The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1931
Page 6
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r%fr':,,'^ v -v ; "S • •••;'• v- (AUK.) COUIUtttt NFWS Docs About Face On Mound American Leaders- Trounced; Cards Beat Gnnls After Loses to Brooklyn The league Cardinals ol the Na- ; Ucnal league prov.-iJ thiir snr.;:. 1 ! yesterday by d;ieating the f.-:.ri.' , [ilarc New York Oiiinls nttev loiir." ; a series to the Brooklyn Kobiin. In ; U.e American'league 'he Ai'r.WK .: lost io the Tigers till '.lie Scmfsrs | failed to lr>V:c aivanlize of lhi".r | opportunity to Rain en Ui: An:;.!- cim pace sellers, losing to '.he Wi<i: .• : Sox. i The Cardinals eounl?;! thre? •.".•n<: | in the nliilli lii'Jkig to rmt :'if Gi- ; .ants, B lo 3. The Cards' rims v.v," . scored after two i;s:ii were out »•!'/••> ; Carl Hubbcll. rjlant ar. 1 .. s-mltiriilv i weakened. Jimmy Collins firm-.: in ; ll'.e winning runs. Rbem v.v.s i: 1 .': j winning h'.irler. i Thc Pittsburgh I'lniles wrt'.'.op;.! His Boston BIT.VC;. 4 K. 2. Kicinr-r | was winner and Zselury loser o( A well pitched Eime. Kreuier all'UTil but four hits. Brooklyn's Robins. defcateJ Cincinnati's Ktis tit lircoltryn. G 13 -I. A hcme run ;by Johnny Fre<l;rlel: with the bales' 10,-ided init Hie Ds.1.;- crs out lu front In the fiUri Innliu. Bissonelte nho lilt a homer. V.inci was the winning and rtixey the lir,- ing hurler. Klein lic.ils Cnlis Chuck Klein lilt the br.ll !::ir:l With n homrr. triple uml sin-;::;, scoring lour runs himself unit thr- Phillies, boat the Chltaso Cubs. 11 to 10 in a wfilto-,/Iii£ Muyfeit. It was n-sM-snw. fjaice all tlu wny with the score brlurj tied and untied in tlie eighth stanza. Bcler. w:s Hi: winning uileher and Hoat Hie loser. The Tigers triumphed over th; Macknicn in n close B.IIII;. (i tn 5. Thc victory was the fiist for Detroit over the champions this yew. ;,Wfc LiC j ta'^vA >'•; 'A*:£ A V- '$$ ~<\ \ <<.,'.. & BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer WITH SEi! . Ml'jlll Slrcl UlC !a.,( season In CAR!, KISri'EJl Jim T' J'liis I'.ltirm-e IU UTiJini'. ivurillnir ll'.i' ro- nsi-.n-n. irsi'i'tMlin;' lo .'.Ir.'ni'O t:lr\:t]n:ie eill:-, j:rerl!:.-; the -rTiilo: 1 i;f Hie O:i'.ire:il WiekK who h-is bifl:=glil hi", fiiinlly Oil 'for the bis! Whlteliill hurbrt steady ball w::i!? n ,,,,, Rommoll v;as (lie 'Pie V >'L"- thii:iu' Mjv-rts vriU'rs li'31' nlng run was counted In the nlnt'i |,_,',, '[f ])!n j|, c ],]- f \^nj \i\\\ on a single, int.'Uticnal pass ;in:t i _jj 5nr .n 3™ lu-.i a f-;v 'u[ li* long fly io th= oulflehl. Poxx nivl j Hiiro's" tliiit V-il (V d;>- '••!» Johnson bit homers. , Ol .„,„ j cr ,|,i,,,.<. The While Sox took l'.:elr s.-ri.^ Jlm ls Mil . ,„- ,,„, ( .,,,,. f ^,.,,,1 from the Senators, time cam-.; m>. , n , cn c[)llrL , rlir( , v ,i, h ,„.[„„ (ll of five, mnnlnv !) lo 1 lit Chlc.ien I n .. lv , ,,; n v . c c ] llrc |;:n--g'iiv Monday. Vic Frnsicr went Die ro'ltc _' p ; ',i,j lnlo ,j;., HVwspiinrrs.'Vll-: Car: y little niu-ht - Iqr Clikngo and ten!.'the Washing-! | S ' , lot n"i l . : ton bits wattore-J. The Nats tisF.dl pr r ' f \- r 1= ' i«_ - \-..l^.._-^r I ^- _ I II. ! tl.t 1 vcv -,. r nn: | inK H( , lif pii;: ur.'j. N'n sleepless n Iv.mpy m;e. Bill J'.-u- :ll;mlt ],[. „.„,.. ;;,( i.'iicr Hint .nv nm.iy- !10 thlii': loss than n • three liuricis.Myer and Cvonh ,'' : homers. My'er and Blue (jnt four '. hits each. The Clev^tanrt Tndlans trounc;-) _ Ih? Ncu* Ycrk Yankees t^'ice, 15! • • « . to C and -I io 2. The first (jnme was | TJ,,, Q],| ninrnrv a ronslns slugfesl with the Yank- j " „ , ' , ' Imdmc tbcir opponents tarrym;; ^ : , M [. ml ii heftr willop. The Inrtinns i-o; 10- hits. Biibs Ruth croshcd his 18;hi ' homer. Thc second n«me wa> a j . hurling duel with H.irdcr th: w'm- | •nor over Gomez. Wllli? Kornm. Indian third sackei-, drove in r.ix run? in the two games. Ths Boston Red Sox (let >aled the St. T,oids Browns ycslcnl'iy. Inking tlu" winnin;; streak of the St. • Louis te;.m wlilch hnd reachscl games. T!ie score was 4 Io 2. ^,.,:, ''was-Ins vinniiur and Stewart the! losinc; hurl:r. The Brow!is m?^c nve double plays but frilled to show the necessary punch at bat. Wllllltl tb.e eve ! n,'h!.' phi. 1 !' I l.tiy l;CO!l j'jilll'i? llr.^jk in tin- liotvl, his duv's work rtou.' ;i'-.i:ln nl 1MI 1>. M.. the mob b;-;;n:i to (Irifi. in un Mr. Jmniiv wit!'. tii!es!l:.ii r --!ilioiil liefc'.ts (ov •ti'iit!.-;. ul^rllt iiow In !.;[•[ ;: ecj'laiil '::iu! <•[ exclusive .'jlniy (they '.van'. Jennings i<i wi'ite it), with i.r.ri;in:: <|ii .^liuis r.l»/.tt Ihc "fcsil lauilili'.;" tlnil Iv.ive l;ren prnvlclrii mi'ii. Has tiie G;ud?n '•ru'iits for five tickets till' rillOV'.S iVJV''P.I)OUts? Inr riiiiii iilly :iif. to any Sure. (!!;id Iii, Jc,, 1 In ul 1:15. The telephone Toni; tliiianci 1 frnin C'onneaut L'lke P. irk. rvfi'- JDC .I;'.::ohs is ?ep.d- !::•; ill KIIIU- frriuis. Will Mr. Jen- things tip Tor them? Oh. Carl Fischer Fulfills Waller Johnson's Failh In His Ability to Siancl Puce. Hv NHA Sirvlrr ' WASHINGTON— A '.'..istiout 111 !!•,(• 'ipiirr; unlnliiR K.-asnn— an) rn/.v li; 's OIK.' of the Iranm-'s ]<•:»!In? ].'itr'l;pr... Tliul's C.irl l-'ischtr. ic \V."s!iiue!(jn fjciialorii" rankle itli'iir.v ^nisnlion. Wlicii Wiillrr JolniMHi was imm- un It 1 .; 1 Nfnvaik International I.I-.V.ISP cl;:l) tad: In 1028, Fiylior ,\as .iiiM iinoUu.- yoimii ioulh]:.uv livln- to earn an liontst penny HI.-. Ui.-l L"->l mis n fust hall, and !u- llnally licrnini- so adept nt it r^st i ll'|-;i lllU'. JullllS'lll >i I'liidinti' him holster a wowing K'.nlJ. 1 i-ctuM- «•«•; imnlia'-.cil by t'l'i-slilm! Claik (irilll'.li. clnl) own- IT. nt a jmixliav;' piic-r? repm-letl to ho In tlin iidaliboriicod of $:IO,- fKjO. Ilr itirni'tl in one nixxl I'f- fort lib Hi 1 :. 1 . iipiK'siniiico on tin 1 moiiiKl, '.lien flO!)i«-.t wllli :i Ihud. * • « llf liiid a wrinkle on the ball t'nni p.iv:cd for n curve, leaving his ball as his only oll'cr- Imc. -Then tin' fnsl tall him. nml Mil Giillitli and Johnson wire read 1 .' 10 send him to •>'•• minors and charge tiie » p h il'iiv.' f:j cX'.K'iienci'. WVii Fischer renortPcl to llic stirin!,' burning cnmi) at Uilovl, Miss.. FI;.cInT v:as c"i'.cc:l.'d onlv n slight cl:n ire of Micklnp with the tlironyh the s Ijvnn Gnditli. ' iiiiotlirr yolini; noiiihpatt-. Iml tin- inside tr.irk and continued to loom lii'jh in the ip'inialinn of the innnniicr. despite Cnv'.'s impressive work in ir.iipitK cump games. Fischer M'.tl iirqulrecl. tiiiriiv? ihf winter ruonlhs. n lictler limn nverac- 1 c~:rvi\ \vhlln his fast ball hnd nl! of Us old zl|i— anil more besides. niny; Ml:"! Acci The'i S<:h]iif bis;er \VH;'l ill tills ['.if !-.n And l'ei ilni^. Ami another. I-.TIIIO nnu'i 1 . T, r . 1L Irnc tiiat iin ; :'s Lhc:>l, nt nrrmiil. is th;:n Willie's expanded? wes .SdiiiKlh)i;'s lira lislll faultily? What, lime will ; wri'jh In? from Dixie Loaders Take One on Chin; Pels Bea.1 Marines; 1'ebs, Chicks Idle. The Atlanta Crackers.downed the ibading Baions of '.he Southern ite.Siie and Hie New Orleans P?li! catis defeated Use Mobile Marines i in the only (wo games ; .ayed iii H:e Southern Icatue yesterday. Tiie Crax walloiirf the Barons 7 to "i in :i elosn game. The Rarcns failed lo hit Ciresoi-y consistently Iii!-.. the Crax fot to Edwards ;ind rnu-hMoiic at the i!j;l>t moments. The Mobile Marines proved easy victims for the i'clii-ans at Mobile. The ii'orc was 8 to 1. T'.e Pels bit Ihc olIcriiiKs of ll:in>:ins hard and con>lstcntly. The lii::lf also made thru' double plays to nld Under- bill. Powers, right lii'lJer of the IVls, led tlio hitters. Gibbs and Burton Await Gong at Armory Tonight n-hi In The news iih'd t" CJovolantl |u'csr. I'.rac'.d.uarl^rr. from tl'-e rr.mps nl t;oiM!f.iuc Lake P.v.k. ! J :i.. ii::d Ocauyn I,she. O., bcfu of n routine nnliire. Pcliinellii'j with Kid RtiiMiblr Ico'^cd creat. S'yiiiiiiK: Kid Tripp and lookrd The?.^ clApatrhcs it is Pin;>r.' .io'.i to m:il:e nearby rcom. a :,|'or!.^ r;ir:ulr!, colu]:o^:etl of no ILTS tbr.n niiK 1 vyivej. bm'Mf. into ••Hinipfrjpc, Himccjcre. Ualcss Ve\ur IJentt." Cin«!i? Cerlr.inlv! today 1 i Soiithea?v Missouvi Loor* Ready tar Sacond Half j With Jim In i lie ! Hl:in;r/ !p\'li!o, ihp A rc-pciter fvcui U:IL' I n- •,*'ScarK'is WP.nt:. l many times in his has bten on t!'. loo ( :s that up. All vi^lu. now let's eet lh!s drm see. v.liere HOW THB"Y W. W L. 27 34 O!i. yes Alt, Yfst Mr. Oatmeal; There I 1 ", ;i:io'.hi.T fL Jcnnin;s. The ctllf for of IIAYTl. Mo.—Schedule for thc second half of the Soulhpast Missouri baseball league season was drafted nt a meeting here Monday nlEht. The second half will start next Sunday, July 5, and will end Sunday. October 4. • ! neo ciivnlatini) in OiisiiiV coLintv The le.iijue championship will | Rciilh Dp.kcta. lias t':cv.: ; ;hl !:i be decided in a five-name post-'!fimi!y and MnfT (T th.- iV:!il .mi season series between the winner: rtisin's r!;lu v.T.rkiiii: IK\-.-=S M'at- of th last half ar.d the Now Mail-. i! 0 \v would von !i:-.uri!f R parlv lik rid team, which won the first j that" Kosirhow Jim ilvs it Ma 'f- • After his ci.iv':, v rvx is «'on' The following tjamrs nre fclicd- •'uled for ne.\t Sunday. New Mad- rid at Wardcll, Cooler at I.-ll- bourne. Dcnton at Jlolland, IJayti at Etcclc. AnuTii\lli 10 •10 W. 47 I'c .040 ..511 .531 .MS .M.I /I8o .111 .331 I Thr 1 season uol under wav. and c ev^rn' nf Johnson's intrherf fallen uiisfrahK' to come Miroiish n.; rs;i-ctcd. Thrn Carl, after the of a Frnnk Merriwell IKlllHl Ills Spruce Gibbs of El Dorado, generally recognized as the. stale's leading lightweight, arrived here last night for his bout nt Hie Armory r-li^.sic. id. U° v ei-.i in n'^ninst liie Yankees is a vrll-.'f hurlrr and dnriii? the -!x iniilnq. 1 ; he worked, he '-truck ,nl 1(1 miMi. Riibducd (be Yanks, nud won the game He was then iven n chsnp? as a slarlinc huvl- r. aiui nl this writing had won i-rhl while losiu? only one. This. IncUlcntnllv. cive.s liie Senators mie of liie Ijest i^>w pitrhines stTffi in 'he league, witii Fischer, Robbv Buvke and I.Iovrt Hrov.ii all turning in performances. tonight with Don Burton, local lightweight. The bout is billed as a "championship" fiuhl by promoters "I'll save yuh" with Gibbs in defense of his state llle claims. Tioth fighters are scheduled to velghl in al 3 o'clock this after- icon. They haye agreed lo make a might limit of '138 pounds. Clicster Dnnehower of Ijixora will great Only GAMES TODAY ' Rciilhrrn I.ra?m- inTl'.am «i Atlanta. hi-i>I™ nt Cl'nltinoosa. Orleans a' Nfrliile. paines srh?dnloi!. be the third man in thc ring to- night In the main bout and he will also referee the preliminary bouts Neither one of the two principals on the tight card will do much more than loosen up muscles this afternoon, heavy work of preparing for] have indicated. Gibbs' record shows that he lo't a decision (o Eddie Terry, the St. Louis toy whom Burton rtccisiono'd here about two weeks ago. and he also lost lo Fred Ri- vallo of Memphis. On the otl'.sr hand, Gibbs knocked out Wesley Scnn, popular Little Rock boy, in two rounds. in the six-round senii-winjup Roy Mauley of Lepjiilo and Altorl 'lie shiver may travel a successful road in boxing or baseball bin it's the swinser who gets the tvophie:; in go!f. When a p!ay:r tries to slu^ the ball, he usually brings his right fijiculder arctint! in a circle, locking ihe hands and arms before they can gel under way. Tlie amis must win', 1 freely without any body in- tcrferrnce. "Think in terms of swinging rather than hilling." snys Aiac- doni'.ld Smiili. And Mac Smith, b';- caiire of his faultless swinging, is perhnps Ihc cleanest hiltcv in the If there is the leasl pull from Ihe left shoulder, the light arm will never get ils chanc? lo straighten cut All wrist and arm action will i loxi. Miss., and New Madrid. iMo.. will face Nolan Lambert in a six rounder. In a four rounder Preach- the bout already completed Burton, the locnl boy. will have his big chance to gain state-wide recognition when he crawls into the ring with Gibbs, who has nuite a reputaiicn around Little Rock ancl Hot Springs However. Burton wilt not be the .under-dog that advance dope may'Read Courier. News 'want Mnke Scrti»ners Pay A bill introduced in the New York State Legislature v, p ou!d masc foreign boxers or wrestlers — — ----- - . , n.iti^n k.u,\sri o ui uiusiivio cn~ i . er Hall of Luxora and IIH-ard Smith j gr ^ ct | - m i jouts itl ihnl s « a te tuni T of Blytheville. niiddlD\v?ight^, wilt \ n * Q die slate treasury 5 per cent" meet. Cohb and lightweights. L-amb^rt t'ate a; of their jHirses. Uiidcr tiie cf tlie bill a foreign boxer \voultl (have to pay SlCQ for, a license and [ a citizen ouly S5. STOP THAT NAGGY HUNGERrtiEADACH£ WITH A DASH Of NOURISHMENT Aniericnn l.enruc "Hn.slon a!, Chicasro. v.'a-shinnlon nt St. I^nls. N-\v Vork nt Detroit. Philaclelpliia nt Cleveland. Prl. .f.07 CVvrlaml :« SI. I.oyls '?) Ur.-.'nl •_>.! 33 .381 Detroit r. -IS 3M Chi. .T-.ii 23 •!! .359 W. t,. TiM ah.nit t! P. M.. n!i J'.m 'r-..- In dn !;,•••. l.~nis lo entertain IV.c rpovts writer:- ::;i 1 | "ev Y::r;-. three cartoonists who vi ::i to Imv : Chicago ju.-t (llscovei-erl t';'a; v,-!iat they have! Brark-hii tt.inl-ci nli Ilifir lives is :i dnnbl!-, Boston U'.r.1rr:o:n at J3.."in per cop>. | r!i!l:u!e'i;)h;a ... Aficr lha'. you ur.ilcr.'lan:! ttirs- PitSsbursli fellows arc 1 slr.r.i; evs In town. Ju.n I Cliicinn.i'.i : , , nm\ cou'.d ,Ii^i ;i!r.-:.',e fix • *— I Ih'.Mii np ',>ith rf-r,rrv.ii.M:i>;? llmv | T!rad Cr-urirr ins out of lnv.:i a!ie-r i .18 34 21 .S37 .5H7 .413 301 7n;\t AcK ! TOATO icOOI.'OST SI'OT IN TOWX Tiirsrfny-Wcflnosday Thursilav Xntionnl I^.TCUC Pittslinrch at Ponton. Omriiimtl at Brooklyn. St. i o:»=; nt New York. Chic a un rit Philncielohin. '001,KST Sl'OT IN TOWN' Ttitirsilay Tursilay, Wednesday and Protects paint ai;;tinst weatlicv and liolds the original pjlosfy finish on your car. Let us refer you lo onv iiumer- ou? .-atislicd .customers. Joan (Irawl'ord Tbrills you io ynur soul in 'Laughing Sinners' with Nril TTiiinillon and "iorir Knnibi x aii h /^ GORDON EVRARD $T"' Cor. 2nd &- Walnut Phone fiS2 \M •Tonn's most dramatic voV. from the stajjo liit "Torch Song". ("oniedy and Xc\vs. Arim.—^Intincr—10 and SOc. N'k'lit—15 and .|0c. VJ NDEJt-i-ATING, Mirier tKan over-eating, cm cause headaches plenty of times. Empty stomachs, which are over-active in rtcid secretions, quickly cross-up thc whole system if we don't give them something to do. Don't pile in heavy, slow- digesting solids. But counteract stomach acidosis with fruit acids and energy in pre-digcstcd form. The ounce of sugar in Dr. Pepper is instantly usable without digestive effort. The fruit juice sweetens up thc stomach and makes your head behave. Dr. Pepper isn't medicine... but something far better,.of which N'.unro heartily approves. Don'twait for headache 1 ; tostrike you. Keep fcelin" fine .. . ALL the time. Get yours at 10, 2 and 4. '.i(>y Ruth Miller and E4»«', liorlon in l'.-\l'n« l » lonely Wives' Comedy and Fables. Adin.—-MaHiiee and N'igM— 10 :uitl 25c. Coming—Friday and S.ilnr-] day..Kay Johnson in "THE aaaiaagqtSggy i AT IO-2 AND A KEEP A CASE ON THEJCE 'CLOCK

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