Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1942
Page 1
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CUP GOLF DEFEATS I J*»* f )oti'6jt, July 20—(UP)—Tho Hyder Gup golf fcwtrn lodby (".laplain CiralK Wood, r'ftppod out,a diwlnlvn victory oVor II'M ohtillciitforH. In tho Hod Oro^H sv«r rollot' inalolics, Tho - foiHrildubk' Uydw ..Uwui— wijloh amoral a oloan ssveop In |.ho /.cHirsoruo compntlHon yoHtorduy- • twWiM'tKT' IIvo. additional pointy Jn tho .Mlh'gloH, nml'uiiuH to trl- urnpli, 10 to 5. Tho --victory averted Uio dol'isat handtkl-tho^ (.luppors last .yum 1 by Wood, the iNtilluijul Open ohum- plon, pnmul Ihij-'-oup playoi-H with a fliUHHlilptf 8,1*0(1 7 vlolory ovor long- rii'lvlMK ,.rimmy Thomson, Craig W()nt (Hll In par 12 flurlng the I'oro riooiV'wfts (!-up at tho turn and 7-ui ft t/tho owl of 21 holon, ' Tito 'ohallongors \voro vwhoul 11 in guldanoo of tlio (li'ttlh ol' Ills* I'atlKMV Tlioy today, Iml' Iho fowl thuy rtould <lb ss'a.s Wl(t Ihcpo slnglo.M inAtdliiut'. and hall/ UK? I'our oll'mrs. Mydur. (lup \vhm('i < .H~-hn.shlox Wood —Worn Swgdunt VIo uliiw.1, ' who wuw» M from- bohmrl |.o dd'onl Hulph Otfl/lahl, -,'! .and 2-; and -Kd inidloy, vloloiv over Ht'l-gnaiit ,11m Turnusa )>y/u Hooi-'n of ('» and 0, • Thf)»(r who -pinked up full points fop, tho 'ohalhuigtM'M wo'ru Iloury Ploard;/-Sttrnrny- Hyrd-~tht> former hltf, lo«#iioi:-T~awl UKhMiOi'Ho Harry Coopojy.--'the viHorau from Mlimo Nolfyotr of tho dipnoi's halved a point \vhon LlUlo took'a bogey l'> on lU'f) ,'HHIi hole, In oni'.-oMho most spoyl.aoular and rurlously-l'ought mul.ulio.s ol I In 4 day, Ron HOKUM— golf's leading monuy-wlnnnr—aivd-' Ills youlUl'ul • uppoiiont, Xlhiok llar.bcrt of -Battle Crook, MlpliM llnally v halved thu point. . ,' ; ' > 'Qthoi'H whoso .iTiatohos ended oven were; Hydoi 1 (luppor Jimmy 1 minaret •and Ohallongor Dfok Mot/, and fJup- pfr I,loyal- Mangrum ' and Clayton' llonffior of llagon's mon. . Tho niatoliQH are oxpnnl.ud to no tho llisd ClrosH -at loast sH3»,(XK), "One Day Raid" On Scrap August 1 (Gontlnuod from Pu^o One) DAILY MONDAY, JULY 20, 1942 Tells About India Connecticut's pbr capita c|uota ono. of tho hltfliCHl Mn Uio United Kpiuy.,or Iho jnatohtis worn ovon, mh Hlf,l!>'MplHt'irw a polnl. f/asvson ' M!.tloypf, yio •nhJilloiigoi-M /mil liyrou Suth hnsv Plorropont, chairman ol' Iho Slulo Salvage Comm'lttoc, said today: "Whilo tho iiKijor "portion of thl« scrap must boino 'i'rom commercial soui'oo.s, Avc_can 'never moid. Iho (juota without IQO por-eoui: nooporatlon From ovory h.omoVU'hls ({uola Is iromoiulouH, -but Goimoctl-; cut will moot M,- ''• •• "... •'•:'. '\ "Tho 'Scrap rfalcV Is, JuslA^ho flrrfl honmslioll In our drlvo-. to" flll.>k).ol. Factories lo tho hrhn with scra.p; HO t : hoy can koop turning out tanks; ami planes and ships U-'i hours a day all through Iho wltor, -\vlion movomcnt Is slow. • Jiulus- try will -do Its Joh, hut wo oun'l t'lnd. iKMMWO tons of stool -unless •vcM'yono lurns In ovory-bll; oC molal whlrii ho can got alojig 1 without until tho wnr Is won," clal toll. those firms* earning loss I hail l , $2r>,()00; 1 t tho 'Surtax )umj) trbi)f' Kix^to ''I0 f per ? ccnt. roivlboso^imVKin&'r moro than 000, It'goea train sovon'lo 21 AncJ por cent, Ilio bin doosn't stop arnl gin taxes aro moro, timo an 'American And JSwtaU' oyery' . n quart* of^iquor, 1 a caniera, &r telegram,; makes ar phone call, bots on a hpr^o at a ParVMutuel, \S'in- dow, ancl buys a bcortf ot'^thc-J' Cervices and pbjeclB, lie wjll pay Juis^ til he id, Uncle Sum, • \ AVINS T1TLIC A reporter for a Bombay, India,-., newspaper, Miss Sylvia Lifctell, on her arrival in New York City, gave an interview to newspapermen. She .apolce of general conditions, in Indian find the reaction of its people towards the present war. . . ; • (Central Press) Norwith Norwich, Jyly 20—(UP) —Tho^goll'lng de^oclivo j!rom Brooklyn, N. Y,, Jlnwny Ulcska, has captured 'an o I/her tillq in the Norwich Country's olulj'-j invitation golf Ipurnamont. Qloska \vo,n tho championship .by dofoaUng' Krnlo Ger- iardl, ( ot' Putnam, one-up 1 in an 18- liolo final round match, JL was 0)cs>- ka's fourth victory In the years in this, tourney,> ' '' ' '' ''" ' Russians Massing* For Stand Against Nazis ' from Page, One) tUc i'lq'w oi' allied help by constant ;att'acJt$ on».Uic Arctic bupply-route. Buftf,"^.{»0,yiot dibpatch reports that -fiJU^lr^^nrferican-British convoy has convoy has safely under tho destroyers. The *S&vici'\$u'Wilps put up a * wall of Jiat boat oil Uerman plaiiofe dur- tiliree'-'clays of ceaseless, attacks, jmprovomcnt apparent position, the IJulla- a second Jront continues Waits fpr Hearing \ House Passes 1942 Reveriiie Measure (ConUnuecr from Pago Ono) llnil u Iniyoi 1 or hmiltui'0:n\l(fhl If you use the (llnssi- stays Iho- sanioi ':•• ;'• ' '.''.'Tho 1)111 jiro.yides for .a brand now niotliod ,of ; collecting; taxes—tho withholding iu\jihotl. , . ' l«'lvo per contvclotluctions,above oxciiiptions would':'be 'made at 'tho source. They, would count as .part .of .Individual's tax pttynronts on liMi) Income. , ...;'..,', '• -• As for (jorpo,^,, it's, tlio surtaxes that .will lako : a licay'Icr flnan- land on tho -. ... , . : m o r r o w : n-jglf t . '• ; 'Wi^;, p i)p;0n 6 n't I s'; : ' tli e". : ' v ' tough anci';yl^yy:WMiie v Pep, ol ' •''' : ford, professional i%!\ts; " .ij6j?'lb/deiiyu'er0a : -tbd iV iii : ' ' I-I a-r t f o r cl--, -^^"yi^flfr^fO'-P)—, The; Hartford 1 ,, SgnatQrs.f-niana^cd to ;stay In, fifth: pjace/in'ihe^Ctistern; Jeague: b y s p 1 i 11 i 'hi? 'ii. Su nd ay v. dpii hi e- h ead- er \ylth :.Jjli.nljra^ l :{^.lle',:. / 13)nlira/ teanh won th p .fl rs t. ,game, '0.. .to' 5,. 'b ii t the;. Hartforri 'iQam, ot|hic'-';;b.aciv -to " tlic', Lp^.fcij?V:; : / ';•"•'/ Throw Yo.urScriip'.intov.l/he War Seoi'etary llore- B } clisha, one of the main advocates foHabtion^made another appeal lor aM^invasibn in a speech in London. J'lopo-B'efisha said: "Effective Russian pow<jr lo con- tiniie resistance should not be over- ort-limatcd. !At any mo men I she may have Lo meet an attack by Japan in the Bast." - According to some London cjuart- .Minisl,er; Churc-hi)} lias i/cafoi not' :'POS I. to Lo'ixJ Be.av- :'• another second fronfr ad-. •'These ; infomiahts:/ -claim s! hoiding out; until ho an; f >assiir'tt'hco' that.'j.ho allies .yva'itapk'/iri; tjrc ..West._.i"-planes;. iht^a ni^ht''attack, '" f v,the•'.•-te'ulju.mnrin.e) yiirds at [ir ; tlip : suburbs 1 of.''I^reiiien. British';.planes Svcro/Jost. MtbstMiews-:fi < ont ; th'e\'^gyp- vtianv'battlei'ront' tells- ol ;a ! - Buries of ;.s)asiiing : :Att'acks bn; ; the enemy, with ,Arnerican planes, and '/jiflots doing ,'tJj'ei'i't 'share/ of the h i Lting,-. /' •V'Amerlciin iair force-, bombea's have niade 'another heavy, day light raid Qiuthe''ene'my,sup.ply base, at'vTobruK. ^'•'**" 1 '-"-••" '"'las- struck iiard^at the at El Da-bay;-,-'.,...-. . In':tho. Tbbruk raid,.yesterday, the •;' \$]\\ f3r.i can vheavy. b o m bci's s tq.r1.ed at t'l'least"'threG'tires iii Die dock area. In ISTAitlSHED 1881 ,bJo'stel Shownwith her 15-year-old husband, Walter, in q.Marion .County, Tenn., juii.'.cell^is Mrs. fyly Parsons,, 15, as she waits for> 'preliminary hearing In connection with*. the; murder of Sollas Redmondi i26;'durinij a moonshine feud battle in the hills of Jasper, Tehn. Held .with them was the child-bride's •. .mother-in-law, Mrs, Ellen Parsons. The child-bride has'promteecj ^ when she appears for a, hearing before two magistrates' and: a juvenile . judge. This;'!? a phpnephoto. ;.; v j. , /;•-.;•; (CentralPress) You can't freeze in a Pain Beach suit on a hot day.* but'-you can feel as thoug^ your body was air conditioned. For $19.50 there's nothing in the line of comfortable summer suits th^t holds a candle to a Palm Beach. The construction of the fabric ' itself is unique-^tiny little airspaces — about sixteen hundred to the square inch — allows the heat of the body to escape and insulates your body against outside heat. WHY PICK ON US?-—N«w York—."Pat" and "Tiny" ldokpr«tty glum about the whole bualne§» after 1K«y w«rt UMd fn a demonstration of flrit aid care 61 animal* Injured In air ralcU, A clau of air raid Warden^ and owner* of pot* were shown how to b'andrio* wounded anlmala and how to handle bad* ly frightened, pcu, —• • • ——• New -York-— Hon.- Franc Sn.b'J, Minister ,of State of the Delegation of the Royal YugotlaV Government,show* the new information bookie^;"THE SLOVENES.WANT TO LIVE," to a young Slovenian g(rl in-native costume. The booklet 'demonstrates the r|gh,tf' ; of the Slovenes (whose land Is* no.w partitioned' by'AxIs'forces'In attempts ( to annihilate these brave and cultured people);—to : b« re : united in the future to a 1 national, organism—thelrriatlve land of Yugoslavia. PESIGNSFLAQ' £OB UN IT. ED NATIONS—Dal las, Te£—yyhfie h*ri Husband'' *!,'«? f<K •* fie RAF, Mrs. Jbhn' ^ft<bhrver ; R^mbbli; abpvci has^ddne her bit on the .home ''front -by. designing; this 1 , inspiring flag. K'*'devised as an emblem to represent all of'.the United^Nations, vvlth th« "Torch of Freedom" the dominating .i.dea; r .The sprbM at the bottom will bear a motto in Latjn -^United by. God ; and Freedom." the assault-on/-El Dab a, the'British pilots ; blewbliQ'les' ''in 1 : the- 1 airfield, destrpyed aiiahy 'grounded planes, and. bagged Jive-more, as they were abQu.t,'-Lp land:- :' •''?.-'.. .;. • • - \ : in:the Eastern'Mediterranean,.light 'naval fo'rces agaih bombed t'hQ-axis-held .port: of Matruh on Friday; and Saturday. in-the grodnd -lighting, Cairo says the" imperial forces 'have captured 0,000" axis prisoned in the past 10 days;. ; ,-1 v ';-.;-'•>; -• •" . -. '.:•'• •' •l\he. 1 nii>eiiiiil'^"4clyances f ' ftl th ough s-miil'T, : havxi; )j{3f5h ''accomplished oh all .sectors ; 'oi:;tiie El AlameiiY Une. On tlie•:sou ; thern .se-ctor, the Brit- i sli, . fo 11 o.wi n g, u p Axi s wi th draw- nils- to.. sIVqrLen' their lines, were sup- portc'd r by ; /pja'i|p9 : ..Avhich. knocked out/ -six.;enemy;';^'tanks -..with"'- djreci bomly > ./ i li | Jts. •'QhV'th'e middle and n'qrtlieriiv^seii'borsix,],rid'iaii -and Aus• tra'Jiaiiv fqr.c'e's 1 .nificje;'- -.Week-end •-.' attacks ; whioh r .galn-cd- 1 some 'grouiTd, anfivv^-hcy.; Mi eld.- ,i'L '-• agai hsl-- -.enemy couhtoL'-al;i,a:cks,- • v .y;' / . .... .• : ." .-> 'The ; :Gh I n^seVliave :: staged a Mi cart- erring cbinu-back;/ in> \sputbea«ier_n Ghin:a;.': In //S 'hours, . the . stubborn figh tors, of .Generalissimo , Ghian'g- ICai-Shck have wlpe'd out four weeks of ene-my conquest.' .They 'have retaken, -.four' vital; railroad and seaport towns. A n d : ^.several £jhcn- ncauil \t'S : ,A\:\\ ei'ican•'!)bmbers ,])lasted in, 5j5; to ;(iO Jap planes caugiil on.'the gi^ouncl- In a surprise .attack on. Ga : n.ton. . - : ";.-. ' But ''there .ma ( y {DC .a. rcas-on. for these^-'suocesses-:—and"' a reason - th a t- bodes ,i)l for' 1 Bussia's eastern -flank. The..,Chungking radio says the J.aps ' have;: pulI'Jld large numfeers ol troop o u t o f Sou t, h. -., G ii i n a 'and Ma 1 a.y a. possibly for a sudden' lunge at bard- pressed Russra. . " . •M-ost military, authorities agree .that t-he Japs ; will attack Siberia— but in their '-own -time, perhaps .\vhen things- look worse on the Russians;' western battlei'ronl. The Ja-p foothold in Hie Aleu- tions may binder American aid to Russia in the event of an attack by the troops of Nippon. .And our defenses in Alaska a'nd Wic Aleutians are becoming more important every Today. Senator Drowsier .of says those 'defense's are being endangered-'by lack of a unified com- ••mand. He says the, naval forces are .commanded' f r o m ' Seattle, wJiile. army unij,s .receive' -their •orders from Anchorage,. Alaska, 2,000 miles away. A v suoces$fu] defense, insists Brewster, reauires..thc;' closest co- ',opcration beUyeeh the^armyi navy and air force v '."-.; . ; Far t-0 tpe soutJi, all appeals to be quiet on "the Australian' battle- j'r.ont. Oaly scouting activities arc reported by ; General headquarters; * based 1 on .efficiency. The men I, and his firm arc UK also the nation.' 1 We'll keep tho-. wheels full -speed, with wide awake « crs. War workers musi not ] )e milted to' overdo their hours 0 bor so much that Hioy arc "i} C j j,heJr feot most of tho, ihno"^ is what v tho labor cpmmlssiiJ driving at .on patHotlc gp, and he seems to be of UK> o tlial tlie letters dispatched lo ilciil Roosevelt Jiave been MamG grouhded in I/heir complaints morale of war jiJant workm be maintained. \«a THE 7-DAV WEEK "UNITEO WE STAND"—Rcpr«««nt«tiv«i of 20 unswerving United Nationi, flanked by their ttan- dardt, oluMer at Flag Day ceremonies In the White House to reaffirm their pact. Seated at a desk used by Abraham Lincoln are (left to right) Dr. Francisco ^Castillo Najera, Ambassador from Mex- Icoj President Roosevelt; President Manuel Quezon of the Philippines; and Secretary Hull, Mexico and the Philippine Commonwealth became the 27th and 28th signatories to the pact. CO-EDS LEARN >TO WEAR GAS MASKS—Looking ahead to the possibility that gas masks,may some day be a necessary part of the enseMble, these University of Detroit co-eds are tryinia out the masks in ai practice/drill on the campus. Incidentally,, the faces behind the masks are very pretty. Sorry we can't show 'em! -*-—-——; —~~~"~"V_ CHILDREN OF WAR—Canterbury, England—They have been bomb•dl But could you toll it from those brlgKt, brave faces?. Children return from a night spent in an air raid shelter following a, Nazi air attack on this famous cathedral city of Britain. WAR SOW* AND STAMTS FOR VICTOKY says' they're•' Nor Hi 'China 1 ooncentrHlcd ii and inner, Mongolia To Wed Son's'Ex' OFFENSIVE ON THE> BOND FRONT!—Washington, D. The demand for United States Savings Bonds and Stamps is so great the Bureau of Engraving and ,printing now works around the clock turning out more than 1,000,000 separate bonds each day. > (New Britain Herald) , Labor Gommissioner Gornelius J*. Danaher's insistence that the : statc's one day's rest;;:law be enforced appears to' meet with the approval of industrialists; The la-r bor comm.issi'oiier ;.says plants can' • Uanisli Pastr Fresh HfuC-nurry Fresh Uhiclion-y .Mnllln s Apple Sfjunrr.s Chocolate Fudflo Lenion-fillcd Cu Home Made Hyp. Dread Kuhn's City Baked MAPLE ST. TEL, be operated seven ; days a week, hours a day, but-"With the number of shifts. *' '" It is common-, knowledge that a man's production is not measured by the number pF-hours' he'works above the >. point- of maximum fatigue. An over-'tir'ed, ..*- fatigued worker in J2 hours, will not produce as much'- as his fellow,who i;i eight hours is not appreciably fagged out. The .'over-fatigued man is inclined to loaf on the. job, slow up his work, and thus is less productive. In this way' an overdoing of working hours injures production and the war effort.'And while the man works overtime in an- efficient manner, he obtains overtime pay Pat Rooney 2nd, 62-year-old vaudeville veteran, is going to marry his former daughter-in-law, Janet Reade, 32, ex-iriuaical comedy star. Janet and Pat Rooney 3rd were separated five years ago and recently he obtained a divorce decree at Concord, N. H. Young Pat's comment on his father's marriage to his for-, mcr wife was: "You may quote'me as saying he did not steal her from me." (CentraI Press) Lowest-Prices In The City' John Girdes Music Shop We Buy, Se)l, Exchange nnd Repot* All Kind.s Of Instrumonis Vionii, Pianos, Radios, Clnrinel, -TriimpRl, Accordions, Saxophones, Wood Winds — Musical Supplies ; 1Jc|. 4-9808 • 382 80. MAIN .ST. VVATBRIJURV The Mutual Savings Bank is almost distinctively a New England institution. The early settlers, when a community was formed, thought first of the church, then of the school, then of the Mutual Sav• : , i ings Bank. Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time'"Mutual" BftUSH-UP ON YOUR •FtTRNITURE Use "Murphy's Paint ond Kniunol CANS, INC MAPLE ST. TKL WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION Now in force on all properly! expire June .'JO, IM'J. •This protection nnty be o ! through the lot-nl insui* Hfluiils who nrc iK'.lfiifj Tor Tnitcd Stales Govern moil, For information sec Naugatuck Insurance Agency, j Inc. ' F. W. EATOX, Room 9 Neary BH»| : ; . Phone 2080 Chrysler and Plymouth a.M.c; Trucks ' PARKING METER COMES IN HANDY—Wain- irlffton, D, C,—M|«t Marflnret Kemodle demon* t(r«t|ng whut flnt hitching poitt downtown park- (nff mtttrt will m»k0 If the g»« and rubber ihort. •0f ihowld muke It neceiiary to return to the h ef»*,anil-«: da t •• ih« ties her "Dobbin" JINQLING DOLLARS FOR^; WAR^BQNDS—falter • 8, Mack',. Jr., Preiid,ent of pepi|.C'o|a: Co., < «pori»ora of the War Bond Jlnflle; Profl.rarh onI the : Blue Network, chata wlth^the TurieTvvlttcra and/fleet.ffngered planUt Ramona, after the ahow. Each night, five timet a week, $100 worth of War Bonds are awarded for tht best War Bond Jlnglei to be aung to the famed "NJckle-Nlckle" melody. ' OUR NEIGHBOR'S NAVY t DOES ITS PART^-An anti-alr- craft gun aboard a Mexican warahip here ia ready to awing into action 1 . Recently.become a.member of the United N>- tlon'a Inexorable fight on 'the Axia,, Mexico has been With the U. 8. . , • B / . C. Raytkwich Jr. ACCESSORIES Repairing 100 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4006 . PQ-iT-NOW Automatic Coal Burners are now available- our stock. No more are being-manufactured, No one knows v how much, if any, fuel oil will be able for house heating this Fall and Winter, As cold weather approaches there will be a tre ous demand for equipment and coal, Somebody sure to be disappointed. Is it going to be 3^ufeivi Call us no w for a survey and quotation, Naugatuck Fuel Co., T*AWr>* Distributors of PAIEBANKS-MORSECAUTOMATIC COAL BURNERS lat hi e 5236

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