The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 6, 1936
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BICTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NC VC I. XXXIII—NO. 173 lilytheville Courier Blythevlllo Herald lilytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader •—• ™ • JB J • *m* ^^A\*_.r ».•' * ^ m m A m ' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND "SOUTHEAST MISSOURI .: 1-1,13, ARKANSAS, TU13SUAY, OCTOBIOU 0, S1NGLK COPIKS FIVK CKNTS WIN SERIES, SWAMPING GIANTS, 13-5 —— —— : r—— * • — . . . / 1SK K 300 Manila Lepers Riot; Ask Liberty Mal- MANILA, P. I.. Oct. (j, (UP) — • Three hundred lepers, carrying pla- ~ . - | cards reading, "give us liberty or Hai'l'V Hopkins Afraid toi glve "* death," rioted at San La••'• n- r) i ni zaro hospital today, escaped and •Upen Records to 1 '.ID-- made their way lo President Mun- 1-, c r i~\ D M ' I uel Quezon's headquarters at " ' llC bays li.U.l . Nominee noanan palace. 'I The Inm'aUs, appearing smlden- TOPEKA, Kans., Oct. S. (UP)— ' ly In a mass demonstration in pro- There is waste and extravagance In | test against their confinement, ' "" marched in disorder through the hosplUil corridors. They overpowered surprised hospital guards before an ajarm could be given. Prom the hospital the lepers marched directly to the palace as an emergency police call brought out several riot squads. At the palace the guards stationed at entrances became panicky. Most of them fled as the lci»rs entered the official administration building of the commonwealth. / the WPA as administered in Kan- I I - fas' and Harry Hopkins, national IS ' admli (itrator, is afraid to oppn the records for an Inspection because of it, Gov. Alf M. Landon .charged today. "There is censorship of news and censorship of the sources of news," Landon charged at his morning press conference. "We have both of them right now. Every taxpaying citizen in tills country has a right to know Where' his money is going." ;Landon's comment followed a statement yesterday by Hopkins in which he said Kansas officials Leaves Countess Behind World-Girdling Reporter Speeds Eastward; Otli- er'Raccrs in Kgypt KARACHI, India, Oct. 6. (UP) — II. R. Eklns, reporter for tlw New York World-Telegram and other. Scripps-Howard newspapers, rock- j cling around Ihe world 2.800 miles 1 ahead of two rivals, landed here at 1:45 pin., local time (3il5 a.m.' e., s. t.) today In a K. L. M. all-' liner. . He look off for Jodhpur til 5:10 p.m. .[. ' . : - have another "red herring" when ! person afflicted with leprosy Is sut- they asked him to open state WPA flcicnt to transmit It. payrolls for public Inspection. After Quezon's secretary received Lois of Red Herrings the petition the lepers returned Hopkins, in his statement, sn(d peacefully to the hospital. Kansas lias not contributed a dime toward relief. "It's the same bid Hopkins' charge." Lnndon said. "By his own figures Kansas ranks sixteenth fn. the amount of money for relief expended by the state. When he talks about red herrings —well, it seems to me he has been : -discovering a. lot of red herrings lately." ; ." , Landon was asked if he had any comment regarding Hopkins' statement that WPA payrolls and records would hot' be released for "exploitation." "It's a matter of public business," Landon replied emphatically. "Those records should- be ^ open^to rYewspapers and citizens." t'A - Per'- 1 - Cent for Administration The giant two-motored American-built air liner reeled oir the' miles, carrying tile leader of the , The 'lepers based their demand {'l^p^^L ? OI ? nlnU > ! nt ?. for freedom on recent Investlga- fe 1 (Pt;rel<l) <l|ld to thls !lncl ™ t ! lions of medical authorities who I....... have denied that the louch of a - WASHINGTON, . Oct. 0 (UP)— Official figures advanced by administration supporters showed today lhat federal administrative expenses under the $4,000,000,000 works relief program— statistics demanded by Oov. Alf M. Landon— amount to 4V4 cents of every dollar spent. Of $3,424,564,515 paid out by the U. S. treasury to make jobs for needy unemployed during the last fiscal year, a total of $154,476,341 went for costs of directing the big drive. The biggest job-making agency was Harry L. Hopkins' Works Progress Administration. W p A spent $1,305,802,580 of the S3 424.564.515 and S63,596,525-or 4.87 per cent—went for expenses. administrative Farm Products Temporarily Supplanted in Foreign Trade Importance WASHINGTON, Oct.'' 6. (UP) — A shlfl, temporarily at least, ol the IJfiltedi-States from an agri- cifHiirsl to a manufacturing export nation was reflected today in separate-reports of the United States Chamber of Commerce and the de- par Iment of agriculture. The chamber reported -'ajsharp rise In exports, chiefly manufactured products, in the first six months of 1936 was a "definite proof" of sustained Improvement In American foreign trade. The department of agriculture predicted : agricultural imports as a result of the drouth, will not readi their peak until 1937. A continued increase in imports of farm products before next year's crops are harvested was forecast. American foreign trade undenthe administration's reciprocal trade treaties has been a focal point of attack by Republicans in the na- lional election campaign. Increased agricultural imports have been singled out for especial criticism. Secretary of AgriculiuTI Henry A. Wallace pointed out that farm Imports have not reached pre-dc- presiion heig-hts and blamed the drouth and high prices for increas- [ es over the depression era. LUXORA, Ark.—Joseph Burchell, I "But in general," Wallace said, 89, one of the oldest residents ol "we, have begun to undo the de- Luxora, died at the home of his son, "gateway to Refreshed at Basra by his first long sleep since he reached Prank- fort on the airsblp Hindenburg, Ekins hoped to reach Jodhpur. capital of Ihe native. Indian slate ol I Marwar, the "land of death." to- nlehl. flying 1.GS5 iniles in one day. Ekins' opponents in an arodnd Hie world air,race on commercial aircraft—Dorothy 'Kitgallen of the New York Jonrnjil and International News Service, and Leo Kieran of Ihe New York Times and N. A. N. A. Service—still were in Alexandria, Egypt. Thus the World-Telegram writer was 2.848 miles ahead of his competitors, 'i • Globe-Girdling Made Swift .and Comfortable " By. NBA .Service-I-,.-. '. Senor Ferdinand Magellan started something back in 1510 when his five little ships dropped down the Guadalquivir river from Seville, Spain, and stood out to sea. ' He .was 'out- to trdvel/aroiindM'lic globe, and .he gave 'men -an ''£Jca have be'en pu'rsiihi! Kurt Bjdrkvall, Swedish pilot, is shown above In the cockpit of the plane hi which he, took oil today on a Irans-Allantlc night from New York to Stockholm. At his side in the picture Is the Baroness Eva von Blixen-Finecke, scheduled to accompany him, whom he left i. L Duncan of Ekroii Community. Succumbs at Memphis Hospital Ohulys K. (Jack) Dnncnn, 25- veur-old son o( Mr. and Mrs. II. Duncan of the Ekron com- nunlty, died at Campbell's Clinic, Memphis, al 3:55 o'clock this nornlng of Injuries received when truck side-swiped his aiilomo- )lle on Highway 18, near here, Saturday night. The truck that side-swiped Duncan's car failed to slop, bringing to' two Ihe number of dealhs charged lo hit-fun drivers In nc- cldenls here over the week-end. Sillier Tuhbs, 25-year-old Stirdls, Tciin., cotton picker, was found on Highway 01, about a half mile south of Blylhcvllle, fatally Injured. A damaged radiator cap, found nearby, gave mute evidence of the manner In which he was hurt. • - • Young Duncan, accompanied by his wife, was driving on Highway IB, west of, Blylhcvllle, about two miles outside tills city, when his car was struck a glancing blow by- Ihe truck. Duncan, driving, had his left arm hanging out the car window and it was severely broken and crushed. Tlic truck rirlv'cr did not stop or report the accident, it was staled. Duncan was brought here and Irjer Make [Runaway of Last Game With Big Ninth Inning POl.O GHOUNDS, New Yoik—The Yankees ot the American U'Htf no ^dispelled nil doubts ot Mien sitponoutv willi n one-sided "13 I'o f> victcnv OVPI then New Yoik rivals, I he Cliiuits of the; N'sttioiul I IMKUC, in Hie sixth game of the today, wlnnhv; IP30 world Ihe series. series* ,„, , , lout on slilkcs The game was -exciting a 1 thc| 0]lt crlo] way until the ninth liming when 1 the Yankees put en a Mrven-rim splurge to pull fur out in front. Gcmiv. mid FilKstmmons, the slarltng pitchers, failed to stay lor the finish. . The Yanks won the series, four grjnes to two. Mrs! Inning Yankees — Croselll IHcd-- out to One run, two hits, \\1iitehead, back of second,' Kolfe gi'oimded ont to Terry, .uniisslsl-' ert. 1)1 Muyglo Hied out to Lclbcr. No runs, no lilts, no errors. ' Gliinls— Moore singled to left. Uartel! walked. Terry sacrificed, Gome* to Gehrlg, both runners advancing. Lelber walked, Ott,doubled down the •. rlghlfield line, scoring Moore. and Unrtcll, Lcibcr advancing lo.lhlrd.;' Mancuso loul- . ,ed out to ' nolle.' Wlilluhciid grounded out,; Lazuerl, 'to Oehrig. Two runs, two hits, .no errors, Second Yankees—Gehrig Kighfh Inning Yankees — Hell took Jackson's titaCT at third. Koeiifg Took \Vhltc- hends ixxstlion at second and Dunning went behind the bat foi the aianU, Jackson White licad mid Mancuso had been removed for pinch hitters in tho snenlh Dlekev walked Selkirk similpd Dickej pulling up al second Powell sliuck out Uizicrl singled over second, storing; Dickey, Selkirk going to second. Mu'r- brought here and Injier rushed lo | right center, Powell Campbell's Clinic at jvfemphis. The! rlm i n t a Hie left '•:' behind. His plane Is shown below. which Joseph Burchell, Old Luxora Resident, Dies , Dan Burchell, Monday afternoon and was buried at Calhoun cemetery tlfis morning. The services were Iield at the grave with the Rev. James T. Ranflle, pastor of »he Melhodlit church, .of which Mr. Burchell was a member, officiating. . •Mr. Diirchell, familiarly known is "Uncle Joe," was born In Dan- i struction to trade caused by the Smoot-Hawley act. Both our exports and imports h?.ve been getting back toward' pre -depression levels." Unmanufactured cotton, the na- , llon's leading export, increased 10 per cent over the first half of 1935 but fell 23 per cent under the five- year average. | Wallace's figures showed $405,- dnrige. Jelterson county, Tenn.,|000.000 of imports this fear were and came with his family to Ar- In competition with American far- kansas 40 years ago. He engaged (mers while $302000000 were non- in farming until late years. Since ] competitive, the death of his wife two years Defendlno years ago he has made his home with his son. He sneered a fall about five weeks ago from which he never rallied. He leaves four children, two daughters and Iwo sons, Mrs. Lucy Dcntori, Dan and Charles Burchell, of Luxora, and. Mrs. Bertha Dunwood, of Chattanooga, Tcnn. the trade agreement with Canada, department of agriculture officials said agricultural exports lo Canada, on which that country reduced duties, were $13.120,000 for the first seven months of 1936 while imports of Canadian agricultural products on which the United Slates duties were cut amounted lo $11,409,000 ever since. The three New York newspaper writers now racing to ; girdle the globe, using only commercial air schedules available lo any traveler, are following in the wake of the little shi[e of Magellan. Today's Magellans a la carte— H. R. Ekins, Scripps-Howard; Leo Kieran, New York Times; and Dorothy Kllgnllcn, "TTew York -Journal reporters—should have a somewhat better time of it than the original globe Irotter. Magellan lost his life in the 'hilippines midway In the jour- ley, and lib party suffered incredible hardships. They were 'orccd to eat oxhides, sawdust, and rats before Juan Sebastian del Cano finally brought one ship, the Vitloria. home to Seville alter a journey of 1083 days. Only 31 men of the expedition survived. DRAKE HflOKK RECORD Navigators in those days weren't :hinking of breaking records—the dea was to gel around the world in any way they could. But nevertheless Sir Francis Drake broke Magellan's record in 1577-80 by circumnavigating Ihe globe in 1052 days. No doubt their lime was broken by many voyages before 1872, but definite records are scarce. In that year a book appeared which turned men's mind ayain lo around-the-world travel. It was Jules Verne's 'Around the Woik! in 80 Days." People in stuffy Victorian drawing rooms sniffed and avow:d that it couldn't be done, that it was just another pipe dream of the fantastic Frenchman. NELLIE l!LV SETS MARK In 1889, the New York World had a girl reporter, Elizabeth Rebels Threaten ' Spanish Capiial from North, Northwest' and South .GIBRALTAR,, ,Ocl. 6. . (UP) — Spanish insurgents were believed today lo have inaugurated the first phase of their attack on Madrid. A series of thrusts in Ihe Navnl- pcral seclor, northwest of Madrid, acco.-ding to loyalist sources, indicated that this would be made one of three points of departure for a mass attack on the capital. T!ic others would come from Toledo and the north. The importance of Navalpcral, aside from its proximity to the cap- ilal. is that it Is a railroad junction and that by holding the railroad the loyalists have been able to send an. f rmored train lo Ihe front there. . . Interest in actual fighting was centered today on Ovicdo. in the north, where loyalist miners were attacking for the third day the rebel garrison fortified In the city.' In a scries of attacks In the face of almost a wall of machine gun bullets, the miners reached the actual city limits of Oviedo and resumed Ihcir attacks from the neighborhood of the north railroad station. arm wns amputated above the elbow but gangrene had already set In and he died early today. Funeral services" will be held tomorrow mprnlng at 10 o'clock at -he hoiile- of the parents in the Ekron community with the Rev. Harmon Holt officiating, -interment will be made at Elmwoixl -emelerv; Tho' Cobb Funeral' Iloino b in chnrgc of fn^jrnl arrange, mcnls. ..... Swedish Pilot Leaves Woman Associate in Tears at New York Airport FLOYD BENNETT FIELD, N. Y., Oct. 6 (UP)— Kurt BJorkvnll. Swedish pilot, took off on a projected non-stop flight for Sweden today, leaving a disillusioned and hittrrly disappointed baroness behind. Holding back her tears, the Baroness Eva von Bllxen-Flnecke watched the Belianca monoplane lurch down tho runway and lift itself into n hazy sun-streaked sky. She had spent hours try- PKjIBW Directors Will Launch Annual Campaign for Funds Tomorrow The Library Association, which | provides a means for thousands of Ulyllieville people to read the best things written, will slart Its annual drive tomorrow for funds with which to opcralc for the coming year. More limn $000 Ing to persuade BJorkvnll to live L" 1 '" up to his agreement and take * '"* have to be obtained, by mcmbcr- Mayor William McNair of Pittsburgh Resigns PITTSBURGH. Oct. G. (UP)— William N. McNair resigned loday as mayor of Pittsburgh. The fiddle-playing executive, swept into office In a Democratic landslide in 1933, handed a. one senlence nolc ot resignation lo City Clerk Edward O. Schofield. then walked from Ihe cily building with no comment. Tlie note read: "I hereby resign as mayor of the city of pltlsburgh, effective immediately." The resignation nole was addressed lo Ihe city council. It climaxed a lengthy row between McNair and other city officials over Ihe mayor's so-called recess appointments—appointments made while the council Is in recess. Most of ifccm over n period of several months were rejected. Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct C (UP) — I-atc hedges and liquidation from the longs In preparation (or the government report Thursday forced a steady cotton market off eight and nine points at the close here today. Most traders expcclcd the government report to be eleven and one-half million bales. Cooperatives reportedly sold 30,000 hedges loday. Middling spots, closed nine points down at 12.28. Heel Issues Challenge SANTANDER, Spain. Oct. (UP)—A loyalist battle fleel. arriving oft Santandcr, broadcasl. to the rebel navy today a'challenge 'o meet it in pitched battle. In the fleet were a battleship, up to his agrecn her along. He refused. He needed her space for gasoline. For weeks Ihe baroness and Bjorkvalt have wailed for good weather to begin the flight, sponsored by Ihe Sw.edish newspaper, Ihe Stockholm Tiningcn. Yesterday Ihe newspaper wUhdrcw Its sponsorship, believing the season made such a flight risky. "It's a dirty trick," tho baroness exclaimed. "He refused to take me. ! expect he wishes to have all the publicity. I'm mad but I'm n lady and cannot swear. "It's a great misunderstanding," she said. "I'm afraid it might change public opinion against me In Sweden. I'm not scared. I may make a solo flight lo Sweden ialer." ll<«l u &"• .^KV.l^l, nll/.tlUClll I . . Cochranc. who wrote feature sto- "ra^crulscr.'i and six destroyers, ries under Ihe name of Nellie Ely. ""'" "" " " "--'- 1 —• She was only 21, "about as bit; as a minute and prelller than she si 1011 Id be." One day her editor assigned her to try the impossible slum which (Continued on Page Eight) Spot Average I, 12.09 The average price of 7-8 Inch middling collon on the designated spot markets today was 12,09, according to the Blythcviile Board ot Trade. Chicago Wheat open hleh low noon Dsc 114 1-4 114 1-2 113 1-2 113 7-8 May 112 3-8 112 3-4 in 3-4 112 Nine Miners Plunge 900 Feet to Death MULLAN. Ida., Oct, c, (UP) Nine miners plummeted to their deaths at the Morning mine today when a cage broke loose from Its cable and fell 000 feet to the bottom of the shaft. The men were being loaded Inlo the CMC at the 3,000 foot level to be brought to the surface at Ihe end of tlielr shift. Although the accident occurred at midnight rescuers wcrc , m ab!e to reach the men before 6 o'clock this morning. Rescuers said the bodies wore so badly mangled Ihcy could not bo identified readily. "We arc off the CanUibrian coast." said the challenge. "Your piracies have ended. We challenge you to come and fight." Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, Oct. C. (UP) —Jfogs: receipts, 7.500. Top, 10.4J. 170-240 Ibs., 10.25-10,35. 140-160 Ibs., 8.25-10.25. Bulk sows, 9.00-9.25. Cattle: receipts, ,4,000. Steers, 7.15-9.40. Slaughter steers, 5.25-10.00. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 5,5»8.00. Slaughler heifers, 4.50-9.15. Beef cows, 4.00-4.75. Cullers and low cutters, 2.75-3.50. „ ,, " 1 ™»- » lc is lo function under the same irogram as last year, it was (in- nonnced today by Mrs. C. W. Af- fllck, president. The sum of $600 was raised last year. There were 18.08I/ books circu- laled lo 1255 people since last scofliig phy slruck 1 oul. Croselll walked, lining the bases. Rolfe filed, out lo Oil In righl. 'one run. two hits no eirois Glanls—Davis was.sent" In to hit foi Cattleman Uaih filed out lo Powell. Mooitj hit a licme run into > the right Held stands Bin tell tapped oul lo La™il fcuy founded oul Lnz- zcii lo Gclnlg Our- inn, one hit. no errors, ; Ninth Inning '.. Yankees—Colfnlan went to the mound foi the C.lanls Di Ma"glo singled beUcen thoit and Ihlid left : field stands, I C l e " ri >> simjlc<1 j" to rl e llt " D1 Mn «- Selklrk ahead • of him.' 8l ° gol " B l ° llllnl U'ekcy giound- lllcd-.out toi Lelber. Dickey Hied out to Moore, i Selkirk tripled io the barrier In J hit a hoine , singled between Ihird am *'' ° " ho lllrm to M 'S° . , short. Gomez grounded out, Pltz- I ? L . thll(l - XDI Mn BBlo uas caught Simmons to Terry. Two runs tlirce ' bcUfen Mni ° nml Dnn »'»B but ' '' ,-. Banning dropped the ball a-, Di hits, no errors.' Oliuils—Jackson s the box. Filzslmmons throusih ' Gehrl|J eolnt ' lo . . Selkirk. Moore Hied out to Powell , ckcy lo <;eccntl Sclkllk Bartell walked. Terry Hied out to B " cn "" Di Magglo. No runs/ one hit, no crroi-s; ••'••'. ••'.-.r ,-'- .. ' tllui Thin! Inning Vankeesi-CroseUi - stntck • out. Rolfc dumped a 'single DIMagglo-singlctl lo loll,- Roifc go-" Ing lo Ihlrd. Gehrig.nied out to Ott, Roife scoring. Dickey filed.out lo Moore. One run;! two hits, no errors. Giants—Lslbcr fouled -. out , to Dickey, oil's grounder ..deflected otr Gomez's glove to crosctlt who tossed ibim out at first. -Mancuso reached first safely . w hen Rolfe fumbled his grounder. WMfelicnd. sent a long foul fly down the left field line, Selkirk-racing across the .line lo make the catch. No runs, no hits, ona error. . Fourth Innthfr • Yankees — Selkirk filed out to Ott. Powell beat out ah infield hit to Bartell. Lazzeri singled past Jackson, Powell advancing lo 1 second. Gome?, singled In left, 'scoring Powell. Lazzeri going lo second. Croselll'filed out" lo center Rqlfc singled lo right, Lazzeri scoring. Castlcman. replaced •FH,!:- simmons as the Giant hurlcr. bi Mngglo.nied out to Oil In li-ht Two runs, four hits, no'errors!" Glanls^Jackson grounded out Lazzeri lo Gehrig. Cnstlcnvin Closinf/ Stock Prices NEW YORK. Oct. C. (UP)—Broad gains in (arm implement shares and acttvily in slccls featured a were children's books. There are bul 927 members, lie others being allowed to read free. During the year there were 159 books purchased and 771 were rebound at a cost of eight cents each. This was done by three National Youth Adminlstralion girls who worked 224 hours each mnnlh since June. The average cost of- rcbindlng a book Is usually 30 cenls. Assisting Mrs. Afflick In the drive will be oilier members of the board: C. A. Cunningham. Marcus JEvrard, Dr. L. H. Moore, Oscar 'Fcndler, Miss Rosa M. Hardy, Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. Mrs. C. R. Babcock and Mrs. Floyd While. , l !} tou ?' 1 <i " orl scoll " B Ochrlg and.Dickes, SelkiiK to Ihlrd Powell went io °" "" unsuccessful attempt SelHck, going hito ll.lid Gumtort , rellesed Coffmfin as the alant was 'gWcrT'Sft m- huilei tentlonnl walk Murphj singled Into right Selkirk scoring tho other iiinncis advancing Cro'ettl walked, foiclng Powell acro« jlio plate. Holfc 'grounded '.to Barlell sv'ho got Croscttl at second La?- zcrl scoring. D! Maggio, up lor the second lime In Ihe inning got on Infield hit, scoring : Minpiiy. Ochrig's blow Into the stands near the right field line was foul by inches. Oclirlg walked. Dickey slruck out. Selkirk' died' out to' five hits, no.. Lelber. Seven runs, errors. • Giants — Mayo fouled out to RoUc. Kociii^ flicd oul lo Powell. Canning grounded out lo .Gehrlg, unassisted. No runs, no hits, no errors. .'•.".' '. October. Of tills number 96151 singled lo right. Moore (lied out ' ~ ,'o Selkirk. Barlcll bent out a bunt to Rolfe for an Infield hit. lleman advancing lo second. Terry, grounded out. Laracri to Gflh- rlg. No runs, two hits, no errors. Fifdi Inning Yankees—Gclnlg grounded out D. Terry, unassisted. Dickey grounded out. Whilchcad lo Terry. Selkirk filed out to Lclber No runs, no hits, no errors. ,rong, active stock market session I Six Little xlay. The Dow-Jones industrial I sti today. average made a new high since 1931 and the rail average equaled Its five-year high. Sales in the first hour totaled 690,000 shares,'a rate of 3,450,000 shares for a full day. A. T. and T llfi 1-2 Anaconda Copper 41 1-8 Lose Their Tonsils Prime Minister Dies; "_~ Hungary Cabinet Resigns BUDAPEST, Hungary, Oct. ...t>. (UP)—The cabinet of Prime Minister Julius Gombocs resigned to-' day following word of his death in Munich. Gombocs had Ijccn ill for a long time but it was only a few weeks ago that doctors advised him urgently : to go lo the sanitorium In Munich'for treatment. Manila Starts Enforcing Old Dog Tax Ordinance MEMPHIS. Oct. 0 (UP)— Tonsils? The Bauglimnn family has none— not any more. Methodist hospital surgeons snipped off Ihe this morning to last six establish pairs Chicago Corn open high low noon Beth. Steel 13 1-41 sort of a record In family op-r- Chrysler 126 1-8 !• ations. Cities Service 43-8; At 6:15 A. M. an automobile Coca. Cola 121 Gen. Am. Tank 60 1-4 Gen. Electric 48, Gen. Molors 71 Int. Harvester 88- McKesson-Robblns 05-8 Montgomery Ward 51 1-4 N. Y. Central 48 5-8 Packard 125-8 Phillips Pet 44 3-4 Radio 11 St. L.-S. F. Simmons Beds 2 7-8 lice. 94 1-4 94 3-8 93 7-8 94 1-4 Standard of N. J 63 3-4 May 897-8 901-4 893-4 DO 1-8'Texas Co. 393-4 rolled up to the hospital with the six llllle Baughmans—Fran- cis, 10; William. Virginia. 7; Thomas, 6; Robert, 4; and Mas- Giants—Lcibcr struck out. Olt MANILA, Ark.—War has been hit a. home run Into the left fluid t ' ccl:>rc d on the surplus dog |x>pu- stands. Mancuso filed out to DI '"""" " " ' ~ Maggio in center. Whitchead grounded out. Gomez to Gehng. One run, one hit, no errors. Sixth Inning Yankees—Powell slruck out. La7- zcri slruck out. Gomez struck out No runs, no hits, no errors. Giants—Jackson popped oul to Lazzeri. Castlcman grounded out. Gomez to Gehrig. Moore grounded out, Lazzeri to Gehrig. No runs, no Ints, no errors. Seventh Inning " Ynnkees-pCroselti grounded out, Barlcll 10 Terry. Rolfe singled inlo ecnler. DIMagglo filed out to Lct- ber. Gchrig grounded oul, Whitchead to Terry. No runs, one hit no errors. Giants—Barlell doubled down the third base line. Terry singled Into center and DiMaggio let the ball go through his legs, Barlell scoring and Terry reaching second. Lel- atlon of Manila. The town council dug Into the archives of past ilstpry anrt pulled out an ordinance : mpbsirig a dog tax .of Si per year 'or each male nnd S2.50 for each remale. Failure'to pay is punishable by a fine of not less Ihan SI nor more than $10. Mayor C. W. Tipton, who was mayor in 1921 when Ihe ordinance was passed, bought dog Uig number one for the year 1936-37. All stray dogs will be killed by the marshal or someone designaled by him. kel. 2—children of Mr. and Mrs. uer sacrificed. Rolfc = to Gehrig William U. Baughman of Gilmore, Terry going'to third. Ott walketi Ark. One by one, from Francis on down, the operations were performed. Then nurses lucked Hie on four straight balls. Murphy righthander, replaced the left- handed pitcher. Leslie was sent In to pinch hit for Mancuso. Leslie six htlle Baughmans in six beds,| fouled out lo RoUe. nipple all in one room. '"Hie a lark,' an aunl. children thought It was said Mrs. Lillian Camp, sent in lo pinch hit for While head. Ripple walked, filling the bases. Kocnig was sent In lo pinch lilt for Jackson. Koenlg was callec Wood-alcohol acts on the blood vessels and causes hemorrhage.'!. It often destroys the tiny arteries of Ihe relina of the eye, causing blindness. : WEATHER Arkansas—Probably showers tonight and Wednesday. Cooler Wednesday and In west and central portions tonight. . Memphis and vicinity—Mostly cloudy tonight arid Wednesday. Possibly showers. Cooler Wednesday. .The maximum temperalure here yesterday .was 85. minimum 58. clear, according to Samuel P. Norris, official . weather observer.

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