The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1967 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 25, 1967
Page 7
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BlythevlUe (Ark.) Courier N«M - Tuesday, April M, 1MT - Page Blevjjt >UR BOARDING HOUSE ~ With Mojor Hotple OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. WilHomi NOT REALLY.SIR.'EVEKYO^E HAS TROUBLE LIKE THAT, WHEN HE START'S / / FORTUNATELY i HAVE ^ THE PERFECT BOOK FOR YOU-"-ON 6AfB TODAY AT6l1.nO/. ....^ BiC TH£ ANSWER TOMV FINANCIAL PROBLEM 8V KS-TIN6 THAT I <5HOULP HAVE <3T(JfKTO PAINVlM6/I'UL CASUALLY L6T THE DEALER SEE IKESE, THEN 5EU. ONE OK WO/ SLI6HT MISUNDER- TANDING' / WO.l CAWT<3OTO THE SHOW, FELLOWA- 3'LL BE UP HALF THE WI6HT riWEATIkJfl OUT THESE TOUOH PROBLEMS.' MY DAP'S AW4VAWPMYA10THER AMD SISTER CAKJ'T WORK 'EM--THEVRE REAL STUMPERS/IPOM1 THINK EVEM YOU OH, .SOLDIE.SCKJ SOFT- BOILED E6GHEAP--VOU PUSHOVER--YOU... I'M LEAVIW--IT PAIMSME TO SEE A LAZY LOAPER CON) VOU IUTO BORROW- IN' VOLK BRAIMS.' TAKIKG THE BAIT TIZZY by Kate Osann rris N AM HEIE- LOOMTflAT HAS BEEN Irt ,- MY FAMILY S ft*YEM*S/ AMIOO, SINCE YOU WERE K'MP £>J6U6H TO BETURN MV JUMPING BEAN9,1 WANT Tb «IVE YOU A SCT ' UMFORIUWAIEUy, . VIE NEVER. FOUND OUT. j ^^T" "I "1 was so hungry I ate my lunch coming up the line!" "... a very handy book to have around in case emergency. For instance, would you know what to if attacked by a shark?" EOT IF ITS /.OOKiMG. TO Ger LASTED rr OWE TO THe RIGHT BOY! IF IT'S A PITCH a Television—Tonight, Tomorrow—WREC Chan ne! 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Channel 13 tVKKC Channel 3 Tues., April 25 6:30 Daktarl 7:30 Diet Van Dyk» 8:30 Petticoat Jet. 9:00 CBS News Hour 10:00 Ten O'clock news 12:00 Sign Off 10:10 Wfiatber 10:15 Late nawjs & Wea. Wed., Auril 2fi 6:4!) nnuw <jiouun 7:00 Good morn. Mem. 7:50 CBS News 8:15 Cant. Kangaroo 9:00 1 Love Lucy 9:30 Real McCoys 10:00 Anay ot Mayb-rry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love of Ute 11:45 Guiding ugn> 11:30 Search f or Tom. 11:25 CBS News 12:00 DacpmDer Brttu 12:30 As tne World T. 1:00 Password 1:30 Houflepftrtr 2:00 TO -Tell tn« T. 2:2S NHWR 3:30 Edge of NlgSS 3:00 Secret Storm 3:-io Early Movie 5:00 WBKC-TV HSWB 5:25 Weatner 5:30 waiter uroii&itfl e:oo mgnwuy Patrol 5:30 Lost In Space 7:30 Beverly Hillbillies S:00 Green Acres 8:30 Comer Pyle 9:OU uanny Eaya I0:iu weatneir 10:20 Late Movie *0:OD Ten O'CIDCJE news 11:55 News & .Wm«bn i7:nn Rltm fitt WMCT—cnamiei k Tties., April 25 6-.00 News neporl 8:10 Tn state Report 6:15 Weavner Report 0:20 Sports Report 6:25 Camnm • «*ot 6:30 Girl from XJNCLE 7:30 Occasional Wile , 8:00 Tues. Nlte Movie ! 10:0(1 News 10:15 Norm JBTHW-* | 10:2u roaay tn oporta 10:25 .Weatnw 10:30 NBC-WMCT WewB 12^15 TV OhawJ Wed., Aurll 28 7.-00 TUffftJ 7:35 Today tn Mld-S. 7:30 Today 8:25 Today Wltb Fag 8:30 Today fl-00 Reaca for the Stars 9:25 NBC News Bpt 9:30 Concentraiauil 10:00 Chain Letter 10:30 Showdown 11:00 Jeooardy 11:3U Swinging Ooun. 11:35 MlffrtR" «r«nB 12:00 Men..orllfin Sh. 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:55 NBO News l:0o uavs ot our Lrtes 1:30 Doctors 2:0u Auotner vvurld 2:30 You Don't say 3:00 Match Game 3:30 Mike Douglas 5:00 Lawman 5:30 Funtlev-Bn-fcley C:0() Nnvn, KeOOn fl:10 'in-srace tteport 8:15 Weatner Report 6:20 Sports Report Bias camera Bfcport fl:30 Tne Virginian S:00 Dany Thomas 9:00 I Spy lOiOO 'ren o-ciocR news 10:15 Norm Brswar 10:20 ToaaT in Sporta 10:^3 Weneiwi 12:00 N«WR 12:05 TV cnapel I0:3u Toment enow WH6O—CBannel 13 Tues., April 25 6:30 Combnt .7:30 War tn the Sktes 8:30 Peyton Place 9:00 The Fugltlva 10:00 MiQsniitn N«*i, ^0:15 Moving weamei 10:30 Lats flhow Wed., AurLl 26 f:OU CnrriKii^ iimfl S'30 Girl Talk 9:00 Jtck LaLannc 9-30 Dateline H'wood 10:00 Supermit, Sweep 10:30 One in a Million 11:00 Everybody'* Talking 11:30 Donna Reed 12:00 Fugative 1:00 Newly wed cam* 1:30 Dream Girl 1:25 newo 2:OU tjenerai noBoit*J 2:30 Duric Shadows 3:00 Dating Game 3:30 Funhouse 4:30 Adventure Tim* 5:00 N«W» 5:10 Weatnm 5:15 News 5:30 Cheyenne 8:30 Batman 7:00 The Monroes 8:00 Wed. nlte movie 10:0v Kua-flwinn sews 10:20 bate Show 10:15 Mrvrinr v^fnthel 12:00 LBJ - Trip to South America i HERMON JONES BUSINESS MEN'S ASSURANCE CO- 1430 Union An. Phone 214-4400 Memphis 4, Tennessee Call for Free consultation. Insurance tor Estate planninj Kej Man Partnership ad Corporation Group Pension Retiri- ment and Hnspitalization. NEW SERVICE Small Outboard Motor & Lawnmower Repair Tl8 50 Bar-B-Q Pits Garbage Barrell $^50 Racks ™ Garbage $^l 00 Barrells V GODSEY y S Tire Shop & Garage On West Moultrie Just Off fil Hi-Way Phone PO 3-9734 BueU W. Carter, MFA Agent 607 N. 6th Next Door to Dixie Pig Phone PO 3-3361 Good Machine Work We Se// Good Service We Give Good Faith We Keep BARKSDALE 325 South Broadway Manufacturing and Machine Works PO 2-2911 HERB BURNETT Ole Hickory House 707 Chickauwbi PO 3-9311 SAME Sumptions Food We're Proud ol Our NEW LOOK FREE Advice On Golf SAME Rcatmniblt Prices "WHAT A CATCH" CATFP io,, SPECIAL All • You • Can • Eat Served w/French Fries Cole Slaw Hushpuppies, Onion rTW We Gu«r. No / TaJls or Earn Call PO 3-8168 tor Carry-Out Service i DRUMMER BOY s MOTEL & RESTAURANT "A Good Place to Eat & Sleep" GREAT DISCOVERY IN HOUSE PAINT! STALEY 100% PURE LINSEED OIL LATEX HOUSE PAINT W«l«-Tlii»»"l>l" Li«t«d-0il folM that drill in 30 minulii All THESE FEATURES IN ONE HOUSE PAINT; R«9- ? 8 - 5 °- °. ur reg. everyday low price is only $5.95 6al. 2.99gal. BUG I DUST FREE IN MINUTES SOAP «. WATER CLEAN.UP ONE-COAT APPLICATION BLISTER-MILDEW RESISTANT RECOATABLE IN 30 MINUTE* EASY BHUSHING AND FLOW BUILT-IN PRIMER Vinyl Latex Fondren & Sons Hdw. and Gifts 311 W. Main - Open Friday Nit« til 8:30 - PO 3-4520 FREE PARKING IN REAR OF STORE ODE NEW COMPUTER JUST BLEW A GASKET.' t aUESS IVE WATCHING TOO MANY COMMERCIALS! Ill SCO WANT 10(3Z HECK56S CUPR6P? WOT WAS THAT SHOT; I-OH. MV SOSH1 IP THUS* "VOU CREEP™ TVOU'RE ASKIW6 T WUiPAU VOL) DIDMT \FORn; TOO. MOVE'THE HAVE TO KILL .R Wa'5HBB!*> BSD OUTA UUWfl ~ YOU WERE RISHT ABOUT SAFE BEIN5 HERE, 60. A gOBSV PIN 01J6HTA OPEN TH'J SO V WITH ESB ^ WELL, IF I'D KNOWN WHAT I KWOW NOW, I'D HAVE SURR6NPERED TO 'EM WITHOUT FIRIN' A SHOT.- ...EVER SINCE A FEEDIN' A WE LICkEP 'EM, PHFEATEP WE'VE HADPA. / ENEMY? ' FEEP 'EM 1 . Vl NEVER , HEARP OF SUCH A. THINS; WELL, NO.,I SUESS BEING CIVILIZED POES HAV5 PRAWBACliS ALL RlfiHTJ I COULDN'T JUST LET 'EM STARVE, COULD I ? I KHJBt OW*f*-l ^=U ft « •CN lilliuitlllliiuuiiinim .0 D

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