The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ',-•'• THE DOMmAOT mvSM'FJl Ol^NnRTHKART An^.Mc,,,, . „ . • 1 ^-M I T ^^f VOLUMR XXXVI—NO. 183. Blythevllle Courier Blylhcville Herald Hitler Is To Confer With Mussolini On Turkish Situation RERUN, Oct. 21. (UP)—Adolf Hitler Mend, {o con . sn t Boiulo Mussolini on the Turkish-Hrilish-Fraicli nuitiial Col. McAhsler, Slate ' ' 'lt 1(l ^«mta?K !:± S tom!>ICtdd hJS ° Wn :IMalysis " f "' Cal1 ^«™an, To Dully News '. Vnllcy Leader OP MOBTJJKA3T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI _BMTIIEV]LLE. AldANSAS, SATURDAY, OfrromoiTai" School Bcmd'ffttl Share In Community Fluid To Bo Raised understood loclay. Reports were circulated that* German-Italian consul tn tions, handled by ujtier and Mussolini personally, would' be started tomorrow. But it was believed, that Hitler Intended to study reports of his ambassadors at Rome, Moscow and Amkara, Turkey, before he Initialed formal negotiations with Mussolini. j Whatever else may happen, Nazis said, it; \vas certain lhat both Germany and Italy would press Turkey for a clarification of hei attitude. Hitler conferred for several houri yesterday with Baron Franz Von Pa pen, his ambassador (o Turkey who hurried home as soon as it was made known that the threc- poivcr pact -'Ould be signed. It was expected v that Papcu woftlcl start back to Turkey within a few days, with a"number of specific questions di-nfted by Hitler for the Turkish government. Hans Georg Von Mackensen, ambassador to Rome, was expected lo come here to report to Hitler and It was believed that Count Fredrich Von Dei- Scliulcnburg might come from Moscow. Nazis disclosed, however, that intensive diplomatic exchange,'; already were being conducted with Italy and Russia on the potentialities of the Tiirkish-BrUlsh-French pact. Whatever the eventual effects of tile pact, it had certainly angered Nazis thoroughly. Some Nazis said that,the pact was aimed against Germany and Italy, some that it against Italy and Russia. Curiously', however, the same sources that showed frankly their resentment at the treaty, continued today to try to minimize its importance to the a'lios. The authoritative diplomatic and polilical correspondence said thai llie western powers would gain pothing,from the pact except (lie Liner Docks With.73 On Board Hurt . '' pcssibillty of the'iieijr east. '--' 1 . ' s spreading war to .... vWll specifically that the >••• wvalj -Is- •not*Mirectecl Against' ally country," commented the publication. "Previous utterances by all partners, however, had revealed clearly against whom possible military cooperation in (he Mediterranean was - actually directed. So far as Great Britain Is concerned the main point of this treaty is directed against Germany. Britain lias thereby turned Turkey against the opinion of the founder of her slate (the late Kemal Ataturk) in favor of the independent status of Ihe new Turkey—a new -Turkey regarding which he emphasized Ihe importance of friendly reJn- lions with Germany," The . .well-informed 'Hamburger Fremdenblatt argued that the treaty was really directed ngniiisli Ilaly nnd Russia. j Stock Prices NEW YORK, Oct. 21 (UP)The storm battered United Stales liner, President Harding, docket today with 73 of Die passengers and crew injured — 27 of them stretcher ambulance cases. A gigantic' wave, churned up l>y n hurricane, struck the ship last Tuesday night in inld-Atlnntic after it had already ridden out llO-mlle-an hour winds. The ship almost foundered'will, her 591 passengers and her crew of care of 300. All' the casualties were suffered when (lie wave hit, rolling passengers across decks, clowii companion ways, and against ihe walls of Dr. II. s. Bonncr, Boston, one of the seven doctors ninon* the passengers, said there was utmost confusion and that it was impossible for some lime lo mobilize the doctors for any efficient he injured. •"I merely walked down a corridor and tended (o people I' saw- here, some with brokeu'lcgs some bleeding badly. I tried to care for hose who suffered the worst In- uries first and I suppose other actors did the same. The corridors vere in indescribable confusion anc! It seemed ns though arms and egs were sticking up everywhere." The ship docked at 7:10 n. m ^ol'j'een ambulances were waiting! """" " President hospital At first glimpse the Warding looked like D —. vv ^ Jlrwv _ u uuspuai ship , Pecples were limping along the /decks.-''many .with black • eyes or bandaged heads. Bailey Urges Support Of Annual Roll Call LITTLB ROCK, Oct.. 21. (TJP)~ Gcv, Bailey called on citizens of the state today (o volunteer their services to the. Red Cross for the annual membership drive which begins Nov. 11. .Be Principal Speaker The program for the. luncheon meeting cf the noil Call conference District Number One lo be held fit llic Hotel Noble Tuesday with the local chnplcr ns hast wns nn- nounced loday. Colonel II. u Mc'Allslcr, state. r:ll call chairman and president of Arkansas Stnte Tcitchers nt Comvay; will be m c-ollc»c speaker, making the luncheon address nt 12:30 o'clock. ' Olhcr imporlanl guest speakers will include: Mrs. Mnry T. Wright R. N.. of Little Hock, connected' with the Puloskl C'cunty chapter, who talks on ."Nursing vi'Uh ti 1( J Red Cross", Miss ^Lu Morton, home service correspondent of the Midwestern area, who wilt speak . on "Red Cross Service to Veterans and Service Men," and Edward II Tnttle of Little Rock, field representative, who speaks on "International Obligations of ihe Red Cress." The afternoon session will be made up of a talk by Julian James of Joncsboio, stale Roll Call publicity chairman, and five minute talks by the ccuuty Roll Call clialr- ~cn. The Rev. w. J. Spicer, of Wynne :ltstrict chairman, will preside ovci the meeting which begins at ten o'clock preceded by registration at 0:30 a.m. The Rev. E. B, Williams pastor of the local First Methodist church, will give the invocation after which E. B. Estes, chairman of ihe Chickasawba district ciiap- ' ' When' Ihe Community workers .solicit money from nlyliic ville business firms and individuals Tuesday in the first animal campaign, they will ask for $4250 to be used for worthwhile projects. . Of Iho SW50, there will he $1000 given to Hoy Scouts, $900 to social welfare, $759 i/j Goiidfellow.s 'for Chvistmas, $500 (o the school bniul. $.100 to the library, $300 to Olrl Scoul.s nnd $500 lo a miscellaneous fund lo aid Parent Teacher Associations, cemetery ussoi-iiitlons rtml other worth while local groups, i Bemuse the nmoiint nskcd Is very lew for n city (he size of nlylltc- vitle, it Is believed Iliat the coVpslof workers will reach llie goal in one dny, .'•":!' Cecil Shane is chairman of'Ulie newly formed group sponscred/.by the Chamber of Commerce.'"and other civic organizations which have long wanted such nn crgnnl- flillon for local charities. ' IMIcf Una Ulytliovlllc people arc eager, to help the school btnjd. which has ijce'iY enlhtisliistlcally'' re ccivcd by the general public In th two years, was expressed to SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'JPIJ day. Many who have seen and hear Ine band play In the past tw years ihink tliat great strides Imv "'•en inado in the hand, as well a llu> pop stumd wltii UK; two making un initsiandiiig picture ns th approximately nt) students pnriule li luucy formatlon.s at football nnd olher pnlilic plnci'lngs. Cii'ltlng u good bnnd here I in. on a lone, hard slnigglu will e llteh school Pnrcnl. Tenohc Assidallon bearing (he brunt of UK job in obliilnlng inslniiiienl.'i, at instructor, and uniforms, It Is said Worn money Is needed for Instrii- mi'Dls. and It I K also hoped to rn'iJliiiiliy jimkc urranucments s( that private iuslructian will be ivllhlii the reach of overy .stiulcnl '1'lie J500 nlloied lo this project will ,sup|K>rl it, tut one year which "ill include purchase of one or two Wg horns which arc said lo be ^iclly needed. Hill extend greetings. Opening statement will be made jy the Rev. Paul Galloway, assls- aift roll call chairman of the Osccola district, chapter. Talks of Mrs Wright, Mr. Tultle and Miss Moron will follcw in consecutive order Before adjournment lo Ihe Hole! Noble courtyard for a program cf nusic by the city school band, the ol! call trailer and "Footsteps" vill be shewn. The band vyill parade -bout n-,45,o'clock, concluding their 'IWffii.wUll'^.he'. r.onwri-'foi-' th« lelegates -iir tlie^coiirtyard.".".?,- Rabbi Herman Pollack, rabbi cf he Temple Israel, will deliver the nvocation at the luncheon session icforc Colonel McAlkier speaks '•Publicity in the Roll Call" will >c llie subject cf Mr, James' nd- Iress whirh opens the afternoon esslon al i:'.|5 o'clock. The folloiv- ng loplcs will be given by the rcll call chairmen: "A Basic 'Roll Call Organization Plan", s. K. Uoty iralgncad County chapter- "Im- may be made on it at horn. „. abroad in keeping with it,, traditional policy of meeting needs without prejudice or favtr it.must i 1 , 8 ™," 10 assistance of 30,000 addi- B ' in Arkansas," llonal Bailey volunteer.'! said. NEW YORK.-Ocl. 21. (UP)—The slock market developed a firmer' tendency today in volume which was double that of a week a«o A. T. Jfc T. Anaconda Cop Assoc. D. G 91-2 j Arson Decade Ago Told After Hearing Sermon 100 1-2 33 7-8 Beth, steel Boeing Air - Chrysler . ... i Coca Cola .. Gen. Eiectric Gen. Mot. 91 1-8 29 1-2 01 114 41 3-4 54 7-8 Int. Harvest 65 1- Montgomery Ward 58 7-8 N. Y. Central 217-3 Packard 3 7-9 Phillips Pet 45-3-4 Radio 61-8 Schenly Dist u 3-8 Simmons . : 53 3-4 Socony Vac H Std. Oil N. J 481-2 Texas Corp. .. 471-2 U. S. Steel 77 0-3 New York Cotton NEW YORK, oct. 21. cup)— Cotton closed steady. open high low ckse Dec ........ 892 901 891 898 Jan ........ 890 890 890 89 in iMar ........ 878 88fl 876 885 May ....... 869 878 869 876 •July ....... 851 859 850 857 Oct ........ 831 831 830 833h Spots closed nominal at 026, up 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 21. (UP) — Cot ten futures closed steady today- lip 30 to 40 cents a bale. open high Ion- RAYMOND, Wash. (UP)—A «er- nion in _the Four Square gospel church here led 38-year-old John Pernu to confess lhat 10 years ago he burned a residence nearby fiaselle. • He said he committed the act without reason except lhat "I was drunk." The blaze, officers r e : called, also destroyed a store the post office and a garage. County officials were not sure of what action to take and released Penm After Hot Time on Senate Floor Dec Jan Mar May J'Hy Oct 901 893b 889 818 850 894 884- 86G 901 889 878 859 ckse 909 901 895n 885 866 840 Spots closed steady at 910, up 8. There .are 750,000 banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and other fretted musical Instruments, exclusive of guitars, in the United Stales Of guilars, there are 1,500,000. It's not exactly wintrv in Wash\ns\on, D. p.. with the Senate •"?,. he ^ d ^»ale-on neutrality £111. . Loolmg olf is Senalor David J. Walsh (Dem., Mass.), chairman of Senate Naval Affairs Committee, who opposes • embargo repeal. chapter; "The House-to-Haiisc Canvass", J Mell Brooks, Chickasawba district chapter; '•Covering (he Business District", Ed Bacharach, Phillips county, "Soliciting (he Industrial Plain, 1 Tension Grows As International Police Take Border Posls SHANGHAI, Oct. 21. (UP)—International Settlement police, in lull war kit, carrying sub-machine guns nnd supported by (anks, guarded roads bordering (lie foreign nrea today after nn outbreak of terrorism alleged (o have been Inspired by the Japanese-dominated police of the adjoining Ttv- (ao nrea. Police details busily erected new sand barricades to repel any sorties of gunmen from the Talno area. British (roops reinforced the policemen, started building heavy barricades and brought up cases of ammunition in fast trucks 111 whiclv machine guns were mounted. Cornell S. .Franklin, • American chairman-of the Shanghai council, confers heads of the Tatao and then decides whether to ask the aid of United Stales marines in protecting American lives and properly in ihc sort of no 'man's land between the settlement and the Talao area. C UP 10 today with urea police Lloyd George Renews Peace Meeting Appeal CAERNARVON, Walts, Oct. 21.(UP.)—David Lloyd George, Great Britain's World War prime mlnis- :er, made a new appeal for a peace conference in n speech here today. "If we entered a peace conference it would 113 longer lie a Munich," Lloyd George said, "it as cllscus- S:l Nathan, Woodruff county; "Se-1 sious proceeded it became clear lecting and Approaching Large! " 1Ilt HKIer had no intention ot Subscribers," c. J. Byrrt, Ijx conn-1 a ° [ "S justice we cculd milt the ly;- "Organizing a Plantation Roll 1 conference and resume Uie struggle Call." C. E. Heath, Crlttcmlen' wit1 ' a clcni ' conscience thai we Comity; "Soliciting the Non-Plan- lalion Rural Area," Wiley Upscoiub. Cress county; "The Importance of Workers' Meetings," Stirman Love, St.. Francis county; -"The Use oft Quotas," Coley Ford, Greene conn- j ly; '-The Value of hud done our best to secure an lionomble peace," Asheville, Ala. Bank Is Ribbed of $1,000 «KL l £ ^•.%«~°™«"l ASIIEVILLE^ Oct. 21. (UP) Sr of I Gamelin Visits Headquarters, British Forces Are Highly Mechanized WITH THE DfirrlSlI AEMY IN FRANCE, Oct. 21 (UP)—The second 100,000 men of Ihc British expeditionary force were-moving m> lo the line today. More Ihan 48 hours of continuous rain, which flooded many parls of Iho front, had not Interfered with the army's huge task of bringing up frc-sh hoops, iiwtcrinls, Buns nnd fcod not to mention beer and tobacco from England. Roads of .Prance were crowded with British trniisuoris _ great tractors hauling big cnllbcr guns, motor lorries loaded with food and gasoline, fast light gun career inlcl motor cars of cveiy king produced ill Britain with the popular "baby" ear"-predominant.. , - : •»,.:,,.' General Maurice aaiuclln/ allied commander In chief, made a visit lo'lhe British general headquarters General Viscount Clorl, British commander in chief, and lo see something of Ihe British expeditionary force in tho Held. He inspected some purls of the line and was exceedingly snUsflcd wllh the efficient way in which Ihe (roops had'diig themselves In as well ns by Ihe extent lo which British materials had been moved to France, lie was pleased also ul the' complete motorization tif (he British force. If the .British front continues flulet it. may be possible for some troops to start, on leave and spend Christmas with (heir families, Says Circumstantial Evidence Points Strouges Al Russian Submarine WASHINGTON, Oct. 21, <UP)~ Senator Kobert 11. Ucynolds (Hem N. C.», it member of tho foreis relations committee, told (he scimt today tlmt (hero Is strong 'clrcmn Mmittal evidence (Imt Kiisslanssan Hie Hrlthili passenger vessel Alhculi Kcyuolita coupled dial Malemcn wllh nn iiiiiimmcemenl that h« hi lends (o vote ugnlnst rqicnl of th iirms embargo, "Wlitlo nt the present incmen most -Anicrlcans toeltava (hat Clcr many sank (he Alhcula (here hn not been published u shred of con erele evidence lo prove this. "As « matter of fact there U ye no concrete evidence lo prove lliu my particular nallon wns respon slble but In Ihc nbsencc or conerolt evidence (here hi much .slrongei clrcmnslanlliil evidence ngnins 1 Russia (ban njnlnst any other mi- lon." Reynolds followed Saint lot Charles O. Andrews (Dem., .Pin,) who told the senate Ihnl retention it Ihc am\s cuibnrgo might CBIISC he defeat of Clrent nrltaln niu 'rnnco and deprive the Unltc< Slales of "buffer stales against ;ominmiism and Mnsclsm." Meanwhile Jtfnjorlty Lender Al- >cn w. Binklcy. (13cm., icy.) suit umild, attempt to enforce ji Imllnllou en debate beginning vtumlny—the conclusion of three veeks debate on neutrality. Reynolds said Ihnl it was "hj 10 means outside llic realm of n-obnbllUy that "Qcrmflny meant Uisstu" when her naval chief rc- ciilly .ndvlsed the Unlled Slutes hat the American lluer> 'ould bo a Inrgct of war "the same s the Alhcula." ; Andrews snld lhat "Iho opinion rcvalls" that Hitler-mid Stalin If Iclcrloiis In Europe would not be allsflcd until they force the United Utcs to war in self defense and i defense of the Monroe doctrine Four Blytheville People Injured In Highway Accident ,. l Call." Poinsett count.}'. H. Stafford, cd Into the Farmers men wnlk- Merchants Dank here today, held up A discussion and review will fct- Casiiler Oscar McCain ' and .-s- DIV the five minute talks before raped with nn estimated $1000.- the Rev. Sir. Spicer sums up the • HCijol1rn -1 Canadian Veteran, 90, I Visits His Old Fort work of the day before menl at 3:30 o'clock. Men at Flower Show j Sweep Dahlia Prizes New Soviet-Nazi Trade Agreement Is Near MOSCOW, Oct. 21. (UP)-A new Soviet- German trade agreement will be announced soon, it was said today as member:] of a trade ociegatlon which had been nego- tialliif; in MOSCOW for some time prepared to return lo lierlin to-' morrow. It was said lhat an agreement In principle already 1ms been reached. German News Agency Claims Many Ships Not Bottled Up BERLIN, Oct. 21 Hm-Numcr- ous Gormnn warships arc ncllve outside, homo waters and linve Indicted casualties on Hrlllsh ship- Pint' far i-realer than the British have admitted the .semlofilolnl DNB news agency announced lo- nlghl, 'German surface ship.; nnd submarines hnve conducted successful operations in nil sens and Hrlllsh warships, sent out against them, iinve not been able (o prevent (heir successes Increasing from week lo week, the statement said. "U Is not surprising (hat tho No, 17 mid lnU)wof ! n lootlwll pluycr received sov rl «,,, a minor. ho;,,! Jiijm/anll inS i£ .juriw; Airs. Font's , l cff was fractured ami ) ,«• tod lX bniiHDd; GcowPruill, loot),;.]) player, "eoivei ft.cturefi lP!i « w -,, MUinul jitw and Ins head was so imnml lint lie wan Icmpwnrily blinded, nnil Alvis Iforr s am, [,^l^™!'* 1 wUJi;*ily _«• Mlljfhl l.n.iVo on I,L hclui ____ . ____ ~*,, Mr ' r ° ul<i <".'' *<l-i slde-swlped Negotiators Leave To Resume Meetings; Fim.isl Spirit Is Up , Plnlnncl, oct 21 (UP)— Fluinmi'g ncgp'lliilors leavi lonlght for MOSCOW to discuss Hus- slan demands Dial )mvo caused lnh country lo fear for lier Independence and oilier Nordic coimlrlej for their neutrality, / It wn.s imderstcod that Finance Minister V. Tanner, former pre- ulcr. Vould accompany J. Ki I'ns- nlklvl, the previous , negotiator on Ills lrl|>. They will go by train iirlva In .Mosccw Monday ..morn- ng, mid pralmbly will bo received nt thu Kremlin (ho snmo dny. ' I'nnslkivl, Finland's nmbassaclai o SiU'ilun, who previously Vent to Moscow- to hear tho Russian do- Muds, (hp nature of which hnvc lot been disclosed officially, wus to hnvo uskcd that. Tnmicr go back wllh him, It wns believed that Russia. hud lemnmled conccsskns on Finnish slnnds as a sequel to military concessions obtained from Esllionln Latvia nud Llttumnin. Although 'inland kept. 300,000 soldlcis mc- Ucd and parts of tho Russian tonllpr evacuated against nn cinei- nency, Iho Bc»enil,fpollny liKo was «nch easier than TV luul been ji days ago. Jritish Convoy Fights Over German Warplanes LONDON. Oct. 21. (Ul 1 )—Enemy Ircrafl attacked n B'rlllsii con- oy Ihls afternoon but were •fought ir by British planbs which In- Ictcd some disunities, It was iin- oimccd officially. Previously n similar attack on convoy hud been .attempted loo was unsuccessful, the nn approaching machine us the w 01 the laiici attempted t.. IM<J mi . unllghlotl paiked car. 'llio nccfdt'iit occurml on (ho Foriwl Clly-w^t Memphis highway, at miles fioiu llic west Mcmnlils In- Ihc ill her of the olhcr car,,a I negro, was also injured Both cais, were completely wrecked All of Ihc Blylhevllle people w?ic i Ken to (he Memphis Baptist lioj- pllnl wheie altachc'i said they weie letting vciy well today with 1 (heir condition debcrllwil as "good " At ronest Clly, the sheilff's office wns holding Lloyd Lnncaste/ SI Finncls county fnnnei, on a traffic chnigc Lancnslcr was said lo have caused the accident indl- rcc ly by parking hl s car on the highway without lights The Foul-tnt wns one of Ihe Jiiu lo cave North Little nock for Bljlhovlllc and scoici of cms Illlcd \Mlh local icsldenU, swn reached the scene of the accident Ohm IDS Lules, Henry Lutes nnd dticclly behind the Ford cm assisted In eUilcnting (he Blytlie- vllle people fiojn Iho cnr, Scores .ollowud tho nmbulances to the nital to lender nld If posulbte. W1I1H rord, member of the Bly- •lievllle varsity ton m niid sou of Mi. nml Mis Ford, hnd decided lot to nccompmiy his pnrents home »it to i email! in Little Bock, foi the • weekend. tit It rncin nniiAuncoincia suld, 'exas Moves to Catch Up Oji Thanksgiving AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) — Although Clov. \v. Lee O'Dnnlcl will proclaim two Thanksgiving Days (life sear, Texas will still be 'behind in the number of times It has joined British proas should remain silent i tllc country In formal observance so far s possible regarding these successes," the statement snld. Will Head New Chinese State ST. LOUIS (Up)-Men go dahlias in St. Loui.s. They walked oil with all for the comer, came here lo visit Fort Garry Gate, remnant of the (ort where he spent the winter of SmS^^^^i^ y& oSrrDSr? ifos, most of lhcn"'"rown*iv'racn"' Thc old soltlic r said he believed he «as the only survive r of the 1,200 men who made up the Wol- se!e>- Expedition. Ramsay said lie carried irlc- | graph dispatches between CaU.iry • and Edmonton during the secund j Did rebellion. 4 lzc and showincss provide most of the attracdon ' ish Ship Is Destroyed By Sub' , College Life Thrills STOCKHOLM. Oct. 21. iUP>- ! c i. In . The Swedish steamship CSustav; oanUDUrg S Daughter Adolf was torpedoed oft tlie Shc.t-; land Islands today. The crew of EAST LANSING, Mich tUP> — 19 was saved by n Norwegian Heiga Sandburg, daughcr'of Curl sle! "" er - ' • Eandbur?, the pod, is a freshman al Michigan stale Colicee, and she finds she.likes college life bc- -For thf .first time I can lie close cr,mplctely_ natural. Tills is the Chicago Wheat °1»" high Ion- Dec. 84 7-8 85 5-8 84 ."M 84 1-2 May 84 1-8 85 84 84 3-4 Chicago Corn Dec. May open, •48 3-4 51 3-4 'high 49 1-8 52 1-8 low 48 1-2 01 1-2 closf 49 52 first time I've been away to school; here I'm just another freshman. At homo everyone expected uv lo live up to father's repulatlon. William Morris of North Carolina, keeps alive In his hearth R fire that was started H8 years :vso. by his grandfather. It has I bin n«l continuously ever s!nct\ Politician Not So of tho day. : One governor declined to proclaim the day just utter Ihc Civil War, calling It . a "Yankee" nf- fnlr. 'Another governor declined lo proclaim It on (he ground thai It was confusing religious and gov- | ernmental functions, and combin- „,„,„,s,~, , WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 21.—'ing church and state Mayor Walter Vf. Bncon went fish- — ing today through the grating of' wend. 1 "" " C1K " l " op ' l She's New Warden Using two long folding rulers, he J- n • 11 • rorked dccrmlncdly• while spccla- I Of DM I (DOS ors gathered. Finally one step- I<( ,„, icd forward, lifted the grating and i + >t\'.~ ; ^^M£,\ ,„., ,,.. .*. _ ... ,, _ .. „ t J " » •*,j*IESi£f!l9}W Gaining Battle Waged Against Tuberculosis CLEVELAND, O (UpV,i',Tllfc eventual eradication of tubYrculoih —vllh 01 -without a chemical cure— low seems assured, believes Dr ienry D. Chadwlck cf Wnllhamj •hiss., here preparing tci ihe prlug meeting of the NnUonal Tu- cicnlosh Assoclalion, "Theic has been nn Average nil- mal decline of 43 lubeiciilosh cnth.s pei 100,000 population luce the association was founded fH," he snld "I see no icasoit •liy Ihe decline shouldn't persist the disease is eiadicalcd The impioieuient coiilluued right Uiraigh the depiesslon, too." Di. Chndivlck, who is piesideiit of. the association, said tint he took till-; to Indicate (hat liviiv conditions In this ccnnliy have been kept up •"Meanwhile, medicine Is looking hnpefully to chemistry for n specific (itbciculo3ts cure We have no specific cure. Mcsl of Ihc progress IMS been thiough undoistandin<> of (he disease and Ihe treatment of It.' Lifeguard, 78, Retires After Saving 94 Persons BLAIR, Neb. (OP)—For the last eight years Jcnas liurcham, 78, has been lifeguard al • the Blair swimming pool. Tills season he retired lo make way for a younger swimmer. Dnrcham began swimming at the age of 4 and swam across Ihe _ Missouri river uhcn he was.9. He I is crcdllcd willi saving 01 pcrscns from drowning during his lifetime. The feat of which lie Is most proud occurred in 1011 when, shl- glchandcd, lie rescued nine Boy Scouts who were swept hits deep water while bathing In the Elkhorn river. To head new puppet sfate in central China, Premier Gen. Nobuyuki Abe of Japan has named Wang Ching-vvci,- above, former Chinese premier. Wang will organize government simitar to that of Alanchukuo next month, bound to Japan by military alliance and based on principles of the lale Dr. Sim .Yat-sen. 'Play House' Damaged By Fire On Friday Practically no damage was done to a play hcuse in Ihe yard of 515 South Lake street Friday afternoon, 6:30 o'ciock L when flames broke out. No children wete playing there at the lime, it Is said, and hew. the pnf»er on the vail became Ignited was not learned, '. Firs Chief Roy Head said. War or Peace? ! ' It's Hard to Say BELFAST, ncland (UP)—A village which Is half at war and luiir nl peace is situated on (he border cf County Donegal nnd County, Fermanagh, Ireland. This is the village of Tattige, half of which lies In neutral Eire and the other halt, .in belligerent Northern Ireland It Is divided by n river spanned by a bridge. Residents on the Ulster tide must observe the black-out, white . those on the other side may have curi tiilnlcss windows blazing light Stranger still Is n house In Too- more, ,. on the divan-Fermanagh. > county border. H has one room'in Eire and the. otiier in Northern Ireland, so that when, the oc'cii-, pants.go to bed at night they are. neutral, but (lining the dajtlnxe they are technically belligerent. First Sit-Down Placed At 700 B. C. in'Egypt SEATTLE. Wash. (UP))-Tlie first known sit-down took'place in 700 B. C., according to Dr. Don consln professor. D. Lt'svohler, University of Wis- A group of Egyptian cemetery workers, ' he said, struck -when (heir pay in cabbage, and fish was not delivered promptly. Simitar demonstrations were started about 1450 A.D.. but soon losv favor, the - s«vant declared. Tasting freedom after 23 years Sunday-. In f altfnfnl'i'e Fnlrrt»** r\rir,rt>* .1 * r. WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair, llttlo Changs In temperature tonight aiirf in California's Folsom prison, Warren K. . Billings-' anrioujicts he is giving it all up lo marry Josephine Rudolph, above, San Maleo librarian, whom he met at one of hearings on his case '•; "18 years ago. _____ Memphis and vicinity—Pair to-, night and Sunday, not much change lii - temperature. The maxlntuni temperature hore yesterday was^ 87, u tnimmum 50, clear, according: {o Samuel Pi Norris. official Either observer.

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