The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1945
Page 6
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... .. Published Ev«ry Friday""In' thai Interait of Farm Families of This | I . • • Agricultural Sectibc; -"••' j V'KIIM.Y. MARCH 1(5, 1945 NEWS-FEA7 URES Knter th« Plant-to-Prosper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. Victory Garden Plays Big Role .Successful Program ;ln 1945 Would Help Assure Food Supply By EARL J. ALLEN ; Extension Horllcullurlst University of Arkansas College of Agriculture The big question in food production this >eai Is Hits What are the Victory Gardencis going to produce? It can reasonnbly tie expected that commercial groweis who produce vegetables for. the fresh market and foi processing will again this year grqw' the maximum pcimlttcd by weather conditions awl the, supply of farm libor Houe\ci. there is no assurance that vegetable producers sull be faiorcd by good growing seasons such as most of ihe nnllon experienced the last 3 yenrs. A poor .growing year could result in serious,food -shortages. Victory Gardeners may feel that there lias been unnecossaiy manipulation of *hc rationing of canned vegetables, parUcuJiuly since certain foods \\erc removed from the list of rationed items nttci the start of.thq giuden scibon lost spring, and were'placed back, on the list well ahead of .this.year's season; Tlie best ansuei to this Is that Victory Gardeners themselves were responsible for the icmoval of canned vegetables fiom the rationed list in 1944 because of the large quantities of food produced in home gardens during 1943 Naturally, this resulted m nn adequate overall sup- ply for Uia beginning, of 1944, • There are no illusions about n quick ending ot the war, particularly Iti Hie Pacific theater, so there should be a full realisation that food is ns essential Oils year to final victory us it has been in any of the war years. It might be well to remember that the overall acreage of commercial vegetable crops has shown a gradual decrease since 1942, because ol" a constant decrease in Ihe supply of farm laljor. However, good weather and greater, uses .of fertilizer have nia|nlalned v 'Jpt:ir: yields near the high level ,oC, 1942. But In 19)5 the farm labor supply will Ix much less than In, previous years, and prospects for maintaining (lie lilBh level of the production of vegetable crops riro not so bright. Not only is there a shortage of farm labor, bill the supply of laljor for processing plants in commercial canning areas Is also serious. Due to.the.lack of labor. It is quite possible that a considerable proportion of the food produced for commercial canning plants In. 19.15 may not he processed. Therefore, It is possible that tho determining factor of the nation's food supply may be (he amount of food produced In Victory Gardens this year. If every rural and urban family that Is in a position to do so would grow a Victory Garden this year, it could safely bo assumed that a reasonable supply of vegetables would be available. On the other hand, If the victory Garden program Is not as successful as It w« Ihe past two years, it Is fudto possible thai the nation's food supply may be seriously short of total requirements. One 50-mile stretch of highway in Virginia is said to bring in $50 000,000 worth of tourist trade In a year normally. RIGHT OVER WAYFARER AND MANY OTHER SURFACES Less Chopping On Cagle Farm Farmer Devises Way To Cross Cultivate Light, Heavy SoiJs C. E. Cnele, ICO ncre farmer near I/iaehvllle, was short of labor In 1944 and had to make all of his blows counl. • He was very much worried about getting his cotton chopped since both he ami nil of Ills neighbors were unusually shorl of labor. After spending several sleepless nights over this problem he thought ho had something planned, (hat, would be of considerable help to him, so he ami his boys begun to try out the thing Oml had been running through his mind. Since 'the soil on 'Mr. Cagle'h place va'ries from deep sand to very heavy fott similar lo gumbo, It was Impossible-'to pltny the small cotton and cover up tho vegetation as It should'be done, since the lender.'! on n tractor cultivator' hnvc to be -set at a height for' Ihe land. Naturally, this adjustment did not permit him to roll dirt around (he cotton In the lighter soil as It should be done, so, he put a sent over the left wheel of his tractor .so that he might have a place' for his eight year old boy to ride. ila pul a rope on the fenders on tne left side of his 'tractor mid this eight year old boy continually raised or lowered the renders nccord- fng to the lype or soil they were In and In this manner they were able to throw ft'maximum amount or dirt lo.lhc cotton In-nil types of soil.' on the right-side of the'trac- tor_lbe driver hud a rope tied to the fenders mid ' brought up and tied to his right, knee. As he would got In lighter soil ho would raise "Is knee by toe action, thereby raising Ihe fenders and pemillllii" more dirt to be thrown (o (he cotton.. In this manner of cross cultivation the driver may give continual aiienllon to the row on the right while the eight year old boy adjusts the fenders for the left row. He did n better job of 'cultivation this way and said that he was sure he reduced his cotton chopping SO per cent. He plans on fol- owing this Lype of cross cultivation in the future, even though the time miglit come when choppinp help is more plentiful. ' lt«U- 4. MIXES WITH WATH td (*iU • MIRACLE WALL FINISH •----->—•• Timr- -»• mlAE) rtlln WAUK 9*"/. P*lltt*d walji and (til' c |f,»ollboard, ba».T»rt » 0 |]j *• NO "MINU" ODOC 2. kfnxi UXE juste 6. WASH;! HSUT 3. MlK IN OK! HOU« — Kern-Tone ROUIR-KOATIR 7. lovEusir coio« " n • Kern-Tone TRIMS FUSTIC PATCH ' | **'»* «-m «"II B«Hrs craij 'S^a. PAINT KITCHEN and BATHROOM WALIS With SHERWIN-WlLLlAMS SEMI-LUSTRE Scmi-j-lossfmish forkitch- enandbaihroomwallsand V AR oil interior woodwork. «J«>JJ Durable - washable, C!al. Be Sure Seed For Garden Is Of 'Top Quality To have a good garden one must pmnt good seed. Buy the best niinl- Ity seed yon can got—clean, nllve free from cUscnse-Iiom n rcHnblo Most vegetable seeds which Imvc boon stored In a dry place will be good for U-o ye.irs, except pnrsiilps and salsify, ami possibly carrots parsley, peppers, onions, leek and New Zealand splnnch. f P n" i»° 1>l ' mt vc G° t! ^]es your family likes so none will be wasted. Produce ns many of the foods needed for good health ns possible Follow tlie Basic 7 food groups to determine daily nutritional needs- Groui) 1 Includes ureen mid yellow vegetables, rich In minerals and vitamins,, especially Vitamin A Which prevents night blindness Tomatoes nml salad greens, with citrus fruits, make up Group It valuable In Vitamin C. Group in includes all other vcge- — ~J "• *"'imnjt;3, ^HI'US or salad green ami three other vegn nhics serving, including one of potatoes, one of a yellow, leafy or Green vegetable, and one of any other vegetable. Finn to plant enough of the essential vegetables to can for winter use. When you take )our John. De"ere ; Tractor out in the field 4ft«r < o,ur factory-uained experts ha\e given it a "going-over," you'll say it performs good as new. Our shop, men arc experts. They know exactly what your tractor should do , . . V »nd how to make it deliver a full measure of service. Don't wait for 2 breakdown. A check up now and a fe w simple adjustments may save you ihe expense and delay of mote serious complications later on. , When you bring your tractor in. bring in yovr scrap ,. . Kcfft both in the fight. Missco Implement Co. OSCEOL* S * SAVE SCRAP .,-1 V Farm Woman's Column Although approximately 30 per cent, of the tolnl inent supply for civilians Is r.ow rnlloned, some of llle less well-known and less appreciated ciiti are still unratloncd according to Miss Cora Lee Cole-' man. county home demonstration agent. These cuts have excellent flavor when properly cooked and nrc ns high in milrlllvi> value ns the most expensive rib roast or loin steak said Miss Coleman. Soil bi-cad-crumb .slutting can he ?cd In Die preparation of many of Iliese ciils. "The secret of good bread stuffing is Ihe flavoring," flic said. "Add melted fat. minceil onion, sail and pepper, sage, poultry seasoning, thyme, and nmrjornm 16 llic bread crumbs. For a vegetable slurring: chopped onion, celery, green pepper, united carrot, sage, and poultry .seavoniiiy can be used." ' : . Beef heart may be prepared by slltlfiig and removing the blood vessels, explained (he agent. Then, .fill will] soft, bi-ejKl-crumb sliiffin? •sc\v, and brown the heart. Place' hi a baking dish, add a small amount of water, cover, and cook iinlil lender In a moderate oven at 3CO degrees Fahrenheit about four hours. S'.vretbi-eads may be covered In .'filled water, simmered for aboui 20 minutes, and allowed to cook In UK; liquor. The skin and tough membrane can then IJQ removed. I)i|) the pieces Into beaten egg, roll In flou)' or bread crumbs, and brown, said Miss Coleman. Cream- Int; Is Another way to prepare this imralioned meal. Tongue may be covered with wa- li-r nod simmered until tender. A<Jd nlim. pnrsley, bay leal, tapper- orns, whole doves, and salt at the tMjiiiniiiB got cooking. Slice the miSlie ami serve -with hot mu-.tard siiuce, bake tho tongue slices witli tomato sauce and spices, or chop Die tongue and serve In n gelatin mold. F. S.A. News The n. I,. Mosley family, who live on Route 1, iilythcville, are prac- ticing a l!vc-at-hoine program. Mrs. Moslcy [jut up lil-l quarts of fruit, vegetables, and meat during 1314 Consequently they have a variety of food for their family with a minimum of orffwnsc. This family has a cow which provides an adequate supply of milk, and they killed a sufficient number of hogs to provide their meat and lard. Their CO hens provide enough eggs for the family's use. Because of this live- Rt-home program, the Mosleys have more and better food without worrying about ration points. Mrs. Arthur Wadkfns, Houtc '.. Blytheville, realizes substantial benefits from a supplemental Income from chickens. An oil stove Is one of her most recent purchases with income from this source. The Wadkins have been preparing the gruuiu for their garden, knowing that it MONEY CAN'T BUY nspirin fiistw-ucting, utoro dopcmlaUo or bettor. Demand St. Joseph Aspiri'j world's touesl j*-lbr at lite.. Why tnv liioroi Ilig KM lablc-l size- for only iio DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE TYPE WRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET (Ewry Transaction Mast Be Satisfactory) rHONE 3382 For Vigor and Post Growth • START RIGHT With 1 GOOD 1 GOOD 3 GOOD Stutifatiw KILL Get QUALITY CHICKS For chicks with stamina to live and grow, depend on our /'"^ Quality Chix, hatched froml SV select, high-producing flocks B E T T E R O R D E R ' GERMS IN DRINKING FOUNTAINS One Chek-R-Tob to quail of chick drinking waier prevents spread of dangerous disease germs. Also acts as bowel astringent and fungicide. Economical; Rely on Purina CHEK-R-TABS START RIGHT DON'T LET GERMS •Kill'9wr Chicks Gef chicks o|f to a (lying start wilh America's favorite chick starter. Noted (or fast growth high hvabUity. Fresh stack lust in. Reserve yours today. 1 Bag Raises 50 Chicks Mi SPRAY PREMISES wilh CHEK-R-FECT Kill pulloium, lyphoid, and olhcr deadly g'crms with new, economical soap-type dis- infcclanl. One ounce makes gal. o| spray. a Special feed For SOW and PIGS! V Built to supplement grain for"! big litters, heavy pigs. Stimulates ( milk (low—^gives pigs early start. Try Purina SOW & PIG CHOVT Purina Feeds — Keystone Seeds !/2 Block South of Frisco Depot Phone 493 This year we are making a complete new assessment and will try to follow the law in every way, which makes it necessary for each and every property owner and qualified elector to be assessed and the assessment blank be properly signed with his or her signature. With the gas and fire situation as it is you will greatly facilitate matters if you will come into my office and make or give us your assessment as soon as possible thereby enabling you to get your prob- erty assessed fair and equitably. We do not intend to continue copying the same assessment from year to year but rather make the proper assessment each year as the law requires. THIS IS THE YEAR FOR ASSESSING CITY AND PERSONAL PROPERTY — ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT! DOYLE HENDERSON MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ASSESSOR pays lo get nn early'start. Mrs. Leon Pruitt, Mrs. Arthur Wadkins, Mis. Clyde Biattoii, and Mrs. Alva Bratton have decided to holdunit meetings once a month, The first meeting will he held this Thursday at the home of Mrs. Wadkins, • Read Courier News Want Ads. ROOFS AREN'T RATIONED! Get on the Dry Side— Certain-teed Never was it more important to keep your farm buildings in good repair— 10 protect .your property, and ihe health of your livestock! Only a dry barn is a sound barn and a profitable investment. So get on the r/ry side with Certain-teed Asphalt Shingles. They are fire-resistant, wealher-proof and economical. They can be applied quickly and easily right over the oltl roof, saving time, money and bother. rREE Handbook! Handbook ot Avaitollo Bi'iUi'nu MoJwJsfi. Iho iaun piobttmll E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service Published By The Delta Implement Co., Ulytheville Vol. 3 Friday, Mar. 15 The American Red Cross War Fund Drive is ;i call to the heart of every citizen. Funds are desperately needed to iiiil the orgaim;i- tion in its appointed task of helping our sick and wounded and lonely fighting men. The Rod Cross' must be kepf at (heir .side wherever they are ... In spile of Ihe unrency of Ihe appeal for funds, (he drive is lagging in the Chickasawha Dislrid. This is a challenge (o every one of us to "ive :ill we tan, and (JIVE NOW! DI This week we're putting Solution tOO into tractor tires for L. 0. Long, farming .South ', of .Jjlytheyille, and-HcrpoVLiftfiilljeiis, of Var- : - 1 l)ror r riiiij"so1'utioii will 'fei\*e''yrtrt better per-' formnnce from your tractors', and will make liro.s last longer. Let us give you quotations on its cost. -DI- Wc'vc just received {another .shipment of vice-grip pliers. DI Sieve Cockerham, of Etowah, has I his used equipment for sale: ,111 F-20 tractor with breaking plow, a John Dcerc tractor with all equipment, and a 3-row middle busier for a Parmal! M. DI In our shops this week: A Fnrmall for overhaul and repair for J. I,. Swiharl, of Lcach- viHe; a Farmall H for steam cleaning and painting, for Willie 1). Howard, of Dell; a Farmall 15 for overhaul for Jack Xools, of Slcele; and disc harrows for repair and overhaul for Gracly Morgan, of Klowah, anil II. li. Sncarcn, farming South of Wylhcviile. DI Dixie Cotton Choppers niadrj many friends in this .vicinity during the past few years. On U ,.wjl^more than pay for itself during a single; season. We're making up our order for 1945 next week—let us know if you want one. -DI- Wc made delivery on DcKalb Hybrid Seed Corn to A. A. Guntcr, farming South of Hlytheville, and Roy Hanley and Grovcr Whittle, of Yarbro, this week. Phone us your order if you plan lo plant DcKalb Ihis year. TANK V TOUt ALBUM • OM'T •*«• If ItVCK HALFWAY « fe» f Inrf 10MYI ' 1 :'v

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