The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 6, 1936
Page 3
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JUESDAY, OCTOBER c, 1930 HIM BOILI, — t Alice G. Lee Admits E-n- bezz'emcnt of Mississippi County (Mo.) Funds UENTON. Mo.—Miss Alice G. bee,' former county treasurer of Mlssls- slpl county, pleaded guilty Monday of embezzlement of $15,050,24 of county funds.- Circuit Judge Frank Kelly 'deierrcd sentence until next Monday. . ' , Miss f,»e. In company with her sbter-lu-law, Mrs. Doss Lee, and three attorneys, surprised r.osecut- ing Attorney James Haw, who w.j prepared to prosecute her on three indictments retjrr/;d In May. immediately after ontsiin» her plea, Miss L?e left the courthouse by a side door, got into an automobile and was driven out'of town. The three charges to which Miss Lee.pleaded guilty w crc for embezzlement of $4790.42 on Feb. 4, 193C- 55B85.3G on Oct. 10. 1934, and $50*0.42 on Dec. 27, 1932. There are n additional indictments against her. but Prosecutor Haw said 10 of them were duplications and the eleventh would b" nolle pressed. Huw did not recommend any sentence, but after court had recessed he said the inlnhnutn sentence- for the crime was six years in prison A representative of the state au- <iitor reported last March that there was a shortage of S57.MO Miss Lee resigned at that time She had been county treasurer since 1920. She shared a one-story frame house with a brother, his wife and a sister, she dressed plainly and lived simply, she U said to have financed the education o f s"veral numbers of her family, she is 38 years old. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE .THRE$ Fun On Horseback In Circus Jtc I'i.i::;h]i, i! n laim^il ns llic word's fumil.'st iiil'i>» ciiivdlaii. ami his I'jrothsr, Tcdd;( :i:.!ls|oil lij- X'isws Vir- I'lu'ema-:, Jtosr lMl n . llll( | N L <|||« Stlmulcr, ulll provide' one of tlic tup-line ullruc- llcius wllll llic MIs-KtiTlJiiK Circus, nunlug lu lllr.lirvlllr, Siilurdny. The Hcdijini Brothers Family, proclaimed by clmis-lovers as the °r:ntEst of nil Hnroiiian riding 1m- pollutions, Is feaU:rt':l this season with Ihe £.'!!s- : ;.:'rlln<j . 4,'iruu-i, \\'l:ieh exhibits in rilytheville on Saturday, Oct. 10. Heading this famous trains of riders is Jo?, hhn:elt. s:»l:l to be lha limulcsl man tliai ever rode on. over, or under :i li'orss. Then Is no STORIES IN' Manila Society — Personal Mrs. H. w. . Cowan entertained tlic Woman's Missionary society of the First Methodist church at her home Friday afternoon. Mrs. C. II. Ashabranner had charge of the mission program on the People's Central Institute in Brazil Others on the program for talks were Mrs. James -Ncedham, Mrs. L.-E. Mobley, and Mrs. John Harrison. Mrs. Albert Scott had charge of the devotional period During the social hour Mrs. Kendall Berry of Blyllievillc assisted Ihe hostess in serving refreshments. '~i " 1 * * ".Mf. and Mrs. \y. L. David were called to Keriton, Tcnn, because of-'5crfons' i lllffess 'of Mrs. Edward Todd, who is Mrs. David's niece. James Adams of Memphis arrived last Wednesday for an extended visit with Mr. and Mis. John Parker.' 1 • Dr. G. S. Adkinson of Hardy, A,-k., has moved to Manila to practice medicine. Mr. and Mrs. William Barowsky nnd children have returned from Tulsa, Okla., where they visited Mrs. Barowsky's parents. Among those who attended the District Coaching Day in Blythe-, villc Thursday were Mrs. H. w. Cowan, Mrs. Fred Necdham, Mrs. John Harrison, Mrs. Bud Ashabranner, Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Gland Grain. Piinctss Yolandii, eldest daughter of the kln^ nnd queen ot Italy, is setn here in her newest pho'.o, ready for a turn nt her favorite sport, horseback riding. Yclanda was married In 1!W3 lo Count Calvi Dl Bcrgolo, an Italian aimy cllic".:', after she had b'.'cn reported 'engaged to Eihvard, then Prince of Wales. Services Here For Carnival Employe Louis O'Neil, G8, of Hanisbing, 111, member of a carnival troupe which showed nt the Mississippi county fair here Insl, week, died Saturday night at the BlytheVille hospital. His death' was attributed to pneumonia. Funeral scdvices will be lield this afternoon and interment will be made at Ehnwood cemetery here. The Cobb Funeral Home is in charge of funeral arrangements. liy I. S. Klein .,.. ^wwgiwgws.,/., V/ORLD'5 1 FlRJT COMMEMORATIVE StAMP -• " nUk Usai joe does not iwiTorm 'ipuii a liorsf's back urnl alter you •MV l:ls work, yon will huve a clif- li'rciil Icbii of Jnsl how good n vld- ing clown can be when ho coin- Wnes clevurm'ss with comedy. Joe liixlglnl Is snlil tu be a co:n- lilnailcn ot all Hint was nival mid I'.owl In famous equestrians of the l : un, None of them ]»os.sess<Ml llic nire nrlLstlc comedy mixed with Naturalist Aroused By Turtle's Dumbness DANIKLSON, Conn. (UP)—Robert G, smllli, Knst Kllllnnly nntiir- nlLM, considers the turtle one of the dumbest of inniiiie life. Kinlth designed mi escape-proof trap, cylindrical In shniw and coni- l.astd prlncl])nlly of u One twine woven into a net. "Tlio iiu-lle," he salil, "could ens- ll.v net out by biting through the twine, but liusn't enough brains to tlTlnk nbout thai." He considered twilcs the worst destroyers of full, ducks and other mmatli: wild life. "They consume otic-third of their WL'lulil In beneflelul wild life, 'daily (luring MIC summer months," he snld. CARTHAGE, Mo. (UP) — Two hounds owned by: Irvin Adams, local farmer, recently chn«d a wolf down.the railroad tracks as a train approached The wolf leaped from Hie. trucks.' The hounds did not niid were killed. , „ TRUSS EXPERT ; HERE, OCT.,8 Mr. A. Klein, factory expert of the Ohio .Truss Co., will be at our store Thursday, Oct. 8, with a full line of non-skid Spot-Pad Trusses and Supports, > ROBINSON DRUG CO. Corner Main & Railroad erolesque buffoonery nnd extraordinary lent* o[ horsemanship llwl Joe Hotlulnl may bo.isL lodny, I 'Hie IliKltjIni Irouiio Is said lo 1)3 • Ihe bi'.sl riding family In tne entire j circus mid tlmitrlciil world, wlieth- i <r it be lh» singe;'the screen, or i Hit'.circus. And you have n dlf- | fm'nt Idea of otnuistrlnnlsm altar you witness these clever rites. Benefit Supper There Is to be a supper at the Tomato Itfethodlst church Friday, for the benefit of the church. An invitation is being issued to the public for the affair, which \vill begin at 7:45 o'clock. Copies of the ^Constitution and the Declaration of Independence-, iimong other articles, were placed !n the cornerstone of the Washington monument. ' , J hundred jciis, and the Unilcd Slates had pissed the test of a bitter: civil war. The population was growing fast, new' slates '••/ton b'eing added, railroads were spreading farms and homes beyond (ho Mississippi. The year 187G was the occasion to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence. On May 10.-that year, the great Centennial exposition was opened in Philadelphia. President Grant cntercd^Jhc grounds with a mili- , la^-j; escort of 4000. People were ^present "from all parts of the world. ' .' ! That same year, commemorating the signing of the Dcclnralion of Independence, the Uniled Stales printed a new kind of stamp on some of ils envelopes— a Ih'ree-ccnt value in both red nnd green. It was Ihe first com- ^lemorative stamp ever issued. H .pictures a mail train and a post boy. HOLLISTER, Cal. (UP) —Louis Porta claims the rarest luck of this year's deer hunting season. He came upon a huge buck who was stallm;} off with his horns a large .lynx in a tree and brought them both down. $100 Fine- Assessed for Drunken Driving James'H. Dawllng lias been fined 5100 In municipal court on n charge of driving while under the influence of liquor. A forfeiture was ordered today on O. G. Wilson's $43 cosli bond when lie failed to appear lo answer to a charge of operating a car without license. Bonds posted by Charlie Lowcry, Vandy Brown, B. D. Giilhrie, Charles Johnson and L«e Miller on drunkenness charges have been forfeited. Jim Goadman's $10 line for public drunkenness, has been suspended. Cemetery Association Organized at Manila U S.— IS7C ciiueiopc Centennial Issue 3 ceuls red or greet! JACK JACKSON ,.. Aristocrats of Rythni.^; M Piece .Colored Orchestra Now Playing at (he SILVER MOON NITE CLUB Will hinndcnsl e v ? •: \ Friday from 2 to 3 P JM. over Station KUTH Joneshoro. WHAT5» PORE x\MD CLEAN . AMP SNOWY WHITE Pj (Cujwrigtit. last. NBA Service. Inc.) "rink CRAIG'S milk and you'll soon discover that il's PURITY is jour safest and surest route lo GOOD HEALTH. GRADE A RAW MILK Quart 10c Pint Gc Buttermilk, Qt 6c WeThankYou We wish to thank our friends for their many compliments in our new Laundry service. We want you to know that, we appreciate your patronage and will always mainain the same high quality in our Laun-/ dry service that we have in our Dry Cleaning f or the past 20 years. Thank you Bob and Dutch Nu-Wa Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 stones have been straightened, and Muck has been kept out. Now u p.'r- nmnciit cemetery association has iKieii oraanl/ed with Mayor C. W. Tipton as president; W. I.. Tliomp- fon, secretary; J. H. uald. E. Davis, and llnrncy ThrelkeUl, directors. Dallas Baby Dies Donald Eugene Dnlltus, elyht monies old son uf Mr. nnd Mrs. O. u, Dallas, died yeslmlay nt the home of his parents, 119 East sycamore. Fimoral services were held this afternoon with the Rev. Eltnmoii Hull officiating and interment was made at Maple Grove cemetery. The Cobb Puneml Home wns In charge of funeral arrangements. lie is survived by his parents, two sisters, Alene and Betty Faye, and a brother, Lawrence. MANILA, Ark.—For two years , Ancient Egyptians possessed »l Manila clli/£ns have conLrlbuted tiur.stcal Inslrutnents as the harp [ley for the upkeep of the' io:al gullar, pipe, trnmpet", and drum, cemetery, As a result unsightly according . to nrcheologlcnl . mill- woods have been kepi down, tomb- inps. Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever Sure Relief for Malarial Don't try Ijomcimije treatments or newfangled remedies I Take Iliat (jood old Grove's TiUU'lcu Chill Tonic. Soon you will be yourself JKIIII, for Grovr's Tasteless Cliill Tonic not only relieves Ilia symptoms of Mabnn, but destroys Ihe iiifrclimi ilsdf. Tlic tasteless quinine hi Grove's Taste- Icis Cliill Tonic kills llic Malarial Infection in llic blood while the Iron It contains builds up llic blooil to overcome: the* effects of (he disease ami fortify against fnrllier attack. Tlic twofold ellccl is ab- Eolntcly necess.iry to tlic overconiinn of Malaria, llcsides uoinu a ilepcndablc remedy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is also an excellent tonic of general u;c: I'LeaKuic lo take nnd Absolutely hannle^. Safe lo give children. G:r a bottle today at any drug store. No_w two siiei—50e and ?1. The $I.siie contains 2'/s times as much as tlie, 50c slie nnd gives you 2S%.moie I'or your money. HAVE YOU received YOUR NEW telephone DIRECTORY? Many changes in names, numbers, addresses, ap- poar in this new issue, |ust delivered ... i. If you have not received your copy, please call our business office. One will be sent you promptly ... Southwestern Bell Telephone Company -Its a Liqht Smoke! OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED When you reach for another ... and another! Maybe you've never sa: up through a lonely night —working and smokinghourafterhour,lighting one cigarette from another—depending upon the cheerful smoke of yout cigarette to keep you company and help you along. It's times like these you're grateful for a light smote...(or a Lucky Sttike! For, though you may smoke right on through the night, you can trust a light smoke to be gentle with your throat. Lucky Strike is the only cigarette to offer you the important protection of "Toasting." And further, since your Luckies are made from the very tenderest, most mellow center-leaf tobacco, you'll find they taste good to you-all day-and all night, too! NEWS FLASH! * * Tries 14 limes in vain- 'then wins 4 in a row Ruth Hoff, i iteaographer of Eut 68th Street, New York, hi» been entering the "Sweepstakes" since iney began, but never won until a month ago.Thca she really clicked and won four in a row. Have jtu entered yet? Hav« you won your delicious Lucky Strikes? There's music on the air. Tune in "YourHitParade,"Wednesday»oJ Saturday evenings. Listen, judge, •nd compare the tuaes— then try Your Lucky Strike "Sweepstakes." And if you're not already smoking Luckies, buy a pack today and try them,too.Maybe you've been missing something. You'll appreciate theadvaatagesofLuckies —A Light Smoke of rich, ripe-bodied tobacco. TOBACCO - "IT'S TOASTED"

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