Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1942
Page 2
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> v h DAILY KB VS. TUTOPAY^t^LY- 21, : 1942 * i ..A i*«»— ^ v ANOTHI SUNK: SHIP WERE LOST <, AVMhlnfcllon, ,luly,JM— (U I»)-~.|»n- clvfabir. riUdui'H .jwvo, HOril urmlhor United States mni v ohantmnn to thu hotiorn with a IOM.S of I a UVOH, , Tho mi-vy, aunoimoiiM that a riKKll- UnT-Mlxod /Srriorlonn «hlp. \vaH .sunk In Uio CiHPlhhoHM on Juno JJril, Onu- Milrd of" tho oniw 1 WUH kllkul or ..(jrrnvnwl when a lorpodo , hlanlod (MKih llwraMp'H iMinkurn, Thirty Htir- Avrrn plokwl- up by a naval .•Hrttiffakeii to "iVlnhlud, hdtor, 0f. ••thorn woi'o hr'oukhl to a port. % tlicfrri lOMt tNvar»; An/lornon of slaton iuloraoii ,o|' uk Oahll of Julian (rarola of Now (lays, Tho ^varsblpB restored Uio harbor worttti with 400 nlfth tafplo- alvu Hhfllta for half an hour. ' l Thqy blow ' yovwftl,-buildings >Hky' high a ml I jit Ho.yoi'tt'i.-Axis ,'sh I pti,, ! :Navu [ UUok wilholit ^mooting, rnuoh position -frorn cnoiny pJanqB, Mo/'o than JQO'homhoi 1 and flghlcr pianos raided tho Axis airdrome! at l (1 uka, 00 mllos behind tho battle-,. •• ami • with high dispersal bombs dai.nagod W. enemy' ulrci'nft; " i ' Beauty Unadorned and Helpfbl^PoIiceinan * * •« ji ^.*. * . the op N. Y,; ton Now HOM- York Swlok- , . oily; Will la irf: Pcaroy of \ChrlHl,l, TIJXUH; and Kdward l «rd of Now Jbi'Mfty, ,'. '"I'SVO Ot.hOC -.Jilll'VlVOl'S, n r»'f)onfi'nr of Norfolk, Virginia, and •Ilay.-Srnllhfipri woro plokinl up 1> fty* IMirwt mid hHld for two hours Thorrthoy. woi'o roloased on a raf ttirwh lc,h Ihny drlftod for five day w>foi«(v , filckwl up by u Himllla Germans Throw More Power Into Attack ' (Go'rttlriiiftd 1 frurn Pagn One) iHMlms Mai t Hontoy froiu ;rjib" ci'. i'oroos aru thruu dln,uh . 'I* salil to bo III llftmiiH 4 , • 'Tlio'^a/.lH also claim to per wllfifh 'pO'-'ml)vH"df .•^lallngraU,' Iholr .Qtli'ci' vital ob'joollvu' oh Uur >(ti it thorn ri'ont', ' ' ! Tho Ml'^nqy of.'tlj«'i'uw»ran .sllua- Lion la- , rolltjotuil In l.ondojj, whuru "'Hi- HrUfMh ofllolalM aru ' tho poNHlblllty of opun- (hic « ^)(HK»(t".frynt moon,- .' .••'Tcn'(«y".fo Nio-nolKlnn national holiday;, and It han boon dlsoloHrul thai 'UDt^fUm paratroops aro quar- lorod In Condon, A mwHsaKt' has boorv bt'oadoant to MoJKiiiin, Haying- 1 "Tit all 1 of yoirt'hn MolKlan armj HW.VH: (ioiiruKt'1 Thn worst IM 'passed >V/K5n Ihf flay (»>nn«n, you will H CHI i or long I'ango • bombers of thd -Jilahtod Uio.'.Axis .ba^o at -Slrll Oarranl, noar tho Llbyun^Egyplian bot-dor, sotting -lire to many^bargcsj -Iluavy fl^li ( llng dlod (lowh'bn Mie Kl ; Aiauioln. Jlnp whlhi, 'bptb :.sldpB apparently \vord ontrortohlijig .tb.Qm«j sdl Vos, , and, rooupara.tlrig ' fronv \th«j: rooon't, li'wivy brt'UI6s. Tho /iVi'UJshi howoVorrongagocl' lii nutrbl'> activity and apparently •>. tho ; I'njtlr . Axis •rarl'loH Iridli-cblly.: .opYrdrm this, with report* that Imperial at- tanks woro I'opulHnd," '.; •. '<'•'-• ;.^.' Tho .shot that finally opens, tho sbOowl front may bo /Irtid—not In tho Kur.opoan battlo xonoa—but In tho I'-ar (')ast. Spfwlfloiilly, Japan's long rurnorod Invasion 'of. Siberia. At toast, that sooms to bo tho consensus of,tho. oxpoi-ls, . , . -. . • , Tho Amorloan air foroe In China: has oiu'.rlod out {Is sooond raid In' two . woqkH, sinking I wo Jap ships at an 'onomy,, baHp-.9n .(.IKK Yapgt/o. And tho .Clh'InoHo aro tVy'lh'g to ro- taku Wnnphow again. In tho southsvoHt Paoldo, alllod activity Is limited to rooonnalHsanoo after Uio Japs.made a 41-p.lano raid on Port iMoruHby. Hut Informod !lri!li'H In Now (lulnoa J'ool that this 'ooofinalHManoo iiulldlng, up o an alllod' offensive, Hot, tiiey it out, that It "may. start In, a small vay—porhapH a oommando-attaok. At' t'fio ridrno tlino, "NoW 55ealftlitrM ii'lmo mlnlstnr, Peter Ki'aser^, warns hat It would be- a nil'stako for the to,unrfornsllmato' tho' .strength thu. om»my, Ho appeals to .tho alto kdop tho Hiippllos rolling r to land down-under, • . f OH 10 MANY OUT (MS down on New Yorkers, during the hottest day of the year. However, informed sources say that iheJinmetflale objectlvo^of secondv fi;oflti would be to^take ( pres&itf-e" /r6Yii* M Mic x ' Russians. An( bold that nothing but, a full they S,calo that. second frontT can accompl-ish homas Conlon Corporal of Group '(CODtinued from Pago One) Ion, Snyde rand Lukasik, are: Louis Seauenzfa, .438 South Main •street; Walter,' 1^. Kramp^tz, Aetna sbreet; C'be6_Ler Roniaii, Gorman srect; Alphonfic Rulkowskl, Prospect street; Francis P. Bowman, Gherr^slree't; Edward O'Brien, Ca*'- .rol street;' 'Albert ; Btiummer, -Fjeld ;slreet; AnUi^n'y flucclb| Hig'li street, AIide ; Diamond', ' CliesUiire; ''Waller- Olsxew^fci, North 1 • Main street; Har- : ry' B. -Ne'wlon, New' IIvivcn'i; (iliarJcs .Boo th 'Mi 11 stree t; Th Oiiias A. JL^- goniek, Pond /Hill; •; Desmond L.. Nigro; AV-a tei^b,u r y; : '• Fraiiici s J; Q u i n ti, B.eacon L .^Fa1Js;';''Franlpis ; E. Kenhey, UWUn>c k BH,vp|lai.i waj-Hhi'ps and plaiftiH hard ,ou although a hwavy'huHl of tho'Koyal Navy t'Uo Axis port of Matruh. UH and hnavlrHt.Mhc.Illug In four Julj; aiy-dJPJ larld .rnotorlHlH 1 'aro rushing to • fill tholr gasfillno tanks boforo Htriolor rationing boglns 'tomorrow. Bui thcy'rb .bolug fll-sappolutod booausc noNt filling stations aro out of gas, Hovvovor, all dc'al'ors will bo glvon Jfull tanks for tho start of tho hesv rationing Hysloin,, And, hoi-oat'tor, they will luivo KHHolfno • all thu CLAIRE LUCE OF GREEPHCHIIMY RUN FOR CONGRESS Hartford; July:2l>-(UP)— TJiere is .talk In.. Mopiibllchn p.arty' olrol-ca that Claire'r/uoe,, wife of .Publisher Henry Luce. 1 ,.may bo -a candidate for ThHl llnd a odil V or hiiitlMirfl you Power for U. S. War Machine Mrs. Luce, who lives at Greon- wloh, 1 lias been menllonod- i'or some Nino -as a'.'oHiLflldato' for Congress, in tho .fourth.dlHtriaL—Palrneld county. But inipo.rtant .Ht'uLo loaders now are spying, shn inay be oi'-yalue -on tho j)ar.ty 'ticket on a slate-wide basis/ .as., .congressman - tit - iargo, rather than running in one county only; ' ,' , Mexico City, July 21—(IJP)— Mexican police tire investigating $,py charges agam&t German-born Mrs Eli/abclh Hudd Pltg DC Almuzan Mrs Pit/, was iormajy placed under arrest. Police seized the pretty wife of a prominent Mexican 1 lawyer m a raid on her apartment last, nhjhi ^ Mrs Pi I/, toJd rguorleib she had 10 interest in politics Slie once voiived Jn Die Gorman embassy m »aris. FARM IN LIFE MAGAZINE Gi ty Hi 11 street ; ; 'BaVth olomew Sh er- idan, Lo,cust Srtreet; , Alexander M. 7 Grant, : . Waterbury ; ,Girriow P. Lobalbo, Cli u roll street; John R. Haigh, Ehmvood slreet; Garl A Hen Gustafson r Trowdridge PJac,q; Marion Slomczynski, Crown street; Sanford W. Winters^ Woicotl; Albert A. Gan- tito, Water-bury; Johoph Pabacki,^ Bienru^n street; Slianley "W-Jdu-ch/ Spring street, Ghilbo V. PivJrotlo, West Cheshire; Joseph W. Pctru- kdJtis, Spring street; Howard H. Mtturey, Purk Place; Leo";. TV Soul- Jy, Prospect street; Austin p. Phillips, Highland avenue; Bronislaw Kerbki, Forest sti;ect. One of bhe iocal contingent will" be Leo Scully, of Union Gity, su- perJntendent oi the welfare board of the borough ol Naugatiick for a numiber oi yeatvs It is expected thai the naming pi Jus successor to (/he pos-L will be discussed at the next -meeting oijfhe board of char- itics ^ ^ & ? ^ V IA IfTAiUIHED 1811 You can't freeze in a Palm Beach suit on a hot day«* but—you can feel as though your body was air conditioned. / For $19.50 there's nothing in the line of comfortable summer suits that holds a candle to a Palm Beach. The construction of the fabric itself is unique—tiny little airspaces—-about sixteen hundred to the square inch — allows the heat of the body to escape and insulates your body against outside heat. make your a la aJl-col- Great Stage Show Comes To Loew's Poll ;h;im -here In person, so plans to attend this i ored s'liowo/ „ Robinson, afIermore Mi,in 50 years of dancing is still at Lhc top'of his profession and i.n deniand -Jn each and evci'y field of cnterlain- ment. ' An extra added aUractkm on Ibis big program is-. Henn Uarlor, Amei v - i<ja's Most Versatile Maestro, and | his..orchestra, an outfit thai has) scored tremendous success in both j venic, -.the and tinglnnd. Oar-' tional' t. 0 SEEK CIMRTER AT LEWIS CO. nnd Wl.Jllani 'MQrl^i'jty, di^anlsspr for "'?5I, ClD'pf Uio Mine; Mill ......., i e) to/ 1 ;. WQ leers' -Union - of Watcjrhury,' with,other union roprb- senlatlvoH,.' attended.-.two"" ine'etings of tji'h oinployos' of"|,|ie Lewis Ifln- K'lnnorlng. boiTipjmy li'old .hero yes- ordny, In'.lho.'.hoafkjiiiirtQrs of Local 5. CIQ, Unllprt- Hubboiv Workers of: \morlea, for, prollmlnary._sc.ssl6ns or thn'-ffrahting' of a ohartcr to. the. \aiiKatuok -group. No information' on Id. be learner! Mils afternoon as to ho .notion" taken by the group. 'J'lio montings were hold at WR. in. and at 7 p. m. in order that workers-In both the morning, and night : shif|,s could, attend the con- foi'onou, '•••-•'''•'•..•• BOSTON 1 AIR RAID WARDENS MAKE CHARGES v counlcp- failure €f Jul) 2J—^U-P)—Thp ,cii'!' mid /waj doi^s^ In f I36f*tGTi aie having theii "say And^Lhp^'L'e«nol mincing words i There wcle m^ule' -,.,.. - ^ .... r rji»u.rsdny!s alf-fald. tbsl • And GJyllhin Defence of/icl<i1a agroert'dn af least ono Lh,ln|?-r that t'' lp bun- Sllng'Wa*? due (p tlie f Wardens, But spokesmen for '20,000 >vai»- flcns no\v say* Uie test' faijwl be- ljho\e In charge made onlv stumbling and Inexcusable cfiorts wardens sa.V, Hiej'ic cntiUcd .0 harniomlou^, productive results r.oni Uio $7r>00 which,,Is annually paid noslorj'b fllvllhin Defence dlr- * f- i ¥ , INSURANCE CONVKNTION '• Harlford,. July 20—(UP) — Tho Stain Motor Veh'lclos Commissioner John T. MoGarthy,' Ls attending , the. annual oon von Lion ol 1 the American As.soolatlon of Motor Vehicles Commissioners at. Milwaukee. WILIi him are two dnpnrl-morit officials—William M. Groono, head of the highway safety .'section;: and. W. Burke Smith, secretary ..of the .highway Hafoty oonimlsalon, \ ^ *cr« blanket of wnter, tho overflow-from Grand Coule« D»m'» newly filled mervolr, covers the Hplllwny of tho world'i UrgMt con- er«tj •truoture, Tht (Urn locntod Jn W«»hlngton \n AH tall UN a 85-iitory bM^Jdlnir.^or »lae compnrlHon, note n*ur« of workman (arrow) at iJSl r f tf Thfw , <rl , Iint K« n « r «korii nearby, drlvtn by water from the i«*eryoir, are produclnf a largo block of power for aluminum plant*, •hip yarda and other war indu«trle», (C**traler<n) VACATION for 18c A WEEK Make your vacation complete by having the Naugatuok Daily New»~mailed to you each day, WhU^ you aye away, Givo your order to your newnhioy or fill out blank below. •NA'MB '..;/ ',',..... ON STHIKE July 2l~,(UP)— SkeTcton cnnvs ,«t the 1 Idle' Ford assembly plant, are striking In protest against tho disciplining of-a fellow workor. Tho f.!(0 workers oliargo Mint Stefan Poxnlak wan laid off for a week for an accident.: When he returned to work I* was -glven ' nn'otlier' Job at i-oduood ; • pay, 'P,o/,nlak 'has been with tho Ford obmpariy for 28 years ITarttord, July 21—(UP)—TIjc retired' secretary oi the accident de- parhnenl ot Aetna Liio Insurance compan>, john Marvin Ptirkor, Jr, ,ls dead all or a long illness lie retired in 1933 , **» , First Worker—^'hat did I he boss do when you toid him it was trip- lots Second workei—He promoted mo to tho head ot m> department First waikcr—What department in? Second Worker—Production department FILLERS r ,.. For electric cookery, u^e porcelain enameled pots and pans with JTiat, straight bottoms and .straight which 111, evenly on the htdt- ing elomentb and eliminate loss of heat, Matthew Maher/ol 115 Oak btrcet, uetired nuiil 'carrier, who seldom misses^ d trick in pei using l)he columns "oi his newspaper or maga- xlnes, called the at/tcntion oi your reporloi tod-ay to an article m the July ItfMi issue oi "iLiic" maga/ine on jiagbs 2i o.nd 2j which i elates f the experiences oi John Bainetl, 'a iarmer in Wood\\ard, OkJahoma Farmer Barnett has ln-s wile, Venus, and three children, DeJphaline, 17, Lincoln, ij, and Leonard, 9, to support -on the mcagci ,otops irom the farm The JBarncth have 21 head Oi dairy cattle and obtain a scant seven »galk>ns per milking In l;hc shaek vsJifch the Barhoth call home, Dolphaline, who, *with her two brothers, are three of the seven pupils that attend the rural school in then- district, \\IJL enter high school ncvt lull She evidcnl- ly occupies HID "suite de luxe" in I'he Jjoiucbtcad The \\alls aro cov- orod will! old newspapers and Del- plialine is pictured reclining on JieV bed reading a' book A table in a corner of the loom is a repository ior her wearing apparel, including her hat and shoes, and, "lo" and J}el?oId, J) a full si/,ed carton 01 Afounds. made by the Peter Pa.ul Candy to oi Naugatuck Mr Mailer says ' it sure is a small world" 'and wo agree with him, and wilh the Peter PaXil Company which ciajms that Afounds may bo purchased in evcr^ city and hdin- Ji't in WieTJniled States Tomorrow .and. Thursday, of this week, on the s'aw ot !ii c famou.s Loew'sPoli theater, will appeal' fhe greatest aJl-rcolored show ever presented anywhere, anytime Bill Robinson, (bhc "Bojunfilcs" oi Harlen- ^bo has tapped himselt 1n-to th hearts oi an admiring public hot and abroad, tops the mam moth bill. "i, ,m, y Tomp'le' Uncle Bill" Bpbinson In Innuine, able screen hits, now you are bHn oifered the opportunity of .mo-t'n LEGAL ss Probate Love your enemies They may bhoot-you, but It is }our friends \\lio borrow your Jast dollar, then evade you, and that makes, ^ou mad- clrr than getling bhot Churchill, King George Confer (Continued from Page One) District oCNaugatucl Court, July 21, 1942. ESTATR OF Thomas Lcary, late o£ Ndugaluck, m said District- deceased. The Admmjslralor having exhibfU cd his administration accounT'w'ilh said cslate fo this Court lor allowance, jt is ORDEHBD—Thaf Die 25fh day of July \, D JW2, at 11 00 o'cloci in the foiicnoon a.I the Probate office, m IXauffalucIv, be and (he same is assigned for a hearing on the allowance of said Administration'Ac-' count with said Estate, and this C,ourf directs the Administrator to cite all persons interested therein to apppar at said time and place h publishing Ihis order jn some news paper 'published in New Haven county and having a circulation in said District, and posting a copy on the public sign post In the town of isaugaluck, where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, postage prepaid, a like notice to each of the known heirs residing outside this District at Jeast three days before said day assigned D EMMET SHEA, Judge. 7-21-di, ,'ter.lKis- also gained-.fame as one of the lop song writers o[ the r»'^s cnt day era, having composed such hits as "Nightfall," "Savoy Stem- Tede," "Blues in My Hearl," "Dream Lullaby," and-many oUiers. Carter's orchestra is truly, considered one of the outslanding:Ndqro groups in the country, and is in demand everywhere sweel swing is pJa'yed. . Other stars on (,'h'is bill arc Tom- mic and, four fouL of rhy- tlrm-;- Otto -Kason, skating-', inarv'fii of the century, ami, in addition, there are 'Other big acts. Th ere \y i j 1 ]j e f o u,> s li 11 w.s ji r c - scntcd daily, -at -I :20; -V:00, (5:30, ond «i., so malve yo.ur plans to be On t/be screen will picture, "Mr. V," Howard und Mary Morris. Atlractions current --it (.he Poli th eater are "Tarxu-n Adventure" wilh Johnny \\ Jer a.n<l- Maureen O'Sulliv,,, the "'Magmlficeni Dope," \\\\^ Bari iand Henry Fonda. ]f y' ou not *Urcftdy-soon- Uiis splondiri sec j[, tonight for Its last Th cy' re' coini In g J M ;J xe n and Pally Andrews, trio, are booked foj m lime. sonal appcarancx?, real the stage -of t.he Loew's ater, so watch for UK ftnno un corner) f,si -soon, Poli t! Playdaij j Sno\vn«kc! Molls Blueberry Mnlllns- Fresh Klnoborry PJi Hcrinils Itoll.s Suffar Kuns NiH li'uti.s Whole Wheat Kuhn's City Bakery " • *" ~- C?»»i . —^_ ST. TKI, »n NOW SHE SHOPS FIX-UP NOW! Without Painful Backach. cation of thoi'r nature, Hie ques- llon Of j an Allied invasion of the continent/ is believed to have been tho major issue. n JJurlqg recent weeks, there's been £ noticeable. decline in opposition {0 tyjeu opening ot a second front Some reports" have ( been thai 1he •Allies-may'open a so-called "Limited 'tHvcirsfon"—possibly an atlack on Norway. PRIVATE BUCK .-. By Clyde Lewis [Can You Use $1OO I "A lonn of $100 costs $20.60 when promptly.rcpnid--in Ji> monthly |consccutivo jnstallincii(s.* f IF YOU CAN PAY $10.05 PER MONTH — CALF, EMPIRE LOAN CORP. Lie. No. 468 ROOM 220 BROWN IILDG Tel. t * 4 « I ..STATIO LOVA'l* .STOP S£5S»SS ^^^^ *o« cliEiineMi Fr»QU8nt P***!** v> p ith t •martinf .and burn umo« «how« there i* •nm«n,i»- " —r tr v««» i->>vmj, if 'i rheumatic; pain*, ccttinc up •°«»- Wron « Paint-up '^11 (he m\v on .vqnr furnfluro, NCI-OCJIS woodwork, ekv, with Murpii.v Paints. GAHS, INC. MAPLE ST. Trl. !)507 REPAIR WORK •on since they made Fatso a rear gunner, they haven't been able to get his plane in the air!" ' ** * * f "H' i> ,. EVINRUDE and All Other Makes of" Outboard Motors ESTIMATES FREE BY FA(,IOH TRAINED OUTfiOARI) MOTOR EXPERT WEISS REN FRANKLIN STORE 152 CHURClf STRfcKT Lowest Prices In The City John Girdes Music Shop , We Buy, Spll, Exchnnae mid All'Kinds Of Instruments VioSJn, Piftiios, Rndios, CInrfnet, Trumpel, Accordions, Sa Wood Wind* — Musical Tel. 4-9808 382 SO. MAIN ST. WATERBURY | The Mutual Savings Bank is almost distinctively a New England institution. The early settlers, when a community was formed, thought first of the church, then of the^ school, then of the Mutual Savings Bank. WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on nil properly expire. (Time «JO, 1})42, This protect ion nniy be ofololnnl. tl.irou.gli (bo local insurnnce; rents who are actiiifj for HIP I 1'iiitod .Stales Govcrnmcnf, For information see I! cr aviiigrs Bank The Old-Time "Mutual'' Naugratuck Insurance Agrency, Inc. . F. \V..,EATON, Manager. Boom 9 Neary Bldjf. Phone 2080 So \\-( bu hv Mo \H\\ Pa i a Is. Itoi Iss Ms lo Die Sail ^ t ft^^• Dili' Gov over -I A Burners are now available—from Kft n« u i_ 3re are " le ^ n ff manufactured, able ?nr hn,T S ^f uch > if any, fuel oil will be avail able for house heating this Fall and Winter. ou d W6 ^ ther a PP roa «hes there will be a tremend sure t?b?Jtort3fflr -Itt ^ C °f S0meb0dy " Is it going to be you? Call us now for a survey and quotation. The atuck Fuel Co. T?Ann A Distributor^ of > *"AIBBANKS-MORSE AUTOMATIC COAL F, nc .We , form '-•00 , We. •

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