Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 1, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1896
Page 2
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f$;?^!?^ PORTRAIT PAINTING. no. M»d«"by S tury Artlntm iiKxlerLi practice ol huvin of Individunls s«en.s to por GAVE HER CONSENT. To Have T-Iyr Cnrrospiimleui-'e With Dr. Hiirtmnn rtibllshcd. Gladness Comes W ith a better umler,stuiulmg of the transient nature ol the many phys- tol UK which vanish before proper of Mi iwvwhcre esteemed so lugHy bj ul which it acts. It I have now com, to the, full de- cnt. of Ihc art of ua.nt.» ff thnt of who scl- P-uvres la Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by ^1 reputable drupffiste. }Q M In the enjoyment oi .pood heal ui, mad the system is regular. ln.\ati\ es or arc then «<* nccdc d. .f Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bail) RING Hot Water . , , . Proof Hose Prevents Weltlnu floor or Walls. Hornlffs Water Closets. for Catnlogiw No. Proof Water OUwts. Mr-Acting wlitcr Closets, Kelli Slop an.l WnstP Cock. THOS. KELLY & BROS., 30i Madison Street, Chicago. BEV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOE U. B. CHURCH. to easel (lorn i.-wii'.i*—^*-'"""—• al ,,l who Mver workefi in oil Tho great advance made b.v the Ifi-h r^nturv iviinters over the pre-Jlaphiinl- Hes w'is iu the much-fuller «i1llizu.Uon of the resources of chiaroscuro. Up To this time the colors used wcrn tnostlj clear nml light- nml only so much shnd- j,,~ was introduced as was vic-cc^s..^ o D ,,ivc relief to the fibres. The value of shadow in itself wan hardly appreciated; In Tact, the whole conception of lalul-ing was to show everything ns far ns possible in » fl 'U ''frht. The frrcnt. innovator in this matter was Leonardo. Bc.ing\ n* lie "'" s ' aa much a. man of seizure as painter, the problems of light nnd shade interested him in both capacities, and lie investigated them in something of the modern spirit. By the aid of the kno\yl- ed"v thus acquired he succeeded in giving "to his fifrurcs a roundness ;md a relief that had been hitherto unknown. In facts he carried it so far tJmt, they n're sometimes ovonnodclcd. — Nineteenth Century. Do you draw a'lx'nS'on? Vote for free cx.inaco nnd you vote to cut your piston ta two in the middle, because un- tofree coinngo your dollnw would purclnux- only half as muchas now.. THE IDEAL PANACEA. James L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago says: "I resavd Dr. King's'New Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for coughs, colds and lung complaints, having used It in my family for the last five year?, to the exclusion of physician's prescription* or other preparations. RCV. John Burgus, Kcokuk, Iowa, writes "I have been a Minister of the Methodise. Episcopal church Cor 50 years or more, and have .never found anything so beneficial or that gave me such speedy relief as Dr. King's New Discovery." Try this Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bottles I- roe at B. F. Koesllng's drug store. The I'oilowliifj onrri'spondcnco with Mix S-iUiL- Ditveiiiinri, B:indcra. Texas <],eiiUs for Hself. Tltis lady Is only o.m-> of i!ious..|tid.s wlin has boon tn-rod by Pi- Ha rl main's fri-c trratiiK'nl. No c:iso I, pubLl.-ilu-d except by the- written consent. ot i.he pjiUcnt, All li-ti.-rs strictly ciMilliU-'iitral: Ua.ndorn.Tw.. Au K . 22, JSOn.-II:iv- ]„... road your kind ntTer t" sufCerlng woiniin I rhoiwht. I wmil.l writo at once hi ropinl to m.v c:i*'. 1 am 3ii ye:iw of ;IKU. I have been troubled Cor about •suvJn years with a huitlin! in my Irff side v'.-ry low down. I suffer a groat deal at ii'vy monthly periods, almost thrown, iiiw ciinvnlstotis. The How b, not snlliclcn:. ami vt-ry palo at ilrst H-ive bt-cn tiiMitud by a prwit many doctors, but don't gel well. They say if. is Imllaimiuitlon of the ov.irU>-. BiMideW. Tt:x.. Sept. 23, 1S03.-I h:ivu followed dlii-ctlwi.? as best 1 conUl and IVel miwh better, though my side hurt mu some during my period, but not <-n .nuidi as before. Tin- How was not snlli- ( . iont . My lungs are giving me some tronblp. I expectorate a great tloal. Handera, Tex.. .Tan. 1. ISOO.-Have boc-n talciHlilmg to wrtl* for wine tlmo ,o toll you thu good off eel.? dorlvod-from To-ni-iui. I hnvo gone according to <!:- roftions for two months as nearly as I • He Know tho Story. On neutral ground they met, the man from Kentucky and the one from Ohio. It was in the middle of the .Newpon bridge-, and they shook hands and looked through the railing at the river below them. .. , "I heard a good story to-day, said tin. POLITICS PnxKlont IN MEXICO. . I feel almost as well as I ever did. I recommend Pe-rn-nn K> "« -^ frknllU ' for !;• will ucconrp'.i.'h all that I? cla.mod „ 'iv\- ilan. 2ii. 1SOC—It I* jsiumi..iil. .li..\., •'•'"• with much pleasure that I give my lull consent for you to use my letter for publication. Will do all I can for your worthy medicine. „„„.„ MRS. SAL-LIE DAVEXrOR I. Send symptoms, duration- of Ulnos". and' lifsitnieni already received !o Dr. n-irtin.-in. a.nd directions for treatment will lu> sent promptly. Those who wisn Dr Hstrtma-n's little book, written «p,. c ^!y for women, can get one tree by •uldro-'srfiis The IV-ru-ua Drug Maiuv r.u-'iirliig'conipiraiy, Columbus, Ohio. "Somethinirauouoa,^ .^. v -..-.like for water, I suppose," said the Blue Gras' chap with a tired look in his face. "No. about a Texas r^e. .Fellow that «,w it said he never M.W sncl, runiiii.., done in Ills life. It was n foot race between a cowboy and n college frigate. They pot to-other at n saloon down in the southtrn part of the state and ran to another saloon five miles away The oollcfje boy beat the cowboy hands down, and—" n ..-,, " "\ncl you told the man who told ,>ou, 'nternipted tho Kentuckian. "that you oould not, believe the story because saloons in Texas aren't, th.it far npart, clx? les" that was n ff»od -story when you cn 1 "''thc Ken.tockian nieaudcrrd Ohlowarf.' while the, man from the Buckeye «»te couldn't seem to R* tLe ritisfaction out of his cigar that he did before. - Cincinnati Commercial Tribune. An Id 1« Voiltli. -1 think." said Mr. Cbatlic. "thnt. Johnnie is getting, to be too triO.nfT for anything, "e is th? Inxiest boy in °"That mny be. but lie gets npot six 0 Vlocl< in the morning. I notice, replied Mrs. Chafl'ie. "0 he does that so he can hove more tine to Ionf."-Texas Sifter. Poison ivy, insect bites, bruises, sc-ilds, burns, are quickly cured by !>•-'- \Vilfs AVltch Ha/.el Salve, the groat p'.le cure.-Jno. M. Johnston. OH" W«e'e«'e'' for A""" 1 " Torn» of Four Voar». In the excitement and confusion attendant upon the preliminaries ol '.he presidential caniliaign in ihi* eounti-y it nriy be entirely overlooked that the uci-h'bormg republic, of Mexico liasjnst fmiKhccI her jiersidcntial clecMOii m n. quiet, and' orderly manner and has triumphantly rceleeted Gen. Di:i/.. The successful candidate is undoubtedly the ablest statesman in Mexico •pul one of her most reinarkabln men m. cvcrv way, under whose past administrations that country has enjoyed comparative peace and a large share of prosperity. His political career hns been n remarUnble one. lie was first elected to the presidency in 1S77 upon. a plat- Merit Made and Merit Maintains tbcconfldence o the people in Hood's Sawparilia. 1 1 ft nleaicTc'res you vrncn .We; H *«*« wonderl.il cures everywhere, then beyond allqueetion that^edicinepossesses merit. Made -That is lust the truth about Hood's Sar- '•'Mparilla. We know it possesses merit because it cores, Dot once or twice or a died time,, but in * ==S3=« Hood's Sarsaparilla hMt-magtae <*"= True Blood Purifier. HOOd' Is the cure nausea, indigestion, PlllS biliousness. Scents. The other ni-tfht unknown persons h,oke Into Edward Morris's saloon at Holland, l-n Dmbols county, and w.u filralets tared holes in ail tue barrels. .,ud casks, icttlns out hia stock ol r*. The tobacco, cigars and clffar- were also scattered about the floor considerable other loss was sns- . 5[r. Morris places nis total ge in excess of !?500. •uid The minors at HyTuers who w.oro waited niinn jwlcrday by tnc fftrlfccw, rcru<0 d ,o W nlk out, the ™ B -«nlonlst!« preferrlnp enn-loymcnt nr tcrnw ol- f om , b.v the operators rnthe^ than en- rorccfl Wlenes*. TUe miners Pt Curry- vl]lc q uit worlc, but It is expected t ha they will resume upon liearmg ot the. action of tlw non-nnlonlsts atHymcrs. It doesn't matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and constipation are caused by nsglcct or bv unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Eisers will speedily cure them all.-3no. M. Johnston. Wise Showaller of Cliuwn township. ElUhart county, was aUackod by n bull nm , gored ln-U.ol.ack. IIo would have been killc.1. but for the Interference of a bull dos, which attacked the ani- mal'and drove it away. nuierioo, ind., Sept 8,1808. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sir:-! have been afflicted over twenty years with dyspepsia or soot ,tomacb. 1 have tried different remedies without much benefit. Finally! bought a 10-cent bottle of Syrup Pep- rinud found that It beneflttefi me „ convinced that U will do what It li recommended when taken according to directions. I have taken nearly one bottle and feel like a For tale by B. F. Keesllng. ALL KAIL KOUTE TO THE SEA. To Atlantic Clty"~Wlthe.,trt Transfer via Pennsylvania Lines. By till) opc..n"taTot' <" e »<*!««« Hivcr Bridge the rVmwylvnnla Lines lave become the ouly all rail route to : City find the s.M.-hore. r '' nns - - A VALUABLE Editor Slorrlson of -Worthtngton, Ind «Sun" writes "You have, a valuable proscription in Electric Bitters, and I can -cheerfully recommend it for Constipation and Sick Headache, nnd as a general system tonic It has no equal. Mrs. Annie Stehle 2025 Cottage Grove \ve Chicago, was aU run down, could not eat nor digest food, had a tack- nche, which never left her and fel tired ami weary, but six bottles o Electric Bitters restored her health and renewed her strength'. Prices 00 cents and $1.00. Get a bottle at B. F. Kees- llng's drug store. While workmen were tcnrlnc down the old West Chapel church Ja Delaware county, the structure collapsed nnd several laborers were carried down thirty feet and more. Frew Stewart nnd Charles Stewart sustained several broken bones, and were hurt raternnlly. William Howe wns badly cut and bruised, so also, an unknown man. .treot Ferry Gaden is avoided, as seashore of Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from d street ,tadon.o.t which pa,sen- form the west over the I' Route arrive in that i trains from ChteaRo. o. ul tatermebiate point* on the ^ ta Lines ma,ke convenient connection with the seashore trains. lorde- SS, apply '• nearest fennsylvanla Line Ticket Asent. . t wind unroofed the Methodist t church .at Liberty Center and. blew down several houses. BtOKLBN'S ARNICA SALVE. I - The begt salve in the world toi cnti, If. yon have ever seen a little child in the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of thu trouble nnd appreciate the value of Instantan- eo"e£ always afforded by DeWitfs Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery nnd diarrhoea It Is a reliable remedy. We could not afford to recommend this ns n cure unless It were a cnre.-Jno. M. Johnston. • Charles Rudolph of Evansvlllo, a molder, delirious because of the hear, committed suicide by taking rat poison. He was twenty-three years old. The whole Astern > drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers find open, sores. DcWltt'8. Witch'. Hazel; Salve speedily ncnls them'. It.ls the best pile cure known.-Jno. M. Johnston. '• The thermometer at .Evansvllle yes- •terday regtoterwl 101 degree* and there were several prostrations because of the heat. John Held*, one of the victims, died :with!n two, hours. • , WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAMILY MEDICINE? A preparation which is adapted to the relief and cure of aliments to which members of a household is most subject and which Is not only alleged to do this. but hns long and unfnilUngly proved Its ability to do It, assuredly deserves the title of a reliable Family Medicine. Among time-honored preparations, whHi experience and the sanction of the medical profession indicate ns deserving of popular regard nnd confidence, is' Hostetter's Stomach Bitters a medicine adapted to the eradication of dyspepsia, constipation and. biliousness, the three most frequently occurred ailments that vex mankind. Derived from a botanic parentage, It Is efficient as wen aa pure and wholesome. It relieves nervous .disquietude and Inactivity of the klndneys, and counteracts a tendency to rheumatism. For renew- Ing flagging strength and imparting sp- petlte It can be Illicitly relied upon. Fever nnd ague rheumatism and debility are remedied by It. SPECIAL EXCURSION TO FORT WAYNE. On Sunday, August 0, 1800, the Wabash Railroad company will ran n special .train to Fort Wayne, leaving I.o gonsport at ' o'clock a. m.; returning feareFortWnyneatSSOp.m -TUtoU -cod for special train only will be sold at rate of $1.00 for the round trip. .C. G. NEWELL, Agent. • Theories of cure may 'be discussed at length by physicians, nnt the sufferers want quick relief; nnd One Minute Cough Cure will fflve it to ttcm. A •safe'cure-for children. It Is ".the only harmless remedy that produces Immediate resnJts."-Jno.-'M. Johnston. - .; Tln-'re was an uxylosiou of natural -as In the residence of AV. I- Mcrhcrson «t Marion, at an early hour in the mornii>s. h,be"!i l mr!he »>* isrnlth,? from n jot wli'-cii' had been left burning. Tho i'*i- deuoo w.v damped several hundred dollars, but the imi^tosesonpod unhurt. .. Boys will bo boy?," but you cau't afford to,lose any o£ them. Be ready tor the green apple season by having DcWiffs Colic & Cholera Cure in the houso.-Jno. M. Johnston. The mysterious dlwippenrnnco nl Wflror Bt-unett, cashier ot the Lake Shore railway frflghi: office .'it Goshtn, received Attention several days ago. The Gushcn Xews now says that Bennett was short in lite accouals ?2.,0, which shortage has been made good by his father. ^ Jinny a day's work is lost by sick lic'idache causal by indigestion and. stomach troubles. DeWtfs Little Early Risers'are the most effectual pill tor overcoming such <lifflcuU!c*.-.Tno. 'M. Johnston. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OL'TING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THE COAST LINE. It only costs 513.30 from Detroit, 11550 from Toledo, S1S.OO from Cleveland for the round trip, including meala and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Send -c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. PRESIDENT DIAZ, OF MEXICO, form in which he inserted a plan in" tin- president ineligible for .^.--. tiJn. The campaign was an exciting UIK-, but he was successful by a han.l- r-ome maiority. In KSSO he retired and Or Cloiutales, who had been secretary of war MI his cabinet, was eleen-d. Gen. 1)|. / liking the position of presidentoi llic judicial council. In 5SS4.be was orce more elected nnd the constitution w;is sn amended as to give him the right 01 succession. L'lidvr this provision h; was (.-locti-d in 1SSS ;:r.d '.n 1SOU at.d now r,":,in in 1SOO. •Since Mexico at-hu'vcd her in.lcpencl- on'ce slit has had many governments, but hei constitution:!! jircsidnits have boon as follows: fien. Comor.fort, IS'iT-'OS- Don Hcnito .'Inare/, of Indian birth. 5SSS-'TU: .DonSebastinn Lcrdo dc Tf-ada, JS72 to 1S7G: (Jen. Max (pro- vi"1onal), 1ST6'. Wen- Mendex (subsii- HiVe) JS70; Gen. Dinx. 1ST7-'SO; Gen. Gc,nz:iles. ]SSO-'S4, ami Gen. Diaz. 333S, still in office, his new term expiring in ICitO. Gen. Dinz rules a connlry 01 701,700 squnre miles, divided into 27 states two territories and a federal diq- n-ict. with an assessed value of ?49e.- 07" MS and an estimated population of 11 iJ32,ret. ll'e will be inangiirnted December 1 and will bft assisted in government by seven secretaries-foreign nffairs, home uffairts. justice nnd public instruction, colonization, industry and commerce, treasury and public credit, war and the navy, and conimur.iea.tiou and' public works. He hns an army of about 27,000 men and a total fighting strength of. about 100,000 men. The naval interests are protected by two ur,- armored vessels and three small gun- bcnts. Of a.H the rulers of Mexico not cue has advanced her interests or developed her resources more thoroughly than" 1'orfirio Dinz. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FJRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. 3ver the Sunset Route-New Orleans to Los Angeles and'San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICtb. Tne .uperlor accommodations given ttb •rest number of patrons ot the above ,r«ln (luring the past tourist season, warrants the announcement of plans •«r next season of flner service with .qnlpment superior to anything yet <nown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-iuaugoratioa of •8UKSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. the Southern Pacific Co.. "Sunset ioute" in connection with the "Queen ind Crescent Route" are running the ,nlv line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and Mtn Francisco. These excursions are specially oon- incted, and the object Is te enable thos* » ho do not care to buy the Orst-clasi •ound trip or one way tickets, to enjoy k comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at the -«ry low second-class rate. < Kor further Information, addreM •J. CONNOR, Commercial Agt. 8. F. to., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTER. O. W. Agt. 8. *. g!'F. MORSE, G. P. * T. Apt 8. P. «o., New Orleans, La. EXCURSION TO NIAGARA FALLS. On Vugust IS the Wateish Railroad company will run a dieap excursion to Niagara Falls by special train Bntt from Transport ten ($10) dollars for the Mnmltrlp. Return limit three days from dare ot (silc. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. TORNADO-PROOF HOUSE. K.TOIT.! on . Pivot »nd Fl«. > Bomb Into tbo Storm. The tornado-proof house is the latest. The house revolves on a pivot. At the back of it is a huge weather vane, fixed in such a manner that the dwell.»ff must ahvays face the wind. In fact, the whole structure turns with the vino, B0 that it would unnecessarily prcsen. Its front to any "cyclone twister that might happen to come along. Out of a sort of portl.ole.in the front of the house looks a cannon. This, K ays the New York Journal, is the most essential feature of the contnv- Don't trifle away time when you have cholera morbus -or diarrhoea^ F gbt them in the beginning with DeWltts Colic * Cholera Cure. 1'ou don t have ,o wait for results. They are Instantaneous and it leaves the. bowels in healthy condltion.-Jno. M. Johnston. HOMB-SEEKEBff EXCURSION. The Wnbasli Railroad company will sell excursion tickets to points in the' Wcst/SonUivrMrt and South at very low 'mt» on Angiwt 1 nnd IS, Sept. 1, l» and 20, Oct. 0 and 20, 1SOG. For particulars ns 'to limlK time oC trains awl-othev details, call on or ad- drCS!i C. G. NEWELL, Agent. 0. & 0. tfper to site tnoaey rcfnnde^ Price «5 box. For sHe by B. F. WSSffl RSfe SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new steel passenger steamer* ••are-in commission, making four trips per. week between Tole-Jo. Detroit. Uacklnac, »oo, t-etoskey, Dulnti. K yob are contemplating-a summer outing tend Sc .stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. ^^ AA.SCHAOTZ,G.P.A. ••.'•.. 'Detroit, Mich. C W. Binkley n young farmer nnd stock breeder of G-lbison county, to missing from homo/and it Is alleged that he forced the names of Lewis Binkley and Lewis Watklns bis farter and lain- cr.ln.lnw, to notes and checks calling for $5,000 and more. POPULIST CONGRESSIONAL MASS MEETING. For above meeting' the Wabosh UnM- .Mid company will sell *Jckct« to Pern a.nd retui-n, good on»y on August C.I, a rate of sixty-five (03). cents per round 1P - c. G" NEWELL, Agent. TORNADO PROOF HOTJSfi. , nnce inasmuch as the gun is loaded wHh an explore bomb. AVhen. the revolving storm cloud strikes the dwelling the latter turns to face it, and the bomb is automatically diBcharged into the bowels of the twister, scattcruig its electrical enerjjy and destroying >.. The inventor states that he got his idea from the practice o£ firing puns from ships at waterspouts which approach dangerously near. Graham &Mortoi TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILT STEAMEBS TO CBIj CAGO. COXSECTING WITH -> TBE VAXDALIA RAII-- WAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continulnj| tntll about Sept. 30tb the steamers ol| thli line will make two trips each w4 j»ily between St. Joseph and Cblcasj| in the following schedule: '•'"• Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. m. 10:80 p. m., dal'-?. Including Leave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and p. m., dally. Including Sunday. Estfe ttlps on Saturday leave St Joseph t B. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. r Running time across lake 4 boars. Trl-weekly steamers to M"™"" leaving Si Joseph Monday, Mid Friday evening*. The equipment of this line ... me side wheel steamers City of CMca, ind City of Milwaukee (the largest'aj|| Inest west of Detroit), and the newfe^ «bnllt propeller City of ^ u ^»Kf tervlce first-class. Connections with fandalla trains. Tickets on sale at j-^ Tandalla Line stations. Chicago do ; >| r«ot of Wabash avenue. r& J. H. GRAHAM, Pre»|;| Benton Harbor, Ml' "' S'~TO SALT LAKE efitern Line (Chicago, -e R'y) Angnst 0 and 7. 1896 For full Information, apply to. ticket agents of connecting lines or address W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T. A., •Chicago, IU. The Skj- »nd the Wentlier. The color .of :the sky at .particular times affords a wonderfully pood guide to the meteorological condition, to-be expected within the cominff 24 hours. Not only does a ro.y.«n«t presage g^ood weather and a wddy sunset bad weather, but there are otbcrtinW which epcak with equal -clearness and nccu- Sy. A bright yellow sky in the even. ing indicates wind; a pale yellow, rain. i/ln the morning the sky is of a neural gray color the indications for a ffooj day may be considered favorable. Generally speattng; " may 'be sa!d th*t any deep or unusual hue ^tokens cither wind or rain in summer, or both wma and snow iu winter. ____ i Proper C«re of th« Bwidt. Frequent vigorous .nibbing of the hands will, promote the c '" u ^ onc ^ keep the skin in good condition. •Care .hould be token of the nails, too-they Sould be soaked In hot water occa- glonallj and Ittpt-neatJy trimmea. Going For A Lake Trip? Yomvtolly enjoyall of It» dellJ?|j 'If voutakooneoftne • • ; :•. AKB MICHIGAi« AMD LAKE SUPER{ " TRAMSPORTATIOH CD'S M ' ELEGANT STEAMSH betwMi Cblor> •»<" •

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