Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1942
Page 1
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1 DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1942 Page Three 'S Activities-A Personal aM Social MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR fv> '\<r }-o t »,, \local Scouts at Mattatuck NauKaluok Soon Is the Kroup of now, C«imp 'lymoulh, wook otM'tio. otVmping In ,„,,••.< «Mo '»'". Ualii'-k at Ml. in., <''"' lht ' , ,, w ,l !<">' *M"l •Ml r.imi> IVli:.lTH>M MJ . uul M ! ' (M)l iH aro: R a .v nvo»n>d l/n-di'-rli'-k ftadcUffo, Don- Scot I (lonovor, Konnoth LnrfnsiMi, Carl Pr»Kol-toy. and -,' of Troup y, of (/ho rlmroh. I'Jrnoat l)i- rruop "2, :has ulrc'ft'dy IP- week nrifl Is plan- r iwu morn Nvooks, (,\I»IO COM Fairhiiiik of i'c spending a two at Capo Cod, .Mass. WAAC Boss on Job 11 Mr." luivr returned llnni't"". - NUs ,,l vHlt"l'v NOHTM HAMPTON Mli-naf-1 Wai'KO of I'rain .North tlioy wore Ir-. 1 '' 1 \VKI-:K am! M'"*- lii'Ul Hi'' KM> AT COTI % A(JK l' <|ian l c laiskay and a! t'hcir HoiiHittonlo M IHKTII -J. .Ifthll Of at i>t. Mai-y's Sunday, July spt'Ul 111" o lOinory of rolui'ru.M'1 from Jernoy, whtM'o WOOk-f-IUl. FMO.H INDIAN NKCK i';i |)OWIhS Of 0(1 1< Htl'O fro-ill Iiulhin Nook, i' she has been spond- Welcomed at the railroad station upon arrival to take over at Fort' JJc3:Moino3, lowaj WAAC Training Center, is Mrs. Oveta Gulp Hobby,' director of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Tho welcoming- committee was .headed by Col, Don< C. Jnith, post commandant, who is jhown^helpin^ Mrs. Plobby from the- train. Sho is wearing a WAAC 1 omcer's summer dress uniform, This•is a phoncphoto. (Central Press): BIG RECRUIT IN THE NAVY find K!''tit. of Mr, .mil ! <if cliff sl .(! i.i ,t (' |i in (11-,-kciiM ivi-d li'-iv i-' I.SPK.NT .uo.vrn IN \KW IJH M;iru':irt'l I'inicry •ot n-ninicd from ••. \. .1.. wht'i 1 * 1 Sihn mlinv On 1 |»;ist month. TO Sldnny Hosonblatl, Mrs. .Morris Hnsun- rfi'l. has becn'lrans- S. Army Infan'lry |o word of Fern fi«inborl- has been Of .Nflll- York city. School of Porlhmd, Maine, July 2.1—(UP)— A Connor soliooltoaohor — lOrn Boolhby of Parsonf.ieid—Is -hcllovoc lo bo .Maine's biggest navy .recruit And docjlors report it, kikes a gvca dual of work to ohook anybody o Hoolhby's alx.c—25G pounds and six fool, four Incltos tall. \\'hcn t : he> mensurod Roolltliy/s ohcst — tho} lined \ C J Inohos ol' l-apn, nnd one doctor 'liatl to stand on an Inverted wastobaskot in order to roach Koolhby's lu-iul. Totten^Curtiss Nuptial Held Albert 13. xiuhiss -of Oxford and Mrs, Alda.' Parker Totten; of Reading, MaHH., were married at the First: Baptist church parsonage in Reading at 7 p. m. last- Fri'day even- Ing hv the presence of. a 1 few intimate friends, The double v'ng ceremony was pcrfor-med.Jjy tho pastor, Rev. Raymond W, Go.oper. Tho bride has been a teacher in Reading for the past 10 years. Aftor September 1, Mr., ,and Mrs. Ourl.lss will be at home on Knowlton street, Watortpwm MAGNOIJA TO INSTALL <At illo I'ogular, meeting, of Maig- •noMa'-^Kn-canryi^men't..-.!. O..Q, F;, Wed- nosd-ay. .nlght,, tiie nowjy clcciecl bf' floors will bo 'installed- my p.- D..G; Pi Stanloy K. Dlbble/nncl' stalT," All palrlarchal Odd Fellow^are-lnvitecij At ; tho close pf the 'meeting, cool- Ing refr.o.s.himinits -will be served, TUAiV'SFKimED TO TISXA's" Pvt.. Douglas GQCkroft,.son of Mr. and Mrs.Herbert/Cockroft 'OfHomc- s toad avon'ue, Wh o was •!nd'uc.tod ' -iaio tlio -u; S. Army last month, has. been-transferred-from the 574lh- T.oc.hni,oal School Squadron of. the • Air Corps «fc ;Mla-mi Beach, Ela t , •••• to the 317th Teohn.ical school, sciirad- ron'at Sheppard Meld, Texas;.. RETURNS PROM VACATION Sidney Grossman, proprietor of the Princess Shop located-. on*Maple street, has returnnd from a week's vacation at Lake Sohroon, New York. . . • Jumper 1 Frock ON VACATION Miss Minnie T. Ahern, social editor ol' The Daily News, is enjoying her annual 'vacation, CHASM INVKSTIfiATED Wostovnr Kinld, Mass., 'July 21 (Ul } )--Thn army has appohUed n board ol' inquiry ro InvosLlgatn l.lit 1 onish of (i liomhor which took' Iho lives of If) soldiers at North Reading Saturday. At first, sovnn men worn roporlnd killiul. lint nnol.IiCM 1 chock IIOWH Unit thrfo additional mon wuro al)oard the piano at tho tlmo of Mm crash. GRANGE MKKTS KRIDAY,. Gharles Price, Sr;-, .master of the Beacon Valley Grange, has an! -n on need that the: members will meet im Grange ,ball -in Straitsvlllo, Friday evening at 8 o'clock, The grange meetings will! be held, every other Friday night during, the.,summer months* , . ; •. . , •-.'-.• ,()*• , A Circle of Grape Clusters '0 >-!> J It's so easy...NOW! by z BAND CONCERT- 1 The Naugaluck./ Community Band will give its second -concert of the summer scas-on-iat the Bridge street : recreation parlc In Union City on Thursday even-lpff of Wi is \veek. COAL MINES- WRECKED New York, ,7-uly 21— (Ul?)— The Russians are carrying out' a policy of clcsl.r-oyi'ng valuable objectives ,as L-l'iey. retlreat in t'ho Donets" Imsin". The British radio (heard, by "C-B-S) says tlie ..Soviet troops ihad time to wreck tlie ric-h coal/ mines that would 'have 'been so valuable to, thee-nemy. The broadcast- at'tribiitcs .ho -news -to Russian f 'reports;. * Men's Women's Children s SHOES summer models must be sold at once, All sales final, no to visit our store during this Great July Clearance : event, Children's White, Brown and White, Patent Leathers) OXFORDS, SANDALS and STRAPS; Etc; For Quick Clearance Don't This suspender .strapped, full- gal.lierod, juniper skirt and-the pull- I over shirt blouse are so 1'latteHng .your little girl will glow-with, pride when, she-wears them. Make: the blouse contrast, in texture and color with the skirt. Use cottons now; combine cotton and rayon weaves for a fall version of this smart outfit. . . Barbara Bell Pattern No, IC/iO-B is designed for sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and :M years. Size 8 .blouse requires '1 1-4 yards, 35 or 39-incli material, skirl; 1 yard 3D or 39-inch material "3-i yard 54-inch.. 3 11-4 yards braid. Send at once, for the now Fashion 'Book of fall designs,, jus!,. off- the press, 15c per copy. With a 16c 'p'flUarn, 25c plus lo for postage. For, -this attractive pattern send IGc, plus Ic for. postage, in coins with your name, address, pattern number and sixc wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Daily News). Post OITinc Box 75, Station 0, New York, N. Y. . APRICOT PUFF 1-V cup margarine, melted 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour 3-v'i cup sifted graham flour . 1 teaspoon baking powder . 1-2 teaspoon soda- J~i teaspoon .nalt' 1 egg, boa ten 1-2 cup orange juice 1-2 cup honey : 1 oup chon'ped : dried •apricots (or dates, figs or prunes) . i-i\ cup chopped nuts; (If desired) J-2 teaspoon grated, orange rind. Sift'all-purpose flour arid graham flour once; measure. Add; .baking powder, soda and salt and. sift all dry .ingredients' together three times. Combine margarine, egg:-and orange juice. Add liquid and honey to flour mixture, and- beat, until', smooth. Add chopped apricots, nuts and orange rind and- mix, well. Cover and steam two hours in a 1 J~'r quart, mold, well rubbed with vitaminized margarine or 1 hour in individual molds. v SOLDIER COMEDY AT jFOftl IE?ENS The v musical comedy, "Park Your written, produced, staged, landKac^cd-' by, soldiers at Fort DevensJ, tytaspilpjufy 22, 23-and, for, , i"s 'a 4 two-li'our'^revuG, rocking with ga.y/ 'tunes, lively. , skits; sketches,and dances. The,show, conceived^ by,, two 'enlisted ( men, Privates ' Walter' E; Peterson, Jr., of *d ;p.^Fe.lnberg of stock,;'players,! has >' Pri v a to; 'Don a I'd" of ."N-pisv.- linyeiij; Gohh ,y' a n of,vstrige 1 :and ; v screep. ; The ehr \tjire production 1 is/.boin'g put on; en? (fci'rely by^ehlisted'rneh-.without out;& i d e; .p no f.ess Io n al ''•• h e lp: oiv ad vice. Th e i'higliest -r^nking nioii -are > -two cor- 'porals. : ^rhe^resLi otvthcvcjVst of 40 f and ; the pr,bduding st ? aTf< { are> privates 1 ! MORrivatO': Peterson, :was principal inrShub;ert. : musicals iof^two years/ "aiVdV : iie rhacl five ] .year's*., in,,- sunirner ^ifock.:3nclud|;ng BorterJ theater In iyjrgini'a,^" Jyorytpii, , Gbnn.,. Ganir bridge .SunVmcr Cheater and StOQk-: bridge, Mass. ' iie"was a model i'oii commercial photographers,<• a con- .tenor, Vand^om dramatic and/ musical l prograriisv'a^;tiic,.foM owing, i.-ad i o stall pus-:. WNAG, WA-A B, \yiiDHv;\yMK>C in t ,BostoiV. lie was also a .director,, stage manager and/ composer. '.:_ ,-,,.,., . Private Feihberg' was actor and! lire&torJn the following theaters: Neighborhood Playhouse, New York; ^layers, The Transit, 'Group, The Kord Hall Forum Group, and the Forbes Street Theater• Players., He- was also in radio arid television' and ( in, transcription work in Boston, -and- has written.'a. few songs." Private Rowan has had 23 years jtheater experience, including' musi- ical comedy, comedy and drama. He •was iii! such stage as "Moc;ca," "The Night Watch," "Good iMorning, Dearie," "Adrien," "Lady [Be Good," ; "Sunny," "The Brass [ .Ring," and; "Sailor Beware. 11 He •'was in motion- pictures wi'th Ann ISheridan, Jack. Oakie and Edwnrtf ;G. Robinson. His latest picture wns "Brother Orchid'? in which he was cast as -a gangster. He was -also in vaudeville and radio. He was ^straight man for Jack Donahue. Walter Catlett, Johnny Burke and Hal Skelly. He was co-author ol '"Pie. .in- the Sky" staged- at the "Wharf theater, Provincetown, Mass., ).ln 1935. -".-". l . T.he fourth, important personage ,'of the producing staff is Private^ 'Kelly Yeaton, the stage manager. salmon, 1-2.cup. 1 - potato water, milk, and, technical director. Private and heat thoroughly. Makes G scrv- S b m k s\ i^y <<£ PATTERN, NO. 1589 Filet-Crochet shows the classic grape, cluster and grape-leaf motiff to great advantage in the unusual arrangement of ten identical segments in a circular centerpiece. The centerpiece measures 23 inches, in diameter and. 'is worker hi one piece. Use it for the table center of your dining-room table or on the top of your drum .table. Its scal- oped border adds beauty and distinction- of the design. Pattern envelope contains flet- crocket- -diagram of easy-to-see dot- in square method; also ful directions. Send lie (coin) for above pattern number-- to Naugatuck. Daily News, Needle Arts Dcp't, P. 0. Box 172, Station D, New York, N. Y.. SALMON AND COHN STEW 1-4 cup margarine". . ' 1 medium sized onion, sliced 3 cups potatoes, sliced 3 cups boiling water . 2 teaspoons salt 1-1-3 cups canned. w-hoie kernel corn 2 cups flaked, cooked or canned salmon (or. any other fish) 2 cups milk Saute onion in margarine over low heat until onion- is tender, Add the potatoes to boiling water, and cook J5 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. Drain. -Add the- salt, corn, i . THIN ,... . Storing vittles was no eaty r task o few Decades ago. Barrels, bins V' : and boxes >yere stacked ceiling-high * ; I b^low stairs] NOW .... a dozen delicious menus fit on a single shelf . . . each course complete, if you're good at stocking up. 1 Here's one well-balanced dinner that comes this'easy way:. The Main Dish 2 cups canned salmon; 2 tbls. granulated tapioca; 1 cup milk, 2 tbls. but- 1 ter, '/« tsp. salt, a dash of pepper and 1 paprika. Drain and 1 flake'fish. Combine- ingredients in orderr given; turn into buttered casserole. Bake in hot oven (400° F) 25 minutes, ftirrmg mixture twice during first 10 minutes baking. The tapioca gives a s smooth, creamy texture to the milk sauce ... a short-cut to "white sauces" made the long way. The Menu T«n»eto Juk Cr«am of Spinach Catitrolt of Solmcn / Bulf«ir«d Moodlct, Mi>«d Vegelpbl* SolodJ Eronditd Ptochti Nu! Waf«n T«a or Coff»« All from HL)«T IN ACCIDKNT . Mich., Juyl 21—(UP)— The son -of Representative Jolm Ta~ her of New York- is in a Sagi-naw IrospiUil after on n.u»lo acc-ldojit. har.les Taber'« car was sJdeswJped y another and the young, man suffered a crushed arm. Stocking'less Vogue Requires Care, }. A -good soap -and: water scrub'Will remove the dry. skin particles that • sO'inethnes 8ive a rough or dandruff y surface, arid extra scrubbing of the heels will :hel p prevent tho .formation, of icallcuscs where t Ui(i ; slioc comes in oon'tfl-c-t with 'Uie skin. P-or extra ghwmonr> spread-on some flesh-colored hand 'lotion or sun tan Jotlon, depending upon whether stockings or socks are to, be worn. 'Yeaton formerly "scenic design !er with.'.the St. TJoui's .Civic theater He. has done technical;, work wit! Maude Adams, ..'the : University ol Washington, Tufts College,, Copley theater in Boston, Qqunguit Playhouse. He ( has b.een. .a-'dn'ootor, .author, and has also appeared ; in radio SEAMAN DISOWNED Everett, Mass.,, Ju'Iy 21— (UP)—A Newton,seaman—Thomas E: Quinn— has drowned.. Quinn tumbled from catwalk: while boarding hfsj ship which was docked in Everett. — •• « • » — — SAFE HOBRED Quincy, July 21—(U P)—Between six and; seven thousand dollars has been stolon from. a v safe in the Supreme Market in Quincy. And it's believed that' the money was taken by four 'men who fled when a neighbor saw them on the roof of the 'bull-ding. . The men overlooked another $7,000 in cash that was in a secret, compartment of the safe PATIENT IN HOSPITAL Alec Louis Zoiias, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Zonas of 372- Rubber avenue, who 5$' a patient in. St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury^ is showing rapid improvement ana% is expected home within a few days. Ings.. BREAD CASES (For Serving. Leftover Creamed Fish or Meat) Remove crusts from unsliced bread. Cut slices 2 inches thick. Insert the point-of a sharp knife into the top of the shaped piece 1-2 In ah from the edge, and 'cut around the outline, running the knife down to within 1-2 inch of the bottom. Insert the knife point horizontally through---one side of the slice 1-2 inch from the bottom and remove center, leaving a box with walls and bottom. Brush, inside and out with .melted margarine and place in 375 degrees F. oven 20-25.minutes unlll'-brown. Fill with flslv or meat nlxture and serve. On heavy -or dark growth of hairs the legs spoils .1'heir looks, ,no shapely, it doesn't look pretty even under stockings. Most .women consider it a part of good grooming to remove unsightly-hairs regularly, especially during i b e summer when legs are exposed. Women who use a. ra&or for this purpose might take a lesson from the men in the conservation of the .'precious steel blades. It is in keep-- •ing witih the times that razor blades be well cared for. Always wash ffon legs 'with a cloth 'wrung out in soapy warm water before using tho razor, as this, softens the hair and makes it less resistant to-the blade. Then, be sure to wash and dry t'h e blade thoroughly after each use. To keep it, from ousting, wrap it back in its IMtle ^apcr cover. People who live near the seashore should he particularly careful about this, because salt ,-vir tends to-corrode t-he steel and this, of course makes it unusable. ' Look Attractive While Your-Active. A fjlrdli; is tlio (hiDM (o wear,'., expertly flUc'd nl J.he nir conditioned CORSET. SHOP! l?4^SOUTHJMAINSia cirrs NEW SHIPMENT — 6 CORN-ON^COU DISHES FOOT SUFFERERS ATTENTION! ! ! jQlcspcoplo and Factory Workers ire getting marvelous.relief for sore idling, burning feet from PODOL, lie new greaseless white cream vhich soothes the del fcato inflamed tissues of : the skin and brings cooling relief — 50c at NAUOATUCK DRUG CO. Every youngster should learn to swim,...It is not hard to learn today, .... ..It is comparatively easy'to get to places to .le'arn.. ...Get sbusy Don't let,"the summer pass-without learning to swim.- : At New Army Hostel •i ^ •> ( " «'^ 1 Group n 49 Values $2,29 and $2,49; COINN. fttore Op«n Saturday .Ni ;tf 91'O'clock. . :'/''!;i.- ';•!*' '• CENTER;-S(E.,,- WATEEBFRY DIAL 3-2762 • presents •—• .; ;„.;„;• ,;: New 'Shipment! Just Arrived!'' STRISIK'S G C\ T? TVT W ±v IN >» V vDelighted with the-prospect) of^ be-, ing, quartered in tthe, Cougresi-Hotel in; Chicago; Gprp: Bennett Coons IB, sliown receiving his room key ftonn 3ernice. Pelton., The; Congress and. Steyena Hotels are being/ rented by. lh« federal, grovernment and will v house 20,000 men, of 'the armed Our last soldi ovm'nifjhl. „< \V^> tirflo you <to, fjeif /yours now vVltlte^ our* ^tock, is i conipleloj ^ •lit',,' .-..;, ||., Avnew, practloali and useful individual plqcerSQtting; four serving" |; 'corn-brf-the-cDb'n Mdde ol'. clear, sparkling crystal glass. Jn- j;!l» dividual wells, .for corn, butter and salt. Can. also be used for 'individual seiwi'ngs of. asparagus. SERVICE OF 6 $1.0Q Hundreds or-new, novel gift sugges- irtipns in CHINA . . ., GEASSWAHE . . , ,. .,, NOVEtTJES KLKCTHIO KITCHICN CLOCKS SCARCII:! ' We Still Ilnvc Some. SCHNEER C ^^ CREDIT JEWELERS *•* 162 South Main S*. — 4-2206 I IT'S COTTON TIME!'! Plenty of Models (o Choose From. E FOR SUCCESS 4 in' lluslncss or Civil Service «t F O fi 1* ^J 9 * COLLEGE OP COMMERCE 24. CENTRAL. AVENUB STRATTQN'S RESTAURANT 18 PARK, PLACB STEAKS— SEAFOOD COCKTAIL BAR GET BACK OF THE BOYS IN THE FRONT Buy Your Defehse, Stamps Here. Buy Bonds — NOW! ANOTHER GOOD DEED — WRITE LETTERS "VICTORY SPECIAL" WRITING PAPER 100 SinglefSheets Tttp or-60 Doublte SKe«t» 50 Envelopes ' ^^ 50 Envclope» They're Waiting to Hear From YOU! To Get a Letter—Write a Letter SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIOIVEHY Life-saving Suits are torpedoed sailors another \ chance; A LIFE^ — CONSERVE United: States Rubber^ Naugatuck Footwear "Division"

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