The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on March 31, 1915 · Page 26
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 26

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 31, 1915
Page 26
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THE BROOKLYN" D ATT.Y rnT.F. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3T, 101.- Winifred Stoner at Thirteen The Healthy Onion Has Completed College Course rgy able Accomplishment Not the Result g grr,:;l V, , : ir&fE3 This Remarkat of Genius, but of a System of Natural Educa tion Devised by Her Mother, Mrs. Winifred JJg Sackvilk Stoner Sr. Teaches Lessons by gj -Training Commenced in ImBSbM B ,, fl "my am I deemed WfaWffljR W O X. throughout the land (&OiM SfT-W Because I keen that ! t WJi soup at hand . i an That's right: Read the label Follow the simple directions printed there and you'll find the making of delicious Cream-of-Tomato Soup as easy as "rolling off a log." In other words ijou can't help it. This is one of the most tempting ways to prepare this favorite Campbell kind; and makes it heartier and more nourishing than ever. Try it again for dinner today, and see how fine it is. Your money back if not satisfied. 21 kinds 10c a can atur"mllv,kHVV;!tl;;'..'",',,I' lV,,'t'' T'"' '" ' ''"' "' t..'i.l in '.1 ids. .in.1 potatoes of" this school, ami Kiunvl-Ik- ..I human ,.,,,,,. .t at llv ft lit tun- it fr.,, .;.-rmam. .-"tr.t linos sell "' o.iwi.l.-tatl..t. "( ,,,r ,h., It I...- I...-U , ,;,.., ,.,rk. .,, , firsl-cia.-s hot. Is j a 1...-I, sense ..I .lut ami ai, x ,,, . r... I. -.-..,. as . . ,.. . ,,ril,.M xcry much III mpromisimc ..f personal ,.,, ,, , ., ( n .,. , ,..,. . hieh one ran I r my. not the l-ast .. the I. ssoiis , , ,,, m.rt am ..mem ami -.. h. r , nrst-ctaa MO Bakfeta potatoes.", - slm has learned. c.i., -m. t, , I ...I is Hi. I lor , .i tun -, ,w" If lliosf an-! I .. in wveioiMBcni of i nil. I. ,,w i r I Cradle. nwith.,,,,..,,,; w,!h m.,.,.,.,, m..h. ';; l,,k,,vV ' 1 7 m -1""' ,l,,,;,;'"';l;s;";lli I One. ..f Hie most remarkable ox- imitate ami then came her (Irst "N'a- ""' '" '" '' v "IK 'hat iinaKinntiou is . in .ni l ii-m-I.. .an- BdUjl ttM r k from in. Ii this fotuto us I .oiinients 111 tin- Ii.smiy ..f education turn I l-Mm-jitnm same." -Anna Vi-)X'',A important fa. tor ill.. .I. "M hVI.ii'ifli.ItiT'ili" n'-i ,'. J" Rn has run out J in ..!lnr " a I has hecn mail.- l.y an American runique " Hall. Mrs. Stoner would loll "f hil.l ami that all ill.- ,''f",'",'i. , ,,ti y are in'..:- ... id ami' in 'i '" "" '' 1 V j " nXKUV mother. Mrs, Winifred Sackville Sto- a larKe re.l hall to the ha by ami pro- byrtSwfal Y.'ln -it'i'i "'' '' ' " "' "'""' "' ' ""- m ner of I'ittsbiirs. whose 1 3-year-. .1.1 noiinre the first word of the .Knci.l. siont-r .l.-.l.r.s i ii'i't"' Uin'.'r, I ' the sain stork m- n in rnnu nANCINC CI ASS aaii.lnr, Winifred, has the menu,, -Arm., " Thr ., was ,aKlu , , -I, ,, irX lZ-.." lX Tft H F I PS I IF FRAP EC A U S E levelopment of thv average the l.all hack. pronouncinR as she did. ins. as some would ,..,l. thai . ' ' " ' V' ",; r '"" .TO HELP SUFFRAGE CAUbt ?,aduate. has written and published tba seeond w -." and si,.. ,, , ,..,,,,, ,., , .... I ,:"7,. " ',', ,' -. -f,.! ,,,,, -he stn, urUe I ks. lias ih-.l. 1 1 si I clii;1 on I ill l.y ,i,,-.,,)s ,.f I his little same sin- "f 1 ' 1 ov 1". J;:-- ii,,n ,....! , liil-M " - . .M . in T. v- " ' li .! v : fledi;.-.! l.y the surfraRlsts ill .ml ,iaor of inn -hi!d of Iter ai:.- ami. 1 was i.iuaht t.. sean the first ten lines , " ;"' '"-In ..f ltin ,,, , ,,n,i,i-, ,. i,, ... ,.,- , I- in. T.-ntli . Histru-1. toward Irbat ia ..f all. oni-1 of Ute famous ltn poem. ompaaj of tt!? w-'p"'ai-tt'" 'Obaar- ',',11'.".',','.'.'" '' Vf" 'Ji' ' ' ' '. ' : 'y..: ',' '; ttSnSt 'l.nel l-laza in Manhaitat. this week. , and eaeli ...,e was altm-h.-.l w itb a -nr- tIk.ii shall, not adinmisler physical ?ak? a.l!ant"'.f ''llii "fa. ! nid'h."1.' " Tliis'"s'. -h. ii'i'.'- of' rai-im; im.n.v was declares that W inured is noinin, r. pon.i.n i .i.i...n. I lie mot net would imiKliment. plant) of onions hi their bill ol I tt. snoaatad bj Mrs. ,. Wastoy rr. more than an -bil-l ami that nnKle.irll.PlMn u,, . ,i the same TI1..11 .-hall not s.-..).. hut give re-, ,h t .,., 1 -. wlnu I. 1 ' Hi. T. nib A -unity Instriei t'he method1 of 'e'dm-'.'l hm" which she ''' (' ''l" ' v, ' h" l'ab's Th.., shall r si; don't to a , l,,l I Ki.e'ii ihini:."" "' """"' ' "' U-i .uinim r' f'l !'. d -'.."sir .' . ssful , eHd'wHshow'tlK same ""markahle j j implieth doing a thintf against 0110' . expert can toll s I potato .1 1 . n - ..f 1 .1 isnis im.m ;. ngaln. Mrs progress M it is developed ,he 8amc lo;hlful Games. Thou shall never give thv child an BOUsekcepei s We hm.. all l. ol the tiv.u Ho 11 1 her home for tin- J is the result "of 'careful studof all Mi'i'arkahl'e' child' I'n f'ot " all"her u'ssons Th"u I! ""' -'ILov a child to say pf.v- to he s.,ti-r... i.,n wb. a Ue, ,, .,,,,1 Miss'm ILarhtl., Kuhl-1 i hc methods of aili.-si eai diicators WSITe -V.lj u;'t1' ',',,','','; ,,r'n"i',,'. ! Thou shalt always answer a child's Jjlf l (ts so watery tbal Ihe .1 will mu-1. i.m .. Ii,.- off I Iheir services h''. riled lr'.n'n n'ttuie the :n in win. h J 'ilv?iS me. -I'll" 11','" 1 ll!" '' ''''A'rrM. i I'h'.i'l 'lia'l'l il'i.'ke tlie homo' Ihe mo.-' ami suitable' onh fin.,,,. 1- ...- lie 1 . i.'.m:h afidieants foVeve- ,.i..1 ti-iin -,n I e.lnc hp their . onn- nnrs. iA 'th.-' ',s noir f ', , I 7 1 , 1 1 r i i t i e plan- a child can find ' v'r- " is t-i-as.muliiy st. ami if ,.. ,.., r, , , m nancing another ' . , . ',. , .' ' i,,'i h-is l.e.-n loam and .is soon 'as sK -rew weary nfter rubhlng the two nt sunn. -.. i, ,i I . i. . ; , ". '' , i t ' . ,;;SH Costumes for Spring ''"',' m.',','!',,' ll,,,, ',,',' e'.tih' a : eas.-.l. and 'in tins' wav injure the mouse' or bo d so a' bum, in mother jn ; ehild s nerves and cause it to dislike 1 Ida; im; with her children should teach J S u J' ihem things that will be of use to I Tnughl Spelling j0. mmmmmmfm m "r " aarsatr.natTffe ml ml i 1 IVlirA Chanted VlPffll Instead clever and interesting educational Ml J il ftlli i I . 'll Yvv "SM i tlf Singing Lullaby. games and has set down rules for va- I ; I till! I 'i ! ' III t lVs Nflil mmmimm l.i ft l 'odtaM' IH "egenneuner S translated Motner into Kspe-i 11 ra 'ftgi Candies OF CHARACTER" 36 Kind! kl. Ro,.l KT lie Chewy Nougat 2 LBS. OF CANDY AND CORSAGE BOUQUET OF FRESH VIOLETS EWs and Favors especially sailed for EASTER 60c, 80c and $1.00 the Pound Soda of Superior Excellence Properly Served. WALLACE & CO. 480 Fulton Street, Brooklyn 10 Cortlandt St., N. Y. SHibe's 509 Fulton St. Iiicli cater lo discriminating patrons. to "" Cambridge Antl- SUFFRAGE NOTES Classes in Cookery CENTRAL Y. W. C. A. 376 SCHERMERHORN ST. I New Term Now Opening Monday and Thursday, 10 A.M. to 12 1 i;sp jingles for th t lansuages an. mse Int.. Kspe-I the waltz. t. of :i exaioin Hi. .-i n unlversl-renty stymol. taiiRht chll-ranto at ih' The distinctive features of the IcaJinj; moJcs lor the new season arc emphasized in these con- T)ir W0JJJ n , hav servativc modcis Itom the French capital. Serge, gaberdine and taffeta are the favored materials (or , , n mmtm hmrt nsna- strcet frocks and afternoon wear, and the gowns pictured combine simplicity and smartness. rWoina niRract has ma) haan la- TtM Nov l. i -o I., mslaturn has pasasil i law. under wlii.h any mu-i.eipalin lhal has a paid I'ollco He. partmenl ma appoint women to serve as r uulnr m.-uiheis. oeial venf5 of jiotq Art in the Kitchen "Certainly," rtplUd th- oracU, "tln ihr art of pit iixiihi oy dn .is md fMHner M i"".' M !)' tW of '"' age to tnt$rui us; AND, ABOVE ALL, LET ALL THE WOMEN, PRETTY AND PLAIN, MARRIED AND SINGLE, STUDY THE ART OF COOKERY. IF YOV ARE AN ARTIST IN THE KITCHEN, YOD WILL BE ESTEEMED. Only bt can fwt, in t,iui,,u both art, never to forgot the irvt truth that itmur precedes blancUehmente, and noi bltmdiekmenU tttnm r." ELIZABETH AND HER GERMAN GARDEN. The EagU will pubHeh a nm- and practioal Cook m a Library number, A ttm copy will be not to all Hi ho mi in recipes thai arc available for use in the Hook, ( mi it will be given in the Book to these whose itelp - aw publ'thed, Addreaa communicatiorii to EDITOR OF EAGLE LIBRARIES. At Miss M hoeppnei's Hume. J1" '' niiy-l'our na nihers in Cine of the enjoyable house parties . "' i'.V ' '".'.'ms," ',',f ,1 .,- a .'l.ris- . 0) Ihe sesson was siv.-n l.y Miss .Ion- ,,,,,, Kl,.r ,;s ,,,,, 1 I ' 'l'."fi'.'!'hm.'nts v.,,. served hi 10::I0. ; Jones; '.'or', sp'oii'.'l'.na ' se.'i'.'iatv. Kilo I 1 and at ini.liiivlii Ihe miosis inarched I I'ellj ; treasurer. l'lerey. !' into Hie dining r n where supper: . , .-I, ,lolo. I s c.'l. Ill- la- Ml" Itlllb ll. Ilallllllon Vtiur',Mo . AI'.;i j'.'"r.i..N". 'li.'.'ei'.'i','-' l.esl ' i'i'i.i'ii. ',TlV-Ad!iiiiV''iil'nbe ri.' ner, Jmm Horan, Mlas Mabel Smith, I quiet one, and after the raotpUon the Mi lb r. Miss lelii.i fbiiton. couple ..ill have for an extensive! :" ! '" '' 1 l-,nk tnnar' iKaterDttae Mali 1 " r. ..pi' - iciv , Him, Deutaant. CrirfenhM Aaalwiewr. ; Ti, ,),;,; ,,f tn Bnurprlsa I I Tlf sec-mi ani.m.l .linii. r y.r ihe.iiirli. of l!,.i..sli I ai l u illial.e phi.-.. ' 'Ihe -or,, t'y hls'""., I'voos'luVolP ! U ell sill'.' 'r: ' Miss l.ol'lan ! 'Ililllon.'.'' sec'- u dviuliliii " I" ihe ChiMr. u'.i a Anna .Mm. Miss I Mrs. Paul Joi I III 1 HUM. Ill 1) I 1)1 inuiu. i. .in. , Brooklyn ptty Raatti In l.-feirme lo Ihe .,11,-1 i palai t and ether u. sdvantasaei , . t M ever Im allemi . CM BSTBRWAIA II. .nice V:ilnrlubl. The uiaril.iK.' of .Miss Agues 1 anil Horaoe Walnwnuhl Ml . lead at ih- rwManet ..f bev auin. ranny Johnston, in mm street, natlmsli Wednssdsi nimr, Man h M, b) lbs Hm in Mi s IrWin'S pawn was of o; ..ii. mils n .i.i p..:i.i eUam . il was of lull- and point I... c, uud U tup clfc t. ulib oiuiuui . Mlaa Vara Joatta, . Miss l.ll. lie Mi taaaHha Current Topics Talks EVtRY IUtUAY, ll A.m. By Mrmbrri of Thr F.srlr Staff Auditorium, Second Floor, Eagle Building. Admiiiion Free.

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