The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1934
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHJEVJLLK, (AWL) COUEIER NEW! FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1084 MjUorsc \Vomrn ittr«a Kcnk. :'{irs. J. O. Barnes, president of tlje Business and Professional \Vom«n's clul), Mrs. O, M. Morgan, •Mrs. Berryman, Misses Minnie Matthews, Mamye Louise Edwnrds •til Thelmu Wells, also memix'rs, attended a picnic at 1'araeoiild laSt evening. The Parngould club WM hostess lo clubs of Joncs- boio, Pocahontas. Lake Cily and Blythevilte. Seventy-five intended. cirtn Farewell I'.irty. Kuth Secoy, daughter ol Mr. anil Mrs. Pleas Scc-oy, w»s given a. farewell parly last evening nt (he home of Mary Ilosan, on KSJIy St., by her Sunday school class of the Tirsl BniXlsi churcii. •The 16 guests presented Rnlli with miscellaneous gift* i unions; which was a memory Ixiok in which each wrote a larrwcSl mes- lige. Included in the guests was tfjuimie Sneed. of Saint Francis-j viUe. L-a., guest of Don YViilwlm. ' 4 Mrs. Roy Hogan Hid Miss Virginia Huflman, teacher of the cla.'s, assisted Mar>' Jane in sei'vina fruit punch and cako. -The Burst ol honor will leave tomorrow for Joncsboro lo make her home. (JLO § I&UJ IP ^(^O.M tlDV .:, /6j/. DANiTHOMAS*— • GEORGE'SCARBO Bits of Netts Mostly Personal .' W. A. Hatclictt has rfturned to SW Louis after visitinc Mr. ami Mrs. C. H. Wheeler, parents ol Sfjf. Hatchetl. liliss Juanila Tantiei-, of Osccola. is- the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Green;. rMr. and Mrs. J. Ernest Hnsson and daughter. Miss Mai'Biicrite. tpent yesterday in Memphis. ; LaVellc Dcaetle. ((sueliier ol Mr. and Mrs. E. H. D-jaelte. underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis today at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Her parents accompanied her down. -.Miss Margaret Pomeroy returned to her home in Memphis tcdas after spending n week with her aunt, Mrs. E. M. Eaton, mid family. - ; W. Lvwhorn spent today in Mernphis. • Adolph Craflon. who was stricken seriously ill several days ago. is much better today. He is i>i the Memphis Baptist hospital. His brother. Rupert, plans to return home today bill Jim will remain with him. His trouble lias hcoii diagnosed as 'ft 'Kian^'ollnldil. .Bob Shirley, lormcrly of here »nd now of St. Louis, is spending, his vacation h*ie. 'Mrs. Beale Massey, who has been ill; is now improvius. Her sister, Mrs. Alvis Hancock o! Pnra- Eould. is with lier. .'.The Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Latimer and daughters returned last from a month spent in August."! and Tybee Island, Ga., and Isle of Palms. S. C. BV MARY E. I)AGUE NKA Service Staff Writer Of nil ihe dcliclously simple and simply delicious concoctions in the category of summer foods, frill Rianllcs come nrsl. Chilled to the nlli d;gree without the «tu» forming O f ice crystals, granites «r- refreshing and decidedly cooling. 'J'o m«ke H granite a heavy syr | up is combined with frail julci and wai?r and the mixture Is lit) «'n. H always Is liquid enougl !•> drink, bill so thoroughly chili ed that il just misses being an ice Chili it nnlil It looks Khite will irosi and ice crystals gather agafns the <idcs ol (he mold. To Address Scouts Tonight ll's Dp lo the Women liY iMKS. KUANKLIN D. IlOOSliV'HLT Whal Do You Real I v .N tr.e canned fruits and most of thej icsh ones can be used singly or n cnmblnation. v Wlth canned Jrult yn available, one Is not dependent on the local markets and any lavor c:in IK: chosen for the drink. ne combination of fresh and canned fruit produces many novel flavors that are delightful. Berry Granites Berry granites arc seasonal arid easy 10 prepare. Wash and drain one riuart, of berries. Put into a dcc-p bowl and cover with 2 cups granulated sugar. Mash and cover with a clean towel. Let stand two or three hours. Extract all the Juice and strain through a fine wire sieve or cheese clot!). Add two cups o[ water, pouring it thrbueh the trull pulp. Pour Into a mold and 11ooze, mint. Serve with a garnish of All fresh fruits arc used this way. HID highly sweetened juice, diluted with water, is halt frozen. Qaijncd fruits must be cooked wllh additional sugar to make a !i' Will Be Shaker at Chicago Mill Park at 7:45 Tonight A large audience is expected lo the Boy Seoul'prog;am at the Chicago Mill grounds this evening at 7:45 o'clock, to watch Uie games and stunts of local boys and ' listen to the Blytheville Band and Drum and Bugle corps, .and to hear W. J .Driver, congressman for Ir.e First District, of Arkansas, all of which has been arranged in honor of 70 Boy Scouts of England, Ark., who will spend tonight here. They are enroiitc home frbm a lour of eastern United Stales. The Boy Scouts ;ind musicians will follow (lie National Guard Col- 01 Bearers in ft parade forming at Ihc court house and going down Main street to the park, 'fills will begin at 7 o'clock. Ample beating space has been provided at [lie park find special police protection has been arranged "or parked vehicles by county and cily officers who will handle the raffle. The committee on games and stunts has announced the following program: Music by Drum and Bugle rcrps: selections, "Queen Cily" and "Litlle Haslns." Weitt, niythcvlllc band; stunls by local Boy Scouts; stunt by local Gir! Scouis; address of welcome U> Ihe visitors in behalf of Ihe city, C. A. Cunningham, municipal judge; response by leader of tour; stnnl bv visiting Bov Scouts; selection, "Martha." Hayes, Blytheville band: introduction of Congressman Driver, .Mayor Cecil Shane; address, Hon. W. J. Driver: selection "Star Spangled Banner," Hayes, Blythe- vlllc band. Afler (lie program Ulyllieville IKOplc will be Invited to inspect tlic (raveling equipment of (lie visitors. They travel in two school and Mrs. T. E. King of Tallulah, La., has Jived In Blytheville for the past four years, where he Is employed as .salesman for the j. C, Penney company. » * * Mrs. S. L. Qladlsh was hoslesi Thursday afternoon to the foui U- bh undue club, cntcrlalninj, f;^_ sides (He members. Mrs. j( m unv; r and her nmtrer. Mrs. /inn c'rift th! Utter of Holly .3])rin?s. Mi. 1 ;] Mesclaines C. IJ. Young, Jm, Toni Sinilli, A. W. Young and Hayes Oo'.ven. High score prize was won by Mrs. J. 11. Lovetrell, Mrs. Ciowcn woii 11. ijuyt d L ii, ;ii:;). ».jiiv,i'jt WOII high, gucsl prizs, Mrs. A. W. Young ul consolatlGn lavoi 1 and Miss t; m . cul consolatlGi. .„. ma Cox won low score priz:. ! Sue Clay llughey relurnej We:l; nosday irom Memphis '.I'here s.'.e visited her grandmother, Mrs. llughey, lor several days. Mrs. D. F. Taylor jr., lias ie- lurncd from Marked Tree, wiiei'e she visits her parents. Mr. ;|;i;l _ Mrs. SI-PITCH, last week. j Roy Dixon Cir'-cn returned Wctl- ! ncsday rrom Corinili, Miss., where he has spoilt Ihc p.ijl inomli mil- i»S relatives. 666 Liquid, Tablets, S.llvr, S gsl; Dions Checks Malaria In It days, Culilb lirsl day, llratlatlies ur Neuralgia in 30 minutes. Fine Laxative and Tunic Most Speedy Remedies Knniin Congressman W. J. Driver, of Osccola, will give the principal address at a program arranged for this evening at Ihe Chicago Mill ball park in honor of 70 Boy Scouts of England, Ark., who will be gues'.s of the local Boy and Girl Scouts ihls evening. , busces which have been painted in the scoul troop's colors, maroon and white. Tile sleeping quarters, pyr- . -, ^. n.t. oivi-|i*ll{; uurtlltfa, Pi i wavy syrup .crushing the fruit as ; 3m -. M (cnts loaned by th E it cooks. Then the nynip Is strain-j land National Guard unit will be cd and combined with water as forlsel up. In each of the busses is t. n ran Irutt. radb. family this is Vm young and old v.c hau 1 tils-mrcalnr iMrraitw of the covered thai nmlpcls are nm-.;.i- ! income on this item and ry. We have to make ;\ pl:ui as;<JJic- of Ihe roasmis tliat long as we have n limited air.omit have lo IK readjusted to Indivftl- lo cover our needs and \\'c not on- ual nceils and the variations in ly have lo make a plan bat we'prices of-diilcront items, have Id ndlierc in it. There h no j Tile n\crn(;c nmiuml tpc-nl for uc. making ji budget if v.c proceed d do as one young Indy of my »•:- tiualnljincc did. Knclini; n number of attractive fiotfcs thiil s!ic con- "jusi loo cute to sjivc up," IM> to she far excmtai hrr budget, nml the iamil 1KT crnl O f ( | lc totll) m ,t is income. It is rtivimis llmt it niTCS.'jiry lo know ns nearly what [he total income will cover all the expenses of Having determined ••Miss Warrene brother. M. P.. Brownie a'nrt spent yesterday had to nsk hjr husband- lo nuke [what this may he, then find out I what 25 ]Kr cenl Is and sec if it is iiosslhlc lo cet adequate living facilities for thai price. II may be better to spend more on rent imd less on food, particularly as the children gel older, because lhe> like- to have a home where thcj 1,1111 bring ihcir young friends and lifil always feel lliul (hey are bor- HK Iheir ciders. in. Memphis with Adolph Grafton who is ill at ^ the Baptist hospital. t 'Mr. and Mrs. 1'lKis Secoy and daughters. Mis. Louis Eccoy fjalrd, Rulh. Frcida and Lorraine Eecov, and grand daughter will leave 10- mprrow for Jonesboro to reside.' Sir. Secoy will continue iu his same position bnl has l>ecii Uans- •ferred to that city for headquarters. • Charles Hay Newcomb Id! yesterday lor Shrovcporf! La, where he is to be employed by Hi Soulhwcst Gas and- Electric Co. He was connected with the Arkansas-Missouri Power compnivj here. "Mrs. j. M. Gossctt and sons up the deflcli! This is not living up lo the budget and a budccl Is of no IM unless you live up lo il. A budget sumild Ix- tinide up mpri'hcnsively and carefully lo Ihc needs of the individual per- ron anil individual family, as cv- •ry one's needs un- dilHirpnt. II is very valuable for ijiany reasons, for. lirsl of all in the making- of il, people- arc obliged lo make up (heir minds as lo what is important lo them in life; what Iticy waul to :.|)cn<i Ihcir money for. Th'.Mi they will Ix- ohli'ieil lo -iccide mi rrlalivc vnlucs and ccr- .ain lliings which they need. Kwpini: In a hudgei is on:- of the best tests of character lhal I Vnow of. u renuiiTs sometimes rdf .some I hues discipline of Toinnrrrjw: "Mainlmancc." r Umlgcthis Von Ilayti Society-Personal Vou can use jelly, tco. Combine l with a citrus fruit juice. Orange, cinon, lime and grapefruit juices ill are good and each produces a lislinclivc flavor. Currant Jelly and orange juice, blackberry jelly and emon juice, rc:l raspberry and lime —Ihcse are n few combinations that vill Wiggcsl others lo you. Use one nrgojljliiss or standard measuring cup of Jelly lo one cup of frnll Tiic audience will also be invited lo sro tlic Boy Scouts swim and dive when tncy will be guests of ll:e Dlythcville high school all ii awwiation for a swimmin gparty. Tiicsc 70 boys left England on July 1 arid since that lime have visiicd Canada, Ihe' World Pair and Chicago. Niagara Falls. New York cily. Washington. D. C . and other points of interest. Thev arc iulce, 1-2 cup sugar and 3 cups wa- | several adults in the party sco it ter. A farl juice such as lemon may leaders, a trained nurse, dietitian. Dnsvcll, Jce Alexander: attendance, Mel Brooks. W. J. Wunderlich, Bernard Gooch, Mrs. C. A. Affiicj:. Mrs. O. M. Morgan. A. O. Hudson, and Neill Reed; refreshments. Mr;-. C. A. A.fflick, Mrs. J. A: Leech, and A. O. Hudson, with .'Oscar Fendler making flnn! nrrangoments. Osccola Society — Personal require up to one cup of sugar. Make n syrup of the sugar and water by boiling them for 10 minutes. Add jelly and when cool add fruit juice, strain and freeze. I'lums Good Ohoice This may seem, like a larce amount of sugar, but as extreme cold has a tendency to deaden the bus drivers and mechanics. All of these volunteered their services free for the trip. This Is tiie second annual trip and cosls each scout less than $30. Committees which have been active in arranging Ihc affair are. General committee for entertainment aie Mayor Cecil Shane. C. J. W. Cade Employed As Motor Boat Operator J. W. Cade, son of Mr. unrl Mrs. W. B. Cade, of this city, has l»en employed by the U. S. Engineers office al Cairo, III., as a molor boal operator. Young Cade lias been dispatched to Hicknran. Ky., where lie will work with a surveying crew out ol Hie Engineers office at Cairo, lie passed physical tcsfs, preliminary to acceptance, in good shape. Harrison Will Speak at Hali Moon Tonight Judge Zal B. Harrison, candidate for reelection as county judge, will S|»ak at Half Moon school this I evening, 8 o'clock. | Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scurlock have announced tlic engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, La Vcrnc, to Mr. Clois S. King of Blytheville. The ceremony will be solemnized on the i afternoon of August 19. at tin. home of the bride. The bride-elect is a well known and popular member of Osceola's younger set. She is a graduate cl the Osceola high school and lias been active in Christian young peoples work of the. county. Mr. King, wtio is the son ol Mr. last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-2.V Nile 7:lfi. ID-DSc WILUAM POWELL EDNA BEST COI.I.IN OLIVE in 'THE KEY' Cartoon—"Mississippi Suite" Andy Clvde C'omedv ^ DELICIOUS Hot -Weather Specials Served Daily -, ULACK CAT COFFEE SHOL'PE Prices Reasonable *<•..( taste, these drinks must be made:A. Cimniugiiam. and Clarence Wil- uxtra bwcct before chilling. Plums make a zestful granite. Arnesrii of Cleveland. O.. Is liml .'cry find varirly. for there M-eni -"Pi'mlms the week here visiting :u Ire many reasons why cxcrp-1 m "K- home ot. Mrs. Ii. lions should Ijc made licic and' kept Bill and Jiinmic, visited Mrs. Flct-jhas Ix-rr be :lier<\ If yo:i have never ^iidpct. I adibe yon lo clo FO and >o stick lu il in! only lor tin- .'alisfaclion n! kmnvinc linw you•"" bi-iiw : .]vni, umi W ]; v u cher Fisher and Mrs. Earl Buckley and ,lhelr families yesterday. • : ,Mrs. James W. Snced and son. Jimmle, and daughters. Jane and Mary Van,- of Sauil n'anrlsville. La., are vUiting Mrs. Snccrt'j mother, Mrs. L. B. Wilhclm. Q03 Cbictosawba, Av;., lor a month. • fry cli^iinc; .ihlrh wiil C'linc KI 5-011 us a il your cllaits. I am giving iii'rs f w - iiio it: tin- niiikiir. -" for (ho ' sclf-conliril i! ie .ti-i-l;nu :.New Liberty News "JThe revival conducted by Mir Eev. W. H. Horn and the llcv. Ruth closed Tuesday night. Bap- I'^m took plact at Luxora- Wcd- riesday afternoon. -Mr. and Mrs. Will Marshall and two children and Mrs. A. A. Alexander of F&j'etlcvillc. Tcnn., returned to their home Wednesday after several days spent with the lincle of Mr. Marshall. R. L. Marshall, and family. Mrs. Pearl Hill and dauglilct. rtiss Lois, werfe in Osceola Wednesday. ' : Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pritchard and children, of near Holland, Mo., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. ben Piichard nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Young and children, Jack and Haillc, ol Victoria, Muss-. arrived Thursday to be the gucsl''of Mrs. Young's brother. E. H. Crook mid family. Lltle katrina Marshall was week end giiest of her aunt, Mrs. Walter Hill, of Basset, Avk. U. Condil ilu- iii her dnnghter. Miss I'aiilin,. Miw I'kiuline Conriit spent last v.-:-i-k visiiiii 8 in ciurleslon. LTie vas ihr |.,|,. S1 nf JIiM Kathryn l-.d«'iirds ami oilier friends. Miv A V. Cachii.s and dangh- ir-r. M!V; Viicinhi, left for Morley W-i'di.-.fiav evening where they v.'iil -.!.-:! vilii [];n former's inolh- 11'. Mrs. .Tun MrU'iiiuugh. mi! "f ,( liMrisi i' I hi- WiiniMi's Mi:*ioii»rv Soc- vmir i.wn. 'riie.-.c '•"'•' p ' Hi'-,: ; i ,-li,,, C |i met i.v >u- In Ipful MisscsiiuiLs 1 ''' "if lir-:ue i>f Mrs. J T linck- •i" huv Ix-ni Hi« f? o.-lr I i |'-> W<-<iiic^l., v . p| a , ls wcrc nlatl( . - anil jnu may liml ihrm >"•' 'he 1. ; Dinner, which is lo i" M.-irimi; you nir. in i;r hi-IM M:i:.<| ; iy ivcnins "I t'Kii.-c. yo:i will lind ••'' : - I.<.iu..c bolden and cnest, '"•ttc-r mtcd lo ,m,ke a.«'« I'-'l earner, nf Grccnway, J'o:i> own individual Alk - left Thurfd.iy mornlnc for T^ thu, ror the v, .I^X^n^uT'S^S-"' Brthcr l ;-,,f ,',-:. I0ln: ? l - tto ^. lo -i ii r r 1. 1 . !i "" r '. 1 ° ! ™'™^^0 ^b 1 ^ 7 ^ 11 ^ ..A.!".!!. r;pai:.= . r.r>?.--r\\ impro-.v- •' v1 '' rl H.i:i, U i ™^^^:^- t £^^j% v2:r:C7- ^«^^ts$A >-nich ,iii j,m the "propi-r \wi-\ craa^c of the income v-hicli. fhould br spent for most of ll-.c«c- I itr-rns h'j? llu.^ are ;-crv liirlr nv ' without consider.-,!,!,, ndantalion lo '' ilf ' r;r '-' the individual fr.miiy. Alter a MMy of'several ' inrt ol «vrr:i?p Add a few wliole cloves and a two- inch slick of cinnamon broken in small pieces when making the syrup. Red, yellow or blue, they make a rich fragrant beverage. Coak them just enough for the Juice (o | flow freely, pour over tl'.c prepared 1 syrup and let stand until cool bc- j fore straining and freezing. If Ihe granite is to be chilled in cranklcss freezer .us? three pirts rustled ice lo one part ice crenm alt and let stand one hour. To asten the chilling process, scrap.-! own Ihc edges o[ the mixture ns freezes. j son: games and stunls. J. A. Puckett, Miss Mary Emma Hood. Louis Cherry, Floyd White, Everett Mc- "he rmi yourwli midcet fu Revival Subject •'- did ;e f.uniiy, not HIM ,,,, , Tnl '" '° '"' „„ frtx! hut this. - " I-'itrcrrald. who i iirin,, :, vrvival at The Cal i.i- ! ""' r ' rl1 "'- t ' : ''-urrh. will' use in< ! :xl '• UOil1 <I dn i( I were a U"" .crmon M,bj c to nf *' An , im-.---.i-. of coin-so. CARI) Of THANKS I am very grateful to every one who was so kind to me in my. be- rc^vement, the death of my be- loted wife, Mrs. Estelja Stadmiller. i;thank eyery one for the beauti- age would be rjchi for every lam-. In .-.-o:iir fiimiiics Iherc woiiM M fewer clilldren and a riiffrrmt l.viw 01 fwvi would \K ,sii' and a man and his without yonnc ih-oplc iiccdln- f.\tt- clal dieus. could often spend a verv fiu flOTfert.i Mr', t i|i|,ii«l wife alone much smalle;- an-.ounl on their food. When prices for food go up it may be necessary to- Epcnd a Don't Foryct ; Agency Gcnuml Insurance I'uone 797 Tcinmrrow's Menu BREAKFAST: chilled ap;i!e :iuce, cereal cooked with rat-ms ream, cinnamon toast, ini-k. co!- ec. LUNC11KON: Corn sraiflle. tr.inato nd celery s-ilad. pumpeniicklc iliim eianile, vanilla cookies D1NNKR: Vegelabl- plate, rirt- ustard pudding willi cream, milk, ofTnc. Tobacco can !«• grown (HT [ Iom Iccotinc by close planting and reg- ilatcd w.ilcrings. according to- tlr unnounccment of a German c !-e:n- st. Ol'EN FOR BUSINESS QUALITY SHOE SHOP Across the Street From. Roxy Theatre SHOE SHIMS) SATl'KDAY ON1.V NO OBLIGATION — LKT'S GET AtQUAINTKII. I'lioiip. Us for Free I'ick- tip (iiul Delivery Service to Aiiv Local Address. FORTUNE'S °@£5ffi tee Cream it's the only kind we eat" Saturday Only MAT. & NITE— lOc - 2r.c ALINE .MacMAHON, Ci U V KIHBKK, HUGH HERBERT, A1,1,EN JENKINS, FRANKIE DARROW and HELEN LOWELL 'THE MERRY PRIMS' SEKIAL - - CARTOON Sunday-Monday MATINEE & NITE—10c-;!r>c it'::|\^& ; v-. New Beauty Shop We guarantee our work All Prices include Shampoo and Set. Two Ladies Together $2.50 606 North Fifth St. Watch the add; telephone will be installed later. greatest lc«on ol the lost (our yecrr, has bncn what I've learned about food . . . experience lias actually fought me that the most expensive things on a menu aren't necessarily the most nourishing. As a result—today my little family is getting more good WHOLESOME food such as tea'y, grean vegetables, healthful, fresh fruits and, especially, Fortune's All-Cream Ice Cream —which is both nourishing and economical. And talking about Foflune's Ice Cream in pailiailar . - . rt's such a balanced food . . . so rich rn precious mineral salts, vitamins and other essentials to sound heolthy bodies that 1 now serre it daily to my little family. But depend upon it, 1 ALWAYS demand Fortune's . . . I've fount) out that il pays to insist on QUALITY . . . ond even four-year-old Junior knows the difference between FORTUNE'S ALL-CREAM ICE CREAM and the ordinary kind. "You Can Toit* Ihe Quality" BOLD EXCLUSIVELY RY ROBINSON DRUG STORE \Vc Deliver Phones U-l - 205 Main & R. R. SI JOIN TIIE FUN! Th; mcrrlesl. . stnr-sludded fiolic. in '•jjthc history ol Ihc ' t " screen! 2,0(11) J1EKUY.MAKKKH .V HAHDY rliey'rc funnier ilinn pver! -Si-.i-- SiiliitinL' Mm in the Xoc! J1M.MV WiKAiNTI'l Ic's (i i:o^ey 'Jaiznri in the '(.Jai- dr-n ol Men"! l.tJI'B VKIJJZ Dancing! Clownink'! The Life ut liie Party; I'OU.Y MOHAN'S SCANDAL I'oily's a 2-tiinrr! Hut Jiuuny's a 3-tiuit.>r: JACK (V;is Vfiu Di'ru Sharlip?) 1'KAUI, Baion Miinchanscn .ind |u:- Kcnl Live Ll'j!!-,! TKI) IIKAI.Y :mi| his STO()(;r,S Thry'rr cra/y! Mnd; Nrrl = ! You'll Scrrsm! MR'KKY MtUJSK Com?.-, to h(c on l lie rrrecn witiilu"- Hnl lllmcnljilc Soldiers r-ranees Williams. Chailes BiMlcnvnrlh. (Icnrgc (i»it iitid niou-l and more! Srr ji]ircl:iru|.ir "Skylicht Dance"! Hear "I've It,«| My Moments" and (-CIII-P nf SOUR hits! I'iirnminint News Coined v

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