The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1939
Page 8
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•„,,. PAGE, EIGHT. Major Attack With Bombs* Tanks And Flame- Throvvers Held Likely BY TIlpMAS M. JOIEfSON Jv'KA Service Siai)'. Cui respondent WASHINGTON, Oct. 19.—If the so-called "shadow-boxing" in Europe, ends soon and this main bent, begins, 1C will be because Adolf Hitler, decides to gamble desperately for victory before Hie military paralyzing wiiilei' months set in. For winter, with fogs descending BLYTHfl.yiLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS. Practicing For Attack On Maanot Line eiiliig Hint, to defeat It,.ho might attempt a world-staggering military' ncttoii — an offensive that could result In cither Hie Allies or Germany being quickly crushed. SAAR LOSSES CANCEL NA7.I GAINS IN rOLANI),- The Saar—a 125-mile stretch c herder' from Belgium and Luxembourg and the Moselle, eash\ai< to the Rhine-might foe the speii point of Uils-offensive." Wooded but rolling, this is "good fighting country", whore Germans anil French can readily come lo grips and ,)iope to gel something in return for sacrifices. Today the pcllus' cautious, nib- Wing advance of recenl weeks has brought ihls 700-square mile region within ranee of their guns. I N'o longer do the Saar's hlK fur- ivaces make a cloud by day, n pil- | Jar of fire by night. No longer I does the Saar produce a quantity ' cf coal and Iron nearly equal to' all the coal and iron thai lies in Ihe mines Germany got^-partly over England and lains fallinc ] wrecked—from her Polish conquest, i over the daik and bloody ground Thus the Niwl victory In Poland of France, would enable two enemy has been mainly cancelled oul by generals to gather strength against- the ridiculed French "shadow- Ihc Nazis. boxing" in the (3aar—and will so One Is "General Time", Ihe reinnin until the Gennnns gel DIP' : friend of Ihc Allies, who are labor- Polish mines BOing again full blast Ing-'fiercely lo male)) Germany's or drive Die French back the three war- preparations. |lo fifteen niile.s- Iliey have advanced The other is "General Block-'In the Snar. , , CAN AVIATION CAl'TURE GROUND? Tlie French Army is perhaps bcsl for them, thorn is no icason -for j In (he world—well-trained, .splenri-t the Allies to attack so late in tlicjldly led. The poilns' morale is high seasoii, bringing on the costly, use-, from success, and they have had less losses of ?5 yeais ago. Theirs I lime to consolidate the captured should be a strategy ot attrition, ground, and lo survey fields ofj A flame-thrower goes into action as German Ininmv-ynicn, in a sham battle at Hosslaii which Hitler niighl find so threat- lire for their famous artillery. j attack upon concrete fortifications similar lo u )OSe of ,, lc Mnglaoi Line . ( * • nde," gnawing nt the German people's vitals. With'those two "generals working m-,,.n™ ->•, P CC THIS WHISKEY IS J YEARS OLD ^ 100 PROOF However, Hie Germans' artillery Is newer tlian the French 75's; i-i utrn tt liJIiWI HIC I I LJIV<11 !•) i\, till i the German equipment is largely ««"»<< °n«l. capable of sheltering model '39. To the West the Ger- army Uint has been train. mans me bringing not only nearly ca lo ,"P H n ' om casements sunk a million more men, but also the mechanized Pnnzerdlvlsloneil whose deep from nlo earth prepared or by emerging passageways to armored cars am! 'tanks so'hasi-• colmlcl ' !llUlck the atuickcr. died Poland's whirlwind /inish. I Could even Ihe Condor Legion's Heavier German tanks with sl.v- c ' nws rc "d n way through? Could inch guns also probably will make! low-flying aircraft bomb those their debut on the Western Front, i oi-wmcnts, heavy tanks shell them? To bo sure, these mechanized | Conlrt flame-throwers scar those, forces will run a gauntel more' casemate until the defenders, fiery than in Poland. The British 'hough still living, would be driven alone, with 158,000 men in Prance half-insane by repealed shock, and and some 30,000 actually In line, nade to surrender as did the gar- THE AMERICAN DISTIUINC CO have 22 anti-tank guns to a battalion. • But German cannon-toduer now probably totals 100 divisions — as many as covered a larger front In 1914. Aiid above them the wings of the air force cast black shadows of deeds already done. . In Spain the Nazi flyers of the ! Condor Legion captured Bilbao not : by dropping men In parachutes, but by dropping bombs, "But", say some military men, "aviation cannot occupy a city. That must be done by ground troops." To which airmen retort: "Bilbao was occupied by ground troops, but not by Infantry. Rather, by artillery. They just; trotted In afier 'the airplane' bombs had d ri veil out In e in la nlry. 1 Then, in Poland, the Condor Legion again rehearsed this new style warfare—on Kattowitz. Next? Perhaps It will be Irled on two cities, of A. S. P. tradition—Metz and Nancy. Bojli are on-;,the French side of t'lie Saaf boundary. CAN -LIGHTNING WAR SEAR IHAGINOT LINE? Also, both cities arc behind the famous Maginot Line, that fortified zone unique In ,military engineering, .which follows the contours of the land so iha(. the Germans, after driving 'the Fiend from the Saar, must.*conic first r jl j upon outworks ot trenches, barbeclj ••jj.wire,' concrete . m'nchinegiin pili- i boxes nnd, tanktraps, of .steel ral|: 1 sunk In concrete. •;. .• • -. • ';, Bfit the Maglnol 1 '' Lme;s 'innii strength lies 'in-, great ganericsi.sev'- 5 cral levels deep: undergroiind, nir- The biy fall swing is (o metal shades by Stetson There's autumn inng in Ihc Conner browns, steel bines, iron grays ami quartz greens . . . there's smart style in the \virler brims and lower crowns ... and magnificent value nt only §5. Other Stetsons to MEAD' S 315 WEST IUAIN 315 isons of some Polish blockhouses? 5omc good American opinion thinks that is not -impossible.. This, at least, is the greatest mtnediatc question of the war on and. If- Hie answer Ls v ycs, then lust iXMsibly Germany, by staking ill upon'the attempt, may win be- Fore winter. Bui that Is linrdly ikcly, If only because winter comes very early In the Snar ant! neighboring Lorraine, and is very nasly, is many an A. E. P. veteran mows. ' ' If there Is nol time to break through the Mtiglnot Line, wovild [here be lime to drive the French from the Snar? That may seem to Hitler well worth trying, for then —with "German soil freed .of the incader"—lie can make another peace oiler that at least will help him at home. Wedding To Be Feature Of Rodeo At Manila A wedding on horseback will be n special 'attraction of the Harry Bailey Rodeo showing at Manila Friday, Saturday and -Sunday," -it was announced today. Wesley Dennis, known as "Radio Bob" and Miss Junnitii Woolnnl. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wools re] will be married Sunday afternoon, three o'clock. The bride, the bridegroom wlio Is n cow boy wltii the rodeo, and the magistrate lie on horse back, according to Mr. Bailey. List Petit Jurors For Pemiscot Court Term CARUTJIEHSVILLE, Mo., Oct. 20.—The county court 'yesterday announced selection of petit Jurors for the coming November term of circuit court here, .which begins Monday, Nov. 20. The jurors are: Ijittle River township, George Mercer and A. S. Qreen;'! Organ township — Clint Waggoner; Godair, A. B.- James; Gayosp, ijicey Bush; Concord, Will Napier 'and Kenneth New; Little PrairieVlSert Meredith, Acquilia Green, Ed Davis find Grover Latterly; Pemiscot, W. S. Lnster ami Joe Tiirnbow; .Cooler, Lemmie Bin-ton and TOrtv, Hopper; Virginia, Charley Waller and Holly Paris; Holland, Homer Smith; Braggadocio,'Tom Orton and Mike HutTiimn; Pascoln, Homer Detfriest; Buticv, Henry Fisher; Hayli^Frjink Nunh and J. W. Golden. ' f ; '' Recently patented was a tailless plane without, rudders, or elevators. The plane Is controlled solely,' by the shifting of the main wing,, :; Flier Cracks Up But It's All in Day's Work YAKIMA, - Wash. (UP)- -After cracking up his 134th airplane at a fair here, stunt flier Kenneth Tyler hitched up his belt, paid another Installment on his $72-a- month Insurance and prepared for his next job. Tyler'has been stunting with planes and cars since he was 15. Lloyd's Lcndan insures For dangerous "thrill" crashes, such as smashing a plane directly into Read Courier New* want ads. BiggestBluefin •FRIDAY,' OCTOBER 20," 1?3<JI j At The Hospitals Wytheviile hospital Mrs, P. O, McDermolt, city, admitted. ',.•.•' W. N, Brutalit, Lone Oak, admitted. , • Julia Ann Sanfoid, Holland, dismissed. rvfrs. J. J. Moore Jr., Number Wine, dismissed. itfr.s. T. j. Barnes, 'city, dismissed. Walls hospital .Jackson, Manila, art- U E. milted. Jewel Hatley, city, admitted. Mrs. E. v. Walls, city, admitted. K. V. Walls, city, admitted. Charlie Ruth Blankenslilp, city, dismissed. * Memphis liaplisl hospital Reginald Langiey, city, admitted. Mrs. Tom Mitrphree, Etowah admitted. Spiders vmy gre.illy in Ihelr 1 methods of securing, prey. Some build webs, while some stalk their prey and pounce upon It; others ; , run their quarry down In open' chase, while' still others lurk In ambush for their victims. WARNING ORDER Mrs. Ruth Nunnery is warned to appear In Municipal Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wilhln thirty days, to answer a complaint filed against her by Phillips Motor Company, in which lawsuit Hubert Davis is a party garnlshee. WITNESS my hand and seal as Municipal Court Clerk this October 13,-1939. FRANK WillTWORTH, (Seal) clerk. Shane & Pendler, Attorneys for Phintfif Marcus Evraftl, Attorney ad-Hle'in 13-20-21-3 John Manning of Los Angeles- sets world 'record with 890- pound bluefin tuna landed oft. Wedgeport, Nova Scotia,< a house, Lloyd's assesses him $50 in addition lo the regular $ra mcnthly premium. Tyler's most serious injury was a broken back which hospitalized him for months. Noah Webster, took 21 years to prepare Ills American Dictionary ol the English language — from 1801 to 1828. Tasle tins Great Kentucky Bourbon .. .The Whiskey with ffisTfAg^'" 8 Ancestry - - 4 YEARS 010. COPS. ,939 5CHEN l£I OlSrltlEJS COff M Y C HAPPY H OUR GRO.& »MKT. PKEE DEUVKRY 109 -W. Main St. I'lionc IS i MEAD'S EXCLUSIVES S ARROW SHIRTS of rich, luxurious broadcloth >2 Arrow is proud of this beautiful I5ril- ish striped broadcloth shirting . . . and (hey should be. It has a luxurious look and a luxurious.feel and launders perfectly. It's here in all the soft colorings that harmonize so well with your new fall clothes, Stock up . . . quality and style like this at §2 calls for action. M E A D' S 315 MAIN 315 MEAD'S MOHAIR h«lps Rambler resist wrinkles, wear, moisture. WOOL lines ils pail, by adding warmth and durability. ALPACA makes it shoulilfr-1 Igli f yet 315 We went wool-gathering (Peru-Texas- Wyoming) to bring you the RAMBLER byKART.SCHAFFNER & MARX The long-haired goats of Texas gave us mohair that wears like iron and keeps out dampness.. . . the Alpaca that roams the Peruvian highlands gave us hair fibers producing shoulder-lightness . . . the sheep of Wyoming gave us wool producing warmth . • • Hart Schaffner & Marx blended all three into a perfect coat called Rambler that's wrinkle-proof, weatherproof, wet-proof, wear-proof. Drop around and slip it on. MEAD'S MAIN 315 Other Topcoats from §19.75

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