Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on May 28, 1864 · 2
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 2

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1864
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1 t ' I xiijiurirTti r ' '" i " '' "'""" i - '.- t - .: U.i; .! --- f . . 1 1 11 mi (i I t IUJA4 WI2 WJWW, wMoh th9 crlw8 0( , mnp0,ea threw on the ,aT a Billable .l. Mr. '. "t ' r- : r r:::--ri2:r p0f ,f r.u.ralmt the charge of .tro. U.lor, to Ulk opr.f.rrln winsoue ovriUK.i i fto.itt til air.., J" ' ' " " k.. w. ... Lia iUu, U U t eo'1, (r count and yet t mu m..u rvMii mi Hovwd'l ltepubltcan prloolple. 1MU o il,eal or msJurMtlsfaotlim villi Mm jr- (ilnliiiKil credit for 1U own liberality I tonallv. be liutilled. Then add to Ihe teuJunoy ATVItl4Y KVft.H'U. MAY ! actually f5""" muiiU la charge, (if .''IJlttok Jlennbllcan," diguing and powerful eBnr of ins Post Master .otMM n.ui. ftrtfTiol ttwiiuwii; 'S'lrjiftri belt ! Ohlr-lj renumiaeedgd himself to the iffi;. M e r. 0,, Mlj vhb ihrouKboutths laud, to gel t II. i.nAntl.r AlrmunatauAaa (if till BO'intrV InVMl Mr. JJuooio wiut ruor ooi . TUB rrifATIOM. Atlbaprewni wrlijDf thr Ii otl!B ..rngi.un ri. un. k ' ir. il'k. plUol m4 0crupulu toul by bb Otter J uneiliu-. nmouui.ur. .lUur.., eeube. fuftutloa obUlont-U lb rebel ppr to be pueni V'UI ' ' , i4 toueto Mr Ufce JenUUiui.1, Ao, end la oUloa toulh of fleitoo'l Jooolion, m tbe ol Of pilnoll tf e.n; klnrt. He e.cjuireu, w p(UJ M- bow ill,Brltolk M,p,,rMuM wer i3- f iliroiitthblirelatliea iid looUl ooniieotlone, nif nothlnc et ell. Ul U.e two il.lugi ormpcuaenu flfeoriBw -.r ... L.' dlMOolewd. the pereou of Ue free). lute iWtdleteiioenorib of ibe Bourn aom, i " .rvv,.,v....,r.v.- dei(, from th8 ,nfl ,,, k i f,.r,i Lire eroMi eud UioroutLIf I Vnwu roeu f juroonu, wmua nwr, u clreiiruilenoee ei our voeniry, in mj jMlJtloreeeiieTeoroieea oa worouguij , , ... . ... ,. I -,1,,,,, n .Ta .,.. .n,i i.tm u utile to eteod Jetrore4 the Virgin! Centrel lUHroea for ' -' " -' - " bu owp roli., eed ihe iiUr would itiiti. M.J mile, (,t of tie Juuotlon. Tbe pee-1 0 ' ni w" U eouiber end u uer lut limueditiaij. . Iel me . ef our Mms eeroa tb North Ann I. neat nwuei iu cu upon mn wuo nea .u. 7;::;;," "inm . . . . ... . ... . ..t I nillt,1 Tilirt In (linlr limmAtf Mir ilHKnliiutilA I .. , . .. ni..t.i.... . ' l .m.i . i .. i i I ' i ii.. louio anil . .i- i.i .... . i .ii .1...-,. ten.i I DnrMiiiiKiiLLfli Hull iiiiiniiiiiii niiriu u iiiuu luru ii id r giuuuu pu. .v..-, juiMujniM wui, i.fTiiv...B ...lBi it . honrd. Derform the funotloui 'AaaleCrMkbeee bea ebendoned M our vme bio conmuuiea 10 me wuimg -f h i,,or ia xhm ,iUordlo. . kkM ofaitnUU. .lnne ttie edrtnce of. Ibe I Ml Connection Uh U, wort bW ei'l up In LrUmee, wlibmoreumpreheiiMuo, foreceMlne Arm;. W beretLe followlug deepetcn from pn.nmg u.mu, v,wuWuf v ""r" .'Iflrinoeee ol nerfi,Ma then, but not till iUo, we VTeebloi tea J I af" m" un(,,,,,l0l", "owwn unnrno i jTa tu reel aiuimon or me wn9 in me l 41 il II f Jl . I ... I II.. I WieetwerOK. Mer 17. 1MI. W penecuy weu irom lui.pwRinninr, e.m in . , Xefugeee who errlted here U dey lrom Eiob-1 ftftflr-thouftht of ble Itupubllcen eflllltttloni M:: '.fi.,;: -the .eoi)l tetob eM blie will go for llttla In the eeliiuetlon of felr-lblmlor. I'erwnellr endprlvetelj1, I litre much M.d men. Hower i m V hev. "etolea the - KWoV K llrer of lIoeTen to ecrre the devil 16,'? but I imt. Kor e BloMure Mcerelo on mo(iU weter, lie wee a noiiiingiirinn r ppuucd, ena wee uv- . . , . oomu..Bd 0 cuII . I lorly rcpiidmU'd loug erfo bjr the ltnpublloaneltlBn. utlier nin, nt fur the prmmit nnKnowo f ' fi, ' V. '..-i. 4ilotog. egdlnwlneboor ore w ere Mug their . . . , . . i.i . . v. " " o . - ' o i iiroi. and onr imipiiro ..v . i m mivwh v . vuw"- m ' W, upon loyevl men Whoee pure nemee end board, In niennr io eppei nent nm p ... newi.lt I. ptoper that th. North, t H M ; . ' .T.nU,.UouUb..lowto place crodenc. In . . ' R .,. th, - s:r,,n ,0BM ,n ,njr ,ucb fbreto,P,aktbll.of.jorn,..atwho,ho.: s s:awn8iiv::Tr nvD.uM. Ierhe mav haro diHfraced bliiiroroMlon. HI There bM been no fighting In IIuUpi Ic-1 -rtimh,- -t -.i 0r Kf. ntrnanr c I f!rc!lnl Mentinff of tht) Common bend, tuiettiat during the opeialloui of our jmjr el riaoiujivauia Jtii. fTu auu u. iial. bAdoailna- alarnea. eiarieu in io.t. ivivn- mond. bat were nrareuied br Uio rlotoua dfaiou. atraituuaof Uie cliliui. wbo IntUted Ititl, ea tbe orerameal ttrefeMed tbera from leaving, III ' auoald remain alto, kittle or no confidence can be placed In in rumort ai the above, If the rebeli are child reer and out of tbe power of doing further mischief, but tbe penletent attempt of ttiol .Wire end li'dylt, par nMlrfratnwi, to (Mra ilia n1 In in nf hlii prima mi thrt Ki'nuliliflan uar- 1 r i mtl partment tlnce the defeat of FiU Hugh I.ee at Wlleon'e Wharf. Sherman'i army la in full pursuit cf tbe eaemy, baring kft Ktngiton on Tuenday JOtreporuaroiDawonnsion am nouniena t d.mand nothing less than a prompt a Ia k.llla In nnrol lint that mnat nf Ma I . .. . . . . a" -oi i lajignant ueniau iroope arc Deing iramuurruu w i.eu auu JSeauregard. These reporte, are, however) hardly credible. Ae we announced jester- day in our telegraphlo colnan,' it wai Al toone, on the Etowah river, and not Atlanta Ca., which waa aald to be flunked by Sher man a entirely different piece. Tbe War Department received a dispatch Th UourU Council. IWCItKAMIC OF NAl.tttlKw. nt 1 o'o)ilf Ail.iouriiH A.M. TbiChrlntlan Commission will have an In terestlng nieetjng at tbe Lee Avenue Cburcb tomorrow erenlnfr. from General Banks yesterday, dated the 21st, and detailing tbe particular! of Colonel Itailey'a fine engineering movement in releas ing the gunboats on Red River. In hit retrent from Alexandria to th Mississippi General Banks bad two engagements, in which the rebels were defeated. General Canby tele graphs that tbe army was delayed by tbe FHO.H WAMIIMUTOM. TVaSuinoto!, My 23, 18C4. Dili Tins If I were satUfled that tbe peopl at large, or tie men who will repreneat tliem iu tie forthcoming National Cnventieai, had duly conildered all the facta and thoir eignlRranee lo volved in the ohoica to be made, 1 aliould much prefer to remain ailent on tbe aul.jnot. On the contrary, however, my fears amount to a con victien that tbe people do misinterpret some of the material current facta in tbe case that they read thf iu as of old, regardless, or mainly to, of tbo thanired Bignincauce which has been given them rising of the Atchafalaya, but it crossed thel'byonr new.aiwimilar 'and unprecedented eir- ' I a..lAHAfti T dm a-aeo rtlnnrr t. anlimit r tVita UUlUSiauVDSi a piu i vi J ntttinfa, w mm tut i v vnu Kieeissippl oa the 21st. The Southern papers of late date contain lengthy aeoounte of General Grant's recent flank Movements, which they say they bad diseovered, and were partially prepared for. An interesting debate took place in the rebel Congroea on the 23d, upon a series of resolutions from North Carolina, asking for the appointment of commissioners to obtain an armllce of ninety days from tbe Union, government, with a view to obtain peace. This North Carolina claims should be done by each State in its sovereign aud independent character, and the resident and Senate should complj. Tbe resolutions, however, were tabled. . And so affairs stand, at present. A hush oi expectation haBgs over tbe whole country, which at any moment may be broken by tld Ings of battle and carnage. God send us vic tory! through which peace is alone attaio- THE gAXARIHB)F CITY UrFICKRS. The Board ef AVlermen bad a special Meeting last night foitbo purpose of increas- iag me satarie or citt oncers, se at lo enable the o&cials to meet tbe vastly increased deatands made apeirjhem for tho Decenaries ot ufe, by the inoreased advance in tbe Jjice of gold, and the consequent high price f everything which people uie to keep the ksaehinery of life going. Aid. Taylor, of tbe 15th Ward, Toted against almost every proposition to increase. There wa , preatdeal ore talk upon tho mu.c matter than was needed, and, as a consequence, many very ludicrous things were aald. Perhaps tbe most ridioulous part ot tbo transaction was the little personalities which certain members of tbe Board Buttered to eontrol their action as officers of the City Government. Toil was eminently the case with Aid. McLaughlin In his splenetic re-Marks in reference to Mr. AfcCIoskey, City Clerk, aad Mr. Flanagan the City Hall Keeper aid Sergeant-at-Arms. Tbe bitter course of Aid. McL. only served to make strong friends, for the two gentlemen named, of those wbo were previously somewhat iriiiffer-ent The high eneomiums paoj U4)on jrr McClotkey in the Boari by Various members, Independent M pftrtyj were Buch as that olfici"; mdy woU feel proud of Tber f0I 0ther personalities Indulged in Which showed a great want of gentlemanly decorum, but they were merely snch improprieties as usually result from shallowness, and therefore to be pardoned. We present a report of tbe proceedings in another column, and simply add bere that the action of tbe . Board last nigbt has yet to be reviewed by tne Mayor. hether be will give bis appnral to what was done remains to bo seen. Mean time, however, (be necessity for some reason able increase in thesalatlea of office ictrust eo who puBlie business Is too apparent to no uj recuminFmiauou irom u?. We trust, aowever, that the salary bntioessmay be ulti mately arranged, so as to enable the city to commanu uie services of competent men in II iU departments. It ia a poor economy wnicn loots out ler tUap service. Such economy not nnutually comes to grief. W 11 .1 ....... '. ' ' " I 'm tu mo u4uuon oi our raiei t to tbe letter oi our Waahinglon correspondent, J. K. Those who think Mr. Lincoln the only man U this Ration, and the best man lo hare for " BtXl resident of the United 8taU, will flod 1 an analysis of Mr. L'e position in bis relation . toe peopl. Read the letter. Tutlt.X Jw or to day, while it adults tint Howard did write a series of Irl.muia-tory article for lU columns about the time f tie Prafl KJoU, penltta in saying that he RjblJota." The Ja glad to 1 and tow eoTntry au loval people's decision or this tuiicer, even tboueh mv own judgment mlcht not concur, when 1 can feel aunred tbat it i the people's own io telligent decision, and not a careless, amiable following either of considerations well enough iu themselves, bat immaterial to the requirements of tbe rase, or of the nllurementa, influences, official and other teachings, cajolings or menacings, of demagogue place-holders and wire-puller. My responsibility extends no farther than to mke use of my opportunities lo give my fellow-citizens the means of thinking as I do ; the thick-mr they niUHt do for themselves after all, and Willi them that opportnnily rest. In tliOyor mer numbers I submitted the "Ode-Term Principle," and the question of the personal claims of Mr. Lincoln cpon the People for con- tinned lavor by re.ison of his cflicial services -so far. I now beg to discuss the nature or significance of the (act of h seeming personal popularity. Many intelligent men of the most earnest patriotism I huvo beard expre-s dissatisfaction with Mr. Lincoln's admin'Jtratlou, am' the belief that wa have stateemen who could and would do better in his place ; but that the people are made no to have. Mr. Lincoln we ninst take him or let in a Conn rWJ This position, if warranted as a matter of fact, woma do a patriotio one, wnicn l would l.rt neither voice nor nen aealnst. bnt rather strive anil fortify;,bnt;to my mind it is founded on a mistaken interpretation or. things. Let cs scrutinize the matter. People cheer the President when be appears before them, and they cheer at the men' tion of his name in uuWic speeches, with an una nimity and energy unusual as a mere recognition of the b!gh official position. I atknowledge; tbat to be a fact. Very well, what significance has it? Let us see. Tbe claim is, that what is beyoud tbe demonstrations usual as a recognition of the portion, must be due to the extraordinary merits of tne man in the popuinr esteem. Suppose, instead of the appearance of the President in a publio assembly, the Star-Spmgied Banner is introduced, or i9 alluded to by a nnaker. how is that received? Are not the demonstrations more animated than formerly? Whereas, ia former times, before the rebellion broke out, the appear, ance of our fhg, or mention of it, wro!d be received nine times out of ten in dead silence, regarded either as a piece of decoration, or a metier ol eourso national symbol; now it is cheered with fervor.with intense feolins; on everv occasion. Now, bowshoo'd this fact be interpreted liv the foregoing reasoning it would be held that our flig is more meritorious than it was in days gone by that the bunting has been growing liner and toucher, and tbe colors more brilliant. But whv do we cheer at the sight of a (lag at all? Is it because of the pretty picture it presents ? I have seen an old war torn, ballet-riddled, faded end stained stand of colors excite the wildest en- thnsfasm. How is that? A tiicr is a -- .. tion of a conntry or caas3,ona iat iH"precisrlv' what a Present is. Other PresidcniH retentatives of their country also; bnt President j.iucoin is more nnivcmmiy cneered, without dis tmetion of party, or more animated and earnest ly, oecause DO represents, in addition to the coantrir Which other Presidents represented a caute upon which Uie very life of tbe nation and all wo have and are, depend because the times ana events ouiciaiiy personated in him are more amniaiea aud earnest, and interest by the direct peril of at least oua ireni. ber of almost every family throughout tho land. He ia Coiumander-in Chief of our Army and Navy, manned by a rnillioa of the Lttiier. sous aau oiibohdus oi ine people, desperately waired upuu uy m power mai scck; to Kill Idea anrf de siroy tiieir nation. Ha represents all these, finer residents represented les tliuu 25 000 RoiuieiH ana sailors, at peace with tho woild That is the Odorence. When we nhppr tha nn. lional Dig in these days, then, wo cheer it as the symbol or representative cf our million friends in arms oa the land and on the a, aud the cause they have devoted ibernselvtt to it it orlr an- A.i... j t . i .. - uiuer wu'ja ui eaiuuriK liieiu personally. So precisely w.itb the President; and the character o( the people s demwutrati is is chiefly indicative ot our interest io and reelinei towaidn their aol dier and sailor tncoda, and their aud oar cau-e focalized irwhtffi orEeially, rather thn any ex prention of retard for sir. Lincoln himself. I am aware tbat the distinction :s not commonly kept uiear in me mini, ii ii were, inese onserratins would be sufierflrogfttory. The popnlar mind is no; metap jysicsi, iut snnaous. It alwivi wants a simile visibh emboiliuient of tha tiject of its thouKhta and ftflmgn. Ifencs the creation and popular curreucy of an "Uncle Nni, in the absence of a real uerinanent uer onal representative of our ua'io.i, nutil, I have jO count, it tut come to feu, tiioiun uot thought, nave nv nine cunaren. mai tnen a Demoiii. really exists. Ilduci ihe eudnianue. at iheir uu loenne cos'., of mooarchs and reverarce for thern. ine people see their retrective nation in il,in. Bat a liUla refl'dion tofiicet to make the anlv- tiaaud to affiim tbe correctness if the above p.iti'ioa. ' to 1 account for (beseeming pusaive popularity of air. Lincoln. it follows, secondly, tbat if Ibe prople are tacved en main le smaoiiesi thi mtelves in favor of Mr. Lincoln, only in hit jmboiii;l cbaraeier, the diniiutitioo lo do or sv dnvLMid aoaimt hiin mott be atill more uaivers.l ou lie game orinci-ple. To favor bim it to favor our trrrit and navy, aad oar csum aad eoaotry; toere' ore that at tbeeooverae cf tbe propotition to odoom bim ia to oppom onr arrtiie t and ntvv. our can kow wmie tbe symbol aad Is accordance with, a rexolti'ion aJopted at tbe meeting of the Hoard of Aldermen on Monday evening, a special meeting was hold ltt evonlng for the purpose of considering the report of the Committee on Palsrles. The Comjnltteo has had the anhlect of' the lncfei of the silsrlts of city ofBceis under contlderatlon Hinco the month of January. During the Interval tbat hat elapsed tlnoe that time the members of the Hoard appear to have acquainted tlir.uielvea with the duties performed by tho diOirent employees ol the Citv (Government, for the pnrpone of being prepared to act intelligently upon tho report of the Committee whenever It should be presented. Tbe result of tula long deliberation on tbe part of the committee, and extensive op portnnlty to Aldermen, ws two lengthy reports, a majority one and a minority one from the Com mittee, and aa exhaustive teaion of the Hoard The meeting was called to order at S o'clock and did not adjourn till about 1 o'olocl this morn ing. Aid. R. Murphy was called to the Chair, the President not being present at the appointed hour ; but the Committee were not quito ready to report. The consequence was an adjournment for 10 minutes, a second adjournal "it ( 1 ' i.iin-ntss, a third adjournment for 1" miautes more. At tbe expiration of the last 1 j minutes Aid. Talmage, President, arrived, called the meeting to order, stated its purpose, and called for tbo Report. Aid. Kimball presented a miji;i!y report, wbleh was read. Aid. McLaughlin the Cbairmin of the Commi-tea, presented lb minority report which was u!-o read. Aid. McLaughlin thf n moved to take up Ihe rso lutiens in bis report seriatim. The motion wai carried, and the bosrd proceeded to act accord ingly. Jt waa alo resolved that as the minority report did not contain as many cbaDs"s as wer proposed In tbat of the mHjotity, the board would amend the former by addi g tho omissions, filter the resolutions, iu the latter had been deposed ol. We append the list as set lorth in the mincri'y report. Ordinal raaulutlna earrled. Aid. Tevlnr lauvtd Id sdlnuro. Loat. Aid. IlllM moved that iUm salary ftt St. Alphlui Rinli I Jr., beralMdlo ll.oou. Aid. HalKuap tuovad to amind if rnaklnH ,niru, irfwi. Aid, DilM moved to iwaad by miking It I1,1M, Lost, llr.fitniloa fur II ftofl adontad. The aalaiy nf Mr. I lanagau, kserr of tie City Hall, was ul.ed to ll.ntio. Aid, lllitt moved that the S1U7 of thlCHy I ler a lie latsea 10 ij.uvu. t trrim, Aid. Iinikatn moved to adloiirn. !x)t. Aid. HUM inovtd that the salary of Wllllun Tiinine, liinptolor of I'avenjaatt la tha Latro ni.tiioi da rulsait to 11.200. list. Aid. Tlur said that tha present luspeotor of pavemenistn the K, 1'. waa a irtua rpn,iut oily, lie wtt atterly lunoiupelent for the position of Pavement liiintutor. Ui bad (Iron Ctrllll' flttea to MtiilraiiUirt who bad laid oobble-atouri on a foundation uf hooped thlrla, elain efasiia and olay, lie would rather bate bim Impeached than tola to rls hi) salary. ,...! Aid. MnLiuuhlin moved to amend by filing the lilary aivou, aanpiea. Aid. Tylor atuved that the preteut salary ui iinllnnall. I.imI. Aid. f iaker tanvtJ that the salary nf o0 be Bied to date freia Ike 1st of .lanutry, moa, me name of ihe preseut Inspeotur to be struck out. kkt. Aid. Tav lor moved to lay 11 on ms isnie. i,wi Aid. Tavlor mnvtd to adjourn. Lost. Aid. McUiiRhllu moved the previous quettlon 'I lia resolution as amended was adopted. Aid. Flshsr moved that the Hlarla Hied at ti,i naiiii of iht Hoard continue 10 ins ...n.lr,t i,lrialrlel(lf CltV ODotrt till SptOlS payment shall have been reamd ; end that the auditor he directed lo audit, and ije Comptroller to pay the Mine. Adopta.f. The liuiru men aojourru. ? . Jtolljrlonej. The history of (Iraee Church, from Its small be ginning eleven yean ago, wjs brlrfly preteoted (0 a largo connregntlpo, br the Pev. Mr. (lulon, lat Snndsy. Ills text was from Nalah 0 and .'J : "A llttlo one shall beco ue a thousand, and a small one a strung upturn; I the Lord will hasten It Iu his l!mo." 'lbs llev. preacher began by showing tbat the bppy and Hlmhnm state of the Church here furiToid, referred prlnoliially and ultimately to ibe Christian C'luireli, to her future etilarijeiucnt and spiritual proHprrily. iod will iilorliv himself. .v esiendloir His ClmroU la the lace of bitter opposition from place lo nlace, aud by gathering rebellious suhjootn Into the pearelul kingdom of Ilia beloved Hun. The Chris tlan Church was a little one, the number of their names was oucs but nn hundred and twenty; end lboiif;h opposed and persecuted; yet It soon be came a thousand, me preacner secondly reviow ed the rise of his individual Church from its be ifinoliiK with a small Sunday school, in a dwelling bouse, in slay. 15!. A church valued at $13,000 had been erected and conseorated during tbe first three years since wblch time s ronk-recaiion end (Sunday School, each numbering over one thousand, bad been gathered, many or whom had removed, and were doing good elsewhere. ill Infants and 1 adults had bcon recolved Irllo membership with jurist uy usptism. his persons nave tarreu upou themnclv s tbe vows and promises made iu their name, in baptism, and openly conlessed Christ In confirmation.. Tho names of ili persons have been entered In the parish register aa coramuni cants. 15 conoles have been united in holy raatri mooy; and uJ have, 10 tne use or tne solemn funerul services, been committed to the ground Kirth to earth, oNhes to ashes, dust to dust,. The financial state of tbe Paris!) was in a oon ditlon highly aatislantory, there being a dellci- ency of only (3d on their expends during the past year. ibe review or past labors, and the blessings which have attended tiietn. ntromb tho gratifying assnraooe th it cur little one has become a thou sand. Tho Hector closed with exhortation lo his con cremation to unite with him In renewed labors. eflirts and prayers, and resolve that while life lasts we will do onr utmost, that by God's grace, our "relent bund may ne increased another thousand. In tho afternoon divine service was performed y th'i Itov. A. Herbert (iesncr of Le Roy, West em N. Y., on 1 the aunual Sermon to th Sunday School wa preached by Mr. Guion, and bo0k irere given to nil the children w''o bad been egnh'r in their attendance at Church. TBI MIVOKITT ItEroBT. f'rin. At!' Jsi. F. W. raw ihonie, Sali fieri In C 10- anhae SlO'.rt l.Vv Ou. Wallace, return (,'leri la rollectar's o!- lire 900 i &-fi Vsurica Kllziernl, UlerS ts Cjrparatmt fleururllor lo 12 Wm.farn,Entrv iIerk In ' allcctrir't ortttii. w l.i .Tohn (1. Far, MapOrk In Co lector'a oe.. v c; (il, .Vvor MeMsDBsr loo m A. B. I.fcudav. Clrrk ia St. t;.jQiar' olH'.-e. 1 Ittui ICdwarilJ. I)fnKe. Ioiptor HjcrIri ;:) loi K. M. rhroener, rorema of rci an t in iret i 'oromiiwio 1 ar'soltice tm CSrtstopher HowSeli, Inspec or ol pivtu s. v.j liii OnaidE. vvylle, im Clark In Tai t'omm ica i'icffl-e KW ISO Clerk la Tax Commilontr'ii office xn ii.iu Clerk'atn l-lty Clerk's olUc MM It) Timothy Ward. KrwIDfcr of CUT Hall 70 yii, J. Mciluira a.uat Knprr 'iiy IIaiI 7"' (ieo, KiaK, Ke perof Water Clo'ji.. m (. . it?. MsCann. JiaMner to noaru im Mini Salaries of Police Jut!c CI rkn ." r.'o I jou hnuliieer of steam Firs Kimiac . ) lin.i Clr to Ileal. h Ortlce :t lim Comtaples in Couniellort fflce. S... 'if :m Ball Klnnars . aicrr hecDtt uMlilnifton imk :n, .'.'i salwy Keeper Carroll Jark .nju iTMK. O'er private de-tot Ion.. Katlier of love tiiS Until : In mercy, imile on mc. leach aie to live arljlit; l.ac-a rr.c lo follow Uicj And mil thy bteulrgs scEd, t'Dwarthy aa I am, Thon art the Miner's irlenii, ThroDKh Christ, tbe sinkm f,amb. Crest flod ! thv hnundlow heart, In love, c nuriu.fi nil. To me. kurl. lvo Impart, .'.Itluui i In nioaiura. ainill. Aril t tin my heart renew, ;,;S thui m ilrlt eulla. i hai whe.i mis i.,'" .': :.'oH(h, Triumphant at thy side, Trlumjihmitovrrsln And i' ailendant woe, Vy -o'il ny dwfll nitl.lu. Tlioie rea'in ihe i lahteoun tnow. Heoeptlon of tha UnirereftJUt tunaay Konooi. Agreesbly to the announosmtut In these eol brans, tha reeeptloa of tha Wllllaiutbargh Vul veraalUtBrnidayftubonltook plaol al Wathlng. lua Hall last evening, , It was truly aaagnlllosDt r4lr. Never bad TTMhluitoa Hall beta so erowdtd, II was observable thai the preponder. aeawMOBth side uf Ihe laoiaa. . eiMS of tbe evanlug were divided Into twe part The nrst wm tha eluglng of a chorus comuisoo" I.L "a ailirlMiaaiatlrsiiiaf hsra, kmt, bsapy, kspir." A tablsau-subjeol, tbo "Ird's i. .... ki'k ll.a earaiaoOV Of crowning IV .11 1 Pll, HUIUM, . .. .A I.. the May (jut.d as parlorm.d, Mite tf" ' paraooauuf lira yuooui ------ - menced with aooUiar chorul, bemuiui BaaSllfal Una. kulll sboVS," Then followed f arloue IuWiuJ ttai, that L'l.Lr.'a ap l,alna llp Ana. The OBr WSJ .i,. i, niiia mrla attlrad ilka fairies. Toe tpaotaela waa so pleaalng thai Uie apaotatots Jo sUud oa Its vspsuiluii aud tha rnnaia rwe sf sw. The soug " lahers m Ibe rwie" was won ronnan l, UI.. ll.nnan. Tha tablaSB "Doloh Court ah In from Irvlna's Koleksrbooker plsaaad aniMMlnoltf. flial iA "Old Dlsdsrlob Koloksr. hnrknr lelthia atotlna" waa etoilleut. The duttt "Volo e, LlriHorlng foloea " wai admirably sung hj Miss bllsby and Miss i'betps. The entertain, ment elotsd very appropriately with the tableau "Life, Poutli, aud Itnturrectloo." WILI.IAiriMMIIlUllM.Utl Al THtfl rnoNT, It will bo seen by the accompanying order that tbe old 'Uurgh la honored by the presence of some of her eltlsons at the front In the battle flnld, having command of the only six gun bat. tery of the Army of the Potomio. This battery lout three killed, and one wounded on VTedntsdiy the 18th Inst., at Hpottsylvanla Court House, Let the boys of Tsfi's N. V. Independent Dattery be remembered i IllAPyUARTItM Akhv Or thi Potosuo, I MayPlih, IHtii. ( t'racui. Ospkhs, No. 101. 2d. K.ch six aun battery In this army except the horse Artillery and Taft's New York Independent Battery wilt atone be reduoed to four fit anna retaining all lis caissons. The surplus Ordusuoe stores and horses will be sent to Hello Plain to morrow and turned Into tne proper ue-partments at that plaoe. The batteries or Ike Artillery reserve will be distributed as follows after tending back the surplus guns. aw w w By command of MJ Oen. Maans. B. Williams, Ast'l. Adjt. tionersl. KCVfCKAl, DRY GOODS! J net lUolwil n fcls. Vfj FOULAIID BafB0;Uni Balilni In Htw Toih fr a floiur, .''H, III anllooattl 10 OaVBBS Calloo, WAaaaHTao raar dolohi. im a oi. pt it , a A, lUKHIfa, 171 fcad ISO Arand tlraal. fink vLoru cmvomns and haqum, IM AM. THI NEW MIIAUEM, IT lol saeb, at A. (USER'S, HI and IN strand strati Black Bilk Circulars and Baques, from I4 ia Each, at A. as I Ha s, lin ana IW ilrtnl street. nuiieilmtlciai nnl Pnrnmolm, lto I) EACH, at A. RAIKR'S, IIS and IM Uraud attest. Nw Btylet In Moaainblqu and Llmna Hhuwln, JCNT IktroKTKt), 3 and SS.BO ssnh. at ' A. DAKtR'S, ITS and 100 Orana slrl. Dlstt- VV CAITAIM LtCaTOIlTE. . WiLMAM'U'tiaoH, May 27lh. Kilitor o Timet : An article appeared in tonight's Times which I beg leave to correct. Tha lunaral wUoh took place yesterday afternoon VVW5 (Jeorge LeForte, Captain of CoCDnj D, 4tb Iteglmont, Excelsior Hrlgade, and lata em,B" ' .r 1st Company. 7th Iteglmont, N.T.8. H. and his rcmpins were escorted to (Ireenweod Ceue: tery by the anove company, auu uo wj m u jteglment, N.Y.8. N. (i. Trnstlng yon will insert this card In yonr psper of next issuo in respect to onr late and respected comrade, I remain respectfully. Ao. Jon It. Dloom, 1st Co. 7th Keg., N. Y. 8. N. 0. Italia thsvwls with Itleh Brooha BorStra, from (1.00 upwards, at A. UAKIR'S, I7S and ISO Orand street. men BTxiirxD bhoviie sua wls, am nn mt.na an.t .00. each, at A. BAEER'I, ajrvsv v w l?ft sinrl Tho Lust Figlit for Ricliiiiond It prchikly cloas at haad, may poedbly tt Announced in THE SUNDAY MERCURY. or TO-MOllltOW. mn.'t liitorestlng, vned ana rsey the Of People btoli will bi Ihe nunbrrcl tnn Great Orcan that t yet beau Istuad. Tha fiwt that tnit Popnlir sheet illtc-t'uesall toplct In an Indojiem.onl aplrlt, and tombinee ibe atlratllons of all l lie ranooi aany ana weekly papars of UiJ flliy in in FIPTl-SIX Closely Printed Columns, tfi proartrt for tt a CIROL'I.ATIOIt equal t that of all the ether Snnday aapers THREB TIME DOUBLED. IK General, Local Shipping ami WAR NKWf in Invariably up ton lMr hour th n tht lotelllfeaee U.''; Hit luee ne-tn Muo.ihii-a i, any vun-r ciri, iiavui- uiam l.eiug kep open untu FIVE O'CLOCK o.v SUNDAY MORNING f.r i ho purp s of glvina the very LATEST TKLEGRAMS irinvnit'cd from the South and houlhwen'. .STORIF.S fa lilKh order cfcxcetlcrco ptjpptrtd eiprMely for the MERCURY by the l.mlina Novel ifei ot both Hemispheres, lend inu re'. lolt pi"cr, a complete epitome of the show neWj of tbe whole clvillzdd- world 1 preaenlad every week, and tonus a unliU feature ..f the paoer; while Its reportaoi apctelys, pu illc proc edlnm, marknt newt, "lurtlnn evtnin ilro Intcll nenee, doings of ihe City Oov-eminent, social movement, k-.., Ac, are full and accurate. Under Ihe head of I -iuu(lii.v Table-Tttlla: I7S and ISO Orand ttrett. HtavyBltth 811k fa Ma.tlta, ai.r0. $.00 tadil.HSpryd.-.at A, IIAKKR'R, 1,8 and ISO Orand ttrett. New Stylesi In Plain Plaid Striped ' Mohair Dream Ciootln. KROM IIOo. UrWARDS, at A. nAKRR'R. 178 and IDO Orand strtet. RICH ALPACAS. IV AU- R RW COLORS. rROM 50c. TJPWARDR, SI A- BAKKR'S, 178 and 180 Orand street.. A. Largs Stock Clotha, C'asslmerea, 0atin-elta and Cloaltlnsa, at A. nAKRS'il, A COMPLETE AND EXTENSIVE STOCK OP OEHTS FIRNIRHINO OOOP.1, at A. BAKTO'g 178 and 180 Orand ttrstt. THE LARGEST AND CHKA.PKST 8T0CK of FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRV OOODrt In W'MHDUROK. la at A. BAKKK'Jl, apCTSm 178 aud 180 Grand atreat. NEW SHOE STORE. Ubasd Strw Meth. Yw. CnrstH. Preach, ing to-morrow at 10 J A. f. and 7J P. .f. Sunday Sbool Jfrc'i.i at 2J. All arc invited to come. 4 Cmp Meetino To-mokkow Iu LeflVrt'4 Park, Tnmpkus and Gates avenue, Brooklyn. Love Kent at 10 .V. M. Ruv. Df. Stnythe, from London, will presc'i at 3 P. M. Conveniences to protect from rain. D'ivi'lb avenue cars from Knlton Kerry run 2v tiie Park. Rsv. Mr. C'ARNocnAV, of Pennsyirsfn. will preach iu Christ Church Chapel, for the Rosa strew rresoyisri ynnron, tomorrow morning iJt . m.,ani(tf 0,ynai wit srd humor froal iii fi'P nfk' ii.7inrf in n snrr in i.fn a von no in i mr sir anitivnu: wriirpj in '"tc. iua i MCKAY'S Wholesale and Retail Shoe iLanutactory 18Q Oread sUeet, Brooklyn, E. D. 18 rna action reported oa follows sets forth the changes made upon the increase propose) in the report, AldVjBaal moved that the salary of .I.J Amcuen-werth, arrear lerk in the cOtce of Collector of Taxes' and Assessments be raised to tarried. 5 Aid. Whitney moved lint the salary of N. V. UfUen, arrcar collector, be rsed to 11,200. Carried. Aid. K. Sfurphy moved lhat tbe salary of M. W. Cole, General elerk, be raised to $1,200. Aid. Bliss moved that the salary of Mr. Dowdell be raised to f 1 .000. Aid M. Murphy moved that the salary of the! Poperinteodent of City Hull water closets be nited to tW. Aid. O'Ketffe moved that tne salary oi McCnu, Meesctg-.r of the Board!, bs raed to $300. Carried. Al ). Taylor moved that the sal lea of. Police JbsIcc8 Clerks be $!00. Aid. Hatbarav tntived to amend by tanting them to 11.000 Aid. sher moved to lay them on, tbe table, as their salaries were fixed by act of legislature. I.ai.l on the tame. Aid. O'Keefl i moved that the salaries of the keepers ot the Nitnh strce! and Hamilton avenue biiilges he raised from f..00 to $700 each. Car- rie1. Aid. Talmage mived that the sslsry of the keer)Ar cf ths Tnird street bridge -e filed at $700, to date from time uf appoio'meut (shout a week ego). Csnied. Aid. Belk tap moved that tbe aalsrv of Isaac iialeau. Aeaiatint Collector, be raited to $2,500. Carried. fhe sjlary of Julia II. M (.rrnick, Cloik to tbe Auiluor, was rai-?d to f'2,000. The ss!ry of Mr. B gr wss rai-d 'o t! OOO. I he salary ol I'jir.ck Crooke, Uepa y Coinu- (roller was rai-J to $1,000. Tbe salary of P-ter Gm-h, e'erk to Ihe totnp- roller, waa raided to $l,."i(X). Oa motion of A d. belkiia , the sslsry of (.Jus-an Sparks, 1)-iiii;v 'i'y Clerk, wit raited lo $?,.'.oo. It wts proposi.'il t; i. th aalaryof Wm. T. U'sbop, Mayoi's Clerk, Irom $1,500 to 11,000. aid. Whitney moved to amsLid oy couonuior il at $1 500. Carried. Aid. Ki'iibail moved to amend by tasking- it 1 $00. Carried. The reaolu'too as smended w In'.. Aid. MeLiugblis uwred to adj mni. L"S.. ; Aid. Taylor moved (hit th .eliry of the Health OfUcer be the same as the oher heads of dcparioi-iii, f J ooo. 1I. Aid. KtTitia I moved tbat tbe salary of im 4 Usaith USicer be fixed at $2,600. Usi. Cburcb, in lichilf of tho Christian Comminsion, Ihere wi! lie no service for the Ross street Church in ib? evcn'u.g. Sabbath Hchool at 9 A. &L Teh .".rat of e serial of meetings in behalf of thn Brooklyn and Long Island Christian Commission, will be held on Sunday (-vO-morrnw) evening in the Lee avenue Reformed Dutch church. Services will commence at half-past 7. Rev. Mr. Hayes, of liiltimore, and tho Kev. Mr. 3. N. Holt, nf Pottilie, Pa., just from tbe army, will address tne uiectio." Rev. E. A. Bbiiduev, pastor of the floldier's Church, Wfllshurg, vvW, Virginia, will preach in tbe Methodist 1'rotesUnt church on Grand street, near Fifth, Rv. f. M. Mtyall, pastor, to morrow evening, services to eominence at a quarter to 8 o'clock. At 2 o'clock, P. M., there wiil be a publio meeting for the Sabbath scoool connected TMtb tke ebnroh. Uuole Kdward, of universal pojIarity aa the- children4 friend and speaker, will address the school. (Jncl Edward has gained an enviable reputaHoa as a children's or-Htor 1 ml editor, having been associated vfi'h Clark's School Visitor. All who wish to avail tlierayelves of the opportunity of hearing tbe Virginia oratdr are cordially invited to attend. Pcnts free. The IT. S. Genral Assembly of tbe Presbyter ian Church, now in session at Diyton, Ohio, bave adopted a series of patriotic resolutions, in which they recognize the hand of God in the disappoint-m nU and il. l iys of ths war, by wbioh he baa made more ture tbe complete oVtruction of slavery. We have a report of an address delivered to tbe Hnnday School children, laat Wednesday, by the P.!v. J. I). Welles, whloh we reserve for another liny. The Rev. Dr. Malan, of Geneva, Switzerland, died on the 8th of May. lie wai born July, 7, I7H7. No brigbler liflit shone in the Christian Church. T ree of hit daughters are tbe wires of American clergymen. WAR let 1.1 from that fjmous hnmorlst and aatlrlit, The Disbanded Volunteer appean In everv !nn The MMT CORRESPOND- P.of the SUNDAY MBRCCRY, Inclndlnff 1, .MMU.ilcirio.ia mun ilia , at well at from a uiinjbrr of BistiDguished Officers: liaitother attractive deiiartmeal ol the SUNDAY HSR ci;KV: which contalnt more matter than any oiber nawaonner P'lotished In Aoicrlta, and nt a I.ARUKR l-lki l I.aIIi.N li nn lh.it of ALL ITS SUNDAY CON TKMI'ORAKlhft TBRIOU TOLD, and It sold for SIX Ci:.NTS. r Personal Appearance ol th lour- Sav- EPI3TLK CF XENTULUS. TO - THK SKNATli OF ROME. The Sunday Mwoury of To-Morrow will eontAln tome tirtlia extraeu frees a rare old ork. (-ifwhl boniyloap'aa aaowo io in Ittenee.) referring lo the nistorana personal apm . Tht tltlS-PSSSOl till un'iK cuiliaiuin earanct g these Hon. Joshua R. Giddings, Consul Gentrat of the Cnited States at Montreal, died suddenly Nat that city, at 10 o'clock yesterday evening. lie was born at Athena, Penn., Oil. $. 1795, but re moved :o Ohio wbon ten yearn of age. He eerved as a soldier in the war of 1S12, when but 17 years of age WirtxLV MonTALrrv. Tbe total ennsber of d..a'ri3ia the citv of Brooklyn dorlng the pat wei k s been 04. f which 21 were men, 16 wo men. bvs ann m giria. 1 dot m'niiy w. m os : - tir.ca ealraordlniu r detail, reads at follow! ".".WM EMBER THK SABBATH DAY TO. KEBP IT HOLT. Twht'eh' added A caur of a Utter rlttB bv Oar Blaavad Lord and Savl.ur JESUS CHRIST. And found two mites rroa leonlum, sixty -three ysars alter our HleMfd Hivlonr'a Crucifixion. Tranamitted Lom the floly City ay t convarUa Jw. P.lthfuily tranilated frem ih orUlnil Hobraa;. now In the poiai ailon of Ibt Lady CabVt family, la Jtopo tamla. , . klni Anbaraii' le'.ter '.o Our xaviaar sne unrnaviaart aaawer A lo h' ear. ami atiraclca Uktwlaa Lenta 1 ' KpMla to Ihe Nana a of Home, containing- a deaorlp-tloa of th perton of Jesnt Cnrtat No date I artliel to tbe ml page, bat th volume bear evidence of havtra been brtofht oailn ba early dayt of prlailnK. Tht txiractt from It In To-morrow's Sunday Mercury will eomprtM tht Latter of Leniulos t Ihe Romaa Sea-ata, and a letter par. orttag I have teen wrliMa ky Ult vlor, and ilxned ky th Aojel Otkrlel, tlfbta koa-l. n yra Q. " It lomeelthewantsof thtPEOPLK OP TRW OJTV.ths tnbscribtr bat opeaed a Wholesale antl Hot nil SALES ROOM. UNDER HIS MANUFACTORY, Grand street, Brooklyn, E. D. 18 Where ie diliplayed the Larfest anil Finest Stock of COOTS AND SHOES, or KVFRY KIND DKOCBlI'llON, Ever Ottered for Hale In the City of Brooklyn. All of which are of" hla OWN MANUFACTURE. TO LET. TO l.r.T WANTKD-TIIK UPPItR PART OR SB conil n kit. f. r a email family. Heath tide pr farred. AddreM 'K A O ," T,e OSJca. aats l TO I.U T TUB CPPXR PART OP ROUHK NO. M Miutb Sth .rt. s roams, waur aad fa. Inaalrt n tbs pre mle. anfc 2t mis 1 Iejuir at No. 3 Poaub itteet. nwxuivo 1J( 1 hutes 5, Irelsnd 17. F.ngland -otland 1, unknown J, Fsjsboe I, Appi V. Trtbaaai t27 t lllM'aR TO LRT.1 noMHO- dlont rtldDc on Ba.hwkk aviaa bet, Moort end . ... k- i. . Il h I a r m m rA m m .M .tn.k.4 w 1 1 k Choice fruit, wltila lhr ailnataa wals of irar llae ) ram linaaa contain II lar.e root, wph ampl- ior of 'o.'U and ptalrlia, fore pump and hatti The aa dea il fliJO worm or iron mi aaann iirmi awie-pply on th premu, or to J. W. KNiPf.a No N. omct. a n REMEMBER, 182 GRAND HTHEET GEORGE HcKAY, aU I'roprteioT.

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