The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY,-OCTOBER ,20;- 1939 _JJLYTIIEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION llne f 4 room : furhished apartment. Fris- Idalrc. Private bath. 110 W. Ash. Dcsiia Mick. '• • i -20-ck-24 Am ft'" ' ' i- • - I ' **H*-"U| C-UJ»ICtUJJ(J I* urn. lime per line 10d] entrance. Couple'only. 516 South n ,L <?-' p " . ilj !) e p01 ' ^••••« i) « I Franklin after 6 o'clock. 18-cklf lliree limes per line per 'day..'.OGc -*-^—- . '., • : 1 fix times p«r Itfte per day.,..05$ 5' room furnished aptrtmem,'021 Alonth rate per line .;. .e« ~ ' Cards of .Thttnltjs.-... ; .,.5oc & 756 Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or" six rimes nnti stopped before explra- »on will be charged for tlie nura It's the Car That Counts Not the Conversation HOLD ie - ler of times the add appeared and WJustment ot bill made All Classified Advertising copy RibmlUed by persons residing oiit- )iUe of the city nfust, be accompanied by cash. Rales muy be eas- \ compiled from abovt table'. Advertising ordered for Irregular «iierllons taxes the one time rale. Na responsluUi.ty W iU b« taken for more than one liicbticct ln«sf- uon of any classuled aa. Ji 1 'or Sale , Chickasawba. Apply In rear. Joe Waddy." • - • I8pk25 One furnished room and 3 unfur- • nlsheri rooms. 2)0 W. Cherry. n-ok-31 , 31 For|1 iip|/T, u |af 3 furnished rooms rind 2 vmfumlsh-'..4. i- nr , ,..< dH ,-™,v,c. 107 FA.,„...'. tn „>. ft, •*" rora tin. Compare Our Cars Hefore You Htiy '38 Cher. Cowh , $1)5 $31S ed rooms. 127 Dngaii. 17-ek-21 Tudur CdirtfortsUe bedroom. 1017 Wftt- riiit. Plioiio 103 after lour, 17-ck-lf 3 room unfurnlshccl apartmejii. downstairs. Private bath. .Hot ••.Vs cold water lurnlslicd. Phone 727 K19 W. Ash. H-ck-2-1 2 bedrooms. Business women only. . Phone 239. M-ck-li I Comfortable bedroom. C25 W. Main. -, --.- , billing attach-1 p "° n <3 277-j. 14-ck4t rrient? Bargain ,nl $50.00 Thomas ,r,r;" ... ',,'.•' ; —and Co.. . 20-ck-35 £ Comfortable i-ooni. Close Addlfig/mnchlne, 3 Hesd •:• feeder--steers; - H weight about 800 iioiiuds. Juit right,for finishing. Also eood 3-1 «,.,,„„, year-old registered Hereford Bull wa " ul1 - 310 W. vyolnut. in. 13-ok^f •:.. • - "."* * vgjon,* cu £.ivjuf Uf if Dtiii; Phone 505, Bijtliqville, A. G. Litiie. Girl's bicycle in. good condition. Reasonable. Phone 7U-W. 19ck24 Upright piano and four foot Frig- Cbrrifc';-tabl6 front bedroom. Out- entrance. Phone 351, 515 11-ck-U Nice bedroom. Convenient to bath. Steam.heat. Phone 280. 19-ck-lf Ncillce— I am no\v salcsmaii for ' Idalre electric refrigerator 1 . Bolli''•-«*.„„.• , „„•. ,, ,, .-. in/excellent condition. Phoiie'7Y or biivs mf Fnl^ n rirf°r. i( «° "*? -»-- 81, W. Mai,,, • 9<ek-U jT rc. M Ca» and ^'is^^ BABY fiED cheap. Practically new mattress. Mrs. sanniel p. Morris.; Call 648J after 6 p.m. dli I.cwis-clinmbsrs Const ruction Com- pariv, Inc., is responsible oni.v for purchases if the venrlnr is sup- 1 Two sows and pigs, and • feeder 1 h '' ptl v ' (tl a w fitten purchase or^hogs. inqiiirG ai Pickafd's dro-'' ! " ? ler i e[J ">* W C. brehnnn r '*" b j. J/JIJUIK; , ((/ riunaiua uio- cefy, :1044 ChlcKaSawba. l(i-ck-23 J Philltpce 2-pk-ll-? 5 fool : ft-lgidaire, Medium Circ'u- . latlrig Heater, Cabinet Model 15 tube .Atwater Kent Radio. N.- E. Pannell,- 412 N. 5tii. ie-pk-23 Suburban home." io acres. R. N. Ill No. 2nd'. 1 . St.' HpK-M Sfunfimy license & B'RI) DOO LICENSE TOR YOUR CONVENIKKCE WF .ARE PREPARED TO IPBIjr T^—-: /YOUR HUmTOfj AND BIRD Lumber. Oak, Cypress. 518 per i DOO LICBN8F! AT OUR STORE jithousand. Delivered for S2(h Ad- A..x>i.™« .i_- J6ining Clear i,aiie Farm. D. H. (?arner of ArmoreL.. 11-pk-H-n '38 Kbrd Del. Tudor ,...». '30 I'lyiiibiilh tour 2-l)oor , '3J Chev.. Sedan :. ; 33 Ford Tiirior ;.. ^TRUCKS — '3T Foril StMic PIek-ii]i ... '37 Cher. Hi Toil ?339 '39 Ford 1'Ick-up '3S Fiird Sed. Od'y f2(il PH I LLIPS MOTOR CO. Comer 5th & Walnut Fhtfie 810-Sll for Cenion!' l ratl(iii Hij-iiicvillc, Ait. n -'v« w"i'iLit>Qtvriici , in v>uiMiiy with : the term* ot « 1038 In ^r^J 116 , C '" mcW nlul '"* •'? 5 lllc) i««wbH District . I03D. "":' TI1E P of i1 n musky scent which can frill ^cd ; hnleVaWay. V,' * of siicli pm- ueci-ce lu Ihc tiuii of $1,409.1-!, l: \Vho ate you Idling io sluil up, Tailors | .Tiibcrctilosis IHIS. been .found in - ST dillcreiu parts ot bovine mil-' • mals. • trade in yoof old sull oii a ilen one. J23.50 up. GEORGE L. MUIR. BlytheviUe's Only lailor Washiii^, Ironing Expert, washing and Ironing. Ohfao. Rough dry und finish. 0 quilts il.Cfl. One day service. Willie Jell irccn, behind/City Ice plant. I . O-ck-10-a I J- L. GUARD Optometrist Oiily Graduate OlUunie- Irlsl In HlythtvlHe. CSIassrs FUlft) Cnrrfrtij ..Noi'lhcastein Atonn has natural bvltltje. forincd by n pc Occli ilrcc. JERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITEJ8 ..-BRUCE r MEMPHIS { : btsl. ;bjd<lcivfor cash,'on « credit cliaso money' orilmio months, at tlin front door AvirS' i H , „ , o(-tlio .pciiii Iimi.w, between the O t n £ - i * Clly%f" 1 u^l| 1 w|lle, > AiSiiSas, "11 llny of Oct ' 10 ' 30 ' Iho isih (toy of Koycniboi-, the 'Jliii Vttsl liftif ({vij) or the Section Teh (10), TOH'nshli) l^iirlctfn. (14) Nwlh, nniigo Eleven (il) Ensl, coiitnlnllii; 80.litres, mere or Jess, SftUl Mlb will bo lo satisfy snld Werf Optometrist •HE MAKES 'KM 8KK" 0>el Jilr ll««C»' Stnrt Phohe 540 —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - ACcurntc .Ymir Prescription Dni^iliit Fowler Drug Co. UAnVEY MoiiRIS, ' Commissioner in chnncer] PBESCftlPTIONS Kirby Drug Siores First . I'liorte Ml GUARANTEED SATISFACTION'ON I-'llrlliH'l) Oil Stove Oil lilcsei Fi««l Triictor fuel R.C. FARR I'linnes! n»y Coll, K-| 8 hl ai l)lsirlliu((, r of "BO 1 ' PlIOIlllCTS NAw, Located. U .tot MiirOi Second . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DO!>J EIWMKDW, I'roiirltlor AW M.kes of Ktbulll Typewriters, Ailrtln K ! M»p|,(,,b, »„,!' NOW IS THE TIME! .-,,,..,, ^,, j MVI j ilic t^| tUlltt Now While these.New Low Prices Kxist. : STANDARD TIPJS lOTllfill •SIZES PKOPOfirioNA-i-liLY LOW// Use Our •; IJurtget Wait! Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC AND-ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line and heavy welding specialty, LBarksdale Mfg, Co. f -Phone IS or Res. JO 19 SHOUSE-HENRY DWAUB go. PHONE 35 . ••• Dairy Satisfactory quality and service i' .Dain'..-Drbrtucf.s. Cattle free p Band's -Disease. In best of/physlcp conaitrofi-'-Call Mrs. ciVace-L-wpr. 802- J.' for TJtilselVs Grade A Ro> Milk, Cream, Country Bultcr. Bin termllk. cxtrn or holldo.v ord<" Inspection encnnraaed anytime l-'or Sae~o7trade '!) or 80 acrrs "nprovetl land. Will trade for city properly. Call at i. M. Buchanan Grocery '«! lAimernte. L arid. Route 2 Wanted S or 6 rdorii house . rent or buy terras. Near Central School. Box 483, City. lOpkM Laud For SaJe One good 1st class iroher. Yearly .position. No other heed - appiv. 101 W. Cherry St. ., -•" ]8ck21 60 acres right afBiylhevllle. Blilt- .'able for subdivision, $125 acre, easy terms. 160 acres close" to Blythevllle Well improved. $80 acie. flioiiias Lariii Co. • SOCIAL WORKER V --DUSP -Sl'infKli Mvor, nork oft 'lw> bi; t ' to rid yourself of consti- --ition. fas pains, and' that smir •|cp7mie'box of - KIRJJY.'S ACTTVE LIVER PILT.S 25c at all Kirby Storeu Radio Service GIMRANTEED HOJfE it AUTO RADIO SERVICE Wolf Kadio Service . . Phone 57 . 22-plt-10-22 Wanted IVBny^ WBUY^OYBEANS " Stcvens-CopiicdgD Gin Open Day-Nile _ H iwn 18 " lS-pk-11-ic HORIZONTAL j New head of ir Q the Salvation jn" Army. ,)13 Pretense. 14 To hurry. ] 5 Needy. 46 Brainless. -. To tolah . = 18 Elephant tusk 20 Affirmative vote. 21 By. 22 Pussy, 23CtetiU. 25 To restrain, 51T6 sleal. 28 Fig basket. 52 Pierces with 31 Untidy. iangs. 34 Ordained. 54 Pale. 34 Subtle. 55 Mii'd, ••".•'• 36 Pertaining to 56 Old- . '.'. ; Etna. "svoinanisll, 37 Italian river. 57 Gaelic, 38 Fish. 59 Ho was •50 Deity of . (drrrierly b sunlight. . ; ' writefpf-i- 41 Devil. iti Australia 45 To decay. 47 Assessment amount. Answef_ to Previous bizti 10 New star, 11 To rkohk; 12 To sin. .16 Be'; — ^ , Evftrigeiina Booth ps • gjficrai., 19 You. . MTo.declaii'n, oi the . Salvation Army. . 2 Root 3 Jar. 4 To depend. 6 Merrier. 6 Roughened. .7 Acts'of" aldiftg. 60 Since 1937, ho i) To fernedy. has been"—i.- SNatralivc .poems. • . 27 Graceful wotriah. 29Ctirse. 30 Tennis poir, 33-Tin foil. 35 Pronoun. 39Irelflria, « Stone =;3b. 4?i)ry.: 44To iomenL 46Auaitory, 4& Inspired reverenco. 49 Earth goddess. 50 Hartdie. 52 jrlbuhal. 53 Measure. 55 Myself. 58 Half an em. Ice Phone W fOHNjMHaittB liows for Sale liver-Side Shiners. 1'i-cenls each, '.i Mile cast on Armorer RoaiL 20-pk-27 RGII.IC in-n wiintcd .immediately jvhp have a desire lo t-el ahead m lite and tslubljsh an jiulcpoiiil- t-nt •retail business. Walklns Com- liany broesl, best known prodiict.i and ps>-l-rt !>old. Must have car and be bptvvcc'il the u;Jes of 25 ai\d S3. No cash tanikEd. VVrile t' M Lewis, c/o The"J. n. " ' . > C VTJ :>F TOE Koftsfe WITH THIS )wt> FULLED UP •iE.L/KODER/ /LOOK WHAT'S MS /|^. s « »S:M Tl'(«f{c f~n'-j~m OUTRAGEl Sewing ruu'VE AC.TEO A TRIFLE • •r,-.,i^,i.i.u«i; 1 AFTER ALL.TUBBS IC TO MARRY THfi BOS4' P/^U&HTER j-^ * v ~ > 1/— ii —— ' / FOLLOW1V16 OCOERS, HuPWQOO ls tacked for SPc. Humphreys, 907 E. Cherry, " , IN Twg C^MWF.Ry noupT OP THE nmqK1PAWB/\ DIS TRICT OF Ji'ssissippi ,. T.Y, '. ARKANSAS. tlie Uhlni) Central ' Lite Irtstir* artce . Comriany. a eorporatlon, and H. L, Hodell, Trustee, Plaintiff. . . vs. No. 7032 Annie -May Cre\Vs, cl. al. Dcfe'i- dant. , . '' The defeiiden!, Harley Crews and Pearla MnV Crews, are \vafi\6d to Rpt-ear wltliflV llilvty C| BVS | rt ij^ court named in tiie caption hereof and answer the -complaint ol the., plaintiff 'Hie Union Central LifS Insuratice Coiri])any a corporation, and H, L. Hodell, trustee Dated this 4lh day of October, 1039. HARVEV MORRIS,; Clerk ' By- Elizabeth Blyfhc, t) C.i G. B. segraves (Ally, r or p|(fi Jeke Taylor '(ally. ad'Lllcm.) •—"••- T °t-f ME TO FlfJEAUVBOW WHO FAll? Ep TO RELWER THE <3ooUb. if HE VIUTKTO POT TUBBS AMD EA<,V PAqi'oM THE PAy- COIL TOWS HAAFFAR, BUT <ij FA'S AS IW CQMCEPVIED.THEV'RETHBU!^ KKKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ./ i GUESS ™ TO MAKE HE TO THIN OUT A LITTLE , , CLASS. :AND i .MAT'S' VWAT ' GlUARTERSACX ' •A: FRIENDLY

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