The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1941
Page 2
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PAGE'TWO BLYTHEVtLLfi, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1941 'LITHE SH OP 5 Boml:>s ^ uin Little Corner hop ** • • 1 ^P •• ^W • • *^ ' ^^ * _ • j—^..^..^.^,.......-. u _,..,^^.^^.A>^j^^.*^*^.v^As^.yr!A«^ agencies are hoping that this _t t\, Happened To Mother Shop-Happened Bombs 'kill and maim people. They' blast away buildings•'But:they can also, without physical - injury, blast away, in , on* moment, the lifetime strivings of the "little people" for ft measure of economic security in their, later -years. Below, Paul Manning tells the Dither- to little-publicized plight of the "Mother Carys*'—England's humblest shopkeepers. And in doing so, he touches on the larger corollary—the sweeping changes in British internal , economy being wrought by the war.' - •*.*'• By tfAUl/ MANNING NBA ,S«iwc« Staff gonesyundeut LCJs'bOiV.—There's a little to- haoco shop around the corner, it's fun by 'Motnei 1 Gary and it useu to - do a thriving business. Th'eri. rationing - - piaced a curb on the amount .01 ^ tobacco . sold. That/^asn.'c so'.bad* "at first be- cause--MocheruCary; could still get by.' She-_.'could, still taKe in J"si endug'n ,to;pay the gas and hgiu arih o.cher-httie bills and still keep her head a'bove.;Watei".' ./'But'•->,then-^ b&mos ;. demolished part of "trie' street,.and_ forced tne perinanerit •-. equation of many of her. steady customers. And then on top rprtnal; Branching became £veri more (severe. •Tor:\dayb 'the shelves in her little/; toliacco ': shop, which - represented trie, few hundred pounds re- ceiye : d Avhen her. ;h\i5band. died, were .erripty.., Finally,/she" placed the -; •shutters " over' her shop windows and .went but of .business, - But'', that is what's- happening all"' over •• England today. In every city^which has ; felt ..the .full blast of 'German -bbinbs,.the ." around,.the corner" is being gradually" driven of business.- Run of. British economic life will sj-rink even more. Because in war time your machine achieves greater efficiency when the cogs are few. Aiid having to supply thousands of small shopkeepers with the goods that will keep them alive is waste motion which impedes the national war effort. tilK.Vi} AWAY FROM SMALL BUSINESSES at's a little Hice supplying each housewife with food. It would tie infinitely more efficient 16 have just one communal kitchen pro- vjaihg already-cooked food for every family in the neighborhood. That is wh'al is happening with gieator frequency in tne big cities of England- Greater London today lias more than 200 commuhai feeding centers, and this week twenty-six new plans which involve the establishment of 100 new centers for feeding families vyerc approved by the Ministry of Food. That is fine /AS a war measure, though rather hard on family life. But not, half so hard as having i business slip out from under r ou. Trie government will prob 1 ibly Rive some additional dole iclp to these small businesses, 'el there is ho doubt that the nove is now toward monopoly distribution. One plan now before the Food Ministry calls for five firms to manufacture sausages instead of he GO.GCO small butchers now dong the job. And there are other food distribution schemes like it, ill under consideration. Whichever one is adopted, it neans finish for the thousands of Mother Ccirys and their "little shop around the corner." , Ch * r °! t *^ ^^ Democracy J Cherokee Indians of western North (purpose. Representatives from varl- tion meet and elect a chief and vice CHEROKEE, N. C. (UP)—The i Carolina. have pew-wows with a 1 ous wwns throughout ihe reserva- chief in best democratic tradition. ncigab-rhoorl on London streets like this arc shuttereu and (lark, Because hnmls drove iheir customers away. Ami the shut ters and "To Let" signs rriuy remain — for the wai'time hcncessity 01 supply from a few large sources is dooming Carv's ami all Uie other "little stores around the corner." by people just like Mother Gary, asking questions about them. N sad-eyed widows, spinster- sisters, aged couples, they all got along fine until now. Some owned little confectionary stores, some ran small food shops, others did a fine business catering in nieats and delicatessen products. Now, one by one. they are going out of business as the new economic victims of this war. No members of Parliament, are organizations are pleading thei cause for government assistance which would tide them over their present difficulties. contrary, government WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen, arid ^ expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender ^ inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. 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