cnvci Hack Ihrouf-h Kansas Ihe Kansas visit will come en lOlltc IncW east fro';_ ColoineK I'roccedlniL by way'of Colorado Springs mid Pueblo his cnmpilgn. special will head foi Codge Citj, Kan^ and Wichita At the latter city he is cxoecled to spend about an hour and, i half and then entrain foi Empoiia, Kans Piom Impoiia he will reach Kansas Cilj, Kans about 130 p m (c s t) mid aftei a brief \isit will motor to .Kansas Cllj, Mo He will depait Tuesday night for St. Louis and Chicago where Wednesday he will speak in the stadium nt 9 10 p m (e s t) The next day, October 15,•-"> lie will campaign in Michigan, ~ : the next day In Ohio, and (he: Hist day In New York state. sand different, ways," as Ihe cab New York Cotton NKW YORK. Oct. 7 Cotton closed steady. (UP) - O:t Dec ,lan March May July open high low close 1194 1IS8 1181 11S1 1183 1WO 1137 1194 nen 1192 1174 1180 1190 1190 1181- 118G 1180 11.13 1183 !HM 1182 1188 1170 1179 Spots closed steady at 12315 off one. Spot Average Is 12.07 The average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 designated markets today was 12.07 the Blyllicvllle Board of Trade reports. Chicago Wneai o-»n hl?h low close 113 3-8 H3 3-4 113 7-8 113 May 111 7-8 112 1-2 111 3-8 111 3-8 I>c Ton 10^45 HO-240 Ibs 10.30-10.-15 I40-1CO bs 8.40-10.30 Bulk so«-s 9.(10-9.fir) Cattle: receipts 3,500 Steers 7.25-8.CO Slaughter steers 5.25-10m Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.75-8.CO Slaughter heifers 4.50-9.75 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 Cutters and low cutters 2.75-3.50 county treasurer and "send receipts in the osscssion of Charles Mich- EL Jobless Electrician Tries Suicide at Door of Executive Offices WASHINGTON. Oct. 1 <UP>— J. D. Wilson. 3(i. Atlanta, unemployed electrician, attempted lo take his life today by slashing lib wrists on the doorstep of the White House executive offices ' nclfou. publicity director for tliej <;„„„,. . c 1. -J r Democratic national committee In ^ U S8 ests oUOSldy TOf New 'I "Mr. Midiaetson Is free to re- Transatlantic Service Stock »;» vo,^, , ,„„ to new trading to stocks mounted since 1931 in a...... day and men ran , mo |)rolll laking that lurncd the list irregular. A T and T 118 Anaconda Copper . " 40 7 s Bethlehem su?el Chrysler .'.'."' Cities Service ...'.'.' Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robblns Montgomery Ward fiew York Central -— •-- • ----- lhc olltire contract." LSf' into profit $1,000,000 Eye Glass -ration Is considering proposing | to Congress that a transatlantic 1 airship service be subsidized by RacketsBroken Up Ihe government, liopcr tokl reporters that he . WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 (UP)IMS t ii >osl!<1 SlC "" 15 (0day """Olinced l263-j| thc bl . Mk .,,p of a nation wide I i* 1 - 1 . "glimmer racket" through which "' some of Hie cruelefit criminals on f 'record have swindled the aged and TO J8 the " IU " 2 m 88 N Cnicf K " p - and assistant Secretary J. Monroe Johnson have discussed transatlantic air service with Dr. Hugo dean of lo 1-Zi . --^--->i UL.i\n OI q 5 8 federal law enforcement officials ! jj said his men had arrested 17 of i^ew vorK Central .... aq f;.s' tllc P lllllic «" cnllc -' ! . who have sold Packard 131-4 thousands of cheap glasses for * aiAft nr inorp n nnlr ,,.t.- Drc May open f!4 89 S-8 Corn Ii who low closel and wl.o otherwise m ve V»LII|./LIL Igl | Ij.XlJ^MVIIUJl' Will Set New Record, WASHINGTON. Oct. 7 (UP) — y- Record breaking presidential cam- . .. M ,.... .....j, of palgn cxpcndilures were foreseen partially digested apples but her| with announcement of a budget condition grew steadily worse. "f S8.fi35,000 for the K« A neighbor said that the little drive to elect Gov. Air M. Lan- girls father had secured a quan- don. Ifty of green apples last Friday Only one lime in history has for canning or preserving. At the I a political party through Its na- same thro he had boughl some] tlonal committee reported ex])cn- J-ipo eating apples but Betty had dlturcs of more than $6000020 been attracted by the apples be- In a' presidential election year. Ing prepared by the women-and} Disbursements of the Republican apparently had eaten more than national committee In the 1928 Announcement Indicates i „ , .. "•"• " ""- •'"".< «iuu iui iL-ieijjionc and tciegiapn Campaign Expenditures i',"" 5 "^/ 5 ' blo<xi 5 " mt "' B Irom lclls ' s ™- sa for <wnpmcnt..anci wii o ° ., '„ . i. vc ""' "20 for salaries oY extra cm- j Dr. Ross T. Mclntire. while ployes. ] House physician, gave Wilson emergency treatment and rushed him lo a hospital i where hc was .., , _, ..,.,. ^,., vll .» u >«, 1,1 iniii i in L tut I til lUilimtLll'L UL U1L 1 1H»IO they susiwetcd. The neighbor saldj race between Herbert Hoover and his small child had also eaten Alfred B. Smith were SG.2S0.583. some of the green apples bull Henry P. Fletcher, general conn- had suffered no 111 effects asi sel for the Republican commlt- v "' I tee. said the budget did not expected to recover. .Wilson was halted at the vestibule of the executive offices by White House guards who Immedi- ' Fulrcll Absolves Neal of Excessive Spending LITTLE ROCK, Oct. .7 (UP) — Gov. J. M. Fiitrell issued another proclamation today absolving Land Commissioner George. Ncal • of overspending his appropriation for the first six months of the year by approximately $1,250. Tile proclamation replaced one issued three weeks ago and Ihen withdrawn. Today's proclamation came after the state comptroller's office had audited accounts end listed items for which additional funds would be spent. The list Included $130 for print- Ing, $42.20 for office supplies, .$100 for ofice records, $300 for postage, $100 foi telephone and tclegiaph alely took him police room. lo (he basement Mr. Roosevelt was busy in his office at the moment the unemployed electrician appeared. Wilson, who said he was despondent and out of work, refused to say why he had made his suicide attempt al Ihe White House. Funeral services be held tomorrow afternoon al Box Elder cemetery. Home Is The Cobb Funeral arrangements. in charge of funeral SO w cose an m ve nr , , 1-4 935-8 94 18, heartily on the il,s7 f ffi S> "1™ „ J^ 891-2 83 3-4 ! farmers and their wives cldCTl J r |» lc ""8'"> te morning. Child Hit by Car Earlene Mae Hodge, six-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hodge, South Division street, was slightly Injured yesterday afternoon when struck by a car driven by a Mr. Henderson, believed to be from Manila. ,. The girl was rushed lo Ihe Ely- „„„ vunls was niwa 5lo on R , safcty divlslon _ By ^^ a f .. llieville hospital, where she re- charge of p-.tbllc drunkenness and '. uniformed men tiwh motorcycles (I ce.ved treatment and remained bonds posted to Will Tucker and,ho declares the number of tr.if- Fine oi $15 Assessed for Overloading Truck W. C. Jackson was fined $15 in mmn th:V ex; I nditures \voul<t tolal that amount. He hit al Ihe Three Seek Divorces Three divorce suits have 'b:en Fc.-ir as Speed Curb Urged PASADENA, Cal. (UP) — Psychology and not traffic tickets Is - -- - v-" ••. the best prevcntativc for traffic municipal court this morning on accidents, according to Cipl. IUUM uiav amount, tie nil at, Ule r1 . , —,.*.* ..... v w.^.i present administration for assert- c " ,'" c , lla "«iy court reccnt- cd political use of relief funds."!. y ' W|VM bclll » P'afnlif's in the "Our campaign will be made! '„' with our money." Fletcher said, j '!"' Ma ^' Bourland Is asking | a flivorce from Ifo Dourland on the ground of Indignities. Her attorney Is E. E. Alexander. Mrs. Opal Rainey seeks a 'divorce from Ambrose Rainey. also on the ground of indignities. Her attorney is Robert A. West of ........^.^i vwi.iv i.M.i JILLUULH4 uii accidents, according to CApl Riiorne a charge of overloading a truck. (Thomas Lolthouse of the traffic! Manila. Jim Curtis was fined $10 on a (safely division. By posting a few I Mrs Nnn n }!\Tfff' Pif li'.thllr' /IrmitnnTincc; «nrl ' i...l«"«..>.^_j »i__.i_ -....-.. . . * no. iiuiii it Southeast Missouri Will Keep CCC Camps WASHINGTON — Robert Fech'- ncr. director of CCC activities, has announced that six drainage camps now in operation in Missouri will be continued at least, until March 31. The county and " postoffice address of Hie Missouri camps are: lewis county. Canton; Carroll, Cnrrolllon: Cone Girardfau. Delta; New Madrid, .New Madrid; Pem- iscct. Haytt; Atchison. Rockport. The drainage camps, supervised by the. bureau of agricultural engineering, sre operated in farming areas for the purpcvsc of clearing and maintaining public drainage systems. WEATHER Arkansas — Cloudy and cooler, showers in east portion eonlght. Thursday partly cloudy, slightly warmer In the extreme northwest portion. ,ta * ^M >' iccr a "| hc d « l «« I the " llmber of lr ' lf this Harmon Wilson on similar charges fie .violations and accidents will .Were forfeited. decrease in am* ,lkiv!ni The maximum temperature here helma Carsin is yesterday was 82, minimum C4. according to Samuel. F. asking a divorce from Charles' Carson. • Indi';jiV.ifti is also her ground. Virgil Greene is her attorney. . Norris. official wealhrr tjbscrvcr. Rainfall last of an inch. lolalled .27

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