Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on May 1, 1923 · 3
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 3

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1923
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' u ij tljinday T2IIJ IIi001L,VrJ OAILT 31 A V 1, Ji: WJZ Wcstintflioiiso, Now ark, N. J., 300 3lotcrs. 1J Ik) M.-0)KDlQr price on active bond mi ativkt, grain, etc,; muairal program. 4 00 l M. -Cloaiug jirDca on took and t'-'ftd, grain, etc. 4 06 l. from Women' Wear Dally Newspaper 0 30 I. U. The Music Lover," a weekly dtgrat of muairal happenings, by Dr. Sig . muod Spaeth, illustrated with Ampico record lug. 7 00 P. M. Adventure storlet for boy and girls, from famous Celtic Myths, Courtesy ttio Macmillan Company. 7 30 P. M. "Boys Loyalty Pay Message," 'Wi hat I haw Thl Afterooou," by Itayinoud J. Knoeppel, past president of Rotary Out of New York. 7.45 P. M. Concert by Walter F.hrums7 tenor, of Englewood, X. J, 800 P. M. "Iloniemaklng a Business." by Ada Beaalo Swaun, aupervleor Horn Economics Department, Public bcrvlca Electric Company, Newark, N. J. 8:15 P. M. Walter Ehmman, tenor. 8:00 P, U. Concert under the direction of Charles D, Isaacson, of the New Tork Ere nlng Mall. 10.01 P. U. Charles D. Isaacson, WEAF American Telephone A Telegraph Co., Manhattan, 400 Meters. 4 P. M. Program by Glmbel Brothers New Tork Store. Recital by Samuel Weber, blind pianist. 4:30' P. M. Solos by Bocghlld Hlegel, I Norwegian dramatic sopramof accompanied by A. V. Llufrio. 4:46 P. M. Plano recital by Gertrude C&srlel. jg 5 P. M. Solo by Borghlld Riegel, 5:13 P. M. Plano recital by Gertrude Casriel. , t 730 P, M. Recital by Muriel H. Wilson, l.vrlo soprano, accompanied by A. V. Llu-fiio. 7 43 P, M "Boji A Nation's Greatest Asset," a Boys Loyalty Day message by Hon. Franklin Chase Hoyt, Chief Judge of New Tork Childrens Court won Bamberger A Co., Newark, N. J., 400 Meters. 330 P. Vf. Songs by Mrs. Charles Baumber, soprano soloist of the Park Presbyterian Church, Bloomfield, N. J. 2:45 P. M. History reading. , 8 00 P. M. Songs by Mrs. Charles Baumber, 3;15 P. M. "Tha Boy and the Community," by Arthur F. Egner, chairman City-Wide 1 Boys Work Committee of tlie Metropolitan Board of the Newark Y.M.C.A. 8:30 P. 51. "My Experiences In Poland," by J. George Bucher, under the auspices of the Kilroy Harris Radio Lecture Bureau. . 6:15 P. M. "Home Garden Hints, by the National Garden Bureau. 6:17 p. M. Songs by Martha Livingston, soprano of- -Roselle Park, N. J. 7:00 P, M. Program under the auspices of the Boy Scouts xof America. 8:00 P. M. "The Ear and Radio," by Dr. Paul V. Winslow, attending laryugologist of Brooklyn State Hospital. ' 8:15 P. M. oms Tools of Algebra," by William W. Strader. 8:35 P. 51. Program by the "Orpheus Club" of Newarfc. Arthur Moos A. B., con-doctorr Frank Kasacbau, ftseortato Conductor, and Charles 51, Hotrbs, Jr., assisted by Frances Callow, harpist, of New York. 8:06 P. M. "Taking Care of Tpur Baby Through the 'Summer Months," by Dr. Charjeg Gilmore Kerley, professor of disease of children, New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital. 8:20 P. M. JHArp solos by Frances Callow. 8:80 P. 51. Selections by the Orpheus Club, 8:40 P. M. Solo by Edith Fortesue. 10:00 P.' M. Selection by the Orpheus Club. 10:16 P. 51. "Cripple Kiddle Work," by Dr. Harris K. Ooban, director of the Vocational Training Committee, New Jersey State K.ks Asaoclatlon. 0.20 P. M. Dance nmaJc by the FI yd Dance Orchestra of New York. Wldnere Columbia Orafonola. P.Jtt. I.ate Kdlann releases by the Edison Phonograph through the courtesy of the Edison Shop. WAAM . T, It. NrlMtH Co., Newark, N. J., 3110 Meters. 3 to 4 P, M. Du Art recital. Vocahon red record through the courtesy of Aeolian Shop. TOMORROW. 11 tn 1155 A. 51. "Star Spangled linn ner" placed on the Duo Art. Duo Art recital. Vocalton red records through the courteay of the Aeolian gbop. WHAM fahcrslty of lltniiester, Rochester, N. Y., 360 Meters. 8 to 0.30 P. M. Eastman, Theatre orchestra. 4:15 to 443 P. M. Eastman Theatre organ and or cheat ra. 7 to 7.30 H M. Eastman Theatre orchestra. 7 80 to I -SO P. M. Program In thesta- dlo of the Radio Dealer Club. T:80 P. M. Selection on the Duo-Art reproducing piano, courtesy of the Balcom Music Co. 7:85 P. M, Chlldre story, by Mist Georgina Bpeare. 7.43 P, M. Reeding, "Pome Little Bug," by Kern, given gyK. Spurgeon Fulcomar. 8.30 P, )L Btfseball results . WXAO Shepard Stores, Boston, Mass. 286 Meters. 4:06-6:00 P, M. Copley Plant Trie. 7:55 P. M. Fox trot, Argentina," by Shepard Colonial Orchestra la the Shepard Restaurant, Syracuse, N. T. 8.00 V. 1. Amadlan Trio. Corn Wilder Pratt, soprano; Mada E. Lomont, first alto Maude E. Duuphy, second alto, asahtod by Altuira Newcomb, a companist. KXKA Wosstingliouso Electric, East Pitts burgh. Pa. 360 Meters. 12:80 P. M. Music. 815 P. if Scores of the baseball games being played today, by innings. 6:00 P. M. Results of the baseball games Played today. 6:05 P. M. Organ recital from Oemeu Mo-tion Picture Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pa., How. ard R. Webb, organist at "The Giant Wur-Htser." 7:00 P. M. Results of the baseball games played today. "Monthly Review of Business Condition, by Clark Hammond, of the Columbia National Bank, Pittsburgh, Ft. 7:15 P. M. "Birds, by George M6utton, of the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, Pa. 7 S0 P. M. A Msy Festival for the Llttli Folks, conducted by th Dream time Itfy. 8:00 P, 51. National (Stockman and Farmer Market . reports. 8:15 P, 51. Concert by the Pittsburgh Musical Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. WM.VK Norton Laboratories, Lockport, N, Y, 3 p M Music. 8 to 9 P. 51. Plane. Inlos. Violin solos. Quartet Addreaa, "The Communitya Debt to the Little Red Schoolhouse," Mia. 3ton-ford C. Holley, . " Activities c! Crcclilya Life NEW AUTO OWNERS, BROOKLYN AND L. I. IJecnses I-ued by tl.o X. Y. Suta Tax IKpt. for April SO, KINGS. . wuz Wcsiiugliouso EUetrlo, SprlugHrli, Mann. 422 Motor. 6 00 1 51. Dinner concert hy the WC2 Orchestra, under the direction of Mr, Fairfield v7.30 P. M. Bedtime story. Baseball scores of lhutern, Natlrmal and American leagues. 7.43 P, 51. World Market Survey, from the Department of Commerce et Boston Baseball scores lu Eastern, National, aud American Leagues. 8.00 P. 51. Cooert by Jack Williams, barl tone; Itullue Settle, accompanist, sud WBZ Orchestra. y 9 UO P. M. Baseball scores In Eastern, National and American Leagues. WFI Strawbrldg A Clothier, Philadelphia, 10. 400-485 Metom. 1:15 to 8 00 P. 14. The Moyer Davis Bell vue-Htratfonl Concert Orchestra. 830 to 4:15 P. M. Recital by Nellie G. Abbott, violinist; Caroline Rose Chancellor, soprano; John Vandersloot, bass; Caroline Hoff, man, pianist. 6:36 Jo 7:00 P. M. Childrens Own Half Hour. Safety Talk, by Stanley Cowman, of tbo United Btatea Fidelity and Guarantee In uraoce Company. WOO Wananigkers, Plilladclphla, Fa. 400 Meters, 2:45 P. If. Grand organ and trumpets. 1 WIIX Society of Radio Artists and Audiences, Long Island, 360 Meters. 12:55 P. M. Lunch hour gossip snd musical program. 2:18 P. M. Dr. Frank Cranes four-mln-Ute broadcasts. 2:20 P. 5f. Public health service. 4.15 P. 5L School childs radio forum, conducted by James J. O'Regan, principal, P. B. 77, Queens. Today: "May Day," by" Marie MoCormack. 4.30 P. M. Amateur radio talk. 4:40 P. M. Instructions In code noric. T P. 5f. Survey of trade news by Unfted States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. 8:15 P. M, Agrlogram released by United States Department of Agriculture, WLW 1 Croslcy Manufacturing Co., Clncln natl, O., 360 Meters. 11 P . 1. Artistic corttert ftren bj Alpha Chapter of Dolt. Omtcron Sorority, Clnclnuatl Cooserratory of Mu!e, lulanora Dills, Knth-lew) Tlchnor, Elslo Arta, Helen Price, Flor-ence Beeland, W.ldyne Johnson, Elsie Miller, Elizabeth Miller, Erma De Vllliers, Dotamae Vlntson, Frances Jones, Thelma Miller, soprano, and Jessica fitlenle, mezzo-soprano, WHAS Courier - Journnl and 1 Louisville Times. . 360 Meters. 0 to 7 P. M. Selections by Heyde Ci Conrad, playing the alamo Theatre, orgao United States Department of Agriculture: "Advice to fiblppeis." Hie "Sauballat Crowd." by Miss Hast! Dnuce, Of Knoxville, Tesn. Ro prano solos: Mrs. James 51. Russell, accompanied by Miss Mary Greene. Piano solos: Mary Greene. "Just Among Home Folk," a dally column running in the Louisville Courier-Journal. 1 0.30 P. 1. Concert by the Louisville Flute Club. Reading, . WIP Gimbcl Brothers, Philadelphia, Fa., 400 Meters. . MIA A Dallas News and Dallas Journal, 1 Texas. 360-485 Meters. 2.80 t8 3 P. M. "Musle Week." by 6. L. Whittle, president of the Dallas Music Trades Association. 10:30 to 11:30 P. M. Massed baod program from pm State Fair Grounds Coliseum, 1 to 2 P, M. Musical program under the auspices of the Lester Guiut Co. WBAP i Fort Worth, Texas Star-Telegram, 400-485 Meters. 8:15 to 10 P. M.-rConcert by Mrs. Peart Cathooa Davis, soprano, and B. Clyde Whitlock, vloliotst. 11,30 to 12:30 P. M. Concert by tbe Gainesville, Texas, orchestra, under the auspices of .the Chamber at Commerce, C. C. Shell, director. - WSB Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, Go. Meters. 2 to 3 P M. Musical program for indua-trial workers. 7:16 to 8 P. 51. Musical program. 8 to 8:15 P. M. W8B radio university. 8:15 to 10 P. M. Musical program spon-sored by Mist Dorothy Lawahe. WMC , Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tcnn. 485 Meters. 10 P. XT. Memphis post, American Legion. 1 A. M. Midnight Frolic. WWJ Detroit News. 400 Meters,' 1:05 P. 5t. Music. 4:00 P. 4l. The Detroit New Orchestra. 4:40 P. M. Markets. 6:00 P. M. Markets and baseball scores. 8:00 P. M. The Town Crier, the Detroit News Orchestra; by tbe Tlcaly SUopj. Name. udy, Chsrle Hok, I0'1 ore li.jrhleui' ifr. Bella ... Mirir, lliury Loyd. John lifrtuliuo. James Hrxt, tUmn Ilretinaii Mleehtf-1 5... Ilrowu, (lMiiU' A. .... Orta.l, ltst.li ........ (',rai B ........ t lihi, Hei iiiiui , . . I.. . i oliwt, ifuilnie , Curran. 1 iMk B. ..... . Du Gref. Hethert F. Hon ar I 8 ...... Doiiovtn, Edwsrd F, , Decker, Charles J-...., Frahiton, flerwy Iwspuslto, Cbaiics J, . . Frtrk Eric M 1 ruchunait. Morris ... larber, Julinu ....... Orsv, Molviue ijonliiiii lsato ........ Uueloher. Umr ..... Guviiff, Dr. Julius .... illbhnry, Harry J...... Isidore Glaser, Paul itiler. Haviy ........ GotUteb, Jacob ....... liacrn, Gua Hunter, William J. , Ilelwig, Alfred ....... Harris, Esther ........ IsonUerg, Herman ..... t -UU The Oviiigton Club will hold itg annual apilng dnne may 3. sit the Hotel 8t. Goeorke, Clark and llonry treetn lnelyded in the evenlng program will be fanev d&netnjg by rrofeseor Whltton. Muslo will be rendered by E. J. Dantzlg ad hia orr Chentra, The officers of the club are K: J. Wcmlinger, president ;K. R. Hansen, vice president; A. R. Balmanno, secretary; 8. M. Friedrichs, treasurer. The reception committee consists, of Gerard Baetz. Robert G. Balmanno, James de Gaudenzl and Edmund J. WUliama. - - . ITrtmiony Review. Following the close of an Interesting meeting, Harmony Review, 28, Woman's Benefit Association of the Maccabees, entertained thoir Junior members Monday night, In tho John-ton Building, Fulton and Kevins streets. Collector Mrs. H. Smith, the Reviews delegate to the Syracuse convention, was elected Record Keeper for the State convention.. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Lydia Mangan, past commander, will go to the Marathon meet, as Marathon runners. Mrs. Smith has been a mem- Th RbVT fr "enty-eisht j.nuM. K n. M. ifaP8. h6 Review meets May 7. Mrs. Eleanor M. Dinnler of i fii I Kippcrstciu, AbraU. UUca .venue ,i commander.0' tK'S.tf::::: InstalI"leacous. An Interesting service of ordina- I-o.tnshsm, Philip ... uon and Installation was held at the I tsw.iihrsiim, Isadora , Central Pre.byterlan Church, Jeffer- I U,,M ll eon and Marcy avenues, Sunday. MrKrwr .U, v.... i-leven men were installed as elders McCrllf' Unw of the church and four men chosen Ivs. wtilism A. O .. as deacons. The elders installed I Masiugrr, Paid were Thomas S. Christie. William H. - henton, Jlclvllle J. France, Uneoln Art,nc un. Dr. Mortimer D. Jones, Samuel Win. J. ...... lrfWCh,nrlet H?ran,' Jams, Ph.isn. Prsnelln A,... Moore, Charles K. Perkins, James I Poiskr, a'Uio Warnock and William S. Wilaon. I roulon-'lll'0l0r The deacqns ordained and Installed RIMtardi, 8l(1nfvvA, were Harry R. Hunter, Linden II. Ruk. Albert e. T.... Nichols and George W. Tucker I Rairhie. Jimrl.it. .... . I Rot'S, Frsnk Heights Forum. Bod., s.mu.i j T. Kennard Thomson, consulting :;' engineer, will give a lecture on thelsiirer! Morn. way to cut your coal bill in half to- I Schneider, Jail .... morrow night before the members Torres i of the Publio Forum of Brooklyn Trlmboll, AnthMij"! Heights at P. 8. Nq. 16, Third and Tpwier. Chs,. a. Schermerhorn street. William J. wn. n,.,iei Dllthey, chairman, willraside. Mr. Inoiff. Waller w. .. Thomson will tell how to cut bills I wpintin M in.Ji!i,f-an,d daw.a,n'l,h ,bIac!c, l- om. a.-;::: WulltP. Ctrl ....... ashes and smoke, by using "white coal," the Niagara and St. Lawrence water power. ! ZtUltr, Louis J. Addrvsa. 103 Bay garentscBth atreet ri0 Vvrfls sna .4 insiu t svnu Hntgtnury .........t, 35 (.rwipfunl svmims 5.0 aitth street L'lS Hfxpr siwt ......... n .. .... Ashford afrft 1401 Brdfuiti 115 Avnu W, .0 Putnam svaniH! ltn.7 1 ort -ntnli I ........... , .'-'7 KnUkfi lx ksi sieituo ....... 1J72 Park rtM rilafoo srenus 1716 Vaco strert .mo Mny-fimr sucar fiiufi iu pisie iC RUfklngbsm ros l 1767 Suvonty-IourU street 076 riflt-fonrtb strvot 1 H I T Itirlr nintli atrft lold HDy-fouriU ttuit a.......... 7"6 PIDb ftvcunp ,V Lola mill, 14 Wlliow p'l I'J4 Knit avui:e , 15,(4 F.inore fls f 11 Bar Twiitv-tblrd strevt R'kI Dn strvftt ....a............. 1477 1 orty-siglttU imt VjoU Attune K ?518 MsdlM street. KUlgewood... 4 ! -S LihOitnenib SU-ULe 'il Bedford avei'ue 223 Uulnry street 176 Grand street extension 040 Sterling place 1TH0 Park place 65 Reeves place 6)3 H'-ltenck avenue 24 Campua place 601 Oviogton avenue ............. 7 Putnam nvreus IMiT East Twelftk atroet 1476 Liiioo ntrect M8 Jefferson avenue 1500 Noatracd avenue 44T Seventr-teeenil street Nostrand avenue 67(t Thirteenth avenue ............ 7n2 Iecstur atreet 201 Nassau atreet I 2604 Bedford avenue Lit Jamaica avenue 123 Cortljoa road 1 64 Highland avenue ......... .1 , . 1407 Feat Ttrentjr-necoud street...., P36 fjtit Nineteenth atreet 75 Clermont avenue 1284 Carroll atreet 225 Barett atreet 44 Grand avenue 775 KsSut Third street 1004 Putnam avenue 854 Ocean avenue 62 Eighteenth atreet 420 East Twenty-first atreet 1600 rntoii atreet Hawthorne street - 2034 Dougtaxs street 1270 Pronpe t avenue 6706 61x1 h avenue IDO Sumpter street 826 Herkimer atreet SHIP SAILINGS, ARRIVALS AND Steamer, Destination. r.eliAiKe, Hamburg., Aqultac Lou In. South it. p- SAIL TODAY. ' Wala Vessel Aloes. Hall, Carries Vail T r 5 ,v0 Akf 18.00 Ail Europe. Afrlis sud Mist A a. ssaed 8 GO AU 10.80 AM Canada. Naples 11 35 KM 6.00 Pil Hccrdonoa:, Bordeaux. 1.50 PM 8.00 PM ir Victoria. M(1AM 1J T0AM. LetU, Cepe Fieuisn... I.CoIa! 4:00 P.J Europe, Africa end V. 'A'' 1 nr. ix, Isati ami KuLunu m sr (ally ed'lr.'i sd A'ie Ivrimia el Pnturiol. (Hi i r apt Hn7 nr-cd ) tOUcv Cjuutrica mnt U l.tKIi 'iRb. H-ruuOa. J.ftjU. SAIL TOMuJii.OW, President Munroa, Cker. 8 V6 H08Ait j-,.-opa A'rlrn and Weal Asia. ( ' etli 'vatd. 12 00 M my i-rc"lailr ddrel o- J.UOIM a.u. 1, A'ms aod Went Aeie. t Svi.lirieC'l 9 00 r! Jjenji H ted-3!!, 1 Inlnnd, Orrrren' . I.iud, J.usfle, Lithuania, Lalxia - Fz-.lt ,..t. JJstI.., I SO AM IMI1I J,1,;,'!!;,' OtcI 7,., Amipils C'1 ' nmu, ( hduimi in IlpuUui e, t ; .ALr mid N.araua Othf'r 1 Itonduiea inisi be specially aud.. Eneiey Cty, Bueno Am 8 CO AM S-rinam, Pt. iJ .VSICM Thurls gfa, Hamburg. United States, Copeu- . hesen . .......... JO'CO AM Xienfo'.ia, Hamburg. . .11:09 AM Luke EUlcoU, Yucatan 0.00AM 100 PM AtSGtr,R, Truguny and raraguay. ( i.ahy d-sfd only.) 418 PM B ThoTrra, S rroty. Paba. f- -v 1 ft y; ttr. lrtnlla1, -11 J and Guiana. sail tih;i:dy. 0 00 AM 12.00 51 Cerriany. (Specially addiessed onl ) Santa Teresa, buano , .... Talca- 105 PM Norwem Feden, Denmark and Flnla.il. 3 nfi PM Fu,o,f. ArKA ard Nal As. a. 1 00AM tttar and camperho. unr ratie j Mr.'.ico must l specially TsQue, Aku Flora, 5laracalbof , Bolivar, Barbados .. San Benito, Pt.Llmon 6:66 P5 7 JO AM 1100AM C3nl ronnir.,. Ainspsl Clly. I 1 , , a Ir, Konduras. Cain-, nn.l harino i r.artn.enie of Clnible, Ki'umlor. ' 1 1 j-Joln.u. Chi! end Mraragun 01 j.arte of llondurna must Le sjeolaU i Ut -estd ) . , . , 1.00PM Ftirta Plata, La Romms, San H Mecorle. Kanto Domingo f ity and A1' Halil. (Cuisrso and eneuela must i ' sie"rlall addrtsevfil.) t .. s-OOPM Si Thomas. Bt. I'ruix. 9abs, Ft. Marfn Ft. Euetatiua. 8t. Kitts. Nevlv. Aiitj-. Montserrat, Guadeloupe. Domini a, v-Lucia and Barbados oirenada, hr 1i cent and Guiana n.ust be specially a i- di eiael. ) , Costa Rica. (By rail to Eoaton.) .. 0 30 AM ..12:60 M .188 PM Munargo, Antllla.. 8 OU AM S1L F1UDAY. 1.00PM Bahamna (Including Inagui J.ands). ami Fnriui. Dodge.,,. Beds a Sodality Operetta. The Young Ladles Sodality and the Immaculate Conception Sodality of St. Michael's Parish, Jerome street. East NeV York, who have showed such a remarkable talent in their past performances on tho stage oflGrismer, Florence St. Michaels Auditorium, areagain planning a production to give to their earnest supporters in the form of a light--operetta."' " All indications point toward the rendering of this opera in the latter part of May, Copp, O. W. Rrbacher, Herman A. Faulkner. Harry H. .. iFrean, Ruth E. ..... I Ilellftwell. Rriwio V.. j KoskU Richard, I Link, Win. I MacMonnie, Frank Ford Star....... QUEENS Bayslde avruoe, Flushing 619 133rd street. Lfbmoed 1H11. R23 Bovd avenue, Woodharen 10 Eighty-sixth road, Woodbaven.... Rocky HU1 road, Queens 15011 Eighty-elglftU avenue, Jamaica-.., Qeorgii Jamaica.rw-f?xrir- tarr 1601 Grove street, Ridgewood Bay avenue, Donglastown Dodge........... Sedan Chandler...... torulng edaa Sedan I Miller. 'oJhn A. .. I Morton, James C. wex TIio Detroit Free Ires9. 400 Meters. 3:00 P. M. News. 3:15 P. M. Stock quotations. 6:16 P. 5f. Baaeball acorea. . 6:32 P. M. Baaeball scores: 7:15 P. M. Final baseball acorea. 6:80 P. M. Mra. B. J. Ottoway, speaker. Alfred Reeves, speaker. Musical- program, under tbp auspices of the Sigma. Alpha Iota Sorority. 1 l.0l) P. 51. WCX Bed Appla Club, woe WGU Federal Tcleplione A Telegraph CD., Buffalo, N. Y.f 860 Meters, 1 P. MA Music. 2.25 P. M. Closing prices bf Chicago ' Board of Trade. 3 P. M. Music. 3.25 P. M. Closing prices of New York Stock Exchange. 4 P. M.- Ampleo recital. ' 5:05 P. M. Closing prices of Now Tork y Stock Exchange and Chicago Board of ATtnde. i 7:80 P. M. Digest of tbe dayi news, ilaseball aooreo. 7.40 P. M. Topic of acientifle Interest, by the editorial staff df Sclentldo Amer-lcan. , gi - Medford nUlsiilc, Mass. 360 Meters. 3:00 P. - 5L Am rad Womens Club, 1. Iodorn Priscilla talk, by Ruth K. Newman. 2. Reproduction on the Chickering Applco, onoI1( and Brunswick. ' 6:00 P. M. Twilight Tales," read by Uncle Darid. ' ' 0.00 P, M. News, . sport news, Boston American, A: 15 P. it. Weekly review of conditions In 1 lie Iron find steel industry, courtesy of the' ,"lron Trade Review." 6:45 P. 5L Code practise.. , 8.30 P. M. Weekly business report, by Roger W, Babstfn, Selections by Nelson Waring. pianist, tbe De Luxe Entertainer. Eighty-eighth Tufts College lecture. Nelson Waring, pianist. 20o to 800 p, m. Artist recital by AidalTho Faiiiicr School of Chiropractic, Louise Fisher, soprano; Raymond Nelson, tenor; duo plapologue by Louis Longiy and Chariot Sansone. 6:00 P. M. Baseball scores and dinner music program by Dick Regans all string orchestra. 7:00 to 7:30 P. M. Uncle WIPs bedtime stories aod roll call for the children. 7:50 to 8:10 P. M. Interesting talks, 8:15 P, 51. Second homo eing, led by the WIP quartet. Davenport, Iowa. 400 Motors. 5:80 P. 51. Educational talk, by F. C. Walker. 7:45 P. 5f. Chime concert. , 8:00 P. M. Baaeball scores. t KFI Earle C, Anthony, Los Angeles, CaJ 0:45 to 1083 P. M. Peter Rabbit and HU Friends. hot Angeles County Medical So-845 P. M. Cqpoert by the Lulu Saxophone I doty. Junior Music Clubs. Birthday Reception. s A birthday reception was given to Miss Anna Hughes recently at her home, 97 Thirteenth street. An excellent musical program was given. Some of those present were Herbert I Bath. Josephine 5h... Fletcher, Le Roy Robinson, Harry Baker, Frank H. Davis. James Graham, Daniel OCon- ISSffi!; p2?iCe 3 nor, Harry Ott, Stanley Ross, John I Brennan, Alfred Gildersleeve, Wil- I Chichester, yraiter R liam Lanahan, Oliver Gunderson, ! rvIStfhiwn SobT? w' Miss Tootsie Hickey. Louis Coasa- I choaobroiVh. Aug! .!! granda, Alias Mary Bro'phy, Rocco I Chema, fod ..J. De Fio, Jerry Vaughan, Michael j Collin, John D... Mecca. Harry Lucas, Miss Margaret I Doxaoe, Robert L Cummings, Miss Margaret M&ckin, j Darling, Conrad P.... Mies Norw Ourry, Gilbert Sperling, I Miss Catherine Hupfcr, Jack Lynch, Dole' EJrnJ E Mrs. Anna Morgan, Miss Alice Edwards, John D Amaganott Schmeck, James Finley, Harry Fanning, Ida F Rlvcrhesd . . vSchoelman, Miss Rosamond de Bones, Miss Josephine de Bones, Miss Catherine Reilly, Miss Agnes Telly, Mrs. Murphy, Thomas Walsh, Miss Irene Moff&tt, Mrs. E. Dowd, Miss Agnes Runnen, Jte Graham, Peter Hayes, Mr. and Mm Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. McClean, Nea-i Relne, Joseph Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Burns, 125A3 103rd strovt. Richmond Hill 8U38 Was( 146th atreet, Jamaica . . Coupe Tearing r Chevrolet..... Touriag Bulck Sedan Dolre.. Sedan Grant Sedan Prince street, Bayslde , ... Ford.. 77. Sedan SUFFOLK Alford, Win. M wSyllle Sag Harbor Port Jefferson Southold . AtnityviJIe Eaf Morlchev SmHhtown Branch Nines Park North port , . Huntington Station Watermill , IUp 1 Hiaitlngton Northport . Dole, Edward E Cold Spring Xlurbor Bulck Band, composed 'of 100 aaxopbonca. 10:10 P. M. Charlie Korre Radio Orchei tra In the Cafa LAigion, Philadelphia. 11 to 13 P. M. Egan School. the -Latd flnsnelnl news I KYW Wcstingliottsc, Chicago, Meters. 1:00 A. M. Market reports. 1:30 P. M. News and comment ef financial and commercial market. 1:35 P. 51. Table talk, by Mrs. Anns X Peterson. 2.00 P. M. Market reports. 2:30 to 4:85 P. M. and comment. 4:35 to 6:30 P. M. Concert furnished by Lyon A Ilcnly Company. 6:00 to 7:30 P. M. News snd sport bulletins. 830 P. M. News, financial ' snd market and sport summary. 8:50 P. M. Childrens bedtime atory. 10:00 to 10:58 P. M. Musical Program: Rosine Leonard, soprano; Robert Lindt, accompanist; Ralph F. Elliott, tenor; Harriet Weeber, accompanist; Nfary Agnes Doyle, reader. ' 11:05 P. M. Special features. CFCA Toronto Star, Canada, 490 Meters, 8:30 to 4:30 P. 51. News, music. 111. 100 I :30 to 7:00 P. M. News. BOO to 10:00 P. M. Concert program Selection from San Toy," by Jbnes. Star Concert Orchestra, 1 WJAX Cleveland, 360 Meters. 8:30 P. 51. Cleveland News concert. CKAO Montreal, 430 Metcrft. 8:00 P. 51. Bedtime atory. 8:20 to, 10:30 P. M. Concert, WBS D, W. May, Inc.. Newark, X. J., 1 360 Motors. 1-1:13 P. M. Late Columbia releases by - New Inperporations. Albany,, ifay 1. Nat? corporations with an aggregate capitalisation of $1,785,000 have been chartered hore. The Brooklyn and Ts. I. incorporations are: Kaminsky A Lipehltv., Brooklyn, wearing apparel, $5,000; A. LIpHhltz, K. Kaminsky, S. Feurateln. (Attorney,, J, Brenstoln, 6 WGY i Graham avenue. Brook ly fi ) i , . I Mutual Shellac and Paints Products General Electric Co., fecheneetady, I Srook!n $3.ov; L. and p omstcin, c. h. N Y 40ft Alrfca Renmun. (Attorney, J. H. Garmesey, a. x.f 9UU JVieteis. I Chambers atreet) 2 P. M. Music and address, "Furnishing! Ho Brody Oorp.. Brooklyn, hire aten-the Summer Porch." jographers, $5,000;R. Brody. W. White. 6 P.; M. Produce and stock market qu tatlons; news bulletins; baseball results. Francis McGrath Realty crp , nrooklyn. 840 P. M. Addresfe, "New Yorks Fresh I $10,000; F. and C. and A. McGrath. (At-Water Fisheries," hy Justin ,T. Mahoney torney, NT. Hr Krtner, 01 Chambers at) New Tork Superintendent of Inland Fish- w A Re' Br M.'v.ehm2i: (Attorney, M. CVtuner, 291 Broadway.) erfts. 8:45 P. M. Musical program. "The Moral Influence of the Rabbi Goodman Lipkfnd. Address. Drama, Bay Rond Realty Corp., Taiwrence, $25. 000; i. JohIoviIk, A. Benjamin. B. KrugeL CAttornev. VV. R. Petit. Far Rockwav.) Namaes Realty corp., Brooklyn, $20,000; , M. tioldberg, I. ftainowilz. (Attorney, IS! i Seanian, 61 Chambers sL) H- ordcr Fire Department. Thief John Kenion Issued his yesterday F.vnmlnation for Captn. The ntental cMimmation fof promotion to the rank of captain In this department wiilf be held at the Central -Opera House, 205 East bixty-aeventh sircat, Manhattan, at 0 A. M., Thursday and Friday, May 3 and 4. Pensioner!.' Capts. Isouis A. Criicot Eng. 62, St $1,850, to (akq effect from 9 A. M. April 28, and Daniel J. Murray of Enc. 23, at $1,860, to take effeot from 0 A. M , 5iay 1. Lieut. Edward F Eekbnrt, XL and L J2S, $l,(oo, to take effect, Ntay 1. Firemen Oharle Anderson, Eng. 252, at $1.10, to take effect May 1; Thomaa F. ('onion, Eng 78, et $1.)4J, to lake effect Mav 1; Charies J. Ptnvth. Jr, Eng. 43, at $t,140, to take effect May f, Henry M. Lio-dn(el1. H and L 35, at $7(0, to take effect May 1; William J. Plonder, Eng. 293, at $i 140. to take effect May 1. Officers nnd men selected to take .part In tlie parad on May 26 will be directed bv Deputy thlefa to report aa follows Cnmimmoi in Manhattan, the Bronx and Richmond, at th Twelfth Regiment rmnrv, t 10 0 A M , V edneday. May Z ; nni It K-ookhn and Cjuens, at the T enl -t bird Regiment Armory, at 10 3J A. M -itutd-n. M v 5 n e i it , of nb-enee are granted fe 1 n at- E Gijianess, Fiig. 7C 1 a ) M 9 A M j F(l . 7 I H . I 'im, f if i o ? i I Gibb, Edward j Hatlock, James P. . I Htllock, Furman .. j Sluitmau, Conrad A. IjAnkowaLI. Michael H., j Johnson, Waller I KIrscli, Nathan ... 1 Kelly, Kallreriue A Thomas Coppinger, John Wood, Flo Kn.r" rRUl Jones, Henry Todd, Fred Walker, I k noop,' w. a', i;"' Miss Margrette Hagen, Charles Cot- Kms.1. llonry A ter, R. F. Churbnck, Thomas Kin " sella and Charles Weick. Sow Suffolk Fast ftetauket Hlverhead . ... Houtbduipton , . Aqueduct Peconlc , .... f.lndpnhurst . , Quogue Amltvvllle . . . Hampton Bays Fsvt Northport Huntington l rSHeJ , f Ifliry A, , . , , n I41l.illp.ff.il , . ..... Klsuer, Winifred A..., liuntlugton Leone, Bruno Huntington Station "Altar Builders. KeC"iT. A oerles of five free lectures are I D- being given by Rev. Martha M. 1 Mnl Ert'rrd Rogers at the headquarters of the Altar Builders at 101 South Ox-mord street. Tonight she will talf! on "Life from Right Angles. All the lectures treat of the science of I MM. Edward j Mitchell, Ob.J. ..... Xathaoson, Nat. .. . . , ORonrbe, Thomaa-J,. Parents, oJbn constructive thinking1 and lie&ling prayer. The publio Is invited. Hylan Bars Indecency at Coney Isjand Mayor Shocked at Ardent Lov-ing Couples at Seaside, j Too much ardent loving between I couples on the "Caterpillar Ride' in j Itudolph. WIMftjn .... Rose, Henrietta A. ... Havers, Helen ........ Soyar. Alex. B , Sammls, Fred'k B Seibert. Dsulel hwanaon, Walter A, . HlCKslnger. baml., Jr.. Smith, Annie F Travis. Reward 8...... Thomson, James B.... 'I horuton. W. B. ..... Terrell, Kmeraou G.... Terrill, Richard W.... Ronkonkoma , ...... Foul hold , , Keiden . Bag Shore WostRmmplon Beach ratebojue , Isilp West Sayvilla Patchogue p , Buy Rhore Hlverhead . Huntlnatoif. , Honkoukoms Hampton Bara Port Jeffarson Last Pstehogue ....... Ravville Hirelingtoti , , ,.. St. James- Patchogue Kings Park ,...k Vroomsn, Clsrcnc. n.. rstehnsue . Coney Island shocked Mayor Hylan f'.incs. Robert R. , . . I unlt.m. Osorje somuch yesterday that he directed I wur. itcr the police- to act Immediately to I "?" change the condition. ' The ride has small cars. To each I of them is fastened an awning, which I drops to the floor automatically, I every little while, hiding the occupants from view, and then rises al- most immediately. The Mayor! watched couples on this ride tot I Walsh, lllllon G. Fatehovna . AmltT.iUe . pon Rhalter I.lnnd Huntington ... SAIL SATURDAY. Boulognt. . . 1:00 Ail J1:OOAM Buropa, Africa anJ We.t Asia. (fpal. ndilresscd only ) Hom.no, Southampton 7:00 AM U .00 A St Kuronj. A I , mm k and Finland must be apcci-Ui Savol, Havrie Tuscan!, Giaagnw... Antonio Lcpaa, Bare- Iona Orbits. Southampton., Caronia, Livorpool. 7.30 AM 11:00 AM 12:00 M di eased.) , France, turner countries must be ape 1 addressed.) No mails. Spain. (Specially addressed only.) No mails. , . . Irish Free ptate. (Other countries mnt t apaclallv addroaaed.) w , 100 PM Rwcdeni Norway, Denmark and Finland 2:00 PM Turkey. 2.00PM Europe.-Africa k I West Asia. (Special' addrarad oniv , 4 00 PM Egj pt. (Specially addressed only.) 11:00 AM Nv foundland. Jr jjuOM Cuba, i rtpci ilv addreased only ) tx Vasari 'Buenos Atraa.. 8:66 AM -1T.OOM feouth Brazft, Argentina, Uruguay find Par ro tonico, Ft. Thomas. Ft. Croix, Fab, Ft Martins, St. EoaUtlua. San I'edro d ds Macona snd Santo Dominso Citv. 1200 M ' Cuiscao and Venezuela, (specially addressed only.) 1:00PM Costa Rica. (Cuba. Canal Zone and Pati-- ania must he sperlallv addressed 12.00 M Jamaica,. Guatemala, Salvador ami TTon-(except Amapala City, rholutct Departments of Colon and Atlnntid ; (Cuba and Tela must bo specially addressed.) 4 . Pancrae, Porto AIagra..ll :00 AM 3:00 PM Pernambuco. Parahyba, Natal and i (Other porta of iuazll must be . .. addressed ) 3:00PM Haiti, ('anal Zone. Panama. Amalpa i" Chohtteca in Honduras Caucagand Vino Departments of Colombia and dor. (Other ports of Honduraa must be specially addressed.) Cristobal, Cristobal. .. .11:00 AM Deaths in Queens Lawrence APRIL 31). Frances LltMg. 1 month, 287 Agi5rVRb?ir. 62. Tr. Gomb.- Esnl-- j ,aiinm Tackoen avenue. Corona, about ten minutes, and then spoke I JjJtT wmiam aougb, 3 day, 80 Flake ave to the police. about it. He directed I J nu, Elmhurst. also that the police eeek to revoke I Herman Jooepb Hennlngaen, o nays, BtTMrMmCB..ch n..h HnckAway Beach. Agnes Hirschfeld. 78, 883 Eleventh avenue, Antonrjoseph flrhmlck, 58, 238 Folsom avenue, Glendale. Henry Rfrothmann, 7$.- 2386 Catalpa avenue. Ridaewood. Dina Stephene, 23, Jiaurlce avenue, 5Ias- MaryhA. Hv.n, B, 16SJ6 llth .trMt, Hich-mond HIM . . , Art.m snd Brr," o..r I E'H . Illggln,. Bldg, to.fl, Dol.gi.s-.. - 1 ton. the licenses of amusement operators who permit unrefined lovof-making on their concessions. Events Today. Queen Branch tt omen's League of Voters mpt at Mrs. Timme'a. 2 Sixty-seventh street, Manhattan, 4 to 5 P M. Aeolian Orchestra concert Ne York Avenue M. F Church, evening. Perish Players give 1 .adr of rcrn otnal Help H. O. Church, Sixth avenue and Klftv-nlnih street, evening. Firr Aemblv District Ilemoeratle Club beefsteak dinner at Stanchs, evening. Miuku fledge rsfldipa Night, Maoooie Temple. Lafayette and ( lermont avenue. Mission of Help May partv. Diocesan House, I7 4tmen street, afternoon Bode Post A. L. theatre party at Keeneva MiSSIN CPERSbNS. The following perron were reported missing yesterday to the police: . LOLIH RAC.OZZINO. 27 year Id. 2M4 . . .. ... t West Fifteenth atreet, 8 P. M., April 23; Bv Kldge Theatre Third avenue and teveoty. I height 5 feet 6 Inches, weight 145 pound, second atreet I 7 I HKwn eyes and it air. florid coin pie loo: khaki Berkeley Institute Alumnae bridge and-cake I overenjat and sbirtr bine trousers, black laced sale at Berkeley Iotltute, Were mb avenue and shoes. Lincoln placo, afternoon. Altuirlan Club hard party and dan at Trommera HoH. Busbwick parkway and Cou-wav street, evening. Teatlmonifl dinner to J H, Oilrsrry. Hotel Bossert, lit ks and Mimtague streets, 7 T. M. Hebrew Day Nursery caxd party, 521 Hop-kineon avenue, afiernoos Bhite breakfast Nt. Marks if E. Churell, Ocean avenue ami Beverly -road J2 M. Ajx-.lo rtub closes twenty-fifth sessoo Academy, evening. Rosenberg Post 4 L. receive stand of cob, ora. U77 Fsteru parkway, evening. Blossom Time at Majestic, Tiny Tim benefit continues. "Notbmg But the Truth," given bT Kt. Jarobl F-r Lutheran Ghnrch. Fourth 'tveav near Flftv fourth atreet. evening Lev. Martha M. Utger lectitres at The ter Builder," 101 booth Oxford treet, 0 P. M. Btoa Wif'V oroetstwi, Rhhets F1M. lYSTIllTE IjFCriRLS. lu-isirsted lecture on "'fan's T. e on F? t ? h h k h Brow Rt one As Van ? isi ! ) i Vz ji i t,A Dr C . Si m( Ker 1 -'!- ' - r I 7ULLIAM COZZOLLF.NA. Z veara old. 2fi Sklljuidn street, 11 A. M., April : height 3 feet 6 inches, weight 50 pounds; brown eve, b'ack hair, dark complexion; grav vervt, brown suit with knee trousers, hiick patent-leather shoes brown stockings, gray hat. MARTIN ITSkOU. 40 years Id. 1 9 Berry atreet, 9 A. M . April 2ft; height 6 feet 4 Inches, weight 145 pounds, grav eves, brows hair, allow dfirirpJcxion; browu anft, grayshjjt, brown boe, dark cap, Mieoing Persons loeated, ANTHONY DIMNR, 12 years Id to Grew point awuue; reported April 23, returned April 24 m J. ' i ' r e - -i -' '' ' - " i l 1 j L, , I.Cuiicura uloaj) I Complcidons 7ealihy Adams Street Court .S!Sr-w;rs?..f'S,. dnrly conduct, 3 fine. VSoU'h',(r'. dto. n.W"1 FiV-.h.ra Norrnun B. lavaro, 41. Motel en?rncB dIurdwr,y conduct, suapanded Wmam Randet. 33 90ft Kant avenn. suspended sentence. . vnus, lrlpg McD'atlloy, 2J. ey tnceV fctre,t' auapSndad aen- psndi ,:& k0 f M,"h PoTSaii:?j:T' 879 -ry ia vto - JVlIHnm Ryan. 43. 7 Trt ..w He intoxication, suapanded sentence,' DUb James n Dies, 2y, Gates iv,r.i, PUJoLcJnl?XlTfn ,CrTld avnter.ee Joa!p 1 Laxlnaav, 4S. O-S -AtlunUu sv non40,:rUet,'lf auvp.-naVl ln- Lirt.-io'n Ditj.cison xi. - 54, 21 1 Rrtv stret d.soi.lrt-.v parson, pstoled. -- -- Sei-s.or.s. lormuato 60 r SSStslt - - Joa hold 'll :.u thlrri a-gre,, psroled. to' Msy i r.o homo, vsarsnev in $10,000 bail for .May 'irnc., Juan, 45, 41 Dixon plaea. vlo-.atlon f samtary coda. $1 fine. P lLpInt,, . 175 Hudson svtnua vielRUArt sanitary coda. $1 fine. OiFmpia II al bona, 3A 238 High atreat violation of aaiiltaiy coda, $1 fine .o-eph Ouiarini, 65.101 Tork" street V cV,OB sanitary coda. 2 fina, lenft sanitary coda, Xl fin C6. 174 Johnson rreet ,DI I-OJMTI. SS a,l Hudron ve-na. vio.ation of sanitary rod, $1 fine Po1:"- 23' -s Front sticct, mw per. jed ar.tetica, - JrH Iir,r.uU-.a. S-, HI Tort slreot. f fine Trofs-y, 28, ijfi Rroapret tret, Lslwrrvrly conduct, paroled to 5Iy g. Brooklyn Art Thfitw. Act rff ,'n wrl? 'ri of plnrn, tVx tfetigmufi n1 er . t T K 1 4 t c COiwr(r f- r n ? 1 1 s t j tA r 0 r i i'.ot kl n Art Tlici Marriage Licenses,. IaiieO at Marriage License Bureau at Borough Balt far twenty-four hours, ending 8 A 51. to-day. , Edwin Rowman, 28. 601 W. 173d at.; Anna Gross, 11, 40 Clinton at. Paul Frank, 21, 287 Mumboldt at.; Anna Kraham, 18, 310 Busbwick ave. Matthew Kerwln. 11, Maywood, K. J.; Carlotta. Service. 7, 540 Ocean ave. Joseph Mercaldo. 21, 211 Irving ave.; Rose Mttla. 18, 2414 Paclfio at. Gaston Von Busing, 38, 78 Evergreen ave.; Freda Beringer, 85, 78 Evergreen ave. Arthur Firenaen. 21. 6818 5th ava.; Lillie Erickson, 21, 744 80th at. Henry Wagnor, 23, 387 17th at.; Ellen Tague, 17. 282A 19th at. Harry Fraser, 33, 1823 74th at.; Olga Bnsick, 29, 258 84th at. William Murray,: 27, San Francisco, Cal.; Margaret Flvnn. 19-, 280 Rverson st. William Welgert, 60, 230 Hooper at ; Erika Gruman, 46fl 23ft Hooper at. Andrew McGeough. 85. 78 Ft, Greene pi.; Lena Gautreeu. 36. 78 Ft. Greene pi. Harry Nelson, 27, 618 62d at.; Jenny Larsen, 23, 667 40th at. Andrew Jellinick. 33, 1146 President at,; Clara Werner, 36, 1289 Union st. William Weeks, 22. 430 B. 53d st.; Ida Schroeder, 290. 614Atkln ave. Nathan Berman, 8, 671 Qlenmor ave ; Hannah Kiahlanaky. 22, 971 Glenmore ave, Clarence Rupert, 25, 100 Vanderbilt ave.; Llltllan Wimmer, 18, 144 Classon ave. B'alter Drechsler, 28, 1121 Bedford Te.; Helen Ritson, 23. 1065 Dean st. Robert Hollingsworth. 28, Houston, Tex.; Marie Kluber. 22, 603 Grand et. Joseph MolUca. 23. 421 3?th at.; Anna Clap, 23, 328 Atlantic ave. Martin Fonda, 46, 127 Parkslda ave.; Carol Satterthwaite, 46, 420 E 21t at. George Molineaux, 36. 1U8 Jefferson ava.; Ellen Rowe. 85, 168 Jefferson ave. John Gundersen, 31, 189 Adaina at.; May Meyer, 26, 188 Adams st. Fred Meyer, 22, 1818 B. 104th at.; Alice Rfilly, 18, 688 Atlantic ave. Frank Scala, 23, 333 6th at.; Anna Briano, 21; 132 8th at. Arvid Peterson. 21, 630 Crascent at.; Dorothy Bammel. 16, 180 Hale ave. Thomaa Pooling. 33. 15 Maoon at.; Mary Llebonberg. 27, 1432 Atlnntio ae. Joseph Kane. 23. 361 Division ave; Helen Falk, 21, 202 Fenn fttA Joseph Rais, 28, 136 Melroae at.; Fran-cen Zucchetto, 18, 64 Central av Solomon Silver, 27. Plattsburg, N. Y.I Sophie Ivvine, 21, 280 K. 68th et. Jesse Kelley, 26. 235 60th. -aL; Bessie Elliott. 28. 235 60th st. Gerrett Keller, 22, 433 9th at.; Lillian Schuta, 18. 226 Mat at. Charle Gall, 21, 1495 Pacific at.; Mary Colgan, 21. i486 E. 5th t. ' Isidore Baron, 26, t56 Warwick st. ; Rachel Balowitx, 23, 855 Warwick at Nell Torrev, 86. 18 Granite t.; Margaret Rodenbach, 38, 641 Halt at, Theodore Oman, 23. 423 E. 86th at.; Clara Hayse, 21, 129 Cbauncey st. John Kohn, 34, 272 Troy ave; Libby Croa. 29p 216 Troy ave. Charles Sand. 28. 2363 Firet ava.; Anna Eiseman. 29, 226 Powers at, r Nat Wleaenberg, 32. 239 W. 10oth St; Hilda Barnsch, 24, Sot.E, 16th at. Ixuie Palermo. 18. 33 Hnediker ave.; Veronica Baich, 17, 48 Van Brunt at. Louis Black, 60, 1708 Pitkin ave.; Mollie Disetsky, 43, 422 Hoplunson ave. ' T Ridgewood Police Court. , Magistrate Harry K. Miller. Catherine Wolf, -i, 88 ZcidJer s'enue. Middle Village, unmuzslcd dog, seiueuce suspended. ' Isidore Publer Glendas, violation traffic regulations, ntd $i Police Department. Commissioner "Richard E. Enright isur i thia order jesterday: Reinstatement Orf!ere1. PATROLMAN. Figih Grad Willi m V Just V, to Headnuartere Division, 'train ing School, to take effect April 18 Transfer and Assignment. , To (site effect 8 A "M., Ap. 1 -& Aif A. Aiuinn. from r-adnuKrt'' vision, office of the Chief Inspector to 7 J'i Precinct, assigned to motor cycle duty, as slgnmcnt to duty in plain clothe discontinued. From precincts indicated to Traffic Precinct li, assigned to duty in Traffic Toast's: George M. ODea, 3; John F Smith 28; Albert Spitz, 15; William Banoon, Traffic A. To take effect 8 A. M., April 30 George H. Gitfnn, pr , lu5th Precinct, assigned to clearical- duty. Temporary Alignment, 8 Hs KG KANT. Harry V. Hanley,-95th Precinct, to Pf-tective Dllsion, for livo dajs, from 8 A M.t April 30. PATROLMEN, fharlca G. Corilell. Sd Pret'incf to Ifeatf-quarters DivImou, Warrant Sound 1. frer 8 A. M., April 29, during ubseni of patrol man on sick report: Walter Carroll, 2riu rrecinct to Ife.iiLuartern Division, to dm In office of special Deputy Lommlssien McKay, for 6 tlavg, from 9 A. M . A r 30; Gcorgo A. Conway. 47tH Precinct tn Defective Division, to duty in office of U District Attorijcv Bronx County, for l , davo. from 8 A. Nr. April 20; lUvmond T Croa, 6"th Precinct to ?fh Insnection P trict, assigned to mounted traffic dutv, U 10 days fiom 8 A. M lay 6- Thomaa Reeker. lUth Precinctr to 2d Inspect District, to duty in raided premises, f'p 16 dftvs. flora 8 A. M, April .10; Willu I) Henisrh, Headquarters Division. fr.r Raided Premise Bquftd to 5th Inspect District, to duty In raided premises, In 10 dais, from 8 A. M., May 6 1 ft j t From precincts. Indicated to Traffic Pr Cinct A, oisigned to duty in Traffic Tor era. for 10 diya. from 6 A. M. April Patrick Collins 14, William Bergen, 25 I-rmn preemeta inlicaied to Defecthf plyiaUm, to duty In office of th Dta'n ' Attorney, Bronx Count v, for 10 davo, fro H. if., April 20 Arthur C. Fleischer V Charle F Armstrong 82 From prerinotg indicated to TFeadq'i tra Division, to duty in office of .-peril Deputy Commissioner McKay, assigned chauffeurs, for six davs, from 8 K. 1 April o0 Henry Hermanre 14 tWlUv V,"T,r Jo,pPli Miepperd, 116. Ji H. Oj.rien. Traf. D: Chnrlea Nashs Traf. K; Leo H . Mvers. 2t; John ii .9, Henry Oppnhmer. Traf. B; Ail- Dooley, Iraf. K; Wtlliam Schultes, Tri From eommnnda indicated to Hadnr ?2 Vr,nn' .t0 dUty f 1 ' ' - lf:l1,,,lnn,r 2h Kav. for six d' & from 8 A. M.. April 50 Frank NUko." r?JiFrBinM mPbPH 25; Linus Bml, v.Vf'1- A1; ' hr"' Rayfleld. ' r?' Georg Joiner. 4 zrl,Ilr:VCrn-67 Clvave. 71; H-n ri.tr.'. V''Li,'',f,rc illhnrdt. Trat I nni M 'i .MIC. Sq 1, I.'.' 1'"nrv -U llrr- 7: Bsrney G 'JJ. 31 SimrIiVi. 3j; Ju ' Morlarnr, 4; Augur J Kplr.ti,rt, JI, wim. 'sc?,7' 'rh',m wtitm.in, ' iiii it I i-m.r 80; Otto Krbnr 8J If A- r.nVJ P,';" """T Harrow I. , Srn?o"h,f'H. ir,:lhirt' Trat- B; 'Vn,l,ln . Bay IlUlgo Bovlcw. t uh Bay Bidge Review, No. I" v Alarrabeew. will hold its nmna bam dance Saturday etening, J'a 12. at Squire McKeon's Born, Fill'- (org Bninbrinh. 22, 1727 Gates ave j There xv-tllbi J! avenje ie, Pridcenood, unniu?.led dog, sentence .. A Pinny attraction?, tp nu aupemld JI. (;r 'inrd.el 44. r71 Ten Cirt-indt avanne, Rsurt-wotJ. u.ut urg.ei dug. sa-tcn ausps.dcO. Helen Dot aty, 1 V" Vm ) ?r t ?l.W. de Viliage, uimu lvj dt g, centenc ausn iKit-ti. 'iburr.a Aan it, 78, S71 Thirteenth reet, violation traffic reguiatiou, fined $vJ. living Btrng. 2 T.-mes-m afreet, C-nde. vlo fctloa tiaffie regulations fined $3 John fee ? tfi6irw,T. Vo. Blre-xer a.et, vhwftt.on sauiliry ut.l Mi y i it.e Fafaro, 71 Vo'.t aref. Min ha u vfoatr.n oanbaih law, fired Jt Vmcenxo 1reccla'el'ii. 32, 7C Mu!rrv ttriti viootoo abrjtS Inn fined Berth Tuck, 8v, U$ Ci ntoi, avrtvie S4petii unmuzzled dg. aentetr. us- pin!el Joseph KariJn 27, Proapett ave-, R)ugeoc dog, "Wblence ati.-pended "ONLY TBO r LACKS TO EAT TTTOME at i OB - MEYMANN'S Famous .Chop House NeHps St. t rifilbuh Are. i LAWfiS An GTA1I TME SS I r-ru ivr eliding the country Btore and noel Teeth Tonsils Heart AJl three aie linked by nieAcal autnot ities. Bo j ou know whyT Inf'-'dpc tonnl, valvular hrsri trouVe and oihrr ilia ara coniniotily cauPd b decaying teeth. ' We 11 save them if we can; if not. !.' THE WATEEEURY WAY n&w cur3 substituted in a smcl J AP langntgea btekeft. Lady Atlesdanf ! V.t; cnC ersr ' oraled f rj 1887. r .f.'jwV. ' i

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