The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 5, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Minnesota Coach Says Slrcngih Pretty Well Divided in Nation By ' RF.KNIE HIimMANV" Head Coach, University ot Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS.— Now tlint Mln- , nesbta Iras come through another InWreeelional gnme with n viclory over a strong Washington club, I find riiisrlf tejicged with the tiiias- llon ns lo the romparnilvc class of /Pacific coast football. • It >vasn'l my first look nl n coast array; hence, I can't be licensed of baslnj niiy icmarks I make now :on simp judgment after seeing Just one. 1 '. 1 1 have s«n far-western, (cams tjulle often during my coaching car reer. And, having nlso coached In the south, my conclusions are that foslball, as pjaycd lu most sections of the country, is pretty much on n par. i have seen far-western trains that could he Hccepled as national; champions; I imve seen .them, too, when they didn't compare with Ihnse In the south cast or. nilddlcwest. • Pacific ccasl football may not have, been tops In recent years, but that fjo?5 In cycles. One year t'oe Big Ten has n strong set of teams, with one of them beliis acclaimed national champion; the nest, year the top team: may come from another section where football is considered to be the best. Before ' our ' game in Seattle, Washington generally wits 'picked as the best team on the coast. I'm not .sure \vhcthci prosnosticutors Merc intentionally pnttlnc; Jimmy Phelan on the spot, but I'll say that If (he Huskies arc not the best in the far west, they're a really goad; tram, and "one that should rate. around the top nationally. I'ralrc for llainc.s I was especially impressed with. Washington's kicking and blocking for ball carriers. By unities, a left-' handed passer, is an outstanding,' allrround football player. He's a brilliant runnel and better limn average passer. Washington showed us a heavy, powerful, and last- charging line. : * •Washington was n .little- farther advanced than Minnesota. Us smooth team play proved that, our blocking was sadly off color. The Huskies nad nine experienced starters in their' lineup for the kickoff. • Only four Minnesota boys hud been- in there before. -iif regu- n dllfer- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sinkcy and Myers Can Have All Night'If They Want It. Charles "Tllnnic" Slnkey, No. 1 public enemy in the "rassllti" cir- uiil, and Lve Miers, former welterweight champion and by no means a powder puff type, who col lldc in the main event of the Am erlean legion wrestling show tonight at the Legion Hut, will work all night if necessary to determine the winner, It has been announced by Chuence Holder, promoter. In eliminating the time limit, the Legion olficitil stated'that • ninny of the fans had requested that the two "tuffles" battle It out to n finish, with the vlcor getting nil ttic spoils. As the latler'wonld violate national rules, it was not possible, but he gave the fans a break by taking oir the time limit. Die Olson will face Sandy McLaren in the .wml-flnnl. They will Iravel over the ninety-minute time limit route, two best fulls out of three. Two nmaleur boxlnj exhibition? featuring young local laient will precede the wrestling, the first starling at 8 p.m. lars. That Flakes - ence when. ?. learn draws such a stiff foe ns Washington. While weather was ideal' for our game. I really believe teams, that' coins 'from the mld:tlc- wcal and cast to play ,111 ..California are under a handicap" because of. 7 the r climale: -•*? - • The Invading boys set that tirct" feeling because ot the heat, and that is an advantage for the far- westerners. It didn't hamlicnn us any In Seattle, because -conditions were ideal. I have noticed that every really good pacific coast team Is well croundcd In football fundamentals. They block nnd tackle well and have a lot of spirit. • Nebraska Next to Fear As for the Gophers comhvj thru again with another clean slate, I have my doubts. We got by the Washington gams despite the many handicaps we had to overcome, Eiich as the long train ride, practicing in a dust storm,, escaping from a burning hotel, and some eriopl°d regulars. I? do know, that Minnesota will have to play much better loot- ball from here on if It's going to keep its unbroken record of 18 straight victories intact. I'll bo happy if the boys get by Nebraska on Oct. 10. The Comhuskers. headed by Lloyd Cardwell and Sam Francis, are one of the toughest teams in the nation. Our Gophers didn't have the polish or the smoothness Washington displayed," hut we're hopeful of tome improvement during the nest two weeks if we can keep the boys away from catastrophes. 'Sec how he snaps thnt wrist, lie's not a strong man." '"m|!i'Jt:e Jv\|H'('U'd! How quickly things can take D turn for the worse, us Ihe nvlnloi remarked lo himself when Ihe wings fell oiri There was general anticipation of what went on at he Polo Grounds In the opening same of the world scries, but when t actually happened there was still some clement of surprise. There was Hnubell pitching for he Olanls and supposed, lo render .he Yankees entirely Impotent. The plans and specifications for •lubbell's victory hnd been drawn several weeks in advance, ever since It became fairly certain that Brother Will Terry's surprising men were destined to cop the pennant. But in spite of the confidence .he Giants felt In the snakcy screwball, you can't get away from the fact 1 that they were doliij a lot of whistling In (lie dark. They-hoped Hubbcll could do it, Uul they were afraid of the potency of the Yankee batting order. .After all, when you watch Cro- settl, liolfe, UiMnggio. Gehrlg, ami Dickey coming up lo the plate one nfter Ihe oilier— But Ihe king came through—In a fashion that couldn't Imvc dons other than depress the .delegates from: llic American League and send the Nationals back downtown chuckling to themselves. ...Wllh the exception of a tcitefu lie sun-eel George ... monienl when Selkirk n chest high fast ball in tile third inning, and saw It <lls- niHJonr Inlo the ii|irer reaches of the right field stands, Hubbell had the rccipa that \vn s needed lo brew trouble. Hiibbell not only pitched as expected, but carried the wliol- team along with him to new heights until, at the finish, the Yankee' were not only taken, but badly (aken. • It must have been a sad cxp«rl- cnce for joe McCarthy and his hands. H isn't often they hnvi appeared In < m llc such an Ignoble role as thoy did In the elghlh in- 'ilng of Ihc first game, when Ihcy threw the ball hltlicr and yon without rhyme or reason whll" Giants were scudding around the bases like a Communist parade with 'he coppers in pursuit. fovrcn. Selkirk Solve Hub Dispassionately and slowly. Hub- TO1 went over the Yankee'hitlers Ciehrlg, lie said, wouldn't mak" much trouble, because he was one the bailers who lakes a cul at ball from below Brooklyn Dickey he didn't fancy, he didn't know so well Rv Harry Grayson 'idgc. NEW YORK.-Car] Owen Hub bell stands astride the basebal world in as mighty a mold as an. pitcher before him. On the basi. of. his season's record of 26 victo rjes against six defeats, and hi. . complete consuest of the New Yor' Yanks, the slim Oklahoman at leas approaches the seals reserved fo Radbourne, Waddell, Mathewsoi Alexander, Joss, \Valler Johnson and others. Lacking the physical slrengt : . Wasted by most of the truly grc pitchers, Hubbel] gained the pitching psak through finesse. Rapier- like thrusts took him where brule iorce failed. Hubbel 1's very delivery is opposed to the pitching mannerisms of most of the other star hurlers. John- Mcdraw detecled\thls pecu- llnrHy of style the day Hubbsll reported to the Giants.. "That skinny fellow Is goln^ tc IK ellher one of Ihe finest pilch- ers, or a giiy who can't stick around for two months," said McGraw, it he'd soon nnd out. As it turned out, Jake i>owell and rtkirk were (he pests. Jake lore rr three nils and almost got a onrth. There was Selkirk's home »'• Bill it was significant that Itcr his four-bagger, the Cana- inn got nothing Uiat rescmbHI safe knock. •• rm picking them, you can ivc me a bet every i\ ms „„ „ Mlcnor who snaps the ball wiih is wrist. YOU don't often find on« ccnuse not many men can stand „,,, 1 °" U>clr ftm 's "'"I not **xl lo cJilaTte^rthe' snip! in*. 1 said McGraw. H "That snap makes the ball lOWU fll. [\\Q nl*i tp n r,\- funny things a f[' Cr ' 1( . d |, B ll ^ noiil have to b c a baseball ulave ° know what happens (o „ bar '« trying- to hit a down-shoot " hat sase obscrvallon was rle worthy, 3. Time—2:15. , Consolation Pace,, .Purse $jfjQ— 'Jlmiulc Sdathmorc, Abbfalt, owner, Fioiand, driver, and Traiii!) Gniio. McOalugh,' /.•'ownc'r>, and 'I'licmpson, driver, tied for 1 and 2; • J'aullnc Gano. Benson, owner nnd driver, nnd Kntua Volo, Wll- klns Bios., owners, -Fltupatrlck, driver, tle<l for 3 and 4.' Heals—11) Jlmmle Slradnnore, 1; Kalua Volo, 2; Tramp Gano, • _ 3: Mack Ifancstcr. •). 'lime—^Oj tvnnts buucJay bnd Five I2) Tram !' Cii " 10 ' '*'• s o I'a.rgrounds. Racillf? at, llarvcrtcr, 4. 'lime— 2;1U. J Five-eights Mile Hun, Purse i5o j —Clilla, HudsfKitli, owner, Brown, • Jockey, 1; Ncglijence, ' James' Two harness and two. running owner, Colclasitrc, jockey, 2' Al- raees Saturday, Hie lasit day of m.irctta, Hudspalli, owner, ll'atton the iTgnlar scheduled four-day Jockey, 3. . • racing program of the county Inlr. and two harness races and •.no running rare added as al- •aclinns for Sunday, Ihc closing day of the fair, brought nlythe- i. i«'j, liitt iiicliij program to i close. 'Ihe Sunday rnccs ; werc In inlirre of consolation eyenlfj •c'Vr's': that' ha'iK failed '•' to otl- i r Ihiw place 'fourtii jji f^ die" races during llie s four the rR,co won ' •f Hie F-'ulurday pro'srnm "«0 l freo-for-oll trot, wllh ,1'clcr "d'cen KiTimil nnd Ijlek ,Lvoas, •'ilvd. • • l-'cni-or Oil, .won . . Has Been PoinL- !'^ '\*™ ' &"™[ V Here t'l'IClay iwhti ' ' . _ — , . 'JONESI1ORO, Oct. 5 (Special l» . , . Ihc •'Courier 1 News) -Defeated for tlic 210 Kria paci, I'jflpr'Mti.'nticr was past, two seasons by" the Blvthn rranrl nnd IJaby Hrplher 'third, vllle' Chicks, northeast • Arkimsfi* 'n Hie ruimln: 'races §aturday diamploii.s and 103S co-clalmniil'i 'nc'li> Ml'ch v.'as..flnil,..9lrt fjick wllh Pine , Bluff . for , the '' '- " ...,.. ne , u . or , e - .j,fitc •rconir a'rid --Tl'lstle 'Par'thlrd HV'tllie,- (lie "Joncbbofo 'iiigh rs c-i'oo' 'ir: lhre~-fomtlis mile run while 'Onlden IMinlcano Is" cxpcctlir- l/i "Timind cm:p"d. llic mile inn shake' the ' feathers from b the •1th.'. Ai!r>ln second and Lucky Chlclu; .pet. 9 when the dubi ''" v lblr<i - ; •..••.'.• iluiiKle In' Blythcvillc. >-,-'• In Sunday's races Jlmmlc nespllc the fact that. Joncshofo Iralhmore, o'vned by .Clmrlcy. •><:>vi>d.. nnd defeated the "stroiii! 1 btott of Bivlhcvllle and . driven' MnyHelil, Ky., eleven here liic by Jeff Roland' of liNtli'evlllo Friday, the Golden Hurricane al ' """ ..... flrs t .honors with.., Tramp ready hnd begun thinking hr terms There isn't anything Jonesboro tliarcc iauo. eacli horse winning one of Maroon and While and nr- if the heals and- finishing third looking forward to hnrdllnc the n the o'licr. In Ihc consola-1 Chicks. Ion lrot Dawn of Day, owned! '(.•hilly by Verne Vounjjblood of' '"nnld ralher do Ihaii trim the- ^'•bii'-Mli. liid.. and C. O. Smith "Mississippi comillnns. Jonesboro' of Ulylhevillc, won both heats, and niythcvlllc Imvc always Veen •' in strong rivals. This year tlic rival- rv hns really inken on heat hen: nnd if (he Chicks are as hot. nothing' short of CO minute.';' of Chita stepped home ahead he llve-ciBhths mile run. liosulls: •Sntiinlay 2:18 Puce, Purse $250— Eleanor CSIrl, lilckman, owner, Scott, •Irlvrr, I; Peter Reaper. Crane, nwnor and driver, "2; Baby Brother, Corglllc, owner. Bnriu'.s, dri- (1) Elcnnor Girl, I; Baby Brother, 2; Peter- Reaper. 3; ' . . Eleanor Girl, 1; • Unliy Brother, • 2; Peler Heapci 1 , 3; Minor Direct T., 4. Time— 2:07 1-1 '(3) Peter Reaper. I; Sammy Direct I.. 2; isieanor Girl, 3; Floreim Scotland,' 4. Time ver, lleatti — inmmy Direct I., 4. Time— 2:07 3-4. . (2) Free-For-All Trot. Purse $300— Peter. Rice, Crane,, owner and driver. ); Peler Colleen. O'Don- uld. owner, Fily.palrlck, driver, 2; Dlfrk Lucae, ^. exciting football can be found. For the first lime in several years Jonesboro has a football club' which should stand on par with any high school eleven' 1 lii Ihu '.stale. Manning's clmigcs showed their strength last week when 'they held Hoi'Springs to a (i to 0 score on the Spa gridiron. Ihc touchdown being scored in' the last Uvo mlnules of play.' For welghl and experience In the line and backlleld, Jonesboro is fairly 'fortified llils year. The black and gold forward wall lins made remarkable progress since Ihe Ilrsl year and with Ihe reputation ' already gained by the Chicks, the battle should bc o'ne of 'the best staged In northeijst . Coach Lowell Manning tins' almost n half'.hundred candidate.; Arkansas. .Heals — (I) peter- Colleen, I; Peter nice,..'2; Dick Lrcns, 3; rlta My liov,- 4. Timi- —j reporting dally, many of whom 1-'. <-) Peter Rice, 1; Pet-. | mvc seen experience. For Ihe His', or Colleen. 2; :, DIck Lucas, 3:|u nie - ta recent years the Golden Charlie My^Boy, 4 ,T,,ie-2i(lJ Hurricane is not greatly' weak,i-4, 13) I'etcr nice. 1; Peter ---• • - • Cnllccn, 2; Clmrlic My Boy. 3; Clck Lucas. 4. TiuiL—2:01 1-2. llirec-Coi'irllis Mile Uiin. 1'tirs'J $75—Uncle .Mitch. Dillon, owner, Stulis. Jcekey; Old Nick, Uiun- h\uld, owner and Jockey, 2; Tlils- llc Par. Vouch, owner, HOM, jo;- kcy. .3. One Mile Hun, Purse $1CO— Gor- minid. Secrest. owner, Dunibiuild. Jockey, I; Adrian. 2; Lucky Pal, 3. •' Siiml.iy Consclatlon Trot. Purse S100 — because of the lack of capable reserves. More than n hnlf dozen of good limning backs' are on Ihe black and gold'roster,'hny two of whom may start In Blytheville. The blocking - posts have prover: the weakest since Ihe opening of Hie grid year. : Bill Interest on the part of the' football club isn't nil lhal Ls being aroused here. There Isn't 'a football minded person in Jones. boro who doesn't believe Jones- rjawn of Day, Youngblood and boro has'a ijootl chance to Irim Smith, owners. Ycungbload, drlv-jthe Chicks and most of them will or. 1; May Axworthy, Barnes, I bc on hand to see It well done, vncr and driver, Viola ivxtlen, I Allbough the dope buckel caii't ranis, owner and driver, lied give a fair estimate of llic strength ir 2. and 3. i of the Mississippi countians oven •Heals—(1) Dawn cf Day, 1; though they trimmed Corning 58 [ny Axworthy, y- viola Axtlen.lto 0 In their game. Mainiing ; : '-Time—2:25. (2) Dawn of hopes the Chicks enter the game ay,'1; Viola Axtlcn. 2; Mny Ax- the favorlies to win. League. Almost sland up under the slran" ^ ma "™ of his wrist. (!,„, trouble . more than a ; , in leaning nijK|n,i. .1 " the screwball. One Day Only Blytheville Saturday, Oct. * 1,"V|lT.-»» J KT/"\/AKI IVTiv Vt I/-1 » I 10 AFTERNOON AND NIGHT Show Grounds - - N. Franklin SI. Rose Bowl Safpsuanlo,! PASADENA, Cal. (UPJ-Th,, i n . slallatlon of the city's new wa- er supply will not be allowed to Interfere with the New Year's Rose Bowl football game. The or d nance governing the Installation of new conduits In the Rose Bowl area was revised so that the adjacent ground necessary for parking would not bc toni up at game lime. '4 Rings and Singes - - Steel Arena FKATUKINU CAPT. KLAUDER'S De»d courier Mews Want Ads. TRAINKI) Wll.n ANIMAI, SKNSATION iManuc! Macias—Ura/.ilian Wonder on the Silver \Vir e Scmirila Thrcssu Sloralcs in "The IMiinsjc of Death" The Flying Hcckman.s—Fred Leonard's Liherly liorat's The Only BIG CIRCUS I'omiiif lo lilylhcvillc This! 700 People - 75 Cars - 7'/, Acres nf Ni«> v Tents '. "-Pole i*lnin Tent - 0,200 Seats - 3 Hands CLEANFST AND UICST riRCllS IN TIMJ WOULD —PRICKS THAT KVKUYIiODY CAN AFFOHI)- CHII.DREN ^ ADULTS Admission To Evcrytlniig THK SHOW THAT IS WKLCOMB KVKHYWHICUK Sells-Sterling l)»c s Not Misrcprcscn! UIUIjUKh 25c /\iru i/1 o 35c FRiniGHT Showing of Hurricane ami .Chicks Points to Joncs• boro Victory. Chicks enough blocking and. tackling to last them a life time. They know how, nnd do in scrlm- maeo. But iiV the fltet two games they have looked like ft bunch of grammar school kids. Due to the fact. that the entire line had to ba rebuilt, with the exception of Captain Byron "BInicr" Walker, Laslle hns sacrificed a great deal of sljnal time to develop his green linemen, and show tjiein the line Other Future Opponents of Chicks Found.Going men, and show them Ihe line ~ ~"~""' points cf line play. His efforts' loueh Last Friday have born fruit as evidenced by } the fact thai Coining gained 12 ynrds nnd lost 7, while , Plggott .,.„ ,, , showed a net loss of 2 yards' lnsl lreek -™d was a lougl. Thrty , (-.(.Iliad, 28 ,ai<J .lost . so!'f,™ ,, f . or .. lhe ,, fllt "!' e , opponents ol - sheet show- "^ ®» ^ v "h.OJi ckasaws. In si, By J. V. FKIEN'I) The last week-end was a lougl. j Hlylhcviile's offensive :s cd 250 yards from hud it < . 5? ln ? s onl >' hvo leams-Jonesbor' K V J. !'. FUiRN'I) Unless Ihc niylhcvlllc Chicks — , .v....u,,a BL -. ,,„, , .. , -n?t! oul of their lethargy and They had i) first dowiis nnd „ dc " 'f" 1 ', ri ^',' c ' whloh lllrade: •ho-.v n-ne .signs of aggressive- completed five passes out of 11 ". ,7 ™™ " Jts c° ml "« Frida- nets, ilielr winning streak which attempts. But 95'yards In „«„. ,"e"t. and Greenwood, Miss.-wer 'm reached 21, will come to nn nlUe s won't come In handy in a ' i w " won " '" l ' ne dcb: •ibrnil ending Friday nlcht "lose game. Illegal use or. thii p. omm j'-' ! With but one except lot against Joncsbiro. In the 'game' last : ftl rl ay Ihe Irlbc wns listless. Block In'K was pltlhil, the tackling was with bruises, but arc expected nothing to get all "hoi" up over. lo t«i okcy dokc when the open •uld ]>l:iys were not clicking. Not '"=' whistle sounds.. .., 'liking anything nway from UK -, ••. , - ' -Mohawks, who put 'up a, stub-. 1 ';orn rcsi.slnncc, the Irlbe 'should' 'ntvc been the winner by double llic icoio. Opporlnnltv nfter op- 1 i.'orlunilv slipped through their M > N'M"' "*"*" Ll " - v "*, u . i;ini!ii3 failed 10 .6 C i m ci" hik °" her""™"' i^"^ i hands on offense caused the ma-l he Ncwno " Greyhounds, the oth- l-'jor part. C1 ' s ' Searcy, walnut Ridge. Para[.' Several of the Chicks came out Bould ' llad "° thl "sr to show but fs with bruises, but nre i.. nw .|«l 80ose c "" s '<>' f^r gridiron labor. _ , club Woman lltlrb iin» c n ' LLINOS Mont (IIP vr Alkh^n presiden 7, ^ : .. : I" 05 '"")! of the :gs for t'ncir gi Flashing a powerful running at- lack thai netted twenty first downs the Chicks' arch-rival, Cralehead [county's 11 pride, Jonesboro high I school, buried Mayfield; r Ky,, 32-0 The fact that the Kenluckiaii's were champions of Ihelr district last vear MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1936 to stop the Marianiu scoring machine, and went down,, 39-8. Despite yeoman service by 'signal caller Buddy Woods, Searcy Lions were nosed out , by North Little Rock, one of the state's leadli teams. Catholic High of Uti Rock proved too strong for jack Dale's Paragould outtll. twisliii" the Bulldog's tall, 32-0. A touchdown and a safety were the margin of Batesville over Walnut Ridge. The Forrest City Thoroughbreds had nn open date to recuperate from their 44-H trouncing last week by Pine Bluff. MOSCOW (UP) - A colossal Central .Physical Culture Studlum Is being built oulslde Moscow ta scat 105,000 spectators. It will bc> completed in the spring of iirja. "Weaving Drivers" May GII PASADENA, Cal. (UP) — The California Safety Council has recommended drastic punishment for menacing inolorhLs csucci'ill/ "weaving" drivers. Other recommendations include the re-examination of nil motorists every two years lo weed out the unfit- nn annual re-cxaminallon of all 'motorists past CO; and the jailiiu of fin'icrs. Once tlicy ^•oii: from (he one > 'Ihrce outstanding 'rtjul the coaches: (1) must be done about Um» I - IUIL. n, e biennial convention of niana Fedemiion « f w« the In'; (li'i-nitmenl; 12) Brush up 1 'on the blccklns! and tackling; (3) relish the uircnsc. Russell Mo.s- 'ev has been doins; the kicking, •nul while he .has shown improvement. h"j hnsn't been gelling away his kicks as will be needed In plncli. 1*1? distance 1 clubs here.' Otherwise, she admitted, she would not have been iiblc to attend. Pioneer Is Motor Sliy ' EUGENE, Ore. (UP) — Henry Mathews, pioneer farmer, who has the aulbmobile all vhli and But has n s w e neee n ae. e aumoe al vhli ?Roy Brown gels nioii' llfc --ls ready, to admit'lhal per- In practice, and .looks lln P s 'he horse and buggy Ls no'. l>r he lacks lendency experience, 'he best mode of transportation ' to tighten up under fire. As a result ' he may get off one for CO yards, unit the next time maybe only six. after all. Recently n motorcycle' . if ninniied his buggy. Three riay.3 later an automobile wrecked It, As 'soon spawning season , *° au"n it.-, us spawning given the | Is over, the adult eel dies. ning's husky Jonesboroites. Perhaps cine was the overhead attack They completed but five of 24 a-- rial attempts.' Mayficld gained but four first downs and never Ihrenl- ened. .Greenwood's Bulldogs, defending Delta champions, ran wild over a \veak Sullis (Miss.) eleven, scorin° almost; at will lo win, 50-0 H A Broffinan and Brossle Danlone.'two fast-stepping backs whom the Chicks must watch, clicked off three touchdowns each, it was the season's opener for the champs, bill they face an aclc! test next week against Belzonl, '35 runner-up. Newport managed to cross the " - * -a"-" »AJ I.HAV* IMU ™ """ 1 chalk line but were unable road hogs. I'rayer in Court Fails SPRINGFIELD. Mo. (UP)-The pica of C A. Smith, "old-fashioned Methodist minister," for divine Intervention was heard in justice court here. Smith was ni- owed to offer a prayer in wil j r !| he asked a blessing on all -.pie-, ent. Then Ihe court ordered 1, SGG.40 judgment against hiih for ills mother's unpaid grocery , bill. Wednesday is the Assyrian Sab- balli. . DR. SAIJIiA Eye, Ear, A- Throat GLASSES FITTED Itouni 210 Insram Bid" Office 418 Kiss. Phone 410 COME TO TOWN BANKERS AND MERCHANTS Christmas Stamps Thw« progressive stores are now placing in each home a Christmas.Savings '••'•'; > •'. '.Stamp Book with' complimentary stamps'of' " MONEY VALUE FROM THEM TO YOU | WHAT ARE THESE STAMPS? ; They arc evidence of a profit-sharing plan if yon buy from these stores for cash or pay your accotint-IN FULL within ten (lavs from the close op; the .month. v .. ( . ,HOW ARE THEY GIVEN? v . -, ,: One stamp with cadi lOc purchase—3 for 30c—50 for $5.00, etc. '" • HOW DOES ONE SAVE THEM? ; Paste them in small'collector's book which these slores will eive you if you failed to save the one left at your home. • WHAT ARE THEY WORTH? $1.00 for each filled book of 500, payable at the undersigned Bank or one of these stores. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FILL A BOOK? NbViong if you trade with Christinas Stamp Stores. You can tret stamps on everything you buy if you buy wisely, that is for cash. Start Saving Christmas Savings Stamps. Save them for a purpose a Christmas Club - Pay Your Gas or Electric Bill-Start'Saby an Educational Fund - Pay Your Church Pledge. Of course they are cash to you to do as you wish. Profit-Sharing Stores Blytheville, Ark. Roland's Bootery Shoes ami Hosiery Rite Price Grocery & SI. Phonn 87 in K. Main S.. Croci-rirs and Meals Market Jiedel's lleady-lo-YVc.ii, Shops ami Men's Wear I'liouc 341 Charles S. Lemons Furniture- 100 K. Main SI. phonc Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners 35G — 1'lioiios — 327 Parkhurst Co. Pat O'Bryant Phone,235 , n , , M Rai " os ' orril ' e 107-t09 K. Mnin SI. c,irt Shop °?. honc „ Jewelry ami oifls l-.xr:rt Kepalr Work {llrncoe 1'hone 282 1 Modern Beauty Shop Billle Hurs!, Mjrr. Fowler Drug Co. Prescription Druggist Main SI. Phone 141 Phone 249 The Farmers Bank & Trust Co. (Redemption Agent) • °'' Any One of the Above Stores Will Redeem Filled Books ^forgetting Your Christmas Savings Stamps k like leaving Your Change

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