The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1945
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

'PAGE EIGHT JHAT1IEV1LLE COURIER NEWS Sox Exhibition tilts Canceled - Travel Restrictions Cause Manager Dykes To Call Off Games NEW YORK, Mar. 16 (O.P.)A- Tlie new 'restriction on baseball transportation during spring training has cleaned out all exhibition tilts that the Chicago White Sox hndvplanned to play in Indiana. White Sox Manager Jimmy Dykes says' .'the 'tills scheduled with Detroit and Pittsburgh will be rubbed off the slate. Only arrival In camp yesterday was catcher VI nee Cas- thio : Outfielder Paul O'Dca will play bull- -Willie the- Cleveland Indians c\cn If It mcaiis a 1-A classlfica- ifmj O'Dca arrived ' In the Indian camp yesterday with ilic news thai his Cleveland draft boar.d might change his 4-p draft status if he left his. .war job. O'Dca says he will take the chance. Pitcher Jim Eagby has ended his holdout and is en route to camp. > The Philadelphia Phils imvo lost Charley Lctchas to the armed foices Lc'lchtis, who hit ,230 for the Phils last year, notified Manager Freddie Ftoimmons that lie expects to be inducted March 23. At Cape 'Girardeaii, Mo., (he St. Louis Browns were forced to drill indoors 'yesterday because of rain. Second, baseman Don Gulteridge showed up and will. take part in the workout today. * ' The. Washington Senator raster at College Park, Md., was enlarged yesterday with the. arrival of nine Cuban plajers. Three other players, Jake Powell, Jim Langlcy nnd Eddie BulkH, also reported. Manager . Joe Cronin and his Boston Red Sox opened spring training at PJeasantville, N. J., yesterday. Pour regulars and a rookie reported for the first drill. At Frederick, Md., yesterday Manager Connie Mack put his Philadelphia Athletics through a stiff batting 'drill. 'Outfielder Roberto Estalella and infleldcr Hnl Peck are the latest arrivals. Catchers Bill Drcschcr. and Mike Garbark are the chief woe of Yankee Manager Joe McCarthy. Both pla>ers arc 4-F and as far as McCarthy knows— not holdouts. However, they arc still among the missing along with Frank Crossetti, George Stlrnwelss and Mike Mlloscvich. • Pitcher Walt Dubiel armed m camp and despite rnin the Yanks enjoyed their fourth straight outdoor workout. Ram kept the Chicago Cubs indoors yesterday. Outfielder Andy Pafko arnved . giving Manner Charlie Grimm n: complete club for the first time this spring. Manager Mel OH : put a" lineup on the field yesterday .and . Intl- mnled that he mlpht start it In the season opener. Here's the way it reads Leon Treadway. centerfield, George Hausmann. second hfa-; Dannv Gnrdella or Joe Med- ulck, centcrfield; Ott, right field- Phil Wi»mtra«b. first; ba*o; Krnie Lombard), catcher; Buddy Kerr Ehortston; Nap Reyes, third base and Bill Voiscllc. '; pitcher. . The Brooklyn Dodgers will singe their second workout at Br>sr Mmmtain. N Y today Awhile tSe Pittsburgh PirafcsVcrapiVWin'i) at ' wilh at lcn for the inil HOUND FOri TRE'COhiV n H 0 J ! J E ' DAME -Vlnce Boryln netted 271 points in 18 games lor an average of 16. With two games o go, Notre Dame's freshman center needed 23 points to crack Leo Khcrs season- scoring- record for wison ' m P ° int5 "The Drink of the Southern Gentfemon" 100 Pr»»f U^umr >' RIMY RASH t CO. *•*•*«*. I »«t«rt, ICY, Lfwrs, Wholesalers .Lilllc Rock, Fort Smith By HARRY GHAVSO.V NBA Sports Kclilor CLEVELAND.—With tilings up In -he air from dny to day, Cleveland's >rospccts are no worse than any- x>dy else's. There's no telling who's ;olng to be rcclassined nnd grab>ed. Tlie pitching looks pretty fair, the catching Just the opposite. The in- ieid doesn't look so hot, tlic outfleld, ". improved. Lou Boudreau spent the oil-season in the personnel dcpiirtmcnt >f a plant in., his native Harvey, II. Boudreau wears a 4-F tag, but 'our guess ls"-ns good as Roger 'ccklnpaugh's as to what they'll ay to the shortstop now that he lits left war work, and he couldn't lay In it; arid manage the Indians. The young Illinois Old Blue has bad ankles, but no mike to lean m like Frank Sinatra. In the pitching department. Jim Bagby, Allle Reynolds, Steve Gronek. Al Smith, Ed Ktieman and Unbrose Pnllca arc 4-P and, of ourse, Grandpa Joe Heving Is jvcnige. IAROKK <UIITS HASKHAU, Bngby threatens to remain hi war work at least until the atmosnhere tears, but will be along. Pallca bagged 14 for Baltimore, bill had in earncd-run average of -1.01. Gcnei-nl manngcr IVcklnpnugh jclicves Red Embrec is ready to Indians' "Prospects Are No Worse Than Anybody Else's, With Things Up In Air Lou Boutlrcjui .'• ^ Jeff Heath take his turn. He won 19 for Baltimore, was whlfl king of the International, averaging practically R strikeout per round for well over 200 of them. Mel Harder lias quit baseball for the duration to stick at his Job as an expediter for a rubber company. Jack Salveson and Ray Poat arc 2-B, In case you nro Interested, although the Jailer's ERA was 5.11. Pnul Calvert Is a Cuniulian citizen who can't see his hand In front of him without thick glasses. George Hooks, who spent some time with the Orioles last trip, and a young recruit from Wilkes-Barre nninccl John Uonness nrc medical dischargees. Earl Henry, who copped 1C for Wllkcs-Burrc, is 4-P. Catching Is one of two principal headaches, with Buddy Rosalr 2-B Indicating thai he will remain in n Buffalo win- plant. Jim Stelner, who batted .312 for Sacramento, is also 2-IS. George Suscc, Jim Devlin, Jim McDonnell and Henry liusxkowskl are 4-P, but the latter trio arc pea- greens. MACK OUT TOR DURATION Mickey Ilocco and Boudrcau are the only 4-P InflclderK, ami Hay Mack definitely has decided to remain in a war plant for the duration. Ken KcHner Is 2-A, bespectacled Iluss Peters 1-A. Ed Wheeler, drafted from San Diego, has been accepted by the .Army. Tlic status of Bias Monaco, obtained from Baltimore, was changed from 4-P to 2-AK It wouldn't be at all surprising If n couple of semi-professionals, Joe Deslderato of Chicago and Steve Blras of East St. Louis, wind up rounding out the inner works. Jeff Heath, back on Iwo good knees, helps the outfield, where Paul O'Dea, Pat Secrcy and Stan Benjamin, up from Baltimore, also me 4-1'. Hoy Cullenbinc Is 3-A, Myrl Hong a medical dischargee, Ed Car- netl, obtained from the White Sox. may stay In a war plant. Felix Macklcivlcz, formerly with Hie Athletics and Orioles, is In the Army. Tlwil's nil, professor, nnd it nln'l all good. DOPE BUCKET J. P. FRIEND IKEATHF EASIER NOW The B. J. Aliens can breathe n ittle ensicr now, . . Tense with inxlousness over the safety of. their on, Pfc. Jimmy, whose Intestinal ortitude under fire on the grid- roil enniKl him the nickname Tuify", they received 'a welcome V-mail letter this week. . . Datcfl ^;b. 28. Jimmy slated he was all kay and for them not to worry ibout him. . . He Indicated tlic •olng wns mighty rough and wns- I't over yet. . . His fears were well omitted for two weeks later the tips arc still holding out on Dial iny island, Iwo Jima. which will o down in history as the bloodiest, uost costly battle mile for mile in ilstory of the United Slates. . . 'he Stovalls already hnd received ord from their son, Bill. . . Mr. nd Mrs. Buck Mchnrgg were re- Ipicnts of a message from the War Department thnt Billic was wouncl- d lor a third lime in this war and vas enroute home. . . Mayfleld Sonny) Lloyd had reported safety o his sister, Mrs. Lonnle Boyds- nu. . . Those chops, and others who took part, will have strange, vclrd tales to tell of that mission when they gel back. .TRANCE CHRISTMAS 'KESENT Wilbur Ocnnlng, private first Iwfc with the Infantry over in "A 6tfter Place To Fat'? '^,, -, ,The N,cw : PALACE CAFE —Slcaks, Chops, Seafood, Chicken. Vegetables cooked just like home. New Theater Manila's Finest OPEN 7 EACH I:VI:NINO MATINEES SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT I O'CLOCK Bny Wnr Bonds (In Our Lohby Anylhno) And KCCII Them! Friday. "SING ME A SONG OF TEXAS" with Rosemary Lane & The Iloosicr Hofshots Serial &• Shnrl Saturday 'RETURN OF RANGERS' with , „, Dave O'Brien ' '" Serial & Short Saturday OWL SHOW 'HER LUCKY NIGHT' with the Andrews Sislcrs Shorts Sunday and Monday "TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT" with Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacal Fox News * Short Starting M^ndij.'shows will star S» minutes UteV due to Jsnglh of oays and farmers arc, L busy in fields Belgium, very probably will hnvc i lew thrilling experiences he could nlk about -if ho only would—[ol- owlnc Insl Chrlstinns day. . . Wilbur received n xmns present "rotn the Nazis. . . It was n lute ;lfl and wholly unwelcome. . . It was hot. burning shrapnel Hint juried Itself Inlo hLs body late In he afternoon. . . Wilbur Is in England now, up nnd nlinosl fully recovered, and rcndy to go back. recently graduated Irom DCS at Kort Bcnnlng, Oa., may hnvc arrived on his new assignment in the Pacific. . •. It, will mark the second time that Everell lias been In the Pacific. . . H e was In action when selected for Officer Candidate School. . . Bill Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wilson, said he got to see Everett before he left Fort Ord, Calll. SKKS niG CKI.KI1R1TIES Chief Petty Officer, Joe P. Pride, writes Mama and Papa Pride Sr, thnt ho lms been mighty busy oA (luani Belting lhat b!g base there in shape for the linal assault on Tokyo, but he managed lo get a peep «l two Navy celebrities recently. . . They were Admiral Nlmtlx and Secretary of the Navy . . He saw Gene Tunney, former heavyweight, boxing champion of the world and twice con- (increr of the great Jack Dcmpsoy, . . Those were hard, hitler n) days of Hie Belgium bulge, 10 days without 'rest or sleep, 10 days on which the fntc of Ilic entire Western front bung in the balance. Wilbur looks back now and jests about what happened when he got hb al Hastogne. . . "I was pick- Ing Jerries from the prettiest Christmas tree I ever saw". ENROUTE—Lieut. Evcrctl Croslov, tlic former crack chick guard win FRIDAY, JJAKCJI 10, 1945 at a boxing match. . . Tunney Is director of (he Navy fitness program. . . EXPECTATIONS—Slntf Scrgt. Mack McWIiorler, flisi biwe- moii for the spectacular baseball team at the UJylhevUle Army Air Field lor. two years, sends his regards from Maxwell Field, Ala. . . He says that things appear klnila bright for n good team there. . . Is he kidding, with Mel Parncll, Danny McGrutta, Walt Bialek himself and Manager Bob Tubbs as a nuccleus? . . . PROMOTED— It's Captain Jimmy Guard no;v. . . "Spltfy" received hLs other silver bar only recently in France. . . lies with the Medical Corps. . . Fit's the boys over there with cheaters as they are needed. . . MAKES HISTORY—Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester "Pop" Mosley have figured out where "Monk 1 Is. . . Ills American Division helped liberate Tlcao and Buries Islands on March V^kJI Is piloting a B-29 hut 'is slalda>'to- be Instructor at MacDill Field, Tampa, Fin. FARM EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Vulcan M-in. riding plow and 3- liorse cvener, o good one, like new for 3 average mules or 2 large nulcs; black land mold board bul works good in any soil. I new Avcry 10-ft Dump Rnke. purchased last fall and not yet set up. 1 like new Avcry 1-liorse vetch drill and plates. 1 two-section GO-tboth spike liar- :ow nnd draw bar, good condition. 1 new Yellow Jacket Middle Buser, 32 in. 1 John Deere 7-in garden plow, a ^ood one, also double and single ihovel stocks. 1 lot of good old sweeps. 1 lot of new sweeps, used one year on smnll acreage. 1 pair iurro%Y openers or hillers for team cultivator, used one season. 1 set of spring loolh seralcbers for tcnm cultiya.lo^jj .. •-, ' ' t -.».~ -^ 2 sgls scrapers' orfe set^bi foul' foi" frrictor 1 . 1 ' ' '"/ i'.'/ . 1 John Dcerrj Walking Cultivator, in good repair f , , 1 John Deere Riding Ciifiwatdr' in fine condition and reworked for narrow rows—a dandy. 1 John Dwre No. B02 Stcclc Wheel Wagon, box and sideboards, fcoop board, agricultural bearings, team hitch complete also stub ton- guc for tractor. Used very litdc except in feed lot. 1 new heavy duly trailer, manufactured by Stccle Garago and Welding Co. (last summer], good rubber, Irailcr hitch, also team lon- B«c; also new 2-ba!c cotton bed- solid walls, convertible to ilat top thai will haul S3 tales of hay. This equipment build of new material ami strictly first class. 1 narrow rim old wagon gear— d.itidy for gathering corn in beans. 2 sets of good plow double trees, and 1 good <l-horsc cvcncr for bcd- ilcr or planter. 1 hlacksmitli forge, anvil, longs, liimly, and cheap vise. 1 lie.wy duty 2-whccl trailer, 16- m. rims but no tires, equipped witli closed Jiorsc cab (removable), rn stock stock rack or 1 bale cotton rack, a perfect trailer to use illi car or tractor. 1 new Kcirer Blade, also another in good condition. 1 Bradley Burr feed Mill with cob breaker, capacity 20 bu. or more per hr.; I John Deere Com Slicllcr. This is power equipment with bells ••md will be sold together. Like New. 1 hand corn shelter with nubber. 1 new Woven Wire Stretcher. 1 Chain Hoist. 1 Steel Drum Feed Bin with hinge (op. 1 good sound Mate Mule, good mouth, grain fed and ready for hard work, weighs about 1230, bay. I yearling pure bred Doroc male, •i fine individual; 2 Duroc gilts,! about a months old, weigh 300 II)., will farrow in about < monlli. 1 set of like new (pre-war) harness, with polo straps and hip back- el's, extra chains and tubing, pai bridles, 1 new 18-in. collar, 1 ficv 28-in. collar, 1 good 19-in collar, ? 18-in. collars, need small repair, ; new halters. 2 now tail sets (saddle horse equipment) 1 new English Saddle 1 fivo deck chick brooder, electric heal, home built, a good one and offered cheap. 1 Self Feeder for Chickens (anj size), 200 Ib. capacity, lo be swung lip or put on iron stakes where il is rat proof. Will save its price in one year. 4 sacks 2-D Cotton Seed, dclint- ed (paid JS7.00 cwt. for it last year), also 2 sacks of 4-A certified. Your price on this if within reason. Severn! sacks of chops (ground yellow corn) 12.pieces of 12-foql length Double .y,'-, Gr| nip li Garv3itr/ed Roofing, prewar slock. ' '' ' '> 1 - About lOto It., rough • lumber, 2x 4x12 and boxing 12 II. I .Gasoline Pump,and 2 .drwj'f;,. 1 Sickle Grinder (new). 1 Estate coal heater (circulator), a nice stove and worth the price asked; 1 Dolly Cook stove; 1 laundry slove; 1 woven libre porch or lawn lablc in good condition; 1 wringer for Norse Washing Machine; 1 compressor and motor out of rc- fricgcrator, suitable lor painl spray outfit. 1 pair stnir riders in good condition. 1 large steel water trough, made from 1-2 boiler; hog fountain. 193!) Ford Pick-up, 1-2 Ion truck platform stake nnd slock rack, overload springs, two new tires and other tires good. Driven about .100 miles since complete overhaul from rear end lo motor including accessories. Hear tires G.50. 1 pure bred Jersey cow with second calf (G-wk. old), a fine cow, gentle and quiet, easy milker. 100 bushel rccleancd linlsoy Beans, from a field that made '15 bushels to acre last year, sacked and in rat proof storage. This lot of farm equipment has been released because of sale of [arm, expect to buy again in this county and am in market for a farm oti pavement or near town in Pem- itcot County. Do not expect to get possession until Dec. 31 i£ salisfnc- torily rented. This equipment can b c seen any time at my properly 2 doors north of Martin Oil Co., or you can make inquiry of Frakcs & Story Coal & Feed office, whose properly joins my hack lot. This equipment is priced righl and will sell to individuals or in lot to dealers. Will be on lol lo ineel prospects for a week or so but later please make appointment. You can also get in touch with Frakes & Story who are assisting in selling tliis equipment. - "•"« ""b" -"uuim lms equipment H. L YEAGER 1000 Ft. N. Traffic U Highway 61 Telephone 89 — Steele Farm & DePriest have a complete Avery Iractpr equipment, I-year-old, for sale. Call 34 —Steele, Mo. Have Plow Points, Busters, Sweeps SHARPENED NOW! Modern Equipment, Expert Blacksmiths Acetylene & Electric Welding Truck Motors Rebored & Rebuilt Delta Implements, Inc. CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlsl SI. faal. starts 1Z;45; Sun. starts IAS Ntghl shows 5:45' E«cpl Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sal. and Son. Friday ai,d Saturday Double Feature 'BOOTS AND SADDLES" anil "SO'S YOUR UNCLE" with Billy Hurkc & Jan Garbcr's Orchestra I/usl Chapter: "The Itiitman" Cartoon Sunday and Monday "Hello, Frisco, Hello" with John Paync ,t Alice I-'ayc Universal News Comedy You'll like the wide shoulders tliis suit gives you ::: the way the sloped collar fits your neck /•«.•*•and gives your tie a break : ; ; and the easy drape that traces you down to flat-hipped irirhhcss 'Then, loo, you'll like the feel of the cloth, the fine tailoring/^^^fT!'""""""" ' " M) 322 MAIN STREET COUGHS v Bronchial irritation Due To Coldt •' ~. .*„*..* tvi 0 v,/\.>j»\uny i, f>i\ xtiiro lou won't l,o illsnupixuntod- t?» different from nnj'llihiK clao ynu C -ct r Itisfa 1 "~°"° llul ° s| l> UI "J J'oii HOKUM'S DllUGS WOOD and KINDLING Barksdalc Mfg. €0= South Broadway RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAT KtGHTB Boi Office Opens 7:15-Show BUrU »* 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS COT Office OTMIU 1 Show Start* 4:1* Last Time Today "The Lady Has Plans" with I'aulefle Goddurd A Kay Milland Selected Shorls Saturday "BLAZING GUNS" With Johnny Mack Brown ITi; SHOWS DISCONTINUED UNTII, CUIIFEW IS LIFTED OK FURTHER NOTICE Sunday and Monday Starting Monday, Shows will start 30 minutes later iliic fo length of clays and farmers arc busy in lields. "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" With Gjlil Russell, Dinna Lynn, Charles llngglcs, Dorothy Gish, Bculah Itondl, James Brown, Bill Edwards Lulcsl HKO News and Short, "Inlo the Clouds.." ' Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Friday and Saturday The Texas Kid' willi Johnny Mack Ilrnn-n ,fc Raymond ISallon Scri;il: "The rjjanloni." v Shorl Saturday Midnight Show Shirts al 10:30 The Soui of a Monster' with Hose Hobnrl & George Ma Sclccicil Shorts Sunday and Monday .f""" Feoluring „ Wollw BRENDAN • Ion MtCAlUSTK' ' . Jeanne (RUN • Chodolte G8IENWOOD' > 'Paramount News Short

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