The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1941
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2G, i§4'i JBlYtEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE A New Kind of War Map—in the U. S. Corps Members Were Right On The Job When Flying Fortress Crashed RENO, Nov. < UP)—The Civ'iliiui Conservation Corps was on the .-•cene and the job. tod, when an army flying fortress bomber crashed 20 miles from Lovelock, Nev., killing eight. Here's what the CCC crew did: Guarded army's military secr?ts. Served the public by quickly transmitting news of the tragedy. Stood ready to rescue and extend first aid lo any of the plane occupants if life remained. There were 20 CCC youths work 1 ing on the ether side of Ragged Top Mountain when the bomber crashed. They were building a read. Crew Foreman Praised j Col. Thomas W. Miller,- improvement superintendent in charge of Nevada grazing camps, was esne- ; cially proud of the performance of | the quick-thinking CCC crew foreman, n weary but alert CCC radio rpevator and his statewide system of short-wave radio transmitters. Lloyd Carpenter, non-technical foreman of the CCC youths working near the scene of the crash, first sent the word of the tragedy. Carpenter's announcement brought i'. call for an ambulance from Winnemucca. Carpenter and his men were working on a truck trail to a spring in the rugged Trinity mountains NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati Red«—Tbmpb, Flo. Brooklyn Dodgers—Havana, Cubo St. Lbuif Cardinals—S*. Petersburg, Fla, Pittsburgh Pirates—San Bernardino, Calif, Chicago Cubs—-Catolmo Island, Calif. New York Giants—Miami, Fla. Boston Bees—San Antonio, Tex. Philadelphia Phillies—Miami Beach, Flo. STARTS THURSDAY. FEBRUARY27th,8:80 A.Mil! AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit Tigers—Lakeland, Fta. Cleveland Indians—Fort Myers, Flo. New York Yankees—Sr. Petersburg, Fla. Chicago White Sox—Pasadena, Calif. Boston Red Sox—Sarasota, Fla. St. Louis Browns—San Antonio, Tex. Washington Senators—Orlando, Fid. Philadelphia .Athletics—Carlsbad, Calif. CHENILLE SPREADS *"" i .00 y •/S\ V > ^M Tmi-t'oii'e Tti t tin*;! & Map above spots training camps where major league baseball clubs are preparing for 1^)41 diamond warfare. All but three of the camps arc the same as last year's. Brooklyn Dodgers have moved lyoin Cleanvater, Fla., to Havana, Cuba; Boston Bees from Bvadenton, FJn., to San Antonio, Tex.; nud New York Giants from Winter Haven, Fla., to Miami. /ff <WV! V/ ... Tour .smart designs! All c'ol- 01 ed $ rounds! A'pp'y. 80" x 102". Better hurry! TERRY TOWELS 4 for these tested fish specialties will be butter until nearly done; then add t:tes. or until just, tender. Melt \velcomed'~also onions and saute until onions are butter in saucepan and stir in Quick-freezing has. made sea delicately browned. Place ^ of flour; add milk ^dually and cook food treats available hundreds of spaghetti in Rreased casserole and until thickened, stirring conslant- miles from the surf-line at budget cover with fish and onions; then ly; add tomatoes. Add cheese, stir- prices Quick-frozen sea foods come add remaining spaghetti. Melt 2 ring until cheese is melted; then till ready to cook or serve with the tablespoons butter in saucepan, stir in egg, remaining h teaspoon task of "cleaning done for vou. They Add flour, curry powder, and salt: salt, mustard, and cayenne. Just west of Lovelock when the bomber . u . c not onl - y jy esh iu f j. lvov but ^ nd stir to a sm0 oth paste. Add i before serving, add scallops. Serve Miun to its grove. Carpenter sent j ^ &Q va } U abfe for vitamins and \ milk gradually and cook until i in shells on toast triangles and n man back to the Lovelock CCC j mjnemls - A s j, &110 £ ed flsn ciLsh . thickened, stirring constantly. Pour! garnish with chopped parsley. camp jo report the accident while ^.^ in individu ai mmekins. can ! over contents of casserole and cover | . and the rest ot the crew laceu ^ ^^ h - Ule oven whilo lhe iest with cr Umbs. Sprinkle with paprike.; Sparrow Pays Vcai:y VSsll of the dinner can be prepared. Bake in moderate oven »375 de- WELLS RIVER. Vt. iUP>—Wen- Whisk the ramekins from the Colorlul block checks! Thick- looped terry! 22' x 4-T re- versiblesi Terry Wash CUitli to Match lOc TOWELS tO for I Terry or hud:. Bath, face and kitchen low- uls. l\\K Savings on COTTAGE SETS 2 prs •TOO •dTI 1 -"-"'' Chi-iiiy st:Hih cottuue sets for now (>'htety In your kitchen! Gold, green or blue; Dependable quality! f '0 p *% '«« 'V,.- fOf , Cu SPUN RAYON DRESSES 1.1 to the seared, twisted wreckage. Detailed Report Made At the Lovelcck camp, Philip G. Phillips, enrollee from Tennessee nnd the camp's radio operator, lock over. After Phillips reported the accident to Col. Miller at Reno, Miller ordered Phillips to take a picked crew and go to the scene. With his tiny three-watt portable transmitter, run by dry-eel! batteries, Phillips soon was sending graphic accounts of the trag- oven grees F.) 35 to 40 minutes. This can ! de-li Smith says the tree sparrow held dining table al the last, minute. | be baked in individual ramekins. \ banded five years ago returns each BAKED CURiiY QV HADDOCK (Serves 4 lo 6) Two packages quick-fro/en fillet, of haddock, 4. tablespoons butter. edy to Col. Miller. For 18 hours without a break, '/i cup sliced onions, I 1 .-; cups cooked spaghetti, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon curry powder, i teaspoon salt, 2 cups milk, \-» cup buttered bread crumbs, dash of paprika. Ctit fish (frozen or thawed) in SAVORY SCAIJLOJ'S , } . ear to be fed until time for its One box quick-frozen roallops, ; .spring migration to Canada, thawed, SKIN BREAKI 2 tablespoons butter. : \ teaspoon salt. 1 tablespoon Hour. II: "cup top milk or light cream, 1-3 cup hot canned tomatoes. \-- cup grated American cheese. 1 egg,, __ __ slightly beaten. r i teaspoon mus- ; —flue to external irritation ^JV^r^ tard, dash of cayenne. i lief millions have enjoyed. Place scallops in small pan. add Black and •OUT Steel Suitcases 1.00 even after the army examining board," accompanied by Ccl. Miller, had arrived al the scene, the CCC youth continued to send his reports over his little set. Army officials credited liim with .insuring valuable and secret instruments carried on the plane, for as soon as the report reached Sacramento. Col. Nelson ordered a cordon of GGG enrollees thrown about the wreckage.^The. p\ape;g instruments were" protected' until officials arrived and removed them. I tablespoon butler and 'I- teaspoon in cleansing « 1-inch cubes. Saute in 4 tablespoons' salt, and cook slowly about 5 min- ' fatted Black s Quick-Frozen Seafoods Ai'e Now Available to All MRS. GAVNOK NBA Service SlalT Writer i_-eht begins loclay. Tliaf, iheans many hieatless meals in religious households. In all homes, where good fish recipes are ahvay.s pop-idr jbrahky? Restless? Can't.sleep? Tire ^ easily? Because .of * distress caused b'F MV » v ^ a iimctioual. disturbances? Tfien try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vese- tablc Compound. Pinkhani's Compound Is famous for relieving such rundown, nervous feelings of "difficult days." Made especially /or ioom- en. WORTH TRYING! Any drag- store. Announcing A Change Of Ownership ^^ ^ Leather lliiiullcs! ^5^^ NicKeied steel lock, 2 .snap catches, corners. Black or tiiupe enamel Inlsh. Men's UNION SUITS 2 for i.OO Short, sleeved, ankle length style! Ecrii coihbed cotton. A Real Pcnw.y Value! LEATHER OXFORDS A Low rriir fur • Net 1'ancls! • Net I'nirs! • Mnrqlii'svUi' Faucis! • i'risclllas! 1 00 i3etter coine et\riy for IVrat choice! Woh'derl'ul valuer. in sthui'L styles, quit Illy They're unbelievable at this p r Ice !*M rule of that universal favorite, spun ray oh, in vivacious prints or sunny solid colors. You'll wear these smartly tailored frocks now mul riohf through the spring and summer. They'll sell fnsl —.so hurrv! COTTON HOUSECOATS 1 ">> ''%,,«1 Ittt the Tiitk Of To-nl NET PANELS borders oh slilfcs 3 for - _ - Loop top's make them onsy In hiii^g! All ^eiior- diisly wide, 2 i-1 yds. lon;.j •j .$' * irrow- $ ,4 $ * For ing ijihcl h vi s y w o in t: ii ! Aribtiior SI i>:iys Scoop 1 Wash PAJAMAS 1.00 LUX THEATRE TiUXORA j'hoiie 42 Mat. ,Sat.-Sun. 2 and 'I I'. ^ I-'.very Night 7 V. i^Always lOc - 20c WED. & THURS. NARJOmRAMBEAU-ALAN HALE JANEWYMAN-RONALD REAGAN gMthittlEinS SEIiq-Ji DilHEI IMS.-M nwi nun f.biit fcy W« • Drijtrit fl-y by WalWr DilsJn i-asi UcM.CiiirEcleTi CMoltd iv Nirran.t-Hl/ !:[.-• « tJc'iiedv and Ns^b I have purchased the Shouse-Henry Hardware Company, immediate possession. My future plans cal! for expansion of the business by the addition of a complete stock of plumbing supplies and £iumbihg fixtures, electrical supplies and electrical appliances, and such other lines that will be needed to serve the public's every hard- ware need. It is my desire to make this the largest and most complete hardware store in this entire territory. In order to make room for expansion of the business I plan to erect a new and modern buildirig oh the lot just east of the Sterling store. This is the site of the former Mahan store building. This new building should be completed by late summer. The business will be operated under the policy of fair and courte- ous treatment to each and every customer. Soft plinble glove leather \\ i I. h leather counters niid Jnsoles! Coni- pbsition olitsoles! 'filuck or 5rown! Fine lovnly c'clbr broadcloth or prihis with imustinl trimmings! RuLcher buy, man tailored and novelty styles! Sanforized! chock;; fcilide lu.slbmirs! Wr;ip- itripuji, tloruiti.. . tin! newe«L| most cutton [irlnUs of I he season! All gathered together in the most exciting ij'iny of sniurl housecoats thai, you're likoly to «cc for R dollar! GOO*^ V?^VsS. ^l,,,vw. *w\ F v^vf^, l r ' u '^ bw^ 01 ^' llftV* SAVE DOLLARS!!! CLEAN-UP OF WINTER MERCMJHSE!!! SUITS Kor Men iihrl lounger, \oun^ Men! A "SlMCCIAh! EirS CI,OSJE-OUT! Women's and SPORT and DRESS SLIPPERS Wilson Henry will Continue lo be associated'with the'business in capacity of assistant manager. Successor to Shouse-Henry Hardware Co. *i 00 Pr. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ * $ s $ s $ $ $ $ s i s S $ $ $ $ $ •.'$ s * i Si?l l s ;j;t lo :>8, inclusive! Hard wursletl fabrics in single and dbnbio breast stylos! Oroiiiis. gnjys and bhiosl Mako money for yourself by taking advantage of thi^ plot'k reducing evenj.! !.'(» SUITS to choose from—bo here early—they will sell fast al this ridiculous lo\v ON'K CKOlli* of HOYS* SUITS. /I pieces—coal, vest, and 2 long pants—-hard finish worsted 1 SjJ.OO Double breast! 3 If you'hi accustomed to paying from §2 to ?!> X6v your shoes, you will be delighted with this assortment of close-out shoes. Realize the SAVINGS OT- )o ,- et i you—only ONH DOLLAR per pair! Dress pumps' in ]>atent and gabardine! Two-tone teathei uppe'rs in oxfords with air-cork soles! Casual .pumps in Muo, cloth uppers with dutch heels! Hurry! Hurry i Wos 1 SPOUT COATS . - - Here is a very attractive ciose-out! uKViMibiBljli sport jaOKcis—plaid w'oi- sieus nucrcnariKeaDic \viih tan gaoarumci l-'i to ^U ----_„ ~" §fc,00 J i\!en's and Yoiini? iNIcri's TOPCOATS Wos' WINTEU T weeds and solids! RKDUCED TO CLEAR I (iir)s' WlN'TEil LUA'rS .' •- . 5O- Tweeds and Flannels! REDUCEDJTO_CLEAR! * Women's RON US - • - Uayon Satin or Siiedine! Zipper or!.. ilrastJcally Reduced lo 10?° SNOWSUITS - . • I'or the larger girl ... S.O.OO "A Buy Now and Save! Drastically reducatl! Various numbers, sixes 5-H INFANTS' SNOVVSUH'S . .. . Dark anci light colors! .Sixes 1-4! Reduced! - * s s $ s $ $ i $ $ $ t i s * s ;>2 topcoats io select from—all reduced from our best lines! the season's best styles in regulars, slims and stubs! These si.ylrs and colors will be g<-'0d next fall --why hot lake advantage of savings now with ail rye for the future! Tans, blues and greens! Sizes ;>l to 42. Wos UNIFORMS . . . White and colors! Slightly soiled! deduced! 2 for $i-00 S1.00 Men's WORK SOCKS . . . F>ro\vn and grey mix with white- tors and hpds! $|.00 A RAROA.IN! 9n " ry flirl 20 pro- for PEN N E Y COMPANY , g*a t e 4

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