The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNE £0, 1931 (AKK.j COUH1ER NK\VS CLASSIFIED ADS Tvo cents t word lor flr«t Insertion and one cent * word for e»ch (ubteQuent Insertion. No sdveriiocuicui taken (or test than 50c. Count tba woxdd &&d KBd Phone 306 FOli SALE -NO MORE RENT—I iiavc 4 roll's and bath nl 1218 Holly. BuiMm; njid loan payincnl is $1^.3:i per mtintli cnn runs lia munt'ij. t have paid 30 nioulhs, leaving more payments. I have more monthly payments than 1 can meet ana you may have Ihls proi)o.".y uy iiiiylng out the loan and raying me 55.00 per month, no intereal. i'tione 100. K. V. Fei6ii;o:i. 27C-K1 FOR SALE or TRADE—My equity in properly on Walnut St., known aa "Mcliridc Apts." See ntc premises, Mrs. F. V. McBriilc. 2GP-K30J FOR RENT lIBUIfi HMU: TDIIAY I:I i-, llful, HIT* In " *-tn;]kt>fil . Yurie HMiirllilflll ^lil!j !icr IIAIlllKTi', ni'lrr^.i, due hut i:luut l.l.iiu- r.if-t In dlnHur v.lth ^IDF.I.v I.'HDM.V. n nrlKlilJor, nut] uu, or nirn lrlrltd«. Thy iuu m re! iind line U Hhol. {.Irun-, >>riiil« fdr lirr . nuil cnnvlnrrx SIMNK .Mr)li:U- S1II>, Ihf yinlns pnjlrrm:in In rbar^r. Ihnr llji- ulr] uf \vn<IJKJi)EM£ IhrnU-r whrrc mininirr Ntnrk lli^nttr 'ir ^ ( [,r.!:si'Ar<:n u :i lx Co i\nrl: in Ilir l. JnK dutti-u \^llli rilllll-:!, •ncirlr Mlrl. r.l.HIH U1N- |NL-,I-),U..'» l.tani- I'A|-f;ll. K(in nl Iti-.' thfnlor |i:ilr;in. Slinnf ^If- Drnnltl I-OIIITK Ici i:-ll l,lnt:t- <h(- liiini iMiHtiLlril hi Hit- xlln llri> lirrtly •nci TU1I. luKP Murlrl Lrr huitii 1 t.iichl nril Ih .FOR RENT — 2 lurnishecl light 'housekeeping rooms- Adults only. 113 \V. Missouri Ave. 29P-K2 WANTED POHLTHY WANTED—MMk« prl- ces, my duiotliy. Muilyn Hat- cticry, -?10 8. Fourth SI. 9C-TP '-."ANTED — Family washings or ' general housework. Mrs. Dora Mzell, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED — Hay to bale. C. G. Smith, Phone 027 or 1502-F2. U-GC-TF Closing Slock Prices , ; V' 11 * • A. T. and T Anaconda Copper .. Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coeji Cola Cqn((nenlal Baking General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward New York Central .. Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N. J. Texas Corp 'U. S. Steel 170 1-2 . 28 7-8 181 1-4 . 25 3-3 . 22 ' . 12 3-4 145 1-8 . 14 . 43 1-2 . 38 . 20 7-8 . 92 1-4 .. 75-8 . 19 1-2 .. 15 1-4 . 38 3-4 .. 23 100 3-4 !i:imi- I- V.\\ lillll-.llll. l.lnno luiiiir. \vii,. : , fa, Mil* nlir K rvrll.,: :u, Jilnnr iirrmilKi- In !,r.ic- mi'vr ti) tin nilh lilin. >l |.:illp!l .lr»»(1 fsirt In li-t 1,1: Th* ^vlntr•^ VT||!I hi-r . J)1-:S11OM), nr\Th|in r ,.r nt-'iulrrr of >inrfcl. i-'.lU tit Ihf tiic^rrr nr.d lir> nn-1 Muriel drlvr nr.n-r. Van linliinl te hnit- rlntiri], null xtnili [ifTor 1 riniplc, inttinp I.lni:? \vllh Iihn. xow co ON \VITII TJIH STOIU CHAPTEIl VI «W/HERE'S liiat girl? " siie? 1 ' ras;il Mrs. Lit florniir.^ up and Hie Louis XVI sitting ruuin svi,clch!" Tlie wGi'tls IniMl/'d from h Iwi5tc-il ^e.irlel ino-Jtli. Her lor jewclud Iin:52r3 \i'ov,- iu and out tile chain of «littei-iu^ E; wore, torlliriag il. tlir?a tear it asuuiter. I,icnc Flfio:] In the doofivay with Van [t.tbard liohiild ber. wKtchinj; Mrs. Ls'li! with a dread soil ol fr.ECir.r.lou. Up and down site stormed, th? p^t:tl3 of her ler.f-yrecn fruck l:i!!cwiiij; oat bc- lipr. !ior auburn hair, curled and crinkling llko Nirehus lo.-ks. tonpius Iier tall Hpure absurdly. \'an Kobard advanced. "Vr'o've scoured the shore toail." ho loid l:?r. "We've been evry-.Yueru. of the mr." W c ELUOrD i rour.bciK'd vdih foeUn:^. "I lu- IIOR.UL luiltliisly. "that yuu vero tho Itiliu: I bad scon tu in;iuy n inc-nu. 1 (hoimhl looked like something tuihiKt'ly desirable, Inlluili-ly to bo I Iliouclit oM sorls nt miamii','nM- Ia-liini!Hl. kiitidilly llimitililH. I.lko v, ;'.nt:UK to own n K!I>UI you had \voin or a ro:.o yon tind (brown iivay. 1 Iboll.utit—bill vrliy 1:0 nil? Tlio nielli \v;imii :iud nil auxlmia pin-out Wiillu you above." "i'lm;-i> an- anyono has CYPI- :=ahl In mi-," Li.m •. J-'iii viollm row \va.i SnoMiise. Ylu'ro wns i,lr;MU;e t liiaBli: 111 tills UKlli'il Vfllv'i-, In lil.l loncli, lit Iho way ho looked al ber. S:>mi' alolu'lny she dhl not. understand winki-d tn lu'r bratn. "(En now," Iho mini nabl, almost roughly. "And bio.;.-* you." 1.11 1 ', run down tlio slot 1 ;;. " ii.'anl Hie round ot blr linrrll'.K niU;i|dc the i;:lto abo luubl bring herself lo |! upstairs. A \\hito fi^uro vtood al IUe door uf l-'l.-dc's room. "S-sli! murmured 1'lsle. "You're In luck bocaujo I did R HUlo plain nml fancy lying for you. Said Mu- rlol I:ad ti heiu!aclio mid you'd lind to ttiiio her homo and would Blay llio nlpht with Iier. toss went to bed and to tlccp Instanter. Lucky, lor you," ''Thank;; a lot," Liane "I'll Ml vim nil about tt loii'.nr- rov.-: '.Vliiil sli:iH T -to? I 1-ato r, ins 'u now :-.n:! waking her up." . "I:uul: 011 tile i-uui'h in my •.!•:<?, '"Ml n:e.' "I'll HTML' Ijacli." he said, in a i n:-:;o-icy. "How -lid you kuov my lower I one-. "Never fc'.r, I'il ml dc- j that ni?ht :il I ho (heater In scrl you." '• .town—the first Ui:!o 1 caw yon?" lie leal: I Jane's!. L : >-» V.T.S • Hi:e felt. ?be bad lo know. After Ircuibliux KUV.-, v.-it-i auxiuiy aiii!'r.!l die iiiislit nov.-jr lilni nRaln. escilci.ient. V."ic:i i'-.-.s lisil rusiicil j "fewcL-t child!" His vnlco a\off inlo liia sl".rry n!i;ht r.'. Vi:i ros.-:cd her and sV.c thrilled lo the rto!inrd'3 si-Je s!io hid fomple'ely | tl:i-.l>ro of It. "Sweet curious one," fer^ntl'jn liie pror.ii-o giveft lioriwcnt on lhat deep, strangely per- o [ mother not :M houv.^ a;-o. V/h-.-.t wn= j suasive vnico, "I v/nndcrcd V,i>w j it she had said? 01: yc.i. "I'll cut; lo:ig it would be biioro you v.-oi!ld Mrs. Ladd drumm:-.! o:t a mn"b!epita dead il I liiia on the; asl: that." topped table \vith Tc-rinilioc-lipjiea I roid." Well, tliorc had l::e:i lisht.j "Xow yu'rc lai-yliins at me!" lingers. The emeralds on her bosom ] v ,-l!d words. lightly smncn. Da-! , )ol ,"t c ,i rj'a'iit-. flashed iKlaiully r.j he? lircatli | causs of cniii-SD si:e could not treat j Nei/o York Cotton NEW YORK. .Tune 30 (UP)-Colton closed steady. , Open High I,ow Close :<E9 1060 1045 1048 1075 1095 983 1022 Jan Mar May Jul . Cut Dec 1045 1082 1096 990 102S 1050 1CQ4 1093 874 1008 1032 1C66 1987 979 1013 1037 Spots quiet at 9fl5, off 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 30 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open Hi?h Low Close Jan 1044 1055 1044 lim Mar 1073 1076 1084 1068 May 1035 1W5 1034 1087 Jnl 975 070 D75 079 Oct 1033 1033 1000 1015 Dec 1050 1050 1032 1037 Spois steady al 974, off 1C. j'liu nan stive inn ibo. low-down biroi'o we tn to i : !cop." "And so ttio nii:<iity \'an brought you hoiiir>. Sii 1 (ialnliait himself," murmured IClsle when Linno bad finished. "How to'iiehlii^ for him to ba i:nt chnsiiiE Mrs. l/>.diVj littlo "V\"!iy do you say "M'liy, bo's tb^.t way about Ailelo nld. Evcryoi-.o in town known that," s:!ld Klklu Ecornfully. "Tliat lioy Unov.'y hi:; \v;;y aliont; 1 can l-ll you." "1 don't li^llcvo il," »alil Llan*. "I SLinpty don't ludievo It," ICl-lo exniiilued her C:U:G in dim lichl east by oue siiiall butb. ^•^'l plll% felt a stror,;;' r-.nn f;o around traillns cliorus sir'.!, it i; _ liave happened. //-• v.-as suppose:! j f 1 .'" lo be looking after t^e child." her in tl-.o r.-.r. Miii-icl l::id s:or.[.ud to :.ce yea j y' m Jt .,, , 0 t ., ,, ,. lircbabiy llr.d couiidi:! her p!.'.!:-:. I • coaldu't (3'ink wiiat c!:n to do." i irl. T7AN looked nncomforlalile. Hanoi "Ii's all )i;;'.ii," Liaae ^.'.id u^con- ' ventured to say timidly in tbc| forlihiy. SS.e knew it vrnsu' abollt „ enly fcel- Tadlock Sees Threat to Small Town Compresses "'fheri-'a no iny.stery OIL," Llaue drawlod sut S val!:c-r foolish. all- "N'nuo nt nil. Mrs. Clccnpaa; "Would you r.ind iahint' i:icj risht hot it clhl no 1-ur: -. lo lon.^'.iri:: a r.ivt o: coi:sin of mine, abo v.-as homo now? My rviiiicr will be '":::. The i:Is rr.r i:r,v!?:i FiiiiM'lilyj ;cilii!? 1:10 about tliU Ibeator vcn icrrihly worried." 1't have time ^lon;-:. Xnv: tiic-y v:c-rf In tiio jM;; mn, nnd I v,-;;s ilrivini; ber duwn to tn leave Iier a mcsjasc. Wo rushed' r"ad, i.rr.v .V.r:-. Si-ithc^.r ii;!!e, : tc Vcninn. Thsl's all. I off so quickly." JONESBORO, Ark—A. .U. Tacl- locX, manager of the traflic bureau of (ho Joucsboro Cliambcr of Ctnimcrte, has written letters pro'.eEtin; a proposed elimination ty Ihc railroads of tiic 3 1-2 cent storage charge on compressed cotton moving from one compress to another. inalion ol Ibc charge, he , would in lime put the independently owned small town compresses out of business inasmuch as tt \vculd be to the ad- vantays of collou shipping firms to have their cotton moved to the big city warehouses as soon as It hart been compressed. :_:. Xrt-.v v.-hk'j house bluncii In Ihc dimness I nn, I v.-on't toll you vhat I thongiit "Yes, yes, go, all of you. 01 i* 1 '-^- j v:Iien I Kiivyoii." course The sinkii:g ship." oriedl "I'll till you're i-afil!' l:i,"j I.iane folt a littlo pulse throbbing the woman ill the sM chair, \v:hl-j he said, lieliiins li;v on!. "JI;:vc you I a:n! peuiidins in her throat. ly. "You, Vau, run alons and for- a koy"' 1 r "D" tell me," she ploaded. "I get me and my IrouUw." Sho liflcd Li^no KlanccJ apprf.'i^nsirely lo-i't Fbcp lor.ight until I know." streaming eyes lo hii cvncci'iicd! v.-ani li.s- I!;Hl-.-r.til v.iiidov-r-. O-'i't j Sho tmnnl her face lo hiiii i:i face. i | thr.t niother':; lishl vru: huin-ithe dnrli;:cs.i, like ,-. tknvtr all fra- "I had no biiEincU'. Adelo, in the' li:s. Tl-e wlsolo hnus-j V.T.S r.!;i'37-| ".iciute ::!«1 dclipiil. The man ht.ircd first place, to dratf Ihi3 voor clilldlmtly as!«:!, Iibuketeil in t!:i ln:sli| liacV. at her u full moment l-eforo into il," he bc^iu uncomfortably. I o[ country stilliirss. . .>: tapllcil. When IID spoke Iilivoico icth in a da=s of 187 art nores. His grade-point avci.ise was 4.-SO. \il iiturtents scorins ?:: avcruac of ' .00 or higher arc iu:iis:l en Ihc '.onor roll. A grade of "A" counts "B" counts 4, anci "CJ' '•'•, the to- al being divided by i; c number o class hours the itu.icnt ruiries. Twenty-five sopiiomons wore named on the honor roll. Mrs. Anna Paris, Pioneer Pemiscdl Resident, Dies CAKUTHERSVILLE, Ho. — Mr.-. Anna Eliza FaVris, an old sctller of Pemiscot county, formerly a resident of CaruthcrEville. died Monday morning al the home of her dai:?hter. Mrs. Ollic Walker. Braggaciocio . Mrs. i'aris was 08 years o!d. , She was born December 15. 184: nt Chester, II!.. and moved to this city when she was a ycung girl. She was married to Mr. Isaiah Paris in February. 1865. Mr. Faris died s:v cral years ago. She Is survived by en: daughter. Mrs 1 , plllc M. WalKcr of Braggadocio, four sons, lid J.: John ft.; Oamss J-: and Will A. Foris. ani numerous clhcr relatives. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at Little Prairi; cemetery \vith. the Rev. P. L. Vrichard COATESVILLE, Pt. ITJi'i — A j mother woodcock oiicl ihr?i; of ;:?r ' brood h:!d up Inu'fic .in the H-?a.i- ing raiircad near litre wi:en th; eiiginccr jaw t're iicji!ic»Uy trying to lift her c!;:cks ever 'iTu 1 rails, which were too high for t'r.:ir. lien Jfcmcs C. Terry Is Only BrVtheville Honor Student "' FAYETIEVILLE. June 30 (UP) y-Jan'.es C. Terry Is Ihc only Bly- Ihcvlll'! student iianicri on the annual hor.or roll of the college of arts and sciences, University of Arkansas, announced today by Doan V, b. Jcnes. Terry ranked Ucn- ^ J , '-'. / f; * WASH TUliKS 7 OUR BOARDING HOUSE SOME PAVfHis wenw r COIMG To E>;i-!iDrr AU Ai"ibUfJPl/J6 FREA o -. < pt(lL,a50PrleR M/US - rlEAPS .' ALL IS EASV FciR S'QU "TO S^JAU-QUi ! HEADS < I'LL- R£AP A - r ttfHIBn.OW ! BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES (,Al,[,AN'r WJL1.1K! ( ~\\ VKItSCt vSft^'b FAN J LI AH SOUNDS! UST6M: 'JIHATS THAT? .Al2pLA!:S...AM IT SOUNDS LIKE IT'S COW1M' "DlRCtXSH CO3. Eat'.\THUST B£ FSfcW TW I40ISST il THE MKXOUKMKNT c.~ ViF.'3.t Trf WORLO'S S,\95. Of TH' SUMMER. WOT Ttf «tCV- DOuS SHO .^V, WE K tR FOC.? FOP. i\ TO HER COME80DY \ I JQSt ABOOT TO, \ l>\ TlBEO C? 8E1N "Don't KO'falling for Hint baby," lpie advl;cil. (lambprinc into bed. 'He's tlia b.ivyr-.-'s delisbt. Been tllr.:c tii:ies i]i itvo ypavs. That's Haiideoinc for you." I.ianc feii'iiod F!ee;i. A am! ml.-ery titi;:;e:l at bor bcnrt. If V".u P.ohunl were tiad then tlio woiid was bail. Shu couldn't eu- durc the tbou^tiL tossed and turned. Tbo mo^ligbt wan a torture. She reviewed ovory v.'ord which bail passed bef-vecn Adol and the ni:.n w[in senvched v/hole- bcavtcd for r\luricl. Her, fe.vercU fr.ucy :ti!uii:tcd tbal Adelo seemed to have the -ri:,'ht to order Van around. "vV]iy? AaKUislted, I,?:in-3 Imagined Adeln l.ndil la<j;lili!g at her. Wliat was it stie would fay to Van ivjicn next she saw him! Oil, KomelliliiK like: "V.'ho's your rtnbliy liltlc friinilV Slit's IICL much help in a Clciidiius her bands, tears o;i\ her ulicek:*. at last l.i.ino slept, -. (,To lir, C^'.teucil).-.

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