Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 17, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 2
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;^ ONE OF AUSTRALIA'S Leave* That Seem to ernwl wiiun Off the Trees. Among the strange stories told about the wonderful things *x>. be found in Australia, there is one of crawling tr.'M'.i. viva the Kl'i'i OV'^TITIS T ON: v-,--.^ :•.••?>•*•>£«• ***&'••> '• ''TKelf ^Condition aS£BejQftrterl to the :• - - - ' •—-&!•-'<*&> rial preparations, ooWtibrbe used in The cures accomplished by Hood's sh these days of enlipht- d medical ixnenee If you vero about tt> journey-to> a Sarsaparilla tell what it does more I *ft l^L.\f **•*"-"*« »•*- ^ r -. or colder climate you would eloouentlv than any argument which B'll is so easy to first brought an ac- henomenon. The \vero Bake carcfal preparations .—rReatt-thgjrg y~ppnsjdered. ^Repptls irflSle—Rainl-iNfeedeti ' i the case might outTuneT n HcroTuIa~SuncEap - .. i 1 .;, •-, \\,i, wanner climate^-thonjcU not of our •wnvolitioB,iandrwhotii«'morcrcnson- medicmoto Itwas very 1 sore' continually, and after a time m^flofflkrmljbega&Diolfeel disagreeable. In a short time it pained ma nearly all tho time. "With that ind the !fl CT (jfnI»l WdkiiJperfaotwtBery'ftfl ttirottgliP ithe summer. oltbecaa^wRWd'Uiaeniy (friends tried. ; tfO jr mfl)gffetq(have a doc- !&*c%e ^'petite ;,Wd;;imV>roy^ the digestion, .driycs away that tired feelin" and-nervousness, "and gives the 2n -,i ..i^n* TI .:n.^nf nvhir.n'we atrcnfrth-utid vigor. AV.I tbuti.ufr . 'Sariaparilia!; 1 I/Kave 'tkkenVfiyo, bottle.,, and parVb'f the sixth' and km feelin^UkOj Smygelt again.;, I have gained flesh, rapidly •The Borofala;bunch : -irad-my.-Umenc85>h»« •; 'all 'gonej-and-r feel 'like Vnew creature."';. ''- 8?-- :;;;:;.: l :; l :i:;;:::: ; -Anci-:ith e '-B e st ,,,n ;,.,-•..,;.in,.-.,': .• •;•'•'. ; '"' • - : ; •-;••• ';;;' o';\i':"vJH^MM{;K'ETA' i: .';;:::;^ <.ir:ilii, I'r«vUloi«,- Ktf. .i-.i-.ii'.-j ••"'(Jiir&i'di. Apr.ll 18, jBlood Purifier. ' '•• -.-.-- : : -. 2!ra'lKh'i,M,J-.3j;ai',i'l | -,cIeiu:!i,. 1 &. IVW-,^ soc^Hlsi *,Bfl®i!«R''l'<)W' ifrU'fl.usI'.SI-tfllfSl.H?-' ! ^PJjPK—, |JttanU.''4B | W8&^ : *'r :l l^ t & l '*-'.'^-'" 5; '9 ll ^ : OATS—Stonily,•«'IH»']i(k'her'rn 1 l6os No. 2, e87Hc; K,.a)M<tt;8;ii(i;;Tuly;^ y rjto?7W(J/,:Si"Q-piu!<'*ic PI ~'*-^. '..' .,;.-'.,,... (.T.. , t llrulrr. -M.T^Vt't/,. «.«IY—SoilJUi« ft'.UUle, lwtU)r. .and jflriapr.. ifMKIJiil'o! 'N^ a/'IffJiS-Jo, for fnlc to^liolco. NoJ ! '£;' B£i4i&33j4c!' ScfyorilriijH' iic'<ll'd00@' r .iiulte,light and prioos- is '.ransod. a.c...*fc!-3saiS.3JM, il^.i>®l;!.'.10 tor. ais,5"H 'or M ft y-1""' *f-^^iJJlL'.'Si¥br'Jilly'.' >_Vory. . l duU',ii<ii|Vili, l iUr«n.'"'^ "" ul JT.Oiiar.'OTri fqr cash: .tr.C • -May,''tu<(l cffikwnsl1li'3ll'lli'i'c; | ijuo|{.s.-,Uii>|Ui;i Goeac, jpcr; j:;.;!;'.;;; l ;.He'.TAkts,.-issuE..., : -. •.-. • icH:iii ; ih:in"-oi' ;l Mi ; e- bimetallic; 1 executive : committi!e! hns''m : aUe;a'rb'£l'y, to f ' l"rasi; de'H't ClevelivniVs '-latter '-'clecl-hiing; the. invitation to visit this city^ind^spertk in tRfe^fi'TfeVdA^f^sWAd''^^^^^./^^^!'?. 111 LIlC IDbJjrU.TM t ~* 1 ^'-'H.Lll.l It+v^vj.' -„--.- RfarVey'-U&fi'res'tK^^^^ h'et-'cotnbfrom ! a : committee-'.represent- |jng'"ii minority' bf the'bn.smesH'ihenftnd- lclti7.eTis;'\wtir;Lther--fv6iiv : ft' l ebin'm-irtei8- .infr'th'DcUis's'ihut-b^vlis-money; .:•..;-..;,• pfiyiv-Dle'- iii : tnoriey—fixed i ";!Wft-tospcotCul!.c.-:suDni[t.';thiit'',your .letter' Hoes I uot-prosent,-.the truc.Mneriits.Ofj thla^on.-,. troye'rsy.' you" c»U. tlie, .atiantlci* of r , tllr W?i Bnd ' J wafeo- "o»Tnor's'."-to''''tte yfact .that' rising pfloosV'while -enabling thcih^toi- 1 NoH.inoir 1 pro- y _•','' „ ... _ ,1 - .,..1 . ,, i,.w~-.,r iiit*>rt '.ru?11 Krt!<iA I Suets' . more for jv^ai tb.or. ' J^ifli lui "tnMr'i'fr""' SM'.I'I!''.')''! ' : 'J .' 10 '-••- : « &WrW? i )~ vv ^H l<5r ij»o.iioajnt(«»\yintliil8pee, : "•^°Mgf.m^>.y,'^ s .'."'.-M7 -;rfi;',;;:if> r.rl- JJiii -VI •;i; l il,i iii ' FLOUR— Stut Xo. i" . . 1 . : Ofc'tuliiiV- «B,1(!.'ti3;,';',.Dj)oembur, .WJi®; ' 111 ' 1 ir " "i'" i - ;i " v '•'• • * •, . ' i".jfcr,,pl^-ijjW,;'0(fl;nW tor UiiiKsaJW-^SM^S' fo» n f-.-3Mlft.MOhW )H-W^ri» tft^lJ(ecl,iqna.fc»,89- 1 h,,^S%? h^iayy mpkl.iK a^Uhvppl.t} Kl lpW. .„,, vv li.iokliiir andehlpplng lpt«l.,....... J^'^MWWIfc- jfiffipMthW Xoill^Kfoeilnif.' _irong and prices wore unchanged- Quotations' |»gedatlij,l^M?W% ' ' ' j, ; «|Bii«ia|Jrtaa*|W,X«rr>S«OQtaJ«(»»!»9asSi*)i'i :::-W*«!Tii.75ail.!ift4OT 0 Con»a,-M.5«SW(W : .>>»ir >M§lR4rs! T^SdSa'OQ for niUl*;, *3.iS^Wi."5 1 f I cjr| ) fSi 1 Jsaiiei'vu Brotiie'i-s, lii ?;•; JTadoau, on thc-Hoe-ef-thei Chicago & s?'.v3Mtf^" "^* i*»»«v- v"j ' -— •,_,_. , ,«, i ,• >* \ ^^^^l^^l ?'*«;^f,Wf •>S¥'yr>Ws ll B*""r l *'*" ? > «' > ^- ^ fmiSjionVill has passed the senatei-ajifiS,, Jjrtj nays, 11—a p«u'ty vot(rwith the ex- l^5^^<»i*^ a - i ' si ' i « ifl:n(llja> "' is * li t* : I'mrney Elhvivns^f,—«>«-« : lleged wifo !•*«*«?' ^ s -«^^^^;^ i Joantents, .-consisting ^f-la'^'laVfr l grain r and^. farm ' Tnachin'ery 1 was presumably fired by sparks om » tminji^Tho loss-is -fully 910,HXX), ' " oveted-.bj-.inioura.nce:'.'' .t^;. I the »tory 'of 'its'inerit ii HOOD'S CURES slnGo/tho domDn6tiy.atlon::of a — - chants, ,.m!inu.faptiirors,i>n!l.-pepPls.iR 6Uorttll y' Jiavo'boen dbl'nif'. 6uslno.ss.on.a,falliDg.4nar.ket, io'ihri't'-itho'tfm'o'lnteryonlhybouyoen the pur- «ha8'e ; o'f,their-mo'roh'andlso-'and-raw-'materlal iridiplhclns-lt months -uf terward onitho market, • lias removed the niar.giu.tb.oy. >yould.-have.qthbr.-. : -wlsornade. '.H'ttV»'shi-tul;ai;o ln..val.ues added to tho ordlna'ry'r'ls"k and -expense of business has led to an ever / -iribr ; 6iislri(r volu'rne of debt—to a xnon^y-lahdtntf-perJoa^-mit'il iWha.M Increased, all told, public.»nd.prlviit.e,,to.,ubput ; ;$4q,0()0,f;: 000,'00t»: pr'abbut'tSvb-tlili-as..pf tho tptiU.yplua; of'ali thb''prop'erty lu'th'o'United States.' : ••Monoy i: ana lj tbesi' ilebtai' ; payBlJle- ; in money 6ave;;fceoafatoaclily Incrooalnif In^xchanBoahTe 1 vaJLupjwlth.tho: prospprlty of, the-.-people, [jA: dolit lor."&lM' iha't',T,(X»..6us_he,ls. qf,..w.l)qa( vdui&'' : 'haVe : "pal'd" 1 'tud'.'-"r<iiirs'. uxo . u'o«r ronUlrbs'i"tD«'-'fai-iber-! i to--''Rive'- itp-' : 2',pOO doilars wlth,',wWph to pay, the. same deb.C, : .:Tli.o, owners of products must'-now «l.ve. up.jlwiea, as' ; oiuc'ti-"'p'rbp 1 cr.tj- J '»'"phy" tlielr\taxc3'^as. rjthe >prosldontrii! Salary or JOU.IAW. iu.\u^ UIIYV I UI.V.H .u«.w«u«« ns*xi<tb^six*1n atj?lai<* lidcl'luife -<.l6xfbled'and- tjieasured Itv-ia.ar.-pra'pecty thai opo-,K»r.runio J . •''So.'Wt'w'hon you'call the,.utSpntlQnoJ ; tha r tormorantf I wasb 1 oarr((SVtp t-ho^a l ) p«J' 6 iJi*ro rf oil? r. 1 GlaT«l«iiid,isays>ubMilici , d thpae Qt.s)l«erpjono.»eialllsTO..jMr.,< ''-'iar draw tho lino sharply 3frtonOs of .ito.iimi rliim. In doinn ccjuntry a state flt of -h' ccjuntry a state fltJlOjafr^t^pi ls.;lp,lojeralj'.e to 'our niassos. Sbu'iul moACy | i'V^ I !iafacurrei;cy, 'etis.-fli'lfu'tfiaftWSdine^b'r Vords-.'" - C I J1 •'- 1 -'-'-"- 1 i "i^-riy^yi^nto ^i'o Benthuv*>n>—the—head- of tho ''' JL •atl-.bf-a^pltxyV-WgeaiS^yeurS."'' X3 ; iionicr-rtr4tit»^!i a..'.' iritv.- r;oom-j " .j^iil-i >'ftl 1 ffi i<l !-oS t iflW5';;.r.ni.?LfliI o 'ir^-O.y'.'..,. V,- .\ __;i .iTt M« t>, > buried at the become. ..\Yarrcn. ,,. ;j j; Henrv Harris'fOr thi?TOUr«er"6"f Henry D'EirorWeh' T c;ai'e, to'a'-sudaeii'-yetfd:- 'Aib^'^f ow^V'i, s*a te';' ^tn'ess;_ - c6h- r-* t r .»•'!: ii^-^A^^^'Voy-hnT^.fihfl^^-llimSeH molding the^ store wbcTC mcdi- . » cincs.arc.kovt,- •^. -,., , / .' ,' Dt-jPiefceh^as first to introduce a- tittlfc Pillow IHe^/tmerican ' Many have imitated them, but none l chca"Eis~ 1 T > leasant Pellets " in needed, badly £o"in SortirOaTreta and northern Minni;.sOtiI^~Xhe,^eperal. 1 a 1 a..^ fooU"'^6f^.gitt^V-fiW'Wi' 1 ' ( =si:-# a i J! fl ra * J P- -. I '• ' n .'.!-' i'.^'.l ^V... Awnn rt^vTlfl \ f.lr^nji' jL!Td Once Assist Naturc-a-littte-now- and then, with a gentle, cleansing laxative, thcrebjr remoy- HMioffirodijJg- : mattcrH«3in<ifie sttnnaduSod bowels., toninyjup-a^d jqvigoating; lie liver and C4S,. w*unK^u^-^y^ fr,*?* ...^^ -T^ — 'nlln'ols-—Weefcnllfflly lav.ot»pi»i D f.J?, r »»?:??'! ( and micTcenink its^tar'dy action, and you i'f'mrm-worli'; oatslTJarley.s'prinjf.'KneatVfarly thereby rejnos<£the-'CKB<£of;a>tnoltitude of Jot»W6s ;I prac i tli:iiTy : lh ground, e»rlyotfts_up, distressing diseases, such as headaches, in--•- — -•—- '—•"'•"-• ' digestion, or dyspup'Sa, biliousness, pim- •olefl,'' blotches,-.eruptions;'-boils,,-conBdpa- fi_:_^'_ii«« '<;o(-.,1i anA tn^ladi^H.ton.nuder? tluely. n pugtV [Heeding; rU|ta : [fffld Breatet n .*(»rpMfc.) riilt tr(<'o8"lB,iruil,l>lpom.ln souttera »nd,bud» DursUnj'In c'o'ntraT counties.' : ". :. , ..,.,,- .,r» -^Itidioa'ii^Cbot-'teiiip'eriiMirW lleHt-'Wosf. sev -. eral nights, But rains wer»>beii»!lMaT:'t rye, cloiw andKrasuJn.good-coBdltiOB; oats.near- ly ali'so'wn: 'plbwing./or corn progressej. ,.;;;• • : Wis'c'6tisin—Condition much Imprpy.ed bj. re-, cent'Tulhs;'soir- 1 lii' J< exoeUeut-'contflrloTi-'ana uecdlniwoll'BdyanoBd/thoiipli'Komo (rest remains; winter-.wheat:«pd ,plo.yer;,poori-mucft- b'cln'ir'wlntcr^Ilied;..other Bi-.Btn-lo6kaw;eU.., 7 .. : "•Mmn'o'sota—Temporature sllgiUy above and., rainfall : -bclow ; -t'hV ! normal;-' damaglnd 1 hlKa" wlnils Friday: grain seodlng except flux well- advanced and--early spwo sprouting-nicely: rain badly noodedIninorth halt. ..,.,. ..,-. . .;'. ' Iowa—W ; oathcr"fnvorabl'o .-'for completing aeodingJind propiirinB {or-plaiUng-, -farro'wotU adviiuced-more than iisuul in middle of April; hcayy,.raln.of Monday;was .well.distrlbuted anar tlirioly." .. -. : ...-,. ,.-, .... '•; .-.-. • . : ;:. ' North'Dakota—Soodla'p prbgrcBslnff slowly, ori account or-'dry'tt-oiiher, 1 season Is earlier, itmn usual iinfl.-iiJKo- dri'er.:-wn.Ilo-.Mifli •wlnas- havu.d.ti{toa.Koi.l<>on.sIdcrubly; «.yory.thlns;sut-' firing for r»in.'»ndj;rafn...ihai; ,Ua» ; becji sown; ^rin-no'VRormin'iitq'unt'i'l t.liere^ls more. mols- ; ' iapdu.r ; Kun}Jr*l:fayoriH)]0:,cp;HlU,ioii;>of[tonipoi-.- jlv ln,exoo]aoiit,«<!ndl.l,lt)p.;.! .-'.«-•; *•'•• .rid ; g*)'nerttl- 'ord: o-x'c»p:"ah'.untluiit,r»La ^m,. i-.uimiwj.i lia «nd' El H3 c'6u ti tics .Tia's Tjr ough I'veee to.-." ibleVf forwara! wheai ; inibrovlnj;'/. G&bujrb : ' n '' central iina.wBs(er)r;i«)!buntiQ!).'fliuchyli»s.'nceni pld.wea;ujj,"jnr ; ot.i;% v BruinK7 cprn^lantlng,- ivltdrbusly'p'usnod: early'jUntea^o.njI.nK..up la the south; eiirly^Bii'is^nlull^Woom promfstriK b Tcug aJ n^e^& tl l?o" a n^ ^^rdtion jjrospocLH OACyiicuij, ouwi"», .^""«,«-•«« ««»-rr.-. Boothetn-s'ectibhs; Jp'loiving ifoneral- in--central Be,pHon.,v.-' .'i;,'o '" torn-pladte* ihbugh.-no't eohersi-;.wheat, batsi aaii<r,as«os,doihg nne;-.,fruit /prospects'eicel-' '."iJontucky—Cool,' partly^clou.ay-.'.'^-ith ,llei»t we'll distrlb'utoa'showers:'farm work'slightly, r"} tkr clod,-Tjut-whe'atati'cl^rasaes'improve;-corn- plantinn coamiencadjin-iBasiern sections; oats and tobacco plunts-'Coming up. well; fruit trees In full bloom, and, except .peaches, promise good crop. / ; .? : -,'.- \ • Ohio—Cloudy, cool with heavy .rains; -wheat, cruss. barley, rye, clover made'-de'clded improvement ;n-6ondmoQ-,.and >ire:-«rowinK flne j ly; ouis and-.'-'oloyerj-'abbut 6p%n.-;-»r.d eurly planted comlnf'up: plowing del»yed,' , Nebraska-Excellent week Ipr..,|?rov.-th of vegetables an'd'pus'hlnc farm work; seeding ol small grain- about completed and preparation of corn ground beinir ; -'pu9hea rapidly-,--a-little corn r plantod; early, fruit • trees,; blossoming yeiyjluHy.- ' '^••"-•.'••^ .'-• ' .'•'," '•".•,......'. '. • -^ VACATES :Re'STR'AI'rirNG.-:;dRD:ER. , 6us' to'm'entidn,' .,-'... ,--v.-v, >j-; •"If- : people would-''pay j more-attention to : •Mopcrly "Teculatlnjr^ the;: «ction' ; <tf -th«r bowels, •• Jhcy- ; jwotrid.i have . ; less: -frequent occasion," to call:, for .their,, doctor's-.. service's. to 'subdue" attacks of dangerous, ''' '-' : '' J -""-• " ' ' . ees. '-' -- , . . ..... . -iTbat,-JOfttirknown--agetita to accomplish- this purpose,. Dr; fierce'*' Pleasant; Pellets' are ,unequaled, - is> .proyeni-by the : fact: that; once used" they, arealwayi.in.favor. Thcirsecoridary: effect is to keep the bowels opea. further constipate,- 83-13 the-case with other pills./ Hence, their preat> popularity, with sufferers .from, habitual-: : constipation, piles and :indigesUon.-,, : -,.-.; -They'absolutely cur*'sick bcadachc.Jbm-, otjsn'ess'' constipation, --'coated - tongue, pb.or ; appctiteVdyspepsitfand-, tindred. dcrange-'I 'mcjits of the sto.njach,.-Hvcr.and bowels.;::;^. 1 "."A"/rce-saiiplc of_tbe .!'-Pellets,.'!, (\\o--j- \&6$<&)~o'n.'trial, ls-.'mai.Ied'.'to any^aduress, i post-paid;'on^receipt ofiiaii ' ion--postal-icai3, '.-,".••'- ,'.'•*-•-•• . AddresSj-for /rce^araple;.:. - - PENSARY '„ MEDICAL .-ASSOCIATION,- N.o..« j Main' Street.' Buffalo," KT/Y.;. _-....,. : . : - : i f . cVa'nd-addrefS* .-BiS^- foliape. They have .^r-vv.™,^—.- bodies and wings shapedOTte.'JfflJgo leaves. When disturbed by^tbreezo they fold their legs under their bodies", and then tho leaf-like shape, with I stem and all, is complete. Not only j are they bright green in summer, likof j the foliage of the trees at ^---'•**• — '*• 'but they actually change i leaves do to the- dull brown t ! by frost. Another peculiarity of these ' insects is that when • shaken to the ! ground they seldom_use thoir \fings. j After lying there •'?or\n few minutes, lasj-hough they were reaSly leaves, they, icri.^iTto'the'ti-yeiiind ascend the truuli jwitheu't ^eeniingjjto kno^^• tlijit they jhriS-e th/ po^dj- to gct T bactf to thoir '• ' '-'' a-m^uclveasier and^uiclter JKEE P I YbuH;BD.C-KlNG--eHAlR.^ 7^-J -'-Ji mcrl-ca'a-s1iUve^en^pjcturej,a^|^ •irl'?dn's b'f i "t)ersb'ns'"seatcd''.in"",sixty ujions UL j^ciou'^o ..,.-,' -• ,".-»- j..^ raiiliSns oV yodnng-ch'airs;—lio.mc .^.'.bf btfdm^Sradre's- ' J 6f. ^cpiarscr'. :.;Bu.t_ ;tw>v. cornel ;i?r. " ta,-ine,' a" Frfcn ch' Vfq st !Tn|Ua ; ITe'^hS^ bee'if talkitfR^of Sy!iat'he'"ca,lis.. fthe (rood •-$I6e:£s :i /tl&'t.['tliaJE'.liillaby " ..... it - v . !. ' m"fi;;_''i,^ "J,-^3fr.^rt*rt/-1 ., -Coopur & Co. Income "Tiix" C»W ! CHICAGO, Aprii.iG.—J.uag-e Showalter at the opening'- 'of-^the court Tuesday morning entered 'an of dei ; -vacating the Restraining:,,. order.,,, agaiastr n ~Siefi-elo ' °™ e return. -..,-,"' . -..,-,-;-. .--- ' looked hurriedly at tho bill," sald-the : - ' ooe , court, ."and. did. not understand .th.akit^-.as based-' Jupoh"a > iUos'tli3n6f il nnconstlttitlctaal!iW".. T re'aracaitas-a-toef'e rormal'- 1 matter, 1 - 1 Tn«- dojenilanj,s wj»e nre»enKrln£our.an-,. senfeA.to -the .p^ocecalngs. r^Belnijftjno •Bh'ioh' ' was'- not contested. JT. granted,. It, -. . order*m' i -now i ;be'ya£ated-Vna J _a-hearln - ••••>• M«nwlltlou'*.u*rAfa«Tiif; 1 '' tion from IUB ^.auiiiri,--,. -=,--^- ; 'giin syndicTltel w'ho_iaye undertaken ; to-.defend=-ther America-"cup', saylrig' that they httve''detTded •-tcV'-nome the^ > npiv.:w.aehii-.-n6w ;building .af-/Bristol, Bew-ar'd .pffereU]!fqr..JLb»coiidln 'resiit.iY,arregort^oi;.^aminer,Eeeyi !o^j.\%;Qaies!jd^eiatr^i ,t'he ;t office of-.,pj '-v^J.r« T^^i^^C r\f t.l-MQ prinnt.v vacant. X. oate juuyu of th'is county vacant. —,_. %byei'por_ has alsp.joffered a-r.e.Yvacd .of; ^Iid6';for,,'.the;'iappr,eli,e)isiqi»)9f JS* Q,.Jtenr. 'dplpi^^'lle^^ceiidingiiudg^.j-o •,,.•,'! j.^-r. chair T exercises"'bn..'"^^^^^.^ x "a^c.cted wi?h'atony : o^tho;'st'om.ac'h?;''. ; Atopy_.is_.. Iv-antoi-foiibv"" 1 ,' 1 ." :","•.".'. " -.'-".'. • -"J-.v;- j -"Eaine''says'.that '&. c'onrse of .'rqck'mg- • chair'afiijr[Wvery"mVs^;,'the. b'scilliifib.ns. Dem^."" : quiet : 'and•'regular; ''stimulates: gastr'O --Intestinal'.'.'perist'altism,',' >n'd". that dyspeptics; should: talce ' notice.. ThVchair^oug'h't' ; t9 J be'light,' so '.tliat. forking requires.' no . effort, and suffl-_• cie'ntiy' jnClWd'backwar'd.that.'the person may .lie' rather than sit. iu-i't.. ,- ., • "Physicians, "will- agree, /that 'Dr. La'iie"'has"." ; dpne A'raeri'cans ' a. real service: it 'has always "been rather difficult'"to explain the national passion for ; ' : the''rockm^-cliair, but now.it. is only too easy. .Americans are the worst sufferers .' from 'indigestion and ji ''iTl'_;^:^' :.-t 4-V»/i *«T«-»-i«l/T ' V»n t~. it, nnw rlO- b'est system, of 'relief. . . .... ui'Sn wlio lunches "on pie . tiien :t bai i a ; n'ces_ himself'in; a 'rpclji.ng-.' r chair is-'run^nsci'oHSly.. 'doiiig'-.his .best. ; »..-ji'."fi»«'5iin'tn-' : -'liis " '^astrd-ihtestinul. -. ^stomach,': which,'.'is : \'kcp!t"Jtrbm;'ery,ing. aloud only : by 'this nie'thbd'of '-".spptTiiniir. zi fro:-': •'••";•• ••••-•••• <--^~ --' '•'"-" it."" " •; --.•: /..;>';r-i; ' I ','Behpld. in Americ_aps. agnation of 'inyalfdk" vainly : . I1 encle&ypjrm^,'' i tb."*fbclc, 'theiiiselV.es to sleep'.;.Dr.' f X^,ine;.s.theory 'theciseiv.iss tip ;is —... 'WorTdi; i WASHINGTON,' -• Bpne m : "the"" was' tFe ; ii'i'ev.e sliuulc ti-ou 11 J. uir loaves, which floated gently to ^ ground. The sailors were surprised a tliis shower, because it. was not of the year, but midsummer, a.nd fall-HR- leaves looked freslMUid gr But this was nothing to wljjtt fblloi i: After a short rest these crawling along the _ tree from which thcj sailors were too much f stop and investigate, men said, in relating the s that he expected every minute'to w , the trees step out and dance a horn,-: pipe. Fortunately other travelers- were not too much frightened to stop and examine tho matter. It ~ "'~ covered that these queer really insects which live j _ r ™ ^—- r trees and are of the same ,colojjn,S;taft' -*/^1J-,rt>*a "n-i^ir linv** verVrt_ s thlTl. ^flAt' irt and unprovement and jonal enjoyment when .mmr. The many, who live bet_ firtiiers and enjoy life moro, with J5:*«TH>nditure, i7 more promptly the world's best products to ww,«w= of physical being, will attest •hi value to tsalth of the pure liquid lajtitiTOx principles embraced in tha rejnedTySi'rup-of Fig*. ~! It» wropence is due to its presenting in ^i« iotm^nost acceptable and pleas- knt to ti>(i'^il((e] the refreshing and truly »nefici.al'*p*foperties of a perfect lax- *tlv«';''enectually cleansing the system, Jispelling colds, headaches and fevers ind permanently curing constipation. It has given, satisfaction to millions and ipet Tith ithe approval, of the medical " " i, because it acts on the Kid• and Bowels without weak j,...^ i-pd it is perfectly free from 'very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and$1 bottles, but it is nian-^ ( factured>by tlieTCiuTfonrlrt Fig Syeupil ,\>. only, whose nfme.is printed on evfcry» package, aJso-the;uj«ne, Sy-up-of; Fks,^ sBbstltutjfe il oflfer>3 /1 f I I 5 I I DEEP SOUNDINGS AT SEA. | Aniwer I How ., ular Sc1e ttn Oft-A.k »fc«tYr* > {'«'rtn» ^od. se l <623? de ^'' > ^ h ° cO JronWy answers that qfuestion as follows: "A ship regularly jbhe'a-fEer T -&a,"'lnb when sound , fs brought to a standstill with the stern to the sea. The stray ytte^-mtJiJ&e, feounding-rod and sinl^Vjj.tiQSv4j JUs over tho gniide pulley and carefully inbmeter is clamped to the sounding,, line, which controls fih«^elo^ity yrttli, ivhich the wire is unreeled,—another' at- the brake andathk.<i,.on thp grating outside to handle thelsmlier aid'instnj- ments, and to guide the wire as .it passes overboard; a naachioist.Ssta - t_thei hoisAing engine, and the recorder takes a position few .reading. _the_ .register... When the'sinker'is let ,gp "the" vpssel. is maneuvered so as to keep thtf wire vertical and the friction line is-adjusteS'so^ as to allow it to. descend from seventy • to one; hundred-, fathoms .pervmijjnte.- The instant tho sinker, strikes--.bottom', which is unmistakably indicated .by. the sudden release of the wie" fi-pm strain, the reel is stopped by the friction line J il-Ertnat coiip>!te without an ideal POWDER. \V ,V££)<ibJJT S 7£J}C( v!i. I Combine? e>tpry ekmient -ofj I1 hearty andipurjtyi Itjs[be4y44| t { fying, soothing, healing, bealtk- ' I Jful, 1 ., and narinless) lndp\ ^ en , J rightly usesi^S i»rlsibje.| A*r^>st| 4pllckte anVijiesirjibleiptiDta t» the face in this climate. [zzs i ill -v^a^^* " : « r |i:> * p ^SfSSa'S^f^^^^SfeS. SS^^3^fe;£^^^ £r s makes its excursion through five miles o*_ watery ^»tc to J LFJ. >Vtil'V^J.j' TIUIUVW »v „ •*!!«• C^" a of perfect reposefaii^ "brings to.Ahc sur- ' *L _„ *l,n *_-/sil_ -nrifll 1XT h 1 fVfe f,ll«i r.lin rtf face t>e. soiUwith whicfe tho? rain ot 18 infoscirial organisms ^sunless depths lifts*«J*»§ ftp£scoCth_« -sky, and the dredge' and trawl fell us . hiky blaclcness and freezing cold of the sereisHfe." ,, ,, ' ^~ , „ _„. at the Free Lunch. jWine tasters the world over sandwich between samples a bit of bread and L/Ul/ vVUt W BciJJ-i^iv*o "i w* •* ~— •»•-— — — cheese in order tpJoave an, unprejudiced TII1H .UIUWUi*«r V*A v»»^. ^"- • ~- —. , .1 ~ ,-t.Ut-*-•=>*-' i".VA"V*-, uvr**** r T^ . , ^i tf ( ^ ,,_, L-'amounti6f-'inerehfinaisc' ! .expo?ted palate. It'is"easy J to" see mthis_tho ,» a sV.'^23f760;B7n-aVd^-th% c %Sn'6unt 1 im--T, :> ofigin .'origin of the free lunch, and of that o*j—,-,!— ««^i^rtTvi?oTTi the sample room. ne^swnipoirijBP" 7 **^ 1 * 3 ' **" u w***.w~ b «*r— "ain6-n'n*ed tb'^?Gl;529,98ti'-ana'the-im^'-ually grew into the elaborate'modern : -Dorts to gaJ383--o45. : ' : " : Thff-- ; e'ipOTis:-' J 6f-:- 3 fre.e lunch. The earlier form of tho 'i!i™^:>niri"itid :; 'bulli r on i; iim6nhted';tq' fijee;luh/ch- is^ound among4hc.Germans,; _ • a-^' vi^A im*,-. fL r~.n-m-T~i.lf* »*i-irtm Tc1i/*T*p. T.nA i svc.'J '.-j-.^fr-.. '•'VV"N«H Jerwiy• !Hp^Kks^J.^prlt>4^'ErauijBob-.:S t( J i ' " *X-T?_ _"— i~». TD.i-^rr -i.ru t_ O.»*ri»*if**H ft5*T*l V- *T 11. .i j:rtsfci, IUAM-J-* Ju»^v*«*4M. «,L**v*. ft ^7:^-"" .. " apd"'in J 'th*e true sample.Voom, wherc.the^ '^—v^Ti*_i.,i'i;w;i,c«4; :e fest ! of"breadK&d* r for-, jthose-that^nao rb'efore'"&uying J iu quan- ; 4iUj>vj^.e*,^,;;-.«y..A^«'nyiyT..-" J ~^ r IO L3 P ber;01iYer;C; Pe/rjrjjxaS: forested e^riy^u. •vrtM«*ii!sw ? «»*ri | ?^^^^JSK^rffij»~aik. . will be d'etained until the I irft {UlUiprtiies call ;f<&- hiw a;: .'i -. -J o I iiiJAiiiaStift-Vf 1 ^ 1 ?'!'*^ '^•y**;' ito .f O^T^ — .v^r. 4-Vrt T*I rtC<"*"an rrii'cf-.' PliUnilillpttii'^owiipaper'MHii.^iliJed."^ , bfeV*- t*BM,- ! Apri! ;l lT.-^!ir'isK ) -Eleanor'' n _- ,f > _!-•!. _ct:'*^—T^j","O«*vil^5iF^T-'/-i li UT'o'<' 1 ''i+. '' J f i*X -^"^r»--" 4fAvaV*|lk' " "l^f-ihe them pently cor- , v 0 the accent where it and then breathed^hi^-I BKAI>FIEU. MauLaoE '.-ulti- '",ior Greek it was once i-c.pcjrted at Yale that ,f h «^^^.^ ' IPIJO 111 ? 11 ^ 3 * 1 *^*^;^ 4aconic wtek^tlnAArTT--— L --- "[alher, the eminent professor^of Greek . ...^thtoe; «wiite>- ' '' " """"" nine Htli«ifc«u ,'this country during the last ^ nine jj^jUoJiiurs^Hri^tha-* 1 h^hWd usctran "inonths vraflSsri 1 ??, ajs&i1ns«2;i?,72iaui^.- jirfproper tense, and accordingly sup- i—'—cv*r~ ^kC.^-^^Owi-iiri^i^^*. •'' ' "" -."* " i —i ~,i ^jjjj with the right word, ^sQ I -, ta^^OTia^^e'A^^?S\''s ^T. e , n J** 1 * ^ '•-•'.ttot*h«Siike^e old idnd,;only r sb.e »- to^ T r a>.. % u «-' i -_';'* v 'i".i*"__ -__ii,—« >if>r, heart r- .- tu cucvkuvJ ^-AWBtltlMBj Theeff&f'Oi'Titf ^i'' „ 1» uot pnrgaOTe*—with _ ___ _______ , L anTnervoosneM «w entlielr •' J '-' - ' i ^ [nfels^eiuj sn« and ftbrnpt Tie, rEennutlsm promptly n- Mr«. B« both ol»h»mlimt« plots. phjileiaM ewnwhew. i II IS-FO« : SAU EYtRyWKRE. . j , Nature signalg you-for help to throw off the. accumulation of; bile ; »iid,lf7 Ou iced not tha ." warning, .-eickoewi will ollow. The.bpgt Md.-.'i™ 0 ** promp relief IB a few doses of ^BlnebArt'B^, Pilii, they will make sfyou f«ol like nW" *ng>»4'* "^' Sl "' ihe bowels with natural i etore. OT Mra. Winslow'e lions of mother* for their cpllfiren with perfect e child, all 'T« In ' cureB a the best remedy for diarrhoea. will relieve tfe poor little sufferer im- part of the" world':" Twenty-fire cents- a bottle. Be sure and aak for "Mr§. Wtnslow's SoothlDSrSfrup," and " uy-* •fff^ to*ub*aaj»JX>m,+»t**ttop l * t ** f of children- enfeebled their etomach I* Impaired . digestion, thia leadMo jtopach worjnj.'p and theWnffnoSlteTersValBd ie^«<»»l troubles whifcb In time will cause Illness and general impaired vitality. Lozenges. Sold by B. F. «nU Keystone dr5S*Store. ~ * * A ifyou ih a ?IU that will left^e tbe free natural stool, use B. Ksesbngand Children Cry for

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