Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 23, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1942
Page 1
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The ^Veather Little Change in Temperature Tonight, If It's News .You -••-•- . ' ••„"'•' -*?' 1 '• "r - " s;* •' Can Find It In - f . • ...... -.. -. .- - - . The NEWS SHORTAGE OF QUALITY MEATS IS REPORTED Bethany -^ Bristol -/Terrace Cotton BollV^r^ —T Platto'Kflto 1 « ' i >\t ' ' ' f ^. ' ___>_. . > _' ij ,.jf_^ ' ' _.^__ ; -—— tc . = - gr -======aa^M^»M5 OPA and the Agricultural Department Are Invest! Bating' the Situation. IM'tiss) ,'us Toll tho 0t'- lil Washington prloc ooillujcH to Lhn uoi'iuu 1 y', TJ)(1|r ', s a snurlago or quality '"'M ^,.|S III Ml'' I'toNl alld Mlfl-NVOHt ,VL Huii UH- l;ulk ot> filings on , N n-ud to rarmors JH rospon- ^'i' Th'' '"'A antl llu ' Wloulluro Jl'"' 1 tin'iiuM 11-11 I I MIT |,||(j o — o lKil thi-y'vo found; Small .....UN wim supply llio hulk of hMvhiil iiMirki-l, have to pay Lhu L,st pi'ii 1 ' 1 * '" y l?tll ' M ro1 ' imnit on lh hoof. Hu! prlr.u millings hold nvii tli'- 1'i-ii 1 ' 1 "I" lh« (iH.'ssml muni lj,v iHI. 'I 1 '" 1 H'jUiU— Hid jmokoi'M H( urn'l 1'iiyiiiX and Ihu huloliur L|i. Ml lii" cusLomt'i'H: •>oi-ry, tin slcaks or pork ohops." 'v";!! 1 ' 1 Indications that Hit' l Is I'.oiiMklurliiK p (Continued on Page ' BIC THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AT ODDS linllml K<) It WHS Uio polltlfinj i'vHl and Karloy. To- .-vi'll VPI'SUM Karloy. M-jilli'. parly big W!KH ;iiul lioro'M llOW It h«|i- i My 'IVn years ,,„„ u f Hmi j.iy it's Hoo Hi,. are at P ''IV Virsidrnt has gl'von Ills olll- pat mi tin 1 bank to Senator J.UHI-S Mfinl I'm- tlui JJoniotjrathJ iioiiiinatloii as governor of .New York staX And Farley already IM IJIK..I up solidly bohlnd Attornoy ii«Mi"ral John Honnotk, ^ Karlry, who uiiKltiucrnd Hooso- vii's ii.uiiiiiatinn for Proaltlmit baok In mi. Iwl a li>t to Hay whon ho \\Ktfit (he IMvsJdonl. \va<r backing M:uil He ubl Mean— and wo'rn fjuotlng -'to .1 r 'luii-d of Inconsistently, vjciltilion aad . . , philn tuvadullor- alt-J il'-c.-it." Farley ad,ded : "1 ask him In-fore It Is too Into to nvuxni/" tin- Irutli and withdraw fin nanif." This h llu- way Veteran United |'M.I I'otltlcal C«)rroHpondonL Lylo WiUon s-'*^ tlie situation: If Kark-y's (nan Bennett Is olnwt- eil. It r;:ty !»«• uMsurned that Farley will i-xin'i'l to have a blf? Inlluenoe in Hi.- naailuK of a Democratic And Wilson Iv would oni' wll op Vii-C'I On Hi*' uih Man Waited 27 Years Before Going To Court • Now York, July 2«—(UP)—Irving Harrison ..never was ono to do things In a rush. For Inalanco, ho walled 27 yours boi'oro appearing in' oourl to t\sk \vliuL became or charges thut ho tried to use a Irolloy transfer Illegally. Court olorlcs looked through Uio yoHow ; erl records. They round Uio Irolloy line long has boon out of butmiosH, Ihu arresting ollloor has rcllrcd, ami tho magistrate Is .cloud, Harrison said ho didn't holhor to appear Tor trial because ho thought someone would oome and got him. On HO 4-H CLUB FAIRS IN CONNECTICUT ARE CANCELLED July 2,1-(UP)— Ml ooun- ty -'i-ll e.lub fairs 4n Connc.ctlcut liftvu hi'-c-n (janoflllcjcl l'l»ls year to suvo gasalino and Urea, Anums r I he falrn wh-kih will not bo liolcl aro t/lie Mldrlloscx County fair at Durham, said, .to bo tlio old- ost Inrnrporatod •'i-II oluh i'air In Mic United Stains, and two-day Hartford County fair at Avon-, and the Tolland County l'al<r at Vornon. State Club hoador A. .1. Bru-ndago says Ulml; as a stibHlilutc., tho /i-!f olubn will promohi so-nallod "IHko and Blko" sdliool fairs In various * '"', • Applauding Lodge at Anti*pitler Meeting says Farley oertaln- Onn Prosldonl HooaC- 'crtident Wallaoe. r hand, If Mc«ul IH flniiiiiiatnl ami ele,cted, Wilson foolH. X.;w York's SU'j'j cunventlon dulo- <.it-:H will in- controlled by the. HERBERT BOHLIN INSTALLED AS THE CHIEF PATRIARCH Horbort ,T, -Bohlin was installed na Chlof 'Pal-ria-rch."of Magnolia . Bn- (•arnpnu'.nl, I, 0. 0. K;, at t-hc ros- ular mooting of tlio ononrnpme.nt In l^ld Fellows' hall last ovoning, pis- trlot pppuly Orand Patnlnrc-h 'Sl,in- loy K, Dlbblo and slatT off loin tod. nthor officers insiallnd wore; High priest, Frank Walerhouso; Senator Henry tlahol Lodfic of MassacliiiseU's f "M^ Madison in New Voi'k as lie r«c«!vcil Hie applause* of tho jaiMJe orbwd attendiiif; :irnass*. dcinoiisii'aiion ilj ilie:'iiicciiiig, is pi^chii-od ,nl llie i'ifllit '\''"J'li« American people noi onl.y syni- of these crimes to sli«ict ac:eoiinlnhility A • • • (.-Central' 1 • as Ilillri- alroc.ilies. Mayor Fiorelio LiiCiuni'dhi,_. who also; message i'rom Presiilont, .Hopscvcir key noted the meetinfj. Ho wilh nil victims of iSV/i cringes J)"l will, hold Ihc in n-dny.or reckoniiif) which will sui-nly eome/' -'43 MARK GRAVES OF THE ENEMY DEM) tlllH Norfolk. Vii-Klnla, July 23 Th»« xravis of the hi'Hl oriomy hivlfii an AiiuM-lnan HhoroH in «Jr will in. inarkorl only by to* for tin! duration, A|i[>;iri'niiy It's to koep Ibn axlH ffoni Ic.'u'iihm the Idontlty of Inn Moil from whloh tho men oarno, Tfn' l)fwii»!H or ihc •# OorninriH wcro fl'-k'" 1 '! UP ufh'i 1 a de.stroyor wank ll >-li' Hul.iiiaHnc in the Atlanllo. They W*T« hiirlfjtl In National oerne- UH army and navy took iil ciT(>rnony. ami ppotiJHtftnt 'i'f ,,,,,, ( | ovor n\vu n;,vy chiipialrm, Naval iiiv ( | „ iiiHj«-volloy Haluto. a aavy biiKler soundwl tups 'is dink i-nvulopod Uio came- lry. Twenty-seven (Na^igatuck . Residents Selected7by County :Commissionersl Twnnty-xscyon. iNaiiigaUiok-reslclcnL$ •Iiayo :bpon'''sblpbte-d :by tho; Co'm'm.ls4 slbncrs ol' New HavDn-. county i'oi? Jury duty?.-'tp ';bp-:uxal!alDla.^6 ; r ; snr r ylfjo. for' bno "yo'aV : L'i'.oin Soptam'bor :l.-j •J0^12, it was riiinouhoecl today by Town Clerk Raymond ,1. ! St.• Jolm, Tlio commlsHl-bryoi's:- soloot'ocl. • Jialf of the original .ila : t"'bT 54' mvincs sub- niltlod to it by'UifiNaugatuck b6ard of 'sulootiriien, . ' .: • .. - ; Tho list follows; Wliltam, Ay ; crs, 71 Aetna si reel, retired; ...Dpmoirioo Barblero, IJ92 ' Maiii? strrtot- "merchant ; William Barrett, 18vBarnum Court, roll rod; ,loh-n!b 0, Clai'k, Hopkins ^t't'oct, liodsqwit'p;. ; I?diw Fon-. •niman, 17-i CHit- slruet, 'jj-oiispwlfe-;. i;)anici FlUgorald; • -120- ; Ci o r m a n street, retircU; Walter -A; Obssock, j(JO' 'Praspcct fttrcc 1 !,,--'.spruyoi!;. Jo--, suph T. Ho-nlcy, 470,Rubber (Continued on/Page Eight) Secyv'Huli;Will -'' '•' • "• 'Broadcast - Washington;; ,:~- Scorolary- of 'S,tat;c. 1 Ii;ull;jTialc,e>j:nn '-' 1 t iJ'-'' • . so" si'gnillQan C 1.)i.ut 'qrraiigerncn ts have; bdqn ; niadb'' to. '• parry:',- ji is; woi ; ds v ffo t:"on iiy ;' to.' the -'na tl pn ; bji t; th rptigii ou I, * ,thcC world \ Jn 1 . ji i no Iniigungos: . Tlic speqch.,; ..which has • been •'onilprsorl ^by^prcsrdeht Roosevelt,' \vijK -bo,^ mailc;;; at :.,!) :0p, BnaLcnl- WaK Timo.;. • ;,.. '; /.-"' ' •QMS . mijk slib'i'l/n'^cv'.is - threateneq<. j • GmTnRcUcul^thJ,s.;fan:;'}•> ;' /;.'. ;: : 'K 1 ^iulBy^jfflc' ; A(-liri i n i s'l.rrt : Donal ! O^- 1 }-^AVnlhiilyeVg\6n"ysxtli e : 'supp,lies c • ]iri'Hi''areB%jnicl']'jJig MibV, ; : when •the /should- Vie :l ''ai"-1.11 eh; •highest.' • Of llflP-n AP SLAYEROF BEING SOUGHT 'RIGHTS' OF-REV. M0LZAHN AILECED r- iinll- lunlor warden, Ohas, Hontint-l, mififloll -Woavng, Sr. At Ihe oto«o of tho moctlna, ro- froshmentH were Hurvyrl anrl a social WASH .vi,uKis WARM no not Honk wool for ; ift ny l-onfi- Minn i It talces the fabr-l^ to bo- saturatefl with tho suris.boak- woakons the STORMY HGHT OVER TAX BILL DEVELOPING or Taft 'Criticizes Administration's Plans For Financing War, flKht , July 23— (UP) over tho now -war liig In 'tho Snrmlc tax- tCt, suppoi'lod snnatoi'H, IH plann fw in (MI! n y othe H 1 reasury Iho progmuv n, Ui« Ti'onB- wlll nullify l.ho cost of llvlnff. Uurtrorfl, Jiily'Sa-dJPy-An n(TI- rlnvlt has been Illofl In Focleral court, olmrgliiff the "rights 11 -of the Rev. Kurt 10. B. Molxahn, of Philndolphi-a, held in a spy case, wore violated by tho F. B, I. ' . . The affidavit wan Hied by ' Rev. Mo I swim's attorney, James W. Car- "penl-er 1 The statement w-as (Hod .jn oonuoctlon with a 'motion asking thai, Rev, MblKrihn ho permitted to examine his personal records, now lu-ld by Ilio F, fi.'I. The motion was. granted''by Foclernl Judgo JV Jbsepli 'rhc'affiflayit said that when Rev. 'Mol'/ifthn and -Carpenter went to Phlltulolphia recently to examine records In I ho F. R. I. office I hero, a government ngont, K. H. Dftvls, W aa—antl wo quote—Inexcusably 'officious and disrespectful to coun- s'ol and unfair to anrl In violation of the defenclanTs rights/ 1 ; Special AsslHtanl United States At- •toi-noV Thomas J, pofld dcsorlbod l,l,o niTlflavil, as an "unwarranted a I- nr-k 1 ' on Ihc F. ». 1., and snlrl U MI, n tended o destroy public oonfl- rionoc.rn, Iho F: B, I," He denied Ihe F. 13. I - \va s >1 i s rpflpoottul.^ OBSERVMEOF ST. ROCOTSDAY HERE AUG. 15TH umloMOoroltti-y of " on you bnllovo tbat tbe war can bo • Arid ? »Jcll aiwworod "I A got to bu,finan«cod," ThoVobsopvanoo of St. Rocco will ho oololirnlort ftl Christopher r.ol- mbo rail on August 15 by thp Hal, s of Iho borough by a galhorlno with a pjirarto nn mlo whloh will prooood •?rom ino 'Itllo Ualy" floollon on SouTh 'Main slrodt, to Coon, sli'pol, in South ''Main flUrool, Tho parfttlo will1CSvo-tno OhrlBtophflP aoluni )«s ha I nt'7.p. m,.on August 15th Jncl S Mass will bo oolonratod. nt, St. FrS oluiroli at 8 o'olook on August 17th. -• Florida, • : .'!uly Police, ' solclle-rs and ^'v ;u .......y.v.v- v ..;- nidcd by hloodhouncls-f-arp;^Crnling Wio myyl-p^ious slayer -ofv'four; pe^ sons, ^' s .;- •."• ' ! ' :• '".-'•'.--;.; v; - ;; "; A t,wo-gun man, answofi-ngM-^he. dosoription. 'of the; Idllprj • is^rpppri,^ ed lo iTave-onicred a criljlri : ; A iiV; the Danlfi area iir.a sefiroll .fo'JL 1 vie Urns ol| -the' mystery; elude Ii'vi'ngjl.eopolf:^ his.'\vii;e-; her slx-y.ear-old 'son. a'hcy shot's.Miami; mont Friday night. The !Id Her commandcerod .a car, sl.iolrt.nev er, Ralph Morin, Ji\, artd Reaped,; ——•• » »'-——— ~ ~''\ :" • Got 'Jn tlie Scrap•']•'. IS — (UP)— A : sbri- - sibr.l/n'gc ;: \is • threal/en'et jn for; this labor ev pn-. tbo>f arm's/ ••> ••'• ',\:'; j;i(^ : =said, '."the pi'ico-; of .fe ijr .'s : 6 v ^'niuoh the- farmers ottrin- lircfit^'.vjfi'iVoJi^ prb/l t, ' ami- m-any pr.' tnnn.varc ^gbins; .to.; Work- •Jn/.wan •v .'^h'ii' ; Hii^ketj" : Hamfnoi'b.erg con- cHideSi.l'Hwill yl)c exc^e'djtigly short -NAMED VJoseph • .E, .Talbot, Gongres- ;slohal '.cl ('sir let <6r .Connecticut, m . ;' G^; lias .been named - ; a.?membor 6f: ; ;i;hc. Con gross i oil al commriitcev'wllicli'..will investigate thev .futilrQ.n,>; gasoline " iincl ^rubber "" '' ''' .'};.Cong. ::W!)iam;..J;; 'Norwich.^sAjchniumffri >! of Lho^oom- ,rniU;o6 >VViicli .4 011S1S ' |S -°^' •^ A »' e ^ G T •puWlcnns •''• anl' -ilvcr IDcmoprats. '-Gon^, FiUsoi'akl, .announcing that :tho • ; com.mlitce >wi!l open-'liearings 'Mbnclny, "''.says ,UiQ v purpose . Is-w to i'givc'. the- people of. ; ihe East, Coast, "Uie ;rGalHr.uUi. , • ; : ; ~ :: ir Voii''/must sl.t in your coal Cor jany:-lenglifi ; "OiMiinc, uirhulion -it and piill Jt, lap • sllfflill-y- 'in .(.lie baokv : If 'yoiv are a .strapIrau^or, un))ut- 'OuiVvcoat to -provcnt unneces- sf/rain on..'i(-v ' .. .Joan Takfes Thirci Husband ruin s Slrti- Joan % Cru.wford and Actor /sm-priso wedding ot » Hidden Valley 'innrriaf/e. Her ( Tone. On an^fjavel lien n.plionephoto. (Central Press) Battle For Rostov Is Raging I < For Stalingrad Also At Hand Late Afefe Bulletins JUST DEPt. IS TAKING ACTION Washington, July 23—(UP)—The justice department is taking action to prevent James G. Petnllo and his AFL musicians union, from forbidding union members to make transcriptions and recordings for radio stations. Attorney General Biddle says he haa authorized the filing of an* injunction suit,under the anti-trust laws to shatter.Petrillo's decree. > TOURNAMENT CALLED OFF . Philadelphia, July .23—(UP)—The rich Hurst invitation golf tournament is a war casualty. Henry A. Hurst, Philadelphia lineil merchant who annually sponsors the $12,500 test, announces that it has been called off for the duration. ^ MAY LAST SEVERAL WEEKS , ,Washingtpn, July -23—(UP).—American: housewives were told toda^ by Price Administrator Henderson that the current meat shortage may>st another month-and-a- half. Remember, he adds: "Our armed forces and those of our/allies must 'KfeW.forqt call on our meat supplies. ' ADMINISTRATION ASSAILED Washington, -July 23— (IIP)— The opposing forces in the wage^control struggle fired new volleys in Washington tpday! 'iiv--the Senate, Senator George, of Georgia, and Senator^0'MfUioney of Wyoming led an attack on the A^- miriistratton policy: of permitting the War Labor Board to raise wages; ; • And at a White House conference, spokesmen for orgairizeci labor insiste'd that there be no change in -the present $et-tip;, William Green, Y)f the - AFL, says iheyErejrito the impression that Jie favored tlifeir,proposal. '.. ;..:. ; . 1 1^^ ~ ' '• ' ~" 'Vi6hy, July ^fclUP)— : A French spokesman denies that French ships are being used to carry, reinforcements to the Axis/army in Egypt. The charge was made by the Kus^iaii radio; : :/ PEASANTS REPORTED KILLED ' Londoii; July 23-(UP)-The Axis terror has taken 137 more lives in tthe Balkans and Crete. Seventy-five Slovenian peasants were killed and seven villages were '•burned to the, ground in reprisal for the-assassination of two Fascistsi Sixty-two died at Herakleion, Crete, -tor - W undisclosed crime. . . ^ LEAPED TO DEATH FROM Jackson-, Michigan, July 23—(U'P) —All night WilliamTonTCzik, armed only -with -a knife,/defied the efforts of Sout'hern^Mib'h'igan stole prison guards to oust- from a; water tower. ;'; . .'".•• -'' ••'•. •''•''• . • • .. 'The life-termer ,; took refuge in the toweiv after running amok anf killing Andrew : Fawst, en-gi.neer ai the prison powet ^ilant, last nigh t Guards, tried every trick .to force ToiiKMik JijM3m tlio .160-foot tower all in va'inv T-oday' TomcxSk himself .ea^ded .the matter; Ife leaped from th<? to\ycr to h death. Tom-cfcik, -46- years old, had been imprisoned- for',the slaying of his former employer in Detroit in 1940, ADVISES MEN OVER 40 TO TAKE IT EASY Chicago, July 23^(UP-)—For men over 40, tho 1 medical profession agrees \\ith\v's theories about exercisfj—"^vheneyor you ttiink of it, lie' doivh until you forget it." , ' Doctor Morris Pishbein, spokesman for the/ American Medical association, quotes an expert that men over 40 should not—as he puts it—"11ft a flngers unnecessarily." Writing in the current issue of Hygeia, Pishbein ,says Just, .what a lot 'of'us have bqen' claiming all along —the atiimalfih that; live longest exercise ihe least,, "• +++ —. JUSTICE TRE3VGHARD DIES ^ f Trenton, -N. J,V July'23—(UP)—The .judge who presided In the famous Lindbergh kidnaping trial died this morning. IJ6'was' former Supreme Court Justice ^flhtomas W. T/"en- chard. Trenchard. who ,was 78 years old, died after a prain hemorrhage. :,f .^>i THREE DEFENSE LEADERS IN COM RB1GN OFFICES Ilartforrl, .July 23-(UP)important state defense council lean- ers 'have resigned. They are : Mrs. Chester 1 Bowles, of Essex, who has resigned as head of women's activities in e;ivIll-ill defense; Pr-ofcssor Stanley H. Me Gandless, of New Hnven, .who ha quit as clmlrma-n of the special blackout c-ommittee; and Ralph Lasbury, Jr., of Bast Windsor, who is through as chairman .of the Par m Labor committee. State Defense'Administrator Samuel. H. -F-ishcr .lias- appointed. Paul Putnam, of the University of Connecticut, to succeed Lasbury. It js reporlotJ in political quarters I hat Mrs. Bowles, wife of State ,Q-<P-A Director Oldster Bowles, may seek the Democratic nomination' for the stat.e senate in- the 34th district. FOUR PERSONS WERE DROWNED Boston, July 23— (UB)—Pour more names have been added to tho list of summer-swimming fatalities. At Humarock; Beach, two Dor- Chester men lost their lives when pulled out to sea by the undertow. They were Daniel F, Donovan, 33, and Lyle Wlieelock, 42. SeveraJ others were rescued' from the pounding: surf. ; n ,,n, And In Boston, two girls—Ruth Williams, 12, and Anna GlannJ, 15— perished In the Charles river. _ U^ •.+• ••• FIGHTING MAN HONORED Dallas, Texas,. July 25— (UP)—The Lone Star, state has'paid tribute to one of her famous ".flgUUnjj men- Admiral Chester W. Nlmlla." Gere- monies honoring the Paciilc ^fleet commander, were climaxed in Dallas' Fair Park last night. Assart of the observance, 100 young Tcxans were sworn into the navy at the •ally. X ' « • » Bomb the Japs With Junkl Russians Appear To B« Making Determined Stand Along Lower Don. NEWS FROM LONDON PUTS DAMPER ON SECOND FRONT HOPES British Are On Offensive in Fierce Fighting in Egyptian Desert. (By United Press) • The critical • battle for Bostov !• raging in full fury; and an cquaHy violent light for Stalingrad seems to be at hand. , . The Russians, after days of withdrawal, appear to be making a d0- termined stand along the lower Dbh.v Late dispatches from MOHCOW assert that the German advance ban been slowed—that Russian artilleVy and Russian-manned, America!)made planes have taken some of Ui« sting from the Nazi attack. Bat Berlin claims that its forces already have slashed into the suburbs of Rostov. On the StallngraVi front, the Naais claim to be nearing the extreme bend of the DOIJ, where .H flows within 35 mites tdf the city. That is more than- the Russians oonec'dc; The Soviet HJ«h Command: has''placed Die Germans 1>;; ftt NoyoV sherkassk, 30 miles abVve Rosto,^, and Tsimlyanskaya, 115 miles south-west- of • SYallngrad. '' \ , Moscow dispatches hint that, the Red army may be .forceil,--'.to --..wlUi- draw from Rostov because of the Nazi gains on three sities of * the city.- — ; : •".-'.' ': •"-"-;Around Voronezh, thc< Russian* still are -attacking, ,omi eleanlng out areas licld by the .German«.,,:Anr otUerl HipHeVl. Soviet 4riye Is repott- dd' in * the 'lien Ingrad »rea; ; l But the S'mportant batlles are In the south, and there the situuil1o)i remains critical; , ; i The army newspaper, Red Star, has exhorted Russian troops/To (Continued on Page Eifht) K MANAGEMENT, THE WAR Wasliinglon, July 23—(UP)—Management and labor have pledged themselves tio \vork hand-In-liana .in- support, of Hhe war effort , ' The pledge was mode, to Presklcnt, Hoosevell, Spokesmen: for employers and workers promised complete unity of purpose and action. -. . ,. u "But they'll deal separately- with the -acini'inlstration's forthcoming plarts for wage and price controls. That's .what.President. Oroen\of Hie American -Federation of Lfttoor said. as -he- left tlie White House confer- ene'c. ' . Green snid the conferee had gone to the White House primftr- .jly to demonsiirale their, unified support of the wai\ program. INVESTIGATION IS POSTPONED Bridgeport, .Tub'; 23 grand jury Investigation into , the premature release from county jail of a prisoner-Is In roccss today, The hearing will he resumed- tomorrow. Slate• Reffircc FredeHck Nf. Peasloy is a/ctlhg ' a« a one-man grand'jury hi the case involving Thomas .T. Genova, the- prisoner •who was .released foilr day* before his term was up. ••'Kloven witnesses already liave testified ih> the 'granA jury jWbe, and more are expect- od tomorrow. . v ,'. FACtOGRAfrHS IB FASTOGRAPHS . J . ;v The use 'of critical manufacture of Mjjht hut now needed for tSie war effort, haft been curtailed,- but the. production of light injlp.fc, themselves will be produced in greater volume -than ever, with substitute-materials.- Railroads* in the seven month* from Get: 1, 19*1, to .TU»0 i, A id*t put in service 09,339 new fre«lg|it cars and 500 new locomoMves;^ t - -• ' '•• ' % • , " The climate >of 'Now 1 Zealand ranges from the sun-lroplcal in -the north to the mildly, temper- iite in the soublu New Zealand comprina* North slandrSotJlh IslUAtfr Slewirt island and Chatham islands.

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