The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1941 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1941
Page 10
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PAGE BLYTTTF1VTLLE ; , ; (AKK.) -COUKTER NEWS WEDNESDAY- FEBRUARY 26, 1941 New Plastic Autos From Straw And Soy Beans Atlanta Citizens Advisee They Still Retain Their Defense Rights ATLANTA, Ga. iUP)~Georgians are considering putting their firearms in working order on the recommendation of a Fulton county (Atlanta) grand jury. The jury, after severely criticizing ex-Gov. E. D. Rivers for pardoning nearly 2.000 convicts in ULs four years in office., reminded citizens they may arm themselves to .shoot to" kill in defense of their persons and property. "Unless there is a decided improvement In this deplorable situation in the 'future, the citizen will have'no alternative but, to take necessary steps to protect his person and proyerty" . . - "It- is not unlawful to kill a person in self- defense'," the jury presentment read. New "Legislation Asked . Rivers went out of office Jan. 14. with a string of 1,915 pardons and on the record of his ad- One of the first Careful Buying C'd to absorb the normal local sup- ! ers nble lo secure it. lv Surplus Diverted "The milkshed surroundin "So we set about lo take care city, from winch milk ordinarily } of the .situation. We asked a rep- came. was adequate to take cure j resentativc of the army, who ^ knew of consumer demand but ooulcl the needs of the camp. _ ami one of Gov. Eugene Talmad?e's administration was to request .reorganizing the state iVlfSrlson setup, including the abol- ^ijition of the board of penal corrcc- and reorganization of the and parole commission. liY MftS. GAYNOll MADDUX NKA Service Slalf Writer Do not nei, tho fixed iclc:i ih national defence efforts niusi, causo food price's Lo uo up. We have fireai Mirjjhiscs of food in the linked Stfii.e.s, You. as well as every other iif;u::owife in the country, can do your part mnintnininp, food prices :it reasonable levels by keeping your ;••(•! f informed of murkei con- diiioi'.s, army requirements and the educational and co-operative ef- j'ui'ts of Harriet. RUioit, Consumer Commissioner of the National Defense Advisory Oommis.sion. un example of inielli^eni ion in the lace of u d rise. The Consumer Division of the Defence Commission I'aced the problem oi nrranyino; for adequate supplies of milk for consumers where the presence of riu army training camp threnlen- not supply both th* consumer fl«c'- from the Department ol i,ho camp needs," Miss Elliovi- ex- I uire. who was acquainted with me plains. -We rcaliml that unless j supplies of milk all over the- conn- plans were made, there would be a scarcity of milk and probably increased prices to those consum- iry, nnd the coordinator 01' defense purchases to meet with us. Tlu' group co-operatively woi'ked out a plan whereby surplus milk of other areas could be diverted to meet the needs of the ufpa where the, particular training is located. We expect that plans will have to be worked out for other communities." Another patriotic job for every housewife is to study grades of standard foods and 10 buy them on that knowledge. Henry Forct examines rtsult of an experiment testing ihc relative impast strength of u steel :uid soy bean-plastic body panel. K:irclly wnmiiSfttnl of any automobile factory ym: have t'.ver seen is this scene in the soy heiui experimental laboratory :it Dearborn. This chemist > s preparing synthetic resin, later to l>e mixed wuh soy bean fiber in the manufacture of plastic body parts. CHAMPION since Reconstruction days when governors succeeded each other with bewildering rapidity, filling and emptying the jails as they took and left, office. During his one and a half year term as governor Sen. Richard B- •ison and parole commission. n > Jr rclcnscd 7G prisoners. Oddly enough, when Rivers took \. d r> Dl , L . G . Hard . the governor's office from i * over Talmadge four years ago he capitalized on the alleged "pardon racket" of his predecessor and promised an immediate reform, in Talmadge's two previous terms he freed a total of 640 prisoners. 4, Statehouse records show that, Rivers granted only 22 par- his first year as governor, than 1,000 were granted in and more. than 700 his last man freed 185. Tipsy Panhandler Causes Confusion in Restaurant and paroles were signed. HAMILTON, Ont. (UP)—Chaos was the main dish in a downtown restaurant when a tipsy panhandler approached Magistrate H. Burbridge.- The magistrate turned to his dinner companion. Sergt, Eric Howell. and suggested that he do his clu ^, ' sergeant turned to the Kilty. 1 1 It Ot-JLj^V-Cfci*!/ I/HM. * »i- v.( <-^-» *' • — midnight of^thcjl3th and j waiu . ess and asked hcr to phonc for the patrol wagon. The waitress turned to the phone, but got her numbers mixed and called the fire department instead. By the time the trucks had clanged to n stop outside, and an undetermined number of firemen loaded with axes. the "next day when Talmadge inaugurated, freedom wns 17 additional prisoners. Two Slayers Pardoned An as yet undetermined num- fcer of life-termers were released by Rivers. Among them were Richard Gray Gallogly and George Harsh, scion of a wealthy Milwaukee family. The two were sentenced to life imprisonment snore than a decade ago. the result, of a "thrill slaying" while Gallogly and Harsh were students at Oglethorpe University. The. Rivers pardon and parole By NEA Service DEARBORN, Mich.—Mis straw, soft, southern pine, soy beans and synthetic resin, add some acids, stir to taste, stew gently, pour into molds, press very hard and you have—no, not a new dish for the gourmet, but the body of a new and up-to-date automobile. It's not as simple as that, but it approximates the newest wonder •which is coming out of Henry Ford's $5,000,000 experimental laboratory here. Satisfied with the results, Ford is now planning mass production of car bodies made of plastics, probably within a year. Ford some years ago gave his chemists orders to seek a tough plastic which could complete with steel. They finally found it. Unlike most commercial plastics, this new one resembles polished steel, but weiglis just about half what steel does. The panels are made or 30 per cent soy bean resin binder and 70 per cent cellulose fiber. The latter is made of 50 per cent southern pine wood, 30 per cent field cereal straw, ten per cent ramie. so satisfied with his own test and j the laboratory tests that he has'. authorized an order for a complete- | set of dies for the first road model, j A welded, tubular steel frame, i plus the plastic body, will make n i very much lighter car and thus! enable the user to get more mile-. age per gallon of gasoline. It may j be a year or more before the Ford \ Motor Company will start mass production of this plastic-bodied i car. | Ford is confident that his new ! plan will be of great benefit to the j growers of cotton, wheat, soy beans, corn, and other agricultural pro- j ducts. . . I The most talked about thing in mo toring is Chrysler's Fluid Drivel G. Caudill which is a vegetable fiber tougher than hemp, and ten per cent hemp. sncy Insurance OF ALL KINDS PER WEEK ! A RECORD MAKING TIRE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 7!)7 106 N. Brwadway i 5th & Walnut her of firemen loaded with axes | lhemselves aone of these'varl- hose and fire extinguishers had • ,,, a ,. pr ,ip^ c i= v^-v hm-H hnt. tramped through looking for a-fir 5 * no one knew what had happened. By the time order was restored, the panhandler—apparently sobered—had' vanished. The Congo river is fifth longest in the world, having a length of total'set a state record unequalled i 3000 miles. . Old Glow Flies to Africa KKKHK ous 'Ingredients is very hard, but properly treated and blended and then molded together under heat In a huge hydraulic press, they , form a material that is reported to be better than steel in everything- but tensile strength- COULDN'T DENT IT WITH AN AXE Recently Ford had before him two panels, one of steel -and one made of his new plastic. He swung an axe with all his might against the two panels. The blow nt the steel panel caused the axe blade to cut clear through the meiaL bending the edges around the cut and denting a. wide area in the surrounding surface. The plastic panel was undented and the finish unmnrred by the blow. Ford was EVERY nee Tu Arkansas* cleanest weekly . . . clean at service 1 ;. ; We Do Not Buy and Trade WE JUST SELL IT FOR YOU. Riiy and sell at a fair price, set a square <le:il both ways. CORPORATION BARN ON' OLD CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER COMPANY SITE. '-.BLYTHEVILE'S PIONEER AUCTION SALE! Perhaps you have heard Fluid Drive owners very best salesmen! rave? They are Chrysler's £-v lv *V-'x^*>5 < <?i"X v&L^ •j*? ^ «sjsf*«~X' ,-^V /"t&f .«& >*"n *i A BREAK FOR BUDGETERS! WESTSNQHOUSE 1941 •%«> FOR " ONLY Why Shift Gears? Why make work of driving when you can Fluid Drive in a Chrysler? The American flag was carried into African waters for the first time in U. S. commercial aviation's history when the Dixie Clipper, on a rou'te-proving flight, landed at Bolama, Portuguese. Guinea. No. 1 -pass'enger on the plane (seen in background) was home-ward-bound Wendell Willkie NEEDED- At All Times Good Beauty Operators! START YOUR TRAINING NOW AT BARGAIN RATE DURING FEBRUARY- CASH . . .............................. $50 . Usual $65 Rate If Paid in Installments! _ONLY 6 MONTHS TO FINISH COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 18 Years of Age HQS 2 Years High School or Completion of Nelson Test, Eagle School of Beauty Culture Phone 319 ta«h«w« mW*U with EXCLUSIVE CMrtrol—HM amailng tfiventfefi that 9*vM yo« SUH* MA1KIT KEHraatATtON ta yMr bMMl Genuine Wesfinghouse Quality at a low, popular price! Yes! You CAN afford a new 1945 Westinshouse Refrigerator. .The "American Special" offers ALL THESE VAL-UES at a price to fit the closest budget-?— FULL f> cubic foot Family Size—standard Westinghousc ECONOMIZER Mechanism. Sanalloy SUPER FREEZER with 2 quick- release SELECT-O-CUBE Trays and estra space for frozen storage. All-Steel, Turret-Top Cabinet, with Bond- crizcd Dulux finish and FIBERGLAS insulation. White MoonsfoneGlass CHILLING TRAY. Standard 8-POINT TEMPERATURE CONTROL. CHROME-PLATED Shelves and tall storage wells. EZY 3-way release Door Latch. COME IN! Ask for "X-RAY" PROOF of WesHnghouse Improvements and Quality Features ITS NEW! IT'S DIFFERENT! SH IT TODAY! A Chrysler with Fluid Drive costs less than you think. Have you driven one yet? Just call your Chrysler Dealer and "Make a Date with a Miracle!" There's a Westing-house Refrigerator to fit Every Budget Arkansas-Missouri Power Corp. Electric Service Is Cheap * Tune In on Major Bowes, CBS, Thursday, 9 to 10 P. M., E.S.T. / T H f OF -EtECT v R'lC HOME T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 W. Ash St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 111

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