The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 28, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 28, 1934 HLYTHEV1LLK, (ARK.) CODMER NEWS CLASSIFIED SECTION - ,,** CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION £ally rale per line tor coawou™ jvo insertions: i (Five average woiOJ to m UB* One time per lints lw Two Uincs per ilrio per day .. Mo Three- time* per Ili4i per (Jay .. OCc >'u Umu per Hue pet (Ujr .. <*e r»te per Uoe We 60o Ada oruertfl :o r mree or innes and iiopped before «xplr»- t-oii will be chargcfl tor the number of times the ad appealed ana adjustment ol bill mad*. Ail drained AflvertlUDi cop; submitted by persons residing out- iii|p or Uio city trust be aceom lauled by cash. Ratei may be wily computed from above ta-bls. NU responsibility w01 be Ulen n«: more than one incorrect In tertlon of any classified ad. Acivermuu oraejtc for irregu *r insertions 'Lake 1 the one Utn i ale. CLOSING OUT ALL ICE KKFK1GEBATOKS 25 round to 154 f»u*i Ice Cap»- illes. All porcelain, ill steel, and mall oak finished refrigerators at' GIVE AWAY PRICES. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 W. Mala St. FRUITS »ncy.' ELB^BTA Ft ACHES for - >!>/* per b»hel. Call 118. aic kl H)k SALE OR SALE cheapr-Large 2 door Gary Safe, .1440 Ibs. 2nd Hand. urke Hardware Co. ' 2a-ok-4 C«ke Qvn Colonies j May Be Abandoned CONNELL8V1LLE. I'll. lUl'i -• Coi)iiellsvllle's coke oven co!om.'S —several hundred homeless men living in abandoned ^colte ovens- soon may be abandoned. • A plan is und?nvny lo jirovsil.' barracks, built with federal KciwU lor the huiinieds ol unfortunnle. >> . c , , men who cmnprlse the colonies at! Dying r at tiff $ Whpeler, UiBelle, llrownsvllle :in<l i R L» S cllii-r poinlb in Kiycltc county, j DfOUgnt 3011 GeoiRe W. Hibbs. executive nil- MOU1LB. Aln. lUI 1 ) •- Severn! nimiMnitor of ihe l-':iyetle Count! 1 's(Mrs mjo. when the tulhcr o[ A. J. EmeiKejicy Relief Hoard, hus prom- lloiiliekl was dylue, lie called his ist'il co-oporiilion hi attempting In'.son to his bedside, obtain the money from the United 'Ihe sot) was counseled never to Stales Koverninr-nl. idisi».<i- o[ certain oil Inmls in Tex', us. "Bome <lay." the dying imveni Head Courier News Want Ads. There It oil there; never lei them jo." Hollneld, »n ekclrlclan at the tato docks, followed his lather's dvlce. He w*s extended lo extreme hrlft lo Ihul Ux irsscuincnt.s on he Texas iwoperly. Recently, Hollftekl oblnlnwl leave absence from liis duties and went OUR BOARDING HOUSE 1150 Meadows S50; S75 G. <fc E. Vacuum Cleaner with all attachments, PARKHURST CO. RBAI, ESTATE PHILLIPS' ISED CARS Kcal Bargains In I'seil Cars. These Cars Arc. All Kecondilioned and Heady tu Gu. Open Muhts Until 9:SO •30 FORD COUI'K. New I'-'iinl. New Tires 51U5 -.W CHKVKOLET COUI'E. New mint, Good Tires $W5 '30 WILLYS KNIGHT SEDAN.- For Sale Dandy 40 acre O2ARK farm within 2 miles good town. On daily mail route. Four room house, woven wire fence, Fruit. Price $350—only part cash. J. C. CHAPIN Manila, Ark. ' FOR RENT 2 room modern FURNISHED apartment, 622 W. Main. Call 671 W. 28-ck-tf AHlfitor NAMPA. Idaho. (UP) - Edward RflberUon was all broken up over (li» cfenlh ol "Willie," his yw.-oW |X't alligator. HU> fircalcsl virtue vni.s ( lhui he never dirt each much, Robertson Mild. Eskimo DC i its consider u 1 ELYRIA.'O. (UP)-iA hen owned by Charles T. Bchue, city firemin. laid' four, .eggs at 'once; THe'fowl weighed only 18 ounces, while ilie (our eggs weighed six. A Kuropcim manufacturer 1,1 Kinking paper (rom tli« rcfus; ends of n.irwr:iBus. 3 room FURNISHED garage. Very reasonable. 1315 W. V. 25-ck-30 New Paint, A-1 SI 15 "M PONTIAU COACH. Real Guod Buy. Kuns Good .. S136 '27 ESSEX COACH. Clean''' l ' New Rubber, Runs Good . S 33 •33 CHEVROLET COUPE. Looks and Runs Good .. 5*15 T U U C K S '32 CHEVROLET 151 Inch Whtelbase TKVICK. Closed Cab, Dunl Wheels. A Good Buy * ; "K FOBD'l!" TON TRUCK. Cinsi'd lab, Wheels. Runs Like New * Furnished BEDROOMS. Mrs, Ed llardin, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ic ktf MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Kirny Dru&.iStore. P. Simon. Call 164. r ' •' ^n_..v_t' Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. 30-CH-7-30 WANTED TO RENT Modern furnished hou£« or apartment. Will consider renting for few months from party going away for slimmer. l.f. A. Rose, Trinity farm Construction Co. 25-pfc-28 FURNISHED 4 by Sept. 1. Call at 300 S. Lake. 2*c k'W FORB Cal>. A PICK-UP. Closed '30 FORD TICK-UP. Closed Cal), 6-ply 'iircs Like New S155 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY " USED CAR LOT Cosner 1st * Walnut Sti. I'honfs SW - 811 - TH BUSLNES3 D1KECTOBY Maklnr, Ke-MocklBg Trlnuaini; Hats can make your old bits tike new. Steam btoeked into any new Style. Mrs. H. G. WIckhara - Bess Hal! At Our Residence fill West Main - - Phone 2M lOc k8-R CALL 127 For highest quality Kentucky, Southern Illinois ana Ked Ash Coal Ixracit tan content. Oood dry COOK and healing wood and kindling. Corn, hay, i:ii>:cd feed, farm seed, laole and stock salt. Home of liiRli quality [>rcxluct5 unu tow cooU prices. KAKMKKS CASH FEED ANJU Sfct/O CO. A iiumc Uwueu business NVnuieGiic and Ketan Keep Kool with Tluntcr ElcittK. FAhb. Unroniiitionatly guaranltea. liUUUAKU HUtV. CO. G-ck-B-6 KEl'AlltlNG TEHMITti Proofing Itisurance UMUliB THE ANTlMITE PLAN. K. C. Hobinson l/br. Co. I'huiic 100 Factory authorized MiKE SERVICE Katturj- 1 rained Mechanics Day 67—Phone—Night 38Z E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 Mlln St. 507c reduction Jnly Only On Vurnitnrc repaired, reftnlshed, «p- holstercO. Patrick al Parkhnrst's. Call 57. 9-ck-S-S I'rce Home tx>an Estimitcs Roofing, Painting, Repairs T11K AHKMO LUMBER CO. IOC kS-!0 CLEANERS, TAILORS l.hicn Mills, hnnil fronrri and tailor- td shaped are nice and c«o! these hot days. Phone 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE FUKNITUKE Lawn Chairs t:!5Mlnt«i $i.8S THt. ARK-MO LUMBER CO. 250 M-2 ROOM * BOAKD GOOD Meals and Room. ««•»•«able prices. Mrs. T. B. WilMC, in East Cherry, Phone 60Z. 7ck8-M Drilling brought success. AND THE NAVY, TOO! GO TEH *»6 60Z T'SCND OOT W'AmAY, QUICK? UP IN ft TREE ANF CANT GtT OOVJNj I QOTT/V HAVJE SOME HELP'/A OlNOSAUf! UP IN AVI, VER WHATERVA TRV1N' TO W ELL , TANCY YOU WAVE NOW, THRU MEAN^ OF TVAE YARD CLOTHESLINE TELESRAPVA eYSTENN .THAT I HAVE QUITE A ^T OF TP.OrV\ THE feAAJB OF fAY GOLD I GUESS DINHV IS OP IN ft TREE, AFTER ALL' Oli't O? TIN'S, Washing Machine, •i -THOUSAND.' i<v, BUTH&WONf! " '' ^^VE IT LON6- rv\Y "FIRST f^OVE W\L\_T3ETO LEAVE THIS NE\6HBORHOOD "BECOME QUITE SHODDY.' MUST TAKE A JAUNT EUROPE VEftH- l GUESS RIGHT" I'LL SEE ABOUT IT.' AV.V.EV OOP SENT ME FOR TH' A OiNNV IS UP A TREE AN- DWNV ftTQtE? 'i WV, THAT'S HAPOSSIBLE? ( HOW COULO \ D1NOSWJR S Pi TREEP ^^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MAC"; AW WftUt fit ? VOO VOO ' AN-V OUER MOW, ftOOT-b '. I CAVV-tO AT.-WEft VMDVYE. WcR OUT Of StO'-W TWO OCVOtU MORVttNfe TO TtVV UtU KUOto ABOOT VOO ACW4& — <X3«J 'MAVM A Vovyt SCEKiE — Wt& ABOOT TV»E V.N&T V^Vi 1U iHt -WORVO VOVi'O AUTOMOTIVE WASH TUBBS /6OTACOUP16 IWNN6RD OL MASTERS UP 1H WE ATHC. - NOTHING BUT JUNK. WO SE)C APPEAL. ANV T(HB VOU WANT TWO Ol THREE, LET MB KNOW P' do •Ybu'MiMO'iF—\7 BfcHrifs: A DUMP, WE LOOK AqOUWDl BUT 60 AHEAD. QO MR. BOARCMAM? /I AHEAD.' HAY8E VOLI THAT*! A REMBRANDT, I5MT IT, MR. 9OOROMAM? *'»70 / OOO FOR FAT, TWO. 6OMG TO HIRE JOHN L# GATTA TO SLftP SOME 5SX MPPEM. OM 'ER. y. ITS LIKE AN ACT MUSEUM- OJUYCCASSIEEf. LIKE sMJNKYSTOFF. AUTO ACCESSORIES PAGING SLIPPERY SALESMAN SAM /^..^•= ^..-.>,, , STILL 60TTH' PLWJE WITH TH' ADVeRTI^IM 1 TO TUB AIRPORT,TWi; KEEP CiOIKJ'.' , t SOT A TIP THAT SLIPPERY SKtNWER, TH' BftNK ROBBER, IS TOtUM! IF YA CftW LAMD HIM , BEFORE HE GITS CHANCE T« PULL OFF SOMETHtW, I'LL GtWE Yfli TEN BUCKS, INSTEAD OF TH' USUAL FIVE! OKA/, CHIEF? I'M OFF ' IF SUPPGRV SKINNER IS TOWM, HE'S WANTED TH' POLICE STATIOW RIGHT AWAV! THIS IS DETECTIVE FER 60SH SA«HS. f WHAT'S s&M UP IM ft Read Courier News 'Want A«. NUTTY ISN'T TQQ ANXfODS!: : FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WOW, IF WE RIM v;nn CLAWS, I .HOPE WE CAVJ 4LMOST GUARA^TTEE THAT I CM 6HOW Yt>U A' BEAR, . &SF&RE t>OSK TO MORROVV I.'- MAKE-CAMP, LOOK Save Time and Money by uilnr our eompiete ktock Aato RepUcemevt Paris Hnbbud Hardware Co. Automotive Dept - - Phone 471 60 k8-t Get ready for summer driving ai biiigaiu prices you probably will never see again. Come in. Com pare cur prices on auto parts, tires, tubes, motor oi^ 5 gal $1.50 WOLF AKIAN We Sell Wholesale and Retail Phone 176 - - 1Z8 E. Main Alabamans Warned of Buying "Hot" Gasoline BIIWflNGHAM, Ala. (UP> — Warning has ueen issued to motorists here against purchase ol "rot" gasoline. "Hot" motor fuel is described as thai, bootlegged into the stale without payment of taxes. Buying (lie illicit gasoline constitutes aid to a violation of the law. The contraband is brought into i the city in unmarked tank trucks I fiom "wildcat" oil fields. On occa- ! sions. according to autiiorities. it I is transported in milk cans as a ' nise. Lower prices, occasioned by escaping the tax. provide a lure for automobile owners, but the gasoline is said to be inferior in finality.

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