Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on October 30, 1871 · 4
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 4

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1871
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I-. ' r CREAT BRITAIN. r. a- ... I The Chic F4 A laslcal Bauanaa-eat. " totoow. Si0.-The MaVsionHou-e Fond for the relief oi tne mego ""!""" ; ; d on Batarday vening to t00.'lh, Mme ; ao Bubon-leV or ; , ' A-MKilatl. v T".u IMreed Syaepatby. '"J 'Jitm-lt! aTo 80.-Tho Toting wltTcK" Action of tnia Oityhavo LrJkd a circular .wking that . the f PT nd 8 Mend. . of ZeZ. menT who , remoTe to thie Jut For employment under the Government, ' nr for bnsinese pnrpoBe8,willoonlinunioaU that ; tZto the Oeneral Secretary of the Amociauon here. EeT. Oeorge A. Hall. As the Aeeooiation ' Aidra to be a mean of oommunioating with ,aaam . . t.M t tiiom I S..1.UM a, O ' ; ,1 of the Association will enable them to do this With lUOoh 8U0C68B. i Fires In Hew Hampshire. Cokoobd, N. H., Oot 80, The woodshed, en-shie bovine, and waterhouee of the Conoord , Bailroad at Hookeett, were burnt this mom-i rua. The lose is t25,0OO : insured. , Mason Aldnok'e barn, ei West Littleton, was :Wned on Saturday night, with ten head of -eattte, tweirty-flveieiM of hay r and quantity of grain. The fire was the work of an in-i enaiary. : - xhe Erans Embezzlement Case. T HaHbibbiiboh, Pa., Oct. S8. Judge Pearson - flriivered a long opinion in the case of Evana i thie morning, and decided to discharge him on - ebante of embezzling the funds of the State, i received from the general Oovernment.in payment of claims growing out of the war, and to i hold him under flO.OOO bonds to appear on a 1 writ Of capiat. r , Btdlroad Extension In-Maine. . 'l ',. ' - ' . , Booniira, Me., Oot. 30. The" rails of the ' Knox and UiMoin Bailroad reached the depot grounds in this city yesterday afternoon. Large " numbers of citizens were present to witness the arrival Of the first construction train that ran over the whole length of the road. Regular trains will start from here on Wednesday. Taper Mills Destroyed, Tout Wayne, Ind., Oot 80. The paper mills of Freeman & Barnett, six miles north of this place, were destroyed by fire this morning. The loss will reach $25,000. The insurance is light. The fire is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. Arrest of a Mayor and City Officials. Lexington, Ky.j Oct. 80. The Mayor and many officials of this city have been arrested on an indictment from the Federal Court, . charged with felony, growing out of the disturbances at the August elections. FINANCIAL. New Yobk, Oct. 80, 1871. Foreign Exchange Is dull, but Btrong at 108 to 108 for prime bankers' sixty day sterling. Uold is dull and steady at 111 to 111. Government bonds strong but very dull. Southern State Securities firm. Stocks dull, but firm. The "Westfleld Disaster. Over one hundred civil suits have already been begun against the Staten Island Ferry Company by persons who were injure l by the Westfleld explosion, and by representatives of those who were killed. Nearly one hundred and fifty more are in preparation. The damages claimed vary from $1,000 to 150,000. The indictment against the officers of the Company is to be tried in the Oyer and Terminer in the November term.J The Tammany Frauds. The Alleged Voucher Thieves Before the Grand Jury. Edwin M. Haggerty and Charles Bauch were this morning indicted by the Grand Jurv in New York, for burglary in the third degree,and larceny, in carrying off the vouchers from Comptroller Conolly s office. Seventh Assembly District Democratic Convention. Kenomlaatlon of Hon. Win. Walnwrigbt. The adjourned Convention met in Dougherty's caloon. corner of Third and South Fourth streets on Saturday evening. Ab usual on such occasions the saloon was crowded with politicians of every stripe. After the Convention had been called to order. Mr. John Dolan was appointed chairman. On motion, a ballot was o&st when it was found that Hon. William Wainwright had received the unanimous vote of the delegates. Mr. Lewis H. Dickerson 1 was then introduced and speechified for a short time after which the Convention adjourned. Non-Explosive Oil Again. Fatal Aecident. A fatal accident occurred yesterday afternoon at 69 liates avenue, between Myrtle avenue and Stockton street, occupied by Mr. Pelter. A gentleman brought over from Staten Island a bottle of gasoline, for the purpose of cleaning some clothes, and deposited it on the table. In the meantime Mrs. Pelter, unaware of the dangerous explosive character of theoontents of the bottle, removed it to the mantelpiece). It bad been there but a short time, when it exploded, setting fire to the lady's clothes, and burning her in such a frightful manner that she died at 8 o'clock this morning. n Fatal Accident. Three lWea Burled. Beneath arl Embank " ' ' meatOae f the Meat Hilled. . .. Mr. Anton Vigelius la erecting a new lager , i beet brewery, at the corner of Beaver and Ann streets. The men employed fai the place, have i been engaged In' constructing s vault, which, U is said, has lately been In s somewhat an-- safe condition, some parties alleging that the ' sxcavatlon t presented 1 thg appearance of I eSTing to." 'Itto morning, . about '. half-past seven o'clock, three men engaged 4 1 sUgging "6ut the vault were burled be-teath a maw of sand and clay by the embankment "ailing upon them. Two of them were but slight-ry hurt, but tt third, a man named Jacob Bit-Wir.f? at No, m Tark avenue, waa Uk-, The men were 87 feet below i-lET. .0,,atretwhen the aocident oc- Jkla- The deceased leaves a wife end nine children. Coroner WhitehUl will Impanel Jury to-day and investigate the case as soon ' MJMMKiblS. A appears that two slips of ths sand took ptsce. On the first taking plaoe, Bitman was -oalv rtr tiallT covered by ths isand and loam mi A 'rast Karl, Henry Freese, s man named ,!.K. Said another known familiarly as 'the isssi " l,nt whrwuk rial name, we could nnt . '-4iJn Mnl to his sssistanes and had him mSm . rfvinrarl out. when soother saara sq-sKlHut Bitavan end half burring the , All Jut Hitman, however.coutrived to t saBm)r. He was dug out after t sUlt M hour's work, bat stroadr hfe was j.mrnmi was about fortj-ava ysarj " -a 1V trade, us waa , -4 v scrtdobt in laying the loun The Beformerf In.Coj" meeting of "the leader, .of the Jtaf oraejr s was held this morning for.the purpose of nott-: inaUnit a fuU ticket for theeomingeleoUon.The meeting was of a private Mture, but it has transpired that no definite course of action had been decided on., i, . . f ft I ,V..I I-.'j .1 . ' rURTHEB PABTIOULaBB. We have, since writing the above, ascertained that the foregoing account 1b based on a misapprehension. Definite action wa$ taken, and the following ticket was put in nomination : C1TT TICKET. jKayorJMartin Eaibfleiaoh.' 1 . "! "' OoniiitTolliT Harvey H. Farrlngton. Collector of Taxea--W. B. Kobtnson, Third Ward. City Auditor W. J. Davis, Sixth Ward. City Treasurer E. V. L. Uwdtmbere. Justice Sixth District Timothr O'Connor. Ninth Ward. Juetlce Fourth Dletrict John Barrett. JttnUce Fifth District Sylveeter Josua. OOtWT TIOKKT. Sapervteort-larga Jsrvte KUpatriok. County Judge George L. Fox. District Attorney Samuel GirrUon. Coarity Auditor John B. Beilly. Comnilsnloner of CharitiM (E. D.) Not determined. Commissioner of Oharitios for County Towns Jno. B. Hendrtckson. Coroners Joeeph H. Strauss, ana Dr. Kdwara Malone. Personal. Goublet. Among the reoent arrivals from Europe we may chronicle that of Mr. Oeorge O. Gourley, of South Fourth street, who, we are happy to learn, has. Just returned from Scotland. Hxnken. We are pleased to learn that our friend, Mr. Aldrich Henken, of the firm of Moller, Sierck & Henken, has just returned from Germany with his daughter, where they have been passing the summer. Bungay G. W. Bungay is writing a aeries of papers entitled " Hurry-graphs from America," for the London Star. The last contains a sketch of Henry Ward Beecher, and a review of his book " The Life of Jesus the Christ." . Lindsay. We are happy to learn that Mrs. James Lindsay, of Wilson street, with her son and daughter, have just returned from Europe in the steamer China, after a sojourn of many months in that " reeking" " auld " town oalled Edinburgh. McDiabmtd. The Republican voters of the Sixteenth Ward are organizing "John Mc-Diarmid Campaign Clubs" in the various election districts of the Ward, for the purpose of promoting the success of Mr. McOiarmid, the Republican nominee for Alderman. Newman. Among those who recently sailed for Europe in the Westphalia, was Mr. Henry Newman, of this District. He is oalled to Germany in reference to the settlement of an estate in which he is iuteresteiL The estate is said to be valued at two million dollars. Pobteb. Bev. Dr. Porter does npt seem to be afraid of hard work. We" met him this morning, looking very fresh, carpet-bag in hand, on his way to Columbia County, to address three conventions to be held in the interest of the Centennial Fund of the American Reformed Church. . Watees. Mr. Wm. H. Waters, the late candidate for the Aldermanic nomination in the Seventeenth Ward againBt Mr. John McDiar- mid, has made himself deservedly popular among the Republicans of the Ward, by using all his influence in favor of Mr. McDiarmid, his opponent at the primary, since that primary was held on Thursday evening last. This is a movement in the right direction, and will go far in securing Mr. Waters meTtopntoUonn nomination for Supervisor, or some other local office, next year. Capt. Oxtveb B. Ldch. Oliver B. Leich, of tie Brooklyn Gazette, has received the Republican nomination for Assemblyman of the Ninth District of Kings. As one of the planks In bis platform, is the same as the plank in our platf orm a registry law we will have to vote for him. We cant vote for a mm who tbtoks a registry law a failure it smells toomuch of fraud at the polls. Aew Lot Journal. Captain Leich is well known in the Ninth District, and has from his long connection with its interests, especially of the Twenty-first Ward, troops of friends. The District is largely Democratic, but if any body can carry it, the gallant and meritorious captain is the man to do it. Backhouse. Mr. Backhouse, the presiding officer at the Taxpayers' meeting at the Rink last week, was interviewed by an Eagle report er. In this review Mr. B. said : Mr. M. C. Rigga was the only person authorized to speak at the ltiiik on Tuesday night: the other gentlemen were volunteers and did not by any means express the meaning of the organization which bad been instrumental iu c ailing the meeting. This is rather hard on our friends, Messrs. Huntley and Crozier, who traveled out of their way to make capital with the taxpayers by an attack on their own,the Republican party, the only party to-day through whom the people can hope to find relief from Tammany rule. Mabshaix. Mr. John S. Marshall, the Republican candidate for Justice of the Fifth District Court.attended the opening services of St. Barnabas Church yesterday morning. He was all smiles and sunshine, and expressed his gratification at the beautiful and handsome structure the congregation have erected, lue last number of the Brooklyn Gazette, of the Twenty-first Ward, has the following about Mr. Marshall : i John 8. Marshall, of the 18th Ward, has been pat in nomination for Justice of the Fifth District Court. This result we predicted last week. We now expect to see bim elected, as he Is by far the best man In the flelH for (hat nlana. Mr. Marshall is well qualified for the office to whlah he has been nominated, and overv elector who wants a nure Judiciary should Bee to it that he votes for him and gets his friends and nohlvra tn In likewise. If a full vote is cast anl every Republican and honest Democrat exercises a sound discretion In their selection of Justices, we have no fear for the result. A meetino of the Public School teachers o Brooklyn waa held on Saturday at the rooms of the Board of Education, for the purpose or organizing a life insurance sesociation. All the schools were represented and the utmost harmony prevailed. The following board of officers were elected : President, V. IS. rutntu, of No. 25 Vice President, Miss C. A. Brooks, of No. 8; Recording Secretary, T. E. Ryan, of No- 81; Financial Secre tary, WiiRam M. Terry, ef No. 81 ; Treasurer, Leonard Dunkley, Jr., of No. 16. 1 A Board of Managers, consisting of Mr. Edward Bush, of No. 18 ; Mrs. E. Folger, of No. 28 ; Miss Bush, of No. 11, and Mrs. E. P. Putnam, was also elected Tot Oehs Raxgebs, one of the liveliest seml-miliUry organizations in the 'Burgh, their approach being attended everywhere with good humor and good feeling, proceed on their annual Target Excursion to-morrow, to Elm Park,' Staten Island, tinder Capt Frederick' Dauber. This is tne oniy social organization on earth in - whioh all men are free and equal. it Kings march side by side with oobblers, Spanish brigands with New York Policemen,ugly old women with handsome young belles, the Angel Gabriel and hi hom with Mephl8topbeles,and Prince Carnival with Tim Bobbins. Look out for them. a polieeoa clears ths' paasacs with a locus VThiU ths Captain rides oa horseback in a parti-colored ; coal, Aa with stdy steps they oorM, to ths thumping of tks SxmBchms Bfatana claahlnc ermbai and tne bugU's FTnt hgbt Boua, Biacults, stc with Doolbt's YcastPowder, tbabest.. Trylt. ..... .., .' ' : Ask jrour Grocer for Ioolj:t'b Ysaat Powder, the best, Saline; Powder, Depot, f Kew; Street, Tl.T. 4 m J -'v , . V , .... . ' mippKLYWrlUlIO; Tan Anden On Powell, Kalbflelsen and ... .. 'Kinseila.' . . .:,;:;.;. : " m-iVf&iiiMifni 'ilA i ' I " !''; -X j - A reporter of the N. Y. Star has been Inters viewing Jir. Van Anden', of the Brooklyn Eagle) relative to the canvass. Of Mr. Powell, the Democratic candidate for Mayor, Mr. Tan Au- den spoke rather jocularly. He said : . ' foweU is a tailor, and has a little bit of a plaoe down here. I was passing by there the - othee day; and found him standing in his door. In the window there was a small card with a lot of cravats about the sire of -my finger, and standing outside waa one of those lmititatloa men to fit clothes on, and it was Just about aa thin as Powell himself. I could not help think fug it funny that Brooklyn couldnt find a more olid weight than this to become its Mayor. He thinks, however, that Powell will ba elected. He doesn't believe that Mayor Kalb-t floiech's candidaoywill hurt the regular nominee, for this reason : If Kalbfleisch has any popularity,and I have no doubt he has, It is as Bhich with the Republicans as it is with (be Democrats, and he will poll as many votes with one party as he will with the other, so that it will leave the regular candi dates in just the same relative position as it would without Kalbtieisch. Personally, he added, I am on the best of terms with the Old Man, and when I was spoken of for Mayor, he told me that I was the only man he would retire in favor of The follewing additional about Mr. Powell is specially interesting at present : who is rowwj. T Van Anden. Well, I remember Powell twenty years ago, when he first came to Brooklyn. He was about to run for State Senator then. Star Man, 11b must be a very old man at present, then. Van A firtrn Well.no : Idont suppose he's more than 50, if he's that. He certainly dosent look more than 35. He didnt get to be Senator, but since no's btt'U Mayor twice. I cant recall how long ago, but I know it's a fact that he's peen In that position twloe, Star Han We so long ago anyhow that he's drop. pea out oi notice aimoei. WHY HB WAS NOMINATED. Van Anden 'Well, no: guess not. Almost every body In Brooklyn knows or has heard of, Powell, and never a word could be said against him. It is true that it would seem aonw bettor man might have boiin selected, and 1 thought so at nrat, but when I cams to think the matter over I could certainly not flud a man around me who was more available. POWELL AS A SUNDAY SCHOOL BPEAKEB. I remember when firBt he was heard of people had an idea that be was quite an orator. lie once made a speech to a Sunday school class when he was quite ja young man. It created an excitement in Brooklyn, for it certainly was a very flue thing. Every one spoke of nobody but Powell and his spoech. He has told me since that he wrote out the speech and Bet about reading it, but finding it only embarrassed bim. threw his book aside and went ahead without it. At all events, nobody lived in Brooklyn but thought Powell a youthful genius. At about that time there was a man named fowler in the Board of Aldermen and he was quite an orator. He spoke to everv measure and spoke so well that people used actually to go to the meetings of the Board just to hear. He waB one or those men who never set them- selree to build anything up, but are always ready to knock anything uown. T-OWEI4. AS AN ALDEBKAN. It was about the time they were proposing to introduce water into Brooklyn. Well, Fowler thought Brooklyn did not want water, and he made a good many good speeches on the subject and it was at this time that Powell was put in nomination for Alderman, and people said that at length Fowler was going to find his equal as an orator. Well, Powell got elected, went into the Board, squatted down on his seat, and never said a word the whole year. After that he got elected Mayor, but from the day he mi le his Sunday School speech to this he has never maue another, and to this day he travels on the reputation ol his maiuen enort. Mr. Van Anden thus sketches the editor-in- chief of the Eaqle : I dont think Kinsella ever thought he would get it, (the nomination for Mayor). But Kinsella's a strong man here. He has made a good show on the EaQla. For a long time he was a compositor on the p.iper, and one day when McCloskey wis editor, he advised me to let Kinsella do some reporting. He wint on and wrote two or three Btimniinr articles at the b3- einninff. Then he gradually made a place for himself until he got to be editor, cirouhistinces favoi ing bim. He is a good, sharp, ambitious man, and has good judgment. He is fond, however, of writing long editorials, which I dont believe in far an evening paper. McKelway is very much like him in this respect, and I really dont think he can express an idea in less than half a column. "Cut it short" is the motto be ought to observe. Mr. Van Anden doesn't believe there is any money uselessly expended by the Water Board. The Cost of the "Biggingr." A corresponBent of the N. Y. Evening Post, supplies a striking illustration of the reason that a ship is called"she"because the rigging costs more than the hull ; The other dav, he says, a lady was talking with the head-dressmaker at Stewart's, when the dressmaker said : "You can have a velvet train to your dress if you choose." "No," waa the reply; "I think eight hundred dollars will do for a dress, without the extra expense of a velvet train." . Another lady was waiting to give directions to Arnold & Constable's dressmaker; there was a largo, coarse woman, her hands loaded down with diamond rings, ahead of her, giving her directions, bliesaid: "1 want ail tne laco on jny dress you can get on. I want real lace; I do not limit you in price ; l leave you to select it. ine Tigging oi uucu wuluwu IB WUHU more than the women themselves. Attempted Suicide. An InNnnc Man Cats Ills Arm in Three Places, and then Cuts His Tbront. Mr. Joseph Sherman, a mechanic, residing at No. 293 South Third street, made a desperate attempt to commit suicide yesterday morning, which, but for the timely arrival of his wife, would have been successful. The unfortunate man has been for some time past partially inBane, and during the last eight months he has been wholly unable to attendto any business. Some time ago he carried ou business in New York, but was far from being successful, and this, combined with the effects of a Homowhat too free a use of stimulants, destroyed his reason to such an extent that he had to give up work altogether. He has for some time continued to grow worse, and lately the impression took possession of him that every onebe met with was trying to take his life Yesterday morning, after leaving his bedroom he entered the kitchen on the ground floor, and with a small pocket-knife, which be always carried with him, cut bis left arm in three places, inflicting three severe gashes, and then, as if more than ever determined to end his existence, be cut his throat almost from ear to ear. Ater this deed was committed he seemed to regret what he had done, and proceeding to the hydrant as well as he could, placed his arm under it, allowing tho water to now on the wounds. He then knocked on the floor for his wife, and she proceeding to the apartment found her husband sitting in s chair holding his arm under the hydrant while the sink underneath overflowed with blood and water. Blood also covered the floor near the ohair in which he sat,1 and altogether the appearance of the unhappy man as his wife entered, must have been horrifying. Medical attendance was at once procured, and neis now in s fair way of recovery. During yesterday he explained -to his wife that after the deed he regretted what he had done, and endeavored to call for sasiBtanoe,but was unable to do so. AN ACBO8TI0. Stop a moment and do.behold, That the story I have told, Is a fact beyond dispute, E'en if you are struck mute. Braids of human hair you'll find. Equaled by nothing of the kind ; Latest stylw of Chatallttns braids. Sweet youth's restorer to old maids Hundreds daily do proclaim, And hone of them to be marines claim, " I ne'er saw hair so very nice, Retailed at so tow a pries," ''EveB Chatailalne I" cried Miss Billings, ' Ma, they sell ti forty ikUUngti . , , . Pretty curls twenty in a aet, '- ' Oh I for one dollar we ess get . Really such bargains, I do declare, I never saw in human hair. " Undeniably the cheapest place, I find, Ma, Is FnltoB cor. Tilbu-y No. 279. " IH PUR8UANCB OF AN ORDER OF WILLIAM D Veeder, Esq., Surrogate of she County of Kings: Notice is hereby given, according to law. to all parsons having claims sgarnst Msry Van Valkeaburgh, lata of the City ot Brooklyn, doeaaed, that tb y are requested to exhibit the same, with the vonckers thereof, to tho subscriber, ths executor, at bis otBoa, SI Pine street, in the City of New York, on or b"f rs the Uto da of December next. Datefl .TunsS, 171. ' . r awflw' ROBKHT U. UATFIELO, KxaoatorJ TIMKSMOyPAY. USUAL. nnmiHiu nnnn.rivnN ndTINTY AN" Uiouy Hnbener aahut Sarah B.uJaokJOB luid others, .j . . . (I -. In punuanoe of a judgment of foreololiure i and" sale snde In tbla action on the 6tb day .of April, 1 H7U, and to uanoe of an order made heroin, may 1050, ioi, oby five nottoo that oa the tu day of November, i, at fip'oiock boob, at the Ooinmerotul Kiphanae. S Fulton street In, the city of Brooklyn, aad mty of Kings, 1 will sell pubilo Motion, to tti heat bidder, Mm landa and premises In aaid jnagmsnt nfinitui I i i JmiwmJ aM follow. TIB. All those twenty-Mven lots, pieoea or psroeUpf land itoat lytnc and being In the Sevonth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, Gouuty of Kings, and 8tate of New York, and known and distinguished on a eertaln map entltlod Man of the Oomniisloners, In partition of thj H w BoaleFarm" made by Silas Ludlam. April. tdta. and Bled DepiemDeris.inuLasinap mi. oij, " v"" .n" of Kings County, as and by the numbors two hundred and fifty-three two hundred and fifty-four, two hundred and fifty-five, two hundred and sixty-eight, three hon-dred and thirty, two hundred and ninety-three, three hundred and thlrty-aU, five hundred and twenty-sit, six hundred and twenty-nine, six hundred and forty-three, aix hundred and Alty-seven. six hundred and lghty-eix, six hundred and eighty-seven, six hundred and eighty-eight, six hundred and niuety-two, saven hundred and furij-nlne, seven hundred and eUhty-slx, eight hundred and eight, eight hundred and fourteen, four hundred and seventeen, four hundred and eighteen four hundred and nineteen, fonr hundred and twenty, four hundred and twenty-ono, four hundred and twenty-two, six hundred and Hf tj -five, six hundred and fifty-six. Said lots numbered i'A 264, and 3U. taken together are bounded southerly by lot 866 en said Map, easterly by Schenok street, northerly by lot number Sai on said Map, westerly by the rear of lots numbered 234, 35, and 836 on said Map : lot numbered Hi is bounded northerly by lot numbered aft. on said Map, easterly by land late of Delaplalne; southerly by lot numbered 369 on said Map, and westerly by Scbenck street : lot IM) Is bounded north by lot numbered Ks on said Man, easterly by lot 881 on said Map, south by Willongliby avenue, west by lot numbered 839 on Bald Map; lot number ti bounded north by lot number m, east by Grand avenue, south by lot number tSH, west by land of John Hyerson: lot 3 is bounded north by lot 837, east, on Steuben street, south by lot 886, west by lot M5; lot number 61W la bounded, north by lot number iu5 on saiu nap, eai. uy lanu late of Dela- Elalne, south by lot number 667, on Bald Hap, and west y Schenok street ; lot number tSa is bounded north by ninnmlMrh nnulH M.n. Mtlthl land BOS OT late T. T. Ccwenboven, south by lot number 630, on said Map, br Sohenck street, lot 6(3 is bounded . X I II 1. 11 1 1 , HI I 11 II 111 I iw, IHI MUU nan north by Lafayette avenue, easterly by Grand avenue, south by lot number 644, on saia Map, and west by land now or late of Kyeraon's; lot number 653 is bounded on the north r uy Lafayette x, svenue, on the east by lot number 664, on said Hap, on the south by lot number 6W on said Map, and oa the west by lot number 666 on said Hap; lots numbered 646. 647 and 6Ni together are bounded north by lota numbered 656, 666, and 667 on said Map, easterly by lot number 6 on Bald Map, south by Van Buren street and west by lot number 6K9 on said Hap; let iWi is bounded north by lot Wl on said Map, east by Grand avenue, south by Greene TOaerd westby UuuL lota af Ilnranw; Jou numbered 748 and 586, taken together aro bounded by tho north by Creene avenue, east by lots numbered 7ou and 786 on said Map : south by Hlokory street, west by lota numbered 748 and J87 on said Alan: lot No. 8H3 is bounded north by Hickory street, eaat by land late of T. T. Oowenhoven, south by lot number 608 on aaid Map, and weat by lot W7 on sild Hap ; lot number S14 ia bounded north by lot number IS, east by lot number 618 on said Hap, south by Quincy street, and west by lot number 815 on said Map; lots numbered 417, 418, 419, 4M, 431, 43J, taken together, are bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point on the easterly side of Grand avenue, distant one hundred and forty feet soul tier 1? from the southeasterly corner of Grand avenue and Willoughby street: running thence easterly and parallel with Willonghby street one hundred feet to Grand avenue, and northerly along Grand avenne one hundred and fifty feet; thenoe westerly and parallel with Willoughby street one hundred feet to Grand avenue, and thence northerly along Grand avenue one hundred and fifty feet to the place of begln- i 1 Kn. KfiR .nil Knn token tnnrethftr and bound ed on the north by Lafayette avenue, on the east by lot No. 667, on saia map, on tnesomu it ..mu.. wi andew, and west by lot No. 664 on said map. -Dated October 87, 18?1-GKRARD 8TKVKN Re(8re9. GEOBOS W. Patme, Pl'ff's Att'y. oc88 8aw3wS4M fCHBRIfrS 8ALK.-BY VIRTUS OF SEVERAL 3 writs of execution, issued out of the City Court of Brooklyn, to me directed and delivered, I will sell bv Dublin auction, at No. 37 Fulton street, by Henry Kckert, tn the City of Brooklyn, on the 29th day of November, 1871, at 12 o'clock Boon, all the rlglit, title and interest which George McAdams had on the 38tb day of August, 1871, or at any time thereafter, In whose bands soevsr the same may be, of, in, and to, all that oertain lot, pieoe ot parcel of land, with the buildings and Improvements thereon, situate, lying and being in the City of Brooklyn, County of Kings, State of New York, on tho southerly side of Warren street, between Bond and NovUis street, and bonaded by a line, beginning at a point in the southerly line or side of Warren atreet, whioh said point is distant 6 feet, 4 inches westerly from the southwesterly oorner of Warren and Nevins streets and running thence southerly parallel with Nevins street WO foot; thenoe westerly parallel with Warren street Si) feet, 1 Inch ; thenoe northerly agHln parallel with Nevins street 100 feet to the souther ly line or side of Warren street, and thence easterly Along tie southerly line or side of Warren street 30 feet 1 inch to the point of commenoement aforesaid. Also that oertain other lot of land in the city of Brooklyn aforesaid, bounded and described as follows: beginning at a point on the southerly side of Warren atreet, distant 13. foet 7 inches westerly from the southwesterly oorner of War-n.nii'inirirwi, HnH mnniniT thenee southerly parallel with Nevins street 100 feet; thenoe westerly pa- rsnel wun vtarren sireei.aw iwvo ,uwiw,.uw ...,-aii..l mill. N.tiia BtraHt 100 fast to the .n,a.iP ltn nt WRrrflft street, and thonce easterly along said southerly line of Warron atreet 211 feet 3 inches, to the DOint or place of beginning. Also, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and KAins in t.hA Twentieth Ward of said oitv of Brooklyn. and bounded and described as follows, to wit : beginning at a point in the easterly side of Adelphi street, dis. tant northerly so9 feet 3 inches from the northerly corner of Adelphi street and Park avenue, and running thence easterly on a line at right angles to Adeipui St., S8 feet 2 inches, to land lately or formerly belonging to Jeremiah V. Spader; thence northerly along aaid last mentioned land twenty-five feet more or less; thence westerly, and again on a line at right angles to Adelptit street 98 feet 5 inches, to the easterly side of Adelphi st. and running thence southerly, along the easterly side of Adelphi street to the point or place of beginning. Dated, Brooklyn, October 16, lil. , . octlli-laK6wM ANTHONY WALTER, Sheriff. SHHRIFF'S SALE BY VIRTUB OF A WRIT of Execution, Issued out of the Supreme Court, to me directed and delivered, 1 will sell by publlo auction, at No. 379 Fulton street (by Henry F.ckert), in the City of Brooklyn, on the twenty-fifth day of October, 1871, at 12 o'clock, noon, all the right, title and interest which Morris Hazard had on tne eighth day of August, 1871, or at any time thereafter, in whose bands soever the same may be, of, in and to all those five certain lots, pieces or parcels of land situate, lying and being In the Ninth Ward of the city of Brooklyn, and known and distinguished on a certain map filed In the office of the Register of the County of Kings and entitled "Map of property in the Ninth Ward of the City of Brooklyn, surveyed by Alexander Martin, Pv!6, as lots numbers 21, 24, 86, 27 and 2V and which said lota are part of the block or parcel of land number I on the same map, and contained in breadth on aU sides one hundred feet, snd taken together are bounded as follows : Beginning at a point on the northerly side of Degraw street, diHint westerly from the westerly line of Now York avenue, one hundred and sixteen feet and eleven Inches : thence northerly one hundred and twenty-one feet eight inches ; thence westerly twenty-five feet ; thence southerly one hundred feet ; thence westerly seventy-five feet ; thence eoutherly one hundred feet; thence easterly one bun- AroA fnMt thmn nnrthnrlv aAVAntv-Airht fnAt unii Inn I Inches to the place of beginning; and also the streets &uu hcuucb iiiiiiiiiiK ii nuu au ill", wi iu, mm mi, i j the middle oi such streets, svennes ana roads. Dated Brooklyn, September 11, 1871. sell lawfiwM ANTHONY WALTER, Sheriff. "Vine aale of the above property is postponed until the 1st day of Nov., 1871, at the same hour and place--- Dated KrooKlyn, uct. .n'rn. iji. octztt-Jxl anmuni naijiciv, oaenn SHKRIFFS SALE-BY VIRTUE OF A WRIT OF execution, issued out of the City Court of Brooklyn, mil Hinwtid and deltvAred. I will sell hv nnhllo auc tion, at No. 379 Fulton atreet (by Henry Kckert) In the city of Brooklyn, on the sixth day of Decmber, 1871, at izo ciock, noon, an we nent, nue idu interest wuicu George Neeb had on the fourteenth day of October, 1871, or at any time thereafter. In whose bands soever t.hn umA ttikv he. of. In and to. all that certain lot of ground distinguished as lot No. 662, on a certain map : . I 1 ... I... 1 .. .1 l ik. nffi..ntnul.twii( Howl. KimrsCnunty. entitled "map of lands of A. Mann, Jr., and heirs of Charles A . Mann, deceased, situste at ureenpoint, in tne serenteentn war a oi tne city oi Brooklyn," aaid lot being bounded northerly by Groon-point avenue 100 feet, southerly, by a line parallol therewith, and 26 feet therefrom, easterly by Newtown Creek, and westerly, by a line 100 feet westerly from said Creek. Dated Brookljn. October 23, 1871. ocz2-law6wM mii.uni nibiiu, nnoni. rnBR CITY COURT OF BROOKLYN. ANN I Fllxa Gardner, nlafntiff.. against Robert Gardner and The Long Island Savings Bank of Brooklyn, de fendants. Summons. for reuei. (uom. notaerveu. To the oeienuant, none it uaraner : V mi are hRrehv summoned and rennired to answer thm ivimiiliilnt In thin action, which will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the City Court of Brooklyn, at the Court House In the City of Brooklyn, Kings County and to serve a copy of your answer to the said oomplsint on the subscribers, at their office. No. 846 Fulton mtrttmt K intra f!nnntv. New York, srithin twenty days after the service ot thta, summons on you, exoluslve of ti, rlitv of snch service: and if yon fall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action wui apply so toe iuurt lur tue rtmei utr manned in tne complains. xwvcea uowmr i, h;i. iiltuunr., iir.nLir.ii a o ij r. js r. i , Plaintlfrs Attorneys. The enmnlalnt htthis action waa filed in the office ot the Clerk of the ty Court of Brooklyn, in the Court House in the City of Brooklyn, New York, on the 7th day of October, 171. . . 1 . ri-fV. IV r., or.ftun.i cr- i . r. ;n r. i , oc9-lBwthvM i Plaintiffs Attorneys. pITY COURT OF BROOKLYN. JOHN WAO- y ner, ir. tni n.i xienry oauerumna, vs mi. c. . nhnmlnr. PlalntifT'a AtinmAT. In pursuance of a judgment order of this court, made tn tne a Dove enuuea action, oeanna uaie sue itiu uaj of October, lf71, I '111 sell by pnbilo suction at the Bales rooms. No. 879 Fulten street, by Henry Eckert, In th cltv of Brooklyn, on the 2fith das of November. 1H7I. at U o'clock, noon, all the right, title, and Interest which Henry Sauerbrnnn bad on the 9th dsyof June, Ittfl, or at an time thereafter, In whose bands soevor IDfl HDIO uinf uo ui iu, Bill. nn luiivnum uvkuudu land snd premises -. -All that ositain three-story framo baud lug ana tne ioioi land on wnicn tne same sunns. situate, lying and being on ths westerly side of Whipple street, distant southerly about ninety-four feet from the snrrsnwesurly corner of Broadway and Whipple street, being twenty feet In front snd rear, snd one bnndred fee in depth oa both sides, in tbe Nineteenth Ward of the city of Brooklyn, county of Kings and Stat of New York. Datsd Brooklyn. October ftb, 1871. lwSwM ANTHONY WALTBR, BnetiS. QHRRIFF'B BALE. BY VIKTUB OK SEVERAL U wnta oi execuuon, issued out or sne supreme v.ourt, tome directed snd delivered, I will sell br pnbilo auction, at No. 879 Fulton street, "by Hsnry Bckert" in tbe eitf of Brooklyn, on tbe (7lb day of November, 1 87 1, m 19 tftlAek. tiooou aU the riirhs. title snd tntarest which John Bood bad on toe 81st day of July, 1871, or st st sny time thereafter, in whose hands sower ths sams mttbeyci, tn sad to, all that osrtsln piece or parcel of land, situate, lying snd being In she eitf of Brooklyn (lata WillUmsburghl.County of Kings. and Stats of New York. In tbe Fifteenth Ward thereof, known and distinguished on s map entitled " An Assessment Map of ths Vtllsce of WUIlamsburgh," mads by Daniel Ewens, City Surveyor, filed in tbe office of ths Clerk of Kings uoaniy isow uefnsters umoei, nr tns nuntost 7wsa, snd bounded snd sontalnlns aa follows, in wit i aintl. westerly oy South Second straet, thirty-three f sat. snd four Inches ; northwesterly by lot No. 1, 938, ft (ty-ons feet and nine Inches, snd southeasterly by lot No. 7,9a, snd Dart of lots 7726 snd 7931 on said man. about sixty-ana feet snd seven inches, be the said several dlmsasions more or less Listed urooxiyu, uctoDer vtn, 171. oc7-XWwSM ANTHONY WALTKB, Bbsrlff. TN PURSUANCB OF AIT ORDER OF WILLIAM X P, YKKUKK, Ksq.f Surrogate oi tne canly Notioe Is hereby given, acoordlng to law, to all per anna h.vln aUima uainat PKTKtt H AU BKNTH A L. late of tbe City of Brooklyn , deojssed, that they are re- qulrea to sxniois tne same, wild tne vouonsra wwreoi. to ths subscriber, the Executrix, st her residence, Sigsi near Gmhaam vsnocln tns City of firooklyn, on Btrest. or before tbe Utb d a ril nsTt. Dted Octobsr . 1871. mag; HA HAUBBM IHU oot-lawowM' KxscstrU OCTOBER 30. X871. ..-......-....-..ASHBSSMBriTBl. A88K88MKNT NOTICR-If OTIOB IB HBRBUY given that the following Assessments remain unpaid and that the warrant for oolleotlng Bald assesstneate will expire on the 14th day of November. 171, and that unless said asssssmentB. together with the expenses and intage aJlewea by law, an paid on or before Bald I ahaU wrooaad to advertise and sell she Drain Una In the manner pointed out by Heotions M and 38 of Itue Hb, of ths present Charter of the City of Brooklyn, i Repaying Fulton avenue, from Pulton street to Bedford avonue-J Howell tim vti J Sullivan M 41 1 Ohristopner lrtnce 4rt0 tf; John Farran 1,M1 S7; Clementina Bo- 5ert M 6ft; Wm V Orooer M SI; James Keniao 87 44: amee Keman 467 6S J Andrew A st Shaffer 41 1)9 ; O rau-weatuer l.stw vs; aaary n inr im it; no WaterTtU W;rlenry kauglesS84 Si s B Nlohols41S W- 8fJ .1onesf40;J8ulliviin l.mfi; H J t Allen 45jj Martin Alpers vus 44: N BonneJI 18 71 ; R S Fleet 8lH M A Klssem K74 S! 1 8 Fleet 17 44;K Kggers It 98; 8 A Wulongbby 1, 8.1 (M; 8 B Duryea 6M I (4; estate of ff Mason S.4S8 M; Mary 8 TerhnneM SI Mary P Dnnoan MSI; estato of N Mason MUM; estate of If Mason S.104 04 : H enrlettaamil I KI8 04 -.ftdward Pierrepont 08 40 ; if 8 Starkneoht 1,1118 W: Wm Marker 4 Mi;Win Maokoy m Mi Mary Mabury 487 04; O H Buckley 54 Irt; I II Nlokerson S.S2S 58: tsilon Cameron 43V 09 ; P B Nloker-Bon t6; U W llemegar 61 88: K F SaokeU 8U4 69; Fleet F.state 4, OHO SO; P A Fleet 1J SO; H 8 SpearSi 40: 8 B W Fleet 63 S3; Mary L Power; MSS7;8arah Maenmber a 08; A I.yod 4S8 11: R J liockwood 4f 56 : James Galway 461 Oo : R U Lookjood 86 OS; Heirs of St.. Fells 68 8;C O SUelton 648 87 ; 8 Treadwell 11 40; Petes Anderson a 18: 8 P Shorinw 198S 84; Thomas Hoavr 1088 40; Iletn St. FelU 14 (; P Fl-nn 676 SO; 8 J C Bnrllng 1097 74: P A Knnkle 677-76; K Ketrbam S7 08 ;8 M Lasher 88: A M Lawrenoe 68 80; P O Brien 10U) 10; A F Bringhara 887 8.1; J Kn-ners 68 86; O S and O O Fleet 8 : Sarah Maoomber 14MS 71: r1 H Whitman 61S 47; John Lntgon 40 48: Msry K MoOabe 4' 11; Josoph Klrby 461 0j; Estate of O W Bowne 1081 78; R Kundssn 18 78; J G Relther 64 78; Julian Swelges 437 t; Kvan Daylos 1111:11 Wooley 848 16: Jnmes MoOonald 648 87: U O 18 87; A M Rodgera; 168 81; Oeorge Montrap 467 W; H Fakrer 648 87 ; Oeorge Montrap 1349 81: F W Forker 17 66; M K Sanderson 18 72; James Coll 70 10; William Soott 4!i6S; J Ri.-,'itt 120 80: S F. Hammond 4144; K Ayus 18 72; Underbill I Footo 70l IS; KY Foote 1.-217 W); J M Spear 489 09 ;Thos Jones S3 80; H R B Ohaoe 45 82 ; L Z Novlns 17 91 ; K Mackintosh 70 l?'u V Batner iil Si Jml Carey S75 50: James Carey 4S3 SO; (leg Kinkl'e 874 10; JohS Leach S8 00 ; Martin (5hl sen 16 76:3 N Reeve 61 86; A H Brockway B3 93;WO Klngslsy SI SOfl ; Phil Kinklo 436 00) T Brice 117 00; p T Koike 48J 00; John Dorian 417 00; R G Bonnell 417 : J Partridge 17 81 ; H Blanohard 18 78; N O Blanohard 415 91; WinXrrol ; ell 406 98; 8 J Underhlll 1S64 81; Luoy M Nichols 13 M; 8 M Glllispie 61 83; C W Henry 33 if: J Ballln 6i4 88: J B Robertson 1379 07 : J F Hoflrigan 439 10 ; O 8 Davis 468 SO; HA Archer 18 00; N G Johns 341 08; H McLean 81 26; J A White 87 91: H McLean 17 91: J Bartlee 647 86: Kmma Harris 430 90; Geo Mo-tormack 4S7 00; R Tarmina- 41? 00: Campbell 417 00; Geo Mentrao 876 97: R Hoile 14 91: O Carey 86 W; Wm H Brown 661 18; Mary J Brassell 466 80; J Doherty416 80; Chas Relstenn 488 73: A Simpson 409 84 ; H H Carman 977 81 ; O 'Iroward 88 9 ; 8 M Keller 146 18; O Gander 416 80: John Gould, 4S3 00; Oath K Boyle 407 68 ; H Mills 379 48 ; T Desmond 619 76 ; O W Ad-fllnaeUS7!ll;lsalillBHoytS20i J J Williams 180 S1; . fo 88; Mary A Short lj 91 : Vaioiitltif Miller 7 91jC Johnson 8J4 34 : A Litchfield 449 Wm KOrlok 69 88;G MoCormaok 481 86: James Roberts 418 00; J Unger 418 86: J Kckert 446 7S;H Metager 411 60: -42 80: M A Storey 17 91 M Posberg 608 57; Martin flhluu 4.HS 80: H Hart 406 80: James Powell SUBOU: J X- K.u cmi'u. Tnhn rmhm-tv Ml SO: H Johnson 82 90 Wm MoAUister 669 78 ; G A Marshall f 00 : Wm Shoef er 82 90: Ann Mollrslh 17 91: James Haggerty 486 17- X H Walton 413 21; T A Taft XI ; K Veede? 17810; F A Piatt MO 96: B ManU 1 W; Henry Struybnulg 6,680 29; O D WllleU 22 90; Geo Cbapiiel 2.153 99 fwrn A Kutgman 457 74 ; Henry Brlody 892 fft; K B Onrion 488 90: Peter Lyman 414 80; Ohas Watohter 889 90; Wm Donnelly 579 M; J Wortman 1.816 70: 0 Parker 1,115 90; E Thornton 43 86; unknown owner 15 00; O Urban 764 12; CM Howell 410 02; O Hoffman 410 02; T J Clark 689 46; O F Green 78 10; JH Uriel 488 W; J B Elliott 207 64; Ann NolandgM; Peter Lyman 2,700 78; Dan'l McOabe 5,175 61: E Willi... Vn m. M.n Sl.ir 9M hi- Wm O Thompson 48; Ml 7 44: M Campbell 416 80 ; u w uavis t,,vrj; ooun v. micu k Flatt 68 lu; rtarnet nieoine wow; nmini Thornton 488 90; Wm McElroy 958 62; It llartshorne 17 71: S Flynn 25 71; K B Koepke 41(102; B F Koepko 410 02: T Bryan 1,636 16: A Rogers 17 71; 1 MoOabe 683 82 M H Powd mi; J D Bates 488 90; K F Kopke 4S8 90 ; J Murphy 462 00; RHPaddun488 90:OWNufus438 90: H Campbell 438-08: M White 446 22; Mary Jacobs 446 22: AO Millard 446 22; C D Williams 46 23 ; C Taylor 446 21; J Robinson 49 70; A Treadwell 446 22 ; 8pence 8 55; J L Phelps 8"6 59: R H MoCurdy 1,848 00; R H McCnrdy 1,488 94; H Brevoort 8.813 61 ; Maria Kowo 2,361 43; J i Raymond STMOJ P Clkrk 677 50 ; M H Bailey 654 40 : S F Grant 672 11 ; J as Crook 488 90 : F Deneke 488 9? : J Doyle 462 00: O W UBler 868 71 ; G W Uhler 567 40 ; D Koans 460 W ; M N Dominick44 22 : U Mangles 448 22 ; Pat Ford 446 22; R Smith 446 22; A Burtes 4611 70; Harriot Spenoei '469 70; Treadwell 4 Jamison 8H 26; R H McCurdy 8 86: EW Crowell 508 80; HD Aldrich 3.662 66; H D Ward 8, 60S 03 : K Rowe 4,6-0 tiiiWmC Nlonols d, lot 140; Jffi Thornton77-50-HDWade66440;SO HamUton 564 40 ; J French S5I-10; Unknown 462 00: John French 462 00: M A Martin 2,887 60; H Daldrict 8,092 80; K B Tovay 486 10 ; J H FSink 485 10 ; Wm M Little 1,055 00 : Jrtrn H Funk 6,6ulV W H Jaokaon 8,244 40; N Duryea 890 81; Mrs Ilaxham 456 03; N M Kingsley 464 21 ; T Keese 2.426 f4; K T Tookor 615 20; Thos HoggU 00; Win B Nichols 2,310 10; J M I.eavett 904 61 : Misses Ulmer 4lSI0:T Drew 438 90; Thos Read 60S 20 ; (J W Ten l-ck 27 91 ; R S Tucker 433 90 : J B England 46! Ot I ; Wm M Littei 462 00 ; 8 Hondlow 677 60; J H Frank 48 48; 8 L Hill 486 10; J McDermott4S6 10: Wm Alexander 2.310 Oil; Sherman 871 92; W O Woolsoy 22 90: Est r'Coyle 3,252 29; R Hamilton 459 89; N W Duryea 17 91. Thos Reynolds 1,776 90: U O 114 02; J L Eaton 136 89; u y...l. w?7 an. .inhn Kennedy 313 Ot) : N Tread well 432 80 ; K A Vooley 1,614 50 : T O Higgina on: W D Willets 415 80; W J Kenmore 4S) 80; John E Smith 438 90 ;Q Brady 831 10; Jas Kllis 17 91; D 8 Simpson 27 91 ; D Y Initio 900 90; S P Stevenson 428 90; Andrew Donnelly 403 80: James Darcy 17 91 ; P Slonhon 4ft7 ; G Montron 448 90; Henry Mangles 480 90; J Jrlauz 410 eu; reter riynn vas io; t.aue m b.i sij R J Llngenwood 18BU;T J Hallian 448 90; Lucy J Burce402 00; E J SolisetW 00;M Bigloe 64 04 ; L Houta-ling891 m-,j Wilson 844 00; G Walsh 4115 80: J Jarvls 415 W;WmTenKyok 708 00; F M Neely 899 76; H O Willet40 00; C F Kopke 919 72; J Loo 448 90; Jas Crook 433 U: .las CamDbell 1.405 92: P Mnnre 66 14: Ann P Hssh457 00; R B Hubbard 900 90; K Litchenstein 430 90; 8 Laugerman462 00; Moses Charlton 22 19-.0 A Silva 23 91; Jas Underhlll 18 00; Maria L Brown 64 bo ; H Il,in04-2 nil: A Treadwell 4H0 54: G Marinor 12S 77: B Mefrltt 82 21; 8 R Underhill 844 00; A Frederick 462 00; R G Dayton 811 60; E Baldwin 417 (W; M Harkness377 00;RU Dayton 14373: Wm MaokaySlBO: AJFister25 31;MariaEGaasert 577 50; O C Campbell 406 00; CD Willets 1.974 82; J D Graham 27 91; H A Archer 75 81 ; Heirs II P Colfax 364 00 ; James Brough-ton 42882; Cooper 1,034 49: D T Hartshorn 8 8j; A M Gilman 17 71 ; 1 Fj Gurney 89 89; R C Hood 128 00; J Scbatfer 459 2i ; J Blaud 905 40; G Carr 428 90 ; H Sill 436 10; J G Reither 23 00: G Sheare 1128; T Nurguise 66 32; A M Knowlton 416 12 ; C A Peters 6,71 1 80 ( K B Witty 6 00; J Campbell 64 66; F J Coles 416 1 : Johnson Leake 894 00; E Pease 29 82: E H Nichols 17 91: A J Fuiter763 00: John Uaigh 878 00; Heirs H P Colfax. 871 82;Phcebe Seaman 4,41195; 8 Walker s so; n i Byrnes 36 50; M Hubbard 54 98; M A Bergen &W 0J; Atorris Cohen 462 00; L Grutefleld 43g90; J G Ruther 428 90; E Doyle 860 11: H J Hinktng 7 86; William Kck 29 04; W Williams ill 61; McCarty 1, 194 la ; J J:Stltewell 24 00 : E Place 18 48 ; W R Randolnh 11 00: H B Witty 8 85; J D Cooks 2,439 87, J. IJeake563 07:CMaher438 90;J J Blackeloy 502 80; Henry Ubadwlck 18 oo; ot koodius s.h n; n. divjii -on. lM... uw..l K Oliver 138 HI: Eat E Bussan 673 14 ; A S Bobbins 411 57;AS Bobbins 64O0;J H Oliver 197 90; J Fuh ny 479 75; M B Duryea 2.130 41 ; M B Duryea 623 vu; r. w mcuois .-w w; n. . ubdwi , J A Ketcham 17 69 ; 8 A Willoughby 4 84: G A Jarvia .383 74: H B Witty 663 07 ; w rjrum ra w; r iwnun ;ar 89 ; W Brum 38 00; D Moore 115 50; E Purgo 4.14 28 : Gtt-I i 1 jo i aa. lnn V.K.t jnj iMl. n Wllliftma M - .1 liorman 823 14.G VV Nichols SI086; j'Morton2,367 750 Parker413- 28; R rail-weather me 66 ;u nrocKneln.il zo; r.iw rt ceu-nett 488 67 ; Lewis Beach 488 67 ; Lewis Bros KW 49; J T Smith 877 80: A S Wheeler 1,072 20: 8 Smith 20 00; T K Honon 646 N): T Brooks 1. 100 uu vm ooruou on ui: n. Greenhaf Jr 60 6S : Long Island Savings Bank 11 20 ; Dor- ming Bros 434 28 ; o Barker Ma 8o: Jonn uurus o si: Skenk Bros 488 57 ; A 8 Wheeler 651 45; Heis P Hendrick-son 1.155 (X); James Hughes 2,03(1 12; John f rench 2,417 60; WHMnmford 600 60 ; 8 Smith 8,418 72; H Mills 675 46; H K miiweu i.aia (; county iourt nuusc UDerung Troy avenne, irom Atlantic avenue to wimu street. -John A BetUlS5 29: Charles A . Smith 17 0,1; Samuel W Smith 4 44; John K Rotter 2 05; Win Gilsey 8 20; Wm Hmitn 4 uu; unanes vanaervoart z w: n.iuert rreemanfH oo: J nomas n,. jnannenng u w; imiii " Morrell 9 81 ; Margaret Conway 40 75; John C Hull 20- 76; Cath Price 1 75; Andrew E Simonson 41 07; K B Mills 18 06: Christian n lows no; ab noeoier im i; Matthew Commerford 10 16; John McCormick 12 90; Robert M Phonney 100; John A Lowery 60c : Oath White 20 61; Gabriel Bayer 16 68: George fcwoll li 03; Wm Brown 17 02; David Smith 17 02 1: J M Treadwell 8 40 ; Charles 8 Treadwell 3 60 ; Mary 8 Treadwell 91 56 ; Samuel H Morse 2 20; John u rtuiner ozuittooerc II. I , m. T, 1 n .!. i'l oa. Wm Tillapun lit 9'.' James 8 Wheaton 156 23: John Flasner 41 77; Eliza A McGoveru 9 03 ; Smith Merritt 29 21 : Klooer R Gasten 446 96; Wm H Smith 2 50; Jacob R Rhodes 1 00; Margaret Campbell 8 84: John Dunne 14 16; James Allen 91 : wm onuttieworxn z io; uoaru oi ouucihuu iw : J C Breevort 89 56; Daniel MoDermott 14 10; Matilda Paulson 18 1; John Oonroy 142; Wm D Mangan 1 76; Mathew Vessler 4 50; Lewis Bun-dithtl 04; Henry M Wilson 26 60; Charlotte H Brady 8 75: John Grunan 8 26; John Kano 1 60; Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum 249 88; Jas Mulvehill 7 47: Miohael snd Frffward Troy 8 60 ; Peter Oiteil t 25 ; Sarah Smeggs fcO 88; M A R Kennedy 263 85 : Francis Bath 33 24 ; Silas Title 1 26; K T Drake 84 80; Horatio it vruor hsi; Mary Hoflman 52 18: Ann Fltspatrlck 85! ; PeterOon-ner 87 29; Sarah A McOraw 829 61: Jas W GUlen J6S6: Fred Baker 130 62; Adeline de Lavelette 10 76 ; Fred mangles a; uacou maener v i;nui wiimyu ... . Dsvid Woods 1 26i Perry Wlllmore 8 76 ; Mnnroe P Canders S 60; Micbsel Farrell 1 00 jPhUip HorsWian B Ur. . 1C U InMlM K I Ml K KimmiHTM 1.1 flllTU UNI 16 8d; Patrick Hanlon 6 25: Andrew Miller J 26; Louisa Davli 71 80: Wm Doubleday 166 SO; Matilda K. Tltjs 1 nn. lul..fflii,h SI 19 ITrliih IlviMin 6 04 : JSS M lllll. IS RK. L" U. Il.nl. 1 RIM KO : riordnn L Ford 18 19; John'H Borlns362 89; Sarah A Thompson 11 20; na rost 46 oa. Opening Withsrspoon Street, from Maroy Avenue to Lewis avenue-Fraley O Nuburke 2 89; Henrietta D Chllds 26 62: G E Curry 27 96; G B Oirry 47 67 ; Ohas Kolt 68 67 ; Archibald M Bliss 47 6; A Cannovella 28 94 ; Samuel reaen 1 m:u n. vnaisn s no ; jLatwrem-n i 23 84 ; Jane Etllills 63 61! BO Bayer ua a; vnaa xtooorv aon 28 74. Opening Palmetto Street, from Bushwlek Avenue so Myrtle Avenue Cbss Goodwin lit 06: Durelhes Meokel 12 96 ; Ed Roden 87 : Mary Garrigan 6 81 ; J arrel 81 ; AbelO Wilmartb 6 81: Peter B Armory 41 85; Margt HeeneytBl; James Drlseoll 19 96: Jno Brows t 81 ; AbnunVan Nostrand 260 09; Jno B Van Buren v 11 Ulsnop II Wl; vr n lonumviu aiw; o . , Wm Lovett 6 81: Chas W WsrdeU 212 62 : Jno Oattrell m . , J, . at . 1 V I 1 . r m IT lafhitA 11 62 ; Hiiih McConner 32';Unlon Cemotnry ll 23, Jno Aucblnloss 168 26. ISAAC BADEAU, se26 lswewM Collector of Taxes aa d Assessment A SSESSOR'S NOTICE-IN THE MATTER OF AP portioning snd assessing the expense ol . i - - OPIKOtO ' " 1 -Johnson avenue, from Woodbine atreet to Oresns avenne. . . I Woodbine street, from Broadway U Johnson ave- " tChestnnt street, from Bnahwiok to KnlokerbooksT svennes. , 4 Jadrs street, from Powers to Devoe street. . Tl.- U I . lh. r'll nt Rrnnblvn. mif. nan a t.tt nMari.nl nt M ant nff lit a laltf IslatUrO of trie State of New York entitled "An sot to consolidate tbe Cities of Brooklyn and w ulisraeD-rgn ana una jowu of Bushwlek Into ana Municipal Government, and to incorporate tba same," paasad April 17, 1854, snd of ths savsrsl acts amendatory thereof snd supplementary thereto, hereby give notioe ths ths reports ot tbs assessments in the above entitled matters hais boon mads, snd that said reports sre now deposited In tbe office of ths said Board at tbs City Hall, In tbe City of Brooklyn, where the sams can be examined by all persons Interested, snd that the said Board will meat in the said offloa on theSHth day of October, 1871, st 10 o'clock a. St., to bear objections (if sny) from psrtisa interested, snd to complete sod sign our said reports. Parties having ob-teotlons to maks will please present tbesa ta writing'-" Dated Broattiyn, urrooer rtp. wi. Uctohar l tn, itri. , WILLIAM A. FURKY, Prssidsut. ooi ta . CORPORATION NOTICB. ASSESSMENTS OON finned for opening, widening and extending Flash ing svsnna, from Broadway to the Oity Una. fhaaasiiBa I In ths artirm nntltlsd matters was dolr oonflimed oa the 11th day of Sept., 1871. snd ths origin' si Assessment Roll, or fair copy tbaraot, will ba detlrar ad to the Collector of Tsxas snd Assessments 00 ths lite, dsy of Oct., 1871, Notioe Is hereby given to all parties titerasted, that by paying tbtts Mrs. at aaasawssarts ta ssss Badeaa, Collector of Taxes and AsaossuisnU. st his ofnes in ths Ctty Hall, within thirty days after tha delivery of said Assessment Roll to him. tbey ess pay tbs sams without sny additional charge. All assessments not so paid, aid be collected by him, or one of his Depoty Collectors, with additional charges thereon prorioed by Uw. Datad Brooklyn, October 11th, 1871, - a ,aOSHHl , U Hi, 1 , MtU-taw4w f 1- ",S . .. ., Btrast Cisi4totaT AHHKmlMBNTM. A 8SESHOR8 NOTIORnt THB MATTttROF AP - portioning and assesilug the etpsnss ol , RKPAvnto, i . t , ' 1 Hoyt street, from Bnltlo to Third street, t lluutington street, fxomhnUth.atrsatto Hamilton avenue. . B-livlngstone atreet, from Boerum street to Flatbush Vsnderbllt avenue, from AUantlo Bvsnus ta Pros. psotPark. ORADIHO AND FAvTrJO. l-Ohsnncey street, from Fulton to Roid avenue. . tNostraud avenue, from Myrtle to Flushing avenue. , 8 Park avenue, between Gates snd Tompkins avenues. tXAOmNf). 1 Ds Kalb svenue, botweon Grand and Ulasson avenues. ' fLAOOINO WITH BCnTKBHAW. 1-Hsll street, east aide, between Myrtls and Flushing avenues. rtl , , BHerklmer street, both sides, ostwesn uiu uiovs Road snd Ralph svenue. 8 Lafayette avenue, both sides, between Olasson avo- nua and II all street. , 4 w arren street both sides, between r ourtli ana rutn avenues. 5 Wyokoff street, south Bids, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. OAS LAltTS AND POSTS. I Baltic street, between Carlton and Vanderbilt avs " Shoncord street, bet een Bridge and Fulton atreats. 8 De Kalb svenue, batwssn Yates svenue snd Broad- 4Dock street, west Bids, ons hundred foet iiartb of Front street. ... 6 Hudson svenue, between Fulton avenne and John- -Johri atreet, north Bide, ons hundred feat east of B?ii?yrtle"svenue, between Bridge street and Portland ftVs9& HO 8 Nostrand avenue, between Gates avenue snd Mon-Pearl street, between Fulton avenue and Bands "'J-Vlymouth and Plriilge street, southeast oorner of. II Quincy street, between Tompkins and Throop ave- "i-AVillouguby avenue, betwoon Throop and Yatos "1C3ftilary street, south side, one hundred feet wost Carll street. , , , 14 Water street, south side, one hundred feet east of Geld street, OAS LAMP AMD PEDSSTAIi. 1 Northwest corner of Van Brant and King streets. Tbe Board of Assessors of tbe City of Brooklyn, pursuant to tbe provisions of an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, entitled "An Aot to consolidate the cities of Brooklyn snd Williamsburgh and the town of Buatawick Into one Municipal Government, snd to Incorporate the samo,"paascd April 17, 1864, and of the several acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, hereby give notioe that ths rep oris of the sb aessments in the sbove entitled matter have been made, snd that said reports are now depoaitod In the orhoe of said Board, nt the City Hall in the City of Brooklvn, whers 4b same of a bo axuinlnad by all narf. sons Interested ; and that the said Board will moot in the said offioe on the 28th day of October, 1871, at 10 o'clock A.M., to hear objections (if any) from parties Interested, and to complete and sign our said reports. Partiea having objections to make will please present tbem In writing. Dated Brooklyn, October 17. 1871. 017 td WILLIAM A. FURKY, Prealdenta A SSESSOR'S NOTIOE TN THE MATTER OF iY. apportioning snd assessing the expense of regulat ing, grading and paving, Ac, South Seventh street snd pnrt of South Sixth street. Public notice is horeby given that the Board of Assessors of tbe City of Brooklyn have fixed the dtatriot of the said city in their judgment benefitted by the above named Improvement, snd upon which Is to be assessed one-half of the expense thereof. The said district does not include the property situated upon the immediate line of tbe improvement, and Is bounded as follows: Commencing on the shore of the East River where tba same ia Intersected by tbe northerly linn of South Tenth street ; running thence easterly along the northerly side of South Tenth streot. in a direct line, to tho northeasterly Bide of Loo avenue; thenoe running southeastorly along tho northeasterly side of Lea avenue to the westerly side of Mlddloton street; thence northeasterly along the westerly Bide of Mlddleton street, to the northwesterly oorner of Broadway snd MoKlbben street; thence easterly, along the northerly side of McKlbbon street, to the northwesterly corner of McKibben snd Leonard streets; thenoe northerly, along tbe westerly side of Leonard street, to the southwesterly corner oi Leonard sod Scholea streets; thence westerly, along the southerly side of Scholes street, to the southwesterly corner of South Tbird street snd Union avenne; thence westerly, along the southerly side of South Third street, to the East river; thence southerly along the East river, to the northerly side of South Tenth street, the place of beginning. The said Board of Assessors will hear parties interested in relntion thereto, snd dotermine said Distriot on 11th day of November, 1871, at 10 o'clock A.M., at tboiromoe In the City Hall, In said city. Dated Brooklyn, October 6th. 1871. WM. A. FURKY, President. ootS.td I'llOPOSALS. 1 N COMMON COUNCIL STATED SE83ION-MON- 1 day, Ootober23d, 1871. PnOPORALS. The following proposala were opened and road : lor flagging sidewalks Boerum street, east side. Tenth Ward, block 8, lot 43; Broadway, north side, between Third and Fourth streets; Dogniw streot, south side. 9011 feet oast of Hoyt street : Paclfio street. north side, between Perry and Nostrand svenue ; Adams street, from Bnshwick avenue to Evergroen avenue ; Do Kalb avenue, south Side, from Yatos to Broadway; Herkimer street, from Nostrand to New York avenue; McOougal street, from Marcy to lomp-kins avenue; Throop avenue, from Gates to Quincy street; Franklin avenue, from Baltic to Butler street; Fourth avouue, wost side from Flatbush to Union street; Gates avenue, east of Reld ; Fourth avenue, east sldo, from Flatbush to Baltlo stroot. Potcrll ynan, for the sum of 26 cents por running foot; sureties, Stephen Haynes and Julian liucaa. I Kilward Conklln, for siuno work on Pacific stroot, north side, between Perry and Nostrand avenuos, 26 cents per square foot; Franklin avenue, east sldo, between Bergon and Butler streets ; 3t cents per S4u .r0 foot. Fourth avenue, west Bide, botweon Flatbush ave nue and Union street; 2514 cents por square foot. Fourth avenue, east aiae, Between naiuusn avonue ana Raltie stroet: 25?i cents per snuare foot. Herkimer street, both sides, between Nostrand and New York avenues, 26 cents per square foot; sureties, John Brady and Owen Clark. Henry Kemp, for same work on Adam street, both sidee, from Bushwlek to Kvergreen avenue, 25'i cents per square toot; Lie rvallj avenue, souin aiae, irom Vutes avenuolto Broadway, 25?i cents per square foot; McDonouRh street, north side, from Marcy to Tompkins avenues, 29 cents per square foot ; Throop avenue, east side, from Gates avonue to Quincy stroot, 27 cents per square foot: Broadway, north side, between Third and rourin streeiB, .si cents per square loui, onreuos, uao. Hanna and Wm. Nash. . H. L. Cranford for aame work wltn - -ncrimsnaw rave- mont," Paclhc street, north Bide. from Porry to Hostr;ind avenue; Adam street, ootu Biaes, irom uubiiwiok to Kvergreen avenue; De Kalb avenue, couth side, from Vntj.a jtvenne to Broadway: Herkimer streot. both sides. from Nostrand to New York avenue ; McDonough street, north side, irom Mnrcy to Tompkins svenue ; Throop avenue, east side, from Yates avenue to Quincy stroot ; Frnukllu avenue, east biuo. irom rjorguu to uuwor streot ; Fourth avenne, west side, from Matbush avenue to Union stroet; r ourt D svenue, east Blue, from riaiousu avenue to Baltic stroet, to the width of 6 feot for the sura of 18 Cents per square foot ; sureties, Chaa. 8. Buell and Wm. J. Northridge. FOK FKWCIWU liOTB. .1. fi I jimh. nn block bounded bv De Kalb. Lafayotte. Grand avenues Steuben streot: block bounded by Green Franklin, Lexington, and tleuioru avenues, lor tue sum of 40 cents per running foot. burcties, . Stephen J. Hathaway, for same work, on Twenty-first street, north side, between Fourth and Fifth ave nues; iilso on 'iwentiotn stroet, soutn siue, netween Fourth and Fifth avenues : also on varet street, nos. 28 and 30, between F.wen street and Graham avenue : also on DIOCK Dounueu oy ua p.uu, uaimeiw Grand avenue and Steuben street; also on block bounded by Greene, Franklin, Lexington and Bedford avenues : also on VyckofI street, north side, between Hoyt and Bond streets ; also on Atlantlo street, south side, between Smith snd Hoyt streets; also on Washington svenue, west side, between Fulton snd Atlsntlo avenues; also on North Sixth street, south side, between First street and Fast River: also on Broadway, west side, between Rntledge and Hewea streets; also on block bounded by Rutledge street, Marcy avenue, Hay-ward atreet and Lee avenue; also on Rutledge street, north side, between Lee and Marcy avennos ; also on the northwest corner of Willoughby snd Vanderbilt avenues; also on block bonndodby Smith, Hoyt, President snd Carroll streets ; also on James street, east side, between York snd Front streets; also on Sycamore street, south side, between Canton and Raymond streets ; also on Canton street, west side, tietween Division and Til-Inry streets; slso on North Second street, north side, between Lorimer street snd Union avenue; also on Union svenue, between Devoo and North Second streets; also on Skillmsn street, south side, between Leonard and Union streets ; also on the southwest oorner ot Moore and Humboldt streets : also on MoKlbben street, south side, between Hnmboldt and Morrell streets, for the sum of 04 oents per running foot.except-ing block bounded by Smith, Hoyt President and Gar roll streets for tho-sum of 88 cents per foot; sureties, John Schmidt and Philip Schmidt. , , t Robert H. Falls, for same work, on block bounded by xiuuefie Biree, mmrvj a-uu, - avemifl ; also on Rntlege street, north side, between Lee and Marcy avennea: also land on the north wost oorner or Willoughby and Vanderbilt avenues; also on block bounded by Smith, Hoyt, President, snd Carroll streets st 82 oents per running foot; on block bounded by De Kalb. Lafayette, snd Grand avenues sndStenhen streot; slso on blook bounded by Greene, Franklin, lavindM and Rnrlfnrd avenues : also on Wyckoff street. north side, between Hoyt snd Bond streets; slso on Atlsntlo street, sontb side, betwoon Smith snd Hoyt streets ; also on Washington avenue, west side, between Fulton and Atlantic avenues, at 85 cents par running foot; slso on James 'street, east aide, between York and Front streets; also on Syoamors street, south side, between Canton and Raymond atraafa. also ' OB Canton StTBOt. WOlt side. between Division and Tlllary streets; also on North Second street, north side, between liOnHIW l rmi ami iiiuiii huiiu,,., uu,.u between Devoe and North Second streets; also on Skill- man street, south side, between x.eonara ana union atmata alaft nt, tha annthwaatnornarof MnOrS and Hum' boldt streets; also on McKibben street, sontb side, between Hnmboldt snd Morrell streets; also on Twenty-first street, north side, between Fourth snd Fifth svennes: slso on Twentieth street, south side, between Fourth and rirtn avenues; also on vsras street, ma, aa an1 an Knlanon MwAf, arAAe and Graham Bvanna Miu.li Rwth rimt niioi mill a. hatwaan First atreet and Eaat River ; also on Broadway, west side, between Rut ledge snd Hewas streets, st tti oents per running ioos; amllai A . II. ann an I Thnmu O. Melahan.' Ordered published in tbe corporation newsptpersln accordance with law, and referred to tba appropriate Committees Attest . oatMlM' WM. O.. BISHOP, OltrOlarfc. a-wmria III -Jtrie SITnWtrT OOMMTASIONEB. U No. 6 Clt Hail. -Proposals tor Grading aad Pa- Brill h tVMtvM. h th OfTBTT.O C II Taa U.awU nrflnak ntitll MfsnftlvT. N(rVmtlbr nth, lrtl, at I o'clock T, for ursaing sna fanng VISUIJ VII. Bll tUSl -"BV" w-aa-r-a-i - . w a - nosciuaao Biaoa. xrom &eu - - minus, with tha best bank paHngstona, lrylng ail tb-Deeaasary crosswalks, agreaablala ; ths , proflla of said plaee, snd strictly In accordance with ths speolttoatlniu on flle In tba offica of the Street Commissioner. Proposals to stata tbs prioe nor running foot tbroagn tne canter 01 saia mtrw i'" " , . . . nmaJanl witli aontrsotors SB snratlaa. Blanks for Estimating furnished at the office l trie treat Commissioner, snd none other will ba considered, proposals will sot be considered unless Aoeotnpsnled with a consent h srriUng of two-nretles of MIOOO aaoh. on each proposal, f who snail qtuuiiy as so caeir "-pmiinin, iU if OiaaAnistiM be awarded S tbe DartyDmnoB lT.' 1 1, JI Knnnmna hnfind at Ml BlimLV ffa itM fait It fill performance; and Incase ba ahajl aegleot or refuse to sxacuta tbs eon tract, II so awarded, then that they will Spay to tits Otty of Brooklyn tha difference between the Act, so proposed and tbs pries of ths next highest bid-er, to whom tha contract msy ba swarded. Proposals to be endorsed " To ths Common Council. " (specifying work.; ny oraaros ins iwmmon uounou. Droosiya, octt-lM ROBERT FURRY, Stre ' Oosamlsaloa TW PTrRHTTANCR OF AN ORDER Of WTLLIAM D, I VKKpbll. EW., Snrrogste 9f the County of Kings, notice is Hereby svan.sooordtng to law, to all having claims against FRANCIS H, W. JOKHTIRU, Isto of Ue City of Brooklyn, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with tbe vouchers tbereof, to tea subscriber, the sdmlnlstratrlz, at bar residence, eoraar of A mallei !., on or t Msytrth. I f AlnsHaand Ninth straet. In tba City of Brookly-. f J., on or before tbs 1st aar 01 u r of DeoeatWr next, Oatad. Msytrth, la UAJUA&UI1 W, JOBHTIW",.'!"- BloUratfix. J 'trsTs' e. tflltvOUIiliANEOIIM CURED by Dr. Sherman's Passat Appliance andKagb sure Curative, wltbsat ths tnlory experienced from tit oss of trusses. Pamphlets UlsstraUng bad sssas st Baptare, before and after aura, witk sthsr lnfarmassss oi Interest ta ths Ruptured, mailed en reoslpt of sea os. Address Dr. 3. sV. liikMAN, tVI SresdwsSs nw iQrKe 'ssthsKlt 0HI0KERING & SONS' PIANO-FORTES The Best Pianos at the Lowest Prices I And upon tbe Most Favorable Terms of Fny" ment. . W Invito the attention of Persons Intandln an ihh. chase Pianos to our New Illustrated Catalogue, giving lull description ot Btyies ana 1'rloes, ana us terms oa which we sell to those desiring to make EASY MONTHLY PAYMENTS! BEND FOB A CATALOGUE, CHIGKERINO & SONS, lo.l 1 Eamt 1-4 tli Street, NEW YOUK. oc7 lm GREAT BARGAINS IN 0AKPET8 ANDFUENTURE; TREMENDOUS REDUCTION IN PRICES ! ! ! The newest and choicest stylos In VELVETS,' BODY BRUSSKLS, TAPKSTRY BRUSSELS, POW. KFI.OOM-THHKK.PLY, and all wool INGRAIN CARPFTS, are offered at prices that defy competition I also. OIL CLOTHS, WINDOW SHADES, RUGS. MATS, MATTING, CURTAINS, oto., at Qualig low prices. At the JTirnitiire Department will be found over fffiOO.OOO worth of FURNITURH BKD-ROOM BUITS, at TKN PER CENT, below city prices. All goods warranted as represented. Call ana examlns before purchasing. r . ic hTi, L. Y , (SUCCESSOR TO H. O 'FARRELL, NO. 267, 69, and 171 W1C8T THIRTY-FIFTH ST." snd NO. 512. 614. and 516 EIGHTH yy- N. B. HOTELS, STEAMBOATS and BUILDINGS fitted up at shortest notice. PUBLM se27-tf LBAT TOBACCO. JULIAN ALLEN, Ha HS WATER ITRKBT. HBWJ TB AlXXIsrMOf SIKD, LSAV AND HAVANA TOBAOtMU AT LOWEST nUOlM Basis The Highest Cash Prices too 0 OLD NEWSPAPERS OT EVERY DESCRTFTIOxl OLD PAMPHLETS of every kind; OLD BLANK-BOOKS AND LETKIEES that arai written full: and all kinds of WASTE PAPER from BankarJt Xnsuranoa Companies, Brokers, Patent-Mad!-. . cine Depots, Printing-Office, ltcflkbiad.-. eri,. I, Publlo and Private Libraries. io tela. Steamboat. Kailroaa Companies, ana Jzpresa Offices, ore. 10W C. BTOOKWELIa. .5AHBBtrBBt,iyfyt CORPORATION NOTICEM. NOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLIOA. tion of the Common Cotinoil of the city of Brooklyn, in relution to opening 8chenck street, from Flush-inv avenue to Lafayette avonue, in the city ot Brooklyn To all whom it may ooncern : We, tbe undersigned. Commissioners of Estimate) on the ahove matter, ao noreoy give notice; that we bavo. completed our report tn the abova matter, and that ttie said report and map are filed in tba office of the Clerk of the County of Kings, for examination by all persons interested, and that wo will meet at tbe orhce of the Counsel to tho corporation of the City of Brooklyn, at tha City Hall, on Friday, the Kith day of November, 1871, at J o'clock in the afternoon, to, review our said roport. Hated urooKiyn, uet. z?in, ini. CHARLES J. MINOR, Commissioners. MORGAN GRAY. 1 ooi8td NOTICE IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLIOA. tion of the Common Council of .the City of Brooklyn, In relation' to opening Kosciusko Place, as the same is laid down by Chap. 676 of the laws of lfll, in the Cits of Brooklyn. To all whom It may concern : We. the undersigned. Commissioners of Estimate oa the above matter, do hereby give notice that we have completed our report In the above matter, and that tha Bala report anu map are uieu iu uie uiuiie ui iiuciviur ue. the Count of Kings for examination by all persons interested, snd that we will meet at the offlco of tho Counsel to the Corporation of the City of Brooklyn, at the CIS Hull, on Wednesday, the 8th day of November, 1871, at I o'clock In the afternoon, to review our said report. Dated Brooklyn. October 34. 1871. IIASMAH 11. tlf.tl.L.l'.ll, i WARREN LAZF.LL. Commissioner. EDWARD A. PRATT. ) oo4 ltlt NOTICE IN THE MATTER OF OPKN1NU Steuben street, from i lushing avenue to De Kalb avenue. 'l oall whom It may conoern : Wa ihn nniinraiirned Commissioners of estimate In the above matter, do hereby givo notice that we have com pleted our report in tne aoove mutter, anu uim uio on report and map are tiled in tho office of the Clerk of tha County of Kings for examination by all persons Interested, and that we will meet at the office ot the Counsel to the Corporation of tho City of Brooklyn, at tho City Hall, on Thursday, the 2nd day of November, st twe o'clock in the aitcruoon, to review our said report. Dated Brooklyn, uctoner zu, wvi. JAMF.H McCAULEY, Commissioners 1 KENWARD PHILP. ) octal 1C OFFICE OK THB STREET COMMISSIONER. No. 6 City Hall. Proposals for grading and paving. RaalaH nrmvanla orifl ha roi-of vnri tiv the OommOB! Council, at tbe Mayor's Offioe, until Monday, November 6th, 1871. at 8 o'clock, P. M., for grading snd paving Macon stroet, Between 1 nroop snu xvem - iiiml with t.hn bent hank navinir atone, setting curb snol gutter stones, laying all necessary crosswalks, agreeable to the profile of said stroet, and strictly In aooord. anca wltn tne specmcationaon nie in uio uimw w. titreet Commissioner. Proposals to state the prloe per running foot through the oentre of said street for tha whole work complete. rf No estimate consmerea witn oontraoiore " Blsnks for estimating famished at the offloa of the Street Commissioner, snd none other will beooasid- erproposala will not ba oonsidered unless accompanied1 with a consent tn writing of two sureties of ai.laW eaoh, on each proposal, (who shsll qualify as to their r sponsiblMty, ) that If the contract be awarded to the rr.-i.w. ihnB H1I havwit bnnnd aa his Buret its surety for Its faithful performance 1 and. In case be shall neglect or refuse to execute the contract, If so awarded, then tbey will pay to the City of Brooklyn ths difference between the price so proposed snd tha price of tha next highest bidder, to whom the contract may ba awarded. Proposals to be endorsed "To ths Common Council,' (specifying work.") By order of tha Common Council, Brooklyn, October 24, 1S71. B3t2r-10t ROBERT FUREY, Street; Commlsslonei'. OFFICE OF THE STREET OOMM1S8IONKR . City Hull Proposals for books for ths Board o Assessors. . Healed proposals will be received by tha Oommoa Council, at the Mayor's Orhce, until Monday, November 6th, 1871, st 8 o'clock p.m., for nine (9) books of records of local assessments for Board of Assessors' offle as per ninplt seen in oftJco of Colleotor of Tsxas and. Assesa- mBlsnks for estimating furnished at the offloa of tha fitreot Commissioner, and none other will be 00a- WI?ropoeaB will not be oonslderad unless scoorapsxtto with i consent tn writing of two suroties of Mx) asoh. cm asab proposal (who shall Qualify ss to their responsibility), that tf the contract be awarded to the party pro-po-tng. they wiU become bound sshls surety for IU laltoiulparormaneoi snd in oass be shall neglect or refuse to execute tbe contract, if so awanled. then that they will pay to the City of Brodkln ths dlffersnce between tba price ao proposed and the price of the next highest bidder, to whom the oontraot may be awarded. Proposals to be endorsed "To tba Common Council" i specifying work. ) By order of the Common Oounoil Irooklyn, October S4th. 1871j, . ... , , ocX lot ROBERT FUREY, Street Commissioner. OFFIOE OF THE BTREETC0MMISSI0NEB,3,O 6 Ctty Hall. Proposals for Flooring Union stree Bridge. sealed proposals will be received by the Oommoa Council, st ths Mayor's offioe, until Monday, November eth, 1H71, stl o'clock, P.M., for flooring Union straet bridge, tn accordance with the speoinoalions on file in ths offioe of tbs Streot Commissioner. ... Blanks for Estimating fumlahod at tba Office of tbe Street Commissioner, and none other will ba considered . . Proposals will aot be considered unless aooornpanlsJ with a consent In writing of two snreUes of eaoo. nn n-h n-nnn.l I nnn .Mali HII.Hhr U SO their reSPOnsI bUlty.) that b the oontraot be awarded to tha party vroA ....I..- .V. 11 I Imnri aa Inn. Oretr fOT IU fnith ful pertoVnance ; and In esse bs s hall -'f ' 3,u! eiecute the contract. It so swarded, then tbey will pay ta. the City of Brooklyn, tha dlftorenoe rwwae sne pnoa mm proposed sod ths price of the rt h.19 & whom ths contracts aiM be asrarded. endorsed "To ttie oomrnon V rS iiToo. By ordey of the Common Council. -Dated Brookly t"lImhilObKRT FUREY. Street Oommissionar, -o-,n-illlADllia AND PAY ( taw GrVnd str tnrtween Bushwlek .v.no. .ndf lfir!llli?.VMr A petition has bean presented t Kn.lctlV fl.-d tba' district. tHvyonJ -kk Vh lasnnsmrr' for said Improvement snsii not ex tend to wltTehMdrad feet In donth on either side ol tencl.ro ' "v Ho.hwick and Matmnolitar rSnVVBamos.atMoea (If sny) against ths said openl fatnal be praeonted to tba Oommoa OoanoU on or b.) ore tba 4tb dsy el fovamoar, isn, as soar win nn-.ua act upon the same at their next snsntng masting, or al soon thereafter as 1 s-nina,-at-a iirooaiyn, bar 11. 1 " . 1. rvo. f an.i i?i,n;i vvmntwi"

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