The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 20, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 182. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS : : ^ ™ E DOMINANT KEW8PAPBB OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANn pn.rr,™^ ,,««™ m . ^ ^^ "- K-* Blylhevlllc Courier Whcvllle Ilcntld Qlyihevillc Divlly News Mississippi Valley ADD SOUTHEAST Missoirai Germans Perturbed By Turkey's Pact With Allied Powers ' rio,, i i • •-?-• 20 ' (UP)—Arlolf Hitler was reported Ic Jay to have called the Haiti ambassadors to I Inly Tm'ko mid Russm to Berlin for conforcnccs on Ge ma ' maneuvers ,„ t) 10 ] JBht of Turkey's 'im-ncutral' «Wii»g a mutual aid pad with the allied powers. The press angrily, but without* rani emphasis, denounced 'fur ** ""s'ake as aiding the desir of Britain and France to sprcai l >e war. Nazis declined to admi tmit, (lie new treaty .was a diplo w, (lcfeal for Ocrmauy. inn press played down the sign ing or tlie treaty but commen cniphaslMd- tlie Cerman view tha' turkey "no longer can l>e classei as a neutral." Tim newspapers announce! meanwhile that Germany am Russia had ratified their recwit friendship accord. Britons Are Happy LONDON. Oct. 20. (UPJ—Bri- tons rejoiced today al* the. conclusion of an allied alliance with Turkey which, they believed, hud stopped any German thrust !0,ward the Black Sea and had given Italy substantial reason' not to cast her lot with Germany In (lie Wflf. It wa's the first diplomatic success of the allies since Germany, and Russia concluded a trade agreement August ifl ami followed non-aggression treaty it with a •August 23. Turkey is safeguarded against entering a war with Russia, but, the British and French are not at war 'With Russia and hope not to be. Therefore the tendency here was to regard Turkey, situated in an area of enormous strategic importance, as a full ally with an army-of 200,000 good "soldiers •>000,000 trained reserves and 1000 airplanes. i n the World war Turkey was an invaluable ally of Oer- many—one without 'whom she .'.otikl not have fought the war for lour, years. Turkish forts dominate Italy's fortified Dodecanese Islands, Turkey is the key nation of the entire Near Kast, Turkey borders both on the Black. Sea and Mertlterra- ^nean Sea, Turkey holds the Dardanelles Straits which links these seas,--and Turkey has naval bases at Izinit,' in /the Sea of Itfartnora, --fi n . d .',?l, ''Chesrne; --on- the Smyrna Sheriff Releases List; Judge^Keck Will Preside Over Terrn Here The full term of (ho criminal division of circuit court for i|, c Clilcknwiivba district ot Mlssisslpp county «,«! open here on Monday Oct. 30 w«h Judge G. E, Keck of I Ms city presiding. Court will nrob- jurors jurors for the navy men already are the new Chesnie const' : British familiar base as British warships were permitted to base there during the Spanish civil war "piracy" patrol which stopped Ihe activity of officially mysterious submarines in the Mediterranean. Turkey is in position to aid Britain In keeping open its life line through the Suez Canal —or in cutting Italy's life line to Ethiopia Behind the treaty 'lay long range activity by Britain. Turkey ha:l been carefully nurtured as an ally. In 1938 Britain granted her $80.000,000 in credits to develop her industry and buy war supplies. Now. it seemed, the long British preparation had fructified. Italy seemed unlikely to enter a war in which Turkey would be aligned against, it. As Turkey does not want to go to war with Russia and seeks its friendship, it was regarded as possible that Russia would not want to antagonize Turkey.--Turkey is the spokesman for the Balkan Entente (Turkey. Rumania, Greece and Jugoslavia) and, In its present position, b3 f far ihe strongest of (hem and (he one which cSiild take the lead in any combined action. There was a tendency among diplomats to se in Article Five cf the new alliance the hint of an extension of British and French --and Turkish—guarantees to Ju- goslavia, arid perhaps even Bnl- garia and Hungary, within The framework of a new Balkan pact. Baiiey Provides Funds For Bangs Disease Work LITTLE ROCK. Oct. "20. (UP)— Coy. Bailey transferred by proclamation today, $5,000 from his emergency fund lo the state veterinarians' account to be expended in the eradication of Bangs Disease from the Arkansas dairy herds. Baiiey said the amount set aside for the work would be nialched by thc federal government. The money, will be used to repay farmers for milk cows destroyed when found to have Bangs Disease. ably.bc in session two weeks The sheriff's office has released (he following list of petit •Mid alternate term: Petit jurors: Robert Iff, R I, .eed, L. L. Matlieney, Lcachville Eplcr Davis, J. M. Hulton, Elmer Robinson, Barney Tlirelkeld, John Williams, Manila; Snm Pincher •toy Lawson, Lost Cane; Carl Bean' Number Nine; w . L. Tale. Anno-' rel; J. w. Fields, Lonoke- M F Broivnlee Jr., w. E. Potter Brixon Gill, Dell; Willie Ray. Huff- nan; Arthur Brittain. Ira" Koonce r . M. Bentley, p. H . Acton, Jim' raftcn, M. Fitzsimmons, if H Hoitcliins, Blytlievllle. Alternate petit Jurors: Walter Griljm Manila; A. G. Taylor, Lcachville; Louis cherry, William Lawshc. Blythcvllle; Lee Bonrdcn I-cacliville; Parker Osborne, Poplar Corner. i Hit-Run Driver's Car Kills Memphis Child MEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 20 (UP) —Two-year-old Peggy Jean Van- nada,-became the city's 18th traffic .fatality 'of the year late" ycB- terday when a hit-run driver left her dying-In the street in front of her home. jim'HKvu,Lrc, ARKANSAS. PHI DAY, OCTOBKU 20, wan Final Plans Completed For Cominnnily Fund Drive Here Air Raid Alarms Sound Over Wide Area; Raid- crs Not Seen i UP)—All- Illlll! lifter LONDON, fnld alarms time over a luul southern Scoliiinii cluding the Firm of base district. Anti-aircraft gunfire plane* .so high M to te in vis:l)t(' heard nnd m-Hisli n'iunes Oct. 20, •somiiled wide ni-p.i of"rasi'cm today naval sounded, were were seen darting out _ Nni-U) Sen :,a if pursuing or Intercepting 'German raiders. As In previous raids most people in the raid area including Ed: nljilrg)i instead of (akin;,' to shelter grouped in streets or in the countryside eager for u. sight, of German pinup:; or a dogfight Edinburgh people heard the •It-one of piancs but could not .see hem because they were so Experts said Ihe planes wcro (Jer- iian, identified by the pulse ol .heir motors. Air raid wardens Induced most Edinburgh people finally lo take helter. Soon after Ihe all clear signal vas given at Edinburgh there was l second alarm and others emu In - Ihroughoul Ihe day. Claim Losses Minimized LONDON, Oct. 20. (UP)—Ciov- unn losses in men and material vere much greater than German fflcial statements admitted, the British foreign office In a talement today. "11 is said that tanks and mech- nizcd vehicles, particularly, suf- ered severely and of those which urvived a large nmnbci- need rc- nir and will not be fit for service gain for months," Ihc statement aid. "According to the same source ic Polish air force acquitted it- elf .with remarkable courage. Plots whose planes were dibbled imlly ever attempted to escape y parachute but .deliberately •ashed into German machines, nt- icking them so that both might e destroyed together." Final plans for lilyllievllle's firs .niuiua) Coininiiiilly Fund drive were niflile nt 11 meeting of the organi- sation Oils morning when committees wore- completed, cards arranged and (i letter ta emplcycrs decided ll|»H. 'Hie 52 workers will launch nu intensive campaign next Tuesday morntiiK. nine o'clock, with tho drive lo bit completed In CM day except fcr tin; '•(•loan up" of those who may not bo In the. city, -It decided in today's meeting. With the goal of $4250 unusually small for a diy of this .slue, 11 Is believed that tin; workers will bo given donations of sufficient ste: that the campaign will bo over thn lop by Mindtuii of Ihe day. There, will bo no )iotise-to-honse canvass in- contributions tills your but n letter has been composed to all Dlylheville employers which lisks llial. employes be contacted. One sulnry Is asked but it, was polnte<l out Hint where this amount can net be given, a less amoiint will be appreciated. Payment may be made in whatever manner Is most convenient, Tlu> .six projects and one miscellaneous fund listed in this year's Aim! are expected to have excel- wdfitro work which \n .,. aiiroiis fund for such needy olnir ity cast's us do not como mule federal or stale aid. ' In Hlythevllle, where (hero tir '"any families who do not havo Ih necessities of life, there n™ number whose lives will bo snvp< pmiaps by .small .sums of mono "'in Mils (mid, It Is Riiitl. u «» Pin-chase sKssiw for n rfilld wit, "my be goiiij; blind; u , v ii| ,,„,. vide hospltali/allon for someone who woulil otherwise d|(, ; a wtl .some unfortunate clrl who nld '•Minis anolher elmiire; it will do many .such things. Alllimiiih $900 Is not a lai w sum Hie loc-nl social welfare: ccinmtlicp IMS learned to do much with « and it Is believed (hat llu ijo carpi 1 lent programs of service during (he coming 12 mcnths as n result of (he. I as I'arcnf-' charily drive ever 'tried here. ' Of thc money 51000 goes lo Boy Scouts, which has annmillj- raised about (libs amoiint. Thc second largest sum, SDOO -jjoes to social nost. pressing; cases may if with tiife amount. The third largest apportionment will uo to the Clowlfollows foi 'luIMmas cheer with $7r>0 In till "" '. 'I'lic school band Is u> rccdvi nml the air! Scouts anil Ihe each receive $300. Next car, the library will receive $000 l" annual budget but I'lin drive hnd licady started this year with <me- >alr of Ihc iimou.'it rnLied, 'I'Jio _ $500 win po |,,| fl (lu , mscellnnecus fund for such group? . - Ions (o eliminate '«!,' flays, and to oilier needy or- eanlwitlcns vvhlcli do not carry on such extensive programs ns the six groups Included In (lie general cam- Roosevell Makes Clear His Position On Submersible Operations Tennessee Cotton Man Is Sentenced JACKSON, Tenn., Oct. 20 (UP) —B. w. Harpolc, prominent cotton man, was sentenced to two years and six months in a federal reformatory nnd fined $2 GOO yesterday by federal Judge John D Martin for fraud in obtaining cotton leans from the credit corporation. Varied Program For Arrnistice^ay Plans for the annual Armistice Day celebration sponsored - by the Is HYDE PARK. N. Y,, Oct. 20. (UP) —President Rcosevelt mads; clear oday tliat his proclamation barrh-o operations of belligerent submarine! applies only lo waters within (US three miles of the ccast but he in-i dica(ed tliat in certain situations!.territorial waters, of Ihc .Uiifiiil states might be regarded as ex- TO §[EfiT[S Regional Red Cross Meeting Here Tuesday To Be Well Attended Eleven counties will have dcle- C«(cs here Tuesday for the DIs- dlcl One Regional Red Cross meeting at Ihe Hotel Noble, it was revealed today announced meeting. when plans were the luncheon ISBPPBStuTO Says Lifting Of Embavgc Would Place U. S. 1, War's Shadow WASHINGTON, Oc.l, 20 (UP)_ Semitor lllrnm W. jolinson '{Rcii Colin told the seiuilo tcdny that eal of (he exi.slliiK nuns embargo would "iilacn us In tht>. slinrtow lklnit <iown ilu- Woody path of war." "We gamble with fate if wo enter another war," Johnson should) ns Inn wimlfi nearod tho end of three eeks debate on the m!mliihlr,i- OII'K neutrality program. "If we enler win- from emolton- i Ism, from prcpamwdn, from silly iii'Diuuciili: llml hnvfl been uade wn risk nil us cerlnlti n.i the iim rises mid In seeking lo MVO he democnicles of Europe we will ose our own. Stily old, Americans." .rchnson .i|iokc as a check of .seiilliiient Indlcatwl a margin of 15 to w votes now exists for mssngc of the administration ncu- rnllty bill. Jolnmn said (hat seimlorn who I'gue (luit Adolf Hitler will con- tier Knro|» and Ilicn lurn lo the unlled Slates arc guilty of an llotlc assumiitlon. "If we were not afflicted with war psyehclogy we would not slcn to this reason for repeal of 10 turns embargo for o»o nimrtor f a Kccond." "Hitler \\m never cciiquor Kuropc, I- has never boon done by nnyono ot. nic closest npproiicli to any •ns by Napoleon nnd lo compare illler to Napoleon Is absurd, --- • -- ^^ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEN'J Sees Winter Stalemat Unless Hitler Strikes Soon On West Front )>)' WKlm MIH.KR I'rcss Khn t'ori'i-si ^J^s^'HSS'aS Memphis Speaker Declar Problem Of Dixie MEMPHIS, Tnnn., Oct. 20 (UP) • eash crop problem Is- tho of Uio soi.lli," Ur . carl Tay" iwspnn) opin. •—-• * This is I • , , -"" • •"•*••! i-^i-yjimj uii W,,M ' °" my WWnce In tlie. I World war nnd my nt-vsonall kiiowWfro.of (he region on Si .sides of (ho, frontier whore ; mll- lions of men now facef ach other, I £1 (1 !!±^ C L 11 '« w °'n.vwu::t t« c can buiui an adequult; and atlsfyliiB rural civilization on »!,„ - civilization on neks of tenant, farmers ,™<™. , s itusuru, bSl^'in^'u''?- 0 '^* )OCnl """ 1" the piny of power S°° !?o S ' " C S " 1(1 ' " WIUl „/» /,^»,~ j ..., ' ,,., m-tui, systems, KUnnK- i»ni./,]>n»j,- has no equal and when this bankers '° Is over she will 1,0 as the s " ame old gumo nt. which ambitious nd snobbish Americans will sllll e trying- (heir hand." supply merchants, •'Id so on, us well ns (he Horpole, wlio has beet< in ill henltli. was removed from (lie courtroom In an ambulance Madison County jail to Dud with planned for the public while World ! War veterans will also have a spe- ! cial entertainment. -E. A. Rice, chairman of.the committee in charge of (he Armistice Day program which' will be held nming cot-, Nov. 11 nnd !2, is negotiating for commodity several features of interest to take place during (he two clay holiday. All ex-sevvice men of Mississippi Bounty will be invited to the piv- to; ly plinned by the post for this '» transfer (o a federal reformatory, completed. await' group, plans of which have been America out of'the" war anV'tlic' war out of American waters Mr Rcosevclt refused to commit him- c » Hie possibility that llic operations of belligerent sui-fnco Pcliisell.. Finite for'.lhbf.program nave not yd iliecn cbmpleted.-biit •tlie.'-out- line for the. tiny has been • workcc out. Registration will he at 0:3( o'clock in the morning wllh thc •egular session scheduled to begin nt ten o'clcck. Lunch will bo served «t noon and adjournment will follow at 3:30 o'clock. Seventy five delegates are expected lo attend from thc follo«-- ing counties: Cmighend, Clny, Greene, Crittcnden, Lee, Phillips Woodruff, St. Francis, Cross nml' ships in Ihc. territorial witters niMii ue made subject to thc same "restrictions which he applied lo submarines. shins Submarines and canrt:t be placed surface in l}ic category, he said, arguing that they are as different peaches. Bolh Hie Osceoln nnd Ohickflsawba .districts of s- slppl County will be represented. All board members are urged to attend (his meeting, Mrs. Tom A. Bradshcr, executive secretary of the local chapter, said. She also nsks lhat all who plan to attend They're Only Human! ofllce here, iitlcndcd a ctnfcrencc They involve, the ncccptcd so- dnl » ntijs, lllll c ,. noy> |lUvs , cn , |n . , compclciico and defeatist psyclml- loyy of tcnniitfi thcmsclvc.'i Infant nr'"^""*" 50 , 0 , riU ' mcrs nml ' '""""•» inlant of tl o south cannot conllnuo to , c°nMbiUo (ho fcrtllilv of their Einnin jcnu Ifntchell, one-monlli- so1 '. sncrlflce the health of Iheir d dnusliler of Mr. and Mrs. Henry lfl »»»ics and rob each tntur c gon Hness Fatal To Flat family residence yesterday marnln after having-, been Ul cnly ..Hire days." .•:.•- '-'"••• - • Fimcrjil services were held' yes tcrday afternoon at Sandy Klilg cemetery vlicrc burlnl 'was made Besides her parents, the bnby I survived by five brothers nntl sh tcrs. I in nun charge. Funeral Home wns li Attend County Agents' Landscaping Conference A ccnfercnce of Iniulscnplng. held at Pai-agbuld yesterday for extension nsents, wns attended by U g Lanlrlp, Ijls H.rahlaJll, a. W. Schroo- Icr, nntl MIS, cora if. e Colemtni. At (he same time, Miss Bonnie Jenn nnclinimit, stenographer in Hi Statin Newr Worn a Tie, Chamberlain f las Bunions x By NEA Service Powerful enough politically to pit vast forces cf men against each other on the battlefields of war are (he dictators, kings and ministers who guide Europe's destiny {oday. Yet each Is quite as human as your next dcor neighbor in thc lillle things of everyday life. 'Hie chorus in a London revne is currently singing that '-Even Hitter Had a Mother," in proving the Na?.i dictator has human qualities. History records this as a fact, the fuehrer's mclher being a maid-servant. Here is "the other side of the story"—thc everyday Idiosyncrasies and human angles—on leaders of war-torn Europe. » • * NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN', Prime Itlinisfrr of Britain .... paid 57 shillings and G pence ($4) fcr that black silk umbrella, which he has never unfurled in a rain suffers from gout and bunions Traffic Issue Vanishes When Both Sides Lose PASADENA, Cal. (UP) — The precedent of one of Sotonun's decisions was called upon by the city council to decide a conlrcversy. Half (he merchants of Converse allcv wanted traffic run in one direction while the other half wanted It run in thc other. With Ihc vcting power of both sides of the street about equal tlie council decided on the "status quo" Thus neither side was particularly pleased yet neither side ^,,, was wholly dissatisfied. Meantime Italian F the law . authority on orchids but seven fruitless years trjing ( 0 lifmp in Bahamas . . in.,., ,,, hear his wife play -Mcoii^S^ "«'" . .sings negro spirituals has biggest feet in British • • campaigned against mortality because nwn mother died in childbirth he is a "bird watcher." ' ' ' nala cabinet maternal C ° Vil CIANO, lar^s the law of. congestion. once ^ote two pia^s, ^,"f loppc(i ' ••'... married the bass's daughter. Edda Mussclini and noisy molorbonls ! high, thin voice loves fast cars has copies man- ncrisms of U Ducc. * * * .TOSKPII S'I'Al.IN of lli son of a shoemaker hales anything not clean likes wild boar hunting . . . always wants the black pieces In chess . . . works hard at night, goiu, to bed aramcl t a.m. . . . has never worn a nccklie . . . seldom uses strong language . . . ail uproarious laugher. ADOLF HITLER, Chancellor of Ocrmauy . . . son of n ncasml coboler . . . took only subjects he liked nt school . . . n 's a ycuth, so weak physically he \vas rejected for military, service . . . Wagner, musician of thundering cresccndos] is Ins favorite composer . . . desk is alm;sl always littcvcd with pa- &L-. pel's . . . doesn't, smoke or drink • • • in astrology . . . says he has no bank account . , used lo go I: the movies twice a day designs flags. KIXG CAROL of Roumanla . . . dominated by a woman, Madame Lupcscu, small . in affairs, great and designs imifon "ins foi his army, which no* has SCO different kinds cf outfits lieves in spiritualism faste in bed • . . . opened royal grocery store in Bucharest for cafli-aiid-carry sale of prize pro (luce from his estates . . roes visiting incognito. . » ' • » * 1'REMIER MUSSOLINI of llaly . . . once stuffed sausages and made head cheese In Lausanne . . . likes to pitcii hay down on his farm . . . says he "never loses sleep . . . takes half hour exer- else each day . . . Uvfs on dict largely based on [rnlt nnd vnge- lol'les ... 11 prism terms have Riven him fear of confinement nnd small spaces -. . . S(1J . S )lc and Nnpolnon were -born under Ihe .«nmc star . . , ims aversion to cots. • * • WIXSTO.Y .CHOnCHILU Klrst Lord of Brlttsli Admiralty . . . lisps while addressing public audl- cnces , . . mcther pulled wires to E et liltn into Kitcheners army in India strain during Wotitl relieved worry and as workman, building bridge across .'finM XUni- Ui- >^n1>\t at T ~ . ... °. ... ° v * 1 ° ing . paint- butlds rock Gardens nnd. brick walls on his estate ... so lazy lie will ring a bell for servant to hand him something barely cut of reach . . . can cook, with sausages and bacon his favorite breakfast food ... dcoillcs on table clolhs. DAVID LLOYD Great Urilnin GKOIir.E nf bred blooded Pigs and grew fruit in hh youth - .,. likes buttermilk . . . hobbles nl gardening . . . reads bocks about gypsies and cowboys . . . favorite film slar is Charlie Chaplin . . . wears linls fit for a scarecrow on his farm . . . was outstanding pacifist before he became wartime prime minister. QUEIiN inUIEMH.VA «f Holland . . . wears ridiculous hats once heard threatening lo make her doll princess, "with no other children to play with" . . . likes ice skating . . . breakfasts on rye bread, cheese and coffee St. Lawrence \\hlli: visiting" cnnndii • • • plays crack Iwnils, fnli- bridge . . . dislikes press Interviews. I.KOl'Of.l) of wore sailor stilt wlicti a . was CUM an overgrown bill gained .strength child "soltic," working at hard chores bi army . • • plays golf, and flatly refuses royal prerogative of "playing through" slower players . has been known to ride third class on train . . . keen fisherman, but always throws his catch back . piloted locomotive on U. S. tour In 1910 . . . good p;kcr player ' * • * EDOUAKD DAI,.\I)IKK, Vrc- mirr of France . . . married a girl he tttctn'l know until she knitted clothes for him and wrote him Ict- , , Z, " ""° WC '' 1(l nml. then . Harry Klrby, Eii- cpcns her own mail says her haughty manner Is put on lo hide her shyness. JOACHIM VON KIBDENTKOF, German Foreign Minister . . . got his in with Hitler by fiddling Beethoven to quiet fuehrer's nerves . used to sell champagne and Scotch whiskey laler itiarrled thc b:ss's daughter, heiress (o a champagne fortune took Job tcrs during the last war ... most foincus pipe smoker and rolls his own cigar• . «as kidnaped once by- Fascists (o prevent him irom making a speech . . . lie's overweight. LVON'U, GENERAt 1SHMET Prcsiiteiit of Turkey name of inoini 10 commcmoraic l )al }l* fltld whcrc Tllrto ' bent Oreefe has winced that J. Louis Chcny had wen chosen special represenlntlvo *» the Ilctary Inleriinlloiinl to or- ?anl-/.e a notary fclub at Piggott Visitors were A. O. Huilson and oma Cnncer of Montcticllo, Calif. Brooks Hays' Course IsjfardTd Chart UTTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct 20 ur>)~Politlcnl observers late this vcek predicted that Brooks Hays eslgnntlon ns rintloiml Domocratlc •ojiimlttcemnn from Arkansas I'oiild not be made tefore Jami- fy I. If then. Ifnys, a slatehousc visitor tills veek. conferred with Governor Carl *?. Bailey for almost an hour but cfitsed (o tell newsmen when nd If ho would resign his com- iilttceinan post. 'I'lic governor nt a press confer- ncc said he had not discussed he subject with Hays, and so fai s he knew officially, tho commit- ccmnn had not decided, what tcps he would take. "You can't tell about him, he night resign and then again he light "Then might null his federal job and become a candidate for public office." !hu masking of Hlllcr's army at I ii-r-e !r, C ? '" wllhl ' I 101 " 1 "'• betweeii :ttCS nclyliim and Swllzcrlamt makes It Is A so 'Curse' wf^;,," 'if, c ! ccldes l0 ' la ^ »• v-uiot. big gamble wllh hundreds of thousands of lives, lo deliver n : ; large scale attack upon Gen: Mniirko Ouslnve Gameltn's forces bclivwn tho Moselle and Ihc Rhine or nialM a vast effoil to outflank' thc times by n tinning movement through. Hoi In 11,1, Belgium Sr Switzerland, or bolh. In my opinion llie latter (tlter- nallvi), mi indlicct attack thioiieli neutral teriilory, h ijnllkely this fall or winter. ( Days of continuous rain liavo remlered (ho ground extremely dirncnll, /or movements of motor- teed todies of ttoops. Everywheio rivers n re In (lood nnd steady rain eonlliuies loctay. Whnt seems moio likely front what Is known of Hl(ier's Hoop disposition find the gcogiaphy of tlie regions Involved is lhat any medium scale nttack would, be de- -slBiiod (o (ry to eject the Fiencli from any stilp of Ocnnnn ienl- lory they may hold. But It mlist always lie kept In mind that iho German military mind !, tia'dl- Uoimlly. fond of great ntinking or turning movements Gen. wilhclm Kcllcl,' chief of (he high command of the Oormnn armed forces, Is well known- lo adhere to thtso Ideas. ',.,'' Judging by Ihc progress of the war thus far and the illncs of JIll- ler's dlpKimaoy ns-revealed' up It) now, It Is my opinion, that Iho most likely course of\ events In Iho next few months Is n comparative stalemate on tln> western frail, while 'Hitler conccnlialos his efforts by submarine and bombln? nttnck on the Diltlsh navy ami merchant iiinilnc. > i - But 1 here is no doubt that bofh British and Fiench troops would like nothing better thnn a mass Cicrninn nltock upon the Jfagluot line, which Is perhaps at least one reason «-liy the dcinmiu may not try It. .Military ouscivcrs heic me much Inlcre.ilcd . In Onmcllirs tactics ns revenlcd aims far,, (lint Is, iriitatt- lug; attacks carefully prepared and executed with extraordinarily small losses. ' . • Then, when (he Germans retaliate, (hey find in extreme outpost lines only small parties of determined machine gunners who Inflict ns heavy losses ns possible and then retire. Thc German attackers .'suddenly; ttnd themselves hitting Inlo'.'fhe air, while Gnmclih's artillery cuts them to bits. According to communiques and semi-official commentaries, Gariib- lin as allied commnndcr-in-clilef has successfully ." executed this scheme lime alter lime. This is thc outstanding tentnre I Irave noticed, which differs from World war tacllcs. According to rcporls, Gamelin has inflicted loss--- cs upon the enemy out of nil proportion to his expenditure of live* nnd munitions. Discusses Relations BetweeirU, S., Mexico What .•''Dip ': average. Mexican Inks about the United Stales- ami Mmt the nvci-ngD American thinks ibout Hint country ivns discussed nt the weekly luncheon mcelintr of the fioltiry club nl (ho Hotel Noble vcsterdny noon. The speaker was Roberto do In •osa. of Mexico City, who Is on u Independent s;ood will tour of 10 Unllcil States. Thc young student of (he University of Mcx- co described (lit- S ci, 001 , md ,,, „„. 'I Ion fold of his experiences his country. in presWciit., not." thc govcrno'r said, on a second thought he Farmer Is Bitten Severely By Hog Will Overall, 55-ycar-cld farmer of Armorel, was bitten on the hand by a hog this morning when he attempted to lie thc animal. The hand was so badly cut and mangled that It required ten stitches to close the wcunds. He was given emergency treatment at Hie Walls hospital and later removed to hts home, Surgeons Work Underground LONDON (UP Deputy Prosecutor At Newport Dies Today NEWPORK, Ark., Oct. 20. (UP)— Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Etd- wiu L. Boyce, 31, of Newport .died in a St. Louis hospital today after an Illness of several weeks. ' ;. Boyce fcrmerly was chairman .of Ihe local Young Democrats club and of the Young Business Men's club, a member of the First Methodist church and a Mason. Prison Farm Cotton Crop Far Below 1938 LfTTLE ROCK, Oct. 20. (UP>— State prison farm officials, in a. rcpcrt to Gov. Bailey, today estimated the prison plantations' cotton crop for 1039 at 2,500 bales or less than half of that of, last year. The prls:n farm officials blamed a wet spring and a dry late summer for the reduction. "^ Bailey, however, estimated the farm would be operated at a profit for Ihe year. WEATHER ~ - -~ Arkansas—Mostly" dcudy, warm- being i cr In east portion tonlgKt; Saturday tlon. cloudy, cooler 'in West por- i\ Memphis 'and vicinity—R>lr w- (night, Saturday partly,,cloudy.

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