The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1941
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2G, 10-11 BT/TTHEVTLLE, (ART?.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THEEE Fallen .Paris'Stirs, Wakes". . .'Talks Again Reluming Correspondent Finds Parisians Recovering From "Numbness" Ky JEAN A. GftAPFIS NEA Service Staff Correspondent PARIS.—-The people of Paris ai just getting to their feet and blinking the fog oui of their eyes. For months after June M, when destiny's referee t'ounteci 10 over the fallen metropolis of Fnuuv, the native Parisian lay in wilier, stupor. Best way to judge a Parisinn's morale is to listen to him talk. [During all thnt time, he had notli- w> say- He didn't sii around r work and bubble over with ["ideas and arguments. There was nothing to bubble- about. And he wouldn't, have hod the heart, for ir, Upon German .soldiers and tour- ;ts streaming along CViflmps El- |.v.sees and the boulevards, 'he Parisians looked without rancor — [actually wilhovit much feeling of |:-ny kind. Ii" you asked him, "What do [you think oi' ii all?" ho replied [only, "Who flnows?" or "Don't 'i c k ]me. I've got the blues." Today, 'announcements by th" j French and German officials m I occupied France insist the pai lentils better and probably will pull [ihrough. ITHE OLD-TIME • I PARIS HEART-BEAT I If you want to feel something [like the old-time Paris heartbeat [again, get out among the people "Take Number 89 bus from sub- i Petit Menage. Its first, uip Ts at 5:30 a. m. on weekdays, car- Irying workers to factories on the j |southern fringe of Paris. j On the swaying rear platform, j |at biting cold is warmed by the' lehatter of a dozen voices. Cigar-, invader he couldn't light |eties stuck to lower lip sbob in the j derground here. ,dark. Ribald stories bring loud j CAREFUL NOT TO guffaws. Jolting around a shorpiGO FAR AFIELD 33. BEFORE AND AFTER: When the Germans occupied Paris, one of the city's largest lU-uartment was still known as "Old England" (Mi). Recently its diplomatic owners changed tlie name to "Henri& Cie" Caruihersville Society—Personal Al'cmday Uook Chili Miv Purlin 1 Moduli was hostt'.ss to llii' mi-mbi'is of her Rook Club Monuiiv ninhi ni !HT home, Tin 1 hi;'h .-core nward, a vanity set, wein. to Mrs. Minnie MeGill, ind M.i.v--, Mnyme Henuton \vou the low «core award. u swinfjnt/ ttowor pot. Cot-.i- Colas wore servi-d during the yaine and upon the coneimlon of play the hostess served fruit sal- , chU'ki'n salad with rir/. c-nu'h- . dale roll lopped with whipped iin:. and hot Lurky Nine IJ Mrs. IJoyd I'ioucrs Mrs, Sam LMrker.son ol Miss., und the member;, of bridge i-hib Monday nielli at home wiih. n pot hick supper. The high score award, a lamp, wont to Miss Cynthia iason. ana the bridge uwim!. a set of pictures, 10 Mh;s Jewel Williams. Mrs. Ralph Coodui wili entertnin the club m.xi bed C:tn:ulI:i!iK imiiinini; (lie Tenses of Ihr !tri(i>li Isles. , Australians dtasini; Italian North. Africa. . . . iir.Uaris aiul South Africans rhusiii)! lialinns ICusl A Trim. , . . MMayans, \us- trallnns aiu! Neu ciiLinilrrs mitu • nliiK (lir I'it; ji»Hs in Shu;:\i)()rc and British Malaya. Uatis Riuirdluj* Hie wostom inx-aelics (o Sut 1 / . . . u empire is just Ijc^imiln^ to Wbilo iritler hohls sway over millions. Brltnln'^ \vni' effort Is liy :>»ll millions. These men from the and territorlos have soured victories in this will, as <hey did In the World U'ar. That tliey wilt stMire stIH more Is a vlrluul lalnty. These pictures show <omc of Hie men. (KK'yp( ^ uo( j>art of Ou- emiiire, lm| sh( k IK closely allied anil her men arc British- ng For Mother Brilian Malayan . . v Canadian ,t <• PARIS UNDER PATROL: German soldiers slroUin»- on a Paris boulevard »ive. a military salute acknowledgement of Na/i -'heil" by patrons of a sidewalk cafe. Homeimikris Miss Judith Mayes reviewed the book ".Suphira and Tlie Slave Girl", by Willa Gather, for Uu> members of the C'.mitlK'TSVtHe Hmne-makeis Club Moiulay afternoon wht-n they met at the home of Mrs W. L. Cantrell. Mrs. W. A. Prince way in charge of arrangements ior the review. | During the business moilm; discussion was held on a varied number of subjects. A budget ronnniUtv composed of Fesdames Frank Taylor. G. C. Bishop, and \V. L. Cantrell was appointed by I'm; club president. Mrs. Coyne Buchanan. It- was derided that 'jlub members would sell subscriptions to maga- y,ine.s with commission profits lo into the club treasury. Mrs. Charles Robertson presented a iwrgram entitled "Beauty Spots in Missouri." j \\ t:'v up un- | ly at higher prices. j Those eating at home eat !css well because housewives don't always have luck in the market- horner, a chorus leans out into the At station stops, siyns and post- place cjueues. One woman told me Ivvind to tell the driver how to han- ers still litter walls. Ne\v elements ! that her family smetimes Is not Ille a bus. have appeared in the bizarre ar-jnble to get meat for weeks at a At the stO!«. twos and threes rays of ads for nostrums, turkish | time, hwing off with lunch buckets. Rid- j baths, stoves and Dubonnet. One { At the six j). m. bistro convention brs still on the platform talk about- who have just left. Gossip, smail talk, jokes, wisecracks to no pie in particular. Just Frenchmen homing back to life. Strangely little poster tells the French that the I hour, your Parisian now unlimbersj English are responsible for France's woes. Another .shows a drowning slightly more and may deliver some: observations on politics. He is very lied from then: just ahead ol' the swift German advance Uist June. Recently Graflis, who now represents NEA in Berlin, returned briefly to I'Jiris. He is able, in the accompanying- dis"-- patch passed by the German censors, to compare life, in the conquered French metropolis today with that of "only yesterday." French sailor, victim of British sea careful, even among friends, not to attacks. The caption says "Don't i u 0 too far afield. It's almost hope- talk of politics. No talk about Ger-| Forget Oran!" Same of these one-,less to get him to say anything, Inans. I sheets have been defaced. "Oran" j pro or con, about England. Suppose, ac the end of the bus 1 has been crossed out. leaving only 1 One wineshop keeper spoke inline, you g'o back downtown by' the words "Don't Forget." •netror Clerks, shopgirls, office It's |,vorkers are "reading morning pa- j ting -.judiciously, telling how two Ger- gftbby. gossipy crowd get-;man soldiers came in for a bottle out downtown. Passengers j of champagne. The soldiers were bens, commenting on news items to pour into already crowded streets, i jokingly talking about another luiycne who will listen. Often no Streets which are crowded the day | tradesman who had just charged |>ne listens, but what of it? Icng with shoppers, soldiers, autos. j them three times the price for A German soldier steps aboard sightseers, errand runners,, German j silk stockings when he learned they were unfamiliar with the exchange. Whereupon, the wine . . . (Ici'ends Britisli Isles. Australian . . ;•- . . .. draws bead on Tops. Egyptian ... bars roads lo Suez. , prays in Libya, . aids Mo I hot England.' Refreshments of angel food cnke Lo])ped with whipped crenin and nut-s and codec and tea were served at l-he close of the meeting. Mrs. Abe Gaither will hostess the club m its next- meeting. Mrs. Nancy Jones of Dexter, Mo., Mrs. R. K. Kent- of this city, will I her mother, Mrs. George Hale, who I Read Courier News want ads. is here this week visiting her • .•-...•. .... „.,.,.,. daughter. Mrs. Robert White, and family. Mrs. Leslie A. Ferguson has returned home from n two weeks visit, in Texarkana, Texas, with two \of her uncles and their families. Mr. and Mrs. Ben SmiUi, and Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Smith. Mrs. E. A. Nethery of San An- Ionia, Texas, arrived here Monday Lo visit until Friday; with her mo 7 LheK Mrs. A. L. Wntso'n and her -brother and his wife. Mr. and Mrs. leave here Thursday lo report to has been confined to her bed at i Ft. Lenvenworth. Kan., before ho j her home following a fall about goes to .Lowery Field in Denver, j three weeks a^o. Colo. From Lowery Field, he' will j *•- — — Will EnrolS Youths In CCC During April Any Mississippi county youthb meeting eligibility requirements for enrollment in the Civilian Conservation Corps will be given an op-. „ _, ,„ r , portimity to enroll in April. Coun- i C - E ' WiUson. Mrs. Ncthery will 'return home Fnriny and will be accompanied by her mother who will I visit her there for two months. be sent to Hawaii. Homer Rcamcs of Kennott was in .this city on business Montlay. , S|iiu;ifh Spells Hud Luck DENVER (, UP)— Spinach may be luiulthy for some people but not for Mrs. R. L. Morris and son, Dow Alfred Gordon. The 52-ycmr-old Eddnglon. of Poplar BlulV were nUunbur slipped on a wot spinach here over the weekend to visit with leaf and fractured his left arm. NEURALGIA- Caputllnu nets fast because It's liquid, rcllovlng ptilns of neuralgia qulclcly, pleasantly. Soothes upsot nerves. Follow directions on label. All druggist,'!. lOc, 30c, GOc bottles. the Parisians inspect him as . truck caravans, marching battalioas phey always inspect a newcomer—Usome with steaming field kitch- 'ankly, from head co foot. Then ens), no wancl then a military band. .hey forget him. Ke stands by the Frequently lowfiying planes roar jioor, fingering an upllghted cigaret. over. Irle probably wishes lie were on the ! The French seem blithe- enough ISerlin U-bahri where subway now, unstirred by the stern element imoking is permitted. Several in their scene. In favorite restaur- j rnonths of "No Smoking" reminders ants, they -sit complacently across : . n all metres finally convinced t-he from German officers, squawk milcl- • y Welfare Director Marvin Crittenden said today. Several hundred boys will be en-i roller! in Arkansas for CCC duty during the April enrollment period, merchant related, he expressed his Crittenden said. sympathy and charged them three! Any Mississippi countians seek- Jlmmy L. Kent, son oi Mr. and county was 170 boys. An additional 25 were sent to Little Rock for times the regular price for their j ing to .unroll in the CCC may do transfer to CCC camps early this champagne. Jean A. Graffis, formerly stafl' correspondent of NEA Service and the Courier News in Paris, so within the next few days at the ; month. Crittenden said he would County Welfare office in Osceola j like to have at least 200 applica- cr Blytheville. the director an- j tions between today and April. noimcecl. ' - January enrollment from, this Read Courier News want aos. aesterrielc •••••••••••*•*••••••«•••••••*•••••••••••*•• 1 Laid End to End They Add j i up to a Swell Idea : • r ' 1 % We mean these Four New Additions to the Bu/ck SPECIAL } J Series that Give you Big-Car Thrill in less Curbside Space J ^B * -.* . . ,^B it's the smoker's cigarette COOLER, MILDER BETTER-TASTING It's called the SMOKER'S cigarette because Chesterfield is the one cigarette that gives you a COMPLETELY SATISFYING smoke. You try a Chesterfield and find them COOL and PLEASANT. You light one after another and find they really TASTE BETTER. You buy pack after pack and find that Chesterfields are MILDER. You can't buy a better cigarette T HE way cars have been stretching out lately, it usually takes only u couple o[ cars to occupy the curb space of an extension-ladder fire truck. Not so with the newest additions to the 1941 Buick line. Merc we've reversed the trend—just to prove that an honcst-to-golly BIG car can be built without going overboard on bumper-to-bumper distance. The four new models now adorning the Buick SPECIAL Series fit neatly into modest garages without putting n permanent crimp in the doors. They slip into parking places smoothly as a rowbout nestles up to a ^^KTJffi dock—and the way they ftit through traffic is a delight to wheel-weary drivers. When it comes to tic/ion —well, they've got a H5-hp. FIREBALL eight under their bonnets that skims you down'the road like a mallard heading home. You can add Compound Gar- buretion at small extra cost and have 125 horsepower that does tilings we hardly dare hint about in print. But they're a handy six inches short- cr, bumper to bumper, than other Biucks—a quartet of top-quality cars in a new and easily-handled size. The price? It's lower too. So better take a look at the first really BIG car in this bumper-to-bumper size'. SAttY YOUNG Top-ranking bridge player in Nalionol Contract Tournomenli Th«y're MILDER —Every teof of Turkish and American tobacco bought for Chesterfield is folly ripe and mild lo begin with. The way these tobaccos are conditioned, Jhe long period of ageing and the way Chesterfield blends them, all help to make thorn far milder. Buick SPECIAL, Convertible Coupe with Press-A-Rution Automatic Top, $1138* Business Coupe * delivered at Flhit t Mich. State tax, optimal equipment and accessories — extra. Prices subject to change -without notice. EXEMPLAR OF GENERAL MOTORS VAIUE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Phone 1004-5 BlytheMUe Cop7rf(bl 194], LICCETT & MYMS TORACCO Co, ^ *•••*••• WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK Will BUILD THEM I

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