Hawaii Tribune-Herald from Hilo, Hawaii on November 3, 1986 · 8
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Hawaii Tribune-Herald from Hilo, Hawaii · 8

Hilo, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1986
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8-Howoi Tribufw-Hwold, Monday, Novwnbw 3, 1986 Main Street fundraising campaign gets under way , The Hilo Main Street program's letter fundraising campaign is. under way, with over 900 letters sent out to 180 landowners, 200 merchants and business owners, and 550 corporations and individuals. The Main Street goal is $50,000. The program has already collected $5,000, in donations, and an additional $8,000 in pledges. The funds will be used for Main Street projects to revitalize downtown Hilo. The Fundraising Committee is headed by Rick West, vice president of the Bank of Hawaii in Hilo." West is an active member of the Main Street board and has participated in the program since its inception one year ago. The Fundraising Committee members are: Al Idemoto, manager, Bank of Hawaii downtown; Barry Taniguchi, KTA Super Stores; Randy Rohner, Koehnen, Ko-ehnen's Inc. ; Carl Rohner, F. Koehnen Ltd. ; Mildred Kataoka, TV Service Center; Kikue Iwanaka, National Dollar Store; Laura Chock and Tim Young, Prudential Bache. The Main Street Program has four points for revitalization: Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Restructuring. The Downtown Improvement Moderate to succeed Machel as president MAPUTO, Mozambique (UPI) Mozambique's ruling party today elected Foreign Minister Joaquim Chissano, a moderate Marxist, to succeed Samora Machel as president and party leader two weeks after Machel died in a plane crash in South Africa. Political commentators said ' Chissano, 47, a close associate of Machel during the fight against Portuguese colonial rule and Mozambique's foreign minister since independence in 1975, would continue the policies of Machel. Chissano defeated Deputy President Marcelino Dos Santos, who diplomats and analysts had OHA, From Page 1 neer , who is now self - employed. Viola Kuualoha Studebaker did not respond to questionnaires. Another at - large candidate, Robin Holt, will appear o.i f.he ballot, but has officially withdrawn from the race. Maui resident trustee : Christine Teruya, 61, has run for the State House and for a delegate seat in the state Constitutional Convention. She is ' retired and says one goal of hers is for OHA to have a trustee from Lanai. Manu Kahaialii, formerly of Kona, is an entertainer and disc jockey who has also been an in Women's league favors repeal The Big Island Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has declared its support for the nuclear referendum . President Ruth Robinson said, "It is a unique opportunity, achieved with much effort and expense, for the people of the Big Island to demonstrate their wishes peacefully for a bilateral reduction of nuclear weapons by the U.S. and the Soviet Union and the non - proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons facilities to the Big Island." Robinson said, "Hawaii ranks 14th in the nation with 345 deployed nuclear warheads and 6th in the nation with 29 nuclear weapons facilities. If these are not already on the Big Island, it will only be a matter of time before they are. "As residents, Robinson stated, "we can now send a clear, unequivocal message to those who may be contemplating such a proliferation of nuclear warheads and facilities to the Big Island. We hope that a resounding vote FOR the nuclear referendum will dissuade such a move." Robinson said, "There's a spectrum of opinion on the part of people who are FOR the referendum. It is unlikely that most people regard themselves as 'Albertini's activist followers' as the local press has labeled them. " She pointed out that "because the issue is national in scope with local consequences, WILPF has taken a position in agreement with organizations like the National Academy of Sciences and the major American churches which strongly urge ACCEPTING DONATION Kirk Soares (left), acting chairman of the Hilo Main Street program, is seen here accepting a check for, $1 ,000 from Rick West (right), of Bank of Hawaii. Looking on is Tony Taniguchi (center), president of the Downtown Improvement Association which sponsors the Main Street program. Association (DIA) is the organization that sponsors the Main Street Program. The promotion committee's goal is to develop and promote an image of downtown as a "unique and exciting' place to shop, meet said was one of the front-runners to succeed Machel, a moderate Marxist leader who opposed South Africa's white-minority government. Dos Santos, 57, is considered a Marxist hardliner. The 130-member Frelimo Party's Central Committee met in Maputo's Congress Hall with Dos Santos sitting to the right of the Machel's empty chair and Chissano to the left. The meeting started with a three-minute silence in tribute to Machel, said a reporter for the semi-official AIM news agency. Dos Santos later announced that Chissano would succeed structor of the Hawaiian language and culture at Maui schools. Oahu Resident Trustee : Clarence Ching, 50, is an attorney who has been involved in activist efforts for many years. He says the current OHA board is "disjointed" and is made up of trustees overly concerned with personal interests. Linda Delaney, 39, is an assistant to State Rep. Kina'u Kamalii who has never previously run for office. She says she has spent years as an "Hawaiian advocate" getting to know the concerns of the Hawaiian community. CAMPAIGN deep cuts in nuclear weapons. Furthermore, Robinson stated that WILPF is in agreement with former top U.S. administration officials W. ' Averell Harriman, Clark Clifford, William Colby, and Paul C. Warnke, who recommend that Americans should bring political pressure to bear upon government at all levels despite the fact that the Soviet Union is not similarly affected. Robinson added that "until we change our 'mode of thinking', as Einstein put it, and understand that the impending nuclear war cannot be measured by World War II standards or conditions, we will continue the 40 - year drift toward "unparalleled catastrophe." Robinson said, "We believe that the County Council was right in 1981 to vote unanimously for the original nuclear - free ordinance, the nation's first as history has recorded. They did this even through they knew that this local ordinance regarding nuclear weapons is unenforceable because federal law overrules local law.... A vote FOR the nuclear referendum on November 4 will reassure the Council that their original vote in 1981 was the right one. after all." Levin: Issues getting lost In response to questions from F.O.R., State Rep. Andy Levin today said he believes that Big and conduct business. Last year, the commmittee's activities included: a week long "Clean up" campaign, a six-week back-to-school promotion, Main Street's first birthday, and the development of a 'Downtown Hilo' logo. Machel as president and party leader. "Following the tragic death of President Samora Machel the Central Committee elected Joaquim Chissano as president of Frelimo," he said. The announcement was greeted by loud and prolonged applause from the central committee members. Chissano's election made him commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The AIM news agency said residents were urged in radio broadcasts and posters around the city to gather at various points late today to welcome their new leader. Pearl Kong Epstein, 59, of Pearl City, is a political novice whose priority is passage of a bill allowing Hawaiians to sue the state over management of trust lands. She says OHA . should supervise the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. R. Lunalilo Sellers, 44, is a civilian Army employee making his first bid for elective office. Sellers wants to get involved in educational programs and says he wants OHA to be audited. Joseph Serrao, 30, works as an Alu Like counselor for employment and training. He says the current board is ineffective and Islanders are "being deluged by extraneous issues" concerning the referendum on Hawaii County's nuclear -free ordinance. "I hoped this was to be a referendum to discover peoples' views. However, the real issues are getting lost in the rhetoric," hesaid. Levin expressed concern that the public was devoting too much time to the legality and constitutionality of the county ordinance, instead of deciding . whether they were for or against the concept. "Judge Kubota's court has clearly and decisively ruled that the referendum is legally on the ballot" said Levin, referring to the court's decision against Rudy Legaspi of the county clerk's office. As to enforceability, Levin feels this is a non-issue. "There are laws on the books right now that are of questionable enforceability," said Levin. "It doesn't really matter in this case. If Big Islanders vote for a nuclear-free county, the main message is symbolic. It would express our opposition to the continued insanity of an escalating nuclear arms race. Chicago has declared itself 'nuclear-free' yet apparently has had no enforcement problems." "On the other hand, as for going down to the harbor and arresting the captain of an 'offending' Navy vessel," Levin said, "this is nonsense. Obviously Federal authority supersedes county authority. The best we can do is politely ask the Navy to honor our ordinance." "Some have implied that support .for this referendum is somehow anti-military or anti-American. I cannot agree. There is no military need to have nu Presently, the promotion committee is planning a unified Christmas promotion and community event for downtown. The design committee's goal is to further enhance and restore the physical and visual quality of downtown. In the past year, 14 buildings have been painted downtown. The Design Committee is presently working on 17 additional downtown buildings to be painted or renovated. The committee's other plans for the year include design workshops for landowners and business owners and the compilation of data from a building survey taken earlier this year. The economic restructuring committee's goal is to establish a strong diversified economy and create an inviting environment for new business. This committee has conducted a consumer survey of the market in the first year. This survey will serve as a tool for further analysis of the downtown market. Donations to the Main Street Program are welcomed. For further information, contact the Hilo Main Street office at 252 Kame-hatneha Ave., Hilo, HI 96720 or contact the project manager, Adrienne Oliver, at 935-8850. Western diplomats in Maputo had predicted Chissano, described as a moderate in the Marxist ruling party, to succeed Machel, killed with 33 others when his Soviet-built jet crashed in the mountains of eastern South Africa. Chissano was the No. 3 man in the party hierarchy and was a close associate of Machel through years of guerrilla warfare. The AIM reporter said Chissano was a member of the Frelimo leadership for more than 20 years, advising Machel and, prior to independence, fighting alongside him against the Portuguese. that "there have been too many conflicts of interest. " Albert Sing, 66, "is a veteran community volunteer and a retired vendor who has run unsuccessfully for OHA in the past. Sing says OHA should be reorganized and should better represent the Hawaiian community. S.C. Tony Kalanui Soller, 41, is an installer - repairman for Hawaiian Telephone making his first bid for office. He says OHA needs more unity and less internal arguing and that some trustees prevent the agency administrator from doing as much as he can. clear materials on the Big Island. And what could be more patriotic than tp make a statement for a world free of nuclear threat? President Reagan himself, in Iceland, called for a world free of nuclear weapons. " "Exempting the military from our ordinance Jeaves our island wide open to military nuclear waste dumping or nuclear weapons storage. Do we wish to take that risk? That is a real issue." Election returns onKHBC-TV2 KHBC-TV, Channel Two in Hilo, has announced plans for extensive coverage of tomorrow night's General Election returns. Marvin Chupack, president of KHBC, said Channel Two plans to offer continuing coverage of the election returns throughout the evening. Walt Southward and Tina Louise Esteban will co-anchor the returns, with reports from both the county building, and the state's election center on Oahu. Southward, a former Big Island newsman who now operates a public relations firm in Hilo, has been a reporter on and observer of local politics for more than 25 years, Chupack said! Esteban serves as news director for the station. "We anticipate going on the air with our initial report about 7 p.m.," Chupack said, "right after the first printout is issued. We'll have results from the Big Island and from the state, and we've lined up some interesting interviews. "We'll be on as late as necessary to insure coverage of all of the major Big Island races." - Monday report Suspects sought in theft of earrings Kona police are investigating a report that 17 pairs of yellow gold earrings were stolen Friday night from Aigners Gems International located at the Kona Hilton Hotel in Kailua. The earrings are made for pierced ears and have one or two zirconian diamond drops. They are made by the Sulton Co. and have a total value of$l,100. The suspects in this incident are two men, one black and one Caucasian. The black man is described as 6-foot, 4 inches tall with a medium muscular build-in his 30s. He has short black hair. The Caucasian man is about 5-foot, 9 inches tall and in his late 30s to early 40s. He has brown blond hair with some grey in the front. It is combed straight back, practically covering his ears. He carried a clutch purse. The Caucasian suspect approached the store clerk and asked about prices of various types of jewelry. While the Caucasian man was diverting the attention of the store clerk, jthe black man reached over the counter and removed the jewelry from the showcase. The two men have been seen in other jewelry stores in the Kailua area using the same method of operation. ; Persons with information about the two men should contact ; Crime Stoppers at 323-3300 or 961-8300. In a separate Kona case, police are investigating a report that an adult male was sodomized while at his Kailua residence at 5: 13 a.m. Saturday. He sustained no other injuries. Also in Kona, a 24 - year - old man was arrested on charges of possessing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, possessing marijuana, providing drugs to a minor, driving under the influence, driving without a license or seat belt and having an open container of alcohol in his car. ' In connection with that case, a 16 - year - old Honokaa girl was arrested and charged in Kailua with possessing marijuana and a substance believed to be cocaine. In Hilo, a 32-year-old man was arrested after police reportedly found 365 pounds of dried marijuana and 60 pounds of wet marijuana at a Mohouli Street address. Jaycees seek yule parade entries The Lehua Jaycees are seeking participants for their 1986 Christmas parade to be held Dec. 6 at 3 p.m. The entry deadline is tomorrow and all applications must be postmarked no later than that date in order to qualify for prizes that range from $25 to $150. Participants whose entry forms are received after the deadline may be allowed in the parade but will not qualify for prizes. Entry categories include large floats (flatbeds and trailers), small floats (pickup trucks, vans, cars), and other non-profit organizations (except marching band units). Organized marching band units and all other entrants are ineligible for prizes; however, each band will receive $50 to help defray their expenses. No entry fee is being assessed. Organizations may obtain information and application from project -members Harold Kamei (961-7223), Joslyn Murakami (935-4990), or Natalie Ferreira (929-7324) . Kilauea's 48th phase in 109th day Two oozing lava flows were continuing to burn their way through ohia forest in the state's Puna Forest Reserve today, according to. scientists at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. . Both flows are reportedly heading in a southeasterly direction and burning forest in the Kapaahu section of the state land above Kalapana. Scientists flew over the area yesterday in a helicopter and said the biggest flow is about 1,500 feet wide. They also report a flow that had been going toward the Royal Gardens subdivision is no longer advancing and is considered stagnant. The 48th phase of the volcano's eruption that began in Jan. 3, 1983 went into its 109th day Monday . Weather The forecast for windward Kohala, Hamakua, Hilo and Puna is for sunny periods this afternoon. Tonight will have a few showers. Tomorrow will have a few morning showers, then be mostly sunny. Kona and Ka'u will be mostly cloudy this afternoon with a few upslope showers. Tonight will be clearing. Tomorrow will have a sunny morning and become cloudy in the afternoon with upslope' showers. , Winds will be gusty trades 15 to 25 m.p.h. BIG ISLAND WEATHER DATA HIGH TIDES 3:25 p.m. 4:39 a.m. SUNRISE 6:22 MOONRISE 8:05a.m. Crime stoppers Police seek suspect in Banyan case OnSept.28,1986,at5:50a.m., a 61 - year - old female visitor from California was walking up a driveway leading to a hotel lobby on Banyan Drive when she was accosted by a local male of unknown racial extraction. This male, whose age was estimated as in his 30's, was described as being about 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds, having an average build, tan complexion with straight black hair and black eyes and wearing a white shirt and dark trousers. Investigation conducted by the Hawaii County Police Department reveals that the male' suspect used force to remove the victim's purse from her arms, and in using force, the victim fell to the ground and sustained minor injuries. Contained within the white leather purse were miscellaneous items which included a Kodak LOW TIDES 11:08a.m. 9:09p.m. SUNSET 5:45 MOONSET 7:08 p.m. Hilo: 961-8300 Kona: 323 3300 instamatic camera, Bank of America travelers checks, tickets for a flight on Northwest Airlines, and other personal items valued at $800. If you have any information on this case or any other case, call Crime Stoppers at 961-8300 or 323-3300. The numbers are answered 24 hours a day. You will be given a coded number and your identity will remain anonymous. You may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if your call leads to an arrest, indictment or the recovery of property .

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