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Hawaii Tribune-Herald from Hilo, Hawaii • Page 10
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Hawaii Tribune-Herald from Hilo, Hawaii • Page 10

Hilo, Hawaii
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10 Hawaii Tribune-Herald, Tuesday, November 17, 1981 illiam Holden found dead. State report hew sentencing Parole chief against HONOLULU (UPI)-The chairman of the Hawaii Paroling Authority said the costs of adopting a determinate sentencing system in Hawaii would be "astronomical." In testimony prepared for a meeting of the State House Judiciary Committee today, Thomas Hugo Jr. said determinate sentencing in California has had no apparent effect on the crime rate. He it is unclear whether it has reduced the disparities in sentences meted out for similar crimes. Under Hawaii's current system of indeterminate sentencing, judges Businessmen want HONOLULU (UPI)-About half of the owners and operators of small businesses who attended a day-long conference sponsored by the governor listed their No.

1 concern as the state law that allows unemployment benefits for strikers. They are hoping the state Legislature will change that law, which is now being tested through Hawaiian Telephone, challenge of a state order to pay benefits to workers who I mean he could convey a great deal without letting the acting show through. He was a man, a real man, who happened to choose acting as a profession." Holden won an Academy Award for his 1953 role as. an American airman in a German prisoner camp In "Stalag 17." He also received Oscar nominations for his roles in "Sunset Boulevard" and "Network." Last year, Holden gave a sensitive protrayal of a dying old man in the wilderness with young Ricky Schroeder in f'The Earthling." This year, he appeared In "S.O.B.," a movie poking fun at Hollywood. Holden was an outspoken, forceful man whose roles in more than 50 feature films often mirrored his own resolve.

He was as keenly interested in geopolitics, native art from emerging nations and conservation of wildlife as he was in his acting career. He founded the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Africa, where he was a part-time resident for many years. For several years following World War he made his home in Switzerland. Because of the impressive range of his acting talents, Holden most often played leading men in such disparate screen hits as "The Longest Day," "The Wild Bunch," "Bridge On The River Kwai," "Country Girl," "The World of Suzy Wong," "Executive Suite" and "Wild Rovers." He was born on April 17, 1918 to a prosperous manufacturing chemist in O'Fallon, 111. His name: William Franklin Beedle Jr.

The family moved to Pasadena, when Holden was a child. Ban on beach operations is suspended draw for farmlots The DLNR, State Department of Agriculture and Farm Bureau three-man committee then tallied the points made by the aspiring farmers. "If you had 90 points or above, you were in Group 1," Taguchi said. "If you made between 75 and 89.99 points, you were in Group 2. And if you got from 50 to 74.99 points, you were in Group 3." Thursday morning, those in Group 1 will be the first to select a lot for raising nursery products, for producing orchard products or for growing macadamia nuts.

All the lots in one category will be drawn before the next category are chosen, the land man reported. There are nine Group 1 people interested in the 12 nursery lots available, five interested in the 10 orchard lots available and six interested in the six macadamia lots available, Taguchi said. With the macadamia lots just about sewed up, he said, several people in Group 2 will be able to draw for the eight nursery and orchard lots then up for the final picks. Because Group 2 represents the bulk of the farmers desiring lots, Taguchi said he impose maximum sentences on criminals. Their minimum terms are set by the parole board, which takes; their behavior into account.

Under determinate sentencing, a-specific term is set and the of early release eliminated. Hugo argued that the authorities which mete out punishment to" criminals should continue to be allowed! to exercise discretion, and he said if the results are unsatisfactory, the people making the decisions should be; replaced. jobless law changes struck the company in 1974. Among other major concerns of the small business people were, who pays for jobless benefits for a worker who is fired, the state's failure to pay its bills in a timely manner, over-regulation and inheritance tax laws. The conferees would like the Legislature to require the state to contract with private firms for services wherever this would be cost-effective and not threaten public safety.

Until that time, commercial ac- tivities will be allowed there. The city began issuing criminal citations Monday for "operating a concession without a permit." 5 frizzy hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion with acne facial scars. Persons with information about Delatorre should contact the Hawaii County Police Department. In other police news, Koha Surf Hotel officials in Keauhou reported that $1,500 in cash was taken from the hotel. Kona Islander Inn officials reported that $500 worth of furnishings was taken from their hotel.

Ikena Place address, pleaded innocent to distributing marijuana to a minor May 12 and being a convicted felon in possession of a rifle. A trial date will be set by the court. Steven Lee Boger, 26, of Keauhou Mauka, pleaded innocent to two first-degree theft charges involving incidents June 26 at the Kona Bay Hotel. A three-day trial was scheduled to begin Jan. 6.

The county prosecutor's office will drop charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree theft and being an accomplice to burglary against Bert Wall Vinhaca, 18, formerly of Kauai. The charges are being dropped as part of an agreement being worked out between the defense and the prosecuting attorney's office. A bench warrant has been issued for Kevin Smith 19, of Panaewa Street, who failed to show up in Judge Shunichi Kimura's courtroom for sentencing on three burglary convictions. Benjamin of Honolulu; seven daughters. Alice Veloria and Elizabeth Lopez of Honolulu, Dorothy Fernandez and Shirley Sakai of Kohala, Emily Hoglund of Kamuela and Joan Costa and Mary Nacino, both of California; 62 grandchildren; 102 greatgrandchildren; 60 great-great grandchildren; and 30 great-great-great grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements were handled by Hawaii Funeral Home, Ltd. By Wrnon Scott I'l HoIKximhI Hrportrr HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Actor William Holden, whose roles in more than SO motion futures included an Oscar-winning tough-guy performance in "Stalag 17," was discovered dead in his apartment Monday. Authorities say the 63-year-old actor may have been dead for a week. An autopsy was planned today to, determine the cause of death and to positively identify the decomposed body, found alongside a bed in Holden's Santa Monica apartment. Police said his death appeared to be from natural causes.

"We're carrying the body as a John Doe," a coroners deputy said late Monday. body is so badly decomposed there is no way to identify him. We will have to use dental charts for identification." Police said, however, that Holden's agent, Richard Comstock, positively identified him at the scene. The actor was President Reagan's best man at his 1952 wedding to Nancy Davis, and the president expressed a "great sense of personal loss" upon hearing of Holden's death. Actress Stef anie Powers, Holden's close friend and companion for several years, said she was "heartbroken to lose such a wonderful person who leaves such an unfulfillable void in my life." "I've lost my best friend," Glenn Ford said in tears.

"He was my best man when I was married. I'm trying to find out what happened. We were friends since 1938." "Bill was what I would call a tough, honest actor," Gregory Peck said. "I armers to By Jim Rood Tribunr-Hrrald tuff wrilrr Ninety farmers will take unusual interest in, a goldfish bowl Thursday morning. The bowl will hold capsules with Panaewa Agricultural Park lot numbers in it.

The farmers will dip into the bowl for a number as long as the 28 lots last. The ll-2- to two-hour event, called "disposition by negotiation," will take place at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in the office of Glenn Taguchi, district land agent for the Department of Land and Natural Resources, on the second floor of the State Building. A careful procedure has been observed going into the lot drawing, Taguchi explained. Two hundred fifty applications for the lots were sent out and 90 came back filled in, Taguchi said.

Apparently some farmers didn't feel they could qualify for a lot, he On Nov. 3 and 4, a screening committee in Honolulu screened the, 90 applicants, according to their qualifications. French deny PARIS (UPI) Former officials in the administration of ex-President Valery Giscard d'Estaing today denied a report in Time magazine saying an official of Giscard's government proposed the assassination of Col. Moammar Khadafy of Libya at a White House meeting last February. Giscard's former foreign minister, Jean Francbis-Poricet, apparently the official referred to by the magazine, said the article is "without any foundation." Time magazine said the French official made the proposal in a meeting presided over by National Security Adviser Richard Allen.

"The political talks which Jean Fran-cois-Poncet had during his stay in Washington last Feburary were conducted Willing to veto spending bill, Reagan says WASHINGTON- (UPI) President Reagan sent a "clear signal" to leading Republicans in Congress today that he is willing to veto a stopgap spending bill and force a showdown over his economic program, a GOP source White House officials conveyed the message to top Republicans on Capitol Hill after the House rejected further spending cutbacks in the bill, which is designed to keep the government operating past midnight Friday when funds run out. The House approved the measure Monday, with liberal and moderate Republicans helping defeat an ad Reduced prime By Dated Pm lnlrmlionl Reduced prime interest rates and eased credit requirements have Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldrige smiling hopeful that better economic times lie ahead. Baldrige said the new rates and easier credit will likely prompt businesses to proposal to kill Khadafy HONOLULU (UPI)-The city of Honolulu's ban on commercial operations at Hanauma Bay Beach Park will be the subject of a court hearing Dec. 2. Police are seeking public assistance jn locating Darryl Dean Delatorre, 20, of Hilo, who has been convicted of a series of thefts and burglaries in downtown Hilo, but escaped from police custody several weeks ago.

Delatorre was being held for sentencing on the burglary and theft convictions at the time of his escape. He is described as Filipino, five-foot, six inches tall and weighing 125 pounds. He has a slim build, black neck-length A trial has been set for Dec. 16 in Third Circuit Court for Herman Santiago, an inmate at Kulani Prison, who is charged with attempted escape, unauthorized control of a vehicle and first-degree terroristic threatening. Santiago pleaded innocent to throwing a radio receiver at Corrections Officer Richard Alcoran while in a Kulani Prison van and trying to leave the van Sept.

10. He also pleaded innocent to trying to start the ignition of another person's car Nov. 15, 1980 with a screwdriver. He denied threatening Alan Ferreira with a screwdriver and warning him not to call the police. In a separate case, Ray McCoy, 21, also a Kulani inmate, pleaded innocent to second-degree escape.

He allegedly failed to return Aug. 15 at the designated time while on a work furlough program. No trial date has yet been set by the court. Walter Andrew Smith 47, of an Obituaries Antone Paro An tone Paro, a retired ranch hand for Parker Ranch, died Saturday in Kohala Hospital. He was 89.

Mr. Paro was born in the Philippine Islands. A Rosary was held Sunday at Father Damien Hall in Hawi. A mass was held Monday at Sacred Heart Church in Hawi, arid burial followed at Sacred Heart Cemetery. Mr.

Paro is survived by five and Raymond of Kohala, Daniel of Maui, Joseph of California and Crime Courts WILLIAM HOLDEN actor found dead at S3 doubted that the lot selection would reach Group 3. applicant must be on hand personally or have a qualified representative there on his behalf, the spokesman said. Nursery and orchard lots are each 10 acres in size. Macadamia lots are 20 acres each. At $120 per acre per year lease rental, farmers will pay $1,200 to $2,400 or a percentage of gross receipts from their property, Taguchi reported.

The grand total of acreage up for grabs will be 340 acres, Taguchi said. Other allocations in the 440-acre park will be for 110 acres for a University of Hawaii-Hilo farm laboratory and four acres for possible use as a cooperative marshalling yard area to be retained by the state, Taguchi said. A dedication ceremony for the entire ag park is set for 1:30 p.m. Thursday at the corner of Mamaki and Awa Streets, Steve Nishimoto, state engineer overseeing construction for the Panaewa Ag Park project, said Monday. Gov.

George Ariyoshi is among the officials who have been invited. exiles. The magazine said the official proposed the exiles be trained and controlled by the French and that the U.S. not be directly involved. But the unnamed official wanted a general expression of American support and assistance in the aftermath of the coup.

Time said he specifically wanted assurances the U.S. would speedily recognize Khadafy's successor and be prepared to stop Moscow from moving on Libya to protect Soviet-supplied weapons there. The official said the assassination plot would have to wait for the re-election of Giscard, but he suggested that planning begin, the report said. Reagan won a victory in the GOP-dominated Senate Budget Committee Monday. But it was a bitter victory over conservative Republicans who have stood by him in past budget fights.

The Senate panel followed Reagan's wishes and voted down a proposal to balance the budget by 1984 by raising taxes and cutting more spending. Reagan had asked Congress to put any such plans on hold until January. But Republicans who have long argued for a balanced budget found that request hard to swallow and offered a plan anyway. It was rejected, 12-10, with most Republicans voting for the plan and against Reagan's request. The committee planned another meeting today to decide what to do next.

In the House, 18 of 192 Republicans voted against the additional cuts, providing the margin of victory. Twenty-nine of the 242 Democrats defected and voted with the GOP leadership for the cuts. prime rate. Crocker Bank of San Francisco went even further, dropping its lending rate to top-rated business an additional half point. All major banks, including Bank of America and Citibank Nos.

1 and 2 followed the lead of No. 3 Chase Manhattan, Continental Illinois and First Chicago, which took the action last week. Police probe traffic death of woman, 33 Police are investigating the possibility of negligent homicide in the traffic death Sunday of Sharon Irwin, 33, of Paauilo. The woman was a passenger in a car driven by her husband, Michael Irwin, 40, of Paauilo, a psychiatrist with Hilo Counseling Center. That car was involved in a collision with two other cars at 6:49 p.m.

Sunday fronting 1104 Kilauea Ave. Mrs. Irwin died in the emergency room at Hilo Hospital. The Irwin's two-year-old son, David, who reportedly was thrown from the car, was listed in guarded condition this morning at Hilo Hospital. Dr.

Irwin remains in satisfactory condition at the hospital. The driver of another car, Kit Perry, 25, of Kurtistown, reportedly was not seriously injured in the accident. -The driver of the third car, a 19-year-old Hilo man, was confined at the hospital Sunday night, but released Monday. He was questioned by police at the Central Station after his release from the hospital. Police initially indicated that the accident involved drunk driving, but a negligent homicide investigation has now been requested.

The death of Mrs. Irwin was the 23rd traffic fatality on the Big Island this year, compared to 27 at the same time last year. Earthquake flurry from Mauna Kea reportedly dropping The flurry of earthquakes emanating from Mauna Kea was continuing today, although the drum graphs at the Hawaiian Volcano observatory indicate the ear-thquakes appear to be "a little smaller and occurring a little less frequently," according to Robert Decker, HVO scientist-in-charge. Decker said about 25 measurable tremors were registered by monitoring, stations in the past 24 hours, roughly one an hour. The series of earthquakes started about six miles beneath Mauna Kea's northeast flank Sunday.

The seismic activity was centered 20 miles northwest of Hilo and seven miles mauka of the Hamakua coastline, Decker said. "The last time this happened, it went on for a couple of weeks," Decker said, referring to a similar flurry of earthquakes on Mauna Kea monitored by the HVO scientists in late 1969 and early 1970 that died out without incident. "It's nothing to worry about, but then again, it hasn't occurred for 10 years," Decker said Monday of the seismic activity coming from Mauna Kea. Board of Education to elect new officers, The State Board of Education will elect officers for 1982, hear reports and appoint members of the State, Adult Education Advisory Council at its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the fourth floor conference room at the Queen Liliuokalani Building in Honolulu.

Also on the agenda for consideration is an opinion from the state attorney general that all matters taken up at board meetings should be listed specifically on the agenda and made part of the written public notice of the meeting. The opinion advises that broadly worded agenda items, such as "board members' concerns," do not meet the requirements of the Sunshine Law. exclusively with Secretary of State Alexander Haig and not with Mr. Richard Allen," Francois-Poncet said. "They centered on the entire international situation.

At no moment was the eventuality of an action against the person of Colonel Khadafy brought up. The contrary informations published by certain press organs are without any foundation." Members of Giscard's entourage said the magazine article "was completely invented." Attributing its report to unidentified sources in Washington, Time said in its current issue that the official of Giscard's government proposed at a White House meeting last February that the assassination be carried out by Libyan ministration-backed push to cut almost $4 billion more from already-reduced 1982 domestic spending. The vote was Reagan's first major budget defeat and raised the possibility of a presidential veto. The bill a "continuing resolution" was to be considered by the Senate Appropriations Committee today, but it appeared doubtful the extra cuts would come there either. "Clearly if the (spending) numbers are not reduced, it is much clearer today the administration is leaning toward a veto," a well-placed GOP source said.

Later, the source added, "The clear signal from the administration is that they want to veto this." The source said Reagan apparently is willing to force a situation that would show he could muster the political strength to sustain his vetoes and carry out his economic program. There was no immediate comment from the White House. Stock report Buying pressure subsided on Wall Street, dropping prices back toward Monday's closing levels. The reversal came as investors took a second look at the recession and tried to figure out where the economy is going. Volume remained active, but the spread of advances over declines closed to fewer than 50 issues.

1 DOW JONES AVERAGES rate has commerce chief smiling 30 INDUSTRIALS 846.27 UP 1.24 20 TRANSPORTATION 377.19 UP 0.13 FUTILITIES 110.52 OFF 0.04 65 STOCKS 341.72 UP 0.27 NYSE INDEXES ALL STOCKS 70.06 UP 0.07 INDUSTRIAL 78.78 UP 0.09 TRANSPORTATION 65.77 OFF 0.05 UTILITY 40.91 UP 0.05 FINANCE 75.80 OFF 0.02 invest a move he said would give a boost to the slumping economy suffering from a minor recession. "I believe the seeds of recovery already have been sown," Baldrige said Monday while meeting with news reporters in his office. Major commercial banks Monday adopted an industrywide Wk percent Equivalent to a gain of three cents in the average price of an NYSE common share. Volume active 19,590,000 shares..

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