The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1936
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER C, 1930 BLYTJ1UV1LLE (AUK.) COURIRK NEWS PAGE FIVB JERSEY BUILDER ILLS Best Modern Interiors Boasl Ageless Beauty 1'incls Public Welcomes Mcde'st D w c 11 i n,g s Soundly Constructed KY KEN SMITH Of Home liuililci-s of New Jersey, Inc.,-New Matk-1, N. J. The difference IjoUvei-n "c'.irap j houses" and "low-cost houses" is (lie difference between failure iind success, so fur us the operative builder is concerned. There is a wide difference between a thing that Is "cheap" ami a thing that li ''low priced." The tiling Unit Is cheap, whether it Is a house 01 any other form of property, is a ' failure at the outset because it lacks substantial value, but, rliat! docs not apply necessarily to a i thine that is low in price. j My attention has recently Ken I called to a letter which appc-avcd , in a New York newspaper of large circulation In which the writer complains of his inability to understand what, the Federal Housing Administration means by its suggestions concerning the crcc ticn of "cheap houses." This i > not surprising, because the Federal Housing Administration lias made no .suggestions regarding the building of "cheap houses." On the contrary, it has pointed out the necessity of "lowcost houses'.' mid the way In winch they may bo built. Tiie builder who lias attempted to construct "cheap houses" has lost money in liis efforts. He Ins doubtless failed to differentiate between "cheap" and "low prireJ." Since he has found il unprofitable to put out a good product for less money in the housing business, lie has been unable to understand that anyone else should have (he intelligence, ability, and courage to do so. This writer to whom I refer confesses that he has not investigated the low-priced house; he has not even taken the trouble to visit any of the structures lhat range from $1,200 to 53,000 in price." These are not cheap rioi.Vr cs; they are merely' ' Idw^pricni house.'!. 1 have''lia'cr some extended ...experience in constructing this'sort of dwelling. During tlie past four months I have built or am in the process of building 30 of these low-cost houses—those selling from $2,095 to $2,095. They are real houses; i they are comfortable and com en-I'en, Walnut Slvcct Mouse: Is Redecorated; Modern Fixtures Are Installed A corner of a modern drawing roam, designed by Elsie de Wolic, Illustrating ['he effective ilse of plaster draperies and modern cornice treatment. The \vnlls arc pale p.ray, contrasting with tlio severe white plaster. The plaster vase in [lie corner niche is electrified. Line, Design and Color Are Emphasized In New Fimiiliire Whether her Itcnic is a bun- r;alc;v, y ime-ionm aparimcnt IT :i mansion, every woman wants Io uiiike it as a'.lractivy as }:cssib!e. I'lsic lie Wnlfe (Lady Mem))), jilinscn by King l-Iilu-anl VIII to redecorate liliekinghi'in 1'alace. offi-rs her c.-qiert arlviee to rradrrs cf the CnLiic-r Nc\.s in a scrips of fctir ivcrkly articles, of wliirh this is the , Ifiirsl. The fnurlti article will apin-ar "Ml wi-".k and has to do wilb (be ilcco- , rations in homes of famous pcr- J pOpS. •;,,-; ... • . ,;, ... ., ,j '' ' ' : * T * * Ilicn .shouldn't yon live in a lionsa lhat takes the best from tradition am! adds to it, the character of contemporeity. Recently. ! designed an exliibi-1 lien of Interiors llmt included hcth the traditional and the mod-j nil. Two out nf five 01 these] interiors were modern. The most important was a modern draw- ins; room. I consider it a distinctive rocm. one which '-illustrates the fact that a decorator can use the same finesse with modern as with traditional" pcr- !iV EI.F1E UK WOI.FR Written for NEA Service I new mcdcrn is the only in interior decoration therefore, 'the most inter- is to be modern Regency, planned so as not to depart too far from the (,yne of exterior In the neigli- l;cr!icdd. The plan of. tlieilntcrlov cf the .house 'ls.-c.wc'nllaUy;>moaern. bcith in'..'Its •placcmcrji r of 1 .-• its rooms and^ils: fciiestralidn.-; > '•. The jintei'ibr.'•'• fur'nlshliiBjKhins been plruinc(i:.'to'•create, H"?tQclin»' uf spaciousness' and to bring a note of ctl'gHiicc from town: ; Into lotinlr'.'-'-Mlviiig; The living roam, a very • large one, hns three'sit- ting groups, all of .them motivated toward llic outside in order 'to take advnnta«e of Ihe rrinjjnt- ficent view which the living'room windows afford. The fireplace group in the living room''fea- tures a large built-in sofa',3' two easy chairs . and several mirror tables and is arranged so as to 1 accommodate a large circle 'around The Husse)! Fairs have completed improvement of tholr residence jnt 1120 W. Wnlput St., which they I lemitly uureh'nscd from Mr. and ] Mrs T. n. iiaynes. No t-lianges '. wore made to (he I exterior, which had recently been ; reualnU'il white. A double concrete jdrhvway was built'unit they plan ; to convi'il th'.lr rear yard into an 'outdoor living'room. • A breakfast room and a furnace , ro:un were added on the north side j of (}\s klluhcn. the bathroom wsis i tiled ami new fixtures installed, the entire interior wps redecorated, the fl^rs rcflnLshe;! and an oi 1 . burn- big furnace put In. ; lb? ])l;isleretl walls were covered wit'. 1 , burlap canvas and till 111? loom* painted In pastel shades, (he living and dining room being In sea-shell, the kitchen and break- lust rcom In green an:l the btd- ! rcom.s in blue, rose and lavcn-Jer. I Nt'iv eijiilpmenb was installed In the kitchen, including metal cabinets under Ihe sink, Inlaid linoleum and new windows above the sink. Tha floor, of the breakfast room Is oak, laid In squares. The bathroom has a "oor and wainscoting of cream, green and pink tile, bordered with a darker shade of ijrccn, and the new fixtures are in corrnllii. Part of Ihe house was refurn- ihed. There are Venetian shades in the living, dining, and brcak- f?st rooms and'in the kitchen. New dining room furniture Is mo:lern|-,- tlc, ns Is. the'furniture in one of the bcdroomsf' Maple was purchased forjlictr sons' room and the breakfast room has a maple table, chairs and •. corner cabinet, giving nn early Anipi'lcan effect. Various shades were used.for new draperies and oilier accessaries. Rustic Colonial The modern drawing rdcfrn SVns: given a very unusual appearance by the' use of. decorative plaster work in cornice the form treatment of with,; modern plaster draperies ayplicd to the'four cor- Its introduction in Amer-! "ers of tlie rcom. At onn end, ;i decade ago, was ient; they are well constructor.!'unfortunate one. ft canic in, mid durable. They are being built i u'lvcr ami black and metal, under the Insured mortgage plan i oci ' ; shapes and forms, and most niches were built and ln I plaster bas relief in of the Federal Housing Adniinis- j lvas immediately tabooed by peo- traliou, and they conform to ihe i nlc of quality, rigid rules and specifications laid | In this early of Iflrge flower vnses urali.stic treatment of plaster radiating from down by the Federal Housing Administration. They tire being occupied as soon ns they are completed. The only vacant ones arc the ones tliat have not been finished. Tiiese houses arc not "jerry" built. If they were, it would not be possible to obtain an insured mortgage upon them. Such ho- ies are out of the picture so far as the Federal Housing Administration is concerned. It is useless to attempt to interest the Federal modern, stress was laid so heavily on form that color and texture suffered. It was labeled "modernistic" and filled with the form with nnt- flowers in them. The vases were soitly electrified indirectly. The walls of (he modern roam were • contrasted to the severe whiteness of the plaster by a soft grey painted treatment. A the . fireplace.- The color plan was so arranged of that one tie ticn of interiors. We have 50 much "modernistic" in this country (hat I think it is ncccs- ;aty, from an educational point "mil ••>"" to make a 'modernistic" of view, between ern. Gcod modern distinction and mod- furniture is so designed that it may be placed Housing Administration in cheap [with Hint cf other periods without losing caste. It lias a chas'.e- dcsisfli and color charming to look practical houses, but, as I have found, the Administration is very much interested in low-priced houses. One thing winch I have found helps to bring success in the selling of such house.'! is that it, is not necessary to engage high- pressure .salesmen to dispose of them to the public. Instead, they sell themselves. I invite anyone who is ncss Ural of line, make it at and comfortable to live with. II is simplicity it- liTinsparent lemon yejlciv gauze curtains gave a color at the windows. cclor follows' from room to room. All the furniture for the hous? : wn's especially designed and made and to anyone inteicsted in the modern; trend in interior decoration, it should offer a-ven- table treasure trove. I wish that everyone in America could sec these rooms. It would mean awakening io a new conception of the modern era of design. NEXT WKIiK: Interesting homes I liavc decorated for famous persons; , : ' i Glass Doors for Fireplace Closets In old New England homes cup- furnitnrc were strategically plac-; boards were ,",n essential part, of _j _..., , •'•-•as- pieces, color- the house. A novel arrangement tables dissemin-l was a cupboard with glass doors small wall pieces ever the fireplace. This provides an excellent place for a collection of colored glass or china. Cupboards are n iconic a:idf- tion to the modern home also. They note of At both ends of tbe room, large pieces of! furniture were strategically placed and from these pieces, colorful chairs and nted. Large and s: and occasional tables were made of stripped r.iue. Of Ilir •>«»>)' i.'iteresllng pie;c5 iti the room, perhaps the most auistauding were an electrified glass table, n chartreuse sofa, a, cream lacquer (ray table, a tall mirror screen and a large [lower painting by James Reynolds. Powder Room Helps Hostess and Guest , A powder -room is on asset to the hostess who entertains frequently us ..««:;. ns a convenience to her guests.. It -saves the trouble of walking • upstairs .and perhaps through.n bedroom when the guast wishes to repair her make-up. A small, little-used room or a good-steed clor>ct can be converted to this liSD by the addition of requisite built-in mirrors and shelf rpacc under the Modernization Credit pi«n of the Federal Housing Administration. Broom Closet Keeps Equipment in Order A ibroom closet offers n large contribution to the order of tbe kitchen or hallway. It does not require much space and Is easily constructed at small expense. Brooms, brushes, mops, dust pans, carpet sweepers may. be hidden from view and be given a longer lease of life if deposited in the room closet when not In use. self. True, it is in an evolutionary stage today, but have its place, in the of tomorrow. Snil Vein- Own Taste If you are building a new home, | Scarborough - on - Hudson, . may be built in with fund sobtain- ed wider (he Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Corner Cupboard Corner s.ielves or cupboards may cd in the erecting of low-cost you should certainly make a study 1 York. houses to inspect the ones cn.ct- ccl by the Home Builders of New Jersey, Inc., at New Market, K. J. They will stand inspection, and investigators will find satisfied purchasers and occupants. It can be done and is being 'done. good modern. Choice of fur- niiurc is no longer a matter of| formula. If you arc a person ot individuality. your personality should be expressed In your home. You wouldn't select an autcmcbile of ancient vintage. You live in a country that Is as Scad Courier News Classified Ads ' modern as the next moment. Why it will j Mciltrn Trend llomiiKiirs history i think modem is so important Hint it dominates plans recently' bc"c"ons(riicTed % 'niid! made attracilvc computed _ lor a iiciv house in 1 at small expanse. ™.y arc ,'ar- Th» „ !„,..„ , „ , N<MV itc " lar 'y <'»='"! '" rooms where The cMcrior ot the house closet space is limited. TO OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS We lake (his opportunity to announce (hat !,. F. May is no longer with ns. No figures, estimates, prices »r collections made by him will he binding or accepted by UK. JESSE WEBB LUMBER CO. Phone 275 i A HOME OF YOUII OWN I'or As.Liulc As 820 A Monlb 'ilin same amount of money you pay for rent will actually BUY a home today, under tlie convenient FHA plan. }ou can have a good home, designed for your family's-needs, \vlih all modern conveniences that make living move pleasant and pay for it in monthly installments, Financed under the FHA Plan ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 northwestern college dial combines colonial fonn and pro]iorttpns ullh a suggestion of the rustic. Is this house, built by Homes. Inu. 'Ihe Ireutment of the porcli and the uw of pel [Wild iculai battens en the first, floor sliow.lhe pioneer origin of the design A further depntine fiom colonial tradition Is the use of double and triple nmllloncd windows The blending of these various elements, however, forms a pleasing unit, well adapted to Its cnvhonmcnt The plan, loo, shows the'influence of its colonial iiBphntlon in the control hall and chimney. In tiiis case, however, the central chimney Is only mlnoi. The main 0116 rises otilslde the living room wall much In the Virginia style.' The rest ot the first <loor lunuiucmpnl is planned to -mil the site without regard to precedent. . The number of bedrooms makes this small house suitable for a good-sized family The location of one bedroom on the first floor mnkr.s the pliin flexible, as this room may be cllhci study or libiaxy, i[ desired. A good feature of the second floor Is the free open hall which simplifies the handling of furniture. home may. be obtained muter HID ' Modernization Credit pjnn of the Federal Housing Administration. Plenty of Business HENO, Nov.-For the first lime in its 30-year history, (he Reno Press Brick company has not tils- continued manufacturing opcra- llcns during the summer months At present the concern Is three weeks behind in nilinij orders and Is working at lop speed to ful fill its present demands. Paint accomplishes modernism, lion wonders and at small expense. Furniture that has lost its freshness may be rejuvenated by a cc.'.t or Uo of paint .harmonizing with the color of Ihu rcom. The Federal Housing Tdmlnls- Iration lends no money. It Insures loans made by private financial institutions operating under provi- Funtts for such alterations In Incisions of the National Housing Act. A VALUABLE SERVICE IF YOU NEED A LOAN TO PAINT OR RECONDITION YOUR HOME— Jinny of j-tnir neighbors h:ivc (iiluii ;uIv;ir,tuKe «f (his !Wi'- vicc to imprnve Ihcir properly and pay for it on: of income. i'ropcrly values arc increasing tlailv. II p»ys (n repair. pirnl aod remodel. These I''IIA Tiltc I loans will r.ol b c available :<flcr April 1, lO.'iT. I!uilt!i:i!; costs :irc on Hie inorcjiso. We therefore urge you (o "DO IT NOW." \\e make no charge for estimates, •Itlsl Plionc'100 E, C. Robinson Lumber Co. •FixUpinfheBettei-v r ^HousingProgram<w<« c 1/ifi National Housing Act ; It Is 'a comparatively simple mitt- with good looking hardwood, cither ter to remove rm old uoru-out or In the oidlnmy strip form or in unattractive random-width planks 01 parquet SURN OIL THE G-E WAY Safely—Dependably —Economically /"\NE look through ill e oh ^•^ t:on \vindowalUicinti hot "Inverted Klamc" will show that the G-E Oil Furnace is completely different from all other types of oil-hurtling units. Oil 13 btinicd in a new and better way. Every drop is broken into millions of tiny particles by obscrv'a- hot" flame that-burns "upside-• .cnscly down". Burned quietly—-and without sector odor... safelv, dependably, economically. ' • ' Get, the . \vhble remarkable story oflheG-EOilFurnace.It's the finest type of automatic oil- licatirig equipment that money can buy . _ ?nd , he chcapc , t ^ txrllidmg streams of air. And ownl Come .in— tod?y-or. writa every liny particle is completely consumed in a beautiful, "white- for free copy of an absorbing booklet "Luxurious Heat"« HOBBARD FURNITURE CO. Klylhevillc, Ark GENERAL ©ELECTRIC Oil FURNACE ; FOR STEAM, VAPOR AND HOT WATER HEATING SYSTEMS

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