The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1945
Page 5
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FK1DAY, MARCH 1G, 19<1G Home Demonstration Notes . lioswocd Home Demonstration Club met Wednesday afternoon at (he. clubhouse-• with iO members present, Including two new ones, Mrs. Grant Wallace and Mrs. Il' Storey. Following Ihc opening songs. Mrs. Ruby Lutes rent! the clevo- lional find Mrs. P. S. Parker led in prayer. Members voted a S5 donation to the Red Cross, and planned for an all-day hmisecleaning at the club house en Tuesday, when dogwood trees will be planted if Uic weather permils. A politick dinner will be served nt the noon hour. ! A green and white 'color scheme was carried out in the refreshments served )jy Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Clui'ciicc Davis. The next regular club meeting will be held Wednesday night March 2«, with a potluck supper. Yarbro Uonir Demonstration Club members met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. O. O. Elkins as hostess, with 13 present. The di-volioiinl from the I2-lth Pmliii n-fis read by Mrs. Vf. A. Hall, and members responded lo the roll cull with a .sufgf.slion on "what itnuiovenients we are £ohi{; lo make in our home during the ACTS ON THE KIDNEYS To increase flew of urine and relieve irriiniion of (he-bladder from excess acidity in the urine Are yon siilfciinj unncceijarj- iltslrcss. li.-icli.icht, rim-iTowii loclin; »nd discon.- toil from excess acidity in trio urine) Aru yas disturbed ni s hls by n frequent desire lo v»9 wal«r> Then yon s,i M ,M hitovr nhoul Ihnt l.imous doctor's diicovcrv DR. KILlinO'S SWAMP ROOT—\hJl thousands say E -ves l,lcss~d roller. Swamp Itonl is a carWutly blended combination of 16 herbs, reals, vep:cMMcs, balsams. Dr. KiTmcrs is not harsh „, h,bit-(ormin s In «fY«"i' y " M |" ny pc ! I>lc Mir lts """-"I"" Send for free, prcpaij sample TODAY! 1-iliC thousands c-f others you'll he, you liiJ. Senrl name and nddress to Dctarlmtnt I), Kilnisr A Co., Inr.. Cox 1255. Stamford, Co,,n. Oflcr limited. Send M once. All dm S £ists sell Swamp Root, Expert- Body Repair * if FLOOR MATS We've just received a shipment of Hnor DM(S—frotil and rear nuts for all makes of cars. ic * Lee Motor Sales 305 E. Main Ph. 519 Report Made In Hospila! Probe Committee Concedes Many Things Needed But Laud Managers MILU3DGEVII.LE. Oa., Mar, 1C (UP)—An Invr-stlgiitlng committee has fonnally reported that many things, including new buildings and equipment, are needed at llie Clcor- gia State Hospital for (lie Insane. Bill commutee members believe that the hospital management, should be commended for wlntl it has done. Ending a three-day probe of CIO charge;,- Unit R Hmc of the institution's almost 8500 inmates lave been mistreated, (he committee declares the charges were instigated by the CIO to further its own expansion rather than lo improve the hospital conditions. The regional CIO director. Charles •-• II. Gillmnii, charges Hint the com- lc. mittce report is wlwl he railed n. «', "(lagiT.nt whitewash." And Ciillnnui ' urges approval of a sum-cstion bv Uic 1/jtiBuc of Women Voters llm'l a .scientific survey be made by « competent professional body. Couimltlce members have" reported they round the century-old hos- pilal undermanned. That medical and custodial staff should be enlarged. That food variety is inade- qunlc. And Ural mot-e milk and fresh vcficlables arc needed. These findings partially substantiate siimc of the CIO's charges. The committee report says that wartime conditions are the explanation. And (he committee denies that patients are poorly clothed, that the hospital is cold, and that patient, with infectious diseases are handling food. Uillman said the CIO could not understand why the committee shirked-' its responsibility. The committee reports that the CIO investigation of the hospital apparently originated after two hospital workers. CIO members, had been dismissed for inefficiency And the committee further says f that, had the union been interested in the patient's welfaie. rather than publicity for a drive for members llie CIO would have can-led its complaints first to the hospital officials , rather than to the press. The committee has conceded a CIO charge that ward attendants sometime.-; sew up minor cms unsaid it, fails to find that this lias been Injurious to any of the patients. ..Censors!:.'? -:•'. outgoing; mail, another union charge, also has been admitted. But the report points out that it must l>c remembered the inmates are. insane, and might alarm their loved ones with incoherent letters. Johnson says he's convinced lhat Ihe rn.ltwys musl get additional niiinpo.ver and materials, otherwise, he says, our Iransporlalioji sytcm will be incapable of carry- iuif as heavy loads as they handled last year and (he year before. 'i'hc motor transport picture Is just as bail. Truckers ,'irc short of BI/YTIIEVILLB COUBIBIl' NKWS r\ /Tii i: < x * <"*> On Hie Farm Front Maybe we were too hasty ill iirning old "Diiggiin and Eugle" strong, uarlfcnlnrl... '•-"- out to pasture amHeUlng'^he^iai'ui iBon BO to ruin. For at the rate leks arc leaving the road, ll sible for'Tlie icems that the learn anil wagon this fa sh mil come In mighty handy before war is over. Trucking l;n't, Hie only form o( transportation Uinf s in bad ape. plrcctor Johnson or the Ol- ficc of. Oefeiise. Ti-ansportalioii rc- ""'•"• Ihaf a sc^ : clly of freight cms 'a'Jor '., is ' yii.tuiilly lying o'li 1 nilroads into' knots. The ODT^brfss 'lakes n fcrlous 'lew of what iffcct slow-downs in ranspoi-lalloh 11 will have on agri-' Milture. Ho points out that enor- noiis amounts of wheat must be novccl lo elevators before new crojis •omc on. This is a prosing prob- im. but, not as pressing as thai of ret cor/i. Johnson says huge sup- Hr-s of (his will have to be haul- ci out or the western part of (he aril belt if heavy losses arc lo be verled. ODTs (roubles are compounded wide variety of handicaps here are loo feiv rulliray cars, nd many of what we have were talled for weeks by the savage vinlcr storms which tied up north- astern lines for weeks and like igriciiltiu-R, (he railways lost, a big chu the ink of their be't ai'ined services. Kailtiads N'eed can-power lo Help ouipment, part;;, (ire.-, and bat- Lcrles. .Unless the situation is greatly improved the job of netting 19-15 crops lo market is likely to be well- nigh impossible. Thai's why we :ay, the team and wagon may'liavc lieen abandoned too soon. Finding storage room for products of the fai-jii— such ;„ mc . Us and lutd, was once a war-time headache. But there's plenty of :oragc rioin now, miles ami miles of near-empty coolers, freezers and warehouses. This is the period when reserve supplier of pork and lard are normally piling up. But during the past few weeks—according to the USDA meats are moving out of storage fnstcr than they're goin" in. Back In 1930, one of the draulli years, the March total of stored meals fell to what was IhoiHit would remain an all-time low. But that record of low supply hns been broken. Shell eggs, which were a glut, ou (lie market n year ago. lire now only n fourth us largo. Meanwhile, hopes Unit dl'Mujiom 1 - auce of red meals from civilian (n- blcs might bo off-set by heavier poultry production have taken a rap. The Department of Agriculture. reports (hut baby chick output by commercial Imlcherlcs Is down 12 per cent train lust year. Chirlis In Dciimml Demand for chicks Is very on the purl or ... , ...... broiler producers." liul u .shortage of hulchin imikn? It impos- Incubator people lo The shortage is es- till all orders. The slioi-lngc is ex- peeled io continue for the next, icveral months. i The Seniilc has approved con- liimance s f another of the subsidy programs. This is (he one thai the lieconstrtiction Finance Corporation finances. UFO pays out subsidies on meat, butter and flour. Ihe bill now B oes lo the House. The sumibljie over what commit- Ice should consider (be M\'A bill is now settled. It'll be taken up not hy one bill three Senale com- mlllees. First the Commerce ComiiilUco will lake up (he Hood control and iinvigallou ansles of Ihe proposed .\lis-oiirl IlitKln projm. Then the fieclamalion and inij.alion Com- millee will study provisions of (he lull which il is interested. And finally iVic measure will come before (he Agrlctillurt! Committee Incidentally, „ bin calling for an- her basin milliorlty is before (he Senate. The Soulli is ysklnc. fm- a "Little TVA' In the Savannah river shed. If you dairymen really want lusher milk prices, the lhiii K lo do "• lo sell your cow- and .start up herd of mill; B o,, For here is PA wilh an order aiithoir/in.r in increase in the price or evnponiled Boat milk. This pruducl is used in making i,;ii )y foo ,| ,, ccdc(i |)y A,.." llo ' eil/ ' tf) ''Wlar milk. OI'A explains the price Increase by saying dial ilnring the past Ihree years the operalins a)S t. s ot Hoat milk producers have Inereas- <'H. Jlie Increases an; said lo be. in- . , . - -~"-".'to .inr hum io JJU )list a.s high as those borne by producers of cows milk. But dairymen, the agency points out, are able lo make ends meet oy the payments they receive through Ihc feed subsidy Youth Welfare Work Furthered Juvcnlfo Court Aids Child Welfare Unit With Boys and Girls Mississippi County looks nfler Us under-privileged children In various ways with the Child Welfare Unit and Juvenile Court cooperating In llie progrnm lo .fiiiVgiiiird (he ivel- fine of the youth of this seel Ion. During (he past year, bolh the weliuro unit and Juvenile Court 1 aw been busy, because of the Increased Jmvullc' delinquency but some difficult problems of other sections are not previilfiit here, 11 wus said. In the 21 juvenile euiirl- hpnrlntrs during the past year, various dls- imslllou was made of tmes. One. (ulo! girl tuid three atlolesecnl boys were committed |o correctionnl iiislitullons nnd 11 boys and six iiirls were placed on probation uller first vluliilions ot laws. The child welfare milt, established im years ago as one of the- 12 wills la the 75 counties of Arkan- si'.s. Includes specialb.ed case work wilh dependent, jicgledwl n n-1 abused children, with llie mentality and physically handicapped children, the delinquent children and those In danger o[ becoming delinquent, nnd iimn.-irded mothers This mill also is a licensed ugcii- cy for placing of children for adoption. During ihe past year l« adoption recommendations mid studies \\vrc made fur Chancery Court. A monthly avenge of 1110 children i'iid 13G families were given service (luring the past year. Of the 188 children, an jiverage nl 1<!5 were supervised in their own homes or In homes of relatives with IK in free or boarding foster homes r.iui three in Institution!;'. • Medical services and transportation arrangement.'; Were made for crippled children in Mississippi County who arc being improved Temperatures V program. I through several groups hi cooperat- — mi? with the diilcl tvclfarc unit. Atlanta Augusta . Birmingham Charleston . Charlotte . coming year." Aft $11 donation to Cross was voted during ness session. Prizes in (he games played during the afternoon were won by Mrs. Punk Willis and Mrs Eka Wheeler. Durinr; the social hour refreshment ot sandwiches and iced drinks were served. The next meeting will he in (he home of Mrs. Ross Moore on Match 27. Chicago Cincinnati Denver Detroit . ..'..'.'.'.' Jacksonville . .. Kansas City ... Macon Memphis . Miami .' Montgomery . .. New Orleans .: New York San Antonio Savannah Tampa . the Red. Washington the : foiisi- Houston '.'. | Jackson ! Lit He nock .... Shrcveporl . IK . 11 . 15 . 7-1 . 72 . R8 . OS C4 75 SI 78 12 70 . Q2 . 85 , HO . !)7 . fiO . 11'! . 113 CARD 01' THANKS We wish (o thmik the many friends and relatives for their kindness and sympathy miring our recent loss nnd bereavement. The. Parsley Family and Cpl. George Deardcn, husband Mrs. Clirisltna I'lnckney Is child welfare worker with Roland Oiocn as county judge, at the head or these services. Cocoanut Juicey Provides Fuel • r To Run Radiqlj WASHINGTON, Mar. 10 — Radio repairmen on the-'hom'c- front mlylit find impinitlon In llie t«le or an jujjcniwis radioman stranded In the Philippines He a radio work wilh cocoanut. juice. The radioman is Warrant Officer William F. Konko of Cleveland who was stranded for nearly three years on an unidentified' Island after his torpedo bout w'ns sunk 'I hen he joined a bam! or guerrillas who showed him a radio hidden on the island and nskcil him lo gd u into slmpc. Konko worked rar three months with Ihe help of a fciv Filipino TOPS FOR YOUR HAIR lrn—slylo —only 23c It's Miss Mildred Jackson speaking, chief stewardess of Chicago and Somlicrn Air Lines. And all Chicago nnd Southern planes rely on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively because this oil saves wear, helps costly airplane motors fast longer. t Now that the motor of your car must last longer, too, give it the same protection against wear. Get Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. It stands up longer and lubricates better because it's both de-waxed and cle-jeJlied. » , Ark, two's 'Pimple' Tough Problem For Marines Cleaning Up Japs PAGE FIVES l»i'tf .. thins. WO JIM A, Mar. 10 (U.l>.) — battle of Ihe, "plniplo" for it, lie \viis an official sort of Today It's a major problem In »' dual reduction of Japitueso I'fciws on Iwo. Ui-m. Jim Ci. Micas, :or Tiil«t, kin., u Miulno Corps coinlml t-or- 'spondciit, snys the Leathernecks l| l it n pimple It couldn't •' ji hill, even on flat Iwo. Kvi'ryono was so Interested in '"Mills inn aaa tlu\t Ihey roritot <o noli™ when Ihe battle for the Dimple lioiiiin. Lines on bolli sides of the Illilc hindmiiik moved jiulnfully iwsl It, bill the pimple Suddenly. Marine olfleeis reid- «l Hint Hie pimple mltshl beeome t-unker. Kuch day II ilralneil (he manpower of om- battalions and Toilay the pimple sllll Is a hard Pacific Veteran Returning Home After 43 Months I'vl. Alvle fi. lirciuly Jr., nf llie hihmtry, bus arrlveil nl i-urt M O . Dowfll, Calir., afler 43 months til service III (lie (>.-iclfli:, aeeordliiij lo a message received today by hU irarenis, .Mr. and Mr s , A . C). Drcndy ul Pride Sulxllvislon. Vclcrnii ot four major cainpiilyns, Hie .service man expects to arrive in lilythevlllc. within it few ««>"! to spend his wcll-raruril |nr- Imish wllh his parenls and other relnllves. During his overseas service Private iiready married ihc former Miss Chrisllnp I.u.scomljc or Aucli- laiid, New Zealand, who. with [heir flve-mnnlhs-old son, plans laler lo Join him in th 0 Unlled Slates lioi'kel ot roslslfiiu-e well within our lines. Just lo ncutrull/.e. Its threat, (be Marines ure using (wo Infantry companies, abiiiil MO men. And ono tiny Ibis week Itvo fine urrit-eis wt'ie killed while, trying lo keep Ihe Japs Inside llie pimple. It tins been nUaeked wllh every weapon In ihe Murlne bag ot Irlek.s, And (hul's a lot of weapons. Kvnry uiiunlinj, laiiks urcbroiii'hl In to pour tons of .shells Into (he liny hump. Tills Is followed wilh iirtlllory, Then the moilars Join In. For ttutiil mea-iine. the Mitrliies conl; II wllh flame Ihrowers. Anil moll day, (be I.eiilheniecks sit biu-k and say: '"llial's tliu end of IIiiil.'- And Ihe nt'\l nuiriilni; (lie])|mpli> llnbts back with us mud) fury n.f the day before. Ho llie Maitne.s bfhij; in laiiks, anil arUlleiy and and llame Ihrtiwvrs and nigh tlto whole business lo "net HI) sliop" i , . "~~* Wl(li;hlb,y.dny leavo alniosi'cil L7vlce B ™ l *° yCa " '" I0r " gn plred, ho U making plans io depart' '. • . " • ' , i In six days tor st, ixmls and from &on of ^ r ' nnd Mrs ' Marvin Nunn, there lo rjamp 1'arks, Calif, from llls '° My hiollic'r, Haloid Nunn, also where he expecls to be. rctuiiicd to '* '"' lllc ™W * nd HI '""•'"" •"•-••• f foielun Bi-rvli-o. '"" •* ''" Ice, When wllh his falher ut Nunn riovlslon Company here, he did similar type work. Hut office work Isn't all he has done nnd n baiilo stm- worn j s j- OJ , itullon In the Admiralty Oiotip It wns ihere lie run Inlo ijcut Conulr. Oscar Kendler and bcciuisci' U was Mr. Niiun's Elnl Wllhday Ins and llie other lilylhevllle mini sliujoil it "IHllt! n>ICI»'iitl<vilVliVCom'. maiider Fendlcr's f'oirictfi/wltlif real lee cream, | ina^ irxi :. •' This was several months ago and a .short time Inter'he- t&n lulu Milton cumou or Osccola, l|-,e 1)n i v olbcr Ml.isKsii,ul Comity man ha •ompiinles. Knch day the devil mi Ions iiaiiiidotl U nlmokt out of ex-lco Istenre. Haeh day (hoy saw H |-| su It'.s been like thai for five days. Thai's the Imlllo or llie pimple. Seofcee Given Dunes' Right i 11* i • In His Line When Marvin Nunn Jr, hi't'amc u Seabee Iwo ami n liair years iir-i), he expi'eleil lo be ImUtllnn bildiji's, nlr- slrlps anil similar Insiallitlions. bul Inslcatl, he bus spent most uV the lime In j.Tiirni) ofllt-o mirk .similar lo Unit he did before, JtilnlHu the Navy. One bi|. dlllei-enee, howi'Vi-r, Is Unit he now carrli'.s on his duller In "ol'lkos" set up Iri k-nl.s, nnllvit 1-s-. |n-cfiil)i-li'ii(i'd buildings, or anywhcru else ihe Hi'iibees llappt'ii I ho Uoyal Canadian- Mounletl tollcc bus an enrolbueiit ol np- pro.vlmnlely Jloa men. li-chnlolBHs. fSut (.here was no gus to operate the generator. Finally he tried distilling filculiol [mm n cocoannl drink called tuba und It worked. The radio operated between 5U and 75 waits and eventually made contact ivlth Snn Frnnclsco. Later the guerrillas established a regular radio network for communication How To Relieve 'Brondiitis" C'reomulslon relieves promptly bc- cnusu II Koi'S rli;hl to die scut of llie trouble lo help loosen anil cxncl germ liulcn phlegm, anil aid ntitiire to soolhn nnd licnl raw, tcniler, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist lo sell you n uotlloof Crcomtilslon with (ho uu- dci'slandinK you must like thn way It quickly allays the cough or you are to Imve your money back. «, ....... uuknuin ioi communication ^ IvC V^JVl \J IL^I \J l^ \vlth_tliclr widely-scattered forcca. | for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis .-.„ lee. A sloickccpcr, second, ho Working In the supply depot du- !l"l, 1 j"' n ' ll> ' thc CenU ' al Pacine 10 looks ariei- records 61 Ihe huge supplies used by (lu-i hraiieh of f>civ- months. Mrs. Svfift Injured Mrs. J/ D Swift Injured her shoulder In 11 fall yesterday afternoon at hci home. 102 West Davis ficmovcd to Walls Hospital, her condition- today .was- satisfactory. ~ 00 other MaHMCH foads-illfutl ai Good" Thursday — Friday — And v Satiiirdi l 'y'Niht» ;/ In the Beautiful BLUE ROOM tfthe HOTEL NOBLE 'Admission 6(lc Incl. Tai. J.ADIUS rtl)j\ll'm:i> ONLY • WITH HSCOUT.ii' v BACK IN STOCK (Formerly Very Stan-c) ' STtEL WOOL IN l-LBl PACKAGES. Pure Shellac. . Aluminum Paint. Night Latches. Electric Churns. Padloc ^s Electric Solder Irons. Hawaiian Wigglors. Shannon Spinners. —Ail In Plentiful (JuatilUIca At PLANTERS HARDWARE CO, W. Main Tb« Cumiilcto Himlwarc Store 515 Volunteer So//c/for GIVE TO T f S erf his side CROSS WAR FUND This Advertisement Contributed To The War Fund By '.1

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