The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1952
Page 9
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, !992 (ARK.) COURTS NEWS , ARMISTICE / VOL) HIMT6D TH/XT BATTLE- you Atsrr PERCEIVED, MISTAH MA30«,C»J ACCOUNT 08 "SEED HER RACEi- BASY I?USJ LW< A OP A. ALt-eV AX HAD SOME BAD HA8ITS.'— 1'Ve MOTICED OCCAS- OJA.LL.Y.'. Bor ALL sue LAK TO DO ihS tl- P.M. 16 LftK RlP _ WERE You ALLUDlMS Vesse/s Are Named For Firm Employes NEW YORK M>/—Instead of nain- li'S vessels after top company -iffi- one marine company iFrcu- porl Sulphur Co.I operating loyal workers, it lias been reported . here. So far 26 employes, ranging from drill crewman to chiel engineer, j have been so honored by mnkuv.; the ' floating hortor roll." Most of the workers have been with the | ' S-l Louisiana is naming them after | company at least 30 years. Never A Dull Moment! DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 "Sure, business is slow, but that's not why he leaves early every day 'to see customers'—he broke 100 at golf during his vacation!" The Anftlo-Eeyptlan Sudan, now claimed by Kpypl, surU'hes westward from the Red Sea deep into j the heart of Africa. It lies astride i Africa's overland routes as wel! as j the Suez Canal-Red Sea Lane. We'll give them a rie* N 1 • lunger tense on lire! OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami I NOTICE PARMA PETE WAITS TILL TH BULL IS OUT TO SNEAK. IS) HERETOBWD OUT SOME7HIN 1 THAT HA^> HIM STUCK i IT'S LIKE AMY OTHER COPE-- VOLJ LEAMON IT TOO MUCH.' HE'SAHJAPPICT.' SOME DAY YOU N WOW'T USE BCOKS-- THEY'LL HAVE SHOTS TH' BULL OMCE SAICJ 'IP YOU GUYS COM'T GET A IDEA OF -OJR OWM PAV, I'LL BUEK1 UP THEM BOOKS" AND YOU'LL HAFTA THIMK.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads 5LT 1 CANY EAT.' POOR. LABD / 1 MUSTSAV MASTER. LATO GOBS FOR »«• NAMES .' WHEW OUe. LAO SETS HIMSELF KIDNAPEP,IT& BY THE MOST EMINENT- MURDERER.W . : COUWTRTY MAC.I JUST nw> A CRAW THOUGHT ' P.E*AetABPK. THAT SCHOOL &US We LET THROUGH AN HOUfJ. A&OV ir TURNED UP THe LAKE ROAD ' ' vEAH, AMD re RE6UUR. RQUIF is STRAIGHT DOWN THE WAY / COME on / Teievision- Tonite, Tomorrow \VMCT, Memphis. Channel rniBAv Nicirr, AUGUST i 6:00 Curtain Call (i:30 We the People 7:00 Doorway Lo Danger 7:30 Luckiest Guy in World 8:00 Sporlsrenl 8:30 Hill D»y 8:45 Meel Hie Stars 9:00 Frank Clement, 9:30 Playliouse of Stars 10:00 Lights Out 10:30 News | 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Industry on Parade 1!:30 News 11:40 Sign Off / H6KESTJIE P/!V'OFF,CHRI£. •SOME ATO.WC4HELLS WENT ll'JI-P /IT TOE PCCH'IMS 6KOWJD ZMPOtiTHZ TA C&E T A KB A! COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED AM Popular Brands of Cigarets, per carton. 1 60 HUBERT'SCLUB Hubert Utley and Werr Akins HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. How Fast Do You Drive? It may he Hint you flon't realty know—your speedometer can be defective. And THAT'S danger- is usl Let us clirck it tomorrow. \Ve ^ive l-!>ay Service on Speedometer Repair for all makes of r:irs it nit (rucks. Thru you'll K^^O^V bow fast you drive! T.!. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrTsler-riymoulb f)*-ater 121 E. Main E'hone 2I2Z j 'Calamity' Pallbearer jV/as One by Accident RAPID CITY. S.D. O>! — Black Kills historians for years have dif- fcrrri on basic facts tn the life of •'Calamity Jane," frontier gun-moll nnd close friend of "Wild Bill" Hickock. At Least one disputed point ap- •learecl to be cleared up recently. A Deadwood, S-D. citizen. Genrtre Lee- mnn, cliiiiued to be the sixth pall- barer at "Calamity's" funeral. '"I was standing in front of the church," Leemnn recalled, "and the boys were taking 'Calamity 1 otit and there were only five of them. One pallbearer, I think It was F. X. Smith, was sick. "George Hopkins, he was one of Ihn pallbearers, he ."=aid, 'Well, there's Goorpe, he's an old-timer and he knew Calamity,' so they asked me to step in. And that way, ; sort of by accident, I was a pnll- besner at 'Calamity Jane's funeral. '•But I never got my name in the \ newspaper." YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN OLIVER! HE'S A REAL WATCH DOG! [F Rusty VIII Sloan •* didn't show it the next daj. Johnny Hamilton had entries in two of the cheapei grinds and Rusty copped the 6rst with J fine display of horsemanship The other he didn't win. out he pulled everything out at the mare she 'lad and carne in second, nhead of some superior horses. It was a claiming race, and Ihe rnare was claimed by KovaiL "Cured?" Johnny asked Ritsly Rusty nodded "1 figured it all put. The worst [hat could happen is I might get killed. And that would be a break compared to the way I (ell yesterday" He looked up si Juliuny. "You find another boy yet—for the big one?" This would be the Atwaler Slakes John? snook his head. "We figured you'd be the boy Rusty." ^ The lad flushed. "Even afler— yesterday?" "Even after yesterday.** "Thanks Mr. Hamilton I'll give him a ride: I promise you that." "Him?" Johnny said. "You figured Adonis?" "Adonis is the best in the string, bar none. He wouldn't work lor Tod. but—well. I've been kind of talking to Adonis in the stable, and I think we understand each other." Johnny tried to keep from smiling. b"l to no avail. He said. "You belter start talking lo Bella. She's our hope in the Slakes. We can't trust Adonis. Not yet." Riifty avoided his eyes. "Well, I'm just a jock I don't mean lo tell ynu how '« "in your business, but there's an allowance coming up. Wednesday, and it might be a pl.irc to try Adonis. He hasn't had a lesl this year, you know." Johnny promised lo give Ihe idea some Ihought. And Ihe more he thought aboul il, Ihe better it looked. Nystrom agreed with him; if the colt showed well, the race could act at a tiehtener for the fStake*. So it was arranged that was jinxed, he 'Adonis would enter the race. 'pHE few wins they had. plus the other finishes in money spots, had gone toward expenses, which were considerable in a stable this size Two of their cheaper mounts liad been claimed, and they had picked up no others. There was money In claimcrs. if one had ihe eye and the purse. Roth Johnny and Nystrom had the eye. but Ihe purse wasn't adequate. t'arol came up for Ihe Wednesday racing- She'd bought a new set of tires all around, and could make the trip. "Six ply, too," Johnny teased her. "You must be in the money." "I've a Job." she said "Ai Ihe Club Madrid." "Never heard of it," Johnny said. "It's the newest, the toniesl, and the busiest in town. And I'm the feature attraction." She stretched up lo kiss him. "So if your horses won't win. it won't matter. I'll lake care of you, honey " ast track, and the allowance would be filled with fast norses. They had no other entries, but he mci Carol played a few races. A S^ bel was her limit, and sbe made it Johnny's. They bet every race but the first, aefore ihe allowance. Johnny was, at that time, SI.80 ahead. Carol had lost almost S5. She had bet all o( them lo show, Johnny lo win. Johnny nodded gravely. "I've almost S2 no r v, to pay on the SI 00,000." florscs were parading out for the allowance now, and Adonis was third in line. He looked ready, this hot afternoon. He was the best looking colt in that good looking field, and Johnny was proud of him. But he hnrln'l bet a cent. Nor had Carol. Adonis had disappointed them before. Ny strom came over lo their box. He had just come up from the stabls. He asked. "Flow's the Hamilton Hunch on this one?" "I didn't bet," Johnny told him. "Nor I," said CaroL "How about you. Uncle £d?" Nystrom only stared at her as .Johnny said. "Your uncle, honey, wouldn't bel if he was alive. He has yet to make h\? first wager." "Nothing in the world." her uncle snid, '"is as uncertain as a hor?c race. And S2 will buy a lot of oats." Ancient Theatre Found DAMASCUS, Syria W—An nn- ent Raman theater, parts of hirh are complete and in pood omJition, has bfen discovered In almyra. The Syrian antiquities epartment also announced the vpry of the tomb of an ancient nlmyrcnc fnmily. The tomb confined staturs of members of the nmiiy rtnri other objects of. rvrcheo- al importance. They went over, to the stall," Rusty wns Ihere. feeding Adorns n i rarrot. What dope is to an addict. | ca rr<j t s we re to Adonis. "Remember, we talked, about d isc i pi i ne a nd how you couldn't beat a horse? Well, I got to thinking about your Idea of trying psychology. So I got myscll a book by one of them child experts." "Child psychologists?" Johnny supplied. "Uh-huh. About how to bring up your kids, about rewards, and stuff like that." "Ho. when he behaves he gets. carrots?" Johnny laughed afler Rusty's head bobber! up and down. "I hope he understands why he doesn't get them when he misbehaves." "He does," said Rusty. The muggincps of the past week was gone; ihe sun had baker) the track rock-hard- It would be a TT wn? Adonis at the jump-ofT. lighting for the rail and Rolling il, movin« out from the niclce to n full length lend. Adonis. Irart- int; them all into the first turn, setting the pace. They were all just bobbin? spots of color in the back si retch now, the distinguLshtHri silks ol the various s tables the only tip-off. And the Hamilton green and white Led al! (lie resl. Th«? bunch spread oul; they were finding their pacn, and still Adonis led. From the two-spot n chestnut filly moved up for the challenge -is they pounded into the turn. Adonis met the challenge* with a spurt and the filly fell back, Around Ihe bend thoy came, hoot- thunder on the hard trnck getting louder. (To ne Continued) COUIDW'T WkKE OUT TK NMWEi, BUT H61L (kRRIVE IN IVBOUT TWO NEfKS! OT.VOU'LL ADORE HIM i MR.RYAin HE'SBRWER HOOPMJP THEtUNPEST MAKWTH WORLD 1 SIT DOTJN-.l'LL " TELL DAOPy. WOO 65 RIGHT &(VCK—• ftlUUE 6MA MIGHT 5TR BY W1B «E«S RESTING, HE'D &HAKE UP TK WHOls] PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gunranlccd Besl Prices Cirby Drug Stores WE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS eyiRYlZ'/j OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN OF ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon, while we still have famous •SIOUX- Steel grain bins! niSTRIHUTOR Blythcvillc Soybean Corp. \Vcs( Main—BIylhevil I'hnncs fiSofi & (J857 OF COURSE YOU CAM'T, VOU STUPID WHALE! WU'D BETTER TURN ME LOOSE- IF YOU WWJT I THINK. I SMALL CONTINUE SREATHE TIMS EARTHLY AIR DESPITE THE INTENTIONS OF YOUR FA3T-MOVING ( f f THIS l£ OUR SPECIAL ALL-PURPOSE BRUSH.. I PON'T INTEND TO LET VT G6T COLP WHILE I STANP HERE TO -VOL!/ MOttt

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