The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on March 29, 1929 · Page 13
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The Daily Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1929
Page 13
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FRIDAY, MARCH 29, 1929 THE CANONSBURG, PA., DAILY NOTES PAGE THIRTEEN WHAT IS ihjPM WITHOUT! FERTILIZERS FOR THE SMALL GARDEN The use of mineral fertilizers is increasing in every branch of horticulture, and nowhere more than with home gardeners. Animal manures, so long the standby, are becoming hard to get everywhere, even on the farm. At the same time there is a better understanding of the possibilities of concentrated fertilizers, and they are being made easier to get. The home gardener does not need to know a great deal about the use of fertilizers; there are no special formulas demanded by the different crops he may grow. It is not necessary to work out one combination for his root crops and another for his leaf crops, and still a third for his flowers. What he needs is a balanced fertilizer, one 'containing a fair proportion of the three elements of plant food, which are contained in fertilizers. They are nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Nitrogen is said to be chiefly effective upon leaf growth, phosphates on stem growth, and potash on fruit and llower development of plants. Rut each affects growth generally, and recent experience has emphasized the importance of supplying all three and thus providing a balauced ration for your p'nnts, if you are to have healthy ! and Xi's,-. .nis growth. A fertilizer is described by a form-1 ula consisting of three numbers with hyphens separating them, thus: 5-8-7. The first number indicates the proportion of nitrogen, or ammonia, which the mixture contains. The second stands for the proportion of phosphates, the third for the potash. Most states have laws which require that the analysis of a commercial fertilizer be printed on the bag it comes in. For the home garden a balanced fertilizer containing each of the three elements in . fair proportion is re quired. The formula 5-7-5, for example, is well balanced. For a special use emphasis may be put upon one element, as for example, lawn growing, where a formula rich in nitrogen, such as 12-S-S, would often be preferred; or a mixture for flower growing, where an extra quantity of phosphates might be needed. But or the average home garden one formula will be found to do for everything very well. In using mineral fertilizer special attention must be given to following the directions on the bag with the greatest care. It is easy to apply these quick acting fertilizers too free-, ly. They are quickly soluble and will often burn growing plants when used too freely. But when properly applied it is surprising the growth which they produce. Japan University Ball i German Actors Try Team Will Tcur U. S. Income Tax Dodge TOKIO. Japan, March 20. (INS) Meiji University's baseball team is en-route for the United States for an extensive tour during which it will cross bats with many American college nines. The first game will be played against a Japanese club in Los Angeles on April G or 7th. Meiji is one of the three strongest teams in the Inter-Varsity League in Japan. The other two are Waseda and Keio. There are 15 players to the Meiji contingent. After a tour of the United States they will go to Europe on a sightseeing tour. In addition" to the actual players, three other persons will accompany the squad to America. They are Joji Otsuki, head of the baseball department; Coach Okada and Manager 'Takizo Matsumoto. The party expects to reach the United States on April 2. Arrangements have been made for the Japanese to play 80 games against nines of leading American colleges and universities, and against Japanese baseball teams in the United States. . The first game against an American school will be played on April Sth wheii the leant meets the University of Southern California. Chicago Criminals ! Not Bad As Painted BERLIN, March 29. (INS) Fritz Kcrtner and Curt Goetz, two well-known German actors, have converted themselves into stock companies. They are the only stock holders and officers of their companies, from whose earnings they allow themselves a living wage. They have taken to this unique expedient in order to escape part of the prohibitive German income tax. Under German law, they would have to pay up to fifty per cent of their personal income to the state as tax. By incorporating themselves, they pay the regular, personal income tax only on what money they actually spend, i The rest, technically representing earnings of the company, is subject only to a corporation tax. This corporation tax still amounts to 20 per cent in Germany. Curt Goetz, therefore, incorporated his company in Switzerland, where a corporation tax is almost non-existent. The net result of this procedure is that while they have to pay the regu lar, personal income ta$ on, what they iiciuuuy neeu ior nviug iney cio save a. large part of the income tax on their savings. CHICAGO, March 2!). (INS) Chicago is not a welter tf smoking pistols, violent gang wars, remorseless underworld feurls-to-the death, needled beer and "alky." It's citizens, suffering from a "crime" complex, and a desire to speak in superlatives at all times when mentioning this young giant of American metropolises, have themselves brought the name of Chicago into disrepute. Dr. Lee Alexander Stone, criminologist, makes these conclusions after a careful study of conditions here. "Chicago stands fortieth in the number of homicides per 100,000 population," Dr. Stone says. . "In ninety-three years it has grown from 100 persons to three and a quarter millions, and such growth demands a large stage, naturally resulting in a mind among its inhabitants that permits of nothing but superlatives when speaking of anything. Thus Chicago citizens have given the city a "crime complex." Uninhabited Islands The Hawaiian is'tnds, more than 2,000 miles from the nearest main land, are 20 in number, but only 9 are inhabited. Cold Bath in Morning; California jays are fond of esss of wild birds or domestic fowl, and are even more partial to newly t hatched nestlings, says Nature Magazine. Tbey are to be commended for the care of their own kind and for their habits of personal cleanliness, evidenced by their cold morning bath which is a usual before "akafst performance. You carit win Mires race cms way. "Mr. Sioul, heller look out! "He needs to drink more milk, no doubt!" says Billy Break O'Hay. Sanitary Dairy riiosE washim;to.v iJms It Is With Pleasure We Announce That Eatmore Nut and Daisy Margarine Can now be obtained at our market. EATMORE NUT and DAISY are known to most housewives as pure spreads for bread that also add an eppetizing goodness to their cooking and baking. You will like their delicious flavor. Eatmore Nut 25c per lb. Daisy 30c per lb. WILSON'S MEAT MARKET CANONSliUUG, I'A. Phone 130 Hoover Is Having Telephones Put In . WASHINGTON, March 2 It. (INS) President Hoover has decided the White House should be equipped with some of the appliances of modem, efficient business. For the first time in history a telephone has been placed on the President's desk in-the executive offices. Hitherto there has been no phone and when the President wished to talk to someone he has had to leave his desk and go outside his own office to a booth. ' Special lines have been laid, too, to the desks of all cabinet officer, so that the chief executive may call any of his advisers from his own desk. A glass top also has been put on the President's desk. Mrs. Hoover is carrying out her ideas in the mansion proper, too. Electricians were busy today putting in floor plugs and rearranging lighting wires so that the living quarters will present a more home-like atmosphere. CLIFFS TRAP YALE Sunday Firt Day of Week Saturday is the seventh day of the week, Sunday being the t'.rst day and the day set apart among Christian nations for rest sixl public worship. NEW HAVEN, Conn., March 29.-,-(INS) Once again ,New Haven's twin rock piles. . . East Rock and West Rock, three hundred sheer feet of cliff rising from the level plains on which the city is built. . . have called -'for and almost succeded in securing victims. Two Yale students, members of the freshman class, succumbed to the lure of the cliffs and tried to scale West Rock. Firemen rescued them just as One of the students was about to plunge to death on the jagged debris two hundred feet clown. A pedestrian saw the plight of the students and telephoned for aid. A tire department truck company roar- 1 ed several miles to the summit of -the rock and Lieut. Joe Green had himself lowered one hundred feet. Then Green took a student under each arm and his comrades dragged the trio to safety. One of the students, an arm paralyzed from clinging to almost nothing, was about to fling himself off when help arrived. The two rocks have taken victims innumerable in the past, but the two Yale freshmen are the first in many ryeara to try the climb. Investigation 'indicated they had ignored or forgotten the annual warning to beware of the rock piles. HOSPITALS RENDER SERVICE TO 10,310 HARRISBURG, March 9. More than 167,000 days of medical care weit rendered during February by State-aided hospitals to 10,310 patients of the Commonwealth who were unable to pay for full and in many cases even par.t time care, according to a report made public today, Mrs. E. S. H. McCauley, secretary of welfare. The report shows that four representatives of the bureau of assistance, of which Mrs. Martha J. Megee is director, made 75 visits to 53 hospitals receiving state aid and investigated all cases subject to free or part free service which recevied treatment during February. , READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS i j or better groceries SELECT QUALITY TT ff fa The quality that Easter demands, with the frfiM.' uUt&l added value of extra size and heavy weight that are always found in Butler's Eggs! Lowest Price Market Permits FRESH ROASTED COFFEE PEERLESS lb 4Jlc JELLY BIRD EGGS LBS 25c 5C SIZE FRUIT & NUT EGGS 3 for 10c lOO SIZE FRUIT 8c NUT EGGS 3 for 25c CHOCOLATE DIPPED MARSHMALLOW EGGS 3 for 10c CREAM EGGS dozen 10c ANADABRY 2Jbottles50c The Champagne of Ginger Ales! LAND O'LAKES BUTTER orTje America's Finest Sweet Cream! LB 55 POUND 39c SLICED BACON CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW ASSORTED CAKES POUND 25c DATES TRIANGLE PACKAGE 1 5c CATSUP CRESCENT 2 10 OZ BOTTLES 25c JELLO 3 PACKAGES 25c MACKEREL 2 for 25c OLIVES FANCY QUEENS 12i OZ BOTTLe30c DOUBLE TIPPED MATCHES 6 boxes 317, Very Lou Price! MEAPPLE 2J cans 53c Fancy Center Slices of Finest Hawaiian! SLICED PEACHES no i can 14c FRUIT SALAD no i can 24c POTATOES NO 1 GRADE PECK 25c NEW CABBAGE pound 4c GRAPEFRUIT LR- 4 for 25c SWEET CORN 2 cans 25c ASPARAGUS TIPS no can 30c CLOVERDALE r mm BRAND 25 F0R 55c Tiny June Peas with a Delicious Flavor! EVAPORATED STD. BRANDS Q CANS 2C GILLETTE RAZOR BLADES COOKIES 23 TO 60 WATT MAZDA LAMPS KIRK'S FLAKE SOAP POLAR bear TOILET TISSUE S1',-T 3 rolls 25c package 35c large package 22c each 20c 10 cakes 39c CRESCENT. PURE CIDER LG BOTTLES 1TC5, "Going Away?" TICKETS FOR TELLOWAT STAGES GKEYIIOIM) LINES PITTSBURGH RAILWAYS INTERSTATE TRANSIT CO. ORIGINAL WHITE STAR LINES Connections with PURPLE STAGES BLUE RIDGE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY PICKWICK STAGES MOHAWK STAGES, ETC., ETC. Ask Us for Information. McCorkle's Drug Store New Easter SUITS For Men -and Boys Shirts, Hats, Caps, Ties and Shoes for the entire family Specially Priced at" Our Removal Sale. 41 Jefferson Ave. Patronize Our Advertisers They Are Reliable WEAR The Quality Spring Salads Require! ASSORTED PICNIC JARS P1CICLE 3 for 2Sc Alt Varieties of Sweet, Mustard and Sour! EASTER FOOT Men's, Boys', Women's, Girls' & Children's A PLEASING COLLECTION OF SHOE STYLES TO MAKE CHOOSING EASY. There is every new shoe mode represented at this nrice $4.80 Soft richly suede leathers, shining; im-tents, soft kidskins, novelty leathers, combination of leathers, etc, in every type of heel $Q.80 The one-si rap pump the "lee" strap pump the opera pump Hie modified oxford and dozen of charming tari-ations of these smart styles, Shoes to complete youi Easter costume completely Ei cry Type of Heel. Correct Footwear for Boys' Who wears loiiir trousers. Slyles are made up just like the grown-ups, designed for the p-rowinsr feet. Shoes and oxfords of tan, and black calfkin $2.90 -$3.40- $3.80 Women and Girls Low Shoes, $3.90 Values Easter Special .90 181 Pure silk thread full fashioned in every new shade. S t o c k i ngs constructed for real service. EASTER SPECIAL 11.50 pair Strap pumps in patent leather, sal ins, red, blue, beiye and champaign color leathers. Ox-fords and lies in tan and patent leather. Step-ins in patent, satin, heiue, chainpaiirn, etc. Every type of heel. ,i i,,! ' - -4A EAST.ER OXFORDS FOR WELL-DRESSED MEN Variety of styles to select from. Every pair absolutely correct in last, style and leather. Every pair made to fit comfortably and give the outmost wear. Oxfords for street or dress. Black, tan and brown leathers $4 AO and $4.80 AND COMPANY v raw. i -. .

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